People Open Up About Their Delightful Tales Of Revenge

Revenge is entertaining. It's what all good stories are made of. It's the backbone of classic books, the drama in soap operas, the glue in everyday life! While you might not always want to live it, it sure can be delightful to watch or unfold in a tale! Some are funny, others grim. Some can be charming, and others clever. Whichever way you like your revenge served, here are plenty of delightful tales to tickle and entice!

33. Got My Revenge On A Guy Who Knocked Books Out Of My Hand In 7th Grade After Graduation


“My dad was an unkind father and husband. It was terrible to watch him and my mom fight. So I ran into the middle while he was berating her. I was about 9 and a pretty small kid. He stopped as if totally surprised that I would do this.

He backed off and they were divorced later that year. I was a quiet kid but developed a sense of protecting my friends and family.

I have hated bullies my whole life and I hold grudges. I was tough enough for a little guy but always outmatched by much bigger guys.

When I was in 6-7th grade I tore a ligament (partial) in my knee and spent 6 months in a cast. It was horrible getting around a school on crutches.

One day I was waiting in line to speak with my teacher and the boy behind me, also waiting, knocked the books out of my hand.

While I picked them up hopping around, he spoke with the teacher and laughed at me as he walked out of the room. I told him that one day he would regret doing that. I spent the next 5 years with this guy and he would always make smart remarks.

I guess he felt free to do this because he was bigger and older.

I went through high school with him and he was just such a jerk. A few of my friends knew the story and would tell me to let it go but that’s not in my nature.

And this guy was pushing other kids around. Well, a year after graduating I saw him out and about and he was berating a waitress for what I have no idea. Maybe out of his sense of entitlement, he (his parents) was wealthy.

The waitress was crying in the back corner and it made me see red. As I was leaving the place, I noticed him across the street heading to another spot. We were heading in the same direction so I ran across the street and I was telling my buddies how much I hated this guy.

Finally, I made my move across the street, I told my friends to stay away in case he thought a large group of guys was coming for him. It is a very busy street but cars don’t move fast because of all the people.

He was getting to his car when I caught him and asked him if he remembered me. He says no but he knew. So I held my arm back and punched him straight in the face. He went down hard on his car.

I said to him ‘that’s for knocking the books out of my hands in 7th grade!’ As I turned around there was a huge bus stopped and everyone was looking out the window. I hadn’t noticed it but they saw and heard the whole thing and they were laughing and cheering.

I know it was an immature thing to do but I was an immature guy. I felt a sense of imbalance and this was what I needed to do.

I walked back across the street to my buddies and went on with my night.

This is a story all of my friends told for at least 10 years. I never felt bad about it and haven’t seen the guy since. It was liberating.

What I have learned is that people get away with a lot of things like berating a waitress or picking on smaller kids.

And they do it because there have been no repercussions so why stop? If you know the feeling of being punched or beaten up it reminds you to act appropriately or it can happen again. I understand if you feel like I was in the wrong but I do not regret it today. The guy was a jerk and now maybe will think twice about treating someone terribly.”

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masa 3 years ago
i think you did the right thing, i hate bullies and entitled people, probably those two are interchangeable.
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32. Left The Job Where I Was Undervalued Then Got Hired As A Manager At My Next Company


“After working at one place for 5 years, and being denied a promotion for the last 3 (meanwhile watching everybody else get promoted around me, including kids half my age), after being told repeatedly by my manager that I was too slow, too unprofessional, and MANY other things, I finally made the difficult decision to quit.

You see, I loved that company, loved my co-workers, and loved my customers. I stayed a lot longer than I should have. And I put up with a LOT more abuse than I should have! I worked my butt off, put my whole heart and soul into this job, only to be met with constant put-downs, belittling, I was even (literally) screamed at once.

She tried to hold me back in every single way she could.

When I put in my two-week notice, the manager informed me that she didn’t need me to work those last two weeks, and took me off the schedule. Then she promptly blocked me from social media and deleted me from the company’s team member app.

I worked exactly two more days for that place. I was, in the words of a friend and co-worker, ‘undervalued’.

But you know what? I left with my head held high, and a smile on my face. In fact, I left laughing. Why? Because I went out on MY terms.

And, because the very first place I applied to hired me as a MANAGER, the very position my spiteful, petty, immature boss of a manager had been denying me for the past 3 years.

My sweet revenge? Hearing from a friend who still worked there, that the store owner, after hearing about my new job, raised his eyebrows and said, ‘She’s a manager now??’


I am. You all thought I couldn’t do it. You thought you hurt me, cutting off my last two weeks. You thought you’d break me, by constantly putting me down and telling me I wasn’t good enough. But guess what? I am. And I rose out of the ashes stronger and better than ever before.

Meanwhile, you’re still the same small, mean person, that literally no one who works for you likes.

They tried to tell me I couldn’t do it. But I did. They were WRONG. And now they know it. Without me even having to do or say anything! I came out the bigger person. I won, not them!

And that, for me, is the sweetest revenge of all!

It still makes me giggle!”

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liju 2 years ago
This is MY story! I wrote these words! On Quora lol. Wow. I never expected to see my own story pop up on one of Metaspoon's posts. Pretty cool.
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31. Bully Co-Worker Spent Weeks Looking For The Source Of The Smell Of Urine In Her Office


“I have had the opportunity to ply my creative skills in the art of vengeance on many occasions in my youth; however, as an adult, I felt that there were better ways to handle things. I then reminded myself that there is a season for everything, some people don’t understand anything but a dose of their own medicine.

These people lack the civility to respect other people or to act in rational ways. I had learned this on the streets long ago but hoped that I had risen into a new social structure.

I was teaching in a small rural school when the harassment started, from a coworker.

She was a support person in the building. Her child was one of my students. On my first day of school, I would always send home a small pamphlet of expectations for classwork and class behavior; it was to be signed by parents and students, then returned.

This procedure would save drama later on in the school year, when a child or parent would claim that, Johnny or Suzie ‘Didn’t know better’ or ‘Understand.’ This coworker came to me and told me that their child would not be following several of my rules in the pamphlet after school on the first day.

My first question was, ‘Why?’ I was then told the reason their child would not be following the rules, ‘They don’t like the rules.’ Like it or not, my rules stand without a valid reason why they shouldn’t. I explained to the mother, citing several examples where I would be willing to make adjustments, for valid reasons.

The mother got mad and said, ‘You’ll be sorry,’ then stormed off. I thought, ‘What is this junior high?’

The first quarter was moving along, this coworker’s child had a ‘B+’ in my class. I am suddenly called to the office for a meeting after school with my principal, the coworker, and her husband about picking on their child.

That is their claim of why their child’s grade is suffering. Wait, a ‘B+’ is a good grade. I grade with rubrics allowing students to see what area they lost their points in on assignments. These parents bring in an assignment I downgrade a section on capitalization.

This is the same mistake that this child has repeatedly made the same error, has been spoken to about, been warned to make the corrections, and chooses not to fix the capitalization issue. I explain that their child told me, they were not going to correct their capitalization.

These parents wanted me to let their child have a pass on capitalization. I told them I couldn’t do that because of state guidelines. The coworker, mom, changed subjects, digressing into a rant about having the children write journal entries every day. The meeting spirals on both parents are calling me names, my principal does nothing about it; I walk out of the meeting.

They didn’t want to help their child’s education. They just wanted to be able to bully an ‘A’ out of me. The coworker pulled her child from my class, hiring a private teacher for her child.

I would think that would be the end of this nightmare parent, nope.

She programmed spyware on my computer, leaking all of my confidential student files. This coworker then began a phone campaign in the community to get me fired, telling everyone I leaked confidential student information. She physically shoved me from behind in the hall one day, when my hands were full, then laughed.

If that wasn’t enough she called the cops on me while I was at work, telling them I was intoxicated in front of my students. The police came and did a sobriety test in front of my students. This was the final straw of her bullying me.

I had already turned in my resignation. Not because of her nonsense, I had health reasons. I decided to have a little fun.

I had figured out months before, she was substance dependent. This was going to be to my advantage in my revenge plot against this wretch.

She was also very predictable in her schedule; she did the same routines like clockwork every day. She had an office at the back of the library. My classroom had a backdoor into the library; if the library was locked I could still get in there.

The plan for revenge was writing itself.

I have always maintained connections to people, that know people, that know…well, the idea is drawn out; one of the connections was to the one thing she wanted and needed, hard illegal substances. I didn’t want her cut off; I wanted the price raised, the dealer to act as if there was a shortage for some bogus reason.

If the dealer’s profit margin was getting affected, they wouldn’t be game but raising the price solved that problem. The idea was to keep her on edge, never satisfied, ever. Once I had that accomplished, I moved to the next step. I went to the pet shop, bought two dozen feeder crickets; released them into her office.

I sprinkled itching powder on all her books and papers; knowing she would move them looking for the little noisemakers.

I picked the thermostat lockbox in her office, then turned it up to 95 degrees. She was always wearing long sleeves to cover her track marks.

She shed her sleeves in the sweltering heat until someone could adjust her thermostat. Somehow, it kept getting turned back up to 95 degrees. The next thing I did is diabolical, but it tipped the scale for people in the community to realize, she was substance dependent.

I put ‘Buck Lure’, female concentrated deer urine, on pantyliners. Why pantyliners? Pantyliners have an absorbent side and an adhesive side both of which served my devious purpose. On the underside of her desk, I placed a liner, inside the file cabinet on the topmost underside, a liner.

I placed half a dozen liners in her office. In the final act, I painted the keyboard with a Q-tip with the deer urine.

She had looked all over, couldn’t figure out where the odor was coming from in her office. She had to get her work done in her sweaty oven of an office.

This made her fingertips moist, picking up the deer urine off the keyboard when she typed. The more she looked for the scent and the crickets, the more itching powder she came into contact with on her hands. The hotter she became, the more reactive the powder.

The more she scratched her skin, the more she spread the powder.

All of these things, had her walking around the school and town like a frazzled ball of nerves. She began walking around school with her track marks showing, itching, complaining about bugs, and compulsively smelling her fingers.

After two weeks, the whole town knew she was a strung-out mess. I just revealed to everyone, who she was under her fake facade.”

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dawo1 3 years ago
This is amazing
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30. The Principal Who Bullied Our Son Finally Got His Karma After Two Years


“It was all about our son’s middle school, some really bad, lazy, teachers, who played favorites, and the even lazier principal who protected them by lying and blaming our son (a 12-year-old!).

