People Spill Their Dramatic Revenge Stories

Moving on is not always easy, especially if the person you are supposed to be moving on from really offended you. In these cases, there's nothing more satisfying than getting revenge and seeing them get what they truly deserve, and when the moment comes when we can finally get our revenge, it won't cost too much to get a little extra and dramatic. Here are some stories of people who set the bar high in getting revenge.

44. I Introduced Myself With The Name That's Familiar To Him


“When I was finishing my Undergraduate degree I applied for the doctoral program. I was told by the Assistant Dean that I was a female and women got pregnant and married or married and pregnant and never used graduate degrees. So, he said, with his feet on his desks, he didn’t even want to see my application. Furthermore, he told me a graduate degree, unlike an UG degree was not a dough-making deal for the school, so I would never be accepted.

2 years later, I was accepted into a doctoral program. Right as I finished, I went to an academic conference and noticed there was a ‘Dean’s Forum.’ One of the deans was that former Assistant Dean. (I guess he’d been promoted). I went to the forum and as that Ass’t Dean walked out, I went up to him, told him who I was. When I introduced myself I made sure to say I was ‘Doctor Long.’ and reminded him of what he’d said. He turned bright red in front of a lot of other deans and hustled away. I knew he couldn’t do anything about it, but I was thrilled to see him as unhappy with me as I had been with him.”

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Okkaren 1 year ago
What an ass.
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43. I Will Get The Scarf That I Want


“Years ago in the Boston area, there was a popular store called Filene’s Basement. It was famous for its extensive racks and large, square bins of clothes and accessories at extremely low prices, as well as its crowds. If you had enough time and patience, you could often get a great deal. The original store, at Downtown Crossing in the city of Boston, closed a number of years after the following story took place.

A college friend of mine named Jenny, a female friend of hers whom I only met that day, and I had all gone to the Boston Filene’s Basement to look around. Jenny was in search of a wedding present for still another friend of hers. I thought I would help if I could.

We found ourselves at one of the waist-level open wooden bins, this one piled high with scarves of a huge variety of colors and designs.

Nothing we found seemed to suit. Using a technique I had perfected to access newer and cleaner items at the very bottom of the pile, I grabbed a number of new, folded scarves and pulled them out to have a look to see if there was a treasure in there. Lo and behold, the largest and most gorgeous scarf I had ever seen was in the group.

I was struck speechless by its exquisite dark blue background with a rainbow of embroidered flowers and gold threads, as well as its fine quality. It felt like silk. It was still folded neatly, as brand new items often are when they haven’t been opened, used, or worn. Unlike many scarves in the enormous and picked-over pile, this one had clearly been left untouched.

I immediately showed it to Jenny because I thought it would be a perfect fit for her friend.

She loved it and went to look for the price tag. It was so gorgeous, we were concerned that it would be too expensive, even though all the scarves in the bin were, according to the sign, only $20 each. We couldn’t believe that the scarf I had discovered was that cheap, hence the attempt to locate a price tag on the scarf.

There was no price tag.

Uh oh.

This could mean that it had never had one, or it had fallen off in the riotous jostling and tossing around of the scarf pile prior to our visit. Still unfortunate. I offered to go find a staff member who could check for us.

That was when things got weird.

I found a female clerk nearby and asked if she could check for a price and give the item a tag, so we could possibly buy it.

This clerk took the scarf, examined it for less than 5 seconds, and declared, ‘No, it has no tag because it’s been lost by a customer, so I am going to take it and put it in the lost-and-found.’ She proceeded to quickly walk away with it.

As I mentioned earlier, it was clearly brand new and never used; it hadn’t even been unfolded ONCE before I found it buried deep at the bottom of the bin.

My only thought was, ‘Oh my God! This witch wants it for herself!’ You must understand, the fabric of the scarf was truly a work of art. I had never seen anything like it before, and haven’t since. However, I realized that this clerk was going to steal it under the guise of finding its “rightful owner”. And I got mad. Jenny was disappointed, but she was willing to let it go.

I, on the other hand, was not. I asked Jenny to wait for me, and that I would just be a second…

I proceeded to follow the clerk from a safe distance to the completely opposite side of the store. I saw her tuck the scarf into a small plastic bin on a shelf behind the register and leave the area, toward some offices behind the cashiers’ counter.

Furious now, I hatched my plan.

You see, if the scarf had been ‘lost’ by ‘a customer’ then why not…

… be that customer?

I waited in the long checkout line, heart rate increasing (would the clerk re-emerge and see me?), until I reached a cashier and proceeded to fabricate a short story about having lost my scarf earlier that day, describing it in sufficient detail so that when the unknowing cashier went to check the lost-and-found bin, oh my goodness! There it is! Oh, thank you SO much! And away I went, scarf safely in hand.

I was shaking.

We met with Jenny and her buddy outside of the shop and provided it to the girl, combined with the story of how I first got it straight back. She had been surprised, but happy. And yes, it had been free.

I often question the way the original clerk reacted whenever she experimented with making the scarf residence for herself and discovered it gone…”

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42. Lazy Teacher Finally Got Fired


“It was all about our son’s middle school, some really bad, lazy, teachers, who played favorites, and the even lazier principal who protected them by lying and blaming our son (a 12-year-old!).

One teacher refused to give boys the grades they deserved and instead focused on the girls alone. Another was so old she was demented and kept losing our son’s work, resulting in low marks. In Mass., teachers must meet with parents at their request, by law, but these two creeps refused.

Finally, someone got them to meet with us only if the principal or assistant principal was there.

The one who only liked girls refused outright, so we filed a complaint. No matter what they did, the principal kept backing them up and blaming us or our son unfairly. Finally, after they canceled a few meetings or just didn’t show up, my husband resorted to storming into the principal’s office, even interrupting his meetings.

He’s not a violent guy but very tall and strong-looking. When angry, his face is quite scary, so I’m guessing that’s why they listened to him and not me.

But it still didn’t result in improvement for our son. They struck back by ‘losing’ all his doctor’s notes for absences (he had a chronic bronchial condition). The doctor was asked to re-submit the notes so many times (by us) that finally, they said they would no longer do it—that it was pointless (they were right) and suggested that we send copies by registered, return receipt mail.

We did.

Then, the jerks put our son on the truant list and we had to go before the District Attorney! When we presented our evidence, he was so disgusted that he chewed out the assistant principal (the principal didn’t even show), threw him out, and threatened to fine him. He took our son’s name off the list.

I filed a formal complaint against the principal with the state Department of Education.

They called and asked a few questions, then said they would investigate. I also got the same notice in writing.

We were getting desperate and luckily, a new charter school was about to open. The admittance was by lottery and after attending an info session, we signed our son up. He got in and off he went, to a much better school! He also managed to get several of his friends to ditch the horrible city school and go to the charter school as well.

Someone actually called us from the Superintendent’s to complain and I told them to stuff it… that they brought this on themselves.

A couple of years went by and I got one notice from the DOE that their investigation was almost complete. I figured it would amount to nothing. But one day I picked up the paper and on the front page was an article about angry teachers protesting the firing of the principal! He was canned a few months shy of retirement, without a pension! You can’t imagine the joy I felt! I’m not prone to Schadenfreude, but this was like a religious experience!

I laughed with amazement as I showed the article to my husband and son.

We couldn’t believe how many teachers claimed that this guy was a ‘great guy’ and ‘so dedicated’… blah-blah-blah! Dedicated to covering their butts, is the actual story.

The town buzzed for months with news of this, both for and mostly against him. I’ve never met anyone who deserved firing more than this guy. He never gave a damn about the pain he caused our son, so why care about him?”

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sceri123 1 year ago
I hope the new principal was a by the book principal and ended up tossing a bunch of worthless teachers.
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41. I Was Determined To Make The Liars Pay


“I was the personal injury lawyer for a woman who had been hit in the rear and suffered a severe knee injury, which necessitated surgery and physical therapy. The driver who hit her had a $100,000 limit insurance policy. My client’s medical bills alone were $30,000, so I was demanding the policy limits to settle her case.

The insurance adjustor was this tight bean counter, who wouldn’t offer more than $30,000.

There was no reason for the lowball offer, other than she wanted to be a hero to her insurance company. I warned her if the jury returned a verdict over the policy limits, I would seek the full amount.

The defense lawyer was an unscrupulous sort, who got paid by the hour and wanted to bill the file, to maximum effect. He requested depositions of every doctor my client had ever seen, not just the doctors who treated her knee.

He even tried to subpoena her psychological records, to which I successfully objected. But he still deposed about 6 doctors, which you wouldn’t see happen, outside of a wrongful death case, or perhaps a complicated medical malpractice case.

I was furious with their thing and determined to make them pay. The jury came back with a verdict for $140,000, and, as I warned the other side, I made them pay more than the policy limits. The insurance company had to cough it up, not their insured driver, because the insurance company put their insured at risk, by offering so little coin, in bad faith.”

