People Share The Time They Got Savage Revenge On Someone Who Totally Deserved It

Generally, we all have our own take on revenge and our own way of engaging in it, that is, if we choose to participate in it at all. Many people believe in punishment based on “an eye for an eye,” meaning that they consider it acceptable to hurt someone in an equal and/or similar manner to how that person hurt them. Others may take the high road and just let karma do the work on their behalf. Meanwhile, other people believe that not only should the punishment be accomplished shortly after the bad deed, but it should be completed in a harsher manner.

If you ask me personally, I say getting revenge on someone can sometimes come back to bite you in the butt, but other times, it couldn’t be more appropriate. Some may even call revenge “savage” if it is properly carried out!
If you’re looking for some savage revenge stories, you’re literally a scroll away from reading them. And, no, these folks don’t generally “play nice” if those are the types of cases of revenge you’re hoping for. Ruining an iPod-stealing thief’s last shot at passing the class he’s struggling in, getting back at a bully with laxatives at a very inconvenient moment, and even tearing out an entitled jerk’s passenger seat from their car: These stories are savage with a capital “S!”

33. He Removed The Passenger Seat From Her Car

“Back when I was a kid, we lived across from a popular public pool in a tiny street, so parking was premium.

We sometimes had issues with people parking across our driveway, but we were pretty chummy with the pool owner and would just get him to put the message out over the loudspeakers, and the people would come over, apologize and move their car.
However, one afternoon coming home from school this person had the audacity to park IN our driveway, IN our garage… My dad was dumbfounded. We went over and put the message out as per usual, and this woman in her 30s came over in a huff and said she would fix it when she had finished her exercise routine.

So, my dad just parked behind her and we went out for dinner for 4 hours or so.

She was p*ssed, but the story does not end there. She kept doing it. Usually 2-4 times a month. Eventually, my dad would not think twice about parking her in and letting her out at his own leisure. No problem with us. Lots of problems by her. She once called the police on us, to which they just told her to not park on private property, and wrote her a citation.
But wait, there’s more. One Saturday morning, she had the gall to park us in our own driveway.

Dad had had enough. He made sure she was doing her laps, grabbed a coat hanger, forced the car open, and dismantled the passenger seat. Taking it out and leaving it on the curb in front of the pool exit.

He then sat on our front deck sipping his tea as she came out of the pool to get her car. She walked passed the passenger seat without a second glance and scowled at him as she opened her car and got in. She then did a double-take as she went to put her bag on the seat. She freaked out, realizing that my dad had had access to her car and belongings this entire time and did nothing about it until now.

She ran over, grabbed her seat, put it in the boot and drove off. Never heard from her again.” Lauren Purdy
Another User Comments:

“He should have called the police and had it towed. It would have been something to see when she comes out, and her car is gone. It also has the added benefit that she can’t do anything about it to him, unlike him vandalizing her car.” Peter Timmins

32. Payback With A Craigslist Ad


“About ten years ago, I rented a townhome from Scott. Scott wasn’t a bad landlord, and after two years, I delivered my notice and requested my full security deposit back.

I left Scott’s townhome in tip-top shape. I was anal-retentive about getting the place ready for the next renter. I spackled and painted; I had a carpet and floor cleaning company shampoo everything, etc.
After moving out I waited patiently for my security deposit to come back in the mail. After spending so much time getting his townhome in perfect rental condition, I was shocked to see that Scott retained almost all of my security deposit. The biggest charge? Cleaning fees. Cleaning fees for the job I already did.

I wrote back challenging him, and he begrudgingly returned an additional meager portion of my deposit, although he admitted in the letter that the place was left in great condition.

Now I was irate. I deserved it all back! There was nothing left to do!!!

This time I wrote back threatening legal action. Again, he returned a small amount, but this time told me if I wanted the remaining money to go ahead and sue him. Of course, he knew it wasn’t worth the hassle for me to follow-through with a small-claims lawsuit for such a small amount. He won that round.
So he thought.

Around this time the iPhone 3G S was released. Its popularity was enormous. Unopened phones sold online for at least several hundred dollars, and often much more. There was crazy demand and almost no supply.

I decided Scott had a phone to sell.

I created a Craigslist ‘for sale’ ad for good ol’ Scott:

‘Brand new unopened iPhone 3G for sale. I received this phone as a gift from my grandson and do not know or understand how to use it. Sadly I need to sell it to pay my bills. $175, cash only. Call Scott at 555–5555. If the ad is still up, the phone is still available.’
Scott received 500 phone calls and texts every 15 minutes for the next two days and finally disconnected his phone number.

I tested the call volume by running a similar ad and plugged in my friend’s number.

We received so many calls we couldn’t keep up! All we could do was answer and say, ‘Hold please’ over and over. He received over 500 hundred calls and texts in less than 15 minutes. We had to shut his phone off, delete the ad and wait two days before the calls finally stopped coming in.

It took my old landlord about 36 hours to get the ad taken down from Craigslist.” Steve Springer
31. He Discouraged Me From Obtaining My Dream, So I Achieved It Anyway

Someone’s always going to have something negative to say, so you might as well do it anyway.

“My very first job was as an ice cream server for an amusement park at the age of fifteen. For US $4.47 per hour, I would serve cones, sundaes, banana splits, and milkshakes for 20–30 hours per week. While this sounds like a fun job (and it was mostly), it was also stressful at times. During July and August when the park was at its busiest there could be huge long lines, non-stop waves of people. It could be really hard work.
But no matter how busy it was, at certain times in the afternoon, I could always look forward to seeing the park’s hired brass band setting up across the food court, and hear them play for about twenty minutes.

As someone who had just recently discovered that the trombone was ‘my instrument,’ I was highly ambitious and absolutely convinced that if only I could get an opportunity, I could go places. I listened to the band with longing as I scooped ice cream, and said to myself, ‘I’m going to play in that band one day.’

My coworkers all knew that I played the trombone. At that time it was still somewhat ‘weird’ for a girl to play trombone, so when I told people that I played it, the response was usually a confused, ‘That’s nice,’ or ‘How, er, interesting.’ But I didn’t care.

I wore a necklace with a trombone charm on it to work every day (omg, total band nerd!) and didn’t care that my coworkers thought I was weird.
Once, on a slow day, my boss was there and joking around with all of us. Everyone was in a good mood. I forget what we were talking about but during the conversation, the brass band started setting up nearby like they always did. For some reason (maybe it was relevant to what we were talking about?), I excitedly told my coworkers and boss that it was my dream to play trombone with the amusement park band.

My boss thought this was a huge joke. He laughed and laughed, and looked at me like I was totally nuts. He said something like, ‘Forget it, that’ll never happen!’…like I’d just declared I wanted to grow gills and breathe underwater. Then a customer showed up, and my boss left to do other things.
I felt hurt and confused. An adult—my boss!—had just laughed at my dream and said to my face, ‘You can’t do that.’ Was he right? I felt ashamed and stupid and wanted to cry. But very quickly, those feelings turned to anger, then defiance…then determination. That day, ‘my dream’ became ‘my goal.’

Long story short, a year later, a parade was held at the amusement park to celebrate Independence Day.

The parade wound through the park, and happened to pass by the food court. The ice cream stand was very busy because of the holiday weekend.

As I marched by with my bandmates, playing my heart out as the crowd cheered and clapped, I could see the huge long line at the ice cream stand, and my former coworkers running back and forth, yelling, ‘I can help the next guest!’ In fact, it was so busy that my boss was there alongside them, helping to scoop ice cream himself. He looked tired and stressed. He happened to look up as the parade went by.

I stared until he saw me. I swear to you his eyes bugged and his jaw dropped, and the expression on his face was something indescribable.
He quickly regained his composure and got back to work, but that moment was such sweet revenge.” Megan O’Malley

Another User Comments:

“You can sort of understand where he was coming from: he probably had dreams once, too. Maybe he wanted to be an architect or a veterinarian. Maybe he wanted to play trombone in the band. But this happened, then that happened, and the other thing happened, and here he is, managing a dang-ol’ ice cream booth at an amusement park.

Understand, all work brings dignity to the person who does it wholeheartedly, but an ice cream booth manager is just not the sort of occupation that kids dream about when they’re young.
In his experience, the only use for dreams is to be sacrificed on the altar of practicality. The longer you cling to them, the more they take your eyes off the exigencies of your current situation, so he thought he was doing you a favor by helping you get over your dreams.

In fact, by achieving your dream in a visible way in front of him, you may have done him a favor by reawakening some secret dream of his own.” Edward Anderson

30. Tummy Troubles

“I studied in a Catholic school my whole life, the very same school from 1st grade to 11th grade (I studied in South America – there is no 12th grade there).