One teacher refused to give boys the grades they deserved and instead focused on the girls alone.

Another was so old, she kept losing our son’s work, resulting in low marks. In Mass., teachers must meet with parents at their request, by law, but these two creeps refused. Finally, someone got them to meet with us only if the principal or assistant principal was there.

The one who only liked girls refused outright, so we filed a complaint. No matter what they did, the principal kept backing them up and blaming us or our son unfairly. Finally, after they canceled a few meetings or just didn’t show up, my husband resorted to storming into the principal’s office, even interrupting his meetings.

He’s not a violent guy but very tall and strong-looking. When angry, his face is quite scary, so I’m guessing that’s why they listened to him and not me.

But it still didn’t result in improvement for our son. They struck back by ‘losing’ all his doctor’s notes for absences (he had a chronic bronchial condition).

The doctor was asked to re-submit the notes so many times (by us) that finally, they said they would no longer do it—that it was pointless (they were right) and suggested that we send copies by registered, return receipt mail. We did.

Then, the jerks put our son on the truant list and we had to go before the District Attorney! When we presented our evidence, he was so disgusted that he chewed out the assistant principal (the principal didn’t even show), threw him out, and threatened to fine him.

He took our son’s name off the list.

I filed a formal complaint against the principal with the state Department of Education. They called and asked a few questions, then said they would investigate. I also got the same notice in writing.

We were getting desperate and luckily, a new charter school was about to open.

The admittance was by lottery and after attending an info session, we signed our son up. He got in and off he went, to a much better school! He also managed to get several of his friends to ditch the horrible city school and go to the charter school as well.

Someone actually called us from the Superintendent’s to complain and I told them to stuff it…that they brought this on themselves.

A couple of years went by and I got one notice from the DOE that their investigation was almost complete. I figured it would amount to nothing.

But one day I picked up the paper and on the front page was an article about angry teachers protesting the firing of the principal! He was canned a few months shy of retirement, without a pension! You can’t imagine the joy I felt! I’m not prone to Schadenfreude, but this was like a religious experience!

I laughed with amazement as I showed the article to my husband and son.

We couldn’t believe how many teachers claimed that this guy was a ‘great guy’ and ‘so dedicated’..bla-bla-blah! Dedicated to covering their butts, is the actual story.

The town buzzed for months with news of this, both for and mostly against him. I’ve never met anyone who deserved firing more than this guy. He never cared about the pain he caused our son, so why care about him?

It took over two years, but yes, revenge was so sweet!”

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sinsofazzazell 2 years ago
Love me a good revenge story at lunchtime
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29. I Became A Teacher And Proved My Family's Criticisms Wrong


“I currently am living with an extended family mostly on my father’s side. There are 4 families of us and our lives haven’t been easy. We live in a squatters area and our houses are really close to each other.

I am the eldest in our family and it’s not easy to be one.

My mother and father got married at a young age. They did not reach college so they were not able to give us a good life. And to help us with our needs, my aunt (father’s sister) financed our studies and everything.

Since we are poor, when I was a child, my parents and my aunts would put some pressure on me.

They always reminded me to study hard and not commit to relationships. I can still remember how I never enjoyed watching TV because if they see some issues about early pregnancies, they would immediately point them out to me. What a pity! I decided then to go to bed early.

It was really hard for me because I was doing well at school but it seemed I had done bad. I was innocent.

High school came and my journey wasn’t easy. I learned to be independent. I did things on my own such as homework and projects because I had no one to ask.

I had a lot of difficulties.

There are these kinds of people who would judge your future. And from my own family (especially my Father’s sister-in-law), I heard her saying that I couldn’t graduate because I would fail as a student and I would get pregnant.

I’ve heard a lot of it but I took those criticisms as my motivation. I promised myself that I would do my best in order to prove her wrong.

And that day came…

I was able to graduate with honors from our university. I already passed the examination for professional teachers.

And I am currently teaching.

I know in myself that I’m not that very successful but I think, somehow I made something that is worth their criticism. I am 21 and am still working to build my sister’s dream and I will do my best to help my 6 siblings.

Thanks to those criticisms. They made me stronger. And whoever is reading this, I hope you could surpass your journey in life.”

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anjo 2 years ago
You did well. Congratulations and keep on learning.
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28. Be Careful Who You Gossip About...They May Spread A Rumor About You


“About 30 years ago, I worked for a steel fabrication company as a production floor leadman. There was a woman working as a welder, and her husband Mike and brother-in-law also worked there. We were all friends at work but never really socialized much outside of work.

Anyway, Daphne ended up being assigned to my crew, so we worked together a lot and we got along well as friends, but never anything more than that.

Well, there was one guy working at the other end of the building who liked to spread gossip and stir up crap.

So naturally, he spread stories about me and Daphne sneaking off to the compressor room, and elsewhere for ‘quickies’. Mike heard about that, knew it was not true, and wanted to punch out the gossiper so I stopped him and said that I have an idea.

The gossiper was on his 4th wife, having some ‘self-induced’ bad luck with wives because he liked to stray. Wife #4 kept her thumb on him pretty well. She also did all the chores around the house, washed and waxed their car, and everything – at least according to her husband.

They also had a bad habit of ticking off neighbors, having been caught as peeping Toms and Tonyas. But it was clear to all who wore the pants in that family. And it was clear that they had WAY too much time on their hands.

I found out Gossiper apparently likes voluptuous women so we bought a big pair of cheap underthings.

The next day, I slipped out into the parking lot, and Gossiper’s car was unlocked. So I kept low in case anyone should look to the parking lot, and I jammed those underthings under the front seat passenger side.

Then I walked back to the shop. I almost felt guilty fearing that it could end in a divorce.

Nothing happened for a week or so, so I guess Mrs. Gossiper didn’t clean the car weekly or that he found them and tossed ’em.

Well after about a month, we noticed the Gossiper was eating his lunch with the Mrs every day. She would drive in at morning coffee, he had to go outside and sit in the car with her. She was back for lunch and he sits with her.

And for afternoon coffee. Every day for a very long time! And if he was a minute late she would scream him out. Many people wondered what was up with that but he didn’t say.

Finally, after nearly a year of this – scout’s honor, every day for a year – someone asked Gossiper if he had gotten his Mrs a Valentine card.

He said ‘No. She took me to the store to get one, I went in without her, and I guess I took too long because she came in and dragged me out, cussing me out that I was trying to be with all the girls in there.

So I couldn’t get one. Last year, someone put a pair of underthings under my seat, and now she won’t even let me eat lunch without her being there to make sure I don’t hook up with anyone. And I got no idea where those came from!’

I never expected it but that worked great! Gossiper never gossiped about anyone for quite a long time! I got high-5s from Daphne and Mike for that one. No one who knew of it thought it would work so well. Best revenge I ever ‘engineered.'”

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27. Jerk Roommate Left Me With The Bills So I Snitched His Modus Operandi To His Company


“During my college years, I grew tight with my then-roommate. He was a couple of years old than me and I did seek his advice on a few matters. To put it in a better perspective, there were 6 of us in a house and we were all students.

Both of us became close and one day, I introduced my classmate to him. They hit it off and became a couple a few weeks later. I was cool with it. That was the purpose of me introducing the girl to him anyway.

Then a few months later, I got a girl myself, and my roommate and I hung out less after that. For some reason, his girl didn’t mesh well with other housemates and my girl did. Since both our partners stay in the same house a lot of the time, I felt it would be fair to share the utilities equally among us.

I offered to pay the part of my girl and it is up to him to do what he wants. He didn’t pay for his girl and we just left it at that. As time goes, animosity grew between us and my roommate and his girl.

Habits and little things start to accumulate. Things such as them not cleaning the kitchen after cooking, extended time showering together in the shared bathroom hence hogging precious bathroom time in the morning, etc., etc. Things got worse after a while and arguments broke out and everybody made it clear that his girl needs to leave the place and help keep the place clean.

Unfortunately, I was put in a position where I had to take sides and I leaned away from my roommate and his girl. This annoyed him and we were not on good terms after that.

Funds were tight as we were all students and my roommate took a part-time job at a grocery store.

He works as a cashier and one day, he came back with all kinds of groceries and CD sets which I’m sure he can’t afford to buy. Later, we found out he got his girl to go buy all this stuff and queue on his lane and he would just pretend to scan the items.

I minded my own business and when the time comes to end the lease, my roommate decides to leave the house. Few weeks after he left, the phone bill arrived, and that butthead racked up the phone bill making international calls and the bill is under my name.

I got stuck paying for it.

With that wound on my back, I decided to call Carrefour and gave Carrefour the details of my roommate and informed them of their Modus Operandi.

Called Carrefour back a few weeks later and the manager got on the phone and told me they caught him red-handed. They thanked me and told me he managed to get his family to wire him some funds and pleaded to let him go, which, unfortunately, Carrefour did let him go and terminated his employment.”

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26. Dumped A Bowl Of Ice Cream On A Girl Who Was Gossiping About My Mom


“My family and I were on vacation two summers ago in Oregon and we were all shopping at the mall because we wanted to look for more clothes to take to the beach. My dad and little brother went to the other side of the mall to look for some swimming shorts for my brother, while my mom, my sister, and I were still shopping for clothes.

After we were done, we decided to get ice cream for ourselves and my dad and brother before we leave.

When we walked into the shop, we all waited for the employees to get my mom’s coffee ready while I and my sister were already eating our ice cream but as we were waiting, we saw this group of girls, who looked like freshmen, sitting by a table next to us and at first we didn’t pay any attention to them until they started looking at my mom.

I saw them giggling and gossiping for whatever immature reason and I knew immediately they were trash-talking my mom when she wasn’t looking. And for a background check, I was going into 8th grade at the time and I can usually hold my anger in because I had been bullied all through preschool to middle school, so literally, nothing you say can faze me anymore.

BUT…. If you say anything about the people I care about, you better believe I won’t let that slide. And it’s the fact that these girls had the AUDACITY to trash talk someone they didn’t even KNOW. That’s my mom!!!

So out of impulse, I watched my mom and sister walk out of the shop as I told them I’ll catch up with them because I wanted to buy a donut with my money.

When they left, I grabbed my mint chocolate chip ice cream bowl and I sat criss-cross on top of their table. They all gave me dirty looks but I didn’t care.

