People Share Their Snarky Revenge Stories

There is something satisfying about getting even with someone who hurt or offended us. Some people do not like letting inconvenience just pass by. They think of snarky ways on how to get back at that person who caused them discomfort, and sometimes those revenge stories turn out to be funnier than you can imagine. The geniuses of people are being put into action whenever they think of sneaky ways on how to make another person suffer the way they did, but before we feel sorry for them, we cannot help but laugh at how hilarious the revenge plan turns out. Here are some snarky revenge stories people on the internet have shared.

1. Wife's Mean Coworker's Desktop Image Flipped Upside Down


“My wife used to work at a small, regional accounting firm when we were in our early 20s. She was by far the youngest person working there. There were only 5-6 other CPAs, and they were all 60+. My wife is obnoxiously polite and passive. She always told stories about a very mean coworker (lady in her mid-60s) who took advantage of my wife’s personality in various ways.

One night, we were at the office late because she was covering for the mean coworker. Without telling my wife, I found the coworker’s computer and entered the command that flips your desktop image upside-down (CTRL+ALT+DWN?). By the time we left, I completely forgot what I had done.

The next day, my wife calls me during her lunch break…

Me: ‘Hey, how’s it going?’

Wife: ‘Fine. Oh, but a little bit of drama. _____’s screen is all messed up or something. Everything’s flipped. She’s been complaining all morning.’

Me: Long pause ‘Well, that’s weird…’

Wife: ‘Yeah. I just walked by and she has her monitor upside-down and is having to hold it with one hand as she types. I think they’re buying her a new computer.’

My marriage has secrets, y’all.”

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Abuford82 3 years ago
I love it
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2. I Hid The Swimming Instructor's Ignition Key When I Heard Her Talk Stuff About My Partner


“During the summers I worked at a public pool as a lifeguard. We offered swimming classes and recreational swim hours. One of the swimming instructors (let’s call her M) was super annoying and rude. She had another job that she went to after our work so she would occasionally change into her other uniform and leave her wet swimsuit hanging in the office. At the time, our manager (who is now my wife) and I had just started secretly seeing each other.

She would repeatedly ask M to take her swimsuit home and not leave it at work. M would say ‘ok’ but would roll her eyes behind my GF’s back and then just keep her suit at work. One day, after hearing her talk massive crap about my GF, I waited until she went into the bathroom to change and took her car keys and hid the one that started the ignition.

When she returned from changing, she hung up her swimsuit in the office with a poop-eating grin on her face.

My and my significant other’s whole week was made watching her fumble around her purse looking for the missing ignition key. She had to call her partner to pick her up. She got a ride to work the next day and when she wasn’t looking, I put the ignition key back on her key ring. She thought she was going crazy.”

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3. Boy Tried To Pull Off A Trick On Us So We Gave Him Half A Burger


“When I was younger I worked at a McDonald’s. Here in The Netherlands, we had a lot of teenagers coming in while they had their breaks from school. And they all wanted the €1,- hamburgers, sometimes a couple of them. They were always a pain in the butt. Being rude to the staff, destroying the furniture, never cleaning up their mess, and smearing all kinds of poop (literally) over the place, etc., etc.

One day a boy came up to the counter and complained that his burger had a pickle on it. He said he wanted one without a pickle. We were sure he didn’t order one. We looked at his burger and we saw he had eaten up more than half of the burger.

The rest of his friends were laughing and watching from a distance. Normally, the policy was just to give him a new burger.

But this time, we didn’t want to give him a ‘full’ new one. We know it costs only one euro, but he just didn’t deserve it.

We went to the kitchen and we made him a new burger, without any pickles. We then got a knife from the storage and cut the burger in half. We wrapped the burger and gave it to him.

He looked really proud of himself to pull off such an elaborate scheme. Then he unwrapped the burger and looked surprised. At the moment we told him that since he had finished half of the original burger, this was only fair. His proud look slowly turned into a disappointed one.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
Well played!
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4. Inconsiderate Homeowner Pressures Me To Work After My Surgery


“I’m a carpenter by trade. 2 years ago I was in the process of building a 600 sq ft deck around a customer’s pool; roughly 70% of the job was finished. At that time I got a diagnosis of testicular cancer and my urologist suggested I schedule surgery asap, which happened to be in 2 days, on a Wednesday. The homeowner, whom I had a good rapport with as this was my 3rd time working for her, was great – supportive, understanding, accomo –for now.

I had made plans with a friend, a former coworker and the one who had referred me in the 1st place, to come that weekend and take over for me, as he had a job during the week. The homeowner was totally on board with this. So I get my testicle removed and am home 4 hours later. The next day, Thursday, I receive a text at 7 am.

Something along the lines of ‘When is someone coming to work on the deck??? We planned to have it opened on the 4th of July. I’m having a party that day, I don’t see it being done by then… I need to know what’s going on…’ OK now I’m doped up, and irritated, and I hate ellipsis.

Maybe even a little offended, honestly. I text back ‘I’ll be there tomorrow.’ Friday, not even 48 hours after surgery.

Being the middle of summer it gets light out early. I beat the sun that morning (and every day until the job was done), 5 am in the rain, making sure I set up my cutting station, air compressor, and radio right outside of her bedroom window, along with being unnecessarily loud from 5 – 7 am. I know she heard it all and was annoyed by way of the passive-aggressive ‘kinda early start, huh?’ comment I got when I returned from the hardware store at 8 am. Aside from all of the disappointments that week; the diagnosis, the surgery, not being able to receive a cosmetic testicular implant b/c they ‘don’t make them big enough to match my other testicle or the one they removed,’ I’m proud of how I handled it. Haven’t missed a day of work since that Thursday.”

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5. Friend's Lying Employee Gets Houses Full Of Dead Raccoon Smell


“Back in 2008 when the economy started going south, I had a friend who owned a construction business and who made most of his money on the residential new construction boom. As things started to tighten up, builders would start giving him ‘the check is in the mail’ routine when it came time to collect on work he had already done. In reality, they were playing a s game and trying to get the houses sold quickly so they could pay everyone off and start the next spec project.

He had this one guy who was a huge jerk, always lying to his face and he was like 90 days out on multiple properties, tens of thousands of dollars. Around this time my friend had a family of raccoons that decided to take up residence in his office and only discovered them after a few had died and started to smell.

So one night of having to get sloppy in order to just remove the putrid carcasses from the walls, he gets a bright idea.

He has his son drive him to the guy’s 3 model homes, gets in (anyone who has worked in this field knows there are plenty of non-destructive ways to break into these models), and lays out the raccoons in a manner where it was plausible that they could have just gotten in, went to the living room, bedrooms and kitchen and just expired of natural causes.

This was on a Friday in the summer and builders are generally cheapskates so they will leave the air off when no one is in the house. By Monday morning when they opened the houses up that had to be the worst smell imaginable. I’d be willing to bet they had to replace floors, bleach the foundation and repaint the place just to get it smelling not as bad.

Not sure if the guy ever paid up but it sure made my friend feel a lot less bad about the whole situation.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
It could have been dead skunks. That jerkwad got off easy.
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6. Jerk Schoolmate Receives Hundreds Of Magazines In His Mail


“Way way back in the 80s when I was still in high school, there was a guy that everybody hated. He was hated because he was a jerk. Just a walking-talking moron.

Anyway, our study hall was held in the library. The school library had a huge magazine section. Like Time, Newsweek plus other titles. At the time every magazine was full of those pull-out subscription cards and in these times before widespread credit card use, there was a ‘bill me later’ option.

These cards were also prepaid postage.

So about 4 of us filled out about 50 magazine subscription cards in his name, checked to bill me later, and tossed them in the mail.

Then someone went to the local magazine shop (yup those still existed) and got about a hundred more with a focus on naughty men’s magazines. All those types.

In the mail, they went. About 8 weeks later we had forgotten the prank when we heard about the mountains of magazines being delivered to his house, we all had a good laugh.”

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7. Petty Co-Teacher Removed My Books From The Shelf So I Erased her Writings On The Board


“I teach high school in a relatively big overcrowded district. We don’t get our own classrooms but instead have to share. Last year I was informed that I would have to teach a special ed class in the special ed wing. I was told that the person I was to be sharing a room with was stark raving mad, but there was nothing I could do about it, and because we wouldn’t have much contact I didn’t really care.

Fast forward about a week and I meet my kids and decide that they need an extra set of textbooks for in-class use and I would keep them on one shelf in the massive cabinet that was school property. To an average sane adult this would not have been a problem because, well, we are adults and have to share the workspace. But, unfortunately for her, she is not all there and this is where the story gets good.

I walk into the room the next day and someone had removed the books and placed them on top of the filing cabinet next to the original big cabinet. After the class I had the kids put them back in their original place. Guess what happens the next day? If you said that they would be removed you’d be right. So I waited after class and asked her why she was taking the books out.

She informed me that she needed the space for her stuff, to which I mentioned that there was nothing on the shelf that I was using. I didn’t want to start a major thing so I let it go for a few days and waited to see if she would add anything to it. She didn’t.

At this point, I was ready to engage in petty level; expert.

She’s the type of teacher who fills the board up with handwritten notes; I’m not. Every day I would erase her notes and write one or two words. She immediately started to write the iconic ‘Do not erase’ so I obliged and erased everything but her note. She was super annoyed and would complain to everyone in her department. She went as far as to tell her supervisor but there was nothing that could be done because the poop storm that she started with me was now a category 4 hurricane of petty. And so she dealt with clean boards until I got tired of erasing them after a few months.”

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8. Made My Bully Copy Wrong Answers From Me During Test


“This kid used to bully me in elementary school for having 8 teeth (pulled the rest out for braces) and actually trying in school. Fast forward 11 years to high school and woah what, I still try hard in school.

He’s in my human anatomy class, I sit in the very back of the class and she pulls both of us to the front and informs us that I have the highest grade and he has the lowest grade and she’s sitting us together front and center and she wants me to tutor him.

Whatever. Fine. I’m not gonna hold a grudge. So I try to help him and he says ‘I don’t wanna learn. I just want to pass.’

So I say fine. We have a test a week or so later and I notice he only has a pen so I offer him a pencil. He huffs at me and declares he only writes in pen. Fine.

Start the test, it’s like the vocabulary fill-in test with the word box.

And I notice he’s sitting up and leaning over me to see my answers. FRIG NO. So I write all the wrong answers after that, get to the last 2 and he just scribbles in whatever, shoots up to go to the teacher. She notices it was fast and tells him so and he goes ‘Well, it just wasn’t that hard.’