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40. Things Got Reversed After She Lied To Me Twice In One Month


“I was married to a woman who lied to me not once, but twice in the space of a month. She had a degree in architecture and at the time made more coin. I came home one day and she was gone along with all her clothes, our car, and all the money in the banks – but left both kids.

I never got any child support or alimony and struggled for a while.

She went on to work for the GOP in fundraising and was doing well (according to her family).

I did finally get over it and got on with my life and a couple of years ago she tried to contact my eldest son on social media (he was not amused) and he found out that she ended up as a prison guard in Texas and living in a mobile home.

My son came over with my new grandchild for a visit to my estate (6700 sq. ft. home, 5 bed, 4.5 baths on 3.65 acres overlooking a lake) and told me this had happened. Funny how things get reversed. She lived in a trailer while I own 6 houses (rentals), my own home, a nice Mercedes cabriolet, and a Cadillac. Makes me smile every time I think of it.”

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39. She Thought I Couldn't Do It But I'm The Manager Now


“After working at one place for 5 years, and being denied a promotion for the last 3 (meanwhile watching everybody else get promoted around me, including kids half my age), after being told repeatedly by my manager that I was too slow, too unprofessional, and MANY other things, I finally made the difficult decision to quit. You see, I loved that company, loved my co-workers, and loved my customers.

I stayed a lot longer than I should have. And I put up with a LOT more abuse than I should have! I worked my butt off, put my whole heart and soul into this job, only to be met with constant put-downs, belittling, I was even (literally) screamed at once. She tried to hold me back in every single way she could. When I put in my two-week notice, the manager informed me that she didn’t need me to work those last two weeks, and took me off the schedule.

Then she promptly blocked me from her social media and deleted me from the company’s team member app. I worked exactly two more days for that place. I was, in the words of a friend and co-worker, ‘undervalued’.

But you know what? I left with my head held high, and a smile on my face. In fact, I left laughing. Why? Because I went out on MY terms.

And, because the very first place I applied to hired me as a MANAGER, the very position my spiteful, petty, immature boss of a manager had been denying me for the past 3 years.

My sweet revenge? Hearing from a friend who still worked there, that the store owner, after hearing about my new job, raised his eyebrows and said, ‘She’s a manager now??’

Yep. I am. You all thought I couldn’t do it.

You thought you hurt me, cutting off my last two weeks. You thought you’d break me, by constantly putting me down and telling me I wasn’t good enough. But guess what? I am. And I rose out of the ashes stronger and better than ever before. Meanwhile, you’re still the same small, mean person, that literally no one who works for you likes.

They tried to tell me I couldn’t do it. But I did. They were WRONG. And now they know it. Without me even having to do or say anything! I came out the bigger person. I won, not them!”

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Okkaren 1 year ago
Hell yes!!
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38. His Parents Found Out He Threw A Party And More


“When I was about 17 my friends and I found out about a local house party. We went to the party and saw they had a sign on the door saying ‘no punks no gays.’ My friends and I were ‘punks.’ Not like Good Charlotte fan punks but train to hop, many homeless, A//Political listening to punks. Some of the guys started making out with each other as the very well-off private school guys watched out the window freaking out.

After that, we left. But I got a call shortly after from a friend of mine. She and another girl were in the party and were being locked in a room by a bunch of these guys and not allowed to leave. The guys kept trying to get their phones away and convince them to take off their clothes. My friends and I immediately headed back to help them.

We got in the house and got the girls out of there.

It was very intense and very serious. By the time we got there they’d taken the girl’s phones and had one of them pinned facedown and exposed from the waist down to a bed and the other against a wall. A fight broke out and as it did the guy who had my friend pinned to the bed with his manhood out started screaming ‘don’t break anything! My parents can’t know I had a party!’ We all left and regrouped to find out what had happened.

The bottom line was my friends were very close to being assaulted.

So, I went back, I parked a couple of blocks away and I snuck back to the house. I spray painted in huge block letters across their three-car driveway, ‘MOM I HAD A PARTY & TRIED TO ASSAULT A GIRL.’

I’m still not sorry.

Mothing really happened after. This was 16 years ago and almost being assaulted at a party meant it was completely the girl’s fault.

The guy whose house it was posted all over MySpace that he was going to find out who did it and kick their butts but no one was ratting me out. Frankly, I’m almost positive I told him I did it and dared him to try that on me. I’m 95% sure I did that but I can’t totally remember. It’s definitely something I would have done. His parents made him pay to have the spray paint removed and he got his car taken away for some number of weeks. I really didn’t know those guys super well so I wasn’t close enough to their social group to get many details.”

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37. Selfish Landlord Accepts University Students As Tenants


“I lived in off-campus apartments for about 3 years during/after undergrad and I landed an awesome 2md floor of an old house, with lots of windows, high ceilings, a huge bedroom with a bay window, and OFF STREET parking… The neighbors that lived downstairs from me were college freshmen who were excited to have a party house. They had lied to the university, saying they lived with their parents 45 minutes away, so they could opt out of student housing.

They chose to live in an area that was quiet and mostly grad students or townies. When they partied, they were the only ones at that noise level/obnoxiousness.

The boys got really wasted and liked to throw beer bottles at my Jeep. They mowed the lawn with a grass whacker. They broke into my apartment for food. One quiet Sunday morning I heard the guy yelling at the girl and she was crying and begging ‘no.’ Their dog had stopped barking too which made me fear he had gotten serious.

I called the cops and by the time they got there, he had smashed her computer and left. I could hear through the floor, the police knock and ask if she was ok. She said yes and they left. She started sobbing.

After that, she was a lot nicer to me but I actually started to feel unsafe. I told them to cut it out, the loud music and everything, and they laughed.

I found out that the couple on the lease was actually engaged and that she worked for the university as a parking lot enforcer (writing tickets). I finally reported her to the university for lying about residency. They asked if I’d be willing to testify and I hesitated but said yes. They had a trial or something since they all had lied in Federal documents, and she had lied as an employee too.

They were able to keep the apartment but they had to pay all the fees they would’ve paid for living in the dorms for the year as well. Things got a lot quieter after that. I guess they didn’t have coins to spare anymore for beer.

My landlord was one of my professors and he knew they were freshmen and he rented to them anyways. When he started funny business with me because I wanted the toilet to stop overflowing when I took a shower and vice versa, I said, ‘Hey I wonder what the university would think if they knew you rented out to freshmen who were supposed to be living in the dorms, and that in your leases it specifies this rule AND you have the student say which year they are.’ The students had lied to the university but not him.”

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36. Online Friend Destroyed Our Game So I Destroyed His Life


“A while back, I made friends with someone on the internet. I played games with him, chatted with him quite alot. He was really nice up until one point, he started changing and quickly. He didn’t care about anyone’s feelings when he did something. I guessed something may have happened in his personal life at the time.

One day, he decided he wanted to wreck everything we worked on together.

He destroyed the games we played and all its data/worlds. He banned everyone off of one of the servers I ran from my home, and undeniably the worst part, he attempted to wreck a Discord Server (something where I communicated with everyone who played on this game’s server) that I owned with about 500 people.

After that, it was revenge. Sweet revenge.

You see, when someone joins a server, you can log their ‘IP’, it’s not a big thing except it reveals the location of said player.

I’m a jerk, no doubt about it, so I go on an alt account about a few weeks later, and message his location to everyone alongside why I was doing it (because of what he did), then, I managed to get him banned off GTA, Discord, Steam, tonnes of stuff. And the best part: I managed to find his parents. I contacted them about his wrongdoings. I told them, with screenshots, of the stuff he did. He said some vile things too, like the n-word, he eventually (According to the parents) got grounded for about 2 months.”

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35. Uncle And Nephew Were Preying On The Elderly


“The man who owned the house next door rented it out to four non-related people who each had their own bedroom but shared a bath. One day my four-year-old son was riding big wheels down our driveway and he was stung by a wasp. I noticed that there was a very large wasp nest on the porch in front of his house by my driveway and mentioned it to him the next time he was there picking up the rent.

When I told him the story he said not my problem keep your kid in the house and you won’t have a problem. Yes, I was annoyed but I was more annoyed when I mentioned it to one of his renters an elderly lady of about 75 she said that he hadn’t put oil in the tank in weeks and that her room was cold every night.

She said the paint was peeling in her room and that the sink they all used kept backing up. She also asked me if I noticed that the 80-year-old gentleman who lived in one of the other rooms was gone.

I had noticed that I had not seen him for a few weeks. He was always nice and would sit on the porch and sometimes come over when my son and I were out just to talk.

Well apparently he had passed away and this jerk made an agreement with the man’s nephew who I had never met who was supposed to be taking care of him to not let anyone know he died. The plan was for the nephew to withdraw his social security checks as if the poor man was still alive and they would split the amount. So long as they kept the address going and kept signing the man’s name to the check they were in the riches.

What jerks.

First I called the town and told them that the man next door was renting to elderly people and leaving them without heat and that the living conditions he left them in were deplorable. Then I contacted the Social Security office and told them although I didn’t know the man’s last name or when he died but it had been at least two months back.