As I took one last taste of my ice cream, I said. ‘Mhmm! Don’t you just love ice cream? I mean, of course, you do, otherwise, you guys wouldn’t be here.

Did you know that 60 percent of the world eats ice cream after a breakup? Apparently, it helps your brain cope and it sort of helps you gain your sanity back! Maybe it will help you!’

One of the girls sitting there had a confused and disgusted look on her face before I grabbed my ice cream, dumped it on her head, and RANNNNN!

I ran out of that store quicker than the blink of an eye because I can’t take on a fight of 6 v 1 and I quickly ran around the mall to my mom’s car.

Just even hearing her scream because of what she just got put a smile on my face. Most might say that I was being dramatic and mean but there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for the people I care about. Especially my mom. She got what she deserved and hopefully, they will all learn their lesson.

I got back into the car and told my mom they had run out of donuts and that I ate my ice cream along the way.

I regret nothing out of that experience other than the waste of ice cream, it was my favorite.”

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CCR123 2 years ago
I would have punched her in the face.
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25. Boss Who Fired Me Years Ago Became A Worker Under My Supervision, So I Fired Him Then


“Way back in 1974 I was drilling morning tour on Parker Drilling Company’s Rig 86. We got a new relief Toolpusher and he was a doorknob. He professed himself to be a born-again Christian and informed me he was offended by the way my crew talked to him.

I told him if he had anything to say to my crew to come to me and I would tell them. Two days later he fired me and my crew. The day before being fired I bought a brand new crew car. I later learned that he had been planning to run me off for a month and was only waiting for an old friend of his to become available.

Fast forward to 1984 (10 years later). I am now a Drilling Superintendent for Exxon Co. USA. We are now two years into Reaganism and the oilfield is dying a slow death. The number of active drilling rigs has plunged. In Oklahoma, the count has dropped from over seven hundred rigs to under seventy.

Because of the slowdown, I am without a permanent assignment and my Operations Superintendent has me working vacation relief. So for my upcoming work week, I am being sent up to western Oklahoma on a deep gas well. The contractor drilling the well is Parker Drilling Company.

Guess who the Parker Tool Pusher is. You probably guessed right.

I was relieving my brother, an Exxon Senior Superintendent. Knowing me as he did, he’d made up a list of all the infractions that the Rig was out of contract compliance with. These are kinds of things for which you can shut down the drilling operations (taking the Rig off the payroll) until the infraction is brought into compliance.

It was a long list.

So Nemesis was now in my grip and like Ahab, I was determined to do him in. My brother was barely out of sight when I called out on the intercom for the Toolpusher. “Wadda you want” came a surly reply.

“Who’s speaking”? I asked.

“This is the Driller.”

“I asked for the Toolpusher.”

“He’s up here in the doghouse.”

“Can he hear me?”


“Good………… Tooly I want to talk to you so you need to come to my office and it would behoove you to be most pronto.” As I expected he took his time before entering my office.

“You wanted me?”

“Not exactly. As a Matter of fact, I don’t want you. I want you off this location. I’ve already talked to your supervisor and he said to tell you to be sure to bring all your personal belongings with you.”

Two weeks later I had the added satisfaction of running him off another Exxon location in West Virginia.

The wheels of retribution grind slow…………but they grind fine.”

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24. My Wife Broke The News About Our Bully Neighbor's Wife Having An Affair With His Brother


“We were living in the projects and the father in the family, Jerry, at the end of our unit was a heavy drinker and a bully. Jerry would bully everyone at any chance he got. The guy had arms like telephone poles so I sure couldn’t stand up against him so I had to find little ways to get even with him.

Their bedroom was on the first floor and in the summertime, they would leave their windows open with a fan in the window drawing air in. My father had a sporting goods store so one day I purchased two bottles of skunk scent.

I waited until one day when they weren’t home and I sprayed both bottles of skunk scent directly into the fan that was drawing air into their bedroom.

I worked late at night at the time and I didn’t get home until around 3:00 a.m.

One night after arriving home, I poured 5 gallons of water into Jerry’s gas tank.

One night after dark I found out that Jerry was passed out wasted up in the field. I put my steel-toe work boots on and a hooded sweatshirt. I quietly snuck up on Jerry and kicked him in the face as hard as I could with those steel-toe boots.

I ran in a different direction from my home and visited a friend for a couple of hours before going home.

The best revenge was from my wife.

Every morning after Jerry would leave for work, Jerry’s brother would arrive at the house and with the bedroom being on the first floor and the windows open, you could clearly hear Jerry’s brother hooking up with Jerry’s wife.

Jerry’s son was constantly bullying my son on the way to school so my wife went over to complain to Jerry and his wife. Jerry’s wife answered the main door but had the storm door locked and was talking to my wife through the door.

I don’t know how the conversation started but Jerry’s wife called my wife a tart. My wife loudly said, ‘You of all people have the nerve to call me a tart? YOU, the tart that we can hear hooking up with your husband’s brother every morning after your husband leaves for work?’

All heck broke loose right then and there.

It was not only vocal, you could hear furniture flying. To make it worse, about 10 minutes later Jerry’s brother came to visit. Before he could even make it in the house, the two were fist fighting out on the sidewalk. My wife immediately called the police and both were arrested.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
Did things get better for your kid though?
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23. Stealing Neighbors Got A Heavier Sentence Than Burglary


“I was building my house and the next-door neighbor was a little weird, couldn’t place it at first but I was on the roof having a smoke and she came out of the house, wandered around the backyard for a little bit, and squatted and peed.

That was strange but whatever, then her partner moved in with a friend into her studio apartment. They were losers and never worked but okay. Heard them one time fighting over who had the hard illegal substances… that was a bad sign. One day I came home from work and there was blood all over my back wall and my dog was jumping around like a nut.

About $1,000 dollars in tools were missing. I called the cops, figured out my dog got them in the middle of the burglary and we followed the blood to their door, nothing the cops could do though, but they were livid! As was the building department that I was pretty tight with by this point.

A couple of nights later their window was open and I overheard the guy making plans to pick up illegal substances when his girl got home from work. I figured out when they would be coming back and called the already angry cops, squad cars were parked on each end of the block and nailed them.

She bonded out, he was stuck so I listened for the next time his buddy and she went to pick up the substances. BAM, they got them again! She bonded out again and came home to the building department and her landlord doing an inspection since there were three people living there.

She got thrown out, the guys were in jail (her mom was posting her bail). I got a call to watch the trials from the police department’s CCTV system, she got 3 years and they got 7 years. I never got my tools back, but watching them go to prison and get longer sentences than a burglary was pretty sweet.”

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22. Ratted Out College Students Who Were Lying About Living In Dorms


“I lived in off-campus apartments for about 3 years during/after undergrad and I landed an awesome 2nd floor of an old house, with lots of windows, high ceilings, a huge bedroom with a bay window, and OFF STREET parking. The neighbors that lived downstairs from me were college freshmen who were excited to have a party house.

They had lied to the university, saying they lived with their parents 45 minutes away, so they could opt out of student housing. They chose to live in an area that was quiet and mostly grad students or townies. When they partied, they were the only ones at that noise level/obnoxiousness.

The boys got really intoxicated and liked to throw empty bottles at my Jeep. They mowed the lawn with a leaf whacker. They broke into my apartment for food. One quiet Sunday morning I heard the guy yelling at the girl and she was crying.

Their dog had stopped barking too which made me fear he had gotten serious. I called the cops and by the time they got there, he had smashed her computer and left. I could hear through the floor, the police knocking and asking if she was ok.

She said yes and they left. She started sobbing.

After that, she was a lot nicer to me but I actually started to feel unsafe. I told them to cut it out, the loud music and everything, and they laughed. I found out that the couple on the lease was actually engaged and that she worked for the university as a parking lot enforcer (writing tickets).

I finally reported her to the university for lying about residency. They asked if I’d be willing to testify and I hesitated but said yes. They had a trial or something since they all had lied in Federal documents, and she had lied as an employee too.

They were able to keep the apartment but they had to pay all the funds they would’ve paid for living in the dorms for the year as well. Things got a lot quieter after that. I guess they didn’t have funds to spare anymore for drinks!

My landlord was one of my professors and he knew they were freshmen and he rented to them anyways.

When he started funny business with me because I wanted the toilet to stop overflowing when I took a shower and vice versa, I said, ‘Hey I wonder what the university would think if they knew you rented out to freshmen who were supposed to be living in the dorms, and that in your leases it specifies this rule AND you have the student say which year they are.’ The students had lied to the university but not him.”

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21. Old Neighbor Took My Parking Spot So I Turned Her Car Into An Ice Sculpture


“So back in 1998 or so I was living in an apartment complex in Lancaster, PA. I had just moved away from my Mormon family who was devastated that I wouldn’t drink any more of the Joseph Smith (Con-man) Kool-aid ™. I was enjoying living with my super immature partner who still came home and snuggled with her STUPID Talking Winnie the Pooh bear (which I later microwaved, keep that quiet, I never told her).

So she moved out. Then one day as the weather turned wintery, it started to snow pretty well. I had two cars at the time and they were around the corner of my building in the lot. As the snow got around 6″–10″deep it finally quit.

I went out and like my neighbors, I was shoveling out the spaces where the cars were.

Once they were all cleared. I put them back. By this time it was getting darker and I needed some grub. So I got in the car and went out.

I came back to see my neighbor’s car in my space. She was a middle-aged larger woman who lived on the same side as me. So I just knocked and asked if she would give me my space back. She proudly informed me that there were no assigned spaces in the lot.

So it’s first come first steal as it were.

I was able to dig out another space a few down and parked there for the night. The next afternoon my friend was up visiting. I told him what happened and he thought it was pretty crappy and then I thought to myself.

‘She really wanted that space, who am I to deny her the spot and all that it contained?’

So we decided to replace the snow that was removed and then some (pro-rated for loss from melting). We cleared out 4 other spaces and put the snow all around the car and even rammed it underneath, careful not to damage the car at all (we may be jerks but we still respect property).

I’m talking snowplow forcing it under all 4 sides (all while singing Dirty Deeds by AC/DC). The neighbors saw what we were doing and were laughing like crazy. Plus we were shoveling out their spots, so it was a community service (as Jesus would do).

We then brought out buckets of water and dumped them all over the car. It froze quite nicely. So in this parking lot, you saw a minor amount of snow in a few spaces, and this vehicular ice sculpture compacted into the white lot lines.