Gets back to his seat, I lean back in mine and go ‘Hmm….gee looks like these answers are all wrong’ and erase the entire page, ‘Good thing I wrote in pencil’

Since we were right in front of the teacher’s desk I noticed her smile slightly, and he got pulled from the class after that.”

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9. Coworker Volunteered Me For A Work So I Filled Up Her Trunk With Foam


“Back at the beginning of my IT career, I was just a hardware tech upgrading PCs before they went to the customer. The company still exists under a different name.

Used to be one of the go-to guys for the HAL computers (you’ll figure out who). We did a large # of these machines, mostly PL 300s and GL 300s.

CD-ROM drives, even readers, were still fairly expensive back then.

The vendors who made them for HAL packed them in super dense foam.

So one night we are working on a line of 100 GL 300s. That means 100 of these boxes for the CD-ROMs have to be opened. We usually have material handlers to do this, but they were out this night for some reason.

One of my coworkers – roommates with one of the other guys I work with – volunteers me to open them all.

I’m like ‘Frig that.’ And he keeps volunteering for me. Finally, with a gleam in my eye, I say ‘OK.’ Now he’s concerned. He should be.

I open all of the boxes, making a giant pile of foam. These boxes are about 9x6x4 to give you an idea of how thick the foam was. Finally, the manager was like ‘get that stuff out in the trash!’ And out I went.

I packed nine boxes full of this foam, with the boxes overflowing.

Then I asked the roommate of the guy to get me the dude’s car keys. When he askes why I shared the plan with him. He laughed and agreed.

I took the trunk of this guy’s Chevy Lumina and stuffed it full of foam. It was so full it took 12 times to try and slam the trunk shut. I had to sit on it.

He found it a few nights later when he popped the trunk. About 30 pieces literally exploded out attacking him.”

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10. Water Supply Acts Up Whenever Our Relatives Take A Shower


“Had my mother’s cousin, her husband, and their 6-year-old from Mexico come over to our house for a couple of months. It was all going well until we (16-year-old me, 2-year-old brother, and my parents) found out that they were talking crap about us behind our back. Now it would have been fine had it not been that we were practically maintaining them. They didn’t pay any single rent, paid for no food, and no bills.

Also, they claimed that my mother and I were verbally abusing their 6-year-old and also claimed that my 2-year-old brother would beat up her 6-year-old. They even went as far as calling my mother a lazy poop.

When we found out we acted all normal. Our petty form of revenge was to cut off all the water while they were in the shower. They went without a proper shower for weeks. When we showered there was no “problem” with the water supply.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
You should have shown them the door PDQ.
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11. Greedy Squadron Superior Had To Settle With His CRT For Some More Years


“I was in charge of a maintenance squadron’s computer account. That involved replacing old equipment when needed. At the time, there were CRT monitors in most of the shops and on most of the desks. The standard lifetime for them at the time was 5 years before they could be replaced. We had just started to get in LCD monitors. This was great for the shops getting them, as they had little desk space anyway.

It didn’t matter so much for the flight chiefs as they had a large desk all to themselves. Almost all of the flight chiefs knew this and wanted them to go to the guys in the shops first that needed the space.

One flight chief, in particular, a master sergeant, was a butt. He was in a few times previously asking how he could get an LCD monitor in place of his CRT.

His CRT still had 3 years to go before its time to be replaced. One day one of our chief master sergeants (higher than MSgt by 2 ranks) managed to get all LCD monitors for our fuel cell shop. They had the least desk space of any other shop and their offices were tiny.

The day arrived and those new LCD monitors all came rolling in. We had 1 or 2 extras in there for some older CRTs somewhere else.

I’m working on delving out the LCDs and doing the paperwork to turn in the CRTs. MSgt Jerk comes rolling in and asking when he’s getting his new LCD monitor. He doesn’t work in the fuel cells. He doesn’t get one. So I told him that he’s still had a few years before it needed to be replaced. These were going to fuel cell and only fuel cell.

I didn’t let him know about the extra. He didn’t like that, so he tried throwing rank around.

MSgt Jerk: ‘I’m a master sergeant, I should get one.’

Me: ‘No, you have the desk space for a CRT. The fuel cell does not, and CMSgt Name has already said that these are going to them and them only. Rank has absolutely nothing to do with who gets what.’

The dumbfounded look on his face was priceless. I left to a new base around a year later. That MSgt still had a CRT sitting on his desk when I left.”

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12. Mixed My Petty Boss's Business Cards With My Old Ones When he Fired Me


“Once worked for a complete psycho. It should have been a fun job, designing playgrounds, but the boss had some sort of issue where he would either be shouting at everyone or quietly simmer in the corner, scowling away. Literally, everyone else except me and one girl left as they couldn’t take it, but I was too broke to leave so whenever he shouted at me, I started shouting back.

Of course, this led to him bringing in someone new to ‘help you do your job’, which is code for ‘show him how to do your job so I can fire you.’ The firing eventually happened on the final working day before Christmas. Classy.

When I went back a few days later to clear out my desk, the boss was not there; only my replacement, who I didn’t really like but had no hard feelings for.

I really wanted to leave at least a petty ‘Freak You’, but how to do it when he was watching me? Luckily, right behind my desk was the stationery cupboard. While filling my two big boxes with desk stuff, I opened the cupboard and removed the two boxes containing my business cards. I emptied them into the bin as I wouldn’t be needing them again. I then noticed the boxes containing his business cards and removed them from the cupboard too.

His first name and my first name are the same and our surnames, while different, are similar in length so it was not easy to tell his business cards from mine. I threw about 20% of his business cards in the bin and replaced them with mine, randomly shuffled through the two packs of 500 cards.

I was hoping he would inadvertently hand them out at trade shows so I would get phone calls and wreak further havoc, but the fact that this didn’t happen means he probably had to sit down and manually sort through 1,000 business cards.”

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13. Freeloading Groupmates Get Zero From Our Group Reporting


“I recently moved to a new state halfway through my freshman year. I came in at the sweet moment of starting a new project based on a book. The project was supposed to be divided amongst my partners I did not know. My two partners, we will call Frank and Shadynasty, were always zoned out. Frank would be too busy listening to his 2010 era music with Naruto music videos, and Shadynasty too busy on her phone.

Once we were given our books, and the deadline for the project was set, I immediately took charge and set up roles since nobody wanted to help. It was annoying being new to the school and having to start all over again. The deadline for the book to be read was reached. I had read the book. I then asked Frank and Shadynasty. I got basically the same answer from both of them.

A confused ‘yeah’.

Whatever. I then told them I’ll do the first 3 slides, Frank would do the next 2, and Shadynasty would do her 1. Frank lived in my neighborhood. When we got off the bus I asked if he had finished his part of the presentation. He bolts it home.

Whatever. I ask Shadynasty the next day if she has her part done and she says ‘I forgot to sorry.’ I then realized my group mates were complete morons and I’d have to solo this project.

Once I had completed it and it was time to present it, I handed out note cards with a script. They both were blank.

The first slide was the title slide and was supposed to have all our names, it only had mine. I had completed my 3 slides and it was Frank’s turn to present. The rubric stated you may not read off the board. He could not figure out what to say so I did it.

Then came Shadynasty’s slide. Her slide wasn’t supposed to have much of a script other than ‘and here is the song that matches this scene in the book’ and clicks on it. Like Frank, she stands there clueless. I come back and finish her part.

Then came the questions asked by the teacher. She had separate questions for each group. She would ask 1 question per person. Frank and Shadynasty both could not answer their questions. I answered all three.

I ended up with a 97 and my group mates both got 0s. They still passed the class though.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
Sounds like my old middle school. I doubt if those two did anything useful with their lives later on.
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14. Petty Roommate Lost Four PS3 Controllers And Two Remotes Inside Our House


“In college, I lived in a house with 5 other roommates. No cable or even local tv. One roommate insisted that we set up his big-screen TV and PS3 in the living room for shared gaming and streaming for the house. Within the first week, my roommate started taking the power cords from the TV and PS3 and requiring us to ‘check it out’ from him if we wanted to use either.

He was super petty about it, and hated me in particular because I ‘reminded him of his older brother.’ The final straw was when I had a girl over, cuddling on the couch watching a flick. He gets home from work, sees us, and immediately removes the power cord mid-scene.

A few days later I noticed he left the PS3 controllers and remote control on the floor of the living room.

Not wanting someone to trip on them, I placed the devices up in the dish of an unplugged floor lamp sitting in the corner of the room and conveniently ‘forgot’ I’d placed them there. The lamp was above eye level and the dish was opaque, no one thought to look up there. It didn’t even have a bulb in it. A few weeks later, the roommate bought two more controllers but remained an insufferable jerk about letting anyone else use the living room TV.

This time I moved the controllers up to clear the floor for vacuuming. Two months in, four controllers and two remotes down a house meeting are convened as lack of working tv and console for streaming is really putting a damper on movie and date nights. Roommate is getting in trouble from other roommates for being so flakey and misplacing the remotes. He gets defensive, accuses the house of ‘stealing his stuff.’ I act hurt by his accusation but like the bigger man, suggest the house use my 360 and big screen for entertainment.

‘It’s set up in my room but I’m willing to sacrifice my personal entertainment set up for my roomies.’ We start transitioning electronics out. Roommate is livid, all his power fantasies have fallen apart, he rages, picks up his PS3 from the entertainment center, and spikes it into the corner of the room knocking the floor lamp. The PS3 shatters on the wall, four controllers and two tv remotes spill out from the lamp. I seriously couldn’t have planned it better.”

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stro 2 years ago
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15. We Fed The Rude Vegan Customer Cheese And Bacon For Months


“I used to work at a small-town Italian restaurant back in high school.

This lady would come in about once every couple of weeks or so. She was vegan, and of course, spent 90% of her day telling people about it. She was extremely smug and very condescending towards everyone she talked to. She’d often ask if certain menu items were ‘vegan friendly’ even if it was pretty goshdarn obvious it wasn’t!.

No Miss, Chicken Fettuccine is NOT vegan friendly.

This bee with an itch would CLEAN her plate every time she ate lunch, and would often complain that the meal was bad and try to squeeze our manager for a discount/free meal. Also, she never tipped.

So, my friends and I started putting cheese and bacon bits in her food. We got away with it for about six months solid. Eventually, she came in with her entire family (Table of 10+ people)

None of them tipped. My coworker Matt called her out on it when she left, and she smugly told him that the only reason she eats at our ‘craphole restaurant’ was that it was vegan friendly. He broke the news that she had been eating bacon and cheese for six months.”