I was the ‘good’ guy. I always respected the rules and never had issues with anybody.
But being the good guy doesn’t help when there are bullies around. I got tired of that situation, and I started taking action, having ‘mini’ and ‘secret’ acts of revenge over the years that they still don’t know I did.

The last and most important one was when we graduated, and our school decided to do a mass, graduation and other events the very same day to save money. It was an all-in-one graduation/mass/party that was going to last six straight hours without a chance to even go to the bathroom.

I remember the event was scheduled at 7 am. I woke up around 4 am, took a shower, got ready and headed ahead of my family in a cab to my school. I stopped at a local pharmacy and bought three boxes of Chiclets before arriving at my place.
Once there, I made sure every one of my bully ‘friends’ made peace with me before graduation started, so I gave Chiclets to all of them. Plenty.

Some of them even took three chiclets instead of sharing with others  – you know the bully life.

The event went well. I enjoyed it a lot and couldn’t hold my laugh for the complete six hours.

As a matter of fact, I laughed a lot during graduation. The principal and everybody got infected with my laugh. Except for the bullies.

They got cramps, were sweating and holding farts and diarrhea for the whole six hours. Why? I replaced all the Chiclets with Agarolax, a chewing laxative that looks and tastes exactly like the Chiclets.  I bought them at the pharmacy.
So, don’t mess with the good guys. They might give you ‘Chiclets’ one day!

PS: I’m still laughing every time that I remember this.” Jose R Fermin

29. Wife And Fiancee Meet Up

“I had gotten married very young and my husband at the time was a horrible liar and cheat.

We were renting a house on the same block as my parents, and one day, he had come home from ‘work’ early, and shortly after, the phone went on the fritz. This was before cell phones.

I needed to make a call so I went up the street to my parents’ house. About 5 minutes after I got there, a female called and asked for me. She explained that she was my husband’s fiancée and wanted to talk with me about why I was making our ‘divorce’ so difficult and refusing to let him see our daughter. It turns out that she had somehow managed to get my (our) home phone number, which is why hubby came home early and sabotaged the phone line.

What he didn’t know, was that she had gotten my parents’ number as well. She and I had a nice long conversation about what was really going on and devised a little a plan.
I borrowed a screwdriver from my parents and went home, but before going in I let the air out of all his tires just to ensure that he couldn’t leave. At the time, hubby was a carpenter, and he badly wanted to start his own company but needed a partner to help finance it. I went into the house and he asked what had taken so long. I explained that I had an amazing phone call from a contractor who had heard about hubby’s great skills, and he wanted to meet and talk business.

I went on about how cool it was that the guy just happened to call while I was there and that I had invited him over. I told hubby the contractor would be there in about 30 minutes.
Hubby hurried up and took a shower and got himself all dolled up. I put the coffee on. ‘Knock Knock’ on the door. He rushes to open it and sees his ‘fiancée’ standing there. The look on his face was priceless. I went over and called her by name and invited her in. He is still standing there, totally confused and speechless. I offered her a cup of coffee and about that time he realizes that she and I were in on this together.

He grabs his coat and walks out the door; she and I sat down with our coffee. He comes back in of course because his tires are flat. I invited him to join us, I said, ‘Hey, why don’t you sit and visit. I figured if you had a fiancée, it would be good for her to meet your wife.’ He was so p*ssed — he picks up the phone — Ha! — to call his buddy for a ride — but of course, the phone didn’t work. He kept going in and out the back door — trying to fix the line he had pulled out outside.

The whole time she and I are sitting there laughing and talking about all the stories and lies he had told us. We took it to the extent of making jokes and laughing about him being utterly horrible in bed. That really p*ssed him off. Eventually, he got a ride and got the hell out of there. Later, I let him know I would be divorcing him for real. He tried to get me to reconsider. No way. He then tried to get the girlfriend to stay with him, but she said no as well. He ended up moving into a little trailer with his buddy.” Deanna Carron
Another User Comments:

“Great story–good for you! I heard a similar story some years ago from a woman who discovered that she was one of eight women that her boyfriend was seeing at the same time, with each woman thinking the man was exclusive to her.

One of them arranged a date with him and then the other seven showed up and poured a pitcher of water over his head.” Michael Huggins

28. I Got My Horrible Landlord’s Girlfriend To Dump Him

Truthfully, it was best for everyone involved.

“My first apartment out of college, I lived next door to my landlord in an old, broken-down building. The walls were paper-thin, so I could hear everything and knew a lot about him. He was a drug addict named Blaine who lived with his girlfriend. They frequently got into loud fights that included screaming and throwing things. Blaine referred to his girlfriend as ‘the woman I am cohabitating with,’ and she referred to him as her ‘fiance,’ although I knew from eavesdropping that he had never proposed.

Blaine and his girlfriend were unethical business people with a bad reputation in the community. I had no pets but came home one day to find a note taped to my door. The note was hand-written in red ink (very unprofessional) and stated that they had discovered my ‘illegal pet’ on the premises and that I was going to be evicted in 3 days.

I left Blaine a voicemail explaining that there must be a mistake because I did not have a pet. I even offered to let him walk through my apartment to check. He ignored my call. I typed a letter stating the same thing.

He ignored it. On the third day, I was scared that my possessions were going to be thrown out, so I called the police. The policeman listened to my story, and while I was talking, we heard Blaine and his girlfriend arguing in the next unit over, so we knew they were home. The policeman knocked on the door. The window shades were open, and we could see Blaine walk up to the window. He saw me standing there with the policeman, drew the shades, and walked away. Never answered the door.
The police took care of Blaine, but I decided to get back at him.

Having heard all the fights with his girlfriend, I went online to multiple battered-woman websites and signed up for subscriptions in her name and address. Within a week, they had a barrage of mail about domestic violence and a visitor from social services.

One day, Blaine came knocking at my door. It was the first time I’d seen him since the ‘illegal pet’ situation. He apologized profusely, blamed it all on his now-ex-girlfriend, and offered to lower my rent. Then, before leaving, he said, ‘By the way, if you see my ex creeping around, call the police.’
‘Why would she be creeping around?’ I asked.

‘We broke up, and all her stuff is still in my garage. I’m not planning to give it back,’ he replied. ‘Actually, you should come look and see if you want anything before I burn it all.’

Sure enough, that night, he held a bonfire in the yard and burned all her possessions. I was worried because fire and drug addicts don’t tend to mix well, so I called the fire department and reported it. I watched out my back window as the fire truck pulled up, and Blaine ran away. That was the last time I ever saw him.” Emily Clover
27. I Injected Stinky Prawn Juice Into Her Precious, Brand-New Luxury Car

“I lived in an ‘upmarket’ apartment block.

Most of the cars were either Benz, Bentleys, a couple of Rolls and several upmarket 4WDS.

One female owner was a pure ‘up herself’ loudmouth with money and no class. Each apartment has two parking lots which we paid for in the cost of the apartment.

I owned two cars as many of us did. The loudmouth woman took delivery of a third car, brand new top of the range Benz (very smart car and very expensive).

One of my cars was being serviced, and I came home found the new Benz in one of my parking spots. I called the loudmouth and informed her the car would need to be removed by the following afternoon as my second car was being delivered from the mechanic.

Loudmouth informed this was not convenient, and I would need to park on the street as her Benz was valuable than my second car. The second car was delivered by the mechanic (parked it in an allocated visitor’s space). I again contact Loudmouth requesting my legally-owned parking spot. She became abusive and informed that her husband was a judge, and she could take any spot she so desired as they now had three cars.
Well, revenge is sweet. I had some prawns for dinner, kept the shells, and sucked the juices into a syringe I had, acquired a long needle and injected prawn juices into the rubber around the driver’s side door without setting the car alarm off.

Her Benz remained in my parking spot for several more days.

At dinner a few evenings later, Mrs. Loudmouth was in attendance complaining about the ghastly stink of her ‘beautiful, new Benz’ and that she cannot locate the source of the stink, despite the dealers taking the car in for investigate.

The car eventually was removed from my spot and never returned to the parking lot, never seen to be seen again. Believe there was some sort of legal action taken by Loudmouth, which she lost.” Roy John
26. She Stole $80 From Me, Then Months Later, She Got Into My Cab…

“This is actually pretty cool.

So, I worked with this person. She stole 80$. I was a server. There was nothing I could do, and I wasn’t getting my money back, and I knew it.

Months later, I had found a new job. I get a call from my old place of employment. ‘Yes, I need a cab to so and so.’ I recognized the voice. I was the cab driver. I knew it was her.

I go anyway. When I arrive, there she is smiling. I said, ‘$80 to get in this cab, babe.’ And I just looked at her and smiled back.
‘You can’t do that. I know the company.

I’m calling you in. I know the owner.’ I laugh and I’m like, ‘Yeah, I know him too. He’s the guy that hired me. But if you want in this particular cab, there’s an $80 deposit. If you don’t wanna walk home in the rain, there’s an $80 upfront fee.’

