People Chat About Their Riveting Revenge Stories

Not all of us have the courage to step up to our bullies and fight back, so some people just resort to the other option – getting revenge. It may sound a little childish but serving your offender what they deserve is really satisfying. Here are some stories of riveting revenge from people who succeeded in getting back at their enemies.

10. Become Unfaithful To Me? I'll Give You An Unforgettable Christmas Gift


“My Soon to Be Ex-Wife was my high school sweetheart. We started going out in 1992 when we were both 17 (we’re both 45 now) and have been together ever since. She’s the only woman I’ve ever been with my entire life. We married 5 years later at 22, fresh out of college. A year later, we had our 1st of two children, both boys. (22 and 17) 23 years I gave to her.

Built her a house. Worked my butt off to give her the life she wanted. Sure, we had rough patches, but what marriage doesn’t? Even in the worst of times, we found a way to pull through and come out the other side better. Which made the discovery of her affair that much more jarring.

Flashback to March 2020, when I 1st got the feeling something was ‘off’.

For a good 2 months prior, we were in a funk. I was on the mend from reconstructive knee surgery (blew out my ACL fall 2019) but still lacking in movement. At the time I only had about 55% range of motion on my knee. This took a toll on quite a lot in the house. I was out on worker’s comp, as I had been injured on the job, and I was unable to do my usual household duties, so a lot got backed up.

My sons would do what they could, but tasks only I was capable of doing had to be put on the back burner, or my wife had to do, which she wasn’t pleased with. Things also crawled to a standstill in the bedroom between us. It had already slowed down before my injury, but in the state, I was in at the time it completely stopped.

During these months, she (we’ll call her Sue) was spending more time ‘hanging with co-workers’ after work. Between November 2019 to March 2020 it was a regular occurrence for her. Naturally, I thought nothing of it. I’ve never in the 23 years I’d been with her had any reason to worry or not trust her. She has her friends, I have mine, and we have mutual.

I’d go hang out with my friends all the time and there was no issue. It was all above board. It was around January of this year that I noticed something odd. Sue started getting noticeably distant from me. Sure, we were in a funk, but she’d never deny me affection to that point. The usual hugs and kisses she’d give me came to a halt.

Her phone was attached to her hand long before my suspicion grew, but she’d always share and show me things she’d discovered on the web. DIY ideas and recipes on Pinterest, memes, all kinds of stuff. But she was now being guarded about her phone. Even her interactions with me became more snippy as if she couldn’t be bothered.

So we’re now in March. 2020 happened. Our chosen careers fall under the ‘essential’ designation, so neither of us has to work from home.

I’d just been recently cleared to return to work after 5 months on the shelf, and I was eager to get back after it, like 5 months on my butt rehabbing my knee and not being able to do physical stuff drove me nuts. (For context, I enjoy physical activities. I’m an avid martial artist and I’m typically in the gym 4 days a week, on top of all of the home projects I did.) Within a week or 2 of the isolation, my Soon to Be Ex-Wife alerts me that she’s going to have to start putting in extra hours.

Again, I think nothing of this because of her field. Of course, I was under the assumption it’d be every other day, but no. It was every day. And not just an hour or 2. She’d come home 3 or more hours later, and go straight to the shower, spend a little time with me, a little time with our 17 y/o (22-year-old lives with his significant other crosstown), and then go to bed.

As I’m able to support myself on my knee better, we started getting intimate again, but as you’d probably guess she wasn’t mentally or emotionally present for it, which I noticed quickly.

So by early April, the picture started getting clearer to me. All of the signs were pointing to the idea that she was having an affair. That’s when I decided I needed to find answers.

So I scoured the internet on things I should be looking for. Signs of infidelity in one’s partner, and sure enough she was pretty much ticking all of the boxes on such behavior. So then my search inquiry advanced to how do I find proof. I started with her social media. Looking at her social media entries from months prior, it’s pretty much the usual. Pics of us and our sons, pics with her and her friends, and more than a few pics of her nights out with co-workers.

In these pics, it’s a mixed bag of her closest friends from work, and a couple of folks I’ve never met from her work. But I see one recurring thing in a number of these pics, one guy. In every picture he is in, he is rather uncomfortably close to her. His arm is around her shoulder, or his hand on her lower back. WAY too close for a guy I’ve never personally met.

Needless to say, that put a sour taste in my mouth.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

No, no, no. The worst was the fact that apparently, this dude is a friend of hers on social media and followers her on IG. So I go to look up his social media account and wouldn’t you know it, I’m blocked. Why in the world am I blocked from seeing this guy’s socials media account, but he’s friends with her on social media.

Yep. Now I’m in Batman detective mode. At that point, I wasn’t even trying to deny it. I knew she was being unfaithful to me with this guy. My mission was to find out for how long. And over the course of April and May, that’s what I did. You know I never had any clue the depth of info you could secure from phone, text, and email records up until then.

We have a family plan cellphone package, and I was able to pull up quite a bit of data. My Soon to Be Ex-Wife’s data history was telling. The 2 most frequent numbers she had interacted with from October 2019 to April 2020 were my own, and a number I had never seen before. Take a wild guess who’s number it was? A quick google check and I confirmed it was the dude from the photos who blocked me on social media.

(We’ll call him Jerkface, cuz that’s what he is.) Again, the picture becomes even clearer at this point. But a lot of their messages and texts were disjointed, which meant she was deleting a lot of them. I knew she was sneaking behind my back with this guy, but nothing in the data could serve as a smoking gun. I needed more evidence.

It was at this point that I tell my best friend Oz what I had found.

He asked me did I confront her with what I had, and I said no because I felt like it wasn’t enough. That’s when he told me about an app that I could download to apparently spy on her communications in real-time. I won’t say the name as I don’t know the rules on that here. I got it installed, sync up my data plan, and waited.

Within days of doing so, I finally saw it. A text string between the 2 of them talking about how much fun they’d had the previous night, and making plans to do it again that weekend. Boom. Gut punch. To say I was completely devastating was an understatement. I guess that moment counts as my ‘D-Day’, and for the next 2 days after I was just broken.

I actively distanced myself from her those 2 days immediately after d-day, which she was noticeably shaking by. She’d try to console me and ask me what was wrong, but I’d brush it off and leave her presence. I couldn’t even look at her. This woman, who I gave 23 years of my life to. I have given everything I could and more to them as a husband, and she stepped outside of our marriage for a guy just 5 years older than our eldest son.

By the 3rd day, I wasn’t even sad anymore, I was angry.

I contacted Oz to let him know my suspicion was confirmed, and he asked me had confronted her yet. My answer was no, and I told him I wanted payback. I didn’t want to just divorce her, I wanted to destroy her. I wanted to leave her life in shambles and ruin her. It was going to take time to do so, and I devised a plan.

In my readings and research on infidelity, I had seen a quote that resonated with me that went ‘the enemy of infidelity is unpredictability.’ Or something to that ilk. That was going to be the basis of my plan. I was going to make her life miserable on wheels, while also secretly planning my exit strategy.

So we’re now in early June, and I’ve still got the app installed.

Pretty much every night, I’m gathering as much data as I can seeing their back and forth messages. They were talking like it was a full-blown relationship they’re in. Naughty texting, lovey-dovey romantic stuff, naughty photos, the whole bag. At that point I had stopped looking at any of it, I was just collecting info and cataloging on my private FPS server. Meanwhile, I start doing things ‘out of the ordinary’.

I start going out at odd times. I start coming home even later than she does. In her presence, I’m on my phone a lot more than usual and when she asks ‘what are you up to?’ I just simply say ‘just stuff’ and put my phone away. I had also changed my log-in info on everything, so she couldn’t access any of my stuff. Mind you, for our entire marriage, we’d never hid anything from each other.

But right around I’m assuming the start of her affair, she’d changed her password on social media, as well as on her phone stating ‘she had to because of the security breaches in recent months.’ Yea, a really nice cover for hiding your affair from your husband. Anyway, I’d clued Oz in on my plan, as well as telling my older (and only) sister and two more of my closest friends what was going on.

These are people I trust with my life, and I swore them to secrecy. (For context, Oz and I have been friends since we were kids. The other of our friends Joey and Nina we’ve known since High School. Make note of Nina, she comes into play down the road.)

July comes, and my Soon to Be Ex-Wife is in full paranoia mode. She’s texting and calling me a lot more frequently now, asking me if I’m going to be home when she gets home, when am I coming home while she is and I’m not, asking me what am I up to, the works.

I can see the seed planted in her head the month prior is starting to sprout, especially in her communication with Jerkface. She’s confiding in him her doubt and confusion. Telling him that I’m getting cold and distant. The nerve of this woman!!! In the interim of these interactions with Jerkface, she suggests that maybe they should stop meeting up at our house because she has no idea if I’d just show up, confirming that yes, she’s had this idiot in my home.