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amho1 3 years ago
I hope she learned tip. It's also Hella not cool to not tip people who get paid less then minimum wage. She had no reason to be unkind.
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16. Threw Out Lazy Roommates' Mattress So They Would Move Out


“Grew up lower-income to an amazing single mom. We often had roommates to help with the rent because my mom refused to lose the house for an apartment because she didn’t want us growing up in the crappy apartment buildings across town.

One of those roommates turned out to be a lazy piece of poop. My mom took him, his wife, and their child in as the wife was a co-worker and they were also down on their luck.

Husband lost his job and spent days watching tv in his underwear on my mom’s couch. Despite repeated conversations to put clothes on, this behavior continued and soon accompanied missed rent payments. The husband and wife would often get in extremely vocal and aggressive fights right, yelling at all hours while my mom tried sleeping 5 hours a night to work two jobs. My mom was too nice to take further action so my friends and I (I think we were in 7th grade at this point) took it upon ourselves to torment them into finally moving out.

At first, I changed the banner on his flip phone to Suidae (pre-internet, took him a while to figure out the meaning.) Then I started disconnecting the tv whenever I was home. They went on for a while with some funny eavesdropped conversations between husband and wife about the ghost on the tv. Finally started throwing his things out. The climax came after three months of missed rent payments and the husband not going to any job interviews, I got together all my friends and the couple of high school kids I knew and we dismantled their bed and took the mattress outside. A huge argument ensued and I told him his butt could sleep on a bed again when he’d earned his keep. They moved out two days later.

We had another roommate move in a month or so later that was much more respectful.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
The fact that those parasites moved out so quickly made it plain that they thought the house was their own personal resort.
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17. Grumpy Old Neighbors Get Free Landscape Art For Summer


“I’m 40, so this is circa 1989. Old next-door neighbors were classic grumpy old people (that for some reason moved into a new neighborhood full of young families) — The type that would keep our ball if it went over the fence. They spent all day taking care of their perfect lawn, and watching us, and screaming at any kids who stepped foot on it.

They also hated that a lot of neighborhood kids would congregate at our house, my dad painted hockey lines on the street (dead end cul-de-sac) – for huge pickup games of hockey, and also a lot of skateboarding.

We built a quarter pipe that we kept at the curb, and even more, kids started hanging out. One morning it was smashed in, and our other neighbor (another old man who liked kids), told our Dad that he saw our neighbor smash the ramp with his hand truck.

So — we took a gasoline can, and wrote swear words on their lawn in like 6 ft letters, in gasoline, which killed the grass — and remained burned into their lawn for most of the summer, cuz the gas wouldn’t grow on the gas lines.

Needless to say, the feud persisted through my entire childhood.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
I'll bet that if the grumpy neighbors' house caught on fire, the rest of the neighborhood would have just stood and watched it burn. At least they wouldn't be on the grass.
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18. Girl Who Bullied Me In Middle School Got Beaten In A Game Of Bumper Pool


“This girl named Adrienne used to lie to me and bully me with her two friends in middle school. We went to the same Boys and Girls Club, and we were walking distance from each other’s houses.

On my birthday, I went there and decided to challenge her to a game of bumper pool. She shrugged and said ‘all right, sure, I’ll whoop your butt.’

My five friends came to cheer me on and so did Adrienne’s two friends. I was a club-renowned bumper pool champion; I played against most of the kids there and won.

Ended up beating her. She got so annoyed, she stormed off and demanded her mother pick her up and get her McDonald’s.

She was still a part of the Club when I had to move away, but I haven’t heard from her since. And she never bullied me again.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
A little righteous humiliation goes a long way.
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19. Twin Sister Who Neglected Me For Her Significant Other Got To Be Late For Our Class


“So I haven’t been getting along with my twin sister lately, since I don’t like the guy she is seeing. Ever since she got together with him, she’s been blowing me off and stopped hanging out with me during mealtimes (which is the only time we can hang out because of our schedules). So I decided not to ask her to eat with me since I was tired of asking and her saying she wasn’t going to go with me, and I ate at our dorm.

So about an hour later I’m getting ready to go to class, and I didn’t hear a peep from her room. I looked at my phone, saw it was 15 minutes until my class (and her class) started. So I burst into her room, woke both her and her significant other up, and stated that she had 15 minutes until her class started and that I ate without her. She jolted out of bed as I left, and I was told later that she was late to her class and that it was a jerk move. I didn’t really care because I walked to my class with a smile on my face for the first time in a while (thanks to family problems).”

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20. I Literally Had A Puppy Taken Away From Kids For Petty Revenge.


“Next door neighbors at my apartment move in, a young couple just out of high school, two infant kids already with a third on the way. Father works second shift. Every night comes home around midnight, turns the music up as loud as possible until 3 AM. For MONTHS I on walls, leave notes, and contact management about them but nothing happens (I was and still am quite worried about the children through this – what kind of parents play music THAT loud that late with children that are probably asleep…?).

So, a few months into this. I notice they have a brand new puppy. I see the mother ‘walking’ it daily. and by walking, I mean she takes it 2 feet outside on the concrete covered area where all the apartment doors are and lets it defecate and urinate there without ever cleaning it up.

I am well aware of the apartment rules as well. And it’s a strictly no pet building. So I of course immediately notify management they’re keeping a pet they shouldn’t have and it’s using our front doors as a toilet. Next day, as I’m coming home for lunch, I see the mother packing up dog and all the belongings in someone else’s vehicle.”

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21. Groupmate Who Didn't Do his Research Took The Loss During Our Presentation


“In the first year of uni, I had a group project presentation with four other people based on animal-derived cancer treatments.

As per all group projects, one guy doesn’t pull his weight, and by that I mean he ‘researched’ a reference from cancer research UK’s website that turned out to be completely redundant… He essentially contributed nothing.

I came up with a plan to get revenge… There were two important details that I kept in mind for this:

Firstly, I compiled all the references for research together, so I could (if I wanted to) change a reference or two.

Secondly, one of the ‘judges’ was quite an expert on antibodies (poly- and mono-clonal), which was one of our topics to cover for our presentation

So, onto the plan: I switched a couple of our references to older, more out-of-date references… I then tell the guy he could take credit for researching the antibody segment; he accepts because it makes him look good.

Comes to the presentation. He stumbles his way through it, then the lecturer in question (antibody expert) asks him a bunch of questions, and then about ‘his’ choice of references (which were crap, courtesy of me).

Now he’s at a cross-road, either:

1. he outs me for bad research, admitting he did none, losing marks, AND looking like a dummy

… or 2. he looked like less of a dummy in front of the class and just took the loss

He chose the latter and I think he learned a lesson… Though we didn’t work together again after that so I wouldn’t know.”

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22. Mom Who Married For Money Though She Won But She Really Didn't


“My mum married this much older guy clearly for his money. After his cash started drying up she soon got bored. One day she argued with him over something really stupid, about him not washing the dishes, and said she was off for a few days to her daughters (my sister). She came back a week later to find he had packed her bags, changed the locks, and without a bother told her to get lost, which completely backfired on her.

She then somehow emptied his bank account (a few hundred dollars) and she started telling family and friends he hit her and often, which I assure you he didn’t. A month or so later she was clearly regretting the crappy stuff she did. Went over to his house to try and make amends only to find out his young Thai bride had moved in. My mother flipped tried to attack them both.

During the divorce, he offers her a 5k settlement as technically they were married when his new ‘lady friend’ moved in. Mother thinking this was the last of his cash agreed. Assuming she had the last laugh she was pretty happy with herself until she found out he had sold up some investment for 200k she had no idea about and shipped off to Thailand to live happily ever after with his new wife.”

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23. Seatmate Tried To Copy My Answers But Got Everything Wrong Instead


“Years ago in high school in AP Chemistry, we were set to take a test in class. The way the tables were set up was so that there were 2 to a table. Annoyingly enough, it was somewhat small so the other person would be fairly close. The guy sitting next to me tried to copy off of my test and realized it by the 10th question as I turned the page, with his head turned toward my paper.

The professor was too busy fiddling with something on her computer.

The main thing that mattered to me was to have my calculator and scantron (with my arm constantly covering the scantron) on the very far opposite side of him so he couldn’t see the correct answers to any questions that needed calculating. Side note, on these tests there is a scantron used to grade your answers and a separate paper with the questions (luckily we were able to write on that paper).

Anyway, back to that situation, I decided to write out equations, etc on my paper but not actually put any numbers down onto the paper and just enter them into the calculator until I got to the answer. With his peering eyes I ‘boxed’ a random wrong answer and kept on with this. I took looks at his paper and was following every answer. , I trolled on a theoretical question and wrote down bogus explanations (but of course still writing the correct answer on the scantron) that didn’t make sense and he wrote them VERBATIM.

This guy really didn’t study at all. Soon enough I finished the test. Got up, flashed him my answer key or scantron, looked down at his then back at me, and started to look anxious. I left the table to turn in things, erased all the wrong answer marks on the portions of the question of the test before turning that in as well. Long story short got an A, and he missed ALL the questions.”

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24. Groupmate Didn't Do His Part So I Did Everything And He Embarrassed Himself


“So this happened about a year ago when I was put into a group with my best friend. It was Biology class and we had been assigned our CPT, which is an important project worth about 10% of your final grade. For the project, you had to pick an animal and compare its different systems to that of a human, so we decided to do the peregrine falcon.

Now my friend was a smart fellow so I assumed he would do his part, as it was assigned in mid-December and we had until mid-January to do it.

We kind of joked around in class and played on the school’s Chromebooks, but I was doing the work at home, putting it all into a PowerPoint presentation that we had to present.

Now the night before the assignment is due, my partner had been sick for the past week, just a fever, but he was still playing video games because I saw him playing on Steam.

I ask him where his part was and he tells me he didn’t get it done because he was sick, I called bullcrap and he told me I had to do it.

I stayed up for the next few hours finishing the project, fact-checking and such, then went to bed. I brought in the PowerPoint on a USB and showed my teacher our progress to show that we completed the assignment on time because the presentations would take over a week to present them all, mainly because she was slow at gathering her marking papers and getting a pen.

Anyways, I show my teacher the PowerPoint and she says it’s really well done, and asks which parts I did and my partner did, and I, of course, tell her that I did all of it because my partner was sick.

The next week my friend gets better and we have to present our PowerPoint to her, which I nailed because I did all the work, and my friend didn’t because he was a lazy jerk who thought I had told her that he did his part.

She hands back the assignments on the last day of class (she takes forever to mark stuff), and I got a 90%, which I was satisfied with. My friend didn’t do too well, because the only thing he did was stutter a bit and tell her what he knew about falcons off the top of his head.