Now this whole time, I have the window cracked. And literally nothing else is unlocked.

She was so mad.

I smiled ear to ear and say, ‘Hey, remember f*cking me out of 80 dollars?’ She said, ‘F*ck you, you’re a cabbie now, and you have a duty to customer service.’ I said, ‘Well, just slip a hundo through the window.’
She was absolutely livid.

‘You can’t do this. This is an assault. I NEED A RIDE HOME…. NOW.’ I was like, ‘Yep, I need my money back, honey!’

But what could she do? I drove away smiling. Karma, sometimes, is a mother!” Erin Moore

25. We Stole His School Assignments

Deep down, he knew he deserved it.

“I was in 11th grade, and I bought a new iPod touch. I loved it so much; I carried it with me all the time. One day, I took my iPod to my college. Our college didn’t allow any mobile phones or any sort of electronics. I always hid my iPod in my bag.

One day, we had our chemistry practicals, and we leave our bags in our class. Obviously, I kept my iPod in my bag (dumba*s me). When I came back from our practicals, I casually checked if the iPod was in my bag, and SH*T, it was missing. I panicked. I couldn’t complain to teachers as it was wrong that I brought the iPod to college, and now it’s stolen. If I had complained it would have backfired on me.

So, I asked my friends about it but without any luck. There were only a few friends who knew I bought iPod to college.

The culprit has to be one of them. But there was this particular guy/friend who I didn’t doubt because of past incidences. Also, many friends told me that guy has stolen many times before.
I was furious and threatened to beat him, but I didn’t have any proof. I was so embarrassed to tell this incident to my family. The feeling of someone stealing something you bought with your parents’ hard-earned money is so painful.

I didn’t know how should I get revenge from this guy. It was the end of the semester, and it was submission times of all our journals and assignments.

Then I got an idea, which made that b*stard cry.

We had our submission deadlines. The guy who stole my iPod was already behind on his submission. I received help from a few of my friends, and we planned to steal his journals and assignments. The plan was perfectly executed without him doubting anything.
We got his journals and hid them as it was the last date of submission and that guy already had a bad image with teachers. During roll call, the teacher asked for his journal, SH*T it was missing. Payback, b*tch.

The guy was trembling because if he didn’t submit his journals, he would fail his internals, and he’d have to repeat a semester.

I was so happy to see him cry. My friends I happily watched the incident. While going home, we just threw his assignments out of the bus window.

After a few days, he accepted his mistake, and he also knew it was me who stole his journals. He promised he would never do such things anymore.
I still miss my iPod though.” Gaurav Deo

24. She Hooked Up With Her Cheating Ex Husband’s Grown Son

“My aunt found out her husband had been cheating on her with women in his parish (he was a Baptist minister). She married him when she was 19, and he was 45.

He was a guest speaker at her theology class in college and quite handsome despite being much older. He had just gotten divorced and had two grown sons.

Apparently, even though he was divorced, he insisted on only marrying a virgin, which she was. He was controlling and possessive, but she was naive and in love, and after 5 months of dating, they eloped. He cheated on her from day 1. He was abusive and controlling. Less than a year into the marriage, she found out he was seducing half the women in his parish. He was also hiring paid girls, then coming home and being intimate with her.

She found out because she got an STD. He tried to accuse her of having an affair and giving it to HIM.
She got her head screwed on straight and left him shortly after but not until she got revenge. She found out shortly before Xmas. His grown son, whom she had never met and who had been away at college, was coming to visit. He was 22. A taller, younger, more handsome version of her husband. They had a nice holiday, and she left him the day after New Year’s. The divorce was quick. She didn’t ask for any assets and was happy to just get away cleanly.

The day after the divorce was finalized, however, she sent the ex some Polaroid pictures. Of her getting very up close and personal and naughty with the son, but was careful to not show her face, only the son’s face!
Savage. She went on to marry a nice man her own age and have 2 kids. They’re still together. Not sure what happened to her first husband.” Joy Malone

23. She Peed In His Prized Sports Car

“So, my buddy, we will call him Hugo, had one of those Nissan 300z, or some fancy concept sports car.

We were all parked at our buddy Chavez’s place having a grand old time.

A group of hot girls came by who I’ve never seen before. One of the girls, we will call her Peru, started screaming at Hugo. It f*cked everyone’s mood up. We all told him to shut Peru up, so we could get back to having fun.
Well, Hugo decided to hide in the bathroom. But Hugo left his keys on Chavez’s desk. Peru noticed them, the next thing I hear is Chavez shout, ‘Hey, everyone come see what Peru is doing!!’

I run on the porch, pretty messed up at this point. And the site was just grand, as it was not my car.

Peru had turned the car on, opened the sunroof, took her pants off and began to p*ss in the sunroof. Funniest revenge I saw.

Anyway, Hugo rushes out and like an idiot tries to climb in the car and close the sunroof. She is done at this point and begins putting her pants on. And then she slams the door on his a**, and he goes face first in her part p*ss.
Poor Hugo. She said he cheated. He did, and we all knew as I thought another girl was his girlfriend.” Jim Demetri

22. I Was Fed Up With Him Playing Music All Night Long

Has this guy ever heard of headphones?

“Back in my military days (1993), I was STUCK with a roommate who couldn’t sleep without listening to music.

It was miserable because even if I buried my head in a pillow I could still hear it. All night long.

My FIRST night with him, I thought he forgot to turn his boom box off.

I figured I could work out an ‘agreement’ with him. With some passive-aggressive resistance, he reluctantly agreed to one night without music and one night with music. This crappy agreement sucked! I was always tired. I never slept well because on the so-called nights with ‘no music,’ he would attempt to get up in the middle of the night to turn it on ‘low’ so that he could still have his music all night.

I would get up and tell him about our agreement.
I was fed up. I talked with the dorm manager and pleaded with them to notify me as soon as another room became available.

Things came to a head when he wanted to borrow my stereo one night because he didn’t have his. He loaned his boom box radio to someone else. He came over to my side of the room on his ‘night of music,’ and I told him, ‘Don’t touch my stuff.’ He was livid because I broke the agreement. I couldn’t stand hearing a blaring tape cassette playing all night, so I told him that I’m not losing sleep with my own radio.

‘SO THAT’S HOW IT’S GONNA BE???’ He shouted. I told him, ‘Yup, get your own radio.’
So the war was on.

Let’s make a long story short. The dorm manager finally told me that there will be an available room I can have all to myself!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

So luckily, I’ve only had one more miserable night with no sleep with this dude as my roommate. He brought in a brand new super expensive CD player. When he left for a moment, I put a super thin layer of Vaseline on the lens of the player so that the CD wouldn’t play.

All night, he kept messing with the CD player boom box trying to get it to play.

The following morning, it was my moving day. I was almost finished moving when I saw him still struggling with the CD player. I asked him, ‘Did you ever think to clean the laser lens?’ He said, ‘I didn’t think of that.’ So, I took a T-shirt and wiped it clean and told him to try now. It played (just like I thought). He was so excited and happy that he told me, ‘MAN, YOU SAVED MY DAY.’ He was going to take it to an electronics store to have them repair it. Instead, he gave me $70.00 for cleaning it.

Severance pay for 3 months of misery.

I’ll take it.” Dave E Johnson

21. She Cheated On Him, So He Pretended To Propose

Kudos to this guy for keeping his act up for so long. I would have given up after a week.

“I actually knew someone who was with a girl, and he was in love big time, but she didn’t share that love with him. She was cheating on him, and she left him eventually. He was heartbroken and kind of became a lump of a depressed person. It took almost a year to snap out of it, but when he did, he finally came around and started being normal, and one night, which was kind of creepy to me, he says kind of out of the blue, ‘She has hers coming.

You’ll see.’
I was kinda shocked about it and basically changed the conversation to happy things, and later down the road about 3 months from then, he’s happy, has a new girlfriend and is doing great. He was working crazy hours and meeting new people and had a new outlook on life. He broke up with that girl because she was getting a little too possessive he said, and for a few years, kept dating girls off and on. One night we were at a party, and he let me know he was going on a date with his ex from way back when.

I told him he’s stupid, and he said, ‘Don’t worry. I got this.’
I had no choice in the matter, so whatever. About a month later, he’s telling me they are really good, and he proposed, and she said yes. I’m like, ‘What’s going on with you?’ but I played happy because I wasn’t given a choice.

So, a couple of months go by, and we weren’t hanging out that much because he spent all of his time with her. I’m out in the city running some errands, and I decided to stop for lunch. I run into his fiancee, and she’s all heartbroken and starts crying because he told her that it was a plan all along to show her she f*cked up.