I did know his address and his first name. I told them about what the nephew and the owner of the house were pulling. They said they would look into it.

Now I wish I could tell you that both those gentlemen got what they deserve. What I can tell you is that two weeks later a man around his 30’s was moving stuff out of the house.

I went over and asked who he was as I knew he didn’t live there. He said oh I’m George”s nephew my uncle passed and I’m getting his stuff. So I do know the ploy was over anyway. A month after that the house was on the market and Miss Susan the elderly lady from upstairs said when she called her son and told him about what was going on at the house he said she could come to live with him.

Apparently, she had never mentioned to him about the heat and the paint because she didn’t want him to worry. She was really excited about moving in with her son and I was excited she was going to be taken care of.

I don’t regret turning them in at all. If what comes around goes around there is a nice place in the underworld for both of them. Preying on the elderly is just disgusting.”

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34. Manager Sided With Me In Getting Revenge


“I had just graduated and joined a firm as Trainee. I was in Product Development Team along with a couple of other guys and my manager (let’s call him R) was least interested in work. He was the typical boss who always blames others for failures.

The product I was working on was developed by another manager (let’s call him S) who was heading a different department now.

As a result of any change I wanted to do, my manager asked me to go ahead and contact S. S, on the other hand, would help me depending on his mood even and he was not a very good person to work with either. S at times would get angry and ask why not consult R and keep coming back to me for it. To this, I would reply that I approach him most of the times I come here but R would always ask me to discuss with you (S), and if you agree he will also agree.

S had this thing against R and wanted to pin him down whenever he got an opportunity.

It so happened that any change in the product would have to be informed, discussed, and then ‘approved’ by S and then R would give his go-ahead depending on whether S’s approval. To be honest R’s role in product development was ZERO. In addition, R also did not like when I would directly contact S to save time and decision-making.

One fine day I had to discuss a change in one of the products and took the details with me informed R about it and requested him to accompany me so as to freeze the config then and there. When we went to S’s cabin, S pointed out multiple mistakes in my work. Since S was already waiting for an opportunity to pin down R he turned to him and asked how come there are so many mistakes in the work to which R directly started speaking against me before S.

He said things like What have you done? Why don’t you pay attention to your work? Because of you, I have to get embarrassed and stuff like that. (To be really honest the mistakes pointed out could have been pointed out by somebody experienced only. On the other hand, I was only like 16–18 months in the job.) R’s act left me embarrassed. He not only did not take responsibility but also passed on the blame.

Ideally, he was my manager and I had no business consulting S. R being my manager I should have shown my work to him and he would be the one pointing out the changes and if required discuss with S.

But then the damage was done so I decided to be cautious henceforth. After a couple of months, the next set of changes came in the same product.

I was determined not to go to S and not to repeat the same mistake again. So I went to R and told him about the product change. R as usual asked me to go to S and I denied that. I told him I want him to review the changes before we go to S.

What R did not know was that I had committed a very deep and big mistake purposely.

I knew R would not catch this one. So R tried to act smart and reviewed the change for the sake of it and okayed it. Further, we were to discuss the change with S. R and me went there together and as expected S pointed out that mistake before me and R. As usual, R tried pushing this stuff on me (of course I am to be blamed for the mistake I did on purpose) but this time I was determined to give it back to R.

Below is the conversation as far as I remember.

S to R – so why have you have added the XYZ component in this. This won’t be given in the said config and you should know this

R to me – Why have you added this component? Don’t you know what S is saying?

Me to R – Sir I am new to this job and team as good as a fresher.

I do not have any authority here. The things I have done are per my knowledge and I am ready to rectify my mistake. That is exactly the reason why I had discussed this change with you before coming here and you had okayed it.

R (in shock) – Yes, but in this case, it’s your fault

Me to R – I agree it is mine but then t was overlooked by you too.

By any means, I am not to take any decision on my own. I am in this organization for almost 1.5 years. You on other hand have completed more than 25 years, so how can I make a mistake and you couldn’t point it out.

S who was listening and enjoying the conversation broke in. He came to know that this was done purposely by me but did not break that out. Perhaps he was enjoying it coz he wanted to pin down R.

After our meeting, S Called me up and told me, ‘I already know you did this on purpose but yes I understand why you did it and so I did not want to spoil the fun. I was enjoying R getting exposed’.”

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33. My Alarm Goes Off After I Leave


“My freshman year I was in a two-room triple with two guys who were inclined to stay up late and sleep in. We had one room with three beds, and the other for our desks, visitors, etc. Spring term I had a very tough schedule: maximum credits, two lab classes, intensive foreign language studies, varsity track team, and student work-study. I was getting up early to run track practice on lab days, getting pretty tired, and my roomies were making a lot of noise so that I couldn’t get to sleep at night.

Commenting on this wasn’t having an effect.

I started setting my alarm to go off 5 minutes after I had to be out of the room so that one of them would need to wake up enough to get up and cross the room to turn it off. After two or three days of this one of the guys commented that my alarm had been going off after I had left, to which I replied, ‘Yeah, I know.’ He got a stunned look on his face for a moment, then asked if they were being a little loud in the evenings, to which I answered in the affirmative. Things were a lot better after that,”

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32. He Watched Me Move On


“My ex was a verbally abusive heavy drinker with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Life with him was a nightmare, as, other than the drinking, you never knew what was going to set him off, and he would get out of control and simply be unable to stop hurling verbal abuse, despite being told that all he was doing was being hurtful. He was exhausting, and absolutely drained me of the energy necessary to make productive changes in my life, including getting him to move out after we broke up (stupid, I know, but hindsight is 20/20)

Eventually, I met the man who is now my husband, we started going out, and decided to move in together and get married.

This meant selling my house, which got rid of my ex forever. Before he moved out, he had to watch while I moved on to a very happy relationship with someone who took me out to eat or to the theater, and who put an extensive addition onto his house, all of which were things my ex talked about doing, but never could afford to actually do.

I didn’t rub his face in it (not worth setting him off), but he did get to see how things turned out.

In the meantime, my ex started a relationship with a man even more narcissistic than he is, which, predictably, fizzled out. He found a roommate and moved into an apartment around the corner from where my husband and I live. The roommate moved out, and eventually, so did he, and we now have no idea where he is.”

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31. People Read About His Pee-Soaked Mattress


“I moved into a flat in a town where I knew no one. I worked from home, it seemed like a nice enough town.

I discovered after several months of stress-free living that I had not had any neighbors, which I learned by… well, by getting neighbors. Only on one side, I met the lad as he was moving in. He seemed nice, a bit wet, but nice enough.

Pretty soon after he moved in, so did his friends, who clearly took advantage of him being a wet fart of a personality. I’m not exaggerating when I say there must have been 25 kids sleeping there of all ages, from about 8 up to 18.

The dance music went on into the night, as did the shouting. On the one night, it was quiet, it was because he was out; when his friends came back, they handbrake-turned into the car park with the loudest music I have ever heard from a car.

They just didn’t want me to sleep, it seemed.

It went on. They started dealing illegal substances from the flat. Out of the window, from the first floor (second floor, US readers). They were not subtle. I was getting pretty annoyed, to say the least, though they were always careful to be pleasant when they saw me in person.

One day, it was very sunny and warm out.

They took a single mattress outside and lay on it in the car park. I walked by on my way to the pub to drink enough to sleep through their nonsense. We exchanged pleasantries.

On my way back from the pub, many many beers later, I noted the mattress was still out, and I was desperate for a pee. I laid it back down and unloaded the result of at least 10 pints worth of beer (not a 10-pint pee, obv, but the last one at the end of a night on the lash).

I soaked it. Absolutely soaked it.

The next day, it was another sunny one. They were outside lying on the mattress again. So I surreptitiously, from my back windows, took photographs, then posted them on my blog with the story of how I had peed all over the mattress the previous night, and what utter jerks they had been.

My blog – which was all about life in the town, written under a pseudonym – was later found by some locals and went through the town like a dose of crabs. Plenty of people read about his pee-soaked mattress, complete with photographs. I’m told they were furious.”

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30. Worst Motel Guest Shouldn't Have Left His Mailing Address To Us


“In college, I worked at a trashy little roadside motel in a tourist town. We had all sorts of guests – travelers, homeless looking for a night’s stay, families down on their luck, tourists. The staff was mainly college kids and given the college and by default, the motel was less than an hour from the Navajo reservation, many of my co-workers were Native American.

One afternoon a couple of checks in, totally seem fine.

About an hour later, the husband calls in raging mad yelling that ‘there are Indians everywhere!’ Stunned, I didn’t know what to say – I was trying to figure out what the heck he was talking about, my brain kept saying that he must be saying something else. Granted, I was 20, if I was my age now, I would have had the courage to react much more strongly.

That was just the start of it. He got blazing wasted at some point in his stay and stormed the office, yelling all sorts of racist and other nonsense. He insulted the Native American staff and guests, he tried to pay a female housekeeper to sleep with him, he ranted and raged around the parking lot while the wife was nowhere to be seen.

We called the cops, but in a small town, the cops were a couple of guys in a broken-down police cruiser.

