People Talk About How They Got Revenge On A Selfish Person

Sometimes when we're set in our ways, we're not thinking of others. This can cause a lot of pain, frustration, and anger – the perfect ingredients for a juicy revenge plot. Even though it's always important to put yourself first, it's equally important to stay grounded and remember that the world doesn't revolve around you. I know that sounds harsh, but trust me, remaining grounded and having empathy for others goes a long way. Acting selfish can get you in a lot of trouble. You'll see what I mean when you read these revenge stories.

39. Park Badly Next To A Handicapped Space? Your Car Is About To Get Beat Up


“Some years ago, my dad was left more or less helpless.

Between my mom and I, we did our best to take care of him, however, eventually, he needed to live in a nursing home because he required 24/7 care that was beyond us.

He hated it, but I’d take him out whenever I could, even if it was just to drive around for a while.

One day, my mom and I went to pick him up to take him to a medical appointment on the other side of town.

The parking lot of this professional building only had 1 handicap access space (which I’m pretty sure was against the bylaw, for the size of the place).

For those that don’t know, these spaces are often much wider than normal spaces to make it easier to maneuver wheelchairs and walkers, etc.

I pull into this spot, and I park as far over to the left as I can, so I can get my dad’s chair out of the back and help him into it.

It was a corner spot, and I literally had my wheels right against the curb.

About an hour later, we’re coming out, and someone had parked in the spot to my right. But not only did they park too close to me, but almost half their car was also over the line and into the handicap space.

I did my best to try to work with it, but there was just no room. The parking lot was busy and the weird layout made it dangerous to pull the car back to give us some room.

I ended up carrying my dad and putting him in the seat, all the while trying my best not to smack the car beside me with my own door.

But then I had to get the wheelchair in…

The only way it would fit into my car was folded up and put in through the rear door, and even then it was very tight.

My patience was running out as I was trying to wrestle that thing into my car.

One of the wheelchair brakes let go while I was lifting it and it pinched my finger. There was much swearing.

That was the last straw. I said screw that guy’s car and stopped trying to be nice. I continued fighting that chair, smashing my door into his car, and smashing the chair into his car.

I got it in eventually, but not before leaving a couple of dents and a handful of nasty scratches on his passenger door. I refrained from stabbing his tires though, as much as I wanted to.”

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CaretakerOnceUponATime 2 years ago (Edited)
May sound petty but along with everything else which you did (don't blame ya one bit!) I'd have called immediately and had the other car ticketed... a hefty fine usually gets the message across because technically, he was in a handicapped spot. But that's just me....
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38. A Christmas Filled With Family Drama


“Christmas 2018, my husband and I had explained to family that we are just having a quiet Christmas Day at home with our son.

My side of the family was happy with this and respected our wishes; however, I find out a few days before that my MIL had invited herself to our place for Christmas and had organized for all of us to go to my brother-in-law’s for Christmas dinner.

Now I am always the one to go with the flow especially when it comes to my in-laws because they are the kind of people who invite themselves over then expect to be waited on by hand and foot. Deep down it drives me mad but whatever I just get on with it.

So this Christmas Day comes like all others and my MIL sits around and expects me to do everything. I had even asked her to bring along a cold Christmas ham and frozen turkey roast as these were the easiest things to prepare for our dinner.

Literally, all she had to do was cut the ham and put the pre-made turkey roast in the oven for 2 hours. Anyway, it gets to lunchtime and she informs me she is leaving to go to BIL’s house now so that she can start drinking and asks if I could prepare the Ham and turkey and bring them with me even though I had my own dishes to prepare and bring.

I said no (she was a little taken aback but nonetheless took the food with her).

We show up for dinner in the early afternoon and all the kids are playing in the backyard and in and out of the pool (Australian Christmas is hot).

The adults are lounging around the pool with snacks and drinks etc and my 2-year-old son trips and falls into the pool right at the feet of my MIL (literally at her feet as she was sitting on the edge with her legs in the water).

I was at the other end of the backyard and as the seconds are ticking by I’m thinking ‘surely she is going to grab him’ but nope she just kept drinking and chatting away (I know she saw him fall in because I saw her look down at him.) Anyway, I swear it was like 6-7 seconds and she hadn’t helped him so I jumped in fully clothed and grabbed him out of the pool.

He was coughing and spluttering and crying hysterically and my mother-in-law had the audacity to say ‘I think mummy has overreacted a bit.’ I was absolutely floored, even my brother-in-law said to her ‘well he WAS under for a while.’ Apparently, she thought that because it was only a shallow pool he should have been able to get himself out.

Anyway, after dinner and my clothes had dried and I had a few drinks myself we had got onto the conversation about Boxing Day. My MIL is trying to plan a big day out for all of us and everyone was just kind of silent because no one really wanted to do anything on Boxing Day.

After going on and on about it like a madwoman for 10 minutes I eventually blurted out ‘nobody wants to do anything with you!’ And everyone just looked at me with such shock like I never lose my cool but I had had enough that day.

MIL got up without a word and went and did the dishes. As soon as she left the room the rest of us had a little giggle, and my sister-in-law says ‘at least she’s doing the dishes now’ – as she had done nothing to help all day except drink 2.5 bottles of booze and drive everybody else bananas.

I did feel bad afterward but boy did it feel good to finally say something.”

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StumpyOne 2 years ago
You shouldn't feel bad AT ALL. I'm glad your son was okay!
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37. Cut My Pay? I Won't Work Your Busiest Shifts


“The pub I worked at changed hands over the time I was at university for a semester. When I came back I worked a shift the week before Christmas. A couple of days later we all had a team meeting with the new big boss, who was a prize one jerk.

After the meeting, he rang me instead of talking to me personally and basically said that ‘I’m not going to pay you the wage you were on previously, I’m going to pay you minimum wage like everyone else who works for me’ (this was a difference of about 3 pounds per hour, so pretty significant).

Bearing in mind I’d worked here for almost 3 years, averaging around 50 hours a week on my gap year for my previous employer, and had worked my way up to a more senior position. I’d put a lot of hours in.

When I told him that he couldn’t do that because I’d already worked a shift on the understanding that my working agreement had stayed the same, he said ‘I can do whatever I want because you’re on a zero-hour contract, mate.’ So I told him to find someone to cover my remaining shifts, which he happily agreed to.

Little did he know, that I was down to work the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day shift, the busiest shifts in the British pub calendar. I handed in my notice that evening, knowing full well he wasn’t going to find anyone to cover those shifts, let alone someone with the competency and experience as me (I’d done the Christmas day shift 3 times previously and it’s MANIC).

Adding salt to the wound, my sister, who was also down for the same shifts as me, handed her notice in with immediate effect 3 days before Christmas, so we really left them in the gutter.

According to friends and regulars, it was a catastrophe on Christmas Day, with queues out the door and people leaving due to the lack of service.

A conservative estimate of losses is easily £2,000 over those two shifts, probably more, all because he was a greedy jerk who liked to exploit his workers.”

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Katydid 2 years ago
Payback is a bitch ain't it!
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36. You Want Me Now That I'm Successful? I Won't Give You The Time Of Day


“This story, I’m going to share with you all, happened a long way back in 2013 when I was in my college.

I was in the prestigious presidency university, in Calcutta. So I had one senior brother who would study there in physics.

I had a group that senior brother was also a part of and we were like friends though he was senior to me. That senior brother’s name was Robin (changed).

Robin came from a very poor family. His father was a rickshaw puller and his mom used to work as a maid in different homes.

So in short to say, he had a very struggling life. We never ever found Robin wearing jeans or proper shoes. We never found him wearing or carrying anything new or stylish but he was the university topper.

So overall, everything was going well but he had a hidden crush on a girl who was very pretty.

But he never ever had such guts to propose to her so one day by our immense pressure he stood up in Infront of his crush and with a blushing face he proposed to her with a red rose. And we were observing the entire scenario from behind them.

So for 2-3 minutes, there was silence and suddenly that girl snapped and told him how dare he proposes to her when he had nothing. She even told him that he looks like a beggar so how could he think that a pretty girl like her could accept him.

She boldly told Robin to stay away from her.

And that time, Robin was shedding tears by bowing his head down and we all consoled him by motivating or saying positive words too but after that he became silent.

In 2014 he gave the intelligence bureau exam and he cleared that exam too.

And he was selected as the Deputy detector post. And we all were very happy about his success. And Robin left Calcutta and became busy with his job.

After 3 years I got a call.

Robin: Hey, bro how are you?

Me: I’m good but who is this?

( I got a call from an unknown number.)

Robin: I’m Robin.

Me: Bro, where are you? After so many days you called me? Is everything going well?

Robin: Yes I’m pretty good and I’m in Calcutta. So want to meet up with all of you.

Can you meet me tomorrow?

Me: Of course. We are always here for you. Catching you up tomorrow evening.

Call ended.

So we met on the 24th of March. And Robin took us to a tea stall which was situated near that girl’s house.

So we, all were casually chatting and cutting jokes on each other and at that time that girl was passing by and suddenly…………….

She: Hey, are you Robin?

Robin: Yes.

She: What a change! Good to see you. How are you?

Robin: Yes, I’m good and hope that you are also good as usual.

She: Yeah, I’m also good.

Robin: Nice to hear that.