He apparently had been playing a game the whole time started dating and got serious and proposed, and they had plans of their new life together, and he was a super gentleman, and he was doing whatever she wanted to do, and then one night, he brought his other girlfriend to meet his fiancee. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to say. I said, ‘Crap, I’m sorry for you’ and left. I was just dumbfounded.
So, naturally, I found him and asked what the hell happened, and he said, ‘I told you I got this.’ I said, ‘A little harsh and maybe too far, don’t you think?’ He said, ‘You saw me for a year heartbroken, and you believe she didn’t deserve it?’ I was just without words and changed the conversation fast.

Wow, that was revenge and then some.” Richard Hidenfelter

20. I Refused To Take His Cheating Butt Back

“It was my ex. Father of my sweet boy. It’s not as ‘savage’ because I don’t believe in giving him a dose of his own medicine but it was the best revenge I could do to him.
We were not married. He proposed twice, I said no on both occasions.

I was unemployed. I got him a job where my brother worked. His job involved long trips to locations where they would stay a few days to a week at a time. Because I had no means to provide him an allowance, I would borrow money from my mom which I pay her back when he gives me a part of his salary (just enough for milk and diapers).

On such trips, he and a colleague would eat at restaurants and meet other people, especially waitresses. While he was on a trip, I would raise our son and maintain the home for him when he gets back, like a doting partner would.
He just got back from a trip and I was emptying his pants pockets before washing when I found a small paper with the name Melanie and a number. I asked him about it and he said he intended to throw it away but forgot. Strike One. I let it slide.

One morning, as he was taking a shower, his phone buzzed, I checked the message and it said, ‘Good morning.

<3 <3 <3′. Strike Two. (What were the hearts for?)

Third and final strike. He couldn’t find his phone. I tried calling it. We searched all over. When I finally found it, my name registered as ‘BUDDY!’
What. The. Fork!

I think he tried explaining why my name was ‘buddy’ but all I could see was his lips moving. I have already cried countless nights because I felt something was wrong.

My son was 3 when I kicked out the ex. I heard he had been living in the office quarters and that’s just about it. I slowly made myself not care what happens to him.

Now for the revenge part. My mom supported me all the way. She and my younger brother helped me raise my son and encouraged me to look for a job. I volunteered at a public hospital and then got accepted at a private hospital soon after.
He came to see my son and mom a few months after when I was working and was crying for them to forgive him and for me to take him back.

My ‘savage’ revenge?

I said no.” Khritchie Lagarto

19. The Heartbreak She Gave To Him Was Her Motivator

“This might not be the answer you’re looking for, but I think it’s still a good lesson to learn.

My sophomore year of high school, I had a friend Maddie who had a huge crush on  Ethan.

Well, Maddie eventually did date Ethan, and she was really happy for a long time.

I would see all their dates on Snapchat, everything seemed great.
Until one day when Ethan abruptly broke up with Maddie.

Maddie was absolutely heartbroken.

She became extremely depressed, took antidepressants, went to a therapist, and was hardly ever at school. This was especially shocking because she was always the kind of girl who would never dream of missing a day of school unless absolutely necessary.

It took her a long time to recover, and most of her friends basically abandoned her.

Nonetheless, she still was able to do great in school because her teachers pitied her and gave her all the help she needed (as well as time).

Last year, it wasn’t the same confident, fun Maddie that I thought I knew.
Until this year.

Despite the bad things going on, she was able to keep her grades high enough to be ‘Summa Cum Laude’ (top 10% of the class at my school) and recently got into NYU.

Now, I would say she’s living her best life. However, the guy who broke her heart is not doing so well. He got into theater (a definite shocker for this guy who was previously just in cross country and track) and honestly has lost the personality that everyone used to envy.

This isn’t necessarily bad; it’s just that it seems that he doesn’t really know himself anymore.
Not to mention, he definitely isn’t going to NYU.

In short, sometimes the best revenge is showing the people who put you down all that you can achieve despite them. Sometimes our greatest enemies can be our greatest motivators.

I’m very proud of my friend Maddie for getting through this; I know she’ll do great things at NYU.” Heidi O’Neill

18. Moving On To Someone Better

“When I was in college, my girlfriend was cheating on me and became pregnant by the other guy. She told me what happened. I told her that she needed to work it out with the other guy and broke up with her.

A week later, I was studying for the LSAT exam in the Library and I saw an incredibly attractive and exotic young woman. She looked just like a swimsuit model that I’d seen in a national advertising campaign. That’s because she was her. I said to myself, ‘Dude, go up to her. The worst that could happen is that she’ll blow you off.’ Instead, I got digits from one of the nicest women that I’ve ever met.

She wanted to go to the San Francisco Opera that weekend. I offered reservations for dinner at a four-star restaurant just for fun.

That night, I dressed in a suit that my ex-girlfriend really liked.

The phone rang. I answered. It was my ex g/f. She asked me how was it going. I said that I had to leave in a minute and that I was dressed in my suit and heading to San Francisco.
She was upset and said that she’d just had an abortion that afternoon and that the father (who was also her boss) had taken her to the clinic, paid for it, and then broke up with her and fired her. She then begged me to come over to her home immediately because she was having a rough time.

I told her that this was awful in a rather condescending and cocky way.

I then told her that I had met someone else, that she was a model, and that she was my date that night at the SF Opera. I told her how she could find pics of my newfound friend’s latest modeling shoot.
The other phone started to ring. I put my ex-girlfriend on hold. My date was calling me. She gushed on about how excited she was about that evening and asked me to come pick her up asap. I told her that I’d be right over and went back to the other phone. I told my ex that my date had called and that I had to leave immediately.

My ex started to cry. I said goodbye and ended the call and proceeded on to one of the best evenings of my life.

This is all true.

You don’t need to do anything to get revenge on people. Most of the time, they do it all for you.” Greg Souliotis
17. It Was All Caught On Tape

Yeah, these days, revenge like this wouldn’t slide, so timing was an important thing here.

“Oh boy… So…

There was this guy named ‘Dale’ that was dating a girl named ‘Alice.’ These two were in ‘love’ and had a really decent relationship while dating in high school.

What ‘Dale’ didn’t know is that ‘Alice’ used to cheat on him all the time.

So, as the year progressed, ‘Alice’ was starting to get complacent. She started to sleep with his close friends and the people that hang out with Dale all the time. The horrible thing with high school kids is they know but don’t say anything.
So, Dale was the laughing stock for a long time, and he never knew. Once all this wind and fury had taken root, one friend laid everything out.

This was harsh, because first, he did not accept this. And then he thought the messenger was involved. But after boys being boys, we developed the perfect plan at the next house party.

Dale told Alice he was not attending the party and had family matters to deal with. At the time, it was highly believable because he was indeed having family issues, but Dale, of course, went anyway.

He hid in a closet of one of the spare bedrooms with a camera and stayed silent. This house was massive, and located in College Park where we partied in the late 90s. Everyone’s parents were somebody in downtown Orlando; they had nice houses, (mini-mansions, really), and adult beverages and drugs were normal because this is what teens did on Friday after football games.
Dale paid off one of the kids Alice slept with the most, and they did their thing while the whole thing was on tape.

Little did we know how trashed she got. They repeated this dance twice more. I almost peed myself laughing so hard. No way in life could something be more perfect.

Later in the week, we used a gift card, one of those pre-paid Visas, and got as many DVDs as we possibly could make. Granted, nowadays, this move is highly illegal, as I believe it was then, but this chick was savage.

So, we were all in. It got distributed like faith in a Pentecostal church. And yea, she was the best thing going since vaping. Miss perfect got hers when the parents found copies weeks later.

They withdrew her and she disappeared.
Dale redeemed some status, but the story stuck like super glue. He was destroyed inside, and we could tell, but I remained by his side, even to this day.

As for her, God as my witness, her Facebook shows 6 kids a nice trailer in Polk county and a busted a*s dodge minivan.” Dale Whiting

16. He Shouldn’t Have Tagged His Location On Instagram

“This is a story of me and my ex-girlfriend. I was the one that got revenge, and that revenge was something I’ll regret for the rest of my life.

I’ve written somewhere anonymously on how we met and how we came to be.

I loved her, and I hoped I’d marry her one day, but for some reason, she started acting cold. My texts were getting less and less responses, and even those responses were slow and short. She was avoiding any kind of discussion with me about the situation, and while I believed that I could fix this by taking her out more, she refused to go out on three separate invitations I made. Sometimes saying yes and changing her mind after a couple of minutes.
Now, what I did was terrible and illegal. I found my chance when she had trouble with her phone after her phone’s motherboard died and needed it replaced.

She always came to my shop and would stay there for at least half an hour before leaving, sometimes even bringing me something to eat. This time she came and left the phone, barely saying ‘Hi’ to me in the process. It seemed like we were complete strangers.

I replaced the motherboard with a new one and then installed software to spy on what she was doing on her phone.