The guy and his wife (who mysteriously reappeared around 1 am) were eventually and successfully evicted from the premises, not after screaming threats to everyone and delivering a whole new set of racist, horrible garbage.

Basically the worst motel guest EVER.

He had to write down a mailing address upon check-in. We kept the mailing address on a sticky note behind the desk for nearly a year. We signed him up for every mailing list, every free offer for coupons, we put his name and address in myriad ‘please contact me’ boxes as they popped up.

We entered his name and address to basically everything that promised it would bury you in junk mail. One of my co-workers even signed him up for prisoner correspondence. It wasn’t nice and likely not very legal, but it provided a bit of levity to the situation. I suppose it is possible it was a fake address and some poor sap had to deal with a bunch of ticked-off 20yr olds and their new game. However, I like to think that it greatly inconvenienced him. I have no delusions it made him a better person or he stopped harboring his hateful views, but I do hope he had a pain in the neck time trying to get himself off all the mailing lists.”

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29. She Can't Shame Me For Being Fat Anymore


“I’ve always been thick, or whatever. My first job, after my baby boy was pretty decent. But there was this young lady that kept dogging me about my weight. She would see me having lunch and get loud saying ‘Look how you eat, no wonder you’re so big.’ I would laugh it off and tell her to stuff it.

This lady was friends with a neighbor I hung out with, I received her wrath at work and home.

She liked me enough to borrow my pretty shoes. We all went to one cabaret together and she peeped at my streetwear. A few years later, I was out and about and this lady approaches me calling my name, and is generally glad to see me. I didn’t know her from Adam.

It turns out this was my former fat-shaming coworker. She had gained quite a bit of weight.

She’d had 2yr old twins and was beaming proudly. As I had to dash she said ‘I know you see how big I’ve gotten.’ She looked a bit embarrassed.

I had lost weight and shaped up. I said, ‘Yes, I remember how much you hated unsightly fat.’ We said nice seeing each other and I went about my errands. I am that petty, or at least I was that day.”

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Okkaren 1 year ago
I wouldn't call that very petty.
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28. They Didn't Take Me Number Off The Security Call List


“Having been forced out of my position with the company, it kinda rankled me. Nothing I could ever do about it… or so I thought.

Roughly three weeks later, I got a call from a distant facility where we had a store. Seems that the alarm was going off, and there was no one they could get hold of to come down and turn it off. About 5 or 6 numbers down the list, they got to mine—someone who answered.

Yup, they hadn’t taken my number off the security call list.

I asked the guard if they had the Home Office VP of Security home number (it was late) as well as some other higher-up numbers in his contact database.

He did. All the while I was talking to him, I could hear that alarm wailing away through the phone. The poor guy sounded SO desperate to get some peace, so I outlined the procedure to follow:

‘First, place a call to the CEO’s home number to apprise him of the situation; next, call the VP of Merchandising, and last the VP of Security, same thing.’

I smiled as I hung up the phone, thinking of the mayhem about to commence, and didn’t care.

After all, I wasn’t with the company anymore, so didn’t care. They could do nothing to me.”

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27. Snooty Mother's Side Has Now Shut Up


“I am from India and when my parents were arranged marriage, my father was not earning a huge amount. My uncle and aunt from my mother’s side took the initiative. My father is a good man but he needed some direction in his life like all Indian young men of his time.

My mother is a village girl from a large family of 9 children 8 girls 1 boy.

She came to the city (unnamed for obvious reasons) to do her college graduation. My mother and her brother were the only graduates in the family.

My mother was always an entrepreneur. She is not extremely smart. But she is unafraid of risks and gets a level head in times of crisis.

My father too is mentally strong but I have to say in terms of a woman my dad married up.

My mother used to be my maternal grandfather’s right-hand ‘man’ in his garment shop in the village.

Being an Indian village of 1970–80, this was always frowned upon, jealousies ran in family and sent shockwaves in the village society.

My mother was married off to my father who was still seeking direction in his life and as soon as my and brother were born, he upped his game like a pro.

Unfortunately, these two poor souls were lower-middle class and suffered from a lack of dollars. They were always looked down upon by my mother’s side of relatives who were much well to do.

I and my brother were goofy kids. That never helped. My grandmother from my father’s side was also always against my dad. So they suffered from all angles.

But after so many years now, I and my brother are quite successful.

I have traveled to many countries for work. My brother too also is working in a famous engineering company that makes trains.

My father’s mother now stays in my apartment and is being cared for. My mother’s side has shut up and lost their snootiness.

I always look up to my parents and think however hard the times may be, give it time, patience, and stay strong. You shall overcome.”

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26. Room Invader Has A Bunch Of Keys


“I had a housemate who was keen on selling the air conditioners in our apartment because the landlord, who also happened to be her boss was not paying her salary and the apartment was due to be demolished so she thought of making a fast buck from the sale. I had no say in it as I was subletting and my name was not on the contract.

What annoyed me was one day, I came home to find out that some of the things in my room were slightly moved. We have a key to our room and have it locked. Later in the evening, she casually told me that, when I was at work, she showed some interested buyers of the aircon in my room. All without batting an eyelid like it was some sort of entitlement.

That’s when I put two and two together that she has a key to my room. That was not very nice for her to do but I kept quiet.

In the following days when my housemate was not around, I rummaged through a common cupboard and found a bunch of keys which led me to conclude that was how she gained access to my room, without my consent.

I threw away the spare key into the rubbish chute. At this point, I’ll say that I was not even angry. I was pretty chill about it but I thought of teaching her some manners.

A few days later, she asked me about it and I pretended that I didn’t even know where was the extra key and got on with my day. She did show one or two more buyers but had to ask me about it first or ask me to keep my bedroom door unlock before I leave for work. She did end up selling the aircon when I moved. Not my problem then!”

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25. I Used The Chinese Businessman's Words Against Him


“I’ve been a private military contractor for a solid chunk of my career, but I took several years away because I was burnt out and had seen some bad things.

Anyhow, during my break, I decided to take some jobs in the rosy, perfect, Stepford-esque paradise that is the civilian world.

There was a company in Los Angeles, California, that was willing to hire me. It was owned by a Chinese man of not much stature, who wore slightly-too-loose Marshall’s suits while proclaiming to be a ‘big businessman’.

A bit of background. Sometime in the early 21st century, the internet and digital age wreaked absolute havoc within the printing industry in the US. China, however, still relied heavily on printing on a large scale.

So those printing companies that failed in America began to liquidate their industrial printers (large, room-sized behemoths), which often cost upwards of $200,000 each.

In came thousands of sleepy, lazy, parasitical Chinese businesspeople eager to reap the loot from the blood and tears of bankrupt print shops nationwide.

They’d buy liquidated printers for dirt cheap, and turn them out for 300% profit in China. This business went crazy and lasted a good decade or two. The company that hired me was one of them.

I was brought on to run operations of his little sales force while he went out to drink with and bribe clients, taking them in his auctioned, rebuilt-title S-Class Mercedes and acting like a big shot.

The people who worked for him? Recent college grads from China. Why? Because he didn’t want to pay them more than $2000 a month. A salary which, in Los Angeles, amounts to sharing a bedroom with 2 other people and eating top ramen every day.

Anywho… His assistant, who is almost like his VP in terms of the scope of work she ACTUALLY does, was feeling quite underpaid (obviously).

She confronted him about it, saying that $2000 a month is not even enough for a single person to cover their basic costs in most of California. His response, in Chinese, was the equivalent of ‘Spend it wisely’, meaning to live more frugally.

Eventually, none of his sales team was willing to stay. Each new hire lasted less than a month. One day, He came into my office, saying, ‘Two companies in China bought ___________ printing machine from us.

Take the deposit from both companies, and then just send the machine to one of them. They aren’t gonna sue internationally for just a deposit. I’ll give you $30,000 for it.’

My jaw dropped. Did he really just ask me to renege on a deal? Nope. Not freaking happening. I said, ‘You can take your $30,000 and pay for your bail when you get imprisoned for fraud one day.’

I quit.

Two months later, the assistant called me and said, ‘Hey guess what? I quit too!’ Without his assistant OR his operations manager, he was forced to carry out deals and manage his team by himself. Recently, I checked in curiously to see how his company was doing. He reneged on a deal with a client, who did sue him in federal court. His company declared bankruptcy, his wife left him (There was a public divorce proceeding in the LA County court where it said his wife filed it against him), and he hasn’t appeared anywhere in business since.

Later on, I met the assistant over sushi, and she said, ‘When I told him I’m quitting, he said ‘You didn’t give me enough time for a notice.’ So I told him he should ‘spend it wisely’ LOL.’

Gold star for using his own words against him.”

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24. Faced The Police Academy Bully In Court


“When I was in the police academy I had a fellow student who always treated me poorly, and always talked down to me. When I graduated as class valedictorian every person in my class shook my hand and congratulated me. Everyone, that is, except this woman.