All witnesses swore they didn’t see a thing, which was neighborly. The next day I came out to see her and two maintenance men trying to free the car from the space. They couldn’t budge it.

I later got a call from the main office from a lovely older lady named Marsha.

She asked if I could stop in. So I grinned and walked up to see her. As I walked in smiling, she looked back with the same look and was holding back laughter, and let me know that there are no assigned spaces in the lot.

I told her that I agree and that I thought it’d be selfish of me to keep the snow that was in it to myself, so I simply put it back. She also told me that I was being accused of breaking her car antenna.

It was broken for as long as I could remember, it was an old 80’s Dodge/Chrysler New Yorker/Dynasty. So she didn’t pursue it.

When the car was finally removed 2 days later, the shape of the undercarriage was imprinted in the ice it was sitting on. It was all the way under. So essentially, we put the car on an ice shelf when ramming snow underneath.

She didn’t take my space anymore (come to think of it, no one did). We didn’t talk either. So, two problems solved.”

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20. Watched The Guy Who Stole My Parking Space Argue With His Wife While I Ate My Lunch


“This was back in the ’80s and I was going to pay a utility bill. As I pulled up to back into parallel parking along the curb a car nosed into the space behind me. So I just got beat out of a space but in B.C.

if I now back into him it is actually his fault. So while I am thinking should I make believe I didn’t see him and use my checker plate bumper on this grill or not, the guy in the pick-up in front of the space was watching and pulled up enough for me to back in.

Now once I get into space I back up as far as I can as to not block the good Samaritan in front of me and leave as little room as possible for the Butthat behind me. Thanking the guy in front I head for the store to pay my utility bills while Mr.

Butthat’s significant other exits the car and heads to another store up the street. After paying the bills I walk back to my truck, but stop at Butthat’s car window and ask if he didn’t notice that I was backing into the space that he took.

He evidently does not want to discuss it and tells me to fudge off. Rather than argue I just say, ‘Fudge off? Okay, sure I’ll fudge off’.

There happens to be a fast-food restaurant right there and it is conveniently right around lunchtime. So having sized up the situation with him having only inches in front and in back of his vehicle I decide it’s a good time for lunch.

I grab myself some lunch and a seat near the front window, just in time to see his significant other return to the vehicle. Now we wait for showtime! As he starts to try and extricate himself from the parking space and make as little as possible progress the argument starts.

The view is great, but I really wish I could hear as well because they both seem to be getting angrier as things go on. Finally, the female who is now quite enraged gets out while screaming through the open door with him screaming back.

She storms off to where I don’t know, but opposite from whence she came. So Mr. Butthat gives it another valiant try for about ten more minutes before finally giving up and leaving in the same direction as his female counterpart.

Oh well, the show’s over I guess so I walk out to my pickup and drive off wishing I had heard the conversation and had been able to share the experience with someone.”

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19. Client Scammed Me On One Property But I Got Back At Him With Seven


“I was into reality sector working as a self-employed, finding it really hard to compete with the organized competition. No office. No backup team not even a visiting card to introduce myself to my prospective clients. Oh yeah, I got into this profession after quitting my job at a real estate office where I was working as an office assistant.

I had limited knowledge of the business which worked to my clients’ advantage.

I had a distant client well educated and well versed in real estate. Basically, he was an investor who would buy land at low prices to dispose of at appreciation. He came in contact with me through classifieds and asked me to find a prospective buyer for a property.

Being in possession of photocopies related to said property I started working on the property and it involved advertising in classifieds and websites apart from sharing the details with other brokers from the fraternity. One thing I need to mention here is that the property had documentation hassles and that made my job tougher.

After two and half years of tilling, I landed up with a confident buyer who was willing to buy said property in spite of clear titles lacking. Somehow the property changed hands and it was time that my client pay me the committed brokerage for the service rendered which was 2% of the deal.

We came out of the registration office and we went to a restaurant to fill our tummies, and I was eagerly awaiting my monetary reward for the hard work I had put in. To my utter dismay, I was paid peanuts and he backed off from his original commitment.

I could sense the ground giving away where I was standing. The brokerage amount was huge for a person like me. Oh, I was literally in tears. I placed my case and pleaded with him not to back off from his agreed payment.

Nope. He never budged. Finally, I saw him off leaving to his home town in his car.

Now comes the twist. After two weeks he rang me inquiring about my well-being. Following the niceties, for formality’s sake, he kept a proposal of reinvesting his recently earned funds.

Yes, without wasting a second I grabbed the opportunity and agreed with his intention. I was entrusted to locate properties that would fit the style of his investment.

That’s where I made a huge killing. I suggested seven properties on the outskirts of the city which would ensure mind-boggling returns for his investments.

But as far as I was concerned I had a prior arrangement with the property sellers to jack up the quotation only to take my cut later on. The sellers were more than happy to share the spoils with me. My client scammed me on one property, so I got back to him with seven. Forget the monetary benefits. My sweet revenge stood at the ratio of one to seven.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
Always get it in writing!
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18. Clerk Wanted To Keep The Scarf For Herself So I Guised Myself As A Customer Looking For The Scarf


“Years ago in the Boston area, there was a popular store called Filene’s Basement. It was famous for its extensive racks and large, square bins of clothes and accessories at extremely low prices, as well as its crowds. If you had enough time and patience, you could often get a great deal.

The original store, at Downtown Crossing in the city of Boston, closed a number of years after the following story took place.

A college friend of mine named Jenny, a female friend of hers whom I only met that day, and I had all gone to the Boston Filene’s Basement to look around.

Jenny was in search of a wedding present for still another friend of hers. I thought I would help if I could.

We found ourselves at one of the waist-level open wooden bins, this one piled high with scarves of a huge variety of colors and designs.

Nothing we found seemed to suit. Using a technique I had perfected to access newer and cleaner items at the very bottom of the pile, I grabbed a number of new, folded scarves and pulled them out to have a look to see if there was a treasure in there.

Lo and behold, the largest and most gorgeous scarf I had ever seen was in the group. I was struck speechless by its exquisite dark blue background with a rainbow of embroidered flowers and gold threads, as well as its fine quality. It felt like silk.

It was still folded neatly, as brand new items often are when they haven’t been opened, used, or worn. Unlike many scarves in the enormous and picked-over pile, this one had clearly been left untouched.

I immediately showed it to Jenny because I thought it would be a perfect fit for her friend.

She loved it and went to look for the price tag. It was so gorgeous, we were concerned that it would be too expensive, even though all the scarves in the bin were, according to the sign, only $20 each. We couldn’t believe that the scarf I had discovered was that cheap, hence the attempt to locate a price tag on the scarf.

There was no price tag. Uh oh.

This could mean that it had never had one, or it had fallen off in the riotous jostling and tossing around of the scarf pile prior to our visit. Still unfortunate. I offered to go find a staff member who could check for us.

That was when things got weird.

I found a female clerk nearby and asked if she could check for a price and give the item a tag, so we could possibly buy it.

This clerk took the scarf, examined it for less than 5 seconds, and declared, ‘No, it has no tag because it’s been lost by a customer, so I am going to take it and put it in the lost-and-found.’ She proceeded to quickly walk away with it.

What the heck???

As I mentioned earlier, it was clearly brand new and never used; it hadn’t even been unfolded ONCE before I found it buried deep at the bottom of the bin.

My only thought was, ‘Oh my God! This jerk wants it for herself!’ You must understand, the fabric of the scarf was truly a work of art.

I had never seen anything like it before, and haven’t since. However, I realized that this clerk was going to steal it under the guise of finding its ‘rightful owner’. And I got mad. Jenny was disappointed, but she was willing to let it go.

I, on the other hand, was not. I asked Jenny to wait for me, and that I would just be a second…

I proceeded to follow the clerk from a safe distance to the complete opposite side of the store. I saw her tuck the scarf into a small plastic bin on a shelf behind the cash register and leave the area, toward some offices behind the cashiers’ counter.

Furious now, I hatched my plan.

You see, if the scarf had been ‘lost’ by ‘a customer’ then why not…

…be that customer?

I waited in the long checkout line, heart rate increasing (would the clerk re-emerge and see me?), until I reached a cashier and proceeded to fabricate a short story about having lost my scarf earlier that day, describing it in sufficient detail so that when the unknowing cashier went to check the lost-and-found bin, oh my goodness! There it is! Oh, thank you SO much! And away I went, scarf safely in hand.

I was shaking.

I met up with Jenny and her friend outside the store and gave it to her, along with the story of how I got it back. She was shocked but happy. And yes, it was free.

I often wonder how the original clerk reacted when she attempted to take the scarf home for herself and found it gone…”

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shka 2 years ago
Good for you. Serves that clerk right for lying to a customer anyways.
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17. I Made An Anonymous Call To Get My Petty Neighbor's Pets Impounded


“About 25 years ago I was a first-time homeowner. I lived in an older neighborhood with wonderful neighbors. All except one. We were a young family with 1 child in kindergarten and 2 dogs. One of our dogs used to like running out the door when given the opportunity.

That one neighbor was usually outside when it would happen. She would immediately go inside her home and call the dogcatcher. Then she would come back out and scream at us until we caught our dog. The more the neighbor would scream the more excited the dog got.

The dog thought it was an exciting game of chase and the screaming was all for fun.

We would eventually get the dog on her leash and back in the house. The dogcatcher would come by and talk to us and tell us we need to keep our dog on a leash.

One day I was talking to a friend who lived in the neighborhood. I was telling her about the other neighbor and what a problem it was that she calls the dogcatcher on us. My friend mentioned that she was surprised because this other neighbor is such an animal lover.

She proceeded to tell me that she has all kinds of animals over there. In addition to cats and dogs, she also has a pig, a crow, and an opossum.

The next time my dog got out and was running around and the neighbor was screaming and making everything worse, I’d had enough.

It took me a while to get the courage to make the phone call but I did. I decided to call the department of fish and game on this neighbor. Opossums are marsupials, and you’re not allowed to keep marsupials as pets where we live.

I didn’t tell anyone at all that I had made this anonymous phone call.

Later, I heard from my friend that all of her animals were impounded. None of her animals were registered/licensed and she had more than the allowed number of cats and dogs. She had to pay fines and registration fees. I felt bad at the time. My intention was to get revenge but it went way beyond what I expected.”

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TigerLilly 2 years ago
You shouldn't feel even the least bad about this... Your actions were completely justified!
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16. Proved My Bully Relatives Wrong By Succeeding In Life


“I have had an uncle who usually mocked me with anything he could do. But the last one was the worst.