Thanks, Sue! Jerkface asks her in that specific communication was worried about me potentially being unfaithful to her, which actually annoy her. I can’t even begin to describe the level of joy and how many laughs I got out of reading that exchange. My lying wife arguing with her affair partner over if her husband could be lying to her. Oh, the irony. Now bear in mind, I’m not hooking up with anyone.

When I leave, I’m usually at Oz or Joey’s throwing back some booze, watching fights and spending time with my bros, or at my big sis’ house hanging with her and my brother-in-law, who’s like an older brother to me. My sis is 52 and her hubby is 58. She had told him about my Soon to Be Ex-Wife’s infidelity, but not of my plan. Couldn’t risk it as he’s a bit of a blabbermouth.

We’ll fast forward now to October. That’s when things seriously pick up. I’ve been in my ‘faux affair’ for 3 months now, and Sue is hyper-aware of the fact that I’m actively pulling away from her. It’s been as long as the day I enacted my plan until the day she ‘confronted’ me, October 20th, 2020 that I’d even touched her. No hugs. No kisses. No initiation of intimacy.

Nothing. Not like she needed it, she was still with Jerkface, just at his place or at motels. So that afternoon, she calls me at work, which wasn’t rare before all this began, but certainly hadn’t happened in a while, and asked me to come straight home after work saying she had ‘something important to tell me.’ I’m not gonna lie to you all, I half-believed she was going to come clean about her infidelity, but she of course didn’t.

Instead, I get home to her asking me was I unhappy with her. The. Nerve. She sights the fact that I’ve been spending way too much time away from home, I don’t show her affection anymore and our intimate life has completely died. She tells me she’s worried I’m pushing her away because I was resentful of how she treated me the months I was rehabbing my knee.

And then came the punchline. She asked if I was having an affair.

Folks, I fell out on the floor laughing hysterically. And when I say hysterically I mean Joker laughing gas hysterical. On the surface, it looked like (to her assuming) it was me laughing off the notion of being unfaithful, but it was of course actually me laughing at the sheer irony of what was happening in front of my eyes.

I’m tearing up, pounding on the floor in complete hysterics for a good 2 minutes before I compose myself enough to answer. I sit up and look her in the eyes for the 1st time in months shaking my head, but I don’t give her an answer. I stand up, brush myself off, kiss the top of her head and go about settling in for the night.

Later that night, as I’m in my office I decide you know what? Given the brevity of what happened, I wanted to see what she was telling him. So I fire up the app and sure enough, they’re actually texting in real-time. She tells Jerkface ‘I know he’s lying to me. I asked him tonight and he literally laughed in my face. He fell on the floor and laughed for like 5 minutes.

(It wasn’t 5 minutes obviously.) He doesn’t even care how I feel anymore. I don’t know how or why, but he’s gone. I know I’ve lost him. This is karma, I know it.’ The smile I had on my face reading that must’ve resembled the Cheshire Cat. She was breaking. Jerkface attempted to console her, saying that if I cared enough for her, she wouldn’t have had come to him to give her what I wasn’t giving her, but the tone of her responses told me she was having doubt now.

She had the nerve to step out of our marriage because I was unable to fulfill my role as a husband due to legitimate injury and kept the affair going for at that point nearly an entire year, but the idea of her losing me to another woman was enough to make her waver? What a weakling.

Now, during all of this, I was also exacting the 2nd part of my payback plan, getting all of my affairs in order financially.

In September, I had met with a family attorney to get the ball rolling on divorce paper, with the mountain of evidence I’d piled up to that point. New York is an ‘at fault’ state as far as Divorce, and the overwhelming amount of proof I’d gathered displaying Sue’s infidelity pretty much solidified I could nail her to the wall in a divorce case. My lawyer instructed me to get all of my financials in order in preparation for whatever division of assets might come as result.

I went one better than that, secretly pulling all of my funds out of our joint account and putting it in my personal account. I also started shopping around for an apartment as part of ‘phase 2’.

We’re now in November, and I’ve not changed my behavior. In fact, I’ve ramped it up. This is where my friend Nina comes into play. For context, Nina and Sue have never been what you call ‘close’.

I met Nina freshman year of high school 2 years before I met Sue. Even way back then, Sue has seen Nina as a ‘threat’, as she’s my closest female friend. There’s always been an implied ‘I don’t trust her’ from Sue regarding Nina. She’s never addressed it directly, but it’s obvious to anyone who pays attention. Conversely, Nina’s never been a big fan of Sue.

Early in my and Sue’s relationship, Nina called to attention to me how Sue was pretty much imposing herself into our little ‘square’ of friends, whereas I didn’t do the same with Sue’s set of friends. That irked Nina because she knew why Sue was doing it, her. Among Sue’s circle even now, there are no male friends… aside from Jerkface. Whereas Nina is the only girl in my ‘square’.

Nina had been ‘stuck’ overseas due to the health crisis and finally returned to NYC on November 3rd. Oz, Joey, and I decided we were gonna celebrate her return with a night at Joey’s house for dinner and drinks. (There were only 5 of us, Oz, Joey, Joey’s wife… who is also Nina’s sister, Nina, and myself). Nina, being the evil mastermind she is, comes up with an evil idea to trigger Sue.

She suggested we take some photos in the same vein as the photos I discovered of Sue and Jerkface months prior… and post them to my social media. And that’s just what we did. It wasn’t until the 5th that Sue got wind of it, as I’m guessing a few friends noticed my updates and saw how ‘uncomfortably’ close I was with Nina. This really messed her mind up, because she still believed I was having an affair, and I can almost guarantee she ‘wanted’ to accuse Nina, but she knew that Nina had been stuck in Europe for the majority of the year.

Still didn’t stop her from attempting to dress me down that night for being so as she said ‘handsy’ in the pics. I saw this as a golden opportunity to deliver the lead jab for my knockout blow. I say ‘So what about the pics with you and Jerkface from last year? He was pretty handsy in them. But did you see me get bent out of shape over it?’

Deer in the headlights.

It was the 1st time I even mentioned the dude’s name throughout all of this. The hamster wheel in her head started reeling in real-time as she tried to explain away those pics. To that point she hadn’t even known I saw them, that’s how little I use social media. When I actually do post something it’s like an event to people, which is why the pics with Nina specifically got so much traction among our circles.

And explain away she did. ‘He’s that way with everyone.’ ‘He’s just a really friendly guy.’ ‘I can see how it looks, but there’s nothing there.’ ‘I’m sorry if those pics hurt you. I’ll delete them.’ No, no… the pics aren’t what hurt me. The year you’ve been sleeping with the dude whilst lying to me that you’re working extra hours and hanging with friends is what hurt me.

But vengeance, as Lt. Comm. Warf from Star Trek: TNG so famously said ‘is a dish best served cold.’ From that night, Sue was being extra-specially clingy and attentive to me. Like, annoyingly so. She’s trying to initiate affection and intimacy with me and I’d stonewall her at every chance. All the while, I’m still archiving everything she’s saying to Jerkface. Mind you by this point I’d long since gone numb.

Any desire I might have had to save my marriage was dead. I’d checked out the day I enacted the 1st phase of my plan.

She’s confiding in him that I’ve gotten worse. That she doesn’t know what to do, and she feels like I absolutely hate her. (I do.) Then comes the bombshell. She says she can’t see him anymore. The guilt is too much for her, and she feels like karma is suffocating her.

She can’t risk losing me. She says that she loves Jerkface deeply, but she is ‘still in love’ with me, and she has to save her marriage before she loses me. No, my dear… you’re about 8 months too late for that. Jerkface loses his mind, saying such lovely things as ‘He doesn’t love you the way I love you.’ and ‘You’re making a mistake, you can’t just throw me away like this.’ That text chain would be the last they’d have until about 3 weeks ago.

Throughout the remainder of November into December, Sue is tuck in limbo. She’s trying to gauge where my headspace is and is still unable to tell if I’m actually being unfaithful. Meanwhile, Jerkface is steadily blowing her phone up daily, but she’s not responding to him. I’d see her check her phone often, they quickly put it away. Meanwhile, phase 2 of the plan was now officially complete.

The divorce papers were done. I’d found myself a studio apartment in Co-Op City (New Yorkers will know the area) and signed a 2-year lease on it. All of my money was in my personal account. I was ready to throw my haymaker.

So we’re now at Thanksgiving. My oldest and his significant other were hosting a small gathering of our immediate families. So them (Oldest and his significant other), Oldest’s significant other’s parents (she’s an only child) myself, Sue, and our youngest.

We have a great night. My oldest’s significant other is studying to be a chef, and she did all the cooking herself. The girl can cook lemme tell ya’. As I had to keep up appearances of nothing being wrong between Sue and me, I initiated affection with her several times that evening. Kisses on the cheek. Cute lil’ hugs. Wrapping my arms around her shoulders from behind.