She: Ok, give me your number.

(That time we thought that finally, Robin would get his love.)

Robin: For what?

She: I want your number so that we can talk to each other and spend a good quality of time and most importantly, I’m quite impressed by the massive change of you.

Robin: SO when I had nothing, where were you?

She: Forget it please and let’s make a fresh start. Don’t look back to your past. It will not give you anything good.

Robin: Hey, I may have a job with higher perks but I’m still that simple poor one from years back.

So I’m still not your cup of tea as you said once. So sorry and find someone better to your level.

Thank you.

She stood in tears and after that, she left and Robin started talking to us.

That time I learned a lesson.

Maintaining your own standard and showing your level in the right way to your enemies is the best revenge ever.”

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tnk2k 2 years ago
Robin may now have met her standard but she on the other hand has not gone on hers.
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35. Harass Me On Social Media? I'll Get You Kicked Out Of Our Support Group


“I used to attend a support group for people with disabilities, and one meeting I met this new guy. We struck up a conversation, and when he asked to add me on social media I was too nervous to say no. Once I got home and read his profile, I quickly realized that he was an unstable misogynistic jerk and unfriended him.

He had obviously been stalking my profile as I instantly get blasted on messenger for unfriending him. He goes on about how I was a horrible person for exchanging details if I was just going to unfriend him, and how I gave both women and autistic people a bad name by being a stereotypical jerk.

He then blocked me, but not before I screenshotted the messages. In the past, I would have been too scared to do anything but decided that this guy was a potentially unsafe jerk head who needed to be dealt with. I sent screenshots of the messages to the group’s leader, and he was instantly banned from attending the group.

Unsurprisingly he turned up to the next meeting, so I notified the group leader again and he was kicked out, but not before going on a massive rant. I never saw him again, and I don’t attend that group anymore. It might not have been a massive ‘screw it’ moment, but it was the first time that I’d actually stood up for myself.”

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Nokomis21 1 year ago
Too many people let jerk behavior slide.
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34. Trash My Apartment And Leave Me With The Bills? I'll Sell Your Belongings


“I let a family friend’s daughter and partner crash with me for a few months while they got on their feet. They were horrible. Just to name a few situations: they met some swedes on the beach and invited them to stay with us for a month, the partner sold stuff out of my apartment, they bought a dog and a cat when my apartment did not allow pets, just to name a few.

When it came time for us to renew the lease and they were going to give me rent money – they moved out in the middle of the night and left me with a trashed apartment and all the bills.

I was angry and noticed that they left their MacBook, guitar, golden retriever, and cat at my apartment still.

So I changed the locks so they could not get back in. I sold everything, found better homes for the pets, and never returned their phone calls.”

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tnk2k 2 years ago
Never be a lender to your friends and relatives: money, house, car, wife, etc... for obvious reason.
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33. Be An Overbearing Manager? I'll Get You Fired And Get A Raise


“I had a job at a cafe where I was a barista.

It was a small cafe, maybe only 4 people worked there. The manager made it very clear that he was the manager when I started working there and I went along with whatever was expected of me. Until he started micromanaging me, and I found out everyone else too apparently.

He would text me from home to tell me to do certain things, and I just did them but soon realized he was overbearing and a jerk about it to boot. The final straw: he came in after I didn’t respond to one of his requests, and followed me around with a notepad, hovering over me.

He said I was doing everything wrong and the cameras would catch me and he’d get me in trouble with the owners. Well, I grabbed his little notepad out of his hands and ripped it up, and told him to go screw himself and that I quit.

I threw the key at him and left. Then, about 20 minutes later I get a call from the owners asking what happened. I explained it and they told me how he has been a problem for a while, basically behaving the same way to other employees who just quit because of him.

They told me how much they valued me and liked me as well as the other employees, and that they were firing him after they talk to me and gave me a raise on top of that!”

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Nokomis21 1 year ago
That's a happy ending we don't see often!
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32. Want To Be The One To Fire Me? Too Bad, I Quit


“There was this certain big boss who had been in China for years before coming back to Germany, and he was used to employees having no rights, doing whatever he wanted, not talking back….egomaniac’s dream.

Things don’t work like that in Germany, unless you’re dealing with a bunch of spineless cowards, such as most of my former colleagues.

So the boss clown kept pushing the limit, far beyond what he was allowed to do. He was pushing, pushing, pushing, and when I pushed back, he complained about me constantly challenging him. Like all bullies, he was a coward at heart, so whenever I wouldn’t play ball, he had someone else do the dirty work.

That included ridiculous accusations about ‘refusing to integrate into the team’ (after not doing what he wanted, such as driving his company car to the garage – I told him ‘your car, your problem’), and occasionally pure comedy. Here’s the best example.

Since 2009 I have had tinnitus in my left ear, a constant tone around 6,5 kHz which of course nobody but me can hear.

One consequence of this is that if several people start talking over each other, the whole thing dissolves into meaningless noise. Shouldn’t be a problem with grown people, right? Far from it. One day there was a somewhat pointless meeting of the entire IT department (minus the absent big boss), and nobody, absolutely nobody got to finish as much as a single sentence before somebody interrupted. That increased the volume, and at some point, I stood, said ‘call me back when you learned to let others finish talking.’ and left the room.

All I had heard in there was ‘wah wah wah wah,’ and I could feel my blood pressure rising (yes, I really did) because talking over others is among the things I absolutely can’t stand.

The next day another department meeting was called, this time with the big boss present.

He started out by waffling about team effort, and team performance, blah blah blah, and then came up with this gem: ‘So what I find absolutely unacceptable is disrespecting the team effort.’ He turned to me and continued: ‘You now have the chance to apologize to the team.’ I’m somewhat infamous for not reacting the way people expect me to, so instead of falling on my knees to beg for mercy I started laughing.

He asked what was so funny, and I said (in front of everybody): ‘This is the most ridiculously constructed attempt to stick it to me I have ever seen in my working life.’ Quickly he shooed the others out because this absolutely moronic ploy had backfired (it’s also extremely close to mobbing, if not beyond that).

He tried a number of other things to pressure me into obeying his every word, and all of them failed because he was as subtle as a rockslide. In the end, he resorted to two written warnings, both badly constructed and easily refutable, but at that point I had a new job secured. I just smiled when I got these two warnings because I had already made an agreement with the Managing Director about not having to stay for the contractual three-months termination period because I had no interest in taking any more of this nonsense.

I was on good footing with the MD, so after listening to my reasons for wanting to leave, he said that he wouldn’t like it, but understood that the situation was not resolvable in any other way. Come Thursday of the next week, I sent my resignation effective the next day to him.

He responded that this was indeed a bit short, but since he had given his word, I was free to go.

Now for the revenge part.

After receiving my e-mail, the MD called the big boss to his office and told him that I had quit as of the following day, and this was done and dusted. The big boss went back (as I was informed later, he was livid), called the other members of my team, told them I would be out by the next day, and added: ‘This is what happens if someone goes up against me,’ as if he had fired me.

Two minutes later my phone rang, a colleague asking ‘what, you have been fired?’ I said no, I had quit, and anybody claiming other reasons was simply lying. On the next day, I went to the main office to return my things (I had been on ‘punishment detail’ at the company warehouse), and went to the MD’s office to give him the signed original of my resignation, and get his signature in turn.

The big boss came towards me and said: ‘Come with me, you don’t need to go to the MD, I have everything here.’ I walked past him, explaining that the resignation was addressed to the MD, not to him, so that’s where I was headed. That upset him visibly.

‘I am giving a direct work order, go to now.’

I stopped and turned around. ‘Look, apparently, you haven’t understood. Contrary to some strange rumors, I have decided to leave the company and resigned. No matter how much you bluster and threaten, I don’t care.

I’m out, and nothing you say can change that.’ With that, I kept walking towards the MD’s office. He ran to the HR director immediately because he didn’t want it publicly known that I hadn’t been fired, as he claimed. These two geniuses came up with the stupid idea of barring me from all floors rented by the company except one meeting room and the restrooms (mainly to stop me from doing a good-bye round and telling people what had really happened).

Both overlooked the fact that until the end of my contract I was also a member of the Works Council, and that room was out of their ‘jurisdiction.’ Whoops.

A couple of minutes later I was outside for a smoke, and the MD came out.

He was very embarrassed and said: ‘Look, I’m so sorry for all this.’ I told him not to worry since I knew he had no part in it, and due to my time ending after the exit interview which was scheduled 30 minutes later I wouldn’t be bothered at all, rather be highly amused by the antics of certain people.

There was a bit of aftermath to this (so I was told later) when the big boss came up to the MD and said he would sit in for the exit interview. The MD told him in very clear words: ‘No, you will not be in that room, and this is not open to debate.’

So I had robbed him of all the planned chicanery to make my working time miserable, I had robbed him of his great moment to put me in my place despite all his desperate attempts, I had completely bypassed him and the HR clown by negotiating my exit with the Managing Director, I had told him in front of others that he could shove the threats, and since I had by far the most experience and knowledge in IT administration, he lost about 60% of the team abilities.

Oh, he hated every second of it.

That was delicious.”