Funny thing is that a similar thing happened earlier this year, but this time he just waited to the last hour to finish his project because I told him to submit it.”

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25. Guy Bullied Me And My Friends So I Faked The Answers In The Final Exam


“Freshmen year biology I was always a very studious student. The teacher and I saw eye to eye on everything, and his humor was top notch. I caught his favor so much that he even gave me an A on the final – the final that I didn’t turn in. Why didn’t I turn it in you may ask?

Well, this kid was always a royal moron to me and my friends, and probably wasted about a third of the total learning time in each of the classes he took with me.

Now I care about that time – I’d rather learn semi-interesting facts than listen to a teacher squabble with a pot of bubbling testosterone. On top of that, he was a standard bully, encouraging others to rip on close friends and circulating vicious rumors, he even terrorized a close friend coming to grips with their orientation so badly, they stayed closeted until well after high school.

Well, the final rolls around and I hear him talking with some friends; he was on his last leg, his parents had had it with his slacking and if he failed any more classes, he wasn’t just going to military school; if my memory serves, his parents would send him all the way back to the country they were originally from. A devious thought appears. I’d never been one to hold a grudge but this guy, this guy I hated.

And this guy? This guy also had the guts to ask me for help mid-test.

There was his mistake.

I made up so many terms I may as well have answered the written portion in a different language. The multiple-choice was a flurry of random answers along with every stupid joke answer on the test. After he turned his test in, I simply waited till the hour’s end slipped my test in my folder, and bid both him and my favorite teacher a fine summer.

I never saw that guy again.”

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26. Took A Photo In The Couch With The Guy I'm Seeing To Get Back At His Ex


“This guy I really liked was in a long term relationship. And we knew each other through friends but only started really talking after his ex cheated several times and they broke up. Fast forward to 2 months of me and him together, she decides she wants him back and starts trying to text him and message him but he blocks her (starts messaging me and when I don’t reply messages, my friends, I had to block her for a while too) so she shows up to his house one day while I’m there to give him a note (his roommates answer but no one lets her in) so she just gives the note to pass on and he reads it, is like whatever gives it to me says I can read if I’m curious or just tear it apart he doesn’t care.

So of course I read it. And it says stuff about how I’m just a rebound and how she’ll wait and, one line she wrote saying ‘one day we’ll be on our couch in our apartment and look at each other and know we made it,’ Really just stuck and I ended up keeping the note and forgetting about it till I was going through some stuff about 8 months later while I was moving.

Well I ended up not being just a rebound and we are still together almost 2 years later but you best believe I took a picture of us on our couch in our apartment smiling and labeled it ‘finished moving into our apartment! We made it! (of course, I unblocked her after she stopped bothering us so she’d get reminded every now and then we were still together and since she’s still blocked on his she’ll only see mine). I look at the picture from time to time and chuckle at my little inside joke.”

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27. Boy Breaks My Tailbone In 7th Grade Gets His Heart Broken Because Of My Friend


“I was sitting alone in a chair one day in 7th grade after being instructed to sit there for a test, when an 8th-grade boy, we’ll call him Lonnie, since he’s a piece of poop, (who easily had 100 lbs on me – I was a tiny girl then, maybe 5’0 then. I’m only 5’2” now as an adult, and he was an early bloomer, 5’10 at least and looked like a full-grown man then, easily 220 lbs), waltzed up and yanked the chair out from under me and then kicked me in the head twice.

I had a hairline fracture on my tailbone from falling on the hard linoleum and had to be checked out for a concussion.

Thanks to Zero Tolerance, I was suspended for being involved in a fight and made to write an apology letter because I shrieked ‘YOU BUTTHEAD!’ after he broke my tailbone. Turns out he was mad because I was in his usual seat and I didn’t realize how big an offense that was.

Years later, after meeting my best friend during my freshman year of high school, I found out the only reason he ever switched to my school, to begin with, was bc he had stabbed HER, my best friend, in the arm with a pencil two years before and was expelled.

I’m convinced this experience told the universe to bring us together and be petty, and we were inseparable ever since.

Anyway, around junior year, we ended up in the same friend circle as a girl Lonnie had a MAJOR crush on. She was literally his only friend – his tendency to rage and become violent tended toward most people off – and he followed her everywhere on campus and would get really mean and aggressive with both of us whenever we’d talk to her around him.

Very possessive of her, even though they never dated. And we liked her, hated him. Obviously, you see where this is going.

It took about five minutes to tell the girl, our friend, and his crush, about our stories and have her enthusiastically agree never to speak to him again and admit that he’s always made her uncomfortable and at times scared. So say adios to your terrified “significant other,” Lonnie.

We didn’t stop there, though. Oh no.

We made her our third best friend and never left her side. My best friend is gay, so they started a ‘relationship.’ Didn’t really see each other mucbh, but the girl was definitely on our side of the equation and down to get in on the revenge. I would tip them off whenever he was around or watching the three of us and they’d start getting intimate with each other while I would on occasion shoot him a double thumbs up or salute as he walked by. Goshdarn did it feel good.”

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28. Manipulative Ex Got Sent To An In-Patient Psych Ward


“I was seeing a guy when I was about 18 or 19 years old. so like 20 years ago (I still lived with my mom and he still lived with his parents). We were only together for about 5-6 months, but he quickly became controlling and manipulative. It was before cell phones were common, but everyone had caller ID.

I had gone out for a girls’ night with some friends and came home to see that he’d called me 48 times and left me 8 messages in a 5 hour period demanding me to call him right back to let him know where I was and what I was doing.

RED FLAG – and I was just over him anyway, so I called him back and told him we were breaking up.

He turns into his totally manipulative mode (which he’d done before) saying that he would take his own life if I wasn’t around. I knew it was total garbage. This was his way of being controlling and he was a pathological liar.

So, I hit ‘record’ on my answering machine and got a copy of the rest of the conversation and told him I was really worried and didn’t want him to do that.

He pounced on the opportunity to keep up the manipulation as he thought he had me on the hook. I told him I was really worried about him, and that I was heading over to his house (30 min away).

As soon as I hung up, I called the police and played the conversation with the 911 operator, and told her that he really needed help.

2 am and 2 police officers show up at his home and ring the doorbell – waking up his parents.

They tell his parents that he isn’t well and they need to take him in for observation.

He tells his parents that the police are lying and he’s fine and has no idea what’s going on. They play the recording for his parents, who are terrified because they had no idea that their son wasn’t stable and sign off for him to go to an in-patient psych ward.

He was there for 10 days, and I never heard from him again.. but I do still stalk him on social media occasionally and see he has 2 kids and 2 ex-wives, and a poor current partner.

Feel bad for all of them, but glad I dodged that bullet. Hope it at least made him think twice about faking again, but I doubt it.”

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29. Crazy Ex Told Me I Was Just A Fallback So I Showed Her How Great Of A Fallback I was


“Years ago at the youthful age of 22, there was this guy who I was seeing for 8 months who dumped me for his ex of many years but he did it in a very cowardly way. Rather than just being upfront and honest with me, he would barely speak to me basically just saying ‘it’s just over’ without any explanation, without any respect, then the following day, I stumbled upon him at his friend’s house with the crazy ex who ended up physically attacking me.

As I was getting in my car after all this craziness, she said to me ‘He never cared about you! You were just a fallback to him!’ That last statement from her burned right through me. It made me feel so angry and so badly embarrassed that I decided I simply had to set the record straight. I mean ok sure he didn’t love me as he did her, after all, they had many years of being together but I’ll be darned if he gets off that easy by just telling her I meant nothing and was just a fallback (when that was simply not true) meanwhile I’m left with a broken heart completely blind-sided by this cowardly snake and they get to live happily ever after.


I had a gang of loving sentimental cards he gave me with these amazing love letters written in them telling me how happy he finally was after being so miserable for so long and how he can’t wait to see what our future holds because it’s wonderful to be with me, how lucky he is to have me in his life, how he feels like a brand new person and couldn’t be happier, etc.

You name it, he took the time often to write it (because the fact is he really did care, true it didn’t compare the love he had for her after their several years together but he still did care for me.) After week two, when I knew they’d still be in lovey-dovey make-up mode I took all these cards and all of the photos we took together (all showed two people very happy together and very coupled) and mailed every last piece to her home address with a sweet little note to her that said ‘I just wanted to show you how much of a fall back I was.

Who gets the last laugh now, witch?’

Bounce forward 3 years, I run into him. To no surprise of mine, I find out they didn’t last. He told me that about 6 months prior he had picked out a big beautiful home for her and surprised her with it and she, get this, was MAD at him for it. (Can we say mega bee with an itch.) He said that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for him.

He also told me how much heck those cards and pictures caused him and how she often gave him grief over me even up until the end. Apparently, she got the point that I really was more than just a fallback. I couldn’t help but find this hysterical. Karma baby. We both had a good laugh about it. He was a nice fun guy whose company I enjoyed and that past wasn’t something I held on to so we spent a couple of evenings together after but just hanging out as friends until the end of the second night when he was trying to put the moves on me. Not happening. I wasn’t interested in him at all these days. I let him crash at my place since he was intoxicated but made him sleep on the couch.

I met my now-husband shortly thereafter and the rest is history.’

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30. Used Up All My Glue To Get Back At My 6th Grade Teacher


“6th-grade math class, my teacher thought she was funny (but I was funnier). She would make a joke in class and I would immediately one-up her, nothing rude or mean. I just stole the spotlight.

I have glasses and forgot to bring them to her class once, and she caught me squinting to read what’s on the board so she told me these words exactly and I’ll never forget: ‘If you can’t read what’s on the board then don’t waste your time in my class.

Get out and stand in the hall’

I was so incredibly annoyed, and I knew it was her just being immature and petty. So I was just sitting in the hall waiting for class to end. She opens the classroom door and I expect her to let me back into class but that horrible woman said: ‘Why are you sitting? Stand up and touch your nose to the wall’

Have you ever felt so much hate so fast towards a teacher? If you do we’re on the same page.

I was plotting so many things to get back at her. First I thought I would ruin her car by shoving rocks in her car’s exhaust praying one day maybe her car would blow up when she starts it (I was very young and angry) but I realized there is a much better and clever way to get back at her.

This is what I did and still consider it genius to this day: I took clear super glue, went to her whiteboard after class, and wrote very mean swear words, very big.

But it was clear. And dried clear. You wouldn’t even notice anything was done. The difference between whiteboards and super glue is that expo markers wipe of easy on whiteboards but stick permanently to dried superglue

Overtime (few days) slowly, slowly the words started to appear. And the look and rage on her face were priceless.

I think she had a feeling that it was me but had no evidence.