I found out a lot of info, mostly unimportant or uninteresting (passwords and her emails simply did not interest me), but I found out that she’d been texting this guy named ‘Robert.’ The texts were flirty.

He had a public Instagram, so I checked his photos, and often, he’d even show his location. What messed up my judgment was that he was openly pushing her to dump me, so he could go out with her. He needed to be taught a lesson.
I, myself, have 5 cousins. We’re all connected, and 3/5 of them have served time in prison. I intended to teach him a lesson about where not to put his dirty nose. And I intended to do this without telling my ‘girlfriend’ at all.

The dumbf*ck always showed his location in his Instagram stories, making him an easy person to be found, so me and my five cousins found him at a local pub half-drunk, and they beat the sh*t out of him, breaking his nose in the process and a couple of teeth.

My ex confronted me just hours later and demanded an explanation of what had happened to ‘her baby.’ Lol, I told her, ‘I was supposed to be “your baby,” not that schmuck.’
After that, we broke up. After he got out of the hospital, he did not file any charges. After all, he got what he wanted, albeit he paid the price way higher than he intended to. Last I heard, he cheated on my ex too, and I haven’t heard since.” Quora user

15. He Was Purple For A While

“My best friend in high school was a genius. He was the type of person when wronged, he would get even.

At the start of the school year, one of the jocks took it upon himself to pick on my friend. We knew this would not end well.
As we all rode home together, we were somewhat upset when our friend would be late to the car. What we did not know was he was studying his foe’s movements. Observation went on for weeks.

Turns out, the jock was on the school dive team. He would practice and then go into the shower. He would undress and go into the first shower.

One day, our friend told us he would be late. He went into the locker room.

Unscrewed the first showerhead and filled it with Gentian violet dye powder. These were the kind of showers that did not have hot or cold, just on and off with a set temperature.
The unsuspecting victim comes in, undresses, heads into the shower, turns on the water and is drenched with purple die that stains his skin. He was purple for quite some time.” Bruce Cunha

14. She Got A Car Full Of Glitter And School Suspension – Win, win!

I mean, hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little glitter.

“I was 17 and my best friend, who is now my ex-best friend, posted a video (an embarrassing video) of me on the school blog.

And I got extremely mad at her.

I couldn’t do anything too bad because my parents were friends with her parents, and I could possibly get grounded. I absolutely despise getting grounded, like any other normal teen.
I finally had an idea, it was pretty harmless yet extremely effective. I put a package filled with glitter and stuffed it inside her car because she had given me the keys just the day before.

She was and still is a very proud and arrogant person, meaning that she always thought that she was in charge of the f*cking world (when she isn’t, and I hope to God she never will be).

She opened the package, and out popped the glitter, spreading all over her face and her entire car. The prank was absolutely harmless, but it was horribly hard to get the glitter out of her hair.
She came up to me in the hallway and confronted me. I told her that I didn’t do anything, and she started to punch me. I was about to punch back, but then I saw the principal staring at us and decided not to do anything and let her punch me.

Just before she was about to give me a bloody nose or something, the principal came in and started scolding her and telling her that violence was wrong and is NEVER justified.

By now the bell had rung, but everyone was still outside, eager to see what was going to happen. The principal not only humiliated her in front of everyone, but she also got a 1-week suspension.
After the end of this, I was very proud of myself and continued on with my normal life. She didn’t talk to me, and I didn’t talk to her.” Margarita Nessi

13. The Serial Thief Received A Surprise In Her Locker

“In high school, there was a girl who would steal from people. She did it a lot. She didn’t really need the items, and it didn’t matter whether it was a cheap or expensive item.

People were very unhappy with her.

A friend who volunteered in the office got the combination for her locker.

I spent several hours with an air popper and made an incredible amount of popcorn. No salt, no butter, but three trash bags full.
A couple of us went to school very early, unlocked her locker, sealed the face of it with tape and Saran Wrap, poured in the popcorn, and shut her locker. We then put a paper sign on her locker that simply said, ‘THIEF!’

By the time school had started, there were lots of whispers, and lots of students just ‘hanging around’ waiting for the show.

She angrily ripped the sign off of her locker and opened it. She stood dumbfounded, staring at the wall of popcorn in front of her, and people started snickering. Her stuff was all inside the locker, inside the popcorn. She angrily ripped the saran wrap, and popcorn avalanched out of her locker.
A teacher saw the horrible mess, and demanded, ‘Who made this huge mess!?!’

Several people silently pointed to her, and she had to clean it up.

She had popcorn falling out of her possessions for weeks afterward.

Poor girl.” Melanie Cummings

Another User Comments:

“She was either a really entitled individual with complete disregard for boundaries, or she was a kleptomaniac.

If it was the former, then she deserved what happened to her. If it was the latter, then she needed therapy.” Debaroti Dan

12. He Gave Them A Crappy Wedding Gift… Literally

“This is a story I heard about one of my seniors when I was in med school. I don’t know if it’s true, but I believe it is a story that is a good answer to the question.
This guy had a girlfriend who was also his classmate. He wanted to marry her. The lady agreed. But his parents were dead against it.

He had a falling out with his parents over this woman.

They decided to get married as soon as they graduated.

Unfortunately, during finals, the guy flunked while the woman got through. He could attempt the exam only after 6 months. So, they postponed their nuptials for 6 months.

Three months later, the lady got engaged to another guy. She hadn’t even broken up with our protagonist.

He confronted her. She apologized. She said they’d always be friends. She even invited him to the wedding.
He attended the wedding.

He gave them a wedding gift too… a beautifully gift-wrapped box full of fresh human feces.” Anoop Sinha

11. He Got Fired From His Job Thanks To Me

“A guy that I was fooling around with wanted things between us to get more serious.

I’ll call him A. I declined his offer as I had just gotten out of a serious relationship and didn’t want to be anybody’s girlfriend.

In response, A decided to call my work to tell them that I was a total b*tch who smoked drugs before work every day and that I stole money from the store.
My manager Joe laughingly told me about the call when I came in for my shift at 3:00 PM. ‘I told him, ‘No, man, she doesn’t steal from us. We have cameras literally positioned over the top of the registers. We don’t do drug testing, so even if she does smoke, you’re wasting your time because I don’t give a s*it.’

I wasn’t in trouble with my place of employment, but I was still pretty p*ssed off that A was trying to get me fired.

Joe suggested that I call his work and do the same. He put the store phone in my hand and said, ‘Do it from here, so he won’t know it was you. Just dial nine to call out.’
I considered my options. I really didn’t want A to get fired. I was just about to put the phone back down on the receiver and forget the whole thing.

BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ a barrage of texts came to my cell phone. Each more insulting and threatening than the next, and all from A.

I dialed 9 and called the fast food place that A worked at.

I asked to speak to the manager on duty.

‘Hi,’ I said cheerfully, ‘I just wanted to let you know that your employees are really disrespectful and rude. After what happened yesterday I won’t be a customer of yours anymore.’
‘I’m so sorry ma’am. If you could give me some more details I’d love to see if we could resolve the situation. Can you tell me what happened?’ The manager sounded very concerned.

‘Well, I came in yesterday, and while I was ordering food, the guy who took my order was kind of hitting on me. I tried to be nice about it, I really did.

He asked for my phone number. I said I wasn’t giving it to him because I’m already dating someone. He called me a lying, stuck-up b*tch.’

The manager listened to my whole story, ‘Oh sweetheart, I’m so sorry. Can you describe him to me? Do you remember his name by chance?’
‘Well…’ I paused for dramatic effect. My manager Joe was standing next to the phone listening in, ‘He was a short, stocky guy with blonde hair. I’m pretty sure his name was A. I wasn’t going to complain about it, but after I left, I couldn’t stop thinking about how rude he was.

Then I started thinking that if he had been that way towards me there had to have been other women that he spoke to the same way, and I just couldn’t hold it in anymore.’

‘So you decided to call in the complaint,’ The manager said, ‘I totally understand. Now, don’t you worry about a thing. He won’t be speaking to anybody else like that again. Thanks for calling it in, hon.’
The next day, I got a call from A raving about how he had been fired from his job, and he knew that either I or his ‘baby mama’ had something to do with it.

The best part was that he believed me when I said I had no idea what he was talking about.” Jerrica Cole

10. GPS Became My Best Friend

“My bicycle was stolen.

Then another one.

Then I called some friends and built a bicycle with a GPS tracker hidden in it.

Not only we caught one thief, but our initiative grew into a nationwide organization and we busted hundreds of criminals. I was personally there at dozens of cases, with camera in hand, and I looked straight into their scared eyes as they were handcuffed and taken away. I made it into a video series, and they are now on the internet, faces and names uncovered, in utter shame.