The gestures didn’t go unnoticed by her, as she reveled in them. Bear in mind, this was the 1st time I touched this woman since I kissed the top of her head the night she ‘confronted’ me in October… so just about 2 months. Not gonna lie, I felt repulsed doing it. But I had to. I couldn’t risk the plan, and me being distant to her in the face of my boys, my oldest’s significant other, and her parents would set off alarms.

So my youngest decides he wants to stay over with his big bro for the night, so Sue and I head home. On the drive home, she thanks me for being so good to her, and says ‘I don’t know what you’re going through, baby. But I’m here for you.’ I had to hold off busting out in maniacal laughter again and responded by saying. ‘I know.

I just need time.’

So for the 1st time realistically since Springtime, we were intimate that night. I figured screw it, with what I’m about to do, may as well get some action before I delete her from my existence. No cuddling or anything after. I just got up, showered, and went to go sleep in my office. To her confusion though, I used protection. For the 1st time in decades I did.

She was definitely perplexed by it, but she didn’t ask questions. I wake up the next day and check my handy dandy spy app, and for the 1st time in weeks, she responded to Jerkface. The dude went full novella. He professed his love for her. Said she was wasting her time trying to rekindle a flame in me that died. That she’d been ‘in a prison’ with me for 23 years and deserved to experience the love and affection of a man who would cherish her.

Mind you, this dude is 27 years old. Five years older than our oldest son. And he’s THAT sprung on a 45 y/o married mother of 2? She chose to blow up our marriage and destroy the home we’d built for this dude? Pretty boy with a ‘soft side’? HAAAA!!!

She responded saying pretty much the same thing she said when last they talked. That she loves him and enjoyed their time together, but she can’t lose me.

I’m still the love of her life, but she’ll always have a place for him in her heart. That they can still be friends if he chooses, but the physical relationship between them is over. He begged her to see him one last time that week, and yep… you guessed it, she said yes. One more for the road, right? Who am I to say anything, that’s what I did to her the previous night.

Of course, I added all of that to the archive I’d compiled. December 4th is when phase 3, the final phase of operation ‘Shinobi Ghost’ started. The divorce papers were in hand. My new place of residence was set up. Now I had to slowly start moving my stuff out of the house. But 1st, I had to break the news to my boys. I called my oldest to the house that Friday night had them join me in my office…

and laid everything on that table. Not the specifics, but that their mother had been lying to me for over a year, and I was going to be filing for divorce soon. My 17-year-old was especially shaken up by this because he had recently experienced his 1st taste of infidelity. Yep, his 1st significant other had lied to him just 4 months prior. Seeing his heart broken a 2nd time at the idea that his own mother was capable of doing this hit him hard.

My oldest took it a lot better and suggested taking his brother in to live with him until this blows over, to which I agreed.

We packed up some of his stuff, and he asked me was I gonna be ok. I told him ‘Yes, son. I’m going to be alright. And so are you. We’re going to be alright. I promise.’ And then they were off.

The hardest part was now over, and it was now time to arm the nukes. Over the next few weeks, day by day Oz would help me get a little of my most sensitive stuff out of the house. Gave him a list of all of the definite stuff to grab while Sue and I were at work and left him the spare key. This was all stuff Sue wouldn’t notice was missing unless you told her it was gone.

I’d also gotten a new phone and phone number, and told everyone who needed to know (Oz, Joey, Nina, My boys, big sis, and my mother) my new contact info. Meanwhile, I’m keeping up the rouse with Sue and she’s none the wiser. Trickling bits and pieces of affection to her just to keep her off of the trail, whilst she’s still in contact with Jerkface.

Not to the extent that they’d been prior, but there’s still an emotional thing happening. The fog is faint, but it’s still there. All the while, I gather everything, and I do mean everything. Every bit of data I’ve archived since I started the plan, call logs, texts, pics, emails… everything, and start making printouts. Folks, I must have spent over $1500 on staples supplies. Printer ink, paper, binders, the works.

And I cataloged everything in order, from the beginning of the affair until that last bit 2 weeks ago, December 16th in the binders. 14 of them.

I then put each one in a box, and gift-wrapped each, addressing them to various people. My mother (my father passed 7 years ago), her parents, her 2 sisters, her brother, her HR department (Did I forget to mention that Jerkface works for the same company, and there’s an expressed rule against inter-company relationships because of the nature of what she does?), several of her friends, Jerkface AND Jerkface’s parents.

Lugged all of those idiots to the post office and shipped them all out on December 16th. ETA for delivery, December 22-24th. PERFECT. So we’re now on Christmas Eve. Sue comes home around the usual time, no idea if she’d seen Jerkface, I’d stop tracking her on the app on the 18th. Figured I’d gotten all the mileage I needed from it. As per usual, she showers, hangs out with me a bit, I blow her back out on the living room couch (I know, I’m a jerk) and she turns in for the night.

The final phase was upon me at long last. The nuke I’d been arming since June was finally about to launch. In the middle of the night, I woke up and wrapped up one of the 3 remaining binders, with the divorce papers taped to the inside cover, and set it on my side of the bed with a note that said ‘Merry Christmas’ on it.

Next to it, I left my old phone and the business card of my lawyer. I packed up the remainder of my most needed items, enough to fill 2 backpacks, and I left my home… that I spent 23 years in, for the last time.

That my friends was one week ago. To Sue, I am completely off the grid. Gone. Shadow ghosted. She’s blocked on social media, but still hasn’t blocked me for some reason, so I’m keeping tabs on the fallout.

It’s absolutely glorious. My packages have reached everyone I sent them out to, and Sue is getting crucified. Her youngest sister completely dressed her down. Both of her parents have condemned her. My mom absolutely destroyed her. Like holy cow, I know my mom has a mean streak… but the things she called Sue were unholy. She’s been frantically trying to find out if anyone knows where I am, but those that are due, aren’t saying a word.

All over her social media feed, she’s desperately trying to reach me because I’m guessing she knows I’m likely looking. But I’m not saying a word to her without my lawyer present. That’ll be the next time I share oxygen with her. She’s got no way of spinning the narrative to paint me as the bad guy because I’ve exposed her to everyone who matters to her.

And from what a mutual friend who works in the same company as her, she and Jerkface apparently are being put on administrative leave as of tomorrow, so yea… chances are she’ll be going into 2021 unemployed. As for the final 2 binders, well… one has been turned over to my lawyer as my final bit of evidence for my impending divorce, and the last one I put in my storage unit to be burned in Joey’s fire pit when the divorce is final.

Do I feel guilty about this? No. Not even in the slightest. 23 years I did right by this woman. I gave her the home she wanted. I gave her the family she wanted. I gave her the life I felt we both deserved, and I loved her unconditionally. Never have I faltered. Never have I strayed. Never have I even entertained the notion of breaking my vows.

When an issue came up that I felt was affecting our marriage, I came to her and told her, and we sorted it out as best we could. She opted to find comfort in another man’s bed. Rather than come to me and say she was unhappy with our intimate life at the time, she decided to step out with a young punk who gave her the tingles.

So no, I have no sympathy for what I did, or for her. The most I stand to lose is my house, a car, and maybe a couple of hundred bucks a month in alimony, but seeing as the divorce is filed under the statute of adultery and NYS is At Fault, that might get waved with the insurmountable about of evidence I’ve provided. As far as I’m concerned, she’s dead to me and I’m never looking back.”

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You’re freakin awesome!!
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9. Steal My Dinner? Give Me Some Feedback


“Friday night my wife ordered a takeaway for delivery for us. An hour and a half later it hadn’t arrived she called the shop and they were surprised said they delivered it a while ago. Turns out they delivered it to the wrong house. Long story short our road turns into a different road partway down it’s rare but stuff can go wrong it doesn’t usually happen because you have to go past our house to get there.

Rather than say we didn’t order anything and check the address they took in the food and ate it. (The delivery driver went around and asked them before delivering the new order to us again) when asked why it took it if he didn’t order it he said ‘I dunno’.

The delivery place was great granted they made a small mistake but the guy at the other house shouldn’t have taken it in.

This meant we didn’t get our food till 2 hours after ordering, they were very apologetic.

I was very angry and wanted to confront the guy but decided against it. I contemplated my revenge everything from emptying our dog poo bin in front of their door to putting a brick through their window (quickly realized this was overkill.)

I went out with some friends and told them the story and one of them suggested something great, post a jiffy bag with the note in it to them without postage. This will mean they will get a notification from the post office saying there is a letter they will have to go down to pay the postage and pick the letter up. In it will be a note asking them if they enjoyed my kebab. I feel this is sufficiently petty and will give me a nice feeling of satisfaction.”

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8. Insult Me In Front Of My Staff? I'll End Your Political Career


“I live in an economically developing nation, used to be heavily dependent on Agriculture produce for economic activity. My grandfather was a farmer and he wanted his children to get educated and get a government job. So my dad got his master’s from the only university we had in our region. Since most people study at the same university and get government jobs. so everyone in government offices knew one another in some way or the other.