So I continued to vandalize her classroom, I would glue her textbooks shut, glue her calculators together, etc… Finally, one of my classmates came to class after school and saw me doing this. She snitched on me and I got suspended.

I had the last laugh in that class. I walked in with a solid grin and stared that teacher down every day after that. We both hated each other’s guts. Now, I’m in medical school. Wow do times change.”

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31. Best Friend Doesn't Notice I'm Messing With His Food Each Time He Lets Me Down


“My best friend, whom I love and adore, is a terrible friend. He will not reply to messages, say he’ll come to visit and never show up, break promises, stuff like that. He doesn’t do it on purpose, he’s just too bad at remembering to do anything. Despite his failings I still love him but he drives me crazy so I have started tampering with his food.

Now, food is this guy’s all-time favorite thing, nothing is better for him than food. So far I have stolen all the meat out of his McDonald’s burgers on several occasions, (while he wasn’t looking) slowly stolen the bits he likes from his Chinese’s food, taken every single bit of bacon from his BELT salad, put a chocolate muffin in his McDonald’s so he didn’t notice until it had started to taste funky, eaten the last bite of his doughnut out of his hand and more.

Honestly, I could go on for days, every time he lets me down, I mess with his food. He still hasn’t noticed the connection which I find so satisfying. I even switched out his normal food for diet food once while he was on the loo. Such fun.”

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vige 3 years ago
Uh. As someone with adhd and other issues that effect my memory, you're way of addressing his issues is problematic. Stop messing with his food. Ask if he has ever been diagnosed with anything so you can be aware and work with him. If ya love him, in a healthy manner, you might want to change your behavior first.
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32. Neighbor Called The Cops On Us So We Trashed Their Pickup Truck For Months


“In classic fashion, this happened a few years ago, but I️ was in college. Went to one of the largest schools in my state so naturally, there was a lot of partying, etc on campus.

One year I was living on campus in a smaller apartment and we were playing FIFA in our living room with some music on. Our neighbors downstairs decided that they thought our music was too loud (probably was), but instead of coming up and asking us to turn it down, proceeded to call the cops for a noise complaint.

When the cops arrived, we opened the door without checking the see-through-hole and just opened it. We were pretty much arrested immediately for smoking stuff in plain sight on our living room coffee table.

After we get our list of charges on the sheet of paper, we can see the name of who made the call for the noise complaint, and after some sleuthing on , we found this guy who was seeing the girl who lived under us and didn’t even live in our 3-story complex.

Come to find out the drives the only large pickup truck that parks in our lot and can be heard from inside. So you can imagine over the next 10 months we lived in that apt he found everything you can think of in the bed of that truck. Ranging from dead animals, rotten meat, and the grand finale being an entire parking block from the other side of the lot. Also during the last week, we lived in the complex we decided his truck didn’t need the hitch on the back of it anymore, threw it out for him.

Should’ve had the guts to come and ask us to turn down our music in person and save all of us a misdemeanor charge we had to pay for.”

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33. Roommate Who Doesn't Share His Food Wakes Up To A Smelly Closet


“My freshman year of college, one of my roommates loved buying about $200 worth of food and never let any of us have even a single Oreo of what he had purchased even though we shared our food with him. So after winter break, two of us found an expired milk jug in the refrigerator and decided that it would be a great idea to put it into his closet behind his clothing so he wouldn’t be able to see it.

Fast-forwarding about 2 months, the milk jug started to leak and get all over his clothes and the floor. He was annoyed because his clothes and room smelled like butt for a few days. He was wondering where the milk came from, to which my other roommate and I suggested that he must have done it one day while he was intoxicated (he had only been intoxicated two times in his life, both that month and they both resulted in a blackout). He actually believed us and asked us not to tell anyone, especially his partner, about the whole thing because he was so embarrassed.

The smell did spread to our rooms, which was one downside. But it was so worth it looking back at it.”

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elpe 3 years ago
Thats not revenge story? You're just a selfish asshole. No ones owes you a thing. Wtf? Cant beleive yall even posted this here. Smh
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34. Kid Who Stabbed My Eye With Pencil Got In Trouble For Coloring An Entire Table


“Back when I was 6 years old, this little poop stain of a kid was assigned to sit next to me in class. He wasn’t the brightest bulb in the shed. Got a pencil eraser stuck in his ear, somehow managed to dislocate his shoulder by sticking it in a spin-dryer, and more. He was well known to cause trouble and be difficult, and I was meant to be a good influence on him.

Anyway, one day this kid was being a real moron, and tried to steal a brand new pencil my grandad gave me (British Aerospace pencil), and I tried to take it back. Little poop refused to give it to me, so it ended in a pulling match… When he intentionally let go with a poop-eating grin on his face, as the sharpened lead of the pencil jammed RIGHT next to my eye.

To this day I have a little grey scar a cm from my tear duct. The teacher didn’t see anything so she did nothing about it.

Well, my little vengeful 6-year-old butt vowed revenge.

It was around 2 weeks later when the class was congregating at the back of the classroom, don’t fully remember why, and I saw the box of shared crayons was on my and poop stain’s desk.

A petty little plan formed in my head.

I scribbled and scribbled with every darn color in the box, across the entire table. Layer after layer after layer. Ending a muddy greenish-brown, I got the yellow crayon and signed my artwork with poop stain’s name, and ran to tell the teacher.

Of course, our ex-nun teacher was furious and yelled at the poop stain as he cried and denied it.

He was forced to stay indoors during lunch breaks for a week, had to scrub the table clean for the rest of the day, and was moved to a table right in front of the teacher by himself for the rest of the year. So I got to chill by myself at the back of the class and do my own thing for the remainder of the year without some little dummy stealing my pencils.”

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35. Disliked Football Teammate Finds His Sandwiches With Hole Everyday


“In high school, I had the first period off. There was a kid on our football team no one liked, he never tried hard and always took any chance he could get to get out of anything difficult. Every morning he had weights for the first period. So I would get there in the middle of his class, about 8 A.M. I would walk into the locker room and find the lunch box that his mom had packed for him.

Then, I would very carefully take his lunch apart and remember exactly how it was packed. Once I found his sandwich, I would slide it out of its Ziploc bag and fold it in half, then I would take a bite square out of the middle of the sandwich. Leaving a gaping hole in the middle of his lunch. After putting everything back in its exact order I would exit undetected. The entire football team would sit together at lunch, so every day I would wait quietly while he took apart his lunch only to find the middle missing in his sandwich. He would lose his mind. I eventually stopped, and I didn’t tell anyone until about 2 years after. Best prank of my life.”

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36. Sent An Appeal Against My Mean Roommates And It Was The "Checkmate" I've Been Working For


“First year of university. First semester. Dry Campus. All-Female Dorm. I have a disability. I get set up with my own room, Learning Accommodations, the works. Not much, just stuff to help me focus. Two girls also move in. For the story, I’ll call them Jay and Bee. Jay and Bee are your classical Regina Georges from ‘Mean Girls.’ They act nice and sweet to your face, but in fact, talk crap about you and make your life a nightmare until it’s too late.

They’re also very petty. They started ‘targeting’ me after one of them thought that I didn’t have my documented disability (it literally took 2 minutes for the doctors to come back and confirm it after I was tested). They started talking crap about me, my body and even tried protesting that I was in a single room while they had to have roommates. I wasn’t the only person they harassed either.

In fact, several girls were either forcibly kicked out, manipulated into, or simply dropped out of the dorm because they couldn’t handle their BS. In fact, Bee proved to be very violent because she chased another girl and threatened to seriously hurt her. This is important because of what happens.

Bee and Jay get reported and kicked out (finally). They have a month to leave. They’re annoyed because they got caught, and they decided if they were going down, they were taking one last person out with them.

Guess who was chosen? The harassment and violence picked up over the next few weeks as finals approached. I was getting more and more stressed and angry until finally, I lashed out at Bee. Not physically. I snapped, told her she was petty and a jerk, if the guy she was seeing knew half the crap she pulled, he wouldn’t be with her, she was mean, etc.

It was just anything and everything minus the swearing. Here’s the thing, I don’t swear usually and I actually am able to control it even in that state of mind. The last thing I tell her is if she comes near me again, ‘we’re gonna have a problem!’ That’s it. I stormed off to my room. RA comes, she heard and talked to me. She says that sadly she has to write a report because of how loud I was and I say I understand.

The next day, Bee gets her lawyer (so I deciphered) to get the President of Student Life Services to boot me out. Why? I threatened her life. I apparently threatened her life. No witnesses. No audio recordings.

Yeah. That’s just petty. So I get the boot because somehow the President has no clue about all that’s transpired (apparently Bee and Jay are getting kicked out of the dorm officially for other reasons), I have until 12 pm the next day to get my stuff and go.

Thankfully my dad was on his way to pick me up already. We spend 3 and 1/2 hours cleaning up. I’m done rolling over. I let the girls know what’s going on, needless to say, that Jay and Bee don’t come out of their rooms until 6 am the next morning. And I decide that I’m going to fight back. With my family’s help, I write up an appeal, and a letter with documents -evidence- of Snapchat videos, Tweets even texts shared between one of their former friends all indicating their plans and plots to attack me and drive me out.

Not only does the President of Student Life get it, but the President of the School.

Fast forward. My appeal is accepted, I go back. Classes begin, I have only one during the day. I’m buying a textbook, and I see Jay and Bee there. They’re storming out of the Administration office, annoyed as heck because they can’t fight back. They see me, and I smirk and wave. When Bee gives me the finger and starts to walk away, I turned to leave, and I shouted loud enough for them to hear,

Checkmate, witches!'”

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37. Dad Used my Room As A Storage Area So I Messed With His Bedroom While He Was Gone


“When I was in high school my parents were already initiating a divorce, but kinda waiting for me to graduate to do so. I offered to live in half of the bat for a year so my mom could have my room instead of having to get an apartment. As a teenager, I thought it would be cool to live in the bat, and the girl I was seeing could get in undetected.

The biggest problem was that the other half of the bat had a couch, tv, and a never-used old NordicTrack, so even though no one ever used the NordicTrack, people still used the other half of the bat.

The light switches were also on that side, so every night I would walk across the bat to the futon I slept on in complete darkness. One night my dad moved the NordicTrack right in front of my futon.

He claimed that it was distracting him while he was watching TV, but I believe he was just passive-aggressively getting back at me for giving my mom my room. I told him it was fine, as long as he moved the thing back that night so that I didn’t trip over it when going to bed that night. Sure enough, that night when going to bed I had to cross the bat in darkness and stubbed my toe on the stupid, useless NordicTrack right in front of my futon.