One morning, I can remember, I started helping my mom who invited some of our relatives to have lunch in our home.

Usually, the relatives started to be gathered there consecutively before lunchtime and I was busy serving them with my parents.

It was better to say firstly that I got a poor CGPA in my higher secondary examination this year. I was talking a little with them not about my problems with communication but about my shameful results, what’s going around my mind every second.

I was scared to face such typical questions as ‘What about your results? What’s your next move?’ Furthermore, I was totally exhausted from responding to these types of questions.

I faced it for which I was exactly scared. My uncle, one of our guests there, I mentioned in the first paragraph, asked me superciliously about my CGPA (Actually he had known about it before he asked me), I can’t even imagine that past how ridiculous and silly it was to be standing in front of 22 eyes like a criminal and replying to some common questions of what I had been doing with huge unwillingness.

I was accounting like I had done something terrible to them. Every second, confronting his questions, I found myself just going down to the ground.

He has a son who is the same age as me, got an outstanding CGPA on the same exam I screwed up, was comparing me continuously in every aspect he could.

He almost shared his predictions about my next moves and where they were going to take place in front of these relatives including my parents. At that moment, I felt like weeping and rushed to the roof to take a breath. I found myself unable to breathe for a while.

Presumably, I promised myself I would prove them wrong on that day and change the way they considered my value. I remembered them and moved on.

9 months later, I was about to sit for the University Admission test which is considered still the most competitive exam in our country.

Now I can lucidly imagine, what was undone at that time? I bet you; almost nothing. I kept myself disciplined, self-oriented, humble, silent to make my naysayers’ predictions very wrong.

Eventually, I did this, I did what I dreamt to have done. I got admitted into a prestigious university.

In contrast, my uncle’s son even failed to make a passing score on that exam. I don’t know what happened to me, what changed my next moves consequently positives but one thing I still believe, I would never be where I am today without keeping trust in my Almighty Allah (God), I wouldn’t be where I am today without accepting unfavorable consequences, maybe I wouldn’t be here without the depreciation of my naysayers which worked for me as fuels.

In the end, I would like to share that I took revenge not to take any revenge. Does it sound odd? Maybe, but it is surprisingly true. I still find no time to care about them, think about their garbage predictions and judgments rather I keep myself busy with my dreams, desires and surround my soul with some interesting people with whom I always find myself unconditionally loved and inconsequentially respected.”

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Kathy3882 2 years ago
I've stood before this same mirror over the years. No matter what, they looked down their noses at me. I could never be good enough. Always a disappointment, while others around me sunk extremely low. I never did achieve the full potential of my dreams. Today, I'm old, sick and bitter. I'm so happy that thinks ended up better for you.
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15. Vice-President And New Manager Wanted To Ruin My Career So I Messed With Their Computer Files


“I was working for a great company and had earned a good reputation among my peers, manager, and across all departments. I liked my job.

As many companies will do, we had a buy-out followed by a change of leadership at the senior level, but I had gone through big changes before and was used to bending with the wind.

Not this time though. This time would be different.

Our new vice president was an odd one to read. He could be emotionally weak as a sick puppy one day and a pit bull the next. The change was so drastic that even his direct reports would call his administrative assistant in the morning to ask what creature he had morphed into during the night.

I think he had mental or substance abuse issues but that’s just my opinion.

The new vice president canned my boss and replaced him with a real Goober of an idiot and it didn’t take long to see why. My new boss was a ‘yes man’ and he had a new assignment.


I was never good at pretending respect and I guess it showed. I wasn’t disrespectful to the vice president or to my new boss but I didn’t stand in line to kiss their butt or laugh at their juvenile jokes and I’m sure they noticed.

I simply remained professional and courteous but it didn’t take long to see that I had been lit up by the manic vice president. He started riding me and pushing my boss to do the same.

My boss was directed to start performance discussions with me.

I’ll shorten the details by saying the performance discussions were a complete cluster. I knew more about creating PIPs than he did. I was given a vague list of non-specific goals and a deadline. I asked for the target numbers and was told we will let you know in 90 days if you reached them.

I’m not making that up. There was no doubt they were beginning the documentation process to root me out. I had 11 years of spotless service and they needed a paper trail.

My new boss was very close to being illiterate, especially when it came to using his office PC.

Even while hobbling me with threats and vague goals he would frequently ask me to proof his memos and work on his spreadsheets, and he was almost obsessed with his precious budget spreadsheets because the templates came from his vice president and he was terrified of screwing up a formula and having to ask for a fresh copy.

I know this because he stated it several times during the yearly budget prep. I also had the thrill of watching him repeatedly click the ‘save’ button after each change, possibly because he thought that repeatedly clicking save-save-save-save-save-save-save-save would leave a permanent impression on the drive make or make the text darker.

He had backups, but being the paranoid Goober that he did not trust IT and decided to keep confidential files on his local drive instead of the network. He feared if they were on the network someone would intentionally alter one and make him look like a butt (not that he needed any help) during a meeting.

I don’t know how he slept at night with his paranoia. He trusted no one and the only reason he asked me to help was that I was across the hall from him and could do what he needed. He didn’t trust me either and usually watched over my shoulder even though he never really understood what I was doing.

The date for my non-specific review follow-up was closing in and tensions were high. My boss and vice president were now looking at me with disgust and I could almost hear them thinking, ‘Why can’t you just die or leave?’ The feeling was mutual.

We met and the PIP was never reviewed. It was a farce anyway since my new goals had never been discussed or put in writing. However, instead of discussing performance, my boss informed me that my position had been re-classed and I could reapply and be rejected or take a package.

Obviously, I took the package.

Revenge? A few days before our meeting I put passwords on all of his precious files. There are ways to break MS Office PWs but I won’t get into that. The fact is he didn’t even know how to add a password so he sure as heck had no idea how to remove or break one, and since his current files were stored on the local drive, the only option would have been to pull an outdated copy from an email or ask his boss for help with a new template.

Why would I stoop to revenge after receiving an exit package? I worked my butt off for 11 years, bled the company color, volunteered for community projects, painted our office during the weekend to save the company bank, and responded to false smoke alarms in the middle of the night to meet fire trucks at our office.

I didn’t get paid for that and I didn’t ask for anything. I did it because I was proud of the company and the people I worked with – until a wussy with an MBA and personality or substance problem arrived. He destroyed several careers before being canned less than a year later just as I was starting over.”

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14. Divorced My Unfaithful Wife And Went Out With A Girl 10 Years Younger Than Her


“I caught my wife being unfaithful to me, we had been married for 14 years, had a nice home, kids, cars, a big bank account. Overall a very nice life. When I confronted her, she couldn’t even deny it, I had rock-solid proof.

I filed for divorce, she didn’t want to talk about it, she only wanted half of our assets and to leave, the guy she was seeing was very well off. She thought she would be ‘taken care of.’ I filed the divorce and wrote the terms myself.

She was really getting screwed now. She yelled it wasn’t fair, it’s not equal, extremely one-sided. I kept the house, the RV, most of our savings, and no alimony. She said she would never accept it and to get ready for a court fight.

She then loudly informed me that we were in a ‘no-fault’ state and that the evidence I had collected was not admissible in court. I replied that I wasn’t going to show the courts the evidence, I was going to show the kids.

She turned white, got up, and walked away. About 3-4 hours later she came back and asked me, ‘So I accept that. You won’t show the kids?’ I promised I wouldn’t if she just packed her stuff and left.

Three weeks later she moved out, I later found out that her mister sent her packing too.

About 8-9 months later I met a gorgeous blonde, about 10 years younger than my wife, we hit it off very well. She and I went out shopping one day and as we were leaving the store we walked right into my ex-wife, whose jaw dropped when she saw my new girl, who was younger, taller, prettier. I think I had a poop-eating grin on my face for days.”

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13. I Sent My Ex Out Of My Class


“I was a backbencher and we backbenchers usually don’t attend classes and when we are in class we are in our own world! Due to this, our lecture gave a whole chapter of topics for all the backbenchers to do a presentation. It was a punishment.

About my ex, it was an 11-month relationship where we had our difference and she decided to break up. She said she is not seeing anyone and just want to break it off because I took her for granted. I was an average student and she was one of the class toppers.

One of her friends told me that she broke up with me because she’s been going out with a senior a month before we broke it off. I didn’t believe her until I actually discovered it. Hey! She was seeing that guy behind my back while we were in a relationship.

I felt betrayed, I was loyal. I felt bad for the lie she planted in my brain, I convinced myself that ‘I indeed took her for granted’ which I never did and I know this to my core.

Back to the revenge plot. Note: I am good at public speaking, and my ex and I are in the same class

The day came when I had my presentation, I was explaining things pretty well and suddenly my ex started to yawn and do other stuff.

She was the only one and I was fine with it as she was my ex but at one point she started overacting and I too had my limit!

I called her name and told her to get out of the class if she is not interested.

The lecturer was in the class and said nothing about my action. I was kind of nervous at this point that my lecturer would say something and I’d have to take the shame but to my surprise, she was just there in her silence.

I once again called her name and told her I would not take the presentation forward if she sat in my session. The whole class is silent and just looking at her face, it was soo lame. She took her stuff and went out of the class.

Yea, I could have warned her to let it go but the broken part of me wanted her out soo bad. Yes!! I took advantage of my situation, but does she deserve it absolutely YES!! It was the first time a girl was sent out of the class in the whole history of my batch.

I felt awful, bad, and satisfied at the same time but she sparked it so there it was!

After that, I noticed that massive respect was emitted from everyone towards me after that incident. The whole class knew about our little love story before.”

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12. Petty Co-Worker Tells Me I Don't Know How To Do My Job


“So, I am pretty young, I just graduated from university and got into my first job. I have been here for 6 months.

I’m still in the phase of learning and adjusting from my time in school. But I am not dumb. I was the second of my generation, I never failed a test, I won competitions and did work half time before.

A teacher recommended me for the job, actually. I know what I’m doing, it’s the inside process and the professional development I’m still working on.

So there’s this woman here. She’s in her 40s, spoiled, rude, but a good seller. She’s not my boss.

She sells what I design and do.

No one likes her here. But I don’t know her, I’m new. She realizes this. I’m young, naive and I hate confrontations, everyone knows that. It was easy to see.

So she gets into it with me.