I began working as a deputy county constable. Like most constables offices in Texas, the vast majority of criminal cases we saw were for bad checks, where the merchants file their cases in the justice of the peace court.

Son of a gun if I didn’t have an arrest warrant for my former classmate land on my desk.

I was 100% business-like when I knocked on her door. I explained that I had a warrant for her arrest, but if she got over to the JP’s office to pay the check and fine amounts that afternoon I wouldn’t put the cuffs on her. (I really wasn’t doing her a favor… our judge always allowed us to use our discretion if we felt the defendant would cooperate.

But I sure didn’t let her know that!)

‘Oh, thankyou thankyou thankyou, Will!!! I really appreciate this.’

I looked at her, and without so much as a smirk said, ‘You’re welcome. I guess I’m not the jerk you always said I was, huh?’, and I walked away. Her reply was something on the order of ‘homina homina homina errrrrrrrr whaaaa uhhhhhhh’.

Unfortunately, she did as she promised, and took care of things with the court clerk that day. But it sure would have been fun to have taken her to the county jail in handcuffs!”

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23. I Hope You Like My Birthday Gift To You


“I was a freshman in college. Shortly after Christmas break, I met a nice guy, also a freshman, & we started going together. A girl in my dorm had recently broken up with him, but he seemed to be over it. He’d bought her a pair of diamond earrings for Christmas, but she didn’t get them as she’d broken up with him before he had a chance to give them to her.

Naturally, I was hoping I’d get them for Valentine’s Day. Shortly before the day, the ex finds out about the earrings & sweet talks him into taking her back. He spent a small fortune on their Valentine’s Day night out as well as gave her the diamond earrings. The very next day, she broke up with him, & Dan came back to me, his tail between his legs, & being young & ‘stupid’, I took him back.

Fast forward to summer vacation. It’s July, & the ex’s birthday is a week away. So I grabbed my best friend & a shoebox well-lined with plastic wrap, & we headed out to the boonies in search of a pasture with cows in it. We wandered around until we had a box full of, you guessed it, fresh cow dung! I sealed the bag, sealed the box, wrapped it in birthday paper, wrapped it in brown grocery bag paper, & mailed it to the ex at her home.

To this day, she thinks Dan sent her the box! So I really got a bit of revenge on the guy as well. That was 42 years ago, & I don’t think if it is very often, but when I do, my mouth lifts in a huge grin.”

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22. He Didn't Know I Learned Martial Arts


“Anyways, I’m not very social and at my school, being social was the key thing to avoid bullying. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize this in time, and by the time I did, I had become the biggest target in my class. I wanted to fight them with force but I couldn’t sense it would ruin my grades and my entire life for all I knew.

There was this one kid in class (I’m gonna call him H) who was constantly picking on me.

H was very popular and had a gang of boys following him around. When I was minding my own business, he would come and do stuff like slapping my head or taking something mine. He always returned it saying sorry but with delight on his face.

I tolerated this for 6 months.

Then one day, H crossed the line. I enjoyed writing fanfics and usually brought my idea notebook to school.

I had put it in my bag and gone for lunch. When I came back, I had found H reading my notebook and laughing with his friends. When I snatched it back, I was infuriated. I take my privacy seriously and this was crossing the line.

Remember what I said about me being strong? Well, This is what happened. I walked up to H with what must have been complete fury in my eyes because for a moment he froze, absolute fear in his eyes.

Then he took off.

I must have been radiating something because when I turned to his gang, they backed away. I grabbed one of them and growled, ‘Get him here. NOW.’

They immediately complied and when they found him, I went up to him, grabbed his shirt and lifted him off his feet, and pinned him against the wall.

I learned some army talk from my martial arts teacher (a former military drill Sargent) and talked to H in a threatening, yet menacing way like in the army. The look of complete terror in H’s eyes and him begging for forgiveness still lingers in my mind today and he hasn’t touched me since.”

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21. Arrogant Classmate Didn't Want A Rematch With Me


“My sweetest revenge came in 2002 while going to school at DePaul University. At the time, I was up for a promotion at Arthur Andersen, where I was a research manager for new technology. I had given a tech talk at a wireless convention in Las Vegas in 2000 and had received mostly favorable feedback. The Partner in charge of my division suggested some public speaking classes might help.

As a disabled veteran, I was able to go back to school using a program called Vocational Rehabilitation, which paid for school, books, labs, etc. For me, it was the perfect storm of timing. I was able to go to school full time, work adjusted hours, and do something I love – going back to school. I decided to double major in English and Communications and took classes at both DePaul Campuses and Loyola’s downtown campus.

Every time I’ve returned to the classroom, I try to immerse myself as much as possible. I volunteered to tutor in math, worked for a political campaign, and even took a wine tasting class on the side just for fun. Despite having children that were as old as some of my classmates, I usually didn’t feel too awkward, and having access to cool tech toys never hurt.

I got asked to recommend and demonstrate items to students and faculty alike.

Then came the summer session. Unlike most of my fellow students, I didn’t mind going to school year-round to get finished sooner. The only downside was the smaller class load, which led to more time to play.

One day in class we started talking about a sand volleyball tournament that was coming up at a beach near the school.

Chicagoland has dozens of such tournaments in the summertime and I had always liked volleyball. Despite my age, just short of my 46th birthday, I was pretty athletic, had access to Lakeshore Health Club across from my office, and swam several times a week. However, when I mentioned to one of my classmates, I’ll call him little Timmy, (why get sued) my interest, he looked at me with incredulity.

You could see his thoughts about having a grandfather on his team. Then told me I wouldn’t enjoy myself and that he was ‘pretty sure’ the roster was full.

As I said, I also attended Loyola. As it turns out they were going to play as well and were more than happy to have someone 6′3″ and 240lbs playing on their side. We mopped up the floor with the DePaul Team.

Now it might have been the fact that most of my team didn’t drink that day (at least before and during the game), or it could be the fact that ‘little Timmy,’ got abused by ‘someone’ charging the net and spiking him a half dozen times, but we won easily.

Too bad ‘Little Timmy’ didn’t want to join the college Jeopardy team. I am looking forward to seeing him in 2023 at our class reunion. Maybe he will want a rematch. I know I do. LOL.”

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Alliaura 1 year ago
DePau. Not DePaul.
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20. Stop Squirting Water On Us


“One of my co-workers in a tool and die shop was filling a large hypodermic syringe with water at the fountain, and squirting people with it. When he went on vacation, I took some plastic tubing left from a job, jammed a piece of hard plastic with a hole in it into the tube, and strung it over the ceiling tiles. A sprinkler system had just been installed, and I taped the nozzle end of this tube to the sprinkler which was over this guy’s toolbox, and out of sight above the false ceiling.

The other end ran to the air pipe next to my bench, down through the ceiling, and to a small water reservoir, which in turn could be pressurized with shop compressed air. There was a wall immediately behind my victim’s bench, with enough room to comfortably work. When he left for vacation, the sprinkler in our supervisor’s office had a drip.

The morning the victim came back to work, he found some water on his bench and a small bucket with a little water in it on top of his toolbox.

When he asked what was going on, he was told that apparently, the sprinkler crew had swapped the dripping sprinkler head in the boss’s office for the one over his bench. He got on the phone and ranted at maintenance. They had no idea what was going on, and weren’t part of the fire system crew, anyway. He just wouldn’t get into position, and finally, the boss asked him for a tool of his, which was the only one in the shop.

He got into the spot, and I hit the air trigger, spraying him right in the chest with a stream of water! He jumped back, hitting the wall, and we all laughed. He thought someone had done it with a syringe, but it was pointed out all our hands were empty. I told him the sprinkler had done it. Oooooh, he was on the phone, again, mad as a wet hen.

Then, he wandered back, and I got him again! God, I wish we had all the video we have now, back then. It was better than a cartoon.

Of course, he called maintenance again and raked them over the coals once more. Things calmed down, after a while, and when he was in the target zone once more, another of the guys hit the trigger, and after a brief squirt, it blew air; the reservoir had been depleted.

He got suspicious, then, and quickly discovered the tubing, and followed it to my bench. He had to admit he had been had, but good. I pointed out that if he’d thought about it, once those nozzles spray, they continue to, and it isn’t a directed stream, but a full pattern. It broke him of squirting water on us, though. Obviously, the whole shop was in the know, including our supervisor.”

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19. Race You To The Finish Line?


“I was driving to my mom’s one morning. There was not much traffic on the road so I had a nice easy drive, singing along to my favorite songs in the car.

Suddenly, a guy behind started loudly honking his horn and flashing me, indicating that I was driving too slowly. I was just on the speed limit and this particular road was notorious for traffic cops hiding in non-descript vehicles operating speeding cameras.

There was no shoulder on the section of road we were on so I couldn’t give him leeway to go past me without him overtaking, and I was not going to drive faster. So he overtook. Obviously with all the ‘hand signals.’

Just a short while down the road, I stopped directly behind him at the red light. After all that commotion and energy, he hadn’t gotten that far ahead of me at all. I chuckled to myself… but my chuckle was about to turn into a laughing fit.