My Dad was offered the position of officer in charge of our home state for the agriculture department and had around 40 people working under him, his task was to take care of agriculture and its related activities and acted as advisor to the local farming community via local newspapers. During the 1980s and early 1990s, our country had long droughts and famines. The then government decided to create two different government agencies to take care of food security, one agency will take care of buying and storing food grains and another agency was tasked to enable building the infrastructure for food security.

Dad was attached to the agency which was tasked with infrastructure, his agency’s job was to give grants for anyone building infrastructure for food security. His duty was given the task of providing grants to anyone who is building warehouses for storing food. His job was to review the entire warehouse from planning to construction that can store food and provide a third of the project cost as a grant/subsidy to people who built it.

This was the time when my country was doing all the stuff on paper, no computers (Only typewriters) in government offices and no cellphone, your options were limited to a fixed telephone line and fax/copying machines (which were mind-blowing technology for my Dad) were new to Government offices. My Dad used to do tons of paperwork in the office (reading through stuff, adding remarks, writing stuff) Add to that you had a postal service that took somewhere between 7~10 days to have your mail delivered to the nearest town or city (yeah those were the times my dad lived).

In the late 1990s, my Dad was doing his work at his office. When a commotion at the office entrance gets my Dad’s attention, he sees from the office window where 10 expensive cars are parked and a group of thugs holding the collar security personal while warning them with long sticks and knives(My country didn’t have armed security for Government building back then, security folks usually had small sticks).

There were several unauthorized people were entering the building. You see people were not allowed inside any government office unless they state the purpose to the officer in charge and the officer permits the security to allow them. Suddenly Bill and his men walk into my Dad’s office pushing my Dad’s staff away, Bill introduces himself and mentions that he is the brother-in-law of Jack the senator from our region, and calls himself one of the powerful people in the region.

He sits in my Dad’s chair and then drinks coffee and eats the cookies that were ordered for my Dad which were kept on his desk. Bill informs his men to go easy on my Dad’s staff as they start to drink coffee and eat cookies that were meant for the employees. Bill tells my Dad that he was there to discuss availing the grant the government provides for a project that he was planning.

My Dad at times is submissive to people in the position of power as he has seen consequences first hard as some of his friends lost jobs or lives standing against powerful people.

So Dad asks for the details of the project Bill was planning and asks him to send over the project proposal and an official request for the grant to him for reviewing and informed Bill that the grant cannot be processed until the project is completed.

Bill gets angry that any proposal for the project is enough to qualify for a grant and should be paid upfront for the project construction. My Dad tells him how the grant works and the project should be completed in order to qualify for the grant. Bill is annoyed by this point and yells at my Dad and his office staff how government officials were educated morons are running the country into a grave.

Bill takes all the necessary forms and applications from my Dad and leaves the office furiously. Since no incidents happen and my Dad didn’t bother much about the incident. A few weeks go by and my Dad receives a huge set of documents via the postal service and you might have guessed it, those documents were related to Bill’s project. Going through those documents my Dad identifies that they came from Dave, a consultant who was doing the work on behalf of Bill and the documents further reveal that warehouse proposed in the region was big enough to hold enough food grains to feed a population equivalent for two states for an entire year.

The proposed project would cost them 1.5 Billion and once completed it would cost the government 300 Million in the grant.

This was a huge amount for Dad to handle, Till that time largest project he ever reviewed for providing a government grant was 50K (that’s the total project cost, not the grant). Building such infrastructure would mean that any other warehouse existing/to be built in the region would be rendered useless.

He quickly called his Boss asking him what he was supposed to do, his boss quickly looks at the rules and tells my Dad that since there was no upper limit on the size of the warehouse or project cost. The only thing they could do was to review and process the application and if everything checks out they might end up with 300 Million in Grants.

Since his Boss ok’d the processing of the application, my Dad further reviewed the project proposal to identify that the warehouse was specifically designed for industrial use and not for storing food grains. Dad was confused, so he gives a call to Dave. Dave informs my Dad that he was hired to plan for a warehouse for industrial and there might have been some confusion over the details and Dave promises that he would fix it and not reject the application based on those terms.

Unsure of details, he decides to process the application and sends a note to Dave that the government would be reviewing the application and once the project is completed he should be informed about project completion and my Dad would visit the premises and give final approval after reviewing and it would take another 3~6 months time get grants as a check from the government after the review process is done.

Two years go by, Dave comes to my Dad’s office in an expensive luxury SUV and dares the security personal to stop him if they want to keep their job. Dave then rushes to my Dad’s cabin and asks my Dad if he was available on that day to visit the premises and give final approval for the project. Unsure who Dave was and asks for clarification and why he would need to do approval today.

Dad also informs Dave that there is a lot of documentation work that he needs to prepare before visiting the warehouse to give final approval. That would take at least 2 days for my Dad, Dave tries to reason with my Dad that he came from far off city and he couldn’t stay for long to get this completed. my Dad again tells Dave that two days is the minimum it would take him to documentation ready.

Dave now angry informs my Dad that he represents Bill & Jack and the warehouse needs to be inspected today or lose his job. Dad was not buying it told him again two days or forget it.

Dave leaves the office warning my Dad that he will face consequences, Dad calls his boss informing him what had happened and the boss tells my dad to take priority and inspect the warehouse at the earliest.

Two days later my visits the warehouse and to his surprise, he sees Dave on location. The first thing my Dad noticed about the warehouse was it was not built for food grains or any agricultural produce for that matter. It was built for industrial purposes. Dave gives my Dad a tour of the entire warehouse explaining to him, how state-of-the-art it was for the time.

My Dad takes note of every detail of the warehouse and informs Dave that the grant can’t be approved due to fact that the warehouse was not constructed with storing agricultural produce in mind and no one with a sound mind would overlook that fact to approve the grant. Dave starts yelling and excusing my father that he was looking for a bribe by withholding their grant, and my Dad would approve the grant once he gets paid off, Bill & Jack are being targeted for making earnings off them.

None of that was true about my Dad, he was an honest man his entire life. My Dad leaves the warehouse unsure of what he could do to get out of this situation

The next was my Dad who was super confused about why Bill has built an industrial warehouse in the middle of nowhere and only the major activity in the region was farming. So he decides to call up Rob and ask him a few questions about how Rob’s government agency (construction and building permits) has provided, Rob, takes a couple of days to identify some horrific realities.

First, the plans of the warehouse showcase and request permit to be an industrial complex for storing manufacturing goods, Bill bribed his way through Rob’s agency and got environmental clearance and other permits without conforming to standards. He was also able to identify a report for building completion that was forwarded agency’s requests for considering storing food grains. Last but not least he was able to find a construction tax bill submitted to the agency stating the construction cost of the warehouse is around 300 million along with plans of creating an Industrial zone for the region that was proposed to the senate by Jack.

This was news to my Dad and Rob, they were shocked to know how Bill and Dave were able to inflate the cost of the warehouse and they had plans to make the region a new industrial zone. My Dad calls his boss and informs him that Bill’s project seems fishy and he would reject the grant and forward him the documents once done. His boss tries to reason with him it could be a career-ending move for both of them, Jack was trying to put pressure on the leader of the agency to have the grant approved.

Rob decides to dig around to see if he can get any more information and found the contract paper that was sent to the food procurement and storing agency, which raised several red flags. First, the contract stated an inflated rent for storing food grains, then rent will be reviewed on yearly basis based on market rate and then the contract would make the agency pay for the next 15 years irrespective of whether the agency stores food or not.

Rob calls my Dad with this information. Now my Dad furious to know how Bill & Jack are planning to rob the government decides to reject the grant for their project.

A few days later, Bill turns up at my Dad’s office along with Dave in the same bashing manner he previously did but now even more furious asks my Dad why is he is not approving the grant for his project and why it’s taking so much time.

Dad tries to calmly reason with him stating it was not built as per norms, so he won’t be able to approve. Bill turns red and fuming with anger, he can throw around as much money my Dad wanted to have his signature on the documents approving the grant. My Dad refuses that it’s a crime to bribe an officer, Bill goes on telling my Dad that he lives in a mansion filled with Escort girls and has as many as he likes.

Dad refuses again, Bill now threatens my Dad saying he could get out of his job and replace someone else in the same position who can do the job for him. Again my Dad firmly tells Bill that he can do whatever he wants to do but my dad would not approve the grant. This goes as a shouting match for around 3 hours in front of the entire office staff but my Dad didn’t budge.

Bill starts swearing to my father telling him that he is impotent to pass up an offer of sleeping with the cheapest escort girls Bill has which would cost my Dad his entire year salary to hire such an escort for a day. He also goes on yelling how my Dad’s parents might have abandoned him as a child who refuses to bring fortune to his family.

