People Get Shy Over These Revenge Stories

Turning the other cheek isn't always simple when faced with an offense. When someone hurts you, the temptation to retaliate can be irresistible. For certain individuals, revenge becomes a consuming passion, meticulously crafted over hours, days, or even years, waiting for the opportune moment to enact their scorching payback. Explore the captivating narratives of those who've woven intricate webs of retribution.

34. Fined Unfairly by HOA? Get Elected, Overthrow the Board, and Change the Rules


“I got fined for ridiculous things by my HOA and got ticked off and decided to get on to the board. I then spent a year removing all members of the board I joined and replacing them with people that were pro-small HOA. I have since helped reduce policies and tried to make the community better for everyone.

A few years ago, I bought my first house in a medium-sized (500-1000 homes) neighborhood in a southern state. It had an HOA, but I actually picked the neighborhood because they had the lowest HOA dues in the city, the fewest rules, and the house was by far the nicest one I could afford in my budget.

After a few weeks, I get a violation notice from the HOA telling me that I had two violations needing correction:

1. My lawn was not green enough.

2. My trash cans were too close to my driveway.

I was thoroughly confused about #1 as it was February, in the middle of winter, so of course my lawn was dead (like pretty much everyone else’s), so I had assumed that either this was a mistake or an existing offense from the previous owner.

As for the trash cans, I kept them on the side of my house and I think when the HOA came by, my trash cans stuck out past the side wall ~1 foot, so HOW DARE I?! I shrugged them off and continued on.

Come March, I got another notice, this time fining me for both violations.

Each one cost me $100 and they wanted the funds in two weeks. I. was. mad. This has made no sense and I was not about to let them just try and get funds for violations. So, I called the management company that worked with the board to get them appealed. The lady told me that I needed to appeal directly to the board and that I could do so in the next annual meeting in a few days.

So, I of course showed up to the meeting. Prior to it starting, I met with a few homeowners and learned that they were all there for similar violations, and were angry off too. I then talked with one of the members of the board about the fine appeals process.

He was an older guy in his 70s with short grey hair and a very worn and angry face. He asked what I was getting fined for, and when I told him, he just looked at me and said: “And you should get fined for that.

Young people like you not taking care of their homes is the whole reason I got on this board. Learn to be a better property owner.” This dude was the VP of a volunteer board telling me that I did not know how to take care of my house.

What a sad life.

The meeting then started and the moderator mentioned that since this was an annual meeting, we would be voting on 3/5 board members. They had some applicants on the board, and we could also nominate someone today. That’s when I had the idea of how I could get my revenge.

When the election part of the meeting came, I nominated myself, and gave a speech about how HOAs are not here to make funds and that I wanted to serve my community. I won in a landslide, and you could see the board members getting annoyed because they had scowled during my speech.

After the meeting, I appealed my violations (in a very elegant way) and they agreed to waive my trash can violation. As for the grass one, apparently, since I had invasive plants growing in my yard (like tiny patch in the corner), they were still fining me because the invasive plants were turning yellow after I sprayed them.

I was dumbfounded at how they could get away with this, but they used a technicality in the bylaws that I had signed, so I ended up losing $100.

I will be honest, I had not expected this to work. After joining the board (of 5, including myself), I was appointed secretary and had to help maintain meeting notes and review records.

They specifically told me that I was not allowed to propose new policies, but I could vote on new ones proposed by the VP or President (which I later learned was a violation of their own rules). I voted every new rule down as long as I was in that position.

I decided that my best course of action was to listen to how the others operated and look for an opening to get each of them off the board.

The first opening came when the head of the HOA mentioned that she had wanted to fine flowers that were not “neutral” in color.

Basically, if a homeowner wanted to add something like turquoise flowers, we would fine them. She apparently had a neighbor who had flowers that she didn’t like, and she wanted to use the board to stop them. It was pretty insane. I then started my revenge on her.

I started a message thread (on Slack since that’s how we communicated) with the other board members and asked what they thought about her policy and reasoning. After far too much deliberation (two of them honestly thought that this was ok), we agreed that the policy went too far.

I then made a long post on the main channel telling her that her actions were not only wrong but that she should be excused from the board. When she inevitably flipped out, I called a board meeting the following week, and the other 4 board members voted her off for targeting a community member for personal gain.

She gave a sob story about how the board was her life and that the neighborhood was like her child, but I didn’t care. That was one down. I convinced one of my good neighbor friends to join a little later on to take her spot.

The next members I targeted were the treasurer and director, as I wanted to save the VP for last. They were actually pretty easy to get off the board because they were very easily swayed by public opinion. So, I made a fake account on Nextdoor and waited until Spring (when most of the violations go out).

When the letters went out, I looked for angry posts on Nextdoor. I then would comment on each one giving them the first names of the two board members as the culprits and told them to come to the next HOA meeting to appeal. It worked far better than I had expected. During the next meeting, over 50 people showed up and called out those by name.

It was glorious. During the open session, community members grilled those two for their poor policies (even though they did not make most of them). The VP (now president after the other one resigned) tried to defend them, but ultimately failed. The two members were so distraught after the meeting, and I told them that maybe they should resign, and they both did.

That was two more down (both of which were replaced by a couple who came to the same meeting and wanted to get rid of these rules).

Finally, the board had been flipped to 4 out of 5 people wanting to get rid of all these dumb rules.

The head was still the same old angry hateful man. He tried to add more rules to increase violation revenue and we voted him down every time. He started to get annoyed but stayed steadfast to the board. I tried a lot of tactics to get him to leave, and not much swayed him.

A few months went by and we started with a new management company. They had a much better style of property management and a website for looking through our community’s records as well as automated reports. When we got our first fines report, I hit pay dirt.

The President’s house appeared, and he owed around $10,000! Apparently, he had open violations that he had never paid and the other management company hid it from the board for him (since he had been on the board for close to 7 years). So, I looked into remedies.

Since his fines were over $3,000, our bylaws stated that a majority vote of the board could start an HOA foreclosure on the home (which I still think is INSANE that HOAs can do that…). So, I got all the docs together and double-checked with the new management company that the fines were correct, which they confirmed. I called an emergency board session, presented the information, and 4/5 of us voted to start the foreclosure process.

The president got angry, cursed, and left the meeting early.

We were informed a few days later that the President had resigned, paid his fine, and put his house up for sale. While I am sad we couldn’t force a foreclosure, at least he was off the board.

I am currently president to this day, and I have reduced the fining policy to a maximum of $400 and homeowners can appeal any time that they wish digitally. In addition, I have banned any grass fines until May, and trash can violations have been super relaxed.

Morale of the story: never fine me $200, call me a stupid young kid, and expect to not lose your house.”

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33. Interrupt My Partner's Sleep? I'll Make Sure Everything Is Above Board


“We live in a new and small apartment complex, only 40 units within 2 buildings. It’s very low-key and within walking distance to our downtown.

It’s very affordable for how convenient a location it is.

Back in September, we noticed the vacant unit beside us was getting moved into by a new tenant with furniture, decor, etc. One weekend not long after moving in we heard what sounded like a little party with music and loud voices well past midnight.

We heard a lot of people coming in and out of the front door, but letting the door slam each time to where it shook the walls. Maybe they were having a housewarming party or a friend’s get-together at the new place. So we brushed it under the rug as a one-off incident.

For the next few weeks, we noticed a variety of people coming in and out of this apartment and none of them seemed to be the same individuals. Parking also started to become much more busy than usual as well as the cars kept changing.

So, something seemed off.

My partner started working the night shift for her job not long after the neighboring apartment became occupied. She is a light sleeper and noticed that all throughout the morning and before going to work the neighbor’s door was always slamming and shaking the walls.

She understands that people are active in the day and she can’t ask people to cater to her night shift needs, but she felt the constant slamming of doors was not only disruptive but unusual behavior.

One particular morning was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

She had finally had enough because of the effect it was having on her sleep. She wanted to see who was slamming the door. She heard the door slamming around 10:30 am and got up and witnessed people walking to their cars with suitcases and leaving.

Soon after a man arrived and pulled up the front doormat retrieved a key and let two women with cleaning supplies into the apartment. Each time they entered or left the door would *SLAM* and shake the wall.

Seeing this she searched Airbnb and almost immediately found the rental unit next door.

Same floor plans, wall paint, flooring, etc. To our surprise and anger, we found a total of *FOUR* listings in our apartment complex alone on the host’s profile. That is 10% of the apartments in our buildings.

Through the listings, we found the individual’s LinkedIn and business website.

On his website, he claims that he does something called “rental arbitrage”. Essentially this is renting out a long-term rental on a short-term basis (lease an apartment and rent it on Airbnb for profit). This can be done legally with the landlord’s permission. The lease agreement does not allow for sub-letting or short-term rentals.