The next day I pretended to be sick so that I could stay home from school because I knew this was going to take a while. I didn’t damage anything, but I did systematically move every object in my Dad’s bedroom to different locations. Most small objects I arranged into little vignettes on the floor. I took all of the blankets and pillows off his bed and put them in the closet, I piled all of his clothes on top of his bed and left clothes hangers and drawers neatly arranged on the floor.

I wrote a letter telling him not to use my room as a storage area and nailed it to his bedroom door.

The last thing I did was haul the stupid NordicTrack upstairs to his bedroom. I tied some rope to it so that I could pull the NordicTrack forward while closing his bedroom door. This meant that the door could only be opened a few inches before hitting the dumb NordicTrack behind it.

My brother was the first to come home, when he found out, he told me to put everything back before my dad got home. I told him I was going to leave it, but maybe we should not be there when he got home. When my dad did finally get home from work I waited by the front door while he went upstairs. I heard him try to open the door multiple times with a thud, then about 15 seconds of silence, and then a guttural yell like the hulk yelling smash!’ That’s when I went for a walk.”

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BladeEdge 2 years ago
What the heck is a "bat" in this context? Google and Merriam-Webster have returned nothing to explain how "bat" in any way relates to a living situation.
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38. Lying Neighbor Gets Busted For Overcharging Her Roommates So She Could Live Rent-Free


“My neighbor doesn’t like one of my friends for her own personal reasons. Most of the time she spends at her partner’s house but this one weekend she noticed my friend was staying the weekend while I was at the girl I was seeing’s house. She started sending me mean texts and called the cops on him after she threatened him. Later that night someone dented the door of my friend’s car, pretty obvious it was her with no way to prove it.

I always knew that she overcharged her roommates so she could live rent-free but I never made it any of my business until after that weekend. So after sending the landlord countless emails detailing the horrible things she does to her roommates and how her partner kicked in the front door to steal a TV from one of her roommates, she is being forced out by December 6th! I also informed her roommates that the rent was $1200 and not $1700 as she told them. I figured if they couldn’t force her out, they could at least get her to pay an equal share.”

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39. Friend Made Me An Accomplice In Paying $25 In Coins


“One roommate and I moved out together leaving the other two roommates with approx. 10 months on the lease (Not a proud moment of mine but it seemed okay at the time and it all worked out in the end). After about a month of nastiness getting everything squared away, we are living in our new place, and the old roommates emailed about a water bill from the time we were still in the old place.

It’s about $25 each. I decide to just write a check to get it over with and try to preserve what remains of the relationship with the old roommates, but the other girl decides to be petty. She tries to parse the language of the sublease to say that she isn’t responsible for the bill and gets into a long email battle about it. Finally, she agrees to pay but decides to pay all in coins.

She puts $25 in coins in an envelope and writes a nasty note to the old roommates and has me drive her over to the old house to drop it off.

I should have taken this as an indication of how she would eventually treat me as a person when she was done with associating with me, but I ignored this particular red flag (along with a thousand others). She was nasty to me when she was ready to move out of that lease (early, again) and we aren’t friends anymore. Thankfully, my decision to pay the $25 with a check and only participate as the getaway driver enabled me to preserve and eventually rebuild the relationship with one of the old roommates who is my longest and one of my best friends.”

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40. Petty Customer Got Fired Because Of Her Attitude With Colleagues, Vendors, And Other Customers


“Worked as an IT consultant for a while. One customer had recently gotten a new HVAC system with zone heating and cooling that had a web interface so that the HVAC company could log in and program it and troubleshoot it from their offices. Since we kept track of the company’s IT info, and since we had to make a firewall rule for the HVAC system, we recorded the login info for the customer too.

One day, my co-worker went to a customer’s site to fix a problem for the office manager, who was as mean as she was stupid. He fixed the issue and came back to the office. She called the office shortly after he got back saying he didn’t fix anything, and the problem was still there. He explained to her how he had told her in the office how to do the task correctly, but she started screaming that he’d better get back over there that second.

It might help to mention that her office was on the top floor of the south-facing side of the building, it was mid-afternoon, in the middle of the summer, about 103F that day. Air conditioning was critical for her office.

Before driving the 30 minutes back to her office to point out what she had done wrong, he logged onto the HVAC system and turned off the air conditioning for her zone for 30 minutes.

He then leisurely drive back across town. By the time he got there, the secretary told him that the office manager had figured out the issue (without calling us back), but was now screaming at the HVAC company on the phone because her office was sweltering. He stuck his head in and said he didn’t see any issues with the air, as a cool breeze was blowing from the vents.

She got fired a week or two later because of all the complaints from employees, other vendors (like the HVAC company), and customers.”

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41. Terrible Roommate Snaps, Calls The Cops, And Gets Arrested For Drug Paraphernalia


“I had a terrible roommate while I was in college.

Dirty dishes left in the sink all the time, wet and dirty laundry left all over the kitchen and in the laundry room. The whole apartment smelled like rotten salmon.

Wild parties thrown without my knowledge or consent, coming home from work at 2 AM to a whole host of people I didn’t know, strung out and intoxicated on the couch my family had given me.

Waking up the next morning to the whole place trashed, beer cans, and random party paraphernalia left everywhere.

I moved in with the guy I was seeing the day I came home to my front door kicked in, literally kicked off of the hinges, like a gaping mouth begging for someone to come steal all of my crap. I texted her to ask about it, and she said that one of her friends had done it.

I started packing when no one was home, but before I did, I loosened every single bolt on her dining room table and chairs. I also purchased a few jars of almost-expired mayonnaise and dumped them into the tubs of dirty laundry that had been left piled in the living room for the last week.

She and a host of her friends arrived at the apartment as I was moving my things, and sat down at the dining room table to start drinking. The whole damn thing collapsed and she lost her mind. I kid you not, she called the police.

She ended up getting arrested for paraphernalia.

… I still miss that couch.”

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42. Played A Prank On College Resident Assistant Who Punished Someone Else For It


“My freshman year in college I ended up in the worst dorm on campus. The building was round, and we called it the big beer can. The rooms were pie shaped and the size of a walk-in closet. There were two to a room.

Our resident assistant was practically never there. He took the job for the money, but he barely used the free room because he lived in his frat house.

We took to playing pranks in his room because he never locked it. There were two guys in particular who took great delight in playing pranks on him. This becomes important later.

One day I walked into the communal bathroom to find a floormate cleaning some fish he caught in Lake Michigan. I asked if I could have one of the fish heads. Confused, he nodded yes.

I took the fish head, propped open the mouth with a toothpick, and set the fish on the metal shelf inside the RA’s free refrigerator as a prank. Little did I know he was sick that week, and the fish head lingered there for nearly two weeks before he came back.

Nearly two weeks later I was walking through the hall, and I saw the two guys I mentioned earlier with everything they owned in the hall. I asked if they were moving out of their room. One looks at me all annoyed, ‘No, RA Name, hid a fish head in our room. Now everything smells like rotting fish.'”

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HRHFaerieGodmom 3 years ago
SHIT! I think I know this college! I had a room in a dorm that was dubbed the Beer Can too!!! XD Of course... no revenge for me... Other than pleasure in knowing that my ex-roommate's relationship with my friend (who I introduced her to) didn't work out...
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43. Petty Schoolmate Kissed A Random Girl At Work So I Embarrassed Him In Front Of Many People


“There was a dummy I went to middle and high school with. I wouldn’t call him a bully because nobody saw him as any kind of threat, but he was always hot-headed, always thought anything I did was wrong (it could be as simple as ‘WHY ARE YOU USING A BLUE INK PEN? BLACK INK MORON!!’), didn’t like when good things happened to me (‘How come HE got an 87 on the quiz and I got an 85?? My answer is acceptable too!’ No, it’s not dummy or you would get the points), and put people down in general.

Again, not a bully because anyone could tell the kid was just a dummy and not a threat in any way.

Now in high school, he worked at Bertucci’s as a host/cashier. He was proud because in his mind Bertucci’s is the pinnacle of restaurant quality and service and he had a position of stature and long-standing of 2 months. I was picking up dinner when he was at the register with a girl employee.

He sees me and starts yelling ‘What are you doing here?’ ‘Picking up dinner.’ The girl immediately rings me up and tells him to go to the back and get it. As soon as he’s gone she starts going ‘Are you his friend??’

I just want my dinner so I say we know each other. She pushes and asks ‘But are you his friend??’ Forget this guy and this restaurant: ‘NO’ I say.

‘Ok, it’s my birthday today and he kissed me, and I’m not ok with this!!’ I listen and try to console her because oh man, what a moron. This isn’t a girl we go to school with, he barely knows her, and what in the actual heck? I tell her ‘You want a birthday gift? Hold on 15 seconds’ as the dummy comes back.


‘Where are my rolls?’


‘I want rolls, they’re complimentary and I asked for them.’

‘Are you really going to make me go back for rolls?’


Me. My. Rolls. Now.’

The girl looks at him totally serious ‘Get his rolls, now.’

He whines and starts walking to the back of the restaurant. As soon as he’s out of sight I say bye to the girl and walk out.

The next day in school he yells at me in class for everyone to hear ‘MINTY, WHY THE HECK DID YOU MAKE ME WALK TO THE BACK FOR ROLLS, LOSER?’


Our entire friend group (we ‘shared’ some friends) and a few others in class just bust out laughing at him while he turns the most perfect shade of red.

I got my rolls every time after.”

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BladeEdge 2 years ago
I was once kissed by a male friend (I'm female) out of nowhere, and he was absolutely floored that it made me uncomfortable. Good for you, dude.
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44. Friend Has Been Reading My Texts So I Thought Of Ways To Make Her Paranoid


“I was going through a rough time and my best friend/roommate very kindly offered to put me on her family cell phone plan (which would end up lowering the monthly payments for me, her, and her husband, so it was a win-win-win situation). About 3 months later, she casually mentioned plans I’d been making, but it later occurred to me that I’d only told my sister about my plans via text.

This happened twice more before I realized that my friend might be able to read my texts (I’ve been told by several people that this is possible to do with some family plans, although I don’t know how). I wanted to be absolutely sure before I accused her of such a breach of trust, so I texted my sister that I’d heard my friend was going to get fired.

That night, my friend mentioned that she was job searching. I still wasn’t sure, so I texted my sister about finding a roach in the kitchen. The next day, the whole house smelled like insecticide. We ended up having a falling-out before I could confront her about it, but making my friend think that she was going to get fired and that her house was infested with roaches was probably enough of a punishment.”