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31. Only Talk To Me When You Want A Favour? Keep Getting Bad Grades


“I was in my first year of high school; my new class wasn’t that great and most people didn’t talk to me, probably because they thought I was a nerd or something due to the fact that I do great in school and am pretty introverted. I kind of befriended a girl and she happened to have some learning difficulties.

One day she asked me if she could sit close to me during an English test so I’d help her if she needed me to. I agreed because she was kind of the only one who was nice to me.

When we got to our classroom (we do move classrooms each period but our class group is always the same) a really dumb blonde girl who never cared less about me bullied her way to the closest seat to me because she demanded to copy from me.

It made me really angry because I was fed up with people only talking to me when they needed favours, but I agreed. When she started asking questions during the test such as ‘is this right?’ ‘is this translation ok?’ ‘is ____ spelled like this?’ ‘it’s ___ isn’t it?’ I’d just nod or mumble yeah even though her answers were horribly wrong.

I don’t know how the girl I was supposed to help did… but I clearly remember the idiot bully coming up to me and asking how I did on the test. Not that she really cared, but she had gotten a 5 or 6/10, and of course she realized that I’d never get a grade like that.

I had my usual 9.5/10 and rubbed it in her face like it was no big deal, why are you asking? How she tried but failed to hide her disappointment was priceless. she couldn’t even complain to the teacher. No one ever bothered me to copy from me and from that day forward I only helped people when I felt like it.”

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tnk2k 2 years ago
Where's the teacher and monitor during the test?
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30. Be A Menace At The Waterpark? Security Will Treat You Like One


“I used to work at a small water park where there were some dry rides up the southern end. There was this 8-year old kid just being a little pain; pushing in line, climbing up the slide of the playground, knocking other kids’ hats off, that sort of nonsense.

I warn him several times then ask him to leave, but he doesn’t. I go and ask my supervisor what to do and he says ‘Get the scissors.’ He means to cut his wristband, without which he can’t go on any rides. I call him over, and he surprisingly complies, and before he can react, I grab his wrist and cut off his wristband.

Naturally, he starts crying. He runs off to get his mum and she comes back about 15 minutes later and comes and talks to me (without her son). She asks why I did what I did, and I explain the situation to her, and how it is standard procedure.

She nods and understands, and knows that her son is a demon-child. She leaves, but, lo and behold, 10 minutes later here he comes. He tries to cut in line again and I stop him and ask him to go back to his mum. His first reaction was to punch me in the nuts.

Oh, no he didn’t. My supervisor sees and immediately calls security. Apparently, his mum saw it too and she comes running. She doesn’t say anything to her child, but goes and tells the supervisor to ‘scare’ him. When security arrives (30 seconds later) they grab the kid, whirl him around and handcuff him.

He’s freaking out at this point. They grab him and take him off in their golf cart. A few minutes later they return and the kid has obviously been crying, and hard. He jumps out of the cart and runs straight to his mum, who grabs him and walks out.

People watching were stunned, but amazingly, and I kid you not, some applauded as they went off. Best day of work I have ever had.”

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deleted_user 2 years ago
That was really needed? For an 8 year old child? Sorry, but this makes you sound like a real bully. There are many ways to defuse such situations. This was unnecessary. And it does not say much about you as a human being that this was the best day of work you ever had. Get another job.
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29. Take Advantage Of My Generosity? I'll Block You From My Life


“I had a (younger) extended family member beg to move in with me, she was not getting along with who she was living with.

Being overly nice, I said sure, with the agreement that she gets a job. Fast forward 6–18 months; she has not gotten a job without my assistance, she is fired from the part-time fast-food job I do help her get, and she has become increasingly aggressive to the point of being borderline violent, and does other obnoxious things like taking my car out to who knows where until 3 in the morning without my permission.

I have been paying all her bills and keeping up with the house while going to school/working, and she does nothing but sit on social media or play games. She has also interfered with my marriage and my relationship with my kids. I find this out because of (a) mutual friends of ours telling me (b) reading posts she has written about me hidden within her social media blogs.

No good deed goes unpunished, right?

I’m heartbroken for about a day before I do the following: (a) contact the local Sheriffs Office to see what my options are (b) kick her out/find a place for her to live (c) stop communicating/sharing info with her and withdraw (d) stop several activities I’d done over the years, such as sending her birthday cards/gifts and assistance with things, and last (e) unfriend her on social media and send her ex (one of our mutual friends) a friend request.

OK, the last one might have been a little spiteful, because I wouldn’t care otherwise. But I was just reeling and feeling so incredibly burned by being stabbed in the back, side, and front after I opened my heart and home and tried to do so much for someone.”

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28. Accuse Me Of Messing Up? You're The One Who Gave Me The Wrong Info


“I’m a hand engraver (I write stuff on metal and glass) and one day this woman comes in with three crucifix ornaments for her kids’ christenings. Normally we get the customer to write out their message. This is to avoid spelling mistakes from communication errors.

(Eg: if the customer says they want Kris engraved, and we write Chris then it’s our error. Getting the customer to write it out avoids these mistakes.)

Now, this lady had her message all typed up on a piece of A4 paper, a name, and date to go on each.

As it was easy to read I didn’t have to clarify anything so I counted the letters, gave her the quote and she told me to go ahead, but she wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.

As I’m ruling the job up, I notice that two of the dates had not yet occurred, and one was not for another year, which I thought was odd because most people do not book christenings that far in advance.

But I thought, as she’d gone to the trouble of typing it all out, she knows best, so I engraved it as she’d written it.

Now I was off the next day, and when I got to work the following day I noticed they’d been picked up and paid for so I assumed the dates were correct and thought nothing more of it.

That is until she came back that afternoon, looking furious.

She waddles up to the counter and slams a bit of paper on the bench telling me I’d messed up the job, and what was I going to do about it. I calmly asked what the problem was and she told me I put the wrong dates on, and then opened her bit of paper to show me.

The text was exactly the same as the original piece except the dates had been changed. I told her that that message was not the same as what she’d provided me with. She was outraged and claimed she’d just reprinted it so she could get her husband to confirm that what I had engraved, and what she had typed were different.

I told her how I recalled thinking about how it was strange that the dates were so far in advance when I was engraving it and that she must’ve made a mistake with the dates.

She then starts screaming, calling me a liar, and demanding I fix it.

This is when I remember that we keep all the engraving slips, for just this kind of thing. So I put my hands up in defense and say ‘let me see what I can do.’ I walk over to the spike, hoping that the guy who was filling in for me the day she picked them up had kept it, and he had.

I remove it from the spike, unfold it and slam it down on the bench as hard as I can right next to the altered one she brought in, and I say, as calmly as I can, ‘if you’d come in here and said you’d made a mistake, I would have been more than happy to help you out, but you come in here, accusing me of doing my job wrong and then suggesting that I’m the liar, well you can just take your crucifixes and SCREW OFF.’

She stared at me shocked and then slowly gathered her things and started walking away. I then slip in a ‘what would Jesus think about what you just did’ sort of under my breath but loud enough for her to hear, but she kept walking away.”

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27. Think I'm Trying To Scam You? I'll Show You How Ridiculous You Sound


“I sold a used car to a customer that was an ‘as is’ vehicle. I warned the customer upfront of the risks involved but, he decided to buy it anyway.

I advised him during his purchase to buy an extended warranty which he scoffed at and told me was a waste of money.

2 days after the sale his transmission blew up and he called me, understandably upset. I told him I would do everything I could to help him out because I felt very terrible about his misfortune.

I told him the best I could do was cover the labor for the repair (out of my own pocket, which equaled about 2 weeks of my pay).

The customer BLEW UP! He told me I was a lying jerk amongst many other less than choice words.

He kept repeating, ‘OH, YOU JERKS GOT ME!’ Being a car salesman I am very resentful of the negative stigma attached to my position and that was the phrase that finally put me over the edge.

I snapped back at him, ‘You know what?!

You’re right. When I warned you of the dangers of buying this car and told you to buy a warranty I had this PLANNED the whole time! I WANTED to be having this conversation with you and I was just waiting for you to buy this car so I could press my magic ‘transmission explosion button’.

I did all that because I’m a sociopath taking part in the worldwide shady car sales conspiracy and I love watching the misfortune of others. WE GOT YOU!!!’

When it was brought to light how misplaced his anger was and how ridiculous he was being he took a deep sigh, paused a second, and said….

‘You’re right, I’m sorry.’

My manager overheard and was so impressed he covered the labor cost so I didn’t have to pay anything. The customer apologized again when he picked up his car from our shop. Since then, he has been one of my best customers and referred 3 people to come to do business with me.”

Another User Comments:

“I had an angry customer once yelling about something (don’t remember what it was), but it was out of my hands. So I said, ‘Well yes, but why are you shouting at me?’

She was like; ‘Oh, I’m sorry.’

She really didn’t realize what she was doing.

That was a pleasant outcome.” 0110101001101011

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taro1 2 years ago
I worked at a big brand coffee shop with a siren on the logo. One day I was working drive thru and we ran out of whipped cream. I explained that to a customer and asked if he still wanted the drink. He went off on me and giving me grief over it. I finally said, “Well, sir, you tack it on to everything I’m responsible for along with global warming and El Niño.” His wife smacked him and called him an @$$ and then he apologized to me.
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26. I Finally Made My Awful Boss Feel Small


“I had a toxically awful boss for a few years.