They were renting out 3 of the 4 ground end units offered (units with unique floorplans). The 4th unit was handicap-accessible. That’s right. This man and his business partner leased an apartment meant for accommodating people with disabilities to use for his little short-term business empire he was trying to build.

Our city and region (like in other places) have been feeling the squeeze on apartment availability and these jerks are contributing to the problem.

It was at this point we took this personally as we had our problems dealing with apartment availability, wait lists, disappointment, and frustration.

My partner called the leasing office and notified them that the neighboring unit is being rented out on Airbnb and asked if that was allowed to which the office gave an emphatic “absolutely not” and asked for the listings to be sent to them in an email.

Later that day the office called her back and said they notified the “tenant” that they would be inspecting the apartments the following afternoon.

After the inspection was completed the office notified that they had sent paperwork of any rental activities outside the lease agreement or face eviction.

They also informed us that “you should not have any more problems concerning the matter and if you do, don’t hesitate to give us a call”.

Now, this jerk has four leases he is stuck paying $1500/month for and can’t make any more funds through Airbnb.

He is bleeding funds to the tune of about $6000/month. His only legal options are to continue paying for them or to break the leases and vacate. Last week we watched as movers emptied the apartments. I’m sure they lost deposits and/or were penalized for breaking the leases.

This a very expensive lesson for being a greedy “entrepreneur”.

Don’t be jerks, folks. Also, don’t annoy a night shifter trying to sleep”

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32. Get Angry At Workers? I'll Take Your Groceries!


“I’m (M 50s) at Walmart and hear a girl (worker, 20s) nicely say “Excuse me, ladies“. I see two entitled women (40s) talking in front of the doors that the workers use to restock the store.

The entitled woman looks at the worker with the disdain of royalty being interrupted by a filthy peasant. The worker with her empty supply cart again tells the entitled woman that she needs to get through.

Again the entitled woman blows her off with pursed lips and a dirty look.

Now I have a particular sensitivity to people mistreating workers and these women have disrupted my delicate sensibilities. I walk past the entitled woman snagging one of the carts full of groceries and I take off. It takes them a moment for them to notice before they pursue me.

I quickly traverse The back aisle and turn the corner towards the front of the store. One of the entitled women tried to pull the cart away from me but I made it to the front of the store before letting go. I make a clean getaway and go back to get my cart.

Next to the restock doors is the other woman’s cart. Now before you call me a jerk, these people needed to be taught a lesson and I’m just the one compelled to step up. I grab the cart and head off to the camping section.

I take the cold stuff from the cart. I needed milk and eggs anyway so bonus. Later I felt bad that some Walmart worker would have to restock the cart from the camping section. When I went back the cart was gone.

This happened like a year ago and didn’t think much about it.

The other day I was at a restaurant with my extended family. One of the waitresses kept looking at me. It took me a while to put it together. When she walked past I said, “Didn’t you use to work at Walmart?”. She got excited and exclaimed that she thought it was me.

I had a haircut and lost some weight since then. She filled me in on the aftermath. The ladies complained to the manager that a guy tried to steal their stuff for no reason. The manager figured there was more to the story. The entitled woman wanted the manager to find me and have me arrested. The worker girl told her what really happened and has since become store folklore.”

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31. Angry Employee Hands in Resignation Amid Holiday Rush


“My buddy Steve has worked at a small business for over 10 years.

Most of his time there, it has been pretty alright but recently it has become a remarkably worse place to work. Steve is the most senior employee outside of management and by far the most productive. He’s always training new hires, working extra hours, helping other departments, you name it.

Pretty often, Steve will come in for a couple of hours on his day off to take care of backed-up paperwork and general housekeeping of his department. This does wonders for keeping the department running smoothly, especially when they are busy. Management knows about this and approves it.

Going into the holidays this year, they are absolutely slammed, as usual. Orders are backing up and it’s all hands on deck, extra hours, full tilt. After another 60-hour work week, Steve has a couple of days off. On his 2nd day off, he decides to go to work for a few hours.

He knows his coworkers are likely too busy to be taking care of the side stuff, so he’s being a team player and helping out.

While he’s finishing up and about to leave, Steve’s manager comes up to him and they have the following conversation.

“Hey Steve, quit messing around, get back out there and do your job”

Steve replies “Hey Manager, sorry, it’s my day off, I’m not scheduled to work this shift. I’m just helping out, leaving in like 5 minutes.”

Manager replies “The heck you are, get your backside out there.”

Steve says, “Nope, not happening. I’m going home.”

The next day, Steve is predictably brought into the office, dressed down, and written up for insubordination. But there are a few things about Steve that you should know, that his employers knew but either forgot or didn’t care about.

1. Steve has been getting fed up with his employer for a while now.

2. Steve is quite financially stable, as he works in a high-demand industry, and his wife also has a fantastic well-paying job.

3. Steve is about to become a dad. In fact, he is very very close to becoming a dad, right after the holidays most likely.

So, Steve is in the manager’s office, just finished getting talked down to, and handed his write-up to sign. Steve signs his write up, and hands it back, along with an envelope with a short letter inside.

“What’s this?” the manager asks.

“My two weeks notice.”

Cue the backpeddling. The manager is apologetic and asks for Steve to at least finish the holiday rush, the big boss comes in and offers a raise if he stays, the whole shebang. Steve turns it all down.

Now Steve’s former employer has to get through the holidays without their most reliable worker, which will take at least 2 or 3 new hires to cover.

Meanwhile, Steve can enjoy the holidays without stress, help prepare for the arrival of their baby, and start looking for work again when they’re good and ready.”

Another User Comments:

“I have an outstanding staff, including a few like Steve. I always express my appreciation for their extra effort, with words and with substantial increases in pay over the years.

I have never written them up for anything. If something comes up, I simply ask them to come to my office for a chat. I always try to put them at ease right away, and then we address the issue. I’m candid with them, explain the situation, and ask for their opinion about what needs to change.

That way, they are part of the solution to the problem. I help them understand all sides of the issue, and then I direct them to the appropriate action. Never had to go farther than that.” only_because_I_can

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30. Dyeing My Hair Blue to Stop Unfair Blame at the Sandwich Shop


“I used to work for a sandwich shop.

All the other employees there were women with very long black hair. Mine was sort of similar I suppose? Medium length and brown. But every time a customer would complain about a long black hair in the food, my boss would immediately blame me without any hesitation or investigation, despite the fact that I was the only person who wore my hair up and netted. So one day I dyed my hair blue with the sole purpose of not being blamed for black hair being in the food.

You guessed it, it happened. And how huffy and annoyed my boss got when I said it couldn’t be my hair because mine is blue, was beyond amusing.”

Another User Comments:

“I really do not make much of a big deal about hair in food.

It happens sometimes. There was this small sandwich shop I went to regularly. It was great. One day there was a hair. No big deal. It was great for a while longer. Then another hair. Then again. And again. And again. 4 visits in a row.

I quit going there. a year later I decided to give them a try again. What do you know another hair? I gave up on them and have not touched the place in more than 3 years.” sekazi

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29. Brother Ruins Wedding With Proposal, Gets Taste of His Own Medicine


“I (35m) have a young brother “Todd” (29m) who had a complicated birth and had to stay a month in the ICU and because of that my parents have always doted on him and almost denied him nothing, even if it was to the detriment of my sister “Abby” (32f) and I.

My brother drinks in on the attention and has on more than one occasion made himself the center of attention at either my, my sister’s, or a cousin’s special event.

Because of this Abby and I have a strained relationship with Todd and our parents.

Unfortunately, Todd met and fell in love with “Lucy” (24f) who announced her own pregnancy at the baby shower my mom held for Abby.

When I proposed to my wife “Michelle” (30f) I just wanted to elope but she really wanted her family to be there so I invited my family out of obligation.

While out my best man “Jim” (35m) noticed a receipt from a jewelry store slipped out of Todd’s pocket. Jim confronted Todd about this which led to an argument. Jim told me everything and I told Todd that he was no longer going to be a groomsman because I knew he was going to propose at my wedding.

Todd cried to our parents and which led to a blowout.

In my parents’ eyes, since Todd never admitted that he was going to propose to Lucy at my wedding I was unfairly judging him. I refused and brought up Todd’s past behavior. My parents couldn’t refute this and got Todd to agree to not try anything at my wedding.

This wasn’t enough to convince me to let him be a groomsman but I warned him that if, as a guest, he’d try anything I would make him regret it. Fast forward to the wedding and surprise surprise Todd walked over to Lucy and proposed to her during Michelle’s father-daughter dance and did it in a way so that EVERYONE would notice.

Cue my revenge, Jim and I had hired a woman to pretend to be Todd’s side piece who cornered Todd and Lucy and claimed that she was pregnant with his baby. Todd denied this but when she called his phone, I gave her his number and messed with Todd’s phone to incriminate him, it didn’t look good.