People were whining all the time that it’s ‘illegal,’ but I didn’t give a sh*t. It’s also illegal to steal my stuff. And people are fed up with the ‘rights’ of the criminals, for the media only shows them with blurred out faces and only their initials are mentioned.

It was so much fun! After a while, we also had GPS-bugged laptops and even a specially modified smartphone which swept pickpockets out from a major club in Budapest. Sometimes we followed the b*stards for days until we pinpointed their location, then stood there and applauded while the cops took them away.

Then we went to court and laughed at them, as they received their sentences.

Some of them threatened us. They thought they are the mafia or something. We sometimes paid a visit to them and asked what’s the problem. Forty or fifty of us. Then they cried, whined and tried to call the police. The cops came and laughed their a**es off. We were on good terms with them.

To this day, I am very proud of this. Look up ‘Thiefbusters’ on YouTube. Most of our videos have English CCs.” Quora user

9. I Seated Her Next To The Slobby Inebriated Person

Have a happy flight!

“I once helped with logistical preparations of a big international conference in Mongolia.

It was more than 15 years ago.
About a month prior to the conference, things started becoming very busy. Many government participants would ask me through emails, faxes and telephone calls about logistical details. I was extremely busy.

There was one person, in particular, who was really annoying and obnoxious. She would call me and pester with a lot of details about the conference. The first time she really p*ssed me off was about the queue number for her minister to give a speech. Let’s say her minister was supposed to be the 7th person. The assistant got really upset. She demanded to make her the 5th.

She even sent me a threatening letter about how her beautiful country has given so much aid the last several years, yet the ungrateful Mongols put her minister as a (!) 7th person. This might be a cause for her minister not to attend the conference. I am not kidding.
I discussed the letter with my boss, and we wrote the reply letter together. It was a good thing we did it together. I would have written something else. Basically, we accommodated her wishes. We also had several smaller incidents afterward.

By the time she arrived in Mongolia, I was ready to strangle her.

While in Mongolia, she continued with unreasonable demands. I even caught her lying several times. I asked her to meet my boss and get permission for another stupid bureaucratic perk. She told me that she met and my boss okayed everything. It was a lie. Anyway, by the time the conference was ending, I was really sick of her. Before leaving, she asked me for help with the return ticket.

Because it was a high-level conference, all the flights, tickets were done by our person, not through regular airline hotline. I asked our ticket agent to bump her from the Business class to the Economy seating.

AND sit her together with a drunk guy from one of the stans. The guy arrived in Mongolia super drunk, was drunk for the whole duration of the conference and left drunk. He was so drunk and sleeping in his room all the time, that we had to call doctors to check if he had any problems. So anyway, I made sure that the woman was seated next to the drunk. Bon Voyage. Petty for sure, but it was enjoyable…” Anand Nyamdavaa
8. I Peed In His Air Jordans

“Not to gross anybody out, but this was the perfect revenge on a cheating boyfriend.

My boyfriend had just got a brand new pair of Air Jordans that he was sporting around the neighborhood. He kept disappearing in the evenings, making excuses as to why I couldn’t accompany him.

One evening, he had left his Air Jordans out on the back porch by the garage, and it was beginning to rain. This is another evening of excuses to dodge me and go out, so I knew something was up.

Since he didn’t wear his Air Jordans that night, and it was beginning to rain, and he left them outside, I thought what the hell, so I took his new shoes into the garage, and I p*ssed in them, filling them up to the brim, let them soak for a little while before emptying their contents and then putting them back out on the porch where they were rained on.

Later on, I brought them in the house and used a blow dryer to dry them well and returned them to the porch.
The next time he went to wear them with the intent of skipping out on me for another ‘ME ONLY’ evening, he was in for a very humiliating experience… cutting his evening plans way short and suddenly returning home. APPARENTLY, he was meeting up with a friend at some other friend’s home where several people were just hanging out and chillin’ until comments were being made regarding a STENCH/FOUL ODER that the source of where it was coming from wasn’t easily resolved until someone zeroed in on my boyfriend’s feet/shoes… in which he promptly exited his secret hookup gathering and bee-lined it for home completely mortified and embarrassed…
Man, did I love the unexpected way my revenge played out on the player! I HAVE NEVER REGRETTED MY ACTIONS THAT NIGHT, and sometimes revenge really is sweet… (when justified)!” Linda Running

7. Laxatives And Animal Guts

I would love to see a video of this.

“As a shallow and spotty youth, I got word that the boss was going to fire me for bad timekeeping at the gas station I worked at weekends. So I plotted my revenge.

One of the regular customers was a butcher. I asked him to grab me some offal, any bits of animal’s insides etc., etc. The next day, the dude rocks up with a polybag FULL of gore. I pour this mess into the toilet bowl, a while after bringing the boss his coffee which was brimming full of laxatives.
I watched with glee as the boss flung open his door to run for the toilet.

There was a minute’s pause – before a high-pitched scream that should never have come from a middle-aged man, followed by a yell of a phrase I’ll never forget: ‘’Oh my god – I’ve sh*t my insides out – helllllllp meeeee.’

I never had the heart to admit this foul deed. And I was indeed sacked the next Saturday. Serves me right, I suppose!” David Franks

Then, I went back home to our apartment to wait for the torrent of fury to be unleashed on me. When he got home, we had a big argument and broke up.” Deirdre Rose
6. I Started Dating His Friend

“I was dating my boyfriend from the age of 13 for four years.

He was the ultimate player and used me every chance he got. I only saw the good in him because I was so young and stupid. He would leave me, date other girls and them come back. He cheated on me constantly and even denied he knew me and dated me a couple of times. The whole relationship was humiliating and left me in years weekly.
After 4 years, I lost my virginity to him. About 3 days later he asked me for an open relationship to which I refused hard. This was the biggest wake-up call for me, and I never looked back.

We stayed friends as we were still in school, and it was too awkward to avoid each other (mutual friends).
One day in math class, we were talking about me creating a photography portfolio and needing models. He said he knew the perfect guy for it. He pulls out his phone and shows me pictures of a cute, blonde guy. We arranged to meet at a beautiful nature park with me, my ex, the blonde guy and a couple of others. I took the photos, and we all enjoyed our time together and went our separate ways.
During this time, I vowed not to be swayed into a relationship.

I couldn’t have cared less about boys and didn’t find anyone attractive. I didn’t even find the blonde attractive because he was quite confident and cocky for someone I’d just met. I was a little disappointed when we didn’t even exchange details though, which surprised me.
Anyway, I knew I’d never see him again and didn’t give it another thought. About 3 weeks later, my best friend and I were having a party at her house, and she was in charge of selecting who is invited (because it was her house), but she didn’t care who I invited and allowed me anyone.

It was mainly all of our friends who were attending anyway.
So, I show up, begin to say hi to everyone, and as I make my way around the room, I hear my name. It is the blonde guy. I was in so much shock. I asked what he was doing there, and he seemed to be more shocked that I was here. I was like, ‘This is my best friend, dude.’
Fast forward, we have been together for 4 and a half years now. When we got together, my ex tried to blame me for taking away his ‘best friends’ (me and my partner).

He turned the entire friend group against me and still came out as the bad guy. This is my best revenge.” Claudia Bella

5. I Stopped Him From Getting A Job

Be careful who you list as a reference.

“This was almost TOO easy…

An absolute jerk I had worked with a few years earlier had – for some reason – listed me as a reference for a new employer.

When the employer called me for the reference I was mystified at first then said, ‘Yeah…______’s a great guy. And don’t let his legal issues bother you. There’s reason to believe that little girl was lying in court…’
He didn’t get the job….” Benjamin T Collier

4. This Mom Set A Horrible Example Of What Not To Do To Get On A Ride


“I was at an amusement park earlier this year, a brand new ride had just opened so of course there was a huge line for it.

I had taken my girlfriend that day, and bought us Fast Passes to skip the lines. Fast passes cost nearly three times as much as a regular pass there.

It was around noon, on a hot day, and my girlfriend and I head over to the new ride. We circled it and weren’t able to see any fast pass lines. But we both wanted to go on the new attraction so we just got into the regular line, the signs said we were about 45 mins from the front. Immediately behind us was a large lady [EM], with her son [EK] who was about ten.

My girlfriend then spots some people entering a different cue wearing purple wristbands (fast passes).

So we go passed the boy and his mom, exit the line and enter the new line. Since it had just opened I guess they hadn’t made an official sign for it yet, but there was a little gate with a paper tapped on to it that read FAST PASS & Wheelchairs. We go through, and there are about 20 people in front of us now.

After about a minute, we see the EM & EK behind us again. I didn’t make much of it, they probably hadn’t seen the entrance just as we had. But my girlfriend whispers in my ear, they don’t have fast passes.

I look at their wrists, and she’s right. Their wristbands are green, the regular ones. She asks me if maybe we should say something so they don’t waist their time. Poor kid, I think to myself, he probably wants to get on the ride as quickly as possible, they’re just gonna send them back when they reach the front.