A control freak who never quite got where he wanted in life and displaced that frustration onto his employees. He’s a BA holder who through luck and serendipity, – not competence or intelligence – ended up mixing in with the upper echelons of an R01 Cancer Center (so, big research university), surrounded by PhDs or MDs.

So, a relatively unaccomplished man, surrounded by the pinnacle of academia – he’s spent his career watching people pass him. Normally, I’d have a lot of empathy for that, but not for Steve…

One of my favorite examples of his nonsense: We moved our lab while I worked there, and a few days after the move somebody needed to print something but the printer wasn’t set up yet.

So, as you do, they set up the printer (in a totally reasonable, unobtrusive spot). My boss FLIPPED HIS LID. Mass emails went out, there were meetings, and heated conversations for DAYS, all about this perceived violation of his authority (by a post-doc who actually didn’t work for him).

When the dust was settled, and he had taken down the printer for a week or so (I think to make a point about who’s the boss), he finally set it up himself in the same darn place.

This is one example out of 1000. Literally.

I worked there for 4 or 5 years, and it was a constant thing. He has stolen ideas from junior scientists and passed them off as his own. He routinely lies about his mess-ups and passes them on to other people. And his headphone policy? NOT ALLOWED. Too distracting, because he can’t ‘control what we’re listening to.’ Real quote.

(For non-lab rats: Absent safety concerns – which are real sometimes – headphones in the lab are a staple of a healthy working environment…)

So, when I finally left to go off to medical school, I sat him down, spent 5 or so minutes (which is a long time, if you think about) taking him through all the specific reasons why I thought he was a jerk, and a horrible, ‘morally bereft’ person.

I ended the conversation by saying ‘you know you’re dying alone because of what I’m talking about, right? Because of how you treat people?’ It wasn’t my proudest moment – I started by trying to give earnest, relatively polite feedback (I didn’t lead with ‘morally bereft’), but he can’t take ANY kind of criticism, much less of the deeply personal sort, so it quickly devolved. By the end I just let my years of pent-up disgust and frustration flow out.

I think that last comment broke him a little, because he got kinda quiet / less defensive, and I eventually left…

This happened on a Monday, and my last day was that Friday. Best week ever. Freed from his abuse, I actually got quite a lot done in that week.

(And had fun doing it!) At my going away party, he couldn’t even make eye contact. (Still showed up though, I think because he doesn’t have the social skills to manage questions about why he wasn’t there.)

Fast forward to a year or two after I left the lab: I find out he’s been demoted. Stripped of his ‘Research Fellow’ designation because he pushed one of my former colleagues into a wall for persistently trying to do good science (vs.

his nonsense – remember what I said about luck and serendipity? Yeah, he is not even a remotely competent scientist).

Fast forward a couple of months after that: I’m attending my old coworker’s Ph.D. defense (whose desk used to be right next to mine). My old boss, of course, is there.

I come in wearing my med-school fleece, and give him a chipper greeting: ‘Hey Steve, how ya doin? Nice to see you.’ I really lay it on, ya know? I struggle with depression and self-loathing like nobody’s business, but at that moment I exuded confidence and command.

And he could see from my shirt (‘U of X Medical School’) that I was moving on to bigger and better things, and he was still stuck taking his insecurities out on the unlucky few subject to his power (fewer, now that he got demoted).

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone look so small as when he shook my hand. Normally, I empathize with people’s pain. I’m a softie – it’s why I went into medicine. But not this guy. Screw you, Steve, you deserve every bit of the bed you’ve made.”

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25. Deny Me From Attending The Event? I'll Go Behind Your Back And Win The Competition


“This was during my third year of engineering. Since it was a government college, and most faculty members were ex-employees for Public Sector companies, office politics and favoritism were not uncommon, and many students became a victim of it one time or another, and there were some who gained an advantage from it as well.

But this one professor, who was a big deal in my department, used to go over the top with this stuff. He was the active authority for all technical events and activities. If someone had to go to a technical event somewhere and needed sponsorship from college for their traveling and registration expenses, they needed his clearance.

I and most of the other students hated him because of the nonsense he used to pull on students who ever went to him for that purpose or any other help for that matter. But he readily helped guys who were his ‘favorites’ for some reason.

I always kept a low profile and tried not to get the unsolicited attention of any professor, most of all him.

So this one time, my abstract was selected for a subcontinental event, along with four others. All five of us went to him for clearance, not just for sponsorship but also for an attendance grant.

He gave the other four sponsorship and attendance grant for the event, and denied me of both, stating some nonsense reason. I know there was no point in persuading him further because he had made up his mind.

But since I was very confident in my work, I went to the event unofficially, without informing anyone.

I had to arrange for my travel on my own, and lost 4 full days of college attendance, and had to flee from the hostel, which could have resulted in semester arrears in the best-case scenario, and disciplinary action in the worst.

Anyway, I won the competition I had participated in.

I was the only one among the five from our college who had won anything. While we’re getting back, we had to take a taxi to our college from the place where we got off the train, which was a city I was well aware of.

It was a 120 km ride. The taxi fare was Rs. 2000 only, which was supposed to be refunded from the college once the other four deposited the bill. But the other four got a bit greedy, and I had to recover my train fare. So what I did was, convinced the cab company to make a bill of Rs 5000.

That way, I recovered my travel fare, and all five of us made some easy bank. Revenge v1.0.

The real revenge came when I told the other four to not tell anything about me going there and winning the competition. From the grapevine, I heard that the professor got an earful from the Director, because all that expense was for nothing, and the Director blamed the professor for that wastage of college funds.

I could have saved the professor from that criticism by telling him that I had won the competition, but I didn’t. (Revenge)^2.

Later, the professor learned through the grapevine that I did go to the event unofficially and won the competition. But he couldn’t report me to the disciplinary committee, because then his unfair rejection of my request for sponsorship and attendance grant would have been exposed. The fact that he denied clearance to the only winning entry into the competition from our college would’ve cost him his credibility.

So he called me into his office and asked me to give him more details on my participation in the event, including the fact that I had won the competition so that he could publish it in the college’s newsletter. I refused plainly, saying that I went on my own, the college didn’t help me in any way, and it even cost me four days of attendance.

He agreed to give me the attendance grant if I let him mention my win in the college’s newsletter. That was my ‘Heck Yeah’ moment right there.

He did hold a grudge against me after that, tailed me the whole of my final year to stick it back to me.

But I didn’t give him a chance, not once.

People criticize revenge, say that the best revenge is to move on and live happily. I do agree that keeping revenge at the center of your life is wrong. But I don’t think there is anything wrong in savoring the sweet candy of revenge when it comes wrapped in your success.”

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tnk2k 2 years ago
"From hell's heart, I stab at thee. For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee."
Wrath of Khan movie
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24. Too Wild? Time To Cut Your Night Short


“One of my friends works in this big company and tends to bring in new people with him whenever we go out clubbing.

One night, he brings in this one guy who I will call K. While we were eating and pre-gaming at this restaurant, K seemed alright at first despite hearing from my friend that he gets absolutely nuts when he’s intoxicated. Absolutely nuts was definitely an understatement.

After numerous drinks, K is smashed and when we were walking towards our next destination, he starts pretending he can parkour, cartwheeling, trying to run on walls. He almost tried to jump from the fourth floor of a parking garage.

Of course, it doesn’t end there.

We rented out a hotel room/suite for that night, and for the rest of it, K acted like a drama queen. By this point, it was clear to everyone else that he was an annoying, little jerk. All through the night, K kept shuffling on his place on the bigger couch, whining, moving about, and turning off the lights to the bathroom (I wanted to keep it on so my other friend, who was sick, could see her way to the bathroom, just in case she needed to throw up.) because he couldn’t sleep with it on.

I was stuck sleeping on one of the single couch seats so I had a real hard time trying to sleep. I was getting crankier dealing with this guy.

Fast forward to a few months later, it’s my friend’s birthday and we go clubbing again.

He was sorta picky on who to invite because he didn’t want certain characters in there, but he still invited a ton of people. Of course, K gets a whiff of the party from someone else at their work and comes into the club already intoxicated. He bumps into people, spilling their drinks, and dances up to girls that don’t want anything to do with him.

I’m just standing there with my other friends, telling them about K until I come up with an idea of telling the bouncer about dealing with this guy. I go up to one of the bouncers, tell them that this dude in the middle of the dance floor is bumping into people, spilling drinks everywhere, and causing a ruckus.

I may have embellished some stuff, but it worked. The bouncer makes his way towards K, taps him on the shoulder, and K almost starts a fight with the bouncer. Bad move.

The bouncer grabs K and starts pulling him out. K goes limp on the floor, forcing the bouncer to pretty much pull him by the legs, down the stairs (we were on the second floor), and out of the club.

It was amazing to see that moment. One of my friends tipped the bouncer heavily for helping us out because otherwise, K would have ruined someone else’s night.”

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23. I Rigged My Office To Get Back At My Deceitful Business Partner


“I called my business partner early one morning and told him he would have to cover for me for a few hours and he’d have to use my office and computer because everything he would need was in there. NO problem says he. Gotcha covered says he.

Take all the time you need says he.

The night before, after he had already gone home, I rigged my office.