Lucy threw the ring back at Todd and left in tears.

When Todd saw the smile on my face he knew that it was me and I didn’t respond to a single call/text from him or my parents until after the honeymoon. Lucy has thrown Todd’s stuff out and has been denying access to their kid.

Todd is furious and is demanding that I clear his name. I sent him a text saying that I had no idea what he was talking about as well as a screenshot of a bill for the wedding and gave a vague message demanding reimbursement for half of the wedding costs.

Michelle knew the whole time what I was planning and gave me the green light after Todd ruined her moment with her dad, so I felt pretty good but now even Abby thinks I went too far.”

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RisingPhoenix2023 1 month ago
The spoiled child got bit by karma. Someone had to teach him a lesson, what's better than big brother justice. Too bad you can't teach your parents a lesson, too.
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28. Rude Neighbors Get a Lesson in Respect and Trespassing


“I recently bought a house and have been having some work done before I move in. It was empty on the market for about 6 or 8 months before I bought it.

One morning I got a call from my contractor, asking me about moving the cars in the driveway.

Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about. I hadn’t moved in yet.

I left my job site and drove nearly a half hour to get there. As soon as I arrived, the people on the east side of me were walking toward the cars.

I asked if they were their cars and they said yes. They told me that they had been parking there for a few months with permission from the owners. I informed them that I was the new owner and they couldn’t park there any longer.

We went back and forth, and to be a good neighbor and try to show some goodwill, I agreed to allow them to park there for a few more weeks until I moved in; with the agreement that they would move them by 6 am every morning.

The rest of the week went by without incident. The contractor called me about scheduling a walk-through on Saturday, and we set a time for early afternoon.

When I arrived, there were 4 cars in the driveway, and nowhere to park. (the only on-street parking is 2 blocks away.) I called them and asked them to move their vehicles- reminding them of our agreement.

After 20 minutes, they finally came out and moved them.

Speaking with them, they claimed to have misunderstood and thought that the agreement only referred to weekdays and not weekends. I corrected them and moved on.

Sunday morning, I grabbed a trailer and loaded some furniture to take over and store in the garage.

Once again, there were cars in the driveway. I called them and got a VM. I texted and said they had until a tow truck could arrive, to get them moved. No answer. I called a tow company.

45 minutes later, 2 tow trucks showed up, backed in, and hooked up to the cars.

All of a sudden, the neighbors were home. They ran out to stop their cars from being towed, and it ended up costing them a little over $300 to get them unhooked.

I called my contractor and asked if he knew someone who could put in a driveway gate, and he did.

I let the neighbors know that they could no longer use my driveway.

On Wednesday, I get a call from the gate installer, telling me that there are cars in the driveway. I called them and said tow trucks were on the way. They moved. The gate was installed and I went by to pick up the opener that evening.

The neighbor’s husband came out to confront me, and I opted to just call the PD, and deal with it legally.

That Saturday, I went by to accept an outdoor furniture delivery, and check on things when I noticed a towel beside the pool and a small kids’ flotation device.

My initial thought was that I just hadn’t noticed it before, so I wrote it off and threw them both in the trash.

On Saturday, the movers arrived with everything and we began moving things in.

At about 7 pm, my daughter and I left to go grab some dinner, arriving back at the house around 930 pm.

The neighbors were in my pool. They were hanging out and using my furniture. When I opened the door and began raising a ruckus, they told the kids to go to the house and the children ran to a corner of our fence and just walked through.

They had cut out the privacy fence so it could be removed and had been using the pool at their leisure for who knows how long.

Again, I called the police and filed a complaint. The dad was arrested for trespassing, DPP, and an outstanding warrant, and the oldest boy (20M) for an outstanding warrant.

I replaced the fence with a new one because they had destroyed the posts, runners, and pickets by removing and reinstalling the panel. Small claims awarded me the total cost of 83′ of 8′ privacy fence, which came out to $3,800.

The following Monday morning around 5 am, their cars were parked in the street, where there was no street parking, so I made a phone call.

They were gone when I left at 7 am.

I haven’t been paid yet, but I did notice a For Rent sign in their yard this morning, so that’s just as good.

Good riddance.”

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27. Tell Me To Smile? Things Will Get Awkward


“Last week, I was out and about, making a start on some errands I had. As I was walking, I was going through my long to-do list in my head. So I wasn’t frowning, I wasn’t smiling. My face was just in neutral.

A man starts heading towards me.

As we pass, he tells me, “Smile, it could be worse.”

I stop, stare at him for a moment, and then I say, “My parents were in an accident. My mum died on impact. We’re turning off my dad’s life support tomorrow.”

The guy looked like a robot being suddenly shut down.

His face fell. He looked like a deer in headlights. He stuttered and stammered. He was obviously trying to think of something to say, and when he couldn’t, he turned around and speed-walked away.

My parents are both fine. There was no accident. But it annoys me when people think they have the right to dictate how people are feeling and what expressions they make, especially when they don’t know what is going on in their lives.

It’s unhelpful and patronizing. Imagine telling somebody who had just been given a terminal diagnosis, “Smile, it could be worse.” Or somebody who has lost a child, been laid off, or is otherwise struggling and in a terrible situation…?”

Another User Comments:

“I was at work when I got the news that my father had died. I left and stopped to gas up so I could go to my mother.

This was pre-debit-card-at-the-pump and I had to go in and pay first. The guy behind the counter does the “Why don’t you smile, honey?” routine. I replied, “My dad just died.” The look on the guy’s face was priceless, and he was stammering and spluttering as he tried to apologize.

I like to think he never did it again.” plutosdarling

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MadameZ 1 month ago
Oh good for you. I am always in favour of treating rude, intrusive men like this (because it IS rude and intrusive for random men to tell women to smile, we are not there to cater to them.)
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26. Unannounced Airbnb Host Gets Penalized After Leaving Unfair Review


“I recently attended a friend’s wedding a few hours away from home and my partner and I decided to get an Airbnb so she could bring her dog. We found a nice place that allowed pets, took off early from work, and arrived Friday late afternoon.

About 30 minutes later, the owner shows up to see how we’re doing while we have the dog on the porch. We made some small talk, and he mentioned that we didn’t indicate we were bringing a dog. I felt bad, as it was an honest mistake, and I’d never lie to someone to get out of paying the pet fee.

We tell him that and offer to pay the $25 fee on the spot. He refuses to take the funds and says that he loves dogs and eventually heads out. We don’t think too much else about it, but when we leave, we decide to give the place a much more thorough cleaning than was in the instructions.

The dog didn’t chew any furniture or leave any other damage or mess, at least that we didn’t clean up.

In our minds, the trip was a success and the Airbnb was a great fit. I got the email from them to leave a review and I left a 5-star review and said the house and the owner were great.

But then I saw his review of me and a private message where he blasted me for not telling him that I was bringing a dog, how dogs cause them so much more work, and how we shouldn’t leave dogs alone in the house.

This didn’t sit well with me at all, since I thought we had handled this person-to-person when he came by on the first day. I was, and still am happy to pay for the pet fee, and there was no indication anywhere on the posting that we couldn’t leave the dog alone for a few hours while we were at a wedding, nor did he say that while we chatted and told him we were here for a wedding.

For him to post that on my Airbnb profile felt like a cheap shot.

I responded to him in the chat and said as much, and while Airbnb couldn’t do anything about the review since it didn’t violate any of their policies, my partner did point out that hosts aren’t supposed to show up to the property unannounced. I had no idea and figured this was his property and he was allowed to show up, at least to check in with the guests.

Normally I wouldn’t care, especially since it was a very cordial interaction, but since he took a cheap shot with my review, I decided to do the same. I reached out to Airbnb support to tell them about his unannounced visit, and they forwarded it to their security team.

I answered a few questions about the interaction, and they spoke to him. A week or so later they let me know that he was in violation of their policy, and they refunded me 2/3 days of the stay, which came out to about $200. All because of a bad review.”

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25. Refuse to Move from My Seat at a Crowded Cafe? Enjoy Your Long Wait


“I’ve come to a cafe near my office for lunch, and the only space they had to sit was at the end of a communal table.

No problem; I sat at the very end of the table, leaving three other spaces. I ordered my lunch and sat there minding my own business.

A couple of women arrived soon after and politely asked if they could sit at two of the free spaces next to me.

No problem.

Then, when I was just starting to eat my lunch, two other people arrived to join them. There was only one other free seat left, so what did they do? Yep, asked me to move somewhere else. The cafe is full, I’m in the middle of my meal, and I was here before any of them.

I politely refused.

Now they’re carrying on about how selfish I’m being, taking up the entire communal table when I’m only one person. They’re watching me eat, willing me to finish and leave. Forget them. Once I’ve finished eating, I’m going to order a coffee, linger over it, and then order a slice of cake.”