So I tap on EM shoulder, this is paraphrasing as this was all spoken in Spanish. ‘Excuse me, this line is for purple wristbands only. They won’t let you go through here. You can go back—-‘

‘They’ll let me through, they always do!’ She exclaims.

My girlfriend and I look at each other like wtf. ‘Okay, sorry!’ I reply.

About three mins go by, and I guess we had been distracted for a little bit, cuz I see there’s about a 5-foot gap in the line in front of us. So we turn to move forward. And EM shoves passed us, her son right behind her.

I open my mouth to say something but decide against it. They’re not gonna get on the ride anyway, so there’s really no point. They’re really strict about the wristbands.

We finally reach the front of the line, and the ride operator asks to see EK & EMs wristbands.

They were clearly trying to hide them by keeping their hands behind their backs. EM quickly shows her the wristband and runs passed her and immediately starts getting on the ride, her son does the exact same. The ride operator tells her that this is the Fast Pass Line and that she has to go back to the end of the regular line.

‘Okay, next time I will. I didn’t know.’ -EM responds.

‘No, you’re gonna go, exit the ride and go to the back of the line.’

She lowers her son’s harness, and then herself.

‘I already lowered the harness, I’ll use the normal line next time.


The ride operator turns around and lets me and my girlfriend through. There weren’t any seats available on the ride anymore so I knew they were gonna get kicked off.

The ride operator walks to her station on the other side of the platform, presses a button on the console, and all the harness goes up.

She walks towards us again and gives EM a dirty look. EM looks p*ssed. Like a demon from a horror movie p*ssed. She violently gets up and out of the platform cursing the operator out, her son right behind her.

Once off the ride, the EK looks back and spits on the seat.

The ride operator went and got some Lysol wipes and cleaned the seat.

My gf and I sit on the ride and lower the harnesses, the ride operator leans in to make sure they’re tight.

‘They’re really p*ssed,’ I jokingly tell the ride operator.

‘They will be when they find out he isn’t tall enough,’ she replies. AnotherTargaryen

3. Pick Favorites For Years? Better Find A New Job


“I used to work in a disability shared accommodation agency. It’s a job where you support 4-6 people with disabilities who share the accommodation. Its shift work, 2 clients per staff member during the day, 1 staff member on a ‘sleepover’ at night.

The rosters are 4-week rotating rosters. I was employed as a 0.75 meaning I work 75% of what is considered full time (equating to 57 hours a fortnight). Working shifts sucked, but the pay was good.

I was working in a house I’ll call sunup. Sunup had 4 residents and 7 workers. Each house had a house supervisor, they reported to the cluster manager (who managed 6 houses), cluster managers report to the CEO.

By company policy, leave requests are ‘first in best dressed’ meaning you need to put your leave in early to ensure you get it.

I was transferred to sunup from a 6 client house due to my qualifications and situations I cannot legally disclose.

I worked for the first year, got to know staff, clients, house supervisor, etc.

There was an obvious ‘clique’ between 4 staff members, each school holidays, 3 would apply for leave, and one would call in sick with a medical certificate covering the same amount of time. They would always rotate who is ‘sick’ to hide what they were up to. (They were friends outside of work who would party together)

After a year, the house supervisor fell sick. One of the Clique members ‘Karen’ was appointment acting supervisor and it went to hell.

She tried reducing my hours and giving extra time to a friend, I pointed out that I’m contracted for 57 hours a fortnight so I’m getting paid for 57 hours a fortnight.

Her friends got extra shifts. Were given the best shifts and we’re all around favored by Karen.

In January, I put in leave for March school holidays, Karen rejects it on the grounds that others had already submitted leave (her clique all applied for this time). I left this alone.

In March I checked the leave calendar for the June school holidays (each house had a leave calendar so management and staff can check who scheduled leave is) it’s was empty. I submitted leave again and it was rejected, Karen said, ‘Sorry, You were too slow, Karen said that A, B &C (clique) already submitted leave.’ The next day the leave calendar showed this.

In May, I checked the Xmas leave calendar, put in my leave and sure enough, got the same result. This annoyed me as I have a family that I wanted to take on holiday. I spoke to the cluster manager (also a part of the clique) who said there nothing I can do. Note, I had no leave taken in 2 years.

January the following year, the clique was on holiday, we had a gastro outbreak across our facilities so we were short staff. All available staff (including CEO) were covering shifts.

I was rostered on with the CEO one shift, during the shift he said to me, ‘Op, you have a bit of leave accumulated.

You should probably take some.’

Me: ‘I put in 3 requests last year, all were rejected as others apparently already applied for those dates.’

CEO: ‘Let’s lock in your leave now.’

Me: ‘Ok, how about 4 weeks over Xmas.’

I filled out the form, the CEO signed it off. He filled out the leave calendar and put my application in Karen’s pigeon hole.

I was on a sleepover that night so I took my application, photocopied it for myself self and replaced under the mountain of paperwork in her pigeon hole knowing she wouldn’t see it for a few months.

In March I checked the leave calendar, I noticed my Xmas leave disappeared replaced with Karen, A,B & C.

I didn’t say anything as I had a leave form with CEO’s signature.

Fast forward October, original house supervisor passed away, the acting supervisor was appointed permeant supervisor by the cluster manager with a mandatory 3-month probation.

December comes around, first week of my leave, I get a call from Karen. ‘Where are you?’

Me: ‘On leave.’

Karen: ‘I didn’t approve any leave, get your a*s to work now.’ I come in, Karen chews me out stating she didn’t get an application form, Karen went on to say, ‘Even if you submitted it I would reject it as you should know by now that we always take two weeks in December/January.’ She wrote me up for insubordination.

I worked that shift, when Karen left I emailed the CEO filling him in on what happened. He called a meeting me and Karen.

CEO: ‘What happened?’

Karen cutting me off: ‘Op took it upon himself to approve leave, I wrote him up for skipping work.’

Me: ‘Actually I submitted leave in January, while you were away.”

Karen: ‘No you didn’t.’

CEO: ‘Yes he did! I approved it and added it to the leave calendar.’

Karen: ‘Oh, um we already had 4 staff booked on leave.’

CEO: ‘Show me the leave forms.’

Karen: ‘Um I destroyed them.’

Me handing Karen my copy of my form signed by the CEO.

CEO: ‘OP is on leave.

I’m going to sunup and I’m investigating this situation. OP, my apologies go home, I’m extending your leave by an extra week.’

I go home. I come in 4.5 weeks later to be told that Karen has lost her promotion, she is on thin ice.

CEO found out that Karen has been rejecting leave requests. She shredded my request without looking past the date. She deleted my leave from the calendar. The CEO told Karen that this borders on committing fraud.

The CEO also separated the ‘clique’ to different houses. He changed the leave policy to state that he must sign off leave requests (in addition to house supervisor and cluster managers).

He made sure that all staff had access to prime leave dates.

Karen was fired 2 weeks later for failing audit requirements.” Scott3496

2. Try To Get Me To Quit? It’s All Over Once I Call My Lawyer Uncle


“Back when I still was in university, I used to work for a hotel to make ends meet. When I started the hotel very urgently needed new personnel. So I cut a deal with the old owner about getting to choose and pick shifts, so I could visit my courses and exams. Speaking some extra foreign languages I also got a little bonus each month on top.

the old owner was a great guy. He owned multiple hotels so I rarely saw him. But when he was in the house he always made a point to have drinks with the staff, chat with us and if we were free he even invited those of the front desk to fancy restaurants who were not on shift.

Fast forward. I had worked in the hotel for a few years now and was nearing the completion of my studies. So it wouldn’t have been an eternity until I had to quit anyway. As I was of course more interested to work in my field of study.

As part of my deal with the old owner, I mostly chose to work night shifts. Allowing me to visit my courses at university during the day. To make up for my privileges I had picked up the habit of doing some extra work in the dead of night other shifts would normally have to do, when I on contrast could’ve sat around and stared at the walls. People were grateful for the help in the beginning. And we became a rather tight-knit group. But over time people rotated in and out.

When the old owner retired and his asshole of a son took over the business as the new owner, I already feared the worst.

the new owner didn’t like me very much. I never found out the exact reason for that one. I was at that point nearly the sole veteran left from when I started. Among the tasks I had taken on was doing light clerical tasks to ease the manager’s job in the morning. For that, I generally had to use the manger’s network account.

One night while doing my lists, I logged into the mangers account and email to do my job. Then I saw an email with my name in the subject line. I know it is not nice to snoop, but of course, I read it.

Turns out the new owner wanted to get rid of me. I still had my old employee contract with the bonuses for foreign language abilities and was allowed by my contract to pick and choose shifts. I can only assume these privileges are what made the new owner hate me. No idea if he had other reasons. Because to be honest these seem very week to me.