Fake snake in the drawer was rigged to jump out as he opened it.

Airhorn under the chair rigged so when he sat it would go off.

One of the chair rollers was rigged to fall out when he sat so he would fall over.

Grease on the phone handle and earpiece. The phone cord disconnected from the wall.

Peg on the coat rack loosened so it would fall off when he hung his jacket, one leg of the coat rack loosened so it would fall over when any weight was applied.

Baking soda on the ceiling fan blades so he got a powder shower when he pulled the chain to turn it on. Light bulbs removed from my bathroom so he would be in the dark. Plastic wrap covering the toilet so he’d get a backsplash.

Handles loosened on the faucet so they would come off when touched. Inside door handle rigged to come out when pulled, locking him in.

One leg of my desk loosened so it would fall off when the desk was bumped, dumping everything on the desk to the floor.

Fart spray mixed in the coffee.

Whoopie cushions in the guest chairs and legs loosened.

Office door rigged to lock him in/out when closed.

Baking soda dumped in the AC vent so it would blow out when he turned it on. Handles loosened on the file cabinet drawers so they would come off when pulled.

Hinges removed from the closet door so it would fall off if pulled.

I super glued all the file folders and papers together.

I set my computer up to open with a picture file scrolling through pictures of him and my wife in a motel room, followed by pictures of our business bank account showing 0 balance, and ending with pictures of his wife and me at the marina standing behind suitcases, smiling, holding hands, waving at him and pointing at the name on my new 40-foot sailboat ‘Karma'”

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trth 2 years ago
What did he do that was so bad that it earned him you screwing his wife?
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22. I Was Always Amazing – You Just Never Noticed Until Now


“A few years ago, I was in a relationship with a guy who was socially, financially, and intellectually much stronger than me and I always used to feel inferior and insecure.

Rather I would say he used to make me feel so. He never used to introduce me to his friends or maybe I was too socially awkward for him. As a result, I lost self-confidence so much that even after spending 3 years with that guy I couldn’t recognize that the problem had actually started because of him and not me.

Some of our mutual friends helped me understand this and come out of this. After that, I slowly started to understand that I actually don’t deserve someone so dominating, aggressive, and self-centered. Later on, I moved on, completed my engineering, and took a good job.

I had never thought of him in a negative way. But somewhere in the back of my mind I always used to think that at least once in his life he has to agree that every person deserves respect and you shouldn’t judge someone by how they dress or their lifestyle or anything.

A few days ago, I got a call from an unknown number. It was him. After Hi-Hello, he told that his mother is hospitalized undergoing treatment for cancer. I felt bad and said I’ll definitely try to come and visit her. Also, I said, ‘be strong and positive.

Your mom needs the courage to fight and I know you can definitely be her strength.’ I was trying to be calm and genuine while talking to him. What he said was shocking. He said, ‘I was expecting a completely opposite response from you.

When I got this news of mom’s cancer, I thought of calling you. And then I called you from an unknown number thinking probably you wouldn’t receive calls from my own number. Even after telling this complete cancer story, I had thought you would say – why have you called me?

I don’t care and all. But now after talking to you I have calmed down and started getting positive vibes. You have changed a lot.’ I smiled and said, ‘I haven’t changed at all. Probably you never wanted to know the real me.’

‘Anyways Thanks. Bye’ was the answer after a pause of 5–6 seconds.

I won’t say this was revenge against him but this was a success against older me.”

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21. Make Me Cut Your Hair? I'll Make You Look Like A Skunk


“My ex-husband was extremely verbally abusive.

Even though he made an exceptional income, and even though he was halfway to bald, he insisted that I cut his hair because the professionals don’t do it right. Well, I am a gym teacher, so IDK what qualified me to cut his hair, but he got mad if I didn’t.

Every month, it was the same darn thing. He’d get the Wahl clippers out, put on a #3, and dictate the same darn instructions with an iron fist.

Then, he’d get a ruler out to make sure the sides (the only part with hair) were even.

Well, we used a clipper guard, so how could it not be even?

And every time, like a broken record, he’d complain and I’d have to do it again. If I dare say a word of how ridiculous this was, I’d get a verbal lashing for hours.

I’m not exaggerating.

So one time, he was being particularly vile all day, he told me to cut his hair.

I said, ‘You know this never goes well. I don’t want to fight. Just pay the barber the $17 and get it professionally cut. I mean, you made $25,000 this week.

It’s not like you can’t afford it.’

He refused. So I took a big deep breath and started to cut his hair as carefully and accurately as I possibly could.

Nope. Wrong. According to him I totally messed up his hair and he was berating me to no end.

I was fighting back tears, trying to be strong. He told me to cut it again.

I thought to myself, ‘Well, Stabs, you’ve got a choice. Continue this stupid recurring nightmare or DO something about it.’


I took the guard off the clipper and I zipped a line straight up the back of his head so he looked like a skunk.

I slammed the clippers down and said, ‘I told you to go to a barber!’ and I left the house hearing him scream in horror.

He never told me to cut his hair again.”

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Alliaura 2 years ago
Glad he's your ex
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20. Shady Lawyer Gets His Gas Tank Sugared


“A woman rear-ended me pretty bad. Told me not to call the cops because she was on the way to an A.A. meeting and she would lose her license. She called her partner, who was a lawyer and he told me to let her go, told me to come to his office and he would pay cash for all repairs if I brought in an estimate.

Did as requested, the lawyer laughed at me and said there was no proof and I wouldn’t get a cent. I was completely broke and knew I could not afford the repairs and furthermore, the car was not legally drivable as it was. Late on another night, I went to the A.A.

meeting via bicycle (she had said where it was in passing and I checked the schedule). I confronted her on her way out. She confessed her license was suspended and she had been driving without a license that day.

Since it was summer I had days free from class and rode my bicycle to the lawyer’s office for a few days to learn his schedule from across the street.

Slowly a plan for revenge took shape in my mind. When I knew his beautiful car would be unattended for a while I filled his gas tank with sand and sugar -LOADS OF IT! At the time I lived in a bad neighborhood and there were always abandoned cars around.

I had taken the rear plate off on one with an expired tag and put that on his car. Next, I slashed all four tires with a small slit so the air would slowly be gone by the time he was leaving. Now I was only able to see the first part of my plan from my perch.

He came out from his office, saw the car sitting low to the ground, and started screaming.

And this is how I imagined the rest: He pays to get the car towed, they replace/patch the tires he drives off, the engine fails eventually because of the sand, etc. Tows it again, pays for repairs, (or new/rebuilt engine?) drives off, and is pulled over for expired plates.

Since he arrogantly never took my information and never even looked at the repair estimate he didn’t know the name of his saboteur. I actually didn’t tell anyone about this when it was going on (my partner would not have approved) and very few since, but about a year later I drove by the office and saw it was no longer his.

I feel like the woman probably would have done the right thing but she was just mixed up with a jerk. Hopefully the events I started made it clear to her. Sweet Secret Revenge.”

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tnk2k 2 years ago
Would have been nice to send him an "sanitized" Xmas card asking how was his car signed Secret Santa promising many more years of special gifts to come.
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19. I Stood Up To My Awful Teacher


“I was always a super quiet kid in school and very studious and I prided myself on my academic ability. My school was a zoo, so I made it a point to be very respectful to my teachers since they had to deal with a lot of nonsense.

In 6th grade, I had this one teacher who grew up with an abusive parent, and sometimes she would take out her demons on some of the kids in class.

There was this one particular boy who was super tall and large for his age; she would always insinuate he was dumb and lazy when he was really just a harmless gentle giant.

We had a group project together and after presenting it she made some comments about him ‘probably contributing nothing and him being worthless just like her father’ and I lost it.

I immediately defended him, said he pulled his weight. She just doubled down. I accused her of being abusive and bullying an innocent kid, and she accused me of being disrespectful and told me to get out of her classroom.

On my way out I asked her ‘you want to see disrespectful?’ and knocked her stuff off her desk. It was so satisfying.

I later found out that she bragged to her next three classes that she was going to fail me for the year for what I did.

It was embarrassing because kids in those classes started gossiping about it to everyone. During lunch, another teacher came up to me and told me I should apologize, even if it was just to save my grades. But I didn’t budge, my little kid brain told me to never apologize when you’re right, circumstances be darned.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
And the fact that other teachers heard about this and did nothing says something about the school
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18. Think I Should Be Tough Enough To Deal With The Pain? Well, So Should You


“In the last July, I had to get a root canal therapy and replace one of my teeth.

The Dentist was so nice and handled me so nicely. Even after she handled me very carefully, I got a lot of pain and shouted very loudly whenever I had pain.

After the treatment was completed and my tooth was placed, one of the assistant receptionists said:

‘Even the youngest in our house (8 years kid) never shouted in the name of pain when he had treatment.’

After listening to her words I got very angry as I was still having a lot of pain.

Fast forward six months today my mother was having the same treatment.

The doctor said that the cost would be 12000/- and asked to pay it immediately. I went to the bank and withdrew money (all hundred rupee notes).

I went to the receptionist and gave her the bundle, they don’t have a cash counting machine as it was a small dental clinic.

She immediately stared at me and asked who would count all the change.

I replied:

‘Even the youngest in our house doesn’t feel pain in counting them.’