Another User Comments:

“This same thing happened to me at a company “picnic” where people were only supposed to bring 1 or 2 immediate family members. I brought my young son and found a spot for us, but there were a large number of people who extended the invitation to their entire family.

My young son and I sat at the very edge of the last table, surrounded by this family and a woman with a baby in a stroller, one employee seriously had 25+ family members, a family get-together, and tried to force me (an actual employee) and my young son, to leave the spot we claimed first. The company never did that again.” SnooCauliflowers3851

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24. Denied My Booked Train Seat, I Upgrade Myself to First Class


“I was traveling from Edinburgh to London by train and had a booked window seat with a table.

I got on the train to find 4 guys sitting at the table, the one in my seat that was clearly marked as booked, refused to move as he was with his friends and the train was packed. The ticket collector passed and I asked him to help.

He asked the guy to move but he refused and somehow that was that.

“So what now?” I asked

“You can find another seat but I have no power to move him, only the police can move him and they will not turn up just to move someone out of a seat.”

There were no seats free in the carriage and probably not many free on the train so standing to London was a possibility.

“I’m going to take a seat in first class” – better surroundings, power sockets, and free tea and coffee.

“You can’t sit there, you don’t have a booking”

“Well, you could call the police to move me but apparently they won’t turn out to move someone out of a seat”

I had a lovely trip with power for my laptop and a wide comfy seat.”

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23. Talk About My Paycheck To My Daughter? I'll Embarrass You In Front Of Our Boss


“I’m the dad who does as the women in my life tell me, which is how I ended up in a restaurant tonight with snobs. So the characters, are my wife, wife’s coworker 1 and her husband arrogant engineer 1(AE1), wife’s coworker 2 and her husband my CPA, and Lastly AE2 and his wife.

Each couple has two teenage children with us. We are at a Japanese steakhouse in America where the chefs cook in front of you. CW1 and AE1 invited all of us for their youngest daughter’s birthday. Since their daughter is close with our daughter.

So the parents are at one table and the teens at another.

At the teen table my daughters (17 and 14) order sushi appetizers, mocktails, and shrimp with scallops. At our table, the Sake is flowing along with a few top-shelf drinks. My wife and I order our appetizers, drinks, and dinners.

We are all paying for ourselves and I see AE1 and AE2 seem to be in competition for who can spend the most. My CPA and I chuckle at them and stay out of the fray.

Until AE2 hears my daughter’s order and says to her, “Careful now your daddy is only an agricultural engineer.

He doesn’t make as much as us real engineers.” For context, they are structural engineers with Bachelor’s degrees, and I’m an agricultural engineer with a PhD. I work for governments, private investors, and several agro corporations. I own my own consulting firm. I help build sustainable reusable gardens.

This work allows me to travel to poorer countries and help them use what they have to start growing their own food. Apparently, these men thought all I did was travel to impoverished places and teach people to dig in the dirt. They believed I did all this work for free and therefore made very little funds.

Watch as one man turns vigilante in Walmart, teaching two entitled shoppers a lesson they’ll never forget – all in the name of worker respect! Watch as one man turns vigilante in Walmart, teaching two entitled shoppers a lesson they’ll never forget – all in the name of worker respect!.

I’m not “rich” by any stretch, but I’m comfortable. We don’t do extravagance, so we have savings and my wife works. However, in 2023 I was awarded a handsome contract to design tower gardens in several states. It’s a seven-figure contract over three years.

These guys ask me about the most ridiculous things.

Like “is it good to grow onions and carrots in the same garden?” And were laughing at me and my work until their wives told them to stop. I chalk it up to arrogant behavior and don’t even bother to answer. My CPA was laughing so hard he almost fell out of his chair.

Apparently, he is AE1’s CPA as well. And knows the ins and outs of both our finances. AE1 taunts CPA to tell the table what he brought home last year after bonuses.

CPA pulled up the figures on the phone and told us. It’s about 1/3 of what I brought home in 2023.

The CPA says “I have yours up want me to share?” I decline. And he nods. Queue another round of taunts.

I go to the restroom and find the waiter. I pay for the whole check and leave a generous tip on top of what they added for a big party.

After our meal, the waiter thanks me in front of everyone for the tip and wished everyone a good night. AE1 and AE2 stare at me for a moment.

I smile nod and tell CPA to tell them my income last year. After which I simply said goodnight.

Petty absolutely, gratifying indeed right.”

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22. Persistent Gym Flirt? A Silent But Deadly Solution


“So a few things. I go to the gym to workout and decompress I don’t see it as a place to be social. I wear large over ear headphones.

I was at the gym and just finished one of my sets for deadlifts, when a guy walks over. This is something I’m used to (despite how much I dislike it) but he starts talking to me and I’m able to pick up he’s flirting.

I’m polite and waiting for the proper moment to end the conversation.

When he asks for my number I decline. He keeps talking and going into the usual shtick of “why not?” And “come on”. At that point I’m very uncomfortable and also annoyed because my workout timer has already gone off and it was past time for me to start my next set.

I put on my big girl pants and tell him he’s making me uncomfortable and I just want to finish my workout. Does he leave? No! He keeps talking now going on about “how he didn’t mean it like that” and ” he’s not a bad guy.” No actual apology to be found.

Now during this entire interaction, I’ve had to pass gas. I was being polite and holding it in until he left but seeing as he’s not I think “well I know a way to get him to leave.”

As he’s STILL talking I let it go.

It’s silent but rather smelly. It only takes about 2 seconds for him to catch a whiff. He stops talking and the face he makes is too much that I have to bite my lip to stop laughing.

That’s when he gives me a look of “are you serious” and then finally leaves.

And I’m left alone to finish my workout.”

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MadameZ 1 month ago
Oh EXCELLENT. I sometimes wish I could fart at will but have never dared to try...
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21. Mock My Drink Choice? Enjoy Feeling Guilty


“I was on holiday with my son (14) and we were watching football in a bar in the evening. I don’t really drink but do enjoy a cocktail while on holiday. The server came by and asked if we wanted drinks, I asked for a Pina Colada and she kind of laughed out an “okay” and then walked off to make it.

This annoyed me a little, I’m just a grown man wanting to drink a tasty cocktail what’s wrong with that? When she brought the drink back I got my petty revenge. As she was placing the drink on the table I said, “My mum loved these, God rest her.

I always have one on the anniversary of her death to remember her.” She looked horrified and tried to shuffle off quickly, so I asked her for a cocktail stirrer so she had to come back again. When she came back I took a sip from the straw, kissed my hand and pointed to the sky trying to look sad.

She was so visibly uncomfortable I had to stifle my own laughs.

She noticeably avoided our table multiple times after this.”

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20. Ungrateful Sister Calls Me a Freeloader, Loses Her Smartphone Privileges


“I’m 28 years old and live in a town with an inflation crisis. I moved back in with my parents since we have a good relationship.

I buy all the groceries and pay the electric bill. My little sister (16), however, was not happy.

She was saying that I should be a man and move out again. A few weeks ago she started continuously calling me a “freeloader” and a “parasitic leech”.

My parents are anti-tech — they are not part of a cult, they just avoid tech and prefer to live a simple life. The only modern tech they use is a laundry machine, a car, a flip phone, and a TV. Our parents don’t, however, take away our gadgets if we paid for it ourselves.

When I turned 18 and looked for my first job, I had to handwrite a resume since I didn’t have a computer or a printer. It’s hard to get a job while still in school because of the poor job market in our town.

My little sister was lucky, I have bought her a smartphone with a data plan since she was a young child, yet she was continuously calling me all these names.

Eventually my little sister’s constant name-calling got on my nerves and I came up with an idea.

As the smartphone is under an active installment plan, I simply ‘repossessed’ the smartphone. Now she is having the same childhood I had. Oh, and she stopped with the name-calling.

Enjoy the Amish lifestyle little sis.”

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19. Doubted by High School Counselor, I Proved Her Wrong and Denied Her Recognition


“I know it doesn’t sound much like revenge, but it was oh so sweet, let me tell you.

Back in high school, I struggled hard. I had a step-dad who adopted me and then ignored me my whole life, and a mom who was wrapped up in making his life perfect.

Yeah, he was what some might call a textbook narcissist.

Anyway, school was a difficult time for me, and I had a lot of anxiety and a hard time focusing. I attended all my classes, and was always doing very well on my assignments, but had trouble completing them.

My guidance counselor was the same all through high school, and every year would start with a meeting with her, and I would explain I needed more help because I was struggling to focus. She brushed me off every time, stating that I obviously wasn’t trying hard enough because I had no excuse since my step-dad (adopted dad) was…wait for it…a social worker for the school board and personal friend of hers.

Yeah, it was awful.

At the end of high school, we had our obligatory meeting about what colleges/universities or trade schools to apply to. I told her I was interested in psychology and would like to be a counselor or to teach psychology.