My Dad had enough of Bill by this point and asks Bill leaves his office, in the last attempt to threaten my Dad Bill asks his thugs to take care of him and leaves the office along with Dave. Bill’s thugs threaten my Dad stating he needs to sign those papers otherwise he would end up in a pile of rotten garbage, he also tells him that they wait for one month and expect those papers signed after that.

Thugs then go on to ransack the entire office before leaving and also threaten the staff to make sure his boss signs those damn papers approving the grant.

My Dad calls Rob and informs him what had happened and asks him Fax all the documents collected so far with regard to Bill’s project and he would be asking for those documents officially. Rob asks my Dad what was his intention of using those documents and what his plans were.

My Dad says I am going to take them down and I had enough from them. Rob tells my Dad not to do anything crazy in the heat of the moment but assured me that he would send those details to my Dad. The same day Rob Fax my Dad around 2000 documents. My dad then calls up his boss to inform him that he would be going on a 10-day vacation.

By the end of the day, my Dad leaves the office will all documents related to Bill’s project and Faxed documents from Rob, and head home.

For the next 10 days, my dad sits at home going through every document, evidence he gathered with the help of Rob and drafts his grant rejection letter with a lot of details as didn’t want to leave a chance anyone who can replace him or higher up above him rejecting his comments on the project and approve the grant.

After the vacation goes back to the office and the staff were surprised by him and were thinking that Bill’s men abducted him, since he didn’t inform anyone about his vacation plans. The same day my Dad asks his assistant to mail the documents to his boss as a confidential report. His assistant takes the documents and heads to the nearest postal office. At the same moment, Bill’s men come to my Dad’s office to check with him if he had signed the documents or not and he would be in serious trouble if is not done.

My dad lies to them that he has approved the grant and his assistant has just gone to mail those documents to his boss for processing and would take up to 3 months for the grant to arrive. My dad also tells them to inform Bill that everything has been taken care of and there is nothing to worry about anymore so that my Dad won’t be bothered by Bill or his men any further

A week later my Dad’s boss furiously calls and asks my Dad about the grant rejection letter he sent him and how crazy my Dad was which could end up having both of them get rid of.

My Dad assures his boss that he has taken care of everything including Bill and Jack and nothing to worry about and he has to do was to hold on to those documents for a month or so.

A month later a local newspaper breaks a story of how Jack was corrupt to the hilt and Bill was a partner in his crimes, the same morning Bill is arrested from his mansion totally wasted along with a lot of escort girls.

Bill was charged with corruption, bribery, racketeering, and murder. Bill’s men were also arrested for murder and were sentenced to life along with Bill. Jack was arrested for corruption, bribery, intimidation, and abuse of power. Jack made bail but never won the election again eventually retiring from politics. A decade later Bill testified against Jack for the crimes they both committed and Jack was sentenced to 15 years in Jail.

Dave was also charged with Bribery and Forgery. Dave fled the country to escape Jail time, no one knows for sure where he is now. Police are still looking for him.

No never knew how did that happen to Bill and Jake except Rob and My Dad.

You see my dad took 10 days vacation not just to hide from Bill’s men but he was planning to execute his perfect plan for revenge against Bill.

He systematically documented every ounce of evidence he had and drafted a comprehensive report against Bill and Jack on how they plan to fool the government and have the government give them the funding for nothing.

Remember when he asked his assistant to mail the documents to his Boss. He actually had mailed 4 copies of those documents. One for his boss for rejection of Grant, the second one was to the agency that was planning to store good grain in Bill’s warehouse proposing to blacklist his property for non-compliance with standards.

The third and fourth emails were sent as an anonymous tip to a federal agency equivalent of the FBI (let’s call it XBI) and to an investigative journalist from a local newspaper. XBI was also informed that a copy was sent to the local newspaper. XBI and the investigative journalist did their own investigation and found that the pile of coins put into the warehouse project was Jack’s entire stash of moolah that he got through Bribes, commissions, and favors for doing things while he was in power.

These bills were created by Bill through a network of entities to find the warehouse project and cook the books to inflate the project cost get his funds back from the government as a grant in legal form. The Journalist also uncovered some government officials were murdered by Bill and his men for not doing what Bill asked them to do and handed the evidence over to XBI.

It took them a month to investigate and identify all the pieces of the puzzle to nab Bill & Jack. Neither XBI nor the Journalist was able to find out who sent those documents to them.

My Dad’s boss took early retirement and Dad became the director of the agency he worked for a few years later and eventually retired 15 years after this incident. Rob retired a year later and narrated this entire story to our family at his retirement party.

I still see the abandoned warehouse, whenever I travel to my hometown from the city where I work.”

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7. I Destroyed The Thing He Loved The Most


“My biological parents married when they were very young and Donald Duck (biological dad) was still in law school. The marriage lasted long enough to produce two children (they didn’t waste time in those days), my sister who is fourteen months my elder, and myself. They were divorced before I was born. Donald was a serial womanizer, a pathological liar, and a total jerk. He still is–at least a liar and a jerk.

He’s in his mid-70s now so maybe not so much with the infidelity. The fact that he is still working as a lawyer I think is indicative that he was never a good one as he evidently doesn’t have enough to retire. I’ve looked up reviews on him online and it’s funny to see that most reviewers say that he is not only a terrible lawyer but a horrible person.

When my sister was 22 she was a single mother and my nephew, her son, was around 3. Her company transferred her to another state. She discovered that Donald Duck lived in a town near her new work location and thought that he might be able to help her get her bearings in a new place. For a short time when we were teenagers, he has some sporadic involvement in our lives after moving to a neighboring city–it was mostly him trying to impress us with how cool and rich he thought we should think he was.

So, though it had been a few years since she had seen him it’s not like they were strangers. In any case, Donald Duck agreed to let Sis move into his apartment with him, his significant other at that time, (of course MANY years his junior) and her 9-month-old child (not Donald’s) until she was able to find her own place. He also offered to allow her to keep her belongings in his storage unit.

Sis took him up on his offer. Never did Donald Duck make any reference to being paid for the use of the storage unit or paying for utilities at the apartment. Sis stayed three months and did her best to get out as quickly as she could and as far as she could once she became more familiar with the area. Living with him was hard (did I mention he is a jerk?) and her young son would find his adult magazines around the apartment—this is obviously pre-Internet.

Mr. Duck’s young partner was able to help with babysitting, something Sis paid her for.

So Sis gets her own apartment, but all of her things—her son’s toys, furniture, her furniture, household items—everything but her own bed was still in the storage unit. So she called him to figure out how she could get her things back, but he seemed to want to hang on to them for some reason.

He said, ‘You owe my girl her pay for babysitting and you can’t get your things back until you pay her.’ She said, ‘Have you talked to her? I have paid her everything I owed her.’ He puts down the phone and talks to his significant other and she confirms that she has been paid. He then says, ‘Well you owe a third of the utilities for the time you were here.’ She reminded him that he had never said anything about that.

He gets a little heated and she’s feeling desperate and angry and shouts an accusation of harming her when she was very young (a totally different story). He responds ‘Have you ever told anyone that?’ She says ‘No.’ He says, ‘If you ever do, I will wring your neck.’ And the conversation ends. She had given up and thought she would never see her things again.

About 20 minutes later she gets a call from an acquaintance who had actually gone on one or two dates with Donald before she met my sister. He tells Sis that Mr. Duck had just called her asking if Sis had ever told her anything that he might have done to Sis. Hinting at the accusation Sis had made. Sis had never told anyone and the acquaintance told Donald as much.

Sis later calls my stepdad whom we have always considered to be our dad. He is the only father we knew growing up and he was in the picture since before we were old enough to remember. He married my mom when I was an infant and my sister a toddler. They were married 40 years until my mom passed away. The guy absolutely had a lot of faults (passed on 2017) and we often felt better when he wasn’t around, but he tried and it’s not easy raising someone else’s kids, and he was our dad as far as we were concerned—he actually legally adopted us.

He had a lot of issues, but he absolutely hated to see someone be taken advantage of because they were in a weaker position, in other words, he HATED a bully and Donald Duck was being a bully.

When I was in the first grade I rode a school bus with middle and high school students. There were a couple of kids who would bully me. When he found out he confronted the bully’s dad and it ended.

Another time, I was in the 3rd grade and driving somewhere with him in his pickup around town and he saw two young teenagers destroying a bicycle that he assumed they had stolen. He stopped and confronted them with his big framing hammer (a Vaughn 16 oz.—I have one like it in his honor). Years later he broke my mom out of a mental institution by threatening the director (or some doctor, I’m not sure, I was young) with that same hammer.

Yes, we were a fun family!

Anyway, when Sis calls him explaining that Donald Duck is holding all of her possessions hostage and she doesn’t know what to do, he tells her that he knows several gang members who would be happy to rough him up and wouldn’t even want to be paid–they would do it for pleasure! Dad was very bothered that Donald was keeping his grandson’s things from him and wanted to hurt Mr.