She has thrown stuff at me, she has accused me of a super unnecessary thing with our boss, but almost a month ago, she yells at me: ‘you don’t know how to do your job’.

That baffled me.

I turned back and tell her she is wrong, and I leave.

Now, everyone told me I should have yelled back at her. But I reserve some consideration because she is freaking pregnant. I don’t want to be that person. I wasn’t raised like that.

So I write a complaint and later, she’s scolded. That doesn’t stop her.

A couple of days after, she comes to my desk and tells me a box I designed was wrong.

‘No, it’s not, I followed the measurements on the order,’ I tell her, my only information is that written order, I don’t know the product.

‘It’s wrong. I told you’.

‘No, this is your order’.

‘Well, fine. Let’s do it your way, but the receipt is yours’ she said presumptuously, as if I mess up, I have to pay the whole thing.

‘I’ll check it, ok?’ I turn away.

She leaves as the winner.

So I check everything. Compare, measure, build another box. My co-worker compares, measures, and builds it again.

She messed up. A whole inch she ignored.

So I go to her desk, and I show her. She doesn’t give up.

‘But what about this? You added 3 mm on this side, that is more paper, and that is more expensive!’ She says of the small tab used to glue the box, 3 mm don’t affect anything on it, but it should have certain measures.

‘Don’t worry, I’ll take it off. But what about your inch? I’m sure that’s way more paper and is more expensive, pretty sure the bottle won’t fit because you don’t know how to use a ruler.’

She is dead quiet.

‘So… I just add an inch?’ Her voice comes strangled and cold.

‘Yeah, should I help you add it?’

Then I leave. No yelling, no disrespect. Just doing what is right.

Who is the one who doesn’t know how to do their job, now?”

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11. Jealous Co-Worker Lost Her Job Because She Didn't Want To Work With Me


“I started a job as a supervisor of a VIP breakfast lounge in an upscale hotel. One of my coworkers approached me the first day (no, the first HOUR) to say she wouldn’t work with so-and-so because they were so lazy. I promised to carefully observe and address it if needed, but… the girl she identified was never lazy.

She worked hard as well.

Fast forward, this girl who on my first day demanded not to work with another person, lies constantly, reiterates information to my team as though I said it (when I did not), and overall just had a problem with authority.

Everything I recommended, she questioned or argued about. Even things that I made clear to her that came from upper management were debated.

Someone finally explained to me (months into the job) that she was annoyed because she had applied for a supervisor role but instead they’d given it to me.

And, she thought I was absolutely ridiculous and did not want to work beneath me. I remained professional with her and didn’t react to the information. It gave context but I had no other use for it.

In the end, she went to upper management and repeated all of her complaints for about the millionth time.

You see, little did I know, but she’d been reporting my ‘mistakes’ (lies, misrepresentations, and a tiny bit of truth) the entire time we had been working together. This time, however, she added that she wouldn’t work with me and handed in her notice.

Well, the joke was on her because a week later when she saw they weren’t going to fire me just to keep her, she stated she wanted to rescind her notice.

Management then ASKED ME if they should allow her to rescind her notice.

I admitted that I felt she was negative energy within the team and really had hurt morale. That I had been looking forward to things improving and running smoother, and everyone relaxing, and that in fact, the team didn’t want her either. (They were over the petty drama).

And since I had been professional, silent, and NOT petty the whole time, they took my word for it.

So, they didn’t let her rescind her notice.

Little did she know, I had already gotten another job offer and wouldn’t be around to deal with her, whether or not she stayed or left.

Once she was finally officially removed from the company, I gave my notice.

Management joked, ‘Hey! Maybe Olga will come back?’

But they didn’t invite her.

In fact, she couldn’t find another job in beautiful Austin, so she had to move back to Arizona.

And that’s what happens when jealousy literally ruins crap for you.”

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10. Ended Up Training The Girl Who Discriminated Against Me On The Day Of My Interview


“I was in charge of interviewing staff at a university, and I was the accessibility coordinator. My job was to come up with a plan on how to make the university more accessible for people with disabilities and to provide training for staff so that they did not inadvertently discriminate against those with disabilities.

For your information, I am a non-white male. One day, I was about to interview the art gallery coordinator at the university, and when I came to her gallery I saw her door. I was about to enter when a young girl (probably a summer student) told me that I could not enter and to just go into a waiting room, and she would try to help me soon.

I could see where the coordinator’s office was, but this lady was preventing me from going. I waited 20 minutes, and it was obvious she forgot about me. So, I walked into the room anyway, and the girl stopped me and asked me if she could help me.

I told her I had an interview, and she said she was not aware of any of her colleagues having an interview booked. Suddenly, the coordinator walked in, and said, ‘Hi James, I’ve been waiting for you for a while. Where have you been?’ I saw the summer student start to blush and become suddenly quiet.

I think that girl learned not to assume things about people before you have taken the time to know them. Later, I ended up training her, and all her staff on how to avoid discrimination, and how to show respect to all people they dealt with. Did I mention that one of those being trained by me about discrimination was the girl who had given me a dose of discrimination herself?”

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Lori 2 years ago
I would have just said I had an interview too, what's there to 'explain'??
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9. Manipulative Boss Reassigned Me To Another Department Then His Employees Started Leaving


“I worked at an ambulance company for a while. The boss is super manipulative.

So here’s what happened.

This company does BLS and Backer act driving.

I worked in BLS for two months. My boss pulled me to his office and said that there were some concerns with my patient care and that the firefighters have been complaining about me.

He said that if I didn’t improve then I’d be moved to Baker act driver.

Everyone hates being the baker act driver, and they’re severely understaffed for them. I asked to see the reports and how to improve, and he gave me the runaround.

Couldn’t show reports or tell me what I was doing wrong. I shook it off and thought nothing of it. Being the naive person I was, I nod my head and said that I’d do better.

So every time I ran a call, I’d always ask my partner how I did.

They always said I did really well. I never changed anything and have done things the way I’ve always done.

So I did some snooping around and asked a bunch of other employees about certain things. They revealed to me that this company runs off of seniority, and I was the newest guy right now.

The firefighters complain about everyone. You breathe and they complain. The supervisor mentioned that one EMT almost killed someone, but he got no corrective action or anything. The superintendent said it was a learning experience for him.

There was also a guy who was hired at the same time as me.

The boss tried to give him the same crap that he gave me: move him to BA if he didn’t improve.

There were other really bad incidents with other employees, but I’m not going to write an essay. No punishment for any of them.

I also learned from other Baker act drivers, that they just got their EMT license, and are going to be promoted to EMT. They have seniority over me. Also, to put the cherry on top, we are overstaffed on EMTs, so there are no open schedules for them.

My boss gave one of the Baker act drivers my EMT position and didn’t tell me. He was to start next week.

The next week comes, and my boss pulls me into the office and tells me I’ve been doing really bad and I have to move to the Baker act or I’m fired.

I wasn’t sure if he was actually going to fire me, but I really needed the pay, so I chickened out and took the position.

Well here’s the revenge part. I got really good at the Baker act position and became everyone’s favorite BA driver.

Boss really loved that. There was now me and one other employee as BA drivers in the entire company. It was super busy. It got so bad that EMTs had to pick up some BA patients.

AMR decided to advertise that they’d give extra pay to any EMTs that leave their current company and work for them.

Employees are leaving left and right. It gets really bad, and at this time of the year, BLS and Baker acts are super busy, so I walk into my boss’s office and give him my letter of resignation. I was surprised that he actually cursed under his breath. He asked if I wanted to go back to the EMT position, and I said no.

I’m in paramedic school now and have left that terrible ambulance company.”

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8. Neighbor Always Parks At My Spot So I Deflated All Of Her Tires


“I used to live in an apartment when I was 20 where we had assigned parking spaces. I worked two jobs – one in the day and then one at night. My hours were from 7 AM–3 PM and then from 4 PM to 12 AM.

As you can imagine, when I would come home, I would be DEAD TIRED! We had assigned spaces at this particular apartment complex. There was one girl who would ALWAYS park her car over the line and partially in my space, which would block me from parking in my assigned space.

When this would happen, I would have to park in the visitor spaces, which were a long distance away from my apartment unit, and then walk back to the building late at night/early in the morning. That community was VERY dark at night and I felt VERY on edge walking alone in the wee hours of the morning back to my apartment from the visitor spots! I was respectful, so even though this went on for almost a month, I didn’t go knock on the girl’s door when I got home because it was such a late hour and I knew she would be sleeping.

I knew the girl. She and I were sort of frenemies and I knew her before she moved into the complex. Her best friend liked a guy but had been afraid to tell him. I met the guy and went out with him.

Her friend held a grudge, so she did too. Initially, she didn’t realize I lived in that apartment community, but we saw each other after she moved in and we realized that our spaces happened to be side by side. We weren’t cozy with each other, but I didn’t have any issues with her directly.

I finally had enough of her parking over the line, and blocking me from parking in the spot I was paying for, and I decided to talk to her one weekend when I was well-rested and calm. I went to her apartment and asked her REALLY kindly to please park her car only in her space.

She already knew I worked multiple jobs and got home late and I explained that the way she parked was causing me to have to walk in the dark from the visitor spots. She laughed me off, but then apologized and agreed to park ONLY in her spot.

I stayed completely calm when I talked to her and, after that talk, I thought we had an understanding. I was WRONG!

After that talk, she parked over the line MORE than she had ever done before! I couldn’t believe it! I came home that Monday evening and found that she had parked DIRECTLY in the middle of the two spaces so that she had room on the right AND left side of her car for nothing bigger than a bicycle.

I was LIVID! It was 1 AM. I couldn’t believe she did that AFTER I was nice to her, AFTER I explained that I got off late and it was dangerous for me to be walking alone from the visitor spots, and AFTER she knew I worked two jobs and would be TOTALLY TIRED when I got home! This was INTENTIONAL on her part! So this meant WAR!

On that particular night/morning, I had enough! It was action time! After walking from the visitor spot where I parked my car, I went into my apartment and put my stuff down.

I grabbed some gloves and a hat and put on different clothes – all black. I stuffed my hair into the hat and went out of my building, down the side of the building, and then around it so I could come back into the parking lot without anyone looking out of their windows and seeing me.

It was about 3 AM at this point and I was DEAD TIRED, but I was on a mission! I walked all the way around the back of the buildings, stealthily went over to her car, and let the air out of ALL her tires! I know! I know! Somebody forgive me! I let the air out of each tire and then I put the caps in the same place right in the center of each tire all the way around the car.