This woman scoffed. Literally scoffed at me.

She said, and I quote “Please do not apply to university. It would be a huge disappointment for you. You are not university material, and you may be better with a community college or even a certificate in administration”.

Now let me say THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with going to community college or getting a certificate in something.

Nothing at all. But this woman’s words would haunt me my whole life. I wanted to pursue something I was very interested in, and she essentially told me I wasn’t smart enough or capable enough to do it.

Fast forward to my late 20s.

I worked at a variety of small jobs here and there and became very depressed. I finally decided one day that forget it – I’m applying for university.

Well, I got in and I graduated with honors. So I went to teachers college for another bachelor’s degree.

Again, graduated with honors. And about 5 years ago, I finally finished my Masters in behavioral psychology.

Two years ago step-dad died, and who is at the visitation? My old guidance counselor.

She came right over and started talking to me immediately like she knew me like we were old friends.

I cut her off and said, “I’m so sorry, you must be confusing me with someone else”. She looked shocked and said “I was your guidance counselor! For 4 years.” And I just shook my head and gave the best blank look I could give, shrugged, and said, “Sorry, I honestly don’t remember you”.

When I left she looked a bit confused and disappointed. I think she had hoped for me to have all of these good memories of her, and how helpful she was to me as a teen. But nope. I wanted her to feel that she was nothing to me.

Had zero effect (even though she did affect me, I wasn’t letting her know that).

I felt pretty good about that.”

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18. Steal My Gift Card? Karma Will Have You Spending More to Replace What You Stole


“Back in college, I had better credit than my three other roommates so I put our internet/TV under my name otherwise the deposit would have been $600.

The cable company offered me a $300 Visa gift card upon signup.

Two months later, I called them because the gift card never arrived. They told me they sent it a few weeks ago and eventually, I was able to find out from Visa that someone used it at the Whataburger, Target, and beverage store near my house.

I’m annoyed because obviously one of my roommates has used it, but I didn’t know which one.

A few weeks later, roommate #2 complained that their $200 birthday gift card to Target had gone missing. His mom still had the receipt, and the store was able to tell her that someone used it at the Target near our house.

He’s obviously annoyed too, but we’ve now realized it’s probably one of the other two roommates.

A couple of weeks after that, roommate #3’s wallet disappears. We turned the house upside down looking for it and we knew it had to be in the house because her car key is attached to her wallet (and her car is parked at the house).

She is absolutely frantic. Sobbing, screaming, hyperventilating, etc. Throwing stuff everywhere and just having an absolute meltdown while tearing the house apart. We had never seen her behave like this, so we were all kinda surprised she’d be THAT upset about her wallet. It’s stressful, sure.

But I genuinely was concerned about how she was reacting. She says the gift card thief must have taken it, implying it is roommate #4 (the only person who hasn’t had something stolen yet).

A few days after that, I found her wallet in the trunk of my car.

We had gone to get groceries together and I guess she just laid it in the trunk while we were unloading. I’m like “holy moly I found her wallet!” and then I open it up because I’m just excited to confirm that I did indeed find her wallet.

Bam! Both stolen gift cards are front and center. No doubt. The Visa gift card had my name printed on it and roommate #2’s mom had written something in Sharpie on his gift card. I realize she had a meltdown because she was afraid we’d find out she was the thief.

I left the wallet where it was: pushed up against the inner lip of the trunk so you couldn’t see it unless you leaned farther into the car.

A locksmith wouldn’t make her new keys without the title. And the title was in the glove box of her locked car.

All in all, she spent about $500 replacing her DL, title, and keys. Not to mention not being able to drive her car for two weeks!

I moved out of state with her wallet still in my car. Finally tossed it in the trash several months later.

Sometimes the universe assists you with petty revenge.”

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17. Baiting a Bratty Kid into Revealing Her Mean Streak to Grandma


“I have a one-year-old son, and we decided to go to the playground one day. On this day, a bunch of kids were there, among whom was a bratty 4yo or so girl who had a mean streak.

My son, who didn’t know better, went close to her and she just tells him “What are you doing here? You’re not invited here!” I agree I kinda didn’t like how she was talking to my son, but I figured he doesn’t understand these things yet and I didn’t want to be one of those sensitive helicopter parents who shield their kids from everything.

So I just took my son and we played elsewhere. Later on, I see that her grandma was there and it seemed like she’s not one of those loosey-goosey grandmas, so while the girl was close to her grandma, and it dawned on me I could bait her to be mean to my kid in front of granny.

So I placed my son close to her since I figured out he wouldn’t understand anyways.

And it worked.

She said “You’re not welcome here! Go away!”

And her grandma heard, and she got in trouble, and the grandma said they now will go home since she can’t be nice.

She fought it, but couldn’t do anything.”

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16. Confronting the Litterbug Neighbor and Exposing His Secret Problem


“I bought a house on a corner when I moved here.

I kept the yard cut and clean. This corner seems to be a place where trash was thrown out regularly. From the beginning, I kept finding peppermint schnapps pints along one of the fence lines. The first one I hit with a mower. Every day I would see one on my property in the same spot.

I knew it had to be a neighbor, so I quit throwing them in the recycling bin and started to collect one after another. I hoped to find whoever had this bad habit eventually. I filled one huge contractor bag. Then one turned into two.

One day I was off early and trimming the hedges by the house. Then I heard it. A thunk followed by something hitting the fence. I finally caught the litterbug. Now I have the car and driver. I jumped in my truck and headed the direction the guy went.

He had just got out of the car and went inside. I drove back home and loaded the heavy bags of glass pints. Later that evening I went to this man’s house. There was another car in the driveway. I got out, rang the doorbell and walked back to get the bags.

An older woman answered the door as I was coming back. She asked if she could help me. I said yes. I told her that I’ve dealt with this problem and was tired of it. The husband had now come outside. I took one bag and dumped it on the driveway.

Bottles broke and flopped around. I grabbed the other bag and did the same. I told them that I was sick of picking up after him and had better not see another pint in my yard. She immediately turned to him and started yelling. Apparently he had a bad drinking problem and promised that he quit.

He would down the pint before he got home and my yard was his dumping zone.

I never did see another bottle of Schnapps after this.”

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15. Noisy Neighbor's Affair Disrupted My Sleep, So I Exposed Her


“My upstairs neighbor has been involved with a married man for about 4 months now.

I wouldn’t care, but because it’s an affair he comes over at odd hours of the night and they are very noisy (I can hear a lot) and it wakes me up/prevents me from sleeping. How do I know it’s an affair? He’s never spent the night and his car has baby car seats in there.

Some back story, I’ve had issues with my upstairs neighbor prior to this. She would throw parties on Monday nights, she gets home at 2 am from work pacing her condo and having loud phone conversations. She’s 40 years old throwing parties with 20y/o involved with others and living like a teenager.

I tried to talk to her like a normal person about my concerns but she doesn’t care and I’ve had to get the association involved to stop the parties. I dislike her.

So I decided to learn some more about this mystery man. I looked up the license plate, found an address, searched the address, and found a name.

Took the name and did some social media stalking and found the man and his wife’s profiles.

I made a throwaway account and messaged the wife about the involvement.

I haven’t seen him now for a few weeks and I’m sleeping nicely.”

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14. Lie About Having Kids On Our Date? Enjoy Your First Wax


“When I was in my early 20’s and online interactions were just starting, I made a profile and said I was just not going to be into two things: smokers and people with kids.

Just that. You could be anything else and if the chemistry is there, we are all good.

I meet this guy early in the morning for breakfast and we were hitting it off. No sparks but no red flags. The hang goes for 2.5 hours (breakfast taking forever) until we are splitting the bill and he tells me he has a kid.

I ask him if he read my profile to know that I was not interested in that and he says “Yes, I read that but knew that if you just spent some time with me, you’d see how great I am and how you’d be willing to see passed that.”

I was floored as now he wasted 3 hours of my life and was okay with being a liar. That was unacceptable to me. I said “well I don’t want this date to end but I have to go across town to get a wax done.

Want to come with me and get one too? It’s not painful (a total lie) and I think it’s attractive for men to be clean-shaven. No pressure but I’m pretty busy the rest of the week and this is my only free day.”

He was all about following me anywhere. I told the ladies that this was his first time and that they should take everything! He held my hand between a curtain and we both got them done at the same time. He screamed a lot but was a champ and went through with it.

I made him pay for his own and never called him again.

If you are out there, Chris, please don’t lie to women on the first date. It’s a really bad way to start a relationship.”

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13. My Ex and Her New Partner Inherited My Old Life


“I had a partner. We were bad for each other, and unsurprisingly she was being unfaithful to me. I found out in a rather dramatic way and had a full-on mental breakdown. The guy who she was being unfaithful with had been fed a bunch of lies to keep him from talking to me and he started threatening me with violence.