Duck. Sis declines this offer. He then asks her: ‘What is the thing that he values most in this world?’ She responds, ‘His car.’ His car at that point was a Porsche he had purchased new just a few years before. It wasn’t quite the absolute entry-level model, but pretty close. Of course, he had all kinds of arguments about why it was actually better than the more expensive ones.

Obviously, it was red. Dad was trying to come up with a way not only to get revenge but to scare Mr. Duck enough to force him to give Sis back her things. Sis said she was fine with whatever he wanted to do if it got her belongings back, but wanted to make sure none of it could be traced back to her.

Nothing happens until about a month later and Donald Duck calls Sis out of the blue as if nothing had ever happened and asks ‘Hey, when would you like to come to get your things? How about this Saturday?’ Evidently, he had some change of heart that is unexplained to this day.

She said ‘Sure.’ She didn’t trust him so she didn’t want to go alone. She was able to get a male friend to go with her. She gets a Uhaul and just picks up her stuff and gets out. That very evening she tried several times to call Dad to let him know that she got her things back and all was well—no need for any drastic measures.

But it was too late, the wheels had been set in motion. He never answers the phone—remember this is pre-cell phone days so when you’re not at home, you don’t answer. Sis calls Mom (who was living separately from Dad for a time—it’s complicated) telling her she can’t reach Dad. Mom says Dad is sick and that’s probably why he’s not answering his phone.

At 11:30 PM Sis gets a call from Donald’s significant other who asks her ‘What are you doing?’ Sis replies ‘I am at home in bed, why?’ She responds ‘Someone just blew up Donald’s car.’ Sis’s heart drops.

She obviously knows who did it. The police ask Donald Duck who would want to do this to him and he answers Sis’s name, so she becomes suspect number one. Sis asks the girl if Donald is scared. The girl says yes, they are spending the night in a hotel. Fortunately, the call from the girl to Sis just a few minutes after the explosion gave Sis her alibi–Sis lived over thirty minutes away and could not have answered her home phone if she had been the one to ignite the bomb.

The bomb did its job well. It turned the Porsche into an unrecognizable wreck, took out the adjacent car (the Porsche was parked at the end of the carport so there was only one car parked next to it), and destroyed many feet of the carport above both cars. I’m guessing the tank in the Porsche was near full!

Just after Sis gets off the phone she calls Mom, telling her that someone blew up Mr.

Duck’s car and she thinks it was Dad. While she is on the phone with Mom, another call comes in (call waiting—a fancy feature in the days of landlines!). It’s Dad. He says mysteriously ‘There is a box outside your door. Bring it in. You never talked to me tonight.’ Sis is a little afraid to open the box but it turns out to be just some of her son’s items that he had left with his grandpa—clothes and toys.

Months later at Christmas Sis asked Dad about it and he confessed. Turns out he really was very sick (physically) when he pulled that stunt. Sis was touched that he would go to so much effort and risk jail time for her, all while being ill. She asked him if he was scared driving back, he said yes and that every headlight behind him he took to be a cop until he reached the state line.

Sis found out from his significant other that the cops said the job was very amateur, certainly not the work of a professional. But hey, it did the job. Dad told Sis he had asked a co-worker who was once a member of the afore-mentioned gang about how to make a car bomb and she instructed him. He always did love blowing things up. When I was 13 we bonded over crumbling up the old colored sparklers into powder (I don’t think they make the colored ones anymore, but they burned hotter) funneling the powder into a spent Co2 cartridge, using another sparkler as a fuse, and making bombs powerful enough to blow up those old metal milk cans that hold a few gallons.

It was the 4th of July. Anyway, Sis says it was some sort of Molotov cocktail stuffed into the tailpipe, but I’m not sure how that would work. My idea of a Molotov cocktail is a 750ml-sized bottle (like a wine bottle or a 5th of booze) which would not fit into the tailpipe of a 4 cylinder Porsche I wouldn’t think. I’m guessing the diameter is no more than 2 inches, not big enough to fit such a bottle.

Maybe he used a smaller bottle or simply a smaller container of some kind (not a bottle) filled with something very ignitable. I truly regret not discussing it with him personally, but we weren’t close since I left home. If you didn’t need him, he had a hard time having a relationship with you. Plus I was married to a woman for many years who kept me from my parents and siblings, so I don’t have better details.

Thank God that 25-year marriage is over and my current wife loves my family! Sorry. But the story is true.

One hilarious detail—Donald Duck continued to father offspring and go out with very young women. His current wife is my age exactly and he has a daughter many years younger than my youngest child. A couple of years ago, I had a conversation with one of these half-sisters—a marvelous person despite half her DNA.

Her mother was never married to Donald and this sister is the age of my youngest daughter. I told her the story of the exploded Porsche. She found it very amusing because she says Donald loves to tell a story about how he was prosecuting some mob bosses and a couple of thugs came to his door trying to threaten him. Of course, being the big bad brave man he is, he did not back down.

And what was his reward? Those thugs blew up his car! I think it’s hilarious that he tells this story to his children but now they know the truth. He is the biggest liar I have ever met.

Also, due to Donald’s allegation that it was my sister who blew up his car (What? Not mobsters, but a 22-year-old girl?), the condo association or whatever tried to sue my sister for the damage to the carport. It came to naught. They were grasping at straws because there was no evidence of course, but it did scare her and cause some anxiety.”

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6. Stop Acting Up With Your Obsession With Hangers


“Bob was/is one of those people who are heavily into his religion and expects that he should be the head of the house. Bob was borderline financially (spending coin they didn’t even have) and emotionally abusive to her and even got physically with my younger brother a few times before my mother and I stopped him.

One of Bob’s greatest hits was telling me he was going to take my car (that I paid for and wasn’t in his name) when his AC blew, even though I was driving it to/from school and work.

I hid the keys.

Bob worked at a chain fast food place and would expect me to work washing dishes off the books to help keep his labor numbers down. One of those lives to work types, they fired him eventually because he is unexplainably bad at managing people. He had 2 young children from a previous marriage. He wouldn’t tell anyone when they were coming and just drop it on us 1-2 days before and he would just expect my mother or I would care for the children.

More than once, I told him I was working and he needed someone there for them when I got home from school because I needed to be at work. He just wouldn’t show up, leaving me with the choice to call into my job (which paid my expenses as well as contributed to the household expenses because he was an idiot with funds) or leave 2 children under 5 home alone.

Then he’d be annoyed when he got home because I was a teen and needed to do what he said, even if that meant losing a day’s pay.

He was obsessed with hangers. He had this weird thing about how he only wanted a certain type of hanger for his clothes. If anyone else used this type of hanger, he’d get annoyed and be in a mood for days.

Over hangers. Of course, as soon as they were married, he didn’t do laundry again, but everyone was expected to save HIS hangers for HIS laundry.

So, after I married off and my brother graduated high school, my mom decided to leave him. My brother was working for Bob’s family manufacturing business at the time. (Bob had refused to work there until after being fired from the fast-food chain, and only was a supervisor for lower-level employees like the cleaning crew.) When my mother decided to leave, she asked my brother to help her move.

He agreed and cleared the time off. She decided it was in her best interest to not tell Bob she was leaving until it was done. He wasn’t blindsided, he knew she was going to do it, but she didn’t want him to ‘help’ with it because he is a massive control freak.

My brother secured the time off and all was well. Somehow, Bob found out why he wanted the time off.

The NIGHT BEFORE she’s set to move out, he tells my brother that he didn’t approve the time off and if he wasn’t at work the next morning, he was fired. Then he told her that if she wanted to move out so bad, she could do it alone. My brother had bills of his own and had to choose. So my mom called me that night in tears and I told her to tell my brother to go to work.

My husband and I were able to find professional movers and hire them for the same day at like 6 am. We got so lucky. Plus, she had been buying furniture and things for a bit, so half of her stuff was at my place anyway, so the movers picked up her stuff then we went over to Bob’s place to get her and the rest of her stuff.

The only thing my mom really was taking besides personal items was her clothes. She even left the furniture she came into the marriage with. But she hadn’t packed her closet clothes because she was working in a professional setting and needed them. I told her to go deal with the movers and I’d finish up packing her clothes.

Here’s the petty revenge… I swapped EVERY SINGLE ONE of Bob’s hangers.

I even went into the coat closet and took the ones there, and the laundry room where the unused ones were kept. I left all of my mom’s ‘regular’ plastic hangers, so he wasn’t left with anything. I even hung up his clothes, all on the ‘bad’ hangers. Because my mom literally left with her personal items and the clothes on her back, he didn’t have a leg to stand on. Any person he tried to rant to about the hangers shut him down immediately, which angered him to no end because he HATES being told he’s wrong or not having his butt kissed.”