The light turned green and just then, his car stalled! I overtook him and waved with a smile. I looked in my rearview mirror down the long straight stretch of road a few kilometers from where I’d passed him and saw a stream of cars overtaking him…”

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18. No One Parked In My Spot Ever Again


“I worked downtown Chicago during the day and about 4 evenings a week went to people’s homes to do clothing house parties to supplement my income. I lived in the far southern suburbs and my townhouse was in a court with assigned parking spots. One evening, when I got back home around midnight someone had parked in my spot. It was late so I didn’t want to honk to get the attention of one of the unit’s residents possibly having a guest.

But I was really tired and now annoyed. I had to find a parking spot about 2 blocks away and then in the dark walk home.

So I marched right into my townhouse, went upstairs, found a big roll of my mailing labels, went outside, and put labels all over their windows, front, sides, and back. I didn’t want to harm their car, just inconvenience them. These labels needed lots of water and scraping to get them off. Then I went into the house, got a good night’s sleep… the car that was in my spot was gone the next morning but lots of little pieces of paper were in the lot. I never found out who parked in my spot but it never happened again.”

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17. Mean Girls Didn't Pass The Exam


“Back in 2013 when I was in my graduation 2nd year and also doing CS Executive in Kolkata, I shifted to a new hostel. There were two groups in a hostel and you can’t be friends with both. I totally ignored all the drama and talked to everyone as the majority of them were either in my college or doing CS Executive with me.

My behavior irked most of them and one fine night all the girls came to my room, locked it, and started saying all possible bad stuff that one could ever imagine.

I was all numb couldn’t even utter a single word. I remember countless nights sleeping with my pillow wet as no one talked to me and just taunted me for every single thing.

I stayed quiet. Never answered back. This was the time I discovered my faith in the almighty. I was determined that one day things will be fine and my faith will bring everything in order.

We had two months to our graduation exams and three months to CS exams. I studied day in day out.

Exams came and went by.

Result: I scored excellent marks in the 2nd year while most of them managed to just pass.

I was the only one who cleared CS executive.

The same girls asked for my help in preparation and also said sorry for their behavior.

Lesson learned: Even in your darkest time, there’s always a ray of hope.”

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Okkaren 1 year ago
This story was completely pointless lol. You got bullied by some girls and passed your class...good for you?
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16. They Tried To Make Me Look Like A Bad Teacher


“I was teaching in a small rural school when the harassment started, from a coworker. She was a support person in the building her child was one of my students. On my first day of school, I would always send home a small pamphlet of expectations for classwork and class behavior; it was to be signed by parents and students, then returned. This procedure would save drama later on in the school year, when a child or parent would claim that, Johnny or Suzie ‘Didn’t know better’ or ‘Understand.’ This coworker came to me and told me that their child would not be following several of my rules in the pamphlet after school on the first day.

My first question was, ‘Why?’ I was then told the reason their child would not be following the rules, ‘They don’t like the rules.’ Like it or not, my rules stand without a valid reason why they shouldn’t. I explained to the mother, citing several examples where I would be willing to make adjustments, for valid reasons. The mother got mad and said, ‘You’ll be sorry,’ then stormed off.

I thought, ‘What is this junior high?’

The first quarter was moving along, this coworker’s child had a ‘B+’ in my class. I am suddenly called to the office for a meeting after school with my principal, with the coworker, and her husband about picking on their child. That is their claim of why their child’s grade is suffering. Wait, a ‘B+’ is a good grade. I grade with rubrics allowing students to see what area they lost their points in on assignments.

These parents bring in an assignment I downgrade a section on capitalization. This is the same mistake that this child has repeatedly made the same error, has been spoken to about, been warned to make the corrections, and chooses not to fix the capitalization issue. I explain that their child told me, they were not going to correct their capitalization.

These parents wanted me to let their children have a pass on capitalization.

I told them I couldn’t do that because of state guidelines. The coworker, mom, changed subjects, digressing into a rant about having the children write journal entries every day. The meeting spirals where both parents are calling me names, my principal does nothing about it; I walk out of the meeting. They didn’t want to help their child’s education. They just wanted to be able to bully an ‘A’ out of me.

The coworker pulled her child from my class, hiring a private teacher for her child.

I would think that would be the end of this nightmare parent, nope. She programmed spyware on my computer, leaking all of my confidential student files. This coworker then began a phone campaign in the community to get me fired, telling everyone I leaked confidential student information. She physically shoved me from behind in the hall one day, when my hands were full, then laughed.

If that wasn’t enough she called the cops on me while I was at work, telling them I was intoxicated in front of my students. The police came and did a sobriety test in front of my students. This was the final straw of her bullying me. I had already turned in my resignation. Not because of her non-sense, I had health reasons. I decided to have a little fun.

I had figured out months before, she was a junkie. This was going to be to my advantage in my revenge plot against this wretch. She was also very predictable in her schedule; she did the same routines like clockwork every day. She had an office at the back of the library. My classroom had a backdoor into the library; if the library was locked I could still get in there.

The plan for revenge was writing itself.

I have always maintained connections to people, that know people, that know…well, the idea is drawn out; one of the connections was to the one thing she wanted and needed, her junk. I didn’t want her cut off; I wanted the price raised, the dealer to act as if there was a shortage for some bogus reason. If the dealer’s profit margin was getting affected, they wouldn’t be game but raising the price solved that problem.

The idea was to keep her on edge, never satisfied, ever. Once I had that accomplished, I moved to the next step. I went to the pet shop, bought two dozen feeder crickets; released them into her office. I sprinkled itching powder on all her books and papers; knowing she would move them looking for the little noisemakers.

I picked the thermostat lockbox in her office, then turned it up to 95 degrees.

She was always wearing long sleeves to cover her track marks from shooting up. She shed her sleeves in the sweltering heat until someone could adjust her thermostat. Somehow, it kept getting turned back up to 95 degrees. The next thing I did is diabolical, but it tipped the scale for people in the community to realize, she was a junkie. I put ‘Buck Lure’, female concentrated deer urine, on pantyliners.

Why pantyliners? Pantyliners have an absorbent side and an adhesive side both of which served my devious purpose. On the underside of her desk, I placed a liner, inside the file cabinet on the topmost underside, a liner. I placed half a dozen liners in her office. In the final act, I painted the keyboard with a Q-tip with the deer urine.

She had looked all over, couldn’t figure out where the odor was coming from in her office.

She had to get her work done in her sweaty oven of an office. This made her fingertips moist, picking up the deer urine off the keyboard when she typed. The more she looked for the scent and the crickets, the more itching powder she came into contact with on her hands. The hotter she became, the more reactive the powder. The more she scratched her skin, the more she spread the powder.

All of these things, had her walking around the school and town like a frazzled ball of nerves. She began walking around school with her track marks showing, itching, complaining about bugs, and compulsively smelling her fingers.

After two weeks, the whole town knew she was a strung-out mess. I just reveal to everyone, who she was under her fake facade.”

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15. I Woke Them Up Early For Two Days


“I was a tenant on the ground floor with the house owner staying on the first floor. We had a common direct drinking water supply to a sump from where we had to manually collect the same. Water used to come from 3.30 AM to 6.30 AM and each household needs only 30 minutes’ supply.

I’m used to getting up early and used to collecting water at 5.00.

They used to collect at 5.45. Things were fine for some time. Suddenly, his wife discovered that we are collecting water earlier than them and felt that the owner should collect it first. They didn’t tell it in words but their body language implied the same. The next day when I went I found them collecting water at 5.00 and collected mine after they had finished.

The 2nd day I went at 4.45 and so they had to wait. On the 3rd day, I went at 4.30 and it was again their turn to wait.

Not used to getting up early they felt giddy and extremely uncomfortable at the changed routine. So they requested me to call them the next day onwards once I finished. So I finished my work at 4.45 and woke them up at 4.45 for two days. On the 3rd day, the house owner collapsed at his door while answering my call. Getting up and mustering courage he said: ‘Please don’t call us anymore; we shall fill it at our convenience’.

Even after 30 years, my wife laughs her heart out remembering this incident.”

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14. I Got Rewarded For Getting Rid Of The Petty Customer


“So, I had one customer. They had once been my biggest customer. But after a while, the orders started getting smaller and smaller, as their budget got smaller and smaller. Never mind that they often wasted dollars translating the same material twice over. I talked to them about that, they did nothing.

Anyway, our relationship started going south. They treated my business partner in a shockingly disrespectful manner.

And then one year… our contact was too busy to write our contract in a timely manner. Indeed, one month after the work was done, no contract and no payment.

So I wrote to our contact and detailed to her how I had noticed our relationship going south for some time now. I then told her that she was now behaving like a dog that needs to be kept on a tight leash, and that she had 24 hours to fix the situation.

When those 24 hours were up and still nothing had been done to fix the situation, I copied all of our correspondence about this matter to her boss and told him that he had 24 hours to fix the situation. It took him a week, but finally, the situation was fixed.

He said that after the event was over, we would talk about our future. That talk never happened, and I stopped reserving time for them.