Long story short, we broke up, she moved out of our place and into his place, I started therapy.

A few months goes by and I realize in therapy that I wasn’t just busted up about my ex but also my whole life. I decided to find a new job, a new place to live, everything.

Got the ball rolling and the day I got my new job offer I saw an email come into our inbox at the company. I recognize the name as the guy who was threatening me, and now living with my unfaithful ex. So I referred him to my boss.

Talked about how he was great, I’d only heard good things, and hey because I was putting in my two weeks they should definitely hire him.

The guy comes in for an interview, I’m on the panel. When we’re in the room together alone he’s like “dude, I’m sorry bro for all of the things I said, thank you so much for helping me out.” I say “no sweat, she always had good things to say about you and I know that she had a good picker, after all she chose both of us” and we chuckled like polite people.

He actually does ok in the interview and gets the job.

That job was a disaster. I’m not exaggerating when I say that it is the worst job I ever had. The place that I was moving to was paying twice for a third of the work.

I was so relieved to be leaving.

When I moved out of my place a month later my landlord asked if I knew anyone who was looking. Gave her the guy’s phone number. That apartment was charming as heck when you first see it but was similarly absolute trash but you didn’t know that until you were living there.

My buddy from my old job told me he got the call for it at work and jumped on it. So I knew he had my old terrible job, my old terrible place, and my old unfaithful partner.

I hope he enjoyed my life more than I did, but somehow I doubt it.

I do know that they broke up about two months later.”

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12. Roommate Steals My Food, I Start Adding Vegetables


“I (26f) live in a rented house with a single mother (30f) and her son (6m).

I had another person living with me but they moved out and the mother moved in. I don’t mind living with her and her kid. It’s fine and we kind of do our own thing. I spend a lot of time at my partner’s place or working.

Our work schedules collide so we really don’t interact much but when we do it’s fine. No issue there.

I want to start by saying that she clearly struggles financially but I don’t think it’s an excuse. I don’t make lots of funds  either.

However I’ve noticed that my food would go missing or portions would be taken from it.

I assumed it was her kid so I asked her if she’d stop him from eating my food. I was calm about it and she just said she would. It didn’t really upset me when it first started. It started getting annoying when I’d get home from work and expect to have a meal’s worth of leftovers in the fridge only to see it picked through or just gone.

I kept bringing it up and she started getting annoyed with me bringing it up.

Just from observing them I realized that neither of them ever eat vegetables. And judging by the food that would get picked through and the food that would be untouched. Anything with green in it was avoided. Orange chicken would be gone but chicken and broccoli would be untouched. So I started putting vegetables in EVERYTHING.

I find vegetables to be delicious. And anything green or not a potato does not get eaten. So I could mix some bell peppers into the food and it would be fine. I make a big portion of vegetables pretty frequently anyway so I just started putting it in everything I eat.

If I had leftover mashed potatoes I’d pour green beans in and mix it up. If I had leftover cheesy/bacon fries I’d pour broccoli all over it and mix it in.

Usually my homemade stuff has vegetables in it but I started making sure everything did.

I made a pot of mac n cheese(the kid’s favorite thing) and poured in roasted brussel sprouts. Which is actually delicious to me and I’m eating more vegetables so it’s a win win. She had been seeming annoyed but we were all home when I made the pot of mac n cheese.

She was in the living room and saw me get out the brussel sprouts and was like “what are you going to do with that?” and I poured them in. She said I was being greedy and annoying. I just said “I like brussel sprouts” and that was it.

She said “we need food” and I told her to go get some. Or stop buying only prepackaged things and your funds will go further.

I think she sees this as some big act of revenge but I just simply want to be able to eat my food.

Also want to add that the sharing is not the issue. It’s expecting to have food there and it’s not. So often I’d be working a long day and get home expecting to have a meal’s worth of food and it all be gone. Or I wake up in a rush and had my food ready to eat in the morning only to find it gone.

So now I have to skip breakfast. If she would simply text sometimes “hey is it okay if we eat *food item*” I would know and know to make other plans. I would stop for food or know I have to whip something up when I get home.

Also I think eating the LAST of someone else’s food is crazy and rude. If someone makes a big pot of something and you ask for a serving, sure. But if someone made something and there is one serving left and you eat it without permission that is evil.”

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11. Daughter of Late Husband's Friend Demands Inheritance, Receives Broken Tools Instead


“My husband passed away 2 years ago. He was a remodeler who had a broad list of clients. For a time, to help out the adult daughter, let’s call her “Kiki”, of my good friend of 42 years, “Ami”.

He would hire her as a helper on some of his larger remodeling projects. During that time, K would occasionally borrow things for her own projects- a portable CD player, a pair of channel locks, a winch & come-along, a table saw, chain saw, a Graco cart paint sprayer, and an air compressor.

They were all borrowed clean, in working order, in good condition with all relevant parts included. Every single one of them was returned with great delays, all broken and missing significant parts and a ton of excuses. Over two years, Kiki managed to cost him nearly $5K in losses.

Finally, he also quit hiring her as a helper because he caught her stealing from one of his clients and forced her to put the item she took right back and then kicked her off the job immediately.

Last September, I was visiting Ami and Kiki was there.

And then Kiki hit me up for what she called her ‘promised’ inheritance which was the first I ever heard about it. Given that my hubby and I spent the 8 years of his terminal illness talking about what he wanted after his death, given that he gifted things of his that he wanted friends to have BEFORE he died, I knew darn well he didn’t intend for Kiki to have anything.

My husband left no will. Ami knew that my hubby had quit lending her tools after getting the cart paint sprayer back (it was a $1200 purchase and was less than 4 months old when it was borrowed and returned broken in ways the warranty would not cover.) Ami also knew Kiki’s attempted theft had caused him to refuse to have her work on anything with him for any reason.

(Ami was also a victim of her daughter stealing from her as well.)

Now, our state is a community property state. When a spouse dies without a will, only the surviving spouse inherits, so Ami told her daughter to back off and I got the bright idea of how I was going to handle getting rid of all that broken stuff which was still taking up room in the tool shed, so I told her, I’d be sure to pick something out for her even though her own behavior was the root cause of the bad blood between herself and my husband.

So, the next day, with Ami’s help, I dropped off ALL the broken tools and the busted-up CD player Kiki borrowed from my hubby at her apartment. Kiki wanted to know what I expected her to do with all of it. I told her that I expected her to do with them whatever it was she had expected my hubby to do with them after she returned them in the condition they were in.

Now, she is the proud owner of a bunch of useless tools and I got to reclaim nearly 35 sq. ft. of space in what is now MY tool shed!”

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10. Ex Loses $600 Spa Package, New Partner Benefits Instead


“My ex ended our relationship just about a year into us being together. In hindsight, she was awful but I was blind to it all. She ended it over the phone, which seemed a little informal from all the time we spent together.

Fast forward a week after that, several individuals connected to her, but not each other, confirmed she was in fact seeing another man. I didn’t confront her about it, because I realize that things just don’t work out sometimes. It was just the way she went about it that irked me.

I’m old enough to accept that people are just not nice, but I also felt like she was getting away with something without feeling even a bit of remorse (the breakup was the only contact, and no calls or texts occurred after that over a year ago)

I remember for Christmas I bought her (us) a really expensive couples massage spa package because she would always say how she wanted to do something like that. I had purchased a big package from a local place that cost roughly $600. I obviously didn’t have the certificate with me.

I decided to go to the spa and make up a story of how I lost the certificate. I showed them the receipt (always keep those!) and showed him my credit card charge. They wound up reissuing me a gift card and canceling the other.

That was over a year ago and frankly, I forgot about it. Today I got a call from her (first contact in a year since breaking up) and she’s screaming at me over the phone that the gift certificate is no good and the spa place accused her of “stealing” and what a jerk I was for reporting it.

(I called the guy, he said he told her it was reported stolen) I just politely explained I didn’t think she was deserving of it and if she really wanted to, she could just have Mark (dude she was seeing) pay for a new one.

I then hung up. I’m going to make an appointment to use that card with my new partner soon.

Mission accomplished.”

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9. Mom Get Red With Anger Over My Hilarious Prank


“SIL is the kind of mom that always has to one-up other kids. She constantly talks about how her kids are smarter, taller, faster etc than her friends’ kids.

It was worse when my husband and I had our twins. Suddenly everything was a competition (that her kids always won). One of my girls rolled over at 4 months, her son had rolled over when he was just a week old. The twins both took their first steps around 13 months, her daughter was RUNNING at 4 months.

(She didn’t actually start walking until around 16 months). She even changed the weight of her kids’ birth weights which makes them both heavier than the current heaviest newborn in America. It’s so weird that she feels the need to tell such obvious lies, especially to people who know she’s lying because they were there when her kids were small.