But he couldn’t fire me without cause. On top of that, I would be owed severance if fired. And generally, there were not enough bodies in the shift rotation without me. Though the new owner didn’t seem to understand that point as the emails told me.

I looked for more emails concerning me and found them.

There was an email chain between some of the employees, the manager, and the new owner. I was of course not CCed as I was the hated topic. The employees didn’t like me hogging the night shifts. Because those paid better and for every night you worked you got paid the night bonus. The manager was the only one rather neutral on the matter and just curbed their enthusiasm to get rid off me, as they needed me to be fully staffed. The new owner and my colleagues actively conspired to make a hostile work environment so I would quit of my own volition.

I was furious. I thought about a variety of reactions. From egging their cars to burning down the hotel. But I settled on a less crazy method of revenge. I called my uncle at 2 am asking for advice. My uncle is a lawyer. So for sake of proof, I forwarded myself all the emails. I made photos, printed them out, made copies and filmed the whole deal just to be sure.

My uncle told me to sit tight and see if things got worse, or if it was just bluster. And so I gave it a few days. And things did take a turn.

Snide remarks about my looks, clothing and so on were only the tip of the iceberg. Some of the colleagues were just as professional as before. But the conspirators always left extra work for me or pawned of sh*t duties they normally had to do on me. I always kept a spare shirt and suit at work, just to have a change, which suddenly disappeared. One guy even started to threaten me with violence. But I kept clenching my butt cheeks. I would not give them the satisfaction of saving on the severance or giving in. I am a big boy after all.

I did, however, stop doing any extra work, I was not obligated to do. Which in the end was the reason they used to fire me? They still had to pay me severance.

The next day my uncle with bundled proof of the email and all documented harassment by my colleagues served the hotel my lawsuit. It started with wrongful termination and ended with harassment. Reportedly the manager went white as a sheet when he realized where the emails must have come from. the new owner had been on vacation and had to cancel his expensive vacation in France to deal with this.

Their council advised them to settle. So I accepted my severance and a hefty bonus on top. Enough money to last me until the end of university without work.

But that was not all my revenge. I had gone after the new owner’s money. But in the next step, I went after the hotel. I had used all the spare time during night shifts alone, to document every last violation of city, county, district, state and federal law I could find. That went from minor things like some harmless mold under the kitchen sink to substantial violations like modifications to the building.

The building was under a limited form of historical protection by federal law, on the ground of being built and inhabited by somewhat important historical figures a few hundred years back. So every renovation or change in floor plans needs to be signed off on by a committee. Which can take ages. There is also a grant paid to the new owner by the government for keeping the building intact as is.

So with my uncle’s help, I sent documentation of every violation I could find to the corresponding agency. In one month everything from health, building code, fire safety to the finance and work police crawled over the hotel.

In the end, it was the building and fire inspectors that shut the place down. the new owner had done substantial renovations to the top floor luxury apartments, which he used when he was in town.

So the new owner had to pay back the grant, pay fines for unauthorized alterations to the building, endangering his guests, because something wasn’t built right according to fire code and had to close down shop until the building was fixed. I also tipped off a friend who had studied journalism and worked at a local paper. The paper ran an article on all the violations accumulated.

Which tanked the business once it had reopened, as the newspaper article had led to horrible reviews. In the end, to afford all the fines, repayments and building cost the new owner sold the hotel. As the cherry on top, all the assholes who had tried to harass me out lost their job. Granted the people who didn’t do anything to me lost their jobs too. But didn’t do anything to stand up for me or help me either. So I don’t feel too much remorse

And the revenge cherry on top was, that the new owner, whenever he was in town used to bring home escorts.

Which in my country is not illegal. But he was married. It took some doing to get that information to the new owners’ wife. But one of my former colleagues, who had quit before this had all happened, had her email. So I let her know what the new owner was up to when he was out of town. I don’t know what exactly happened, but they did divorce in the end. Make of that what you will.” Horatius-Cocles

1. Want To Send Naughty Pics To Your Virtual Girlfriend? Don’t Do It On Your Work Phone


So I used to work with this man named Michael.

Michael was a sycophantic yes man who had no real skills required for our job but faked it well for a few years.

When I was hired, Michael was the ‘regional manager.’ Though he was very friendly to me in the days leading up to me joining, he was apparently telling all of the employees that I was only hired to come in and clean house, that I was not to be trusted, and that everyone should go to only him for everything. It took me a few months for people to realize that I wasn’t the monster he set me up to be and that I was there to help.

Once the employees knew I wasn’t a bad guy, they came to me for everything; Michael did not like this.

Skip forward a few years; there’s been some pettiness and some clashing, but Michael and I are at a point where we can work together civilly and generally stay out of one another’s way. Unbeknownst to me, Michael was very much NOT doing his job and the company decided to hire someone to replace him, Charles. However, because my company believes in second chances, Michael was allowed to ‘step down’ to a lesser role. Charles came in, he and I clicked right away, and Michael faded into the background.

Now, Michaels wife was not very impressed with this demotion. Some bad sh*t went down, fights were had, and finally, a divorce was announced. Michael decided that at the ripe old age of 45 he was going to jump right into the online dating world. He had a new date every two or three days, was constantly bragging about the girls he was going out with, but never seemed to realize that he only ever had first dates – no one apparently wanted a second.

During this freewheelin’ free for all, Michael apparently met a girl on Plenty of Fish. They hadn’t met but were talking and flirting all day every day.

After about two weeks of POF girl, Michael started complaining about money. He’d be on the phone with some company or another paying a late bill or setting up a payment plan, he would ask constantly if we could order pizza for one of the teams and then eat that, he started looking pretty bedraggled.

One of Michael’s female friends from work started complaining to me that Michael was always asking her for money. When I asked why, she said Michael was sending money and paying bills for this Plenty of Fish girl. I was a little surprised – they’d never met, he didn’t have much money to begin with, and lending money is always a weird situation.

The friend later told me that Michael had sent some … suggestive photos to the girl, and that she was holding them over his head.

This didn’t really sit right with me … I mean, he’s not married, he’s not famous, he’s not high-powered, so what could this girl ruin in his life? The only thing he has is this job.

That’s when it clicked. Plenty of Fish girl had to be someone from work.

Around this time, I got a spam email telling me that the sender had explicit photos and videos of me, had been tracking my phone, knew what type of porn I watched and had hacked into my camera to watch me while I watched it.

Such videos and pictures do not exist, and I’m not a grubby teenager – if I’m going to watch porn, I’m watching it on my TV and making a night of it. The sender threatened to release the ‘evidence’ if I didn’t send the $700 to some account they had.

I knew right away it was spam, so I gave my phone and computer to IT to make sure there were no viruses. After getting the all-clear, I decided to have some fun. I went into Michael’s office, which he shared with two other managers, and shut the door. I told them that I was really freaked out that someone was blackmailing me and didn’t know what to do.

I gave Michael my phone so he could read the email, and his face turned WHITE. He looks up at me, eyes wide, and whispers, ‘Oh my god … you too?!’ I asked what he was talking about, and he told me that someone had stolen pictures from his phone and was threatening him and that he’d already sent them money. I kept a straight face, and said, ‘Oh my god, that’s horrible – you should give your phone and your computer to IT to see if it’s a virus and if they can track anything down.’

The man jumped right tf up.

He bolted into IT, told them he thought he had a virus on his phone, and handed it over. I about died.

Over that weekend, we received an email asking us to bring in any company-issued phones or computers for an antivirus update. I didn’t think much of it, made sure I had my stuff, and reported to work on Monday morning. When I went to turn in my stuff, my manager laughed and said it wasn’t necessary. I asked why; apparently, the email had been a ruse so that Michael would bring in his equipment.

Y’all. When IT searched his COMPANY PHONE that day he asked them if he had a virus, they found pictures, videos, you name it, of Michael.

They looked at the texts and emails and realized it wasn’t spam … and that the name on the email account he had sent money to was SHOCKINGLY SIMILAR to the name of one of our employees.

… Michael had been finessed. Catfished. Bamboozled. BY AN EMPLOYEE. He was fired that day for misuse of company equipment.

If you hadn’t tried to get me fired three years ago, Michael, I wouldn’t have f*cked with you over what I KNEW was spam, and you’d probably still have a job.

I do not condone blackmailing and absolutely think she should have been terminated, I just don’t have details on her.” HarrySUx

How far would you go to teach your arch-enemy a lesson? For most of these people, they’d go the extra mile! Preventing someone from getting a job, distributing an embarrassing act caught between two people on video, scheduling a meet-up with her husband’s so-called fiancee… There’s definitely some hilarious, genius, and even brutal stories in this bunch.

But don’t worry; there’s more where that came from! Check out more satisfying revenge stories here.

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