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45. Classmate Who Skipped Class Inside A Closet Got Trapped Inside It Until Class Was Over


“A guy (let’s call him Josh for simplicity’s sake) in middle school used to bully me all the time. It wasn’t crazy things like some of the crap you see today or on TV, but it was still really annoying and made me not want to go to school just so I wouldn’t see that loser’s poop-eating face.

Now, my classroom (and every other classroom in my school) had a really big closet with wooden doors and shelves used to store a whole lot of books and other school supplies.

It’s pretty spacious, and you can fit a human in there quite comfortably. It also has a little hole in the wall so you can pretty much live in there as long as nobody blocks the hole, in which case you’ll run out of air.

Well, one day, Josh has the absolutely brilliant idea of skipping Spanish class inside the closet, maybe stealthily coming out to answer the roll call and then going inside again.

As soon as I caught wind of this, I had an idea myself.

After he slipped into the closet and closed the door, I changed my sitting place from the usual front row to right near the closet door. As the class went on, I slowly moved my chair in front of the door and convinced the classmates (who knew he was in there) in my row to move back a bit so my chair would be locked between the door and the rest of the chair row, and the door would become unopenable without moving the (quite heavy) chairs away first.

That day, I learned the closet was quite soundproof as Josh repeatedly beat the door from the inside trying to get out to answer roll call (he missed it!) and then just wanting to get out in general, and the teacher didn’t seem to notice. I myself couldn’t hear much, and I was sitting right near the closet. My classmates were in on it thinking it was just a prank, but to me, it was a sweet moment of pure, unadulterated vengeful bliss.

My friends later told me school staff found him 10 minutes after class while cleaning up (it was the last class of the day), in a corner, and on the verge of tears.

Best part was, since the principal found out the whole class was in on it, nobody got punished (aside from an 1 hour long collective scolding) except for Josh himself, who got a warning for skipping class.”

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46. Greedy Club Members Received No Funding For Their Club The Whole Year


“When I was in college, I was treasurer of one of the clubs on campus. There was also a crappy little con on campus that my club was in charge of the budget for, but they acted like their own little entity, and just came to us for money. So, we wanted a few changes to be implemented, namely: They needed to charge people who were not students to attend, and they needed to give us at least 3 weeks’ notice of any purchase request.

They thought that we were being unreasonable.

They also wanted me to attend their meetings and put forth all of the money requests with little to no oversight from my club (lol, no, you come to us, and the club decides whether or not we do it). They also attempted to forge my signature on a few things that they wanted, but they knew that the club would say no.

Luckily I told the head treasurer to not sign a single thing for the con unless I personally handed him the paperwork. On top of that, they wanted to make purchases the day of their con, which, when I told them that that was ridiculous and completely unallowed, and out of line. They then went to the head treasurer for the student government who told them the same exact thing.

Next, they went to the person who actually writes the checks and got told the exact same thing.

So, con’s over, and I’m grooming a new treasurer. They start whining about my actions and decide to form a new club so that their treasurer can do whatever they want. Due to their unprofessionalism, I cut them from my budget for the next year, so their only source of income will be their club.

So, we get to the meeting of the Student Government where we all decide on the budget for next year. We have a rule where, if a representative for a club is not present during either role call (beginning and end), or is not present when their budget is being discussed, they get nothing next year. We can also call out budgets in whatever order we want, but generally, it’s alphabetical.

They’re near the end of the list, so they think they’re safe.

One of their people is there for role call but then leaves to ‘use the bathroom’. Still not back almost an hour later. I bring up their budget (way out of order). No one is there. Unanimous vote to give them no funding. One of their people is there the second day and tried to bring their budget up. Since they were not there to vote for no funding, they can’t bring it back up. No one else brings it up (although literally anyone else there could have). That was the last day of budget discussions. They got no budget. I graduated that year, and I have no idea how they’re doing.”

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47. Girl Tried To Steal The Guy I Was Seeing So I Messed With Her Drink


“The guy I was seeing and I broke up for a short period of time several years ago. During this time I was working a miserable job as a bank teller.

One day, this girl I knew came into the bank with a couple of friends of hers and approached my station. Let’s call this girl Brandi because I hate that name and also, that’s her name.

Before even a o to me, she said ‘Hey are you still with (guy’s name)?’ And I replied, ‘no but we are taking some time apart and working things out.’ Before I could really get those words out, she and her friends burst into laughter and walked off. I couldn’t help but notice she didn’t need anything at the bank at all so I immediately felt weird about it.

The next few days I spent figuring out what the heck was so funny. I did some sleuthing as us ladies do. Turns out she was trying to get with my ex at the time and for some reason thought it was hilarious that we were ‘working it out.’ I was not having it.

A month or so later, the guy and I were back together and things were good.

I’m out at a bar in my early 20s glory with my bestie and we spot Brandi across the room. Excellent, I thought, rubbing my hands together like Doctor Evil.

She approaches us with a few friends and goes in for the intoxicated OMG HEY YOU GUYS / hugging thing girls do even when they hate each other. I played along and she ended up buying a round of shots for the group of us standing there.

I dug in my butt crack for a few minutes while we stood there. I then spit in her glass (my bestie covering me so Brandi couldn’t see) and then proceeded to run my buttcrack finger around the rim. I turned around and sweetly passed it to her. She brought the glass up to her lips and took her shot. She ended up licking the edge of the glass after too, to my great pleasure. My bestie and I laughed hysterically and then wandered off without a word to her. The confused look on her face mirrored mine when she asked about the guy I’ve been seeing previously. It was awesome. And so petty.”

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48. Pulled Off The Best Passive-Aggressive Revenge Plans For My Lazy Flatmates


“I had the worst flatmates ever in uni. Would never clean the house to the point our really big kitchen was stuffed with garbage bags, barely touched pots (and I mean the BIG ones) full of rice decomposing in the sink, entire moldy watermelons sitting on the washing machine, and rotting food in the fridge. You get the drill.

One of them had her bed so full of crap she slept on the couch.

TV up and running all night of course. The other must’ve been very good at hiding she was a total disaster because when their parents came and saw me cleaning THEIR stuff off the entire living room they told me ‘yeah you better clean’ with a smiley face that told me they thought -I- was responsible for it. She had a couple of fish in her room and the water was SO filthy I had to go and half clean and change it so the little things wouldn’t suffer this nightmare of a person when she wasn’t home.

I shared a bathroom with one of them and she’d leave bloody underwear all around the place. The floor was also splattered with the stuff because I suppose she didn’t wipe herself clean after peeing.

They would come at 5 am with their entire clique and shout out the window to the point the guy I was seeing had to pin me down so I would not murder one of them.

It wasn’t the only one revenge I took. They were so disastrous they didn’t even remember their food, so I ate for free off their mother’s Tupperware for an entire month.

I’d pour part of my bleach in their shampoo. I caught one of her drying herself up after a shower with my towel, so I spent an entire day making sure I’d wipe myself with it every time I needed to pee or take a poop.

The next day I found it moist right after her shower. Not sure if she ever realized what had happened and decided not to call me out of it because again, there was little discussion it was her fault.

When I didn’t have class the next day I spent the whole night talking to my friends while playing video games or watching garbage on YouTube at full volume.

They never complained.

They’d repeatedly forget their keys so one night at around 2 have I heard my phone going off and knocks on the door. I turned it off and they waited outside until I woke up at 9.

I stole some of their notes before important exams. I don’t think they ever caught me, I think they just thought they had misplaced them, but seeing them panic and cry because they were going to fail their exams (and they did because I always checked both her names and mine on the panel) was priceless.

They tried to use my wifi (that I had paid for on my own) but were stupid enough not to press ‘no’ on the little ‘wanna share absolutely every document within this network?’ screen. Before changing my password I got a hold of one of the girl’s boy–toys’ emails and shared with him some of the beautiful MSN conversations where she admitted having cheated on him repeatedly stating ‘I’m sorry’ directly from her own email account. I never saw the guy again.

There are some others I don’t remember but I’m terribly proud of having ruined their existence even more than they ruined mine during that year.”

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49. Housemate With Weird Diet Got His Blender Broken After We Got "Broken In"

“One of my housemates in college was on some weird ‘all liquid’ diet so he only ate smoothies and protein shakes and stuff which he made with his prized possession… his blender. The problem was that he would wake up super early in the morning and blend these smoothies and wake up my other housemates and myself. We approached him about it, saying something like ‘it’s pretty inconsiderate to wake everyone up at 6 am every morning because you refuse to eat solid foods’ to which he basically replied with a ‘fudge off’, so we knew something had to be done.

The night after when he was out, we fake-trashed our entire house and made it look like someone came in and did it. We left a note ‘from the sorority across the street’ saying that it was revenge for stealing from them or something. The icing on the cake was that we smashed his blender into a million pieces on our kitchen floor. All to get some peace and quiet.

We called him all surprised and told him that we went to the gym and when we came back our apartment was completely trashed. We showed him the fake note and he bought the entire thing. As he looked around our destroyed downstairs I will never forget him saying, ‘Well it doesn’t look like anything is broken really.. except my blender. So we are really lucky.'”

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50. Rude Girl In High School Gets A Penny Tip As A Waitress


“My wife and I started seeing each other when she was in her junior year and I was just out of high school (different schools). One day I went to her school to visit and she was sitting at a table in the common area with her friends.

Across the table was some senior girl I didn’t know and her BF, who wasn’t part of my wife’s group of friends.

Periodically this girl starts throwing little wadded up pieces of paper and other assorted items at me for no discernible reason. I ask her what the heck she wants and she starts into a tirade about the ‘underclassmen sitting at the senior table.’ Of course, super-mature-recently-graduated me considered such behavior quite below me and childish, so I let her know if she was going to be petty enough to enforce some social pecking order based on age, then I was older than her and she could leave.

She tried to get her BF to do something, but he wasn’t having any of it. Same with the school security guy. I wasn’t doing anything wrong so what the fudge was he going to do anyway.

Fast forward a few years, and my wife and I are going out to eat at (corporate faux Italian restaurant name redacted). Lo and behold, our waitress was a table girl.

The meal went off without incident; there was no mention of ‘Hey, remember that time you were acting really crazy and childish to us?’ However, when it came to the tip, we left a single, solitary penny (because we’re REALLY mature at this point). Now, we could have left nothing, but I didn’t want her to misinterpret that we were just bad tippers. No, I wanted that one penny to tell her ‘Oh yes, we remember.’

Granted, I’m sure she probably spit in our food.”

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51. Friend Banned Me From His Site So I Messed Up With His School Files


“The year was 1999. Bill Clinton was acquitted in his senate trial. Spongebob premiered. Lance Armstrong was in his first Tour de France.