I got annoyed when she went from lying about her own kids to telling me there is something wrong with mine. The girls are a few months shy of 2 and they’re both healthy, on track and hitting their milestones. SIL has become OBSESSED with the idea that there is something wrong with them because they’re not speaking in long sentences.

Of course they’re not, they’re not even two! They’re both developmentally on track but she insists that her children were speaking in 5-6 word phrases by 18 months. (Spoiler – they were not). Honestly, her son is almost 7 and I can still barely understand a word the kid says.

My husband and I ignored her but she took it too far when I got a call from her friend who works in Early Intervention who was under the impression I was very concerned about my children. We talked and her friend confirmed that yes, they are on track and no, there’s nothing to worry about.

I finally lost my patience. Hey, her kids are breaking almost every record there is and that should be celebrated!

We had dinner with my husband’s family on Saturday (kids were in another room) and I decided it was the perfect time to give her my gift – a booklet I had printed and laminated called the ‘White Claw Book of World Records’.

I printed all the supposed milestones of her kids, complete with photos and info of the actual world record holders now that they had been pushed to second place. She flipped through the first couple of pages, went beet red and called me an idiot.

Her husband took it from her and got through the first page before laughing hysterically and asking her why on earth she was still lying? Apparently it was not the first time they’d talked about her lying about their kids.

She stormed out but texted me later that night and asked why I’d humiliated her when all she’d ever tried to do was help me get my kids the help they needed, but if that was how I wanted to treat her then she’d stop.

So I guess it’s a win for me!”

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8. Finally Getting Revenge On My Lazy Colleagues


“My tale of revenge is as petty as it gets, at least in the eyes of most of my peers.

Working in maintenance, we had a standby phone. It was for the on-call tech who’d come in to work -major- issues off hours. Not minor ones like one radar display or the like, but major issues. At the time, I was working the night shift, so I would get home around 9 am after PT, shower, and fall asleep.

I got a phone call that day at the ungodly early hour of 1 pm (For the night shift) from Maintenance Operations Control, who said that our system was considered out, and we needed to go in to work on it. And by we, they meant me, the standby guy.

Sure, I’ll call them on my way in. Turns out the IFF system (The system that reads flight numbers and altitude) is out, according to the Air Traffic guys.

I drag my sleepy self down from my comfortable bed in the middle of an autumn storm.

I’m soaking wet pulling into the Air Traffic building, I ask for more details. The response I got made my brain explode.

“We’re getting dropping targets and ring-around.” said the watch supervisor. Wait. What. WHAT. To the layman, that’s a physical impossibility. One requires power setting too low, the other, too high.

It would be like someone complaining their car goes too fast while parked or whatnot. Just cannot happen. I clarify a few times, and my vindictive streak pops up.

I head through the storm to my equipment and open the IFF racks. Yep, according to the test equipment and my test display, everything looks boss.

I consider, and then call up the Watch Supervisor.

Hey, it’s bad, I’m gonna have to shut down the whole set, can’t fix it while the radar’s rotating. (The IFF antenna is on top of the radar dish, so!) He protests, I say it’s red and I gotta fix it, and hang up on him.

Then I shut the system down.  You’re going non-radar, you’re gonna work hard for now. So all their precious training time, their need for radar in weather, yep. I stripped that from them with righteous fury and many lols, spending some time reading a book.

After a good bit of time, I turn the system back on and ask for them to check it, despite not touching a thing to change settings.

IT WORKS NOW? Go  figure….”

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7. Spray Me With Water? Let's See Who Wins This Fight


“This all happened when I was in middle school. I was having a grand old time riding my Razor scooter around my apartment complex and thought I would ride by the pool and see if my friends were there.

My friends were not there, but there was a kid who was a few years younger than me, maybe 3rd or 4th grade.

Anyway, for whatever reason this kid ran up to me brandishing some cheap water blaster, the kind that can shoot maybe a few feet.

I was fully clothed and didn’t wish to be squirted with water, and I said as much to this kid. But no, with the biggest grin on his face, he squirted me with water and ran away. Annoyed, I rode my Razor scooter back home and changed my shirt.

A few days later my mom and I were driving by Toys R Us and I asked to go inside. Somehow I managed to convince her to buy me a $40 Super Soaker, an absolute beast. I could hardly contain my anticipation on the drive home, the fires of revenge burned bright in my heart.

We got home later that day and I immediately went off on a scouting mission to the pool, booking on my Razor scooter as fast as it would go. I get to the fence separating the pool area and look inside, sure enough, the kid was there and he was actually running around squirting people with his cheap water blaster still.

It was perfect.

I hustle home fill up my massive Super Soaker and make my way on foot (it was too heavy to ride a scooter with) to the pool. I get to the pool and pump super soaker until it can’t pump anymore. I open the gate, walk in, and beeline straight for this kid.

He has his back turned but as I approach and people behind him see me and exclaim at the size of my water blaster he also turns in curiosity. As soon as he turns I unleash a massive torrent of water at him, it’s as if somebody turned on a high-pressure hose because that’s how cool this Super Soaker I got was.

He yells “Stop” and futilely puts his hands up to try and quell the torrent, but it won’t let up.

Finally, the Super Soaker ran out of pressure and stopped, and the kid was sitting on the ground soaked. My dark work complete, I leave.”

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6. Four Women Turned the Tables on Their Housemates


“This happened during my junior year of college. I (Claire) lived with five other women. (I’ll call them Abby, Brooke, Dani, Ella, and Fran.)

When we signed the lease on the house, we agreed to a one-year deal (June 1-May 31). The house was off-campus and unfurnished, so we needed things to make it feel like home.

Prior to moving in, we all sat down and decided what we needed for the house and who was going to bring what and also settled on a chore schedule. We also decided that we’d have a household supply fund set up so we could buy things we all would use like toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, and laundry detergent.

As it turns out, Dani, Ella, Francesca and I brought most of the stuff we needed like a couch, a small dining table, dishes, silverware, drinking glasses, cookware, food storage containers, etc.

Things went pretty well during the fall semester. Shortly after that, however, things started to decline.

Abby’s partner Andy basically moved in with us and the two of them started acting like they owned the place. Left a dirty dish in the sink? They’d leave a passive-aggressive note about how rude it was to do that. Come home after the library closed at midnight?

Abby and Andy went to bed at 10 and if you woke them up there was  Pretty soon, Brooke and her partner Brad were acting in much the same way.

By early February, it was clear to Dani, Ella, Fran, and me that we did not want to live with Abby and Brooke for another year.

The four of us found a different off-campus place and signed a lease. We let Abby and Brooke know and from then on, the two of them, plus their partners, went from partial jerks to complete jerks. They’d do things like stop the clothes washer mid-wash, take our clothes out, dump them on the floor, and start their own laundry.

They’d use up all the hot water by taking super long showers. They’d write “return to sender” on our mail. They destroyed flowers our partners sent or brought to us. They refused packages. They stopped contributing to the shared supply fund and stopped doing chores.

About a week before Memorial Day, Ella got a call from the landlord on our new place saying the previous tenants had moved out and we could move in early if we’d like at no charge. Dani, Ella, Fran, and I discussed it and decided to get out of our current house ASAP but didn’t tell Abby and Brooke of our plans.

Memorial Day weekend rolls around and Abby, Brooke, and their partners head out of town to go camping while the rest of us put our plan into action. With the help of friends, Dani, Ella, Fran, and I got all of our stuff moved out.

And when I say all, I mean **all**–living room furniture, dining room furniture, dishes, silverware, cookware, food storage containers, baking supplies, shower curtains, rugs, lamps, vacuum, broom, dustpan, etc. We also decided that since neither Abby nor Brooke had contributed to the shared household supply fund since March, the toilet paper, paper towels, dish detergent, laundry detergent, and so forth were ours, so we took all of that too.

Abby, Brooke, and their partners were shocked to return from their camping trip to an empty house. What made our petty revenge even sweeter was that on their way home from the camping trip, all four of them got food poisoning and were really, really sick.

The scathing texts we got about moving out unannounced AND taking all shared household goods–especially the toilet paper? Priceless. Dani, Ella, Fran, and I are great friends and still get a good laugh about the situation about 12 years later. None of us have heard from Abby or Brooke since graduation.”

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5. Want To Make Me Look Bad? I'll Embarrass You In Front Of Coach


“About a year out from divorce. The ex-wife has been acting petty and childish, to say the least. Tries to make me look bad at any attempt she makes.

My young son played T-ball last year and I volunteered to be the coach. I enjoyed it, but my work responsibilities/schedule changed before this season and I simply could not commit to doing it again.

I became good friends with the guy running the league and let him know before the sign-ups even started as a heads-up. Was disappointed, but not much to do. What I was able to do, was volunteer to get to the fields super early Saturday before the games started to set them up (chalk line the batters boxes, foul lines, put out bases, etc. Three fields total) which he was extremely grateful for.