Man, you should have looked at her face, at that moment.

PS: She had to count 4 times to verify if we had given her the correct amount.

I actually asked the banker if they had 10 rupees notes. He ended up giving me 100 rupee notes.”

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17. Don't Think I'm Smart Enough To Be Tutored By You? I'll Prove You Wrong


“This is something which happened when I was in 8th standard.

At that time I used to be a kid who was below average in academics. Maths used to be a subject that gave me nightmares and chills and I terribly failed once.

So my parents decided to enroll me in tutoring. That teacher was a good family friend of ours and she was known to be a very good teacher. She had started with algebra basics and was teaching me and she casually asked me about how I usually score.

I told her about my scenario and suddenly her enthusiasm to teach decreased a little bit. The next day when I went to class with my mom, she refused my entry and said she can’t teach below-average students and take a ‘risk’ on her reputation.

I felt betrayed, my self-respect was punched and I was fuming in anger. I suddenly started working very hard. Didn’t leave my desk for hours.

And bingo! Next test I scored 24/25! That was the boost I needed. Slowly, from being a below-average student I became a good student.

We next saw her after my class 12 results. She jokingly asked me,  ‘So how was your maths result?’ I smirked, I knew that was coming. I said, ‘Not bad at all..just 5 away from centum.’

The look I saw on her face was worth all the hard work I did.

Am sure next time she will think enough before she turns away someone just because of their marks.

So kids, next time someone tries to bring you down, the best revenge is to prove them wrong.”

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16. Don't Think You'll Miss Me When I Move Out? We'll See About That


“Not as much as revenge as a HECK YEAH or AAAAAAW YEAH moment.

When I was growing up, I got a little sister (6 y/o younger) and a little brother (10 y/o) younger. I started doing chores around the house at around 9. Nothing big at first, setting up the table, then later, the dishwasher got added (at 10-11) then the vacuum, cutting the grass.

Helping my dad around the house, etc.

As an ignorant stupid teen, I was arguing, but I almost always ended up doing the chores or the consequences (no PC for a week, no GBC for a week, 500 lines to copy and locked in my room which didn’t have a PC in until I was done, etc.) were too much of a pain.

When my sister hit 9, I started confronting my parents about making her start to do chores. After all, she was allowed to chat on MSN way before I was in terms of age and all. So I thought she should start too. My parents always told me to let them decide that.

SO time went on, when I hit 18, I was working and going to a 3-year college program and so I had way less availability to do chores. The chores stayed at around the same level for me. My sister was starting, but barely to do the dishwasher (like once a month and it took her an hour or two).

I restarted confronting my parents since I knew I was moving out after my college to go to university. I told them they would regret it when I would move out. They told me I was an ignorant jerk and egoist and other things (things were getting bad with rents at that time).

When I moved out at 20 to go to university, things settled with my parents since they had way less power over me as I was living on my own.

The best part came in spring, I called my dad who is always overworked in May (financial year rush), and asked him about how my sister was doing with opening the pool for summer.

Dad: ‘You know her.’

ME: ‘Told ya.’

Dad: ‘Screw you, you were a pain too.’

ME: ‘I was, but I was doing the chores, better a pain in the butt that helps than a pain in the butt all alone.’

Dad: ‘Shut up.’

Me: ‘Okay I’m coming down in two weeks, we’ll open it then, and again I told ya.’

That phone call made my day.”

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15. Make My Job More Difficult For Me? I'll Trash Your Coats In The Dead Of Winter


“I took a job in a factory when I was 19, sweeping floors among other tasks involving labor and maintenance.

I actually liked the job, most people were easygoing and the company provided a free lunch each day to all the workers. I still remember two older women who were particularly friendly to me and we sat together at lunch most days.

But there were two older guys at the factory who had been there over 10 years each, also basic laborers who had never moved up in the ranks, or didn’t want to or weren’t invited to.

They were not happy in their jobs and their lives, and they made my life as difficult as they could.

I would sweep a section, for example, go and sweep another section and when I came back to the first section, I would see that they’d dumped the debris I’d just swept onto the floor anew.

I tried to avoid them but it was hard because there were two of them. I was a kid and did not yet know how to stand up to bullies in the workplace. These men were also much bigger than me, I should add, meaning they were tough, drinking, smoking, haw-haw types.

I was just out of high school, a musician who weighed about 140 pounds, not a tough guy by any means. My father was a combat vet, a lieutenant in the Air Force and I was taught to respect my elders.

The one bright light was that I discovered the two guys were into the same Frank Zappa album as I was, ‘Over-night Sensation,’ and we got along for the next 5 minutes.

But I started dreading coming to work because of them and eventually complained. The management brought all three of us into the office and gave us a talking to. We all went back to work and they started right up again. Going into my locker and leaving the door open, when the doors were supposed to be shut at all times.

Hiding my backpack. Just really juvenile stuff.

A short while later I was involved in a collective screwup involving a bunch of products that ended up having to be destroyed and cost the company some money. It wasn’t directly my fault, although I had my part in the process of oversights leading up to it.

The manager said ‘I’m sorry, someone has to take the blame for this and it’s you. I gotta fire ya.’ It was right before Christmas, I remember, and it was minus two degrees out, Fahrenheit.

It was a minimum wage job and I didn’t really mind getting canned – I could get another job somewhere else, and the guy was nice about it instead of growling.

I thanked him and went out the back door.

As I was going out, I saw the heavy winter coats of my two tormentors hanging on hooks.

I grabbed both coats, walked out the door, and threw them both in the dumpster. I am quite sure I felt car keys in one of the coats.”

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14. If They Want A Reaction Out Of You, The Best Revenge Is To Do Nothing


“After being hurt and ignored by this guy I thought I couldn’t live without I realized I had to do something about myself since I could do nothing about him. The last time he failed to show up for me I didn’t call and whine, I didn’t get intoxicated and tell everyone what he did.

I did nothing. At all. He called me later that night but I didn’t pick up. He texted me and I didn’t reply. The next day he started early calling and leaving messages and it was very hard but I didn’t respond so he comes over and knocks on my door and I opened the door with a smile.

I said, ‘hey what’s up?’

He went into his spiel about him being worried about me.

I said ‘why are you worried about me?’

He started to explain but I stopped him. ‘Look,’ I said ‘no big deal, I’m actually kinda busy right now and don’t have time but you can call me later.’

He wanted to know what I was doing that was more important than listening to him lie to me again so I told him I’m watching tv and I really have to go. Goodbye. He was all primed to come over and force-feed me an excuse for screwing me over but I wasn’t listening to any more of his nonsense.

I was sick and tired of him and instead of punching him in his mouth (I call his mouth a lie hole) I smiled and said goodbye. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but it was rewarding to know he had told me his last lie.

Being toyed with is infuriating but being indifferent to someone who’s toying with your emotions feels so good. I must stress, no arguing about it, no whining, no animosity just indifference. It’s not easy but it kills them inside to take their toy away from them while you appear unphased.”

Another User Comments:

“I loved a boy with whole my heart, but sometimes I thought that he is not caring and doesn’t love me. Although he was the one who proposed to me for marriage. We used to fight because of him contacting his ex.

I was so hurt and we used to fight a lot and I ended up crying almost every day and receiving blame for what is happening with me.

Finally, after a year we broke up and I tried to move on. Then I met a really nice man in my life who really loves me.

One day I received a call from my ex and he says that he loves me still and I didn’t care because I saw worse days of my life with him. After a few days, he said that he married someone and that he is not at all happy with his wife.

But still, I didn’t care but only sympathized and advised him to move on and be happy with his wife.

Again after a few months, I received a call and after some queries, I got to know who he married. She was no one but his ex.

I was so surprised and jumping with happiness. Because she was the one who was the reason for the fights I had with him and now he says that he is not happy with her and that he made a mistake that we got separated. I am not blaming her, only this confused man who never valued my love for him and used to think about his ex and got what he deserved. But still, this is not the hatred that I have described. I feel less hurt now.” Roopa Sharma

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13. Don't Like To Hear Us Talk? We'll Make Sure You Don't Have A Reason To Stick Around


“Not me, but a coworker. At my last job we were kind of a community center and had people coming in to use our computer lab sometimes (usually only a couple of people at a time, so it stayed pretty quiet in the area) and there was one guy who came in every day to ‘apply for jobs’ but he really sat there online gambling all day.

Just pointless slot machine games, nothing serious.

So one day my coworkers and I had nothing to do and got into a political discussion and the guy was clearly eavesdropping. We were lightly debating, nothing dramatic or hostile or anything, just having a discussion about a particular political issue.

Later when the guy left he made a complaint to our office manager that we shouldn’t talk politics while other people are there because they may want to join in the conversation but feel uncomfortable/unwelcome to do so.

So after the guy left one of my coworkers went through every single computer and blocked all the websites that guy used for gambling.

The next day the guy came in to play his usual games and couldn’t access any of them and I had to try so hard not to burst out laughing. He got up after a few minutes and left.”

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12. Wrongly Accuse Me Of Stealing? I'll Get You In Trouble With The Company


“When I was in my early teens, I went to the local supermarket to do some family shopping. Done that loads of times, so happily filling up the cart, paid, and just as I want to leave, someone grabs my arm. Was the store manager who thought he had seen me steal. Drags me to the office and demands that I empty my pockets.