I had decided I wasn’t interested in doing the kind of hand-holding that would be necessary to ensure there wasn’t a repeat performance, even if they did call me someday.

The revenge was that at the end of the year, it turned out that my income for that year was 50% better than my previous best year ever in my business. I felt rewarded for getting rid of this customer. And the best part is that things have been consistently trending upward since then. This year, I am set, with contracts signed and all, to at least double my pre-2014 best year ever.”

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13. Hateful Investor Went Back To His Hometown


“I was into reality sector working as a self-employed, finding it really hard to compete with the organized competition. No office. No backup team not even a visiting card to introduce myself to my prospective clients. Oh yeah, I got into this profession after quitting my job at a real estate office where I was working as an office assistant. I had limited knowledge in the business which worked to my client’s advantage.

I had a distant client well educated and well versed in real estate. Basically, he was an investor who would buy land at low prices to dispose at appreciation. He came in contact with me through classifieds and asked me to find a prospective buyer for a property. Being in possession of photocopies related to the said property I started working on the property and it involved advertising in classifieds and websites apart from sharing the details with other brokers from the fraternity.

One thing I need to mention here is that the property had documentation hassles and that made my job tougher. After two and half years of tilling, I landed up with a confident buyer who was willing to buy the said property in spite of clear titles lacking. Somehow the property changed hands and it was time that my client pay me the committed brokerage for the service rendered which was 2% of the deal.

We came out of the registration office and we went to a restaurant to fill our tummies and I was eagerly awaiting my monetary reward for the hard work I had put in. To my utter dismay, I was paid peanuts and he backed off from his original commitment. I could sense the ground giving away where I was standing. The brokerage amount was huge for a person like me.

Oh, I was literally in tears. I placed my case and pleaded with him not to back off from his agreed payment. Nope. He never budged. Finally, I saw him off leaving to his home town in his car.

Now comes the twist. After two weeks he rang me inquiring about my well-being. Following the niceties, for formality sake, he kept a proposal of reinvesting his recently earned funds.

Yes, without wasting a second I grabbed the opportunity and agreed upon his intention. I was entrusted to locate properties that would fit the style of his investment.

That’s where I made a huge killing. I suggested seven properties in the outskirts of the city which would ensure mind-boggling returns for his investments. But as far as I am concerned I had a prior arrangement with the property sellers to jack up the quotation only to take my cut later on. The sellers were more than happy to share the spoils with me. My client advanced me on one property I got back to him with seven. Forget the monetary benefits. My sweet revenge stood at the ratio of one is to seven.”

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12. Bad-Mouthed Kid Got Cursed At


“I am American. I worked in Mexico, just across the border for five years. I saw a lot of things while I was there, but this moment always stands out.

There was a novelty and souvenir shop near the border. American visitors would come and buy knock-off Rolex’s and visit their ‘pharmacy.’They had a restaurant that was actually quite good.

I was meeting some folks for a meal there and up the stairway from the parking area to the shop a young Mexican boy, about 10 or 11, had this frightened American Mother and Daughter cornered.

He was being nasty. He just kept saying all of the English curse words he knew and it was obviously upsetting the pair as they seemed to be waiting for someone to come join them.

The brat just kept saying profane words. I told him to get away and he trotted off.

A couple of days later I was waiting in the traffic line to cross back into the States.

Several vendors, window washers, and beggars looking to make some coin while they had a captive audience in the form of a slow-moving traffic line.

There he was! The little brat with the potty mouth. He was giving his best ‘Woe is me’ face with his hand out looking for spare change.

My vehicle had tinted windows to combat the intense sun. He couldn’t see me coming. I got up to the sad acting little booger and rolled down my window (he lit up expecting some coins), looked him in the eye, and said, ‘Screw you’ just like he had been saying to the Mother and Daughter a few days earlier.

He recognized me. His jaw dropped and I went laughing on my way.”

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11. Spoiled Kid Told Me Her Ruined Life Is None Of My Business


“My husband’s daughter was living in California when we began our relationship. Seven months later daughter had to come home because she fought too much with her mother. She was very much a daddy’s girl and did not like the fact that I was there and I had made some changes to the house. Changes my husband had asked me to. To make it look more welcoming.

She was very spoiled (still is) and did not like having to do anything around the house (still doesn’t). She would sneak out of the house, get caught smoking in the house, steal my makeup and stuff, etc.

My husband and I had different opinions on how to discipline her. He never wanted to and I kept telling him FOR HER OWN GOOD that he was letting her get away with way too much.

I finally got tired of arguing with him and had to sit back and let it play out. Took it as it was ‘none of my business’ and let it go. In the last 5 yrs, she’s been arrested for buying illegal substances, driving a car with a suspended license, has totaled 5 cars. Cars that she didn’t pay for. Daddy and Grandma would provide her with the cars.

Now she’s 22, lives at home with a baby, no job, no skills, and no desire to do anything at all. Whenever my husband says that he doesn’t know why she feels entitled so much I tell him because he and her Grandmother treated her like a princess instead of getting her ready for the real world. I stay out of any conversations he has with her regarding her not doing anything, or of any other conflicts they have. That’s under the heading of ‘none of my business’.”

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10. Ex's Life Became Miserable After Bailing On Me


“My ex bailed on me after a house fire, where we lost 3 of our kitties and his dead mom’s Golden Retriever, both his parents’ (separate) deaths, business difficulties, etc.

He hooked up with one of his clients. He had the nerve to tell me he didn’t see any way out of our $643K debt. He hated being a contractor (a family business he ran into the ground).

She was going to take care of him while he decided what he wanted to do with his life. At 42. Well, I guess these decisions can take time. He didn’t know what he wanted, but evidently, after 18 years, it wasn’t anything with me.

I’ve struggled, taking care of our, now MY pets, several jobs at a time, living in a small house, scared to death.

But I’ve made it. In the last 10 years, on a waitress and yoga teacher’s income, I didn’t lose my house. I even managed to continue to rebuild, one step at a time, teaching myself.

The sweetest revenge wasn’t something I took. It was just living my life. Rebuilding my life. Rebuilding my home.

I saw him a while back and my 6′5″ total hunk of a husband, 8 years younger than I, looked like a fat, puffy, old guy. He was soft, balding, (combing his hair straight back, looking like a serious redneck) visibly dissatisfied with everything, and a braggart. Wasn’t working, so his benefactress held the purse strings. While he decided what he wanted to do with his life.

From his comments, I knew ‘Paradisio’ had turned into a misery for him. So sad.”

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9. Unfaithful Ex Is No Match To My New Girl


“I had been married for sixteen years, my wife was very attractive and flirtatious. I caught her flirting with another man and didn’t let her know that I knew. I made a lot of coin and had many assets. She always ‘joked’ that if I ever divorced her she’d still be set for life. I had everything she did and everywhere she went recorded. I knew The Who, when, and where she was doing everything.

After about 6 months I filed for divorce and had her served where she worked with him. After her screaming that I was crazy and that she was taking everything, I gave her copies of everything, the look on her face was priceless, she moved out, and her ‘friend’ disappeared on her. A few months later I was out with a woman who was an absolute 10 in looks. She went to the store with me one day and as we turned in an aisle there was my ex. My new significant other was taller prettier and younger than my ex, my ex’s jaw fell open. She turned around and walked out leaving her cart abandoned. Oh, how sweet it was.”

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8. Gossiping Friend Got His Own Rumor Spread


“I was a child, middle school. Recently Friend A spread a rumor about me. It hurt my feelings a bit, but we were friends just messing with each other. So naturally, my goal was to mess with him. It was history class and me, Friend A, and FriendsBCDE all sat near each other. When friend A asked if I can borrow my history book, which we were not using at the time, I said it was a personal diary.

This was me being stupid. Next thing you know friend B plays along and said: ‘Yeah, why would you ask to take his diary?” Friend A fights back and denies it. All the friends in our circle start saying it’s a diary, we even asked some randos neat by and gave them a face worthy of agreeing with. Next thing you know we actually convinced Friend A it’s a diary and they forgot to give him one at the start of the year when the principal handed them out. No need for me to spread a fake rumor, and no need to spread it. That was a good laugh.”

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7. I Cut The Toxic Couple Out Of My Life


“I went to my first middle when I was in 6th grade, but moved during the summer after 6th grade.

A brief introduction about this girl named Emma. Okay, so we first met each other when we were at school in October 2018. She had an ex named Nick. And Emma and Nick were together in elementary school, but they broke up because Nick was too annoying and whiny.

On February 7–8, 2019, Emma asked me out and I accepted it. It went pretty smoothly for the first few weeks, but then… it went downhill afterward. The first red flag was that Emma avoid talking to me most of the time, and she didn’t make time for me. She said that I should go get lunch first, and she will catch up to me soon.

The more she excused herself to talk to her friends, the more I felt like she was hiding something from me.

Up to May of 2019, I asked Emma if she actually loved me, and she said that she used me so Nick could leave Emma alone. So after lunch, I talked to the guidance counselor if I could change tables, and gladly, he let me. So I moved to Nick’s table, and we started to talk to each other more (no hard feelings or bad intentions, he was just a friend I knew and trusted).