A few weeks before the season was supposed to start they were unfortunately short a couple of coaches and were sending out some desperation emails to all of the parents. My ex knew my situation and thought going onto the website and volunteering me to coach would be a great way to inconvenience me, make me look bad by having to back out, etc. so she did just that.

My buddy running the league called me, very confused. In order to register, you have to make a username/password. The username is just your email, so after a few minutes of looking through the registration we worked out what happened as her email was in the account name.

Ultimately, he decided to put his kid on my son’s team and be the coach on top of everything else he was doing. He was upset with my ex himself though, because this stunt could have set them back from finding a legit coach if they needed to, possibly delaying the league.

Here is where I come up with the petty revenge. He sends out the official email to all of the parents of the league with the rosters and coaches for all 10 teams. Except for our kids’ team instead of listing himself, I tell him to list my ex.

Puts her name/contact info, etc and says to expect further info from each coach individually.

She emails him back once she notices to point out the ‘mistake’ saying it should have been me instead but he ignores it. He sends her all of the clearances coaches need to pass, asks for times she can come pick up equipment, the whole 9 yards.

After a couple of days, the parents of the team start emailing her asking for info on when the season starts and when practice will be and all that.

Eventually, he does reply, playing dumb, telling her she is the one who volunteered, as it was her username that registered, and knew it wasn’t supposed to be me as he had spoken to me months earlier and knew I wasn’t able to do it this year.

Put her in an awkward spot, because she either had to admit what she did, or feign some BS ignorance and claim a ‘miscommunication’ which everyone knew was nonsense as we were divorced.

After she flat out says she can’t coach and ‘she isn’t sure what to tell him’, he sends out another email to the entire league, which says ‘due to the coach of (our kid’s team name) backing out at the very last minute, I have no choice but to take on coaching the team myself, on top of the rest of the responsibilities.

Moving forward we ask that coaches do not volunteer unless they plan on fulfilling that commitment. He didn’t mention her by name, but everyone saw the rosters and knew he was talking about her.

She texted me a few weeks later once the season started about how ‘my buddy is an a-hole for doing that to her due to a glitch in the registration software as multiple people have approached and asked her not so nicely what happened and she knows she is getting looks from people during the games’.

What a satisfying text it was to receive.”

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4. Force Me To Pay For Printing? I'll Keep My Eye On You


“Many years ago I worked for an organization providing front-line customer service. It was a decent place to work but our manager had lots of rules. One of the rules was that we could not do any personal printing with the printers at work.

If we did, we were expected to pay $0.50 per page for black-and-white printing and $1.00 per page for color. I’m not sure who made this rule but the manager was constantly reminding us.

Our desks were not assigned. Meaning, any day you could be sitting at any desk, depending on your assigned tasks for the day.

One day, I was interviewing for another job within the organization (but at another location). Before the interview, the manager of the other location asked me if I’d mind printing a copy of my resume and bringing it with me as their printers were down for the day.

I said no problem and figured I’d print it at work since it was work-related.

I was sitting at a desk that did not have a printer at it. The closest printer was located between my manager’s desk and an employee’s desk. So I printed it and stood up to go get it.

Before I went to the printer, my manager got there first. My print job went ahead of hers. When she saw what I had printed she said, “OP, this looks like a personal print job.” I explained it wasn’t but she disagreed and said since it had nothing to do with our day-to-day work, I had to pay.

$2.00 for four black and white pages. I begrudgingly paid up. I asked her what happened to the funds and she said she always put it in the Christmas party fund. Alright.

A few weeks later, I was sitting at the desk with the printer at it.

It was lunchtime and everyone except my manager agreed to go to a nearby restaurant for lunch. I walked out of our building and realized I had forgotten my wallet. So I quickly ran back in to get it. When I got to my desk, I could hear the printer going.

I was curious about what was being printed as it was spitting out page after page. I quickly glanced at the pile and saw at least 100 pages printed in color, announcing a sweet 16 for Trista, our manager’s daughter. It very obviously belonged to my manager.

My manager came out of the bathroom a moment later and seemed shocked to see me standing there. I picked up the pile and passed it to her and told her our Christmas party fund was going to be getting a big boost. She said nothing but looked really uncomfortable.

A few weeks later, our district manager made his quarterly visit. He talked about the upcoming Christmas party and how excited he was for it. I decided it was time for some petty revenge. I raised my hand and said, “Just wondering how much we’ve accumulated this year for the Christmas party from print jobs?” He looked so confused and asked me to explain what I meant.

So I told him our manager’s rule. He got really quiet and said he’d have to review this.

The next day my manager sent an email saying the printing rule was something she was misinformed about and would be abolished immediately. Me, being the little disturber I am, hit reply all and asked what would happen to the already accumulated funds.

Someone else said we should have a nice healthy fund for a pizza lunch and everyone agreed.

The next day I heard my manager ordering 10 pizzas for lunch. Also used her credit card to pay for it all. Do I think she was pocketing the printing funds all along?

Absolutely. But it was fun making her sweat and then having to spend nearly $300 the next day to make up for it!”

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3. A Lawn Full Of Old Christmas Trees


“When I was in high school, I used to pick up a friend every morning.

Her neighbor complained almost every day that I drove way too fast down their street and she was afraid I’d hit one of her kids.

1) The street was a very short cul-de-sac

2) I drove a stick and never got out of first gear on that street

3) It was eight am. No little kids in sight.

4) Who lets their young children play in the street?

It escalated to the point where she complained to my friend’s mom (who backed me up) and even called my parents (who were aware and also backed me up).

I started making extra noise in the mornings to be a bigger nuisance and she just kept complaining.

Christmas comes and goes. People have taken their trees to the elementary school collection site for recycling. I have an awesome idea and I drive a small truck.

I recruited my usual gang of friends and we went to the school and swiped a few truckloads of trees, about thirty all told. A few are immediately redelivered to those whom my friends think are deserving. Many giggles are had.

We then spent the next couple of weeks randomly leaving dead Christmas trees at the complaining neighbor’s house.

Sometimes one, sometimes five. It amused me to see the trees stacked on the side of their house waiting until they had time to take them to be recycled. Those were redistributed all over their front yard once before they were able to get rid of them.

Thankfully, we ran out of trees before we got caught – and how we avoided getting caught, I’ll never know.

They kept complaining about my dangerous speed demon ways until they moved. I think they had to know who their evil tree Santa was, too, because I drove around with a dead tree in my bed for most of that time (I was a very strange girl).

I still laugh when I think about how annoying that had to be and it’s been at least 25 years. I really get the giggles when I imagine the look on her face when she opened the front door and CHRISTMAS TREE!”

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2. Endless Dog Barking? Enjoy Your Own Noise at Dawn


“My neighbor had a dog that I kid you not, barked from about 7 pm till 5 am NON STOP. They worked nights I believe. They kept it outside. I knocked numerous times, and they said: “Dogs bark, what do you expect?”

Their house was directly behind mine, we shared a divided wall. I recorded their dog for a full day. The minute they brought him in, and felt like they were sleeping, I popped my phone into the dock and played it on my stereo full blast facing their yard at 9 am.

They came over raving mad to my wall by about 12, asking me to shut my dog up. I said “It’s your dog, I recorded him since you miss out on what dogs do. I’m just playing the radio at normal allowable city time and I will do this every day.”

They started bringing the dog in at night after that.”

Another User Comments:

“My grandmother told me a story where her neighbor’s dog barked all night long. They were oblivious, or it didn’t bother them or something because the dog never ceased even a little bit.

This was back when people knew their neighbors, so granny had their phone number (no caller ID either). She would wait until about 3 am and then call them and go “BARWAWAWAWAWAWAWA!!” into the phone and then hang up. She did this for 2 nights. 3rd night, the dog was taken inside and she never heard it again” morganalefaye125

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1. Teaching a Lesson to the Selfish Corvette Owner with a Prank Note


“I was trying to find a parking spot at my university. The lot was notoriously crowded but my campus didn’t have a lot of options. While searching, I saw a Corvette taking up FOUR prime spots near the front of the lot.

After about ten minutes of waiting/looking for a spot one opened up towards the back of the lot. Furious at the nerve of the driver being so inconsiderate, I wrote a note saying, “Sorry I hit your car, you probably won’t even notice the damage” and left it on their windshield.

When I got out of class and headed back to my car, I saw a very stereotypical college-aged Corvette owner frantically searching their vehicle while yelling into their phone. I don’t know who they were talking to, but I feel bad for them having to deal with this person.”

Another User Comments:

“My grandpa had a Corvette and he didn’t want it to get dinged up either. But you know what he did? He’d always park way in the back of the lot and just walk farther, like a rational adult human being.

There’s no reason to take up four spots. I love this.” nascentia

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