Me shaking but just about got clear enough head to remember that under German law he’s not allowed to search me. Only the police are. So I say no with a voice somewhere between rage and crying. He says he will call the police. I say ok, do it.

We wait and wait. Police finally turn up, I dutifully empty my pockets and they find nothing. Manager’s smug smile quickly disappears as police ask him why he called them. He storms off. I leave, still shaking. Ended up with a written apology and some shopping vouchers from the company after I told the story at home and my parents went nuclear with the manager.

Luckily it was a chain of supermarkets, so we used the vouchers elsewhere and never shopped in that branch again.

The actions of that one idiot mean I still do not shop with that company to this day (Rewe, in case you’re wondering) so if you’re in retail, be careful not to be too smug to your customers.

Even if you are right, there’s no need and one customer leaving angry can quickly turn into five or more people having a bad opinion of you when that one customer tells his friends and goes in vent mode on social media.”

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tnk2k 2 years ago
My sister did that to a warehouse club near her house. Of course now she have to drive 15 miles further to the next nearest warehouse to do her shopping. She call it a win but I would beg to differ.
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11. Fire Me After Forcing Me To Get A Tan? I'll Notify The School District About Your Little Scam


“I had a hard time finding a job after I graduated from cosmetology school. I finally got a job at a small mom&pop salon that had just opened.

Things were going along all right until the owners decided to put in a tanning booth.

They expected the employees to make use of it as an advertising tool.

I have very light, sun-sensitive skin and had a hard time with this tanning booth. I finally had to stop using it and got complaints because of the medicated cream I had to use on my ‘sunburn.’ I was sent home early one day, just before the weekend, and I was so upset that I forgot to take my lunch with me (that was in my station).

There was milk in it and it soured and, well, I got fired because of that.

This was in Columbus, Ohio, back in the ’80s. During that time, the city schools had instituted ‘bussing’ to try to integrate the schools better. It was a dismal failure and many people tried many ways of getting around having their children bussed to the other side of town.

The owners of my salon had a son just starting kindergarten and they found that he was going to be bussed from the north end of town to the extreme east end of town. They couldn’t find a private school (he was Protestant, she was Catholic, so parochial schools were out).

They couldn’t afford to move to one of the suburbs that had their own school systems, and therefore were not involved in bussing. Then they got the good (to them) idea of using his great aunt’s address as their own to get their son enrolled in a school in the closest suburb.

I knew a guy who worked for that school district and asked him who was in charge of tuition students. He said he was, so I told him about my former employers’ little scam.

Later, I was talking to another former employee and told her what I had done.

She said ‘Oh, that was YOU??’ then told me that the school district had pulled their son out of that school and they had to put him in the school that was going to bus him. But, we don’t know if it was my tip that did it or the fact that my former employer told one of her clients what she had done before she found out that the woman was on the Board of Education of that school district.

That, and a couple of other things they did to get around certain rules and laws finally ended up closing their shops.”

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10. He Bumped His Boss Off His High Horse


“My cousin. His boss was the CEO/Chairman of the company.

He wasn’t necessarily a bad person, but my cousin held a deep grudge against him.

Many incidents took place, which I won’t go into detail about. Sick of office politics, my cousin uncovered many of his boss’s career failures and succeeded big time in accomplishing those achievements.

He made very significant contributions to the company in those areas where the boss had failed. It resulted in doubling the profits and establishing a great company reputation.

My cousin secured complete control over it.

The boss was forced to promote my cousin to the second most important position in the company and gave him a personal cabin and near-absolute authority over other top employees.

For a while, things were going great, but the boss began to dump many important responsibilities and expectations on my cousin, while he himself was slacking off.

My cousin took the following measures to make himself indispensable to the company operations:

  • Began to work overtime and avoided holidays like plague. He completed several projects.
  • Did everything near single-handedly.
  • Took all the projects of his boss and completed them on time. This way, his boss had nearly nothing to do except laze around.

    This stripped the latter’s business abilities and acumen.

  • Repeated the same with other top employees.
  • Took all major decisions on his own and handled all departments (strategy, finance, marketing, sales, Business Development, etc.)
  • Cut off all communication lines between the boss and other branches of the company.

    They were redirected to my cousin. He also undermined his boss’s leadership.

  • Created new developments which improved the functioning of the company, but did not tell the boss about how exactly they worked. Major company policies now revolved around my cousin.
  • Ran the company as if it belonged to him.

    In short, my cousin became the company.

  • Result: The boss eventually was forced to give my cousin ownership of 50℅ of the company as a partnership. He was also the next CEO.

The final insult: The boss had a crush on one of the prettiest female top employees.

He was partial to her and gave her costly presents and special treatment. He invited her to a romantic candle-lit dinner and proposed to her.

She flatly rejected the boss. That night, she personally proposed to my cousin for marriage. He accepted.

The boss threw a hissy fit when he came to know of my cousin and the girl.

He could do nothing.

My cousin and his wife are happily married for 20 years.”

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Now THAT is, indeed, the best revenge!
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9. Outcast My Family? I'll Destroy Your Pumpkin


“It was Halloween my 18th year. There was a pastor in town who would always buy an enormous pumpkin. Think large weight GIANT pumpkins, standing up to my waistline.

My family was the only family of JWs in this small town basically. The pastor HATED JWs.

He would preach against them on the pulpit and that made me the target of so many young people in my elementary school. His kids had all the new clothes, and their house was very nice.

I moved out at 18 but got my 16 yr old brother to go with me and do some Halloween shenanigans.

I remembered the pumpkin, and we went to his house and I rolled it off the porch and pushed it down the street. The street was a hill. I wasn’t really thinking. The pumpkin reached terminal velocity while flying down the hill. It was over 100 lbs.

It SMASHED into the neighbor’s white fence, leaving a gory pumpkin mess and destroying a part of the fence. Me having never done anything like that, noped right out of there. We were never blamed, bless the late 90s and no Ring doorbells.”

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8. Think The New Guy Knows Nothing? Well He Sure Knows More Than You


“I work at a Lowe’s, and about half a year ago I was promoted from cart pusher to an Inside Lawn and Garden associate where I had to learn about various garden equipment.

One day, a customer comes in to return a lawnmower. Me, being the new guy and the only associate around to make sure the lawnmower wasn’t damaged (we make sure they are in working condition to re-sell at a discounted price).

Apparently, this guy was a regular here, and even more so for my department.

I walk up, and he asks me: ‘You the OPE (outdoor power equipment) guy? You look new, what are you gonna be able to do?’

‘I am now, but I’ve had some experience in diagnosing these mowers. Let’s take her outside and see if I can get her started.’

He immediately says, ‘It’s not worth it. I tried for 20 minutes, changed the oil and the gas and the spark plug. Changed the pull starter, and even checked the carburetor. It chokes every time and dies out. Besides, it would be easier to get my money back because you’re a new guy and I really doubt anyone with such little experience as you could do a darn thing when you don’t know how to even start it.’

‘Sounds like it’s an internal issue. It might be the manufacturer’s problem but I have to check anyways.’ So I unscrew the gas cap to see it’s full. Check the oil tank dipstick to see it’s full. I prime it, give it three dead pulls to warm it up.

I bend down and give it one good rip and BAM. She starts right up. I look at him and said, ‘Make sure you clean the blade every once in a while to prevent clogging.’ Wheeled the mower back inside and let the head cashier know that the mower is fine and doesn’t need to be returned.

The guy left angry saying ‘If I have to come back here for the same reason, I’ll be getting all of my money back and then some. This is RIDICULOUS.’

Never saw him again, and it’s been half a year. Not to mention this new guy who knows absolutely nothing JUST got a promotion 2 days ago.”

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7. Refuse To Transfer Me? Good Luck Trying To Find Someone To Feed Your Hungry Customers


“I was a chef for a famous all-inclusive hotel chain.

One day I was approached in the kitchen and told I needed to pack my bags and move 3000 miles away to fix a labor issue at another hotel. I happily obliged but negotiated a deal where I would have my choice of any hotel location after I successfully fixed the labor issue.

I arrived at the new hotel and proceeded to diligently address the labor problem, while also taking over dinner service for 750 people.

After a few months, the labor issue had been fixed and settled, and the kitchen was running as smoothly as I like. I asked my manager about when I could make the move to another hotel per our arrangement, and I was told since I had done such a good job they were going to make me stay where I was for an indeterminate amount of time – ie forever.

I let my management know this was unacceptable, and I demanded I be transferred in accordance with the original agreement that got me on a plan in the first place. I was told they would work on it.

I gave them a 3-week window to address the issue – to give them time to discuss it with the head office, etc. I told them if they did not come through in 3 weeks I would walk off the job and never look back.

After 3 quiet weeks, I politely asked my manager if my transfer had come through or at least was still in the works. It was not.

The next morning I gave the entire dinner staff the day off and told them not to answer any work calls.

I set up the kitchen as if I were prepping dinner – onions and herbs in hotel pans full of water with foil covers, garlic sizzling in pans, etc.

I kept the charade up until around 4:30 pm at which time I left the kitchen, went to my room, picked up my bags, and went to the lobby to wait for my ride.