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5. Texting Inside The Cinema? I Kick Your Seat


“Today my friends and I made plans to watch Eternals this afternoon. The movie starts and we’re watching peacefully. Then this bald man in front of me starts texting with his phone brightness up to the MAX. Like his screen was brighter than the movie screen. At first, I inclined my head to the right so that my eyes weren’t blinded and I wasn’t distracted but my head got sore being bent like that and also he lifted his phone more so I couldn’t angle my head to avoid the brightness of it all.

He texted on and off 3 times and I was really getting annoyed so when I sat up from my seat (I was slouching so I could avoid the brightness of his phone), I kicked his seat. He turned around to look at me and I stared him down. He didn’t say anything when he turned to the screen again but he didn’t pull out his phone for the rest of the movie.”

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4. Accuse Me Of Not Helping? I'll Tell You To The Teacher


“When I was in my final year of middle school, I had to do a group project. The problem is, the teacher selects the groups. I was with 2 other people, and we met up after school in a nearby cafe. We agreed that I would do 2 of the 4 parts and they would do the remaining. (By the way, the scoring system is 30% your part and 70% everyone’s part)

1 week later, we said to meet up at the park, and neither of them showed up because they were ‘busy’.I went to one’s house and guess what? He was playing video games.

I was so mad that I stormed back home.

They didn’t do their work at all. I hurried them and they said I was ‘annoying’ and ‘disrespectful’.

4 days before submission, I asked my teacher what will happen if they don’t do any work, and he said that we will all probably fail. So me with my big brain, did all their work horribly by myself and pretended it was theirs.

On the day of submission, the 2 dudes went to the teacher and said that I didn’t do anything, and they did all the work. The teacher instantly knew that it was a fake claim since only I had gone to ask him questions.

I barely passed, and they both failed horribly.”

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3. Be Insensitive About Getting Water? Here Are Cups Of Ice


“At my work, we offer free cups of water to anyone, even if they’re not a paying customer. They just have to be a small cup. This is for two reasons; large cups are significantly most expensive with stock loss, and the water dispenser is manual and slow. If we fill up the large cup, we’re literally standing there for a minute or so pushing a button.

This is really annoying and impacts service time.

So my co-worker serves a customer who asks for three large glasses of water. Because she’s new, she puts them through. I make three small glasses of water and let her know as I’m passing, that we only do small waters. When I go to hand the customer the waters, he starts kicking up a fuss, that he ‘always gets large waters from here’, etc.

Naturally, we are in the middle of a lunch rush and he’s throwing a tantrum in the pick-up area so my manager just rolls her eyes and tells me to get the larges. Okay.

I go back to the drinks station and fill three large cups completely to the brim with ice. Then I top them up with the water from the three small cups. He actually got less liquid in the large cups overall but hey it’s all water. Some’s just a bit more solid than the rest.”

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2. Mistreat Your Employees? We'll Destroy Your Livelihood


“For the last 2 and a half years I’ve handled personal injury claims for an attorney. He is a solo practitioner meaning he is the only attorney at the firm, there is no HR, just me and two other paralegals and a bookkeeper. The other paralegals do workers’ comp and have no experience with or knowledge of personal injury cases. I was trained by the person I replaced before they officially left, so now I am the only one there who knows how to do my job.

I am also the only one who has been able to work weekends, which he needs in order to work on big projects. I am also the only one who is a certified Notary Public. The attorney is in his mid to late 60s and refuses to adapt to technology. He CANNOT type. Not on a keyboard. Not on a phone. Once when I was absent he tried to get into my computer…

he called me because he claimed my keyboard was missing the N key. I explained where N is and he found out, but ultimately couldn’t unlock my computer because he does not comprehend how Shift works.

Every document, every email, every letter that has ever been sent from his office was typed by someone else. He does not have his own email account, not even a personal account.

When he gives people an email, it seems like it is his email with his name, but a paralegal is behind the account and acts like him when replying to emails.

The first time I knew something was wrong was after I sent an email that was misinterpreted by the recipient, so they thought we would be paying a client’s debt out of their settlement, even though we hadn’t determined that yet.

I didn’t say that to the creditor, I was trying to ask for a breakdown of the charges, but the way I worded it was too vague and it was my mistake. But it was so blown out of proportion. He called me and my coworkers into his office, literally only so they could be an audience to me getting yelled at, as a humiliation tactic.

He accused me of trying to usurp him, and that I was trying to take over as attorney. He then asked my coworkers one by one, ‘Would you have done this?’ and they all responded, ‘No, of course not, never.’ I thought him calling in my coworkers for this was so disgusting. At that moment I knew this was no good and I had to get out of there, but I could not leave because I needed his recommendation for law school.

One thing he hates is missed time. I was going through all my paystubs for 2021 for a background check company for my new job and found that I only missed a total of 6 DAYS. We are allowed time off on paper, in our employment contract, but he throws a huge fit and in practice, we really are not allowed to miss work for any reason.

I had to undergo surgery last year. I found out I had to miss 4 days of work because I got exposed to a sick colleague, then self-isolated until the procedure, and then I was required to rest on the 4th day, though it was highly recommended by my doctor to rest for longer. The Attorney said this was too long to go without working, and made me come back two days after my surgery.

When I came back that day, he called me into his office and told me I was not allowed to miss any more work, for any reason, or I would then be fired. I had a post-op visit with my doctor for him to check that the surgery was a success. I was told if I went to this appointment I would lose my job. So I never went to the appointment.

Also last year, my grandma passed away. I was allowed only half a day off, only to attend the wake. The funeral was on a Sunday, which is when I usually work with him. So he had me come in that Saturday instead, the day before the funeral. All my family from all over the country had come up and they were all getting together that day but I missed it.

When I was there Saturday he told me that I needed to come in briefly the next day to notarize something. The time he provided was right in the middle of the funeral. I said no, reminded him about the funeral. He said I at least had to be available by phone at that time to do the notarization remotely. I refused.

Another paralegal last year requested Christmas Eve off following the proper method outlined in the personnel policy — more than 30 days beforehand, she asked everyone else if we would be available, we all agreed we would be, she marked everyone’s calendars and left a note for the attorney.

When she returned the next day, he had responded by leaving a Post-It note on her desk with ‘NO’ written on it. He then created a new rule that all employees were required to work Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Earlier this year there was a terrible snowstorm. The office closed that day luckily. In my neighborhood, we all park on the street, and during snowstorms, cars need to be removed from the street for plows.

My landlord told me to park in this church parking lot with the rest of the neighborhood. I parked there, and the very next day, the parking lot had not been plowed when it was time to go to work. There was FEET of snow, even if my car was cleared, I wouldn’t be able to move it through. I called the attorney, and he said I clearly don’t care about this job, I’m taking advantage of him, and if I don’t come in, that is unacceptable, and I’d be fired.

He directed me to take an Uber. I checked the Uber app and waited for over an hour, no not one Uber was available the entire time. I live in a remote area. I called the attorney again and he decided to come to pick me up and bring me to work himself, but then had me find my own ride home.

There was another snowstorm the next month.

I was staying at my significant other’s and his driveway was on a small incline. I could not get my car up the driveway in the snow. I tried for so long, all different directions and angles and speeds, and it could not go. The attorney gave me the same exact speech again, and accused me of lying and taking advantage of him, and said all my coworkers got in perfectly fine.

Once the driveway was plowed I was able to come into work. I was 2-3 hours late. He called me into his office and said I’m on probation, forbidden from using personal time, the 2-3 hours would be taken out of my paycheck. He also told me I shouldn’t stay at my significant other’s house on a work night.

At this time, I had received my letter of recommendation from him, gotten into a great law school, and had been looking for new jobs and doing online interviews during my lunch.

Around March, he notified us that he canceled our pension plan, and we were all getting payouts. Mine was a significant amount that I desperately needed to repay a personal loan. He said the payout would be in September. He told me that if I quit or got fired, taxes would be taken out, and I would get less than half that amount. But if I stayed, he was using some sort of tax loophole, and I’d get the full payout amount.

So I stayed hoping to leave in September.

The personnel policy contains the typical rule that if a federal holiday were to fall on a weekend, the closest weekday would be off. This year, the Fourth of July was to be on a Sunday, so we would get the Monday off. Weeks before this, the attorney passed around an amendment to the personnel policy where this rule was discarded, so we had to come in on Monday, which was technically the legal celebration of the Fourth of July.

Another paralegal still had her full week of vacation time at the end of her cycle and it was going to expire, she was trying to use it all up before that would happen. She took off a Monday and a Thursday for one week. When she returned, the attorney announced a new rule that we cannot take off multiple days per week. She had a half-day remaining of her vacation time eventually and left early one day.

Of course with the 30 days’ notice and everything mentioned beforehand. When she came back, he announced a new rule that we cannot take half days, we either had to take a full day off or be there all day.