I wanted it to be CLEAR that it was no mistake! I walked around the building, came back up the side, and went into my unit. In the morning, I came out to go to work. She usually left for work before I did.

Her car was still there! LOL…when I came home that night, guess what? She was COMPLETELY parked in her own spot and NOT EVEN the slightest bit over the line. She NEVER parked over into my spot again! EVER!

Weeks later I was out with some friends and some of our mutual friends ended up talking about someone doing something to her car and how she had to miss work because of the issue.

I piped up and said that I hoped the person didn’t damage the tires and they filled me in on what SHE had to go through! LOL! As it turns out, she thought her tires had been SLASHED and ended up CATCHING THE BUS TO GO BUY NEW TIRES! Just to put that into perspective, we lived in a nice community that was NOT an easy place to get to for non-drivers.

There was a ‘professional’s bus’ that ran Monday through Friday from the community straight into the downtown area and another bus that ran every HOUR AND A HALF AND you had to walk quite a distance to even get to that bus stop! It was NOT a very bus-friendly area at all! The place she purchased the tires from had a tow truck.

After purchasing the new tires, she had to ride BACK to the apartment complex with the tow guy so they could get her car and then go BACK to the shop. Then, they started taking off the tires and checking them and discovered that they weren’t punctured! They ended up refunding the tires and she had to pay for the tow.

My friends told me she had been SUPER annoyed! She missed work, she missed a day’s pay from her job because she had used up all of her vacation and sick time (she had gone on a trip earlier in the year and used up her yearly vacation and she had been sick a lot so she only had a few HOURS of vacation & sick time left!), she had to catch a bus – which she hated, she had to pay for tires (even though she got refunded and she ended up paying for the tow) and she went through all of that only to find that the tires JUST needed air! She HAD a jump box WITH an air pump on it too! They said she just didn’t think to try using that before going through all of that trouble! I should add that she didn’t even think it was me initially! SHE ACTUALLY THOUGHT HER EX’S NEW GIRL DID IT BECAUSE THEY HAD AN ARGUMENT OVER THE PHONE AND SHE THOUGHT THE NEW GIRL WAS JEALOUS OF HER! LOL! I remember sitting there feeling pretty smug about the whole thing! This is one of the few times in my life where I didn’t have ONE SECOND of remorse for doing what I did! NOT EVEN A DROP! I never had a problem with that girl after that.

Honestly, if I had known that doing that would stop her from parking partially in my spot, I would have done it sooner!

Even though she wasn’t sure who did it, I was told she went through a range of emotions trying to figure out who did it! At one point she thought it was me, then she thought it was her downstairs neighbor (because of some loud music she had been playing), then she thought it was her ex, then she thought it was her ex’s new girl.

When she presented the idea that I did it to our mutual friends, they ALL said that I was WAY too nice to do something like that (LOL)! They also suggested that I’m entirely too sensible to have come to her and ask her to park in her space and then damage her tires (LOLOLOLOLOL)! One of my friends even SAID, ‘She just isn’t a petty person like that!’ when talking about me to her (QUADRUPLE LOL)! They told her that she should be ashamed of herself for continuing to park in two spaces after I had asked her not to.

She settled on the ex’s girl because the ex was at work overnight. LOL…it is a sad thing when you have so much negativity around you that you can’t even pinpoint who might have a grudge against you!

I found out later that the community had a remedy for people who did what she did.

I just had to call a special number, give them my unit number, tell them a car was in my spot and they would have come and towed her. I didn’t know that. Had I known that I would have done that, but my method was JUST as effective!

I got away with it because this was a time when cameras were not as prevalent. Today, I would likely have ended up on YouTube and in jail for doing that! Or maybe NOT jail! I didn’t actually DAMAGE the tires…I would just have ended up embarrassed on some social media site!”

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Krystalfer 2 years ago
YES! This is next level petty revenge lol
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7. Company Misclassified Me As An Independent Contractor And Left Me In Huge Tax Debt


“I was hired as a house manager/usher at a small professional theater when I was in my early 20s. I filled out the typical new hire paperwork, including a W-4 for my deductions, but was surprised when they never deducted any taxes from my paychecks.

When I asked, they said they considered me an ‘independent contractor,’ though this was never mentioned when I interviewed. Still, I didn’t really mind since at the time I really needed the money, and the extra little bit helped.

I DID mind that they were very sporadic in paying me, though.

Payroll was supposed to be on a regular 2-week schedule, but I rarely got my checks on time. I had to ask, and pester, and beg, and eventually would get my check. Sometimes it took a week or two, and then the next check would be late as well.

I don’t know if they had cash flow issues or what, but it was a major hassle, and I am not a confrontational person. They also tended to criticize and demean me in other ways, and it was just not a pleasant working situation.

Eventually, I quit and found a different part-time job, and thought I was done with them.

Until tax time came the following year, and I realized I owed funds for the taxes that hadn’t been collected. OH HECK NO, that wasn’t happening. Not after the way that place had treated me.

I researched Employee vs Independent Contractor and made sure I had all my facts straight – CLEARLY, by every criterion, I was in fact an employee. And I knew they could get in big trouble for misclassifying me (and most likely other employees too).

So, I filled out my tax return as if I was an employee, with no extra taxes calculated. I sent it in with a full explanation, along with paperwork that related to my misclassification as an independent contractor (this was a long time ago, I don’t recall the specifics, but there were forms you could fill out to report an employer if you felt you were misclassified).

I never heard back from the IRS, and got my expected tax refund exactly the way I had calculated. I don’t know what happened to the theater, but since I got my refund I assume they were investigated and my claims were validated. I hope so since they should have known that if they are going to do something illegal, they should treat their employees better!”

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6. Fake Realtor Thought He Tricked Me But I Had The Final Laugh


“In 2004 my son was preparing to leave for his first deployment and I was anxious, stressed, proud, and hundreds of other emotions were working. My son had been activated from the National Guard as had over 3000 other Texas National Guard soldiers.

He was at Ft Hood, training to go to Iraq and I was in my small hometown living in the home I had purchased in 1994. I was unable to drive at the time because I had a seizure disorder and the anxiety and stress had caused me to have a couple of grand mal seizures.

I received a phone call from a gentleman telling me that God had come to him and he was calling to purchase my home which was going to be auctioned in 5 days on the steps and of the courthouse. Until that moment I had no idea my home was going to be auctioned.

I had had some problems when my first mortgage company was bought by another and I was having problems that the mortgage company would not cash all my mortgage payment checks. I had retained an attorney and he held the funds from the checks that had not been cashed.

But I was shocked to hear this person on the phone tell me my home was going to be sold on Tuesday to the highest bidder. I told him I needed to call my attorney and I would call him back. My attorney said he had not received anything about the auction and I knew I hadn’t either.

I called the company that had helped me buy my house and they said they didn’t know anything. But upon looking closer they had been notified but failed to notify me.

It’s now close to 5 pm on Friday and on Tuesday morning my home will be auctioned on the courthouse steps.

I freak out. What am I going to do? I call the mortgage company but it’s on the East Coast and they are closed until Monday. I call back the man who called earlier about buying it and I’m thinking he is a realtor.

He tells me that he’s a Christian man and God came to him and told him I needed his help. I’m going crazy and this guy is helping me get there. There is no one I can call right now. My son is at Ft.

Hood and he’s on Army time. My lawyer left his office. I can call him Monday morning. (Is Monday too late to stop this?). I need to calm down and take a deep breath. I don’t know why, but I ask him if I will get kicked out of my home on Tuesday.

He tells me if someone purchases it, they can remove me on Tuesday. He says if it doesn’t sell (which he is sure it will), the bank will own it and that they can and eventually will evict me. I believe every word he says.

I know I paid $90,000 for the house. I put $30,000 down and have been paying a mortgage payment for 10 years. I also know that there is an escrow shortage due to the uncashed checks, but that all the funds are there to make up the shortage.

I ask how much he is willing to pay for the house. I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m pretending I know a little more than I do. He obviously knows more than I do because he tells me that I owe $72,000 on the house and it’s been appraised for $134,000.

He’s willing to buy it sight unseen for $75,000. I tell him I need to think about it but I’ll get back to him by 9 am tomorrow morning. Listening to him has convinced me that I’m going to be homeless by lunch on Tuesday.

That there is nothing I can do. That evening I talk to my parents and they ask me questions about my finances, my savings, about everything and I freak out again. My son is leaving for Iraq in January and I might lose our home in October.

My son will need a home. He’s going to Iraq and he has to have a home. I end up in the hospital for 4 days with a horrible migraine that started when the seizure I had Friday night ended. On Saturday my parents offer to sell the house but they want $78,000 so I have something to pay my moving expenses and deposit for a place to rent.

I’m brought a copy of the contract to sign while hospitalized.

After I’m released from the hospital I begin to look for a place to live. I had no idea that it costs so much to rent a 2 bedroom apartment. And the last time I rented utilities were included in the rent.

I finally find an apartment to rent. It’s a 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms and because I’m on disability and my income is very low I qualify for a Section 8 discount. It’s a horrible feeling to move from a 2300 square foot home with huge trees in a great neighborhood to an 813 square foot apartment with no trees, no yard in a different neighborhood but my son needs a place to call home.

Now I have to reduce my belongings so they will fit in 813 square feet. Things move a little on the slower side. But finally, by November, I’m in the apartment and almost have it looking like our home. It will be our home when my son comes for Christmas.

And he leaves for Iraq at the beginning of January. I am committed to making this our home.

I have to return to the house to get the final items I am auctioning, get rid of the trash, and see how many boxes for the final items.

I have a few days between now and when I have to give up my keys and they become homeowners. Since I can’t drive I ask a friend to pick me up and help me get the final items packed. There isn’t a lot but it’s my clothes and my shoes.

I have my winter clothes moved and a couple of pairs of shoes. Everything else is still at the house. There is a large bulletin board with nothing but gifts and notes from my son from the past 20 years. We put a couple of things in her car.

I felt bad. This wasn’t her fault. So we go to my apartment and unload. Then I tell her it’s not her responsibility to worry about my moving problems. She’s going to be raising her 2 girls alone while her husband is deployed with my son.

This is the last day I have the key. At midnight, tonight, the house I called home for the last 10 years is no longer mine. I open the door and head to the room where I had everything left. I had put it together in a small pile.