Since I changed tables, Emma acted weird. She would spy on me and Nick, like what we’re doing, how we talk to each other, and sometimes, she wants to know what we’re talking about. Whenever I saw her spied on us, she would look away. But one day, Nick invited Emma to the same table as he and I. Nick knew that she hurt my feelings, but he just brushed it off like it was nothing and told me that they were friends again.

I felt like I was being ditched by them, so I cut Emma and Nick off my life. I never heard or receive an apology from either one of them, but I never expect them to apologize.

To this day, I still struggle to open up to other people and to loosen up. I’m trying my best to learn the lessons through my past relationships, and just hope that I find the right person to trust.”

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6. He Will Probably Be Topless Tomorrow


“My ex who turned out to be a certified sociopath got caught screwing around. The dude use to sleep so deeply that it was impossible to wake him at times. So naturally, I took advantage of this fact and when I suspected he was lying I went through his phone and found I was right. He had been in contact with an old flame to who he then went and talked major trash about me.

If it were true I wouldn’t have had the reaction I did however it was all lies.

So I threw his cell at him. He didn’t budge. I’m standing in my room fuming and noticed just how at home he had made himself. He just did laundry and had all of his clothes hung all nice and organized in my closet. 30 t-shirts and a dozen or so pants all nicely hung.

So my mind took off with ideas. I’m not one to get revenge or truly hurt another person. My conscience just can’t handle it. So I got creative. I wanted him to not be able to just leave and move on and never look back. I wanted him to remember what a douche bag he was to me who did nothing but be good to him. So I decided to take every one of his shirts and cut a hole in the shoulder. Small enough you wouldn’t throw it out but just big enough that you knew it was there and why. 30 shirts. All with a little reminder to think twice before doing someone dirty who was truly good to you.”

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5. Endless Night Of Getting Jumped At


“I remember once these guys jumped me and my friend, they way outnumbered us. This was kind of normal at the time. We got jumped alot. I don’t know why. Anyways, I caught 5 of them and proceed to call them out for their lie (called them witches and all that, they did nothing, looking back on it I don’t know why they did nothing) so we leave and I’m like that when all the sudden they drive by flipping me off….

So I chase them down in my car…

They pull over after a few blocks and one guy hops out walking to my car, but… by this point I had a bat in my hand and remember screaming I was going to get them. He runs back to the car and jumps in. For some reason, the driver didn’t take off so I start beating their car.

5 guys in the car are peeing themselves lol. That is about all I can remember. They were crammed on top of each other trying to get away from the window. But this continued and made things worse, I was alone then… But later I was with the same friend and we spotted 2 others that jumped us at a party…. So we confront them and my friend slapped them allllll the way to the car… It was hilarious.

But one of our friends who wasn’t involved went too far and threw a Crown Royal bottle at their car. Obviously, there’s more to the story but I’ll cut it here. When we walked back to the party we got in a fight… I got hit and needed stitches… Then we got jumped later that night walking into our apartment. Cars roll up like zombies in the mist.

I turned my back to get the shotgun that’s inside, and I guess I got hit and blacked out. Drinking made it worse… I’m not sure but some said it was a golf club against my head but I don’t know for sure. Had a bad concussion etc… Lol and there’s more but I’ll cut it there. That revenge that was soo sweet, it led to many problems later.”

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Okkaren 1 year ago
Werrre you drunk when you wrote this, too?
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4. I Have A Bad Record With Friends


“There was a girl with whom I was best friends. We also worked together. She ‘broke up’ with me. I was devastated. I wanted to be friends again so badly. Well, one day, I just decided to change my focus. Instead of focusing on her, I focused on myself. I started going to the gym. I bought new glasses with cool frames. I got my hair highlighted and cut in a neat way.

I decided to just smile and be happy (eventually I actually was happy). She had quit working where I worked, but one day came in to visit the employees. I didn’t talk to her. I just stood there, working, singing along with the music that was playing. I saw her out of the corner of my eye kind of sizing me up. Even though I wasn’t looking at her, I could see the look on her face.

She was impressed.

Now, honestly, she probably didn’t even care, but it made me feel good.

Another friend once put sugar in someone’s gas tank when the friend did something really mean. I don’t remember the details, just the revenge action.

This is one of my favorite stories:

A friend was in high school where they did not have locks on their doors. Every day, she would bring in a chocolate cupcake. Every day, when she went to eat lunch, it wasn’t there. One day, she cooked the cupcake with some ex-lax in it. That was the last day her cupcake went missing! She never found out who did it.”

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3. We Took Her Revenge Together In Front Of Her Parents


“My ex was forced to marry a rich guy due to compulsion from her family… we were good lovers and we never slept together too… I respected her as a good lover… her family has beaten me for the affair too…

I was deeply in love with her and I was broken after that… She was helpless… I had a real grudge against her parents who separated me from her and beat me badly!!

After her marriage, we didn’t have any contact for 3 years.

I got a call from her one day that she want to meet me… we met at a coffee shop… she was desperate for me as her husband treated her badly… I too felt bad hearing her story… She was really in a mental breakdown kind of situation having hatred towards her family and husband… her husband was abroad and she was staying with her parents now…

We started relation back and making love too… in fact, we had our first ever intimacy too… she wanted to take revenge on her family and said she want to sleep with me in front of her parents!! I too felt to take revenge for the beating I got earlier.

One day, while her parents went for marriage, she called me… we went fully exposed and started having intercourse in the main hall of her room on the carpet.

While her parents returned they were shocked to see us in the act!!

When her father was about to shout, she threw the mobile phone and shouted: call your in-law and describe this and let me get the divorce!! She was sure that her parents can’t do it… I stood exposed smiling in front of them… my sweet revenge ever!!

They were totally helpless as they cant leave a rich son-in-law. I gave her a deep kiss in front of them… dressed up and left home…

We still hook up frequently and have fun together even at her home…”

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Okkaren 1 year ago
I wonder what nationality they are, that sounds intense and like an arranged marriage aituation.
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2. The Bomb Squad Came Looking For My Car


“In the 80s I was at a trade show in a large hotel in central London. My car was towed away to a nearby police pound as badly parked but no signs to say not to park. When I went to collect it and pay a large fine to get the car back after paying I asked to use the toilet. When in the toilet had a brilliant idea.

There were no CCTV cameras at that time so I put all the papers and magazines that I had collected from the show in a large plastic carrier bag at the show into various waste paper bins, and the bag folded up in my pocket.

When I left as I was driving out of the gate one of the police officers was running towards the rear of the car shouting after noticing I had a large bag going into the police building but none coming out! I pretended not to hear and drove off fast through the open gate.

Drove a couple of streets away and parked between other cars in a side street. Then after leaving my outer large jacket in the car to change appearance I went back to see what happened from the other side of the road on foot.
The bomb squad was there whole building and parking area evacuated while trying to find the ‘Bomb’ or whatever which I had not left, or done anything wrong.

Probably every policeman in London is also looking for my car!
I think the cost and problems that caused more than paid for my fine and was worth every penny! I went for something to eat at a local restaurant for a couple of hours when all clear picked up the car and drove home where car registration was at. I never heard any more about it.”

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1. I Damaged Everything I Could That Belongs To Him


“High school 2016. I’m a junior on the varsity football team. Been going out with this one girl for almost 2 years now. There was this guy on the team with me. The kicker. Let’s call him Randy. Because that was his name. Randy’s well-liked by most of the school. Randy was going out with some other chick who ended up dumping him. Before practice one day I see him sitting in the corner of the locker room w his head in his hands.

I asked my friend what was wrong w him, and he told me his girl had dumped him. I felt bad. ‘Poor guy,’ I thought. I’ll be nice to this kid. We never become close, but I always tried to be nice to him.

Flash forward 4 months. I break up w my girl for one of those unreal ‘breaks’ (yes I know breaks are stupid and just an excuse to hook up with someone else), which is exactly what happens.

This girl I’m was going out with goes to some hookup spot WITH RANDY. My sister shows me a picture of them all over each other on Instagram. My head pounds and my mind rages. It’s on buddy. And these events that follow.

I egg his home.

I slash his tires.

I take his younger sister’s innocence then immediately cut her off.

I confront him and his friends multiple times looking for a fight but they never engage (keep in mind he’s over 6ft and I’m barely 5’9″)

Did I ever get caught for the vandalism? Yes, actually and it was bad and I had to pay them for damages to their house and car.

But for some reason, nobody at school ever found out. So I guess it was worth it. Even the next year when I didn’t play football the football team told the coaches about what I did in front of the ENTIRE team, including Randy. I can’t imagine how humiliating that must have been. But I don’t care he hooked up with my ex and he was supposed to be a homie to me. Thinking back on it I realize it was probably more my ex’s fault. But whatever, it’s in the past.”

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Okkaren 1 year ago
What the hell did his little sister do to you? Not okay. This entire story is a pile of YTA.
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