Other things he did…

He ripped a pen out of my hand to get my attention when I was trying to talk to a client on the phone

He came into my office wanting to give me a packet of papers, and instead of handing them to me, threw them on the floor for me to retrieve and collect

At the beginning of a Zoom deposition, the court reporter said she was never sent the Exhibits by me.

I assured the attorney I did send them to her. He did not believe me and directed me to sit in front of the camera, in view of the attorneys, clients, and reporter, apologize and figure out a remedy. I started to do this, and then the court reporter said ‘Oh! Never mind! Found your email!’

A motion was filed in one of our cases and he didn’t know what it meant, so he had me go to websites for other law firms and anonymously ask what to do in their free chat options

He had paralegals drive him to every hearing because he did not want to pay for parking in the city, and did not want to park any of his Porsches on a public street.

He also had paralegals drive him to personal appointments, bring him through the Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through, and pick him up and drop him off at the car wash EVERY WEEK. No one was ever reimbursed for this

When he pulls up to the office, he idles in the road, wordlessly brings in a bag of Dunkin Donuts and a tea to the lobby, and then gets back in the car to find a parking space in the lot.

This is an unspoken signal for the paralegal closest to the front of the office to go out, get his food and tea, and put them on his desk. He does not carry anything else into the office

He required me to perform personal notarizations for him for free. I performed over 100 notarizations for his family members for free. And he never asked me, only demanded it of me

He called me ‘good girl’ whenever I succeeded at something, and has touched my shoulders and legs

Whenever he wants to cancel something at the very last second, he lies and claims his son is back in the hospital (his son almost died in 2019 and was hospitalized for 4-5 months, and was in a coma.

He made a full recovery in early 2020).

I got sick for the first time this year in July. A really terrible cold. I was noticeably sick at the office. The next day I felt much worse and called out. My boss texted back in response, ‘No surprise.’

I finally started law school. Beforehand, he was so excited for me. He wrote a glowing recommendation. But there was a mandatory orientation over a period of two days, and I had to leave hours early in order to attend this.

I got the email about this from school only about 3 weeks before the events. Less than 30 days. I told the attorney on that same day, and he said it would be okay. But after I went to orientation, the following workday, he said I was back on probation because I provided less than 30 days’ notice. I was once again forbidden from using personal time.

I told him I earned personal time. He said I could not get paid for not being there, that cost him. I said that was the purpose of personal time.

There were other mandatory events for school that took place between the day classes ending and night classes beginning (since both divisions had to attend). I missed every single one of them. I missed my mandatory meeting with my academic advisor.

I missed mandatory academic success sessions. The attorney told me that he was the most flexible employer out there, that other law firms would be harsher, and less forgiving. I thought about how all my classmates worked full-time in the legal field and were able to attend all the mandatory sessions.

I decided to schedule a meeting with my school’s director for the center for career development.

I specifically wanted to ask about his claim that other law firms would be far less accommodating to me wanting to go to school. Let me tell you… this woman was SHOCKED and HORRIFIED at what I told her. She MUTED HERSELF to yell and swear. She told me to line up a new job, quit with NO NOTICE, and threaten to call the police if he harassed or threatened me afterward.

I stated that I was concerned about my clients. I completely handle the personal injury cases by myself. The attorney doesn’t know what’s going on with the cases, what to do on the cases, or how to do anything for them. He does workers’ comp and I do his personal injury cases all myself. I didn’t want the clients to suffer because of me. The director responded that it would absolutely not be on me, it would be completely on him for committing MALPRACTICE.

So I started applying to new jobs. It was now October and we never got those payouts. I talked to the bookkeeper and she revealed that this entire time, taxes were going to be taken out of it, whether we stayed, whether we quit, whether we got fired, we would be receiving the same amount.

So I lined up a new job. A perfect job, working from home, flexible hours, the nicest boss and coworkers of all time, double the pay, and tons of more benefits.

I planned on lining them up perfectly, quitting the day before starting my new job, but there was an intervening incident in the meantime…

One day, the attorney was dictating something to another paralegal, the one who mainly answers the phone. When this happens, the other paralegal and I have to be sure to answer the phone, so that she does not have to stop typing and interrupt the attorney’s train of thought.

They had been dictating for over an hour when I decided to go to the bathroom. When I came out about two minutes later, the phone was ringing, and I saw that the other paralegal was already on the other line. We are not allowed to let the phone ring more than twice, so the paralegal who was typing with the attorney answered the second call before I could get to my desk.

The attorney instantly starts screaming and bursts into my office. ‘YOU NEED TO ANSWER THE PHONE–‘ he started. I said, ‘I was just in the bathroom.’ He said, ‘I don’t care, you need to be here to answer the phone so that she doesn’t have to stop typing, you should have held off until we were done.’ They then proceeded to type for another hour straight.

In the meantime, I made a list of every case I had and what needed to be done on it. I made a list of every upcoming court appointment. I made a list of every upcoming deadline. I grabbed my folder of all the upcoming deposition notices and the upcoming interrogatory deadlines. I wrote a letter of resignation. I called my landlord and told him I was going to quit an abusive job before I start a new job, and this would result in December rent being a few weeks late.

He was very understanding and said it was not a problem if I paid rent late.

I walked into his office with my resignation letter and the packet of materials. ‘I’m gonna need you to drive me down to the workers’ compensation office now and hand-deliver this for me,’ he told me. ‘Actually,’ I said, ‘I am resigning.’ I handed him the packet and he read my short letter of resignation which only said I was resigning my position effective immediately.

He immediately said he was sorry for how he spoke to me earlier, he was just stressed. He asked if I would finish the day (it was about 2 PM) and I said no, I was leaving now. He said Okay and then asked me to do one more personal notarization for him before I go.

Here’s what’s gonna happen now. He’s gonna lose every single personal injury case.

I am the only one who knows what to do for those cases. I had seen another paralegal there attempt to write a Complaint before (first document in a civil case) and it was completely wrong and made no sense.

No one else knows how to even access the online case system on the state’s judicial website. So no one will know if anything gets filed, no one will know when the Court rules on anything or creates a new deadline, or schedules a hearing.

The public can access these cases too so I just looked up some and saw that they haven’t filed a single document on these cases since I quit, and certain deadlines have already been violated.

No one including the attorney knows how to mark a motion for the short calendar, so if they ever manage to file any motion, it will never get scheduled, and never get ruled on.

Important depositions are coming up, and no one will know how to prepare for them. No one will know what questions to ask. No one will know enough of what’s going on in the case to prepare good enough questions. No one else knows the history of the case.

Deposition questions are always worked on on the weekends, but since I am the only one who was able to work weekends, and the other paralegals have other responsibilities, they won’t be able to get done at all.

Interrogatory deadlines are coming up too, which means they will need a Notary Public to have the client swear to the truthfulness of their responses. But no one in that office is a Notary now. How are they going to get that done?

Every time a workers’ comp case faces a final settlement, which is a few times per month, I notarized all the required documents. How are they going to do that now?

Every deadline is going to be missed.

The deadline for a Scheduling Order is coming up on a case (it’s a document where you and the other side set all the other deadlines in the case) and no one will know how to fill that out. No one will know how each deadline is supposed to relate to each other, which one comes first, which deadline is supposed to come exactly 3 months after another deadline.

The attorney does not know this either.

Interrogatories will not get done. When I first started working on those they took me months to work on. No one will even know that there are different interrogatory forms for different types of cases.

They’re gonna get Motions for Order and Motions for Default filed against them in every case (very bad documents to get filed against you).

Clients are gonna be calling, and the paralegals will not even know what to say since they only handle workers’ comp, and the attorney will have no answers either since he doesn’t know how the cases work either.

So he’ll ignore the calls. And hopefully, all the clients will take their business elsewhere.

The only way they can possibly recover is by hiring someone with exact experience with these types of cases in this same jurisdiction, who is also a Notary, and who also is available weekends, who is willing to work rigid hours with little benefits, and with terrible pay. Apparently, before I was hired they were looking for months.

That was before 2020 and workers are much more demanding now, and are so much less willing to accept bad jobs. I also noticed they haven’t even had time to post a job ad yet. I was very naïve when I started working there and had the type of mental attitude and lack of self-respect that left me very susceptible to abuse. I believe any normal self-respecting person who may come in for an interview would feel bad vibes, they could tell by the way he talks and acts. I am able to pick up on things like that now.”

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Posiden1212 5 months ago
Isn't half the stuff he did illegal?
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1. Cut Us Off? We'll Slow You Down


“Last night, while exiting the store, a lady (boomer age) kept trying to cut off me and my partner as we were walking. I thought we were going at a normal pace, but if she was really in a rush she could have sped walked in front or walked around us. Instead, she just hovered at the same pace as us and gave my partner the death glare for, I’m assuming, us not stopping completely to let her around. It was small and petty to slow down as it became impossible for her to go get around us but that’s what you get for your weird entitlement, learn some patience!”

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