When I get to my bedroom there are some of my items. The shoeboxes are all empty and most of the clothes are missing. The bulletin board is gone. It’s only 9 pm. My things should still be here. I begin to panic and ask my friend to take me to my apartment.

I’ll call first thing tomorrow. And at 8 am I’m on the phone trying to find my missing items. The wife of the man who bought my home tells me while I was in the hospital, she had me sign a paper allowing them to take over ownership at dark last night.

She even has it signed by a notary.

The next day I go to Hastings and pull out a subscription card for every magazine that offers one. I have several hundred of them and I begin filling them out and mailing them. I call a friend who is a realtor and she tells me he is disliked by every real estate company in Brownwood.

He’s not a realtor. He just buys and sells the property. My home will be on the market in 30 days. But then I laugh and suddenly I don’t feel so guilty about not telling him that the wallpaper in the master toilet can be peeled away and that wood ants are eating my house from the outside in.

That my kitchen cabinets are painted Formica, and you have to boil your water to take a bath. And I’m not sure there’s no mold from the flood a few years ago. I just need to do one more thing. Have a party to celebrate. So I call Dominos first and order 5 pizzas to be delivered, then Pizza Hut, and every other pizza delivery in town. It’s 3 pm so I know they are in the office. Won’t they be surprised?”

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rbleah 1 year ago
How could you NOT know your house was being forclosed? I don't buy this story
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5. Planted Embarrassing Material In The Bully's Textbook


“Many years ago, I was a student in a junior college carpentry course.

Most of the students, including myself, were local to the area. However, we had two guys from elsewhere in the state who were roommates in the dormitory.

In short, these guys were total jerks! They made life tough for everyone in the class and resorted to whatever form of bullying they could when it suited them.

One of their ‘hobbies’ was stealing other students’ tools. I lost a few to them.

These guys got to be just enough of a problem it was time that somebody had to do something. The instructor had his reasons for not wanting to take a stand on it.

So I did.

I worked over my ‘contacts’ to see if anyone could come up with some very objectionable printed material that could be ‘planted’. Everyone thought my idea was good, but nobody really had anything that would work reliably. Finally, I got a phone call.

Someone had just moved into a place and found some dirty queer mags stashed somewhere in there. I came over, picked out a couple of ‘winning’ pictures to cut out, and took them while the new tenant disposed of the rest of it.

The classroom session was after lunch. The chapter and page in the carpentry textbook to be discussed had been announced and was written on the chalkboard. Everyone left their belongings on the tables of the classroom throughout the day.

Over the lunch hour, I walked in, verified the place was deserted, and then planted some of the ‘choice material’ in the textbook of the guy who was the more aggressive butthole of the two.

After lunch, the classroom filled. I was toward the front with a couple of the other guys who were older, more level-headed, and reasonable. The guys just out of high school clustered at the back. These two guys always moved into a position where they could essentially dominate the people in the back of the room, who did generally try to keep their distance.

The instructor told everyone to open their books to the page number listed on the chalkboard. We all did that…

Within a couple of moments, with much commotion, everyone from the back of the room was quickly settling in the front of the room.

The two guys from elsewhere were just sitting there looking at each other in total disbelief, and then they started blaming each other for it!

I recall them both becoming rather quiet and reserved after that. I think they did a lot of growing up that day.”

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4. Friends Ditched Me To Go To Saint Petersburg


“It was when I was 19. I had two best friends since school, and we were literally doing everything together. We had a common chat, hung out together, could trust every secret to each other. However, one of those friends (let’s call her Ann) was very conflictual, sometimes she was mean to us, etc.

The other one (let’s call her Mary) was peaceful and kind.

Once I learned that my and Mary’s favorite rock group was going to give a concert in our city. I suggested we go and she agreed, but we didn’t buy tickets.

After a week or two, I reminded her of a concert and suggested buying tickets immediately.

She suddenly refused because of some reason (I don’t remember exactly). I decided not to go because I didn’t want to go alone, but generally, I was completely OK with that, no offense was taken.

However, there was another reason for her to decline my offer.

Ann’s father had a business trip to Saint Petersburg, and his company paid for his hotel room. However, he decided to stay at his sister’s since she lived here. He offered Ann to go to that hotel room instead of him, so she only had to pay for the train tickets.

She also could take one friend.

She decided to invite Mary instead of me. As I learned later, it was because Ann and I spent more time together recently, and Mary was very busy with her studies. But they kept it secret from me.

I didn’t know anything.

But I learned it because I read Mary’s messages occasionally (and I’m not proud of that). I found that Mary was in a panic when I asked her about the concert and texted Ann wondering what to do. And Ann said something like ‘Aah, just make up something.’ I didn’t get mad at Mary, but I got mad at Ann because not only did she lie to me but also made Mary lie to me, made her do things she wouldn’t normally do.

I decided not to tell them anything but when they were already in Saint Petersburg I started texting in our common chat some pranks like ‘Girls, let’s go for a walk’, etc. It was funny to read their messages as if they were not together.

Finally, they gave up and admitted that they came to Saint P without me, I admitted I read their messages, and we had an unpleasant conversation.

As it turned out later, their trip was a complete disaster. For example, they bought tickets to Mariinsky theater, but they were late for the ballet show and had to watch everything from the rear, standing for 2 hours.

Moreover, when they were already at the train station to go home, they decided to go to the shop and buy a present for me to apologize. They were choosing for so long that they missed their comfortable high-speed train and had to buy the cheapest one to return home.

We made up later and continued our friendship. However, we had a few more quarrels with Ann and now she hasn’t spoken to me and Mary for a long time. Mary and I are still good friends.

It’s just a story about how the best thing you can do is, to be honest to each other.”

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3. Kicked Out The Worst Motel Guest We Had And Signed Him Up For Junk Mail


“In college, I worked at a crappy little roadside motel in a tourist town. We had all sorts of guests – travelers, homeless looking for a night’s stay, families down on their luck, tourists. The staff was mainly college kids and given and by default, the motel was less than an hour from the Navajo reservation, many of my co-workers were Native American.

One afternoon a couple checks in, totally seems fine. About an hour later, the husband calls in raging mad yelling terrible slurs. Stunned, I didn’t know what to say – I was trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about, my brain kept saying that he must be saying something else.

Granted, I was 20, if I was my age now, I would have had the courage to react much more strongly.

That was just the start of it. He got blazing inebriated at some point in his stay and stormed the office, yelling all sorts of hateful nonsense.

He insulted the Native American staff and guests, he tried to pay a female housekeeper to hook up with him, he ranted and raged around the parking lot while the wife was nowhere to be seen.

We called the cops, but in a small town, the cops were a couple of guys in a broken-down police cruiser.

The guy and his wife (who mysteriously reappeared around 1 am) were eventually and successfully evicted from the premises, not after screaming threats to everyone and delivering a whole new set of racist, horrible garbage.

Basically the worst motel guest EVER.

He had to write down a mailing address upon check-in.

We kept the mailing address on a sticky note behind the desk for nearly a year. We signed him up for every mailing list, every free offer for coupons, we put his name and address in myriad ‘please contact me’ boxes as they popped up.

We entered his name and address to basically everything that promised it would bury you in junk mail. One of my co-workers even signed him up for prisoner correspondence. It wasn’t nice and likely not very legal, but it provided a bit of levity to the situation.

I suppose it is possible it was a fake address and some poor sap had to deal with a bunch of ticked-off 20yr olds and their new game. However, I like to think that it greatly inconvenienced him. I have no delusions it made him a better person or he stopped harboring his hateful views, but I do hope he had a pain in the neck time trying to get himself off all the mailing lists.”

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2. I Threw Away My Housemate's Spare Key


“I had a housemate who was keen on selling the air conditioners in our apartment because the landlord, who also happened to be her boss was not paying her salary and the apartment was due to be demolished so she thought of making a fast buck from the sale.

I had no say in it as I was subletting and my name was not on the contract.

What annoyed me was one day, I came home to find out that some of the things in my room were slightly moved. We have a key to our room and have it locked.

Later in the evening, she casually told me that, when I was at work, she showed some interested buyers the aircon in my room. All without batting an eyelid like it was some sort of entitlement. That’s when I put two and two together that she has a key to my room.

That was not very nice for her to do but I kept quiet.

In the following days when my housemate was not around, I rummaged through a common cupboard and found a bunch of keys which led me to conclude that was how she gained access to my room, without my consent.

I threw away the spare key into the rubbish chute. At this point, I’ll say that I was not even angry. I was pretty chill about it but I thought of teaching her some manners.

A few days later, she asked me about it and I pretended that I didn’t even know there was an extra key and got on with my day.

She did show one or two more buyers but had to ask me about it first or ask me to keep my bedroom door unlock before I leave for work. She did end up selling the aircon when I moved. Not my problem then!”

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1. Nasty Co-Worker Who Made Peoples' Lives Miserable Finally Got Dismissed


“Hearing about a nasty co-worker, who made everyone’s work-life miserable for over 20 years, finally get her just deserts.

This bitter witch wasn’t going to retire, even though she was well past retirement age. And that’s not the point. If you want to work or love your job and still do it well, and are a contributing coworker, by all means, work until the day you die.

In this particular case, this coworker was NONE of the above. She called in sick on the most arduous days, knowing our department would be short of workers, and others were on vacation. She never pulled her weight. She was petty, immature, jealous, and scary.

She was a psychopath. That is what was scary. When this person knew that you knew, she would come after you like reoccurring cancer. She took great glee doing this. This person ruined a number of people’s lives. These people were innocent, yet they were in her way.

I spent 15 years trying not to be in her line of fire. Sometimes I as well as other coworkers succeeded. She might momentarily unlock her jaws in order to bat around another target that amused her, only to circle back and clench those jaws at the nape of your neck again.

She was indirectly responsible for a coworker’s death. Her lack of attendance at the coworker’s funeral spoke volumes and didn’t go unnoticed.

There are too many other incidents to mention without writing a book, a sequel, and a movie in order to warn people of what signs to look for in a psychopath.

It may also take 20 years, or never before you get sweet revenge.

In this case, she finally made a mistake. She lost her temper and let her true self show; uncommon for a psychopath. She did something in full view of everyone. Finally! Witnesses to her behavior! She was caught, she was cornered, she couldn’t charismatically talk her way out of this situation.

I cannot divulge the specific events of what caused her dismissal without revealing where these events occurred.”

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