I was a young lad of 18 attending my first semester at a community college. A good friend of mine from high school had decided to go off to college at a big state school.

We were big software pirates back in the day and my friend decided that he was going to run a scene-affiliated FTP site out of his dorm room because of the awesome internet connection they had.

This was pretty common back then. It would be a few years before IT staff really started to crack down on things like this.. at least at this school.

Life was good. The reefer and the warez were flowing freely. I had cable internet at my house but it wasn’t super fast. Maybe a few megabits but nothing crazy. Well, my friend had set me up a leech account on the FTP site to download stuff.

Everything was going along pretty well until he told me I couldn’t use it from my house anymore. There were limited spots available on the site at one time and my connection was too slow to use one of them up. He wanted me to download stuff at school and bring it home. Problem was that was a huge pain in the butt. I could do it but then I had to put stuff on a zip drive to bring it home and it was just a big hassle.

The connection at the school was much faster than my home connection but far less convenient.

I relentlessly continued to leech from my home PC and ignored his requests. He banned my account. I chatted with him on IRC but he was mostly non-responsive and didn’t want to talk it out with me.

Well… I also had access to his school email and file storage basically through a Unix s account that he had.

In a fit of rage and resentment, I logged into his s and deleted all of his files related to his first semester classes. We were pretty deep into the semester by this time and it really messed with him. I think he ended up failing at least one class, maybe two, because of it.

I’ve felt really bad about it for a long time so I’m kind of glad to talk about it. I don’t talk to him anymore.. but I hope he is doing well.”

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52. Couple Tries To Return Stolen Merch, Gets Denied, Then Steals A Sharpener As An Act Of Defiance


“A couple tried one day to return an expensive bottle of tile sealer at work. No receipt of course. Apparently, the guy had done lots of unreceipted returns because the system denied the return when the cashier punched in his driver’s license.

The dude calls corporate to complain from the return desk. Corporate calls me to ask if the guy’s refund was being denied by me or by the system so I verify it is the system.

That’s the point I find out about it so I go into the LP office to watch them on camera. They get done at the return desk and go out into the store.

They wander around and pick up a few things. The girl is over at some high priced and easily pocketable tool accessories so I watch her. The guy comes back over to her and I send the tool department guy over to customer-service them to death.

Eventually, they get visibly frustrated and move off. I follow them to an endcap where writing instruments are featured. The guy grabs a contractor’s pencil (flat pencil commonly used for marking lumber) sharpener, retail $3.48, and sets it in the cart. At this point, the girl goes to the endcap and starts looking at a pink sharpie. Picks it up and they start walking to checkout.

Except the pencil sharpener isn’t in the cart.

I’m blown away. I follow with the camera to checkout and they put everything on the counter except the pencil sharpener. They pay and walk out. I leave the LP office and go verify that the sharpener didn’t get put down in the 5 seconds the camera wasn’t on the cart and sure enough no errant pencil sharpener.

They got denied a refund for something they stole, are spending money on products, and can’t make it out without sticking it to us in some way. That kind of petty crap annoys me almost as much as somebody trying to push out high dollar items”

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53. I Had The Guys Who Picked On Me Evicted From College


“So this happened during my first year in college, there was this neighboring class and there were some guys who wanted to look important.

Usually, I go out just outside for a glass of lemon juice, that fateful day I happened to be alone, and they were inebriated they were walking towards me, one of the guys tried to grab my hand and I just pushed his hand away and he fell down.

They kept calling me and I ignored them and continued walking.

After a while, I got a call from one of them, he tried intimi me, he called me names, I downplayed it. Then he told me he wanted to settle this issue…

So we decided to talk it over and they wanted to hit me no matter what. I told them I did not want to fight and I had come there to study.

They were adamant and they started hitting, since they were inebriated I just kept on blocking them. It stopped after a while.

We all went back to our classes as recess got over. In the process, one of my friends who raised his voice about their high-handedness also got beaten.

I pulled him aside and told him, I will avenge us. I wanted to let it slide but there was him, whose only fault was he stood for me.

I went home, told no one. Slept off

The next day these guys were sober and I had them hit just outside the gates.

After that, I went to the Principal and complained that I was hit yesterday by these people for no fault of mine and that they were boozed up. I gave it in writing all that transpired except for the part where I had them hit and denied any knowledge of the same

By now I had become aware that we -me and the guy whom I had the tussle with had a mutual friend and they wanted to talk it out.

I went there and when we started talking things, he happened to be working out in a gym my uncle owned, this instantly got the issue sorted out. By then the news of me having complained got out and these guys started asking me to retract, I told them I had nothing to do with it and the faculty were playing them.

In the end, I gave them what they wanted, a fight and something more – getting chucked out”

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54. Impatient Customer's Husband Receives A Phone Call About Her Being Unfaithful


“I worked at a small t-shirt kiosk in a mall and I had just arrived for the start of the day, 15 minutes before we opened. The mall was already open to the public to walk around and as I was setting up the booth a woman approached and began asking to see specific t-shirt sizes. I asked her if she could wait a few minutes to allow me to set up the rest of the booth and I’d be happy to help her.

The woman grew very impatient in the 5 minutes it took me to set up the booth, asking me if I was ‘done yet?’ and ‘how much longer are you going to take?’ Once I finished setting up and taking care of her needs, she let out a loud sigh, rolled her eyes, and ripped the bag of t-shirts she purchased out of my hand.

Not long after she left, another kiosk employee in the mall came over to talk to me and told me that the woman I had helped stopped by her kiosk to make some purchases.

She said the woman had complained about me moving too slow and asked, ‘what the heck was wrong with him.’ The fellow employee defended me by telling her that our kiosks didn’t open until a certain time even though the mall’s doors were open to the public.

I grew even more irritated by this woman after the other employee revealed this to me and quite annoyed. I looked at her credit card receipt and wrote down her name. I looked her up on to get additional info (husband’s name) and found her home phone number on the Whitepages website. Later that night I called her home to which her husband picked up and convincingly told him I was sleeping with his wife. Don’t know what happened after that.”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
A bit extreme, don't you think?
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55. Friend Won't Open Up His Door So My Cousin Trashed Their Doorstep


“My cousin, a friend, and I went to knock for another friend of ours in the area we all grew up in (South London). We were probably heading off to play football, smoke stuff, or try to steal a car (our extracurricular activities were varied). The friend was in, we were sure of that, but he wasn’t answering. That was understandable to me, we all took our turn at doing that sometimes.

You’re a kid in your early teens and not the most socially adept, so you ignore the door. Nobody ever got too stressed out about that. Except for my cousin and except that day.

He knew our friend was in there and he was not willing to be ignored. He starts ing louder and louder on the door. No response. So he s some more, even louder and now he’s shouting too.

‘Open the door you moron. OPEN THE FREAKING DOOR!’. We’re all like ‘Dude, leave it, he’s probably taking a poop.We’ll grab him later.’ Our response didn’t calm him down but it did give him an idea. He proceeds to shout through the letterbox, ‘Dude, if you haven’t opened this door in the next 10 seconds I’m gonna poop on your doorstep’.

This guy lives with his mum and sister and it’s the middle of the day, so we just laugh, thinking he’s just fooling around.

Next thing, he starts counting down from 10. Counting down, then pulling down, then crouching down. He gets to 1 and he’s now in a full squat position. The door still hasn’t opened, and so then it happens – a long brown sausage of poop. He finished his poop, pulled his trousers back up, and said, ‘I don’t think he’s coming out, so we’ll leave it for now.’ The only time I’ve laughed harder is when that same cousin fell 2 stories onto a railing when trying to collect a ball from a roof. I guess. Karma’s a bee with an itch…”

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56. Two Guys Got Into A Revenge War And The Results Are Disastrous


“In high school, Chris and Eric were in an ongoing war. Eric would make fun of Chris because the girl he was currently seeing was treating him terribly; Chris would make fun of Eric for being a butthead. Typical things ensue.

Then, things escalated. I don’t exactly know why, but I think Eric talked some crap to Chris’s significant other and it caused a ruckus. On Easter, Eric’s dad’s car — a BMW — was keyed to a whole other level.

It happened while the family was at church, and Eric saw Chris smirking at him inside during the service.

Eric was fuming and wanted revenge. He wanted Chris’s mom, a single mother who was always on her high horse, to suffer as his father ‘suffered.’

So Eric waited for his opportunity. Two weeks later, a freak spring blizzard hit. Eric found a cinderblock outside a construction store in the neighborhood.

He called another friend of his to help execute this plan.

Chris had a giant, approx 10-foot wide living room window. Looked out from his corner property onto the entire block.

So Eric and company take the cinderblock and chuck it through the window. Shattered it entirely. Destroyed.

And then the blizzard fallout.

Chris had cardboard and duct tape keeping the window ‘closed’ for the next 3 months while Eric’s dad had really good insurance that fixed his car up to be as good as new without any real inconvenience.

No one ever proved if Chris keyed the car or Eric broke the window, but everyone, including all parents, knew.”

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57. Stole $500 Coins From A School Carnival And Spent It All On Football Cards And Snacks


“In primary school when I was about 11 or 12 our teaching cohort were absolutely dreadful, they hated us with little reason as we were a fairly calm and respectful group, back at a time where everyone was friends with everyone we would all stick up for each other when teachers would go in on us for no reason.

So there was a school fair where there are rides, face painting, animal petting, and a horror walk two classrooms with the middle divider taken away, making one big room, us being in our last year of primary school, and graduating to high school the very next day were left in charge of running the horror room for all the children from the lower years.

This part of the story isn’t important to the act of revenge but it was a fun experience scaring the younger ones really aggressively as there was no adult supervision, but once it was all said and done, our year was also left in charge of collecting all of the coin buckets from all the various stalls and all. So we collect all of the buckets, and bring them to the equipment storage unit located near the middle of the whole school, one person with which I’m still friends now at the age of 20 named Jackson has the idea of stealing all of the money to get back at the teachers who had wronged us for the past 2 years, and then a group of about 10 of us decide to go along with it too, 6 of which are all part of my very close friend group today. So we filled all our bags up with coins and then spent it all at the corner shop that day not thinking anymore of it, we were never caught, I personally didn’t end up stealing any of us but between the 10 of us there had to of been $500 worth of coins in our bags”

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LilacDark 2 years ago
Did it ever occur to you that stealing the money would affect others in a negative way?
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No matter how hard we try, we cannot resist the desire to get back at someone who caused us discomfort. These people probably had their revenge and their stories surely gave us a good laugh. If you also have your funny and snarky revenge stories, feel free to share them with us in the comment section below.