The manager came out freaked (there were 750 pre-paid dinner reservations that night and NO food) and told me if I walked out I would never work for the company again. I laughed, shook his hand, and said goodbye.

I never looked back and never talked to anyone there ever again.

This was 20+ years ago.”

Another User Comments:

“It must be pretty easy for a chef with talent and organizational skills, to find new work after finishing up with an employer.

I love food but can’t even claim cooking skills, so I’m curious.. did you have some sort of contract with that hotel chain at the time?

Were they able to sue you or blackball you in some way? Are you still in that line of work?” nomoredarkness


“We did have ‘contracts’ but they were extremely dubious as we were actually not allowed to see them. We would be told, your new contract was just faxed to the office and you have to go to X.

So I doubt they would ever sue in court over one.

When I left I had decided to not pursue a career in hotels so there was no problem with being blackballed.” [deleted]

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tnk2k 2 years ago
After hitting the snooze button so many times, its time for management to wake up.
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6. Pretend To Have Technical Knowledge? Get Banned From Contacting IT


“Working corporate IT in a team handling the incoming calls from 25,000 white-collar admins, supervisors, managers, and executives, I started noticing a pattern in the incoming emails one day.

One name turned up over and over – and over. I pulled the history of this caller and discovered that out of 25,000 people, she had become the source for fully a quarter of ALL our incoming work.

She’d apparently decided that she was the technical contact for a large chunk of one of the more populous states in the country, and had told everyone to come to her first with computer problems.

Except that she wasn’t a tech contact, mainly because she had the technical skills of pudding.

She’d listen to what the person with the actual problem said, mess up their problem even worse, and then write a rambling catastrophe of a word salad to us.

I collected all her emails and ran some stats, talked to my manager’s manager, and then rang her back to tell her and her direct boss that not only was she now officially banned from pretending to have any kind of technical knowledge whatsoever, she was also banned from contacting the IT department in any capacity.

If she ever thought she had a genuine technical problem of her own (NOT someone else’s), she would pass it to her boss, who by the grace of my extremely thin patience at that point would still be allowed to talk to IT.

And a final point – I would be monitoring the incoming feeds and tickets for both their names for the next two years, and if I saw anything AT ALL which wasn’t a genuine technical issue, or any attempt to act as a go-between for another staff member, the ban would then get applied to the boss, and HIS manager, in turn, would be informed exactly why his two subordinates had caused additional duties to land on the desk of upper management.

Their names never turned up in the ticketing database ever again.”

Another User Comments:

“Why was she doing that? Just so she could seem smart when we solved IT problems for people?” TerminalVector


“No idea. Maybe she wanted to be seen as important, intelligent, someone who gets things done, irreplaceable, or just someone that everyone called when they had a problem.” Geminii27

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5. Don't Like My Attitude? I'll Make Sure Your Boss Knows I Don't Like Yours


“So this guy came into my work today right? I started making his food and I was like writing down all the special instructions and everything.

My coworker comes in to hand me something and the guy asks her to take over his order because he ‘didn’t like my attitude.’

Except I didn’t do anything. My coworker was just like okay and she finished making his stir fry. Then he starts asking for the manager and complaining and moaning.

I asked my coworker if I had said anything that might have offended him and she just said that she had no idea what the heck he thought I did because she has seen me when I’m upset and usually noticeably upset.

So I just got really mad because I was like you know what I didn’t even do anything to you and here you are telling my manager that I was doing a terrible job.

Anyway, this guy was wearing the uniform for his job. So I found out where he worked and called corporate to complain. I said that he was really rude, inconsiderate, and ‘I didn’t like his attitude.’

But hey that’s what you get for being a jerk for no reason right?”

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4. No Perks Because The Class Average Is Too Low? I'll Stop Putting In Effort


“I was in grade 8 social studies class. The other social studies classes went on many field trips but our class never went on any.

I was an A student and asked my teacher why and he replied that the class average was a D and should think about our classmates (who also had an attendance problem) who need more time to study.

I was mad at my classmates’ blatant laziness.

So I stopped trying. In the next group project, everyone wanted to work with me. I didn’t want to work with B students because they would expect a lot of work to pull to an A. I didn’t want to work with a D student because he would never show up to class.

So I picked the C- student who was on the verge of failing (because of laziness and also he was a bully to me) and most motivated to work hard.

The teacher was surprised that I was so charitable to help a weak student even when he did all the work and I did ZERO.

We did well mostly because of my reputation. Easiest assignment ever.”

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3. Obsess Over Your Office Supplies? I'll Make Them Disappear


“I played a long game of revenge with this one teacher back when I was a freshman in HS. I don’t remember why, but this one teacher I had angered me. It probably had to do with him being very authoritarian and I’ve always been anti-establishment, so when someone enforces rules I think are ridiculous, I tend to act.

This teacher was also notorious for being obsessive over his office supplies and not lending kids pens/pencils when they forgot theirs because he ‘knew’ they’d take them and not return them (to be fair, 14-year-olds do that a lot, but I digress).

So, I took a pen from his desk when he wasn’t looking.

And the next day, I took another.

It developed from there and I ended up taking all different manner of supplies from him over about a month. It drove him absolutely insane once it got to a noticeable amount of stuff because he couldn’t figure out who was doing it for the life of him.

(I was a straight-A student who answered all the questions right in class and had no negative notes on my record…because I was too smart to get caught lol).

He actually ended up being one of my all-time favorite teachers I’ve ever had.

I don’t remember if I gave him his stuff back, but I think I reverse stole them back onto his desk when he wasn’t looking.”

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2. Won't Pay Me What I Deserve? I'll Just Have To Take It Myself


“I worked for Burger King during a summer. I was very quickly put in charge of the Desserts stand (it was a separate location, in a different place in the mall). On weekends, I would run out of ingredients fairly quickly and huge lines of people would form.

I always asked for help to bring me more ingredients and they never showed, nor they would come to help me take care of the people waiting in line.

Then they would make me stay for an almost extra 2 hours every day, as the manager would not let me check out because we were ‘short on staff’ (nobody came to the restaurant, but the desserts stand was a hit).

These extra hours were not reflected in my pay.

So one friend of mine came up with an idea. There was a coupon for 2×1 ice creams, so whenever people came and asked for 2 cones, you marked them as a coupon, charged them for both, but only registered one.

Since ice cream cones were about 50 dollar cents in my country, on a regular day you could earn 5 extra bucks, and almost 30 on a good day. At first, I refused to steal as I had never stolen in my life, not even as a kid, but as management started treating us like garbage (refusing lunch hours, denying our weekly day off, insulting us), I started taking 1 or 2 extra dollars home each day.

By the end of my time there, I was making almost a second wage from there. Sometimes I didn’t even check and just pocketed the funds. We had our own reserve of extra cones so we sold those and the restaurant could not track them.

I am a very righteous and honest person, I always try to do the right thing, but if those guys were not gonna pay me all my extra hours and tasks, I would take them myself.”

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tnk2k 2 years ago
This comment has been deleted
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1. Cover Me In Baby Powder? I'll Surround You With The Nasty Smell Of Bait Juice


“Went on a bachelor weekend trip for a friend of mine with a bunch of guys from the wedding party.

It wasn’t anything crazy. But we did do some bar hopping. It was a Friday night and I had gotten up for work around 4 am and was pretty beat by about 1 am, so I left the bar and went home a little earlier than everyone else.

We had filled the bathtub with ice and booze and drank about half of what we purchased before heading to the bar. The reason I bring that up? I woke up completely covered in baby powder. It is completely caked in my eyes, nose, hair, ears, and mouth.

My nose is dried out and so is my mouth. We were all supposed to head out on a fishing trip that morning at around 6 am.

So, without batting an eye (mostly because I couldn’t open them), I head right for the shower. Which is full of booze, water and cardboard cases.

I quickly take a cold shower and get all the powder off and head to the boat. Only 4 out of the 8 made it on the trip. Everyone is shocked with how well I am taking having been seriously antiqued. But, I simply ask a few questions and get the answers I need to hear and go about my day as if nothing happened.

Turns out it was an old roommate of mine that did it to me. He was too messed up to make it on the boat trip and is sleeping it off in the hotel room. So, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The revenge!

While we were heading into the dock after a day of fishing, I filled a water bottle full of all the bait juice and little pieces of squid and raw baitfish. I filled it to the brim. I was very quiet about it and didn’t let anyone know what I was up to.

We all made it back to the hotel and I acted like I was heading back to my room. Instead, I went over to this guy’s car and proceeded to pour half the bottle down the AC vent underneath the windshield. But I wasn’t done there.

I went over to his room and knocked on the door. He opened it up and I calmly squirted half of what was left in his face. While he was squirming around and screaming, ‘What did you spray on me?!’ I sprayed his bag of clothes and then him one more time for good measure.

Then I walked out of the door.

So, the best part? He cleaned everything up and ‘got over it.’ But he had no idea that his car had been filled with this juice and it was literally cooking in his ac vent for the next 2 days.

When we went to drive home (a 2 1/2 hour drive back) he kept complaining to everyone that, ‘The smell just won’t go away.’ For two and a half hours in 90-degree weather, he blasted his AC with fish juice directly into his face.

He ended up selling the car a month later because ‘He just couldn’t get the smell out.'”

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mape 2 years ago
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