People Own Up To Their Spiteful Revenge Stories

Revenge might be spiteful to some, but there's something about the whole "good triumphing evil" thing that is just insanely satisfying. From getting back at that annoying coworker to standing up to your big brother after decades of torment, someone getting a taste of their own medicine seems to be just what the doctor ordered. If you're like anyone else that enjoys a good revenge story, then you're in the right place. We have compiled a list of some of the pettiest revenge stories for your reading pleasure. By the end of it, you'll be wondering why you didn't think of such a clever way to get revenge first.

36. You Want To End My Contract While My Wife Is About To Give Birth? I Can Tell You How To File For Unemployment


“My daughter’s birthday is coming up and I remembered this lovely event. Before my wife got pregnant I took a job with a temp agency that told me the position was temp to hire. While I was working there we found out we were expecting. To make a long story short they cut my pay, refused to find me a new work location, lied about the length of the contract, and then stopped taking my calls.

I was told my contract would end right on December 31st, my wife and I talked it over and we decided that since my daughter was due at the end of January I would just take some time off to be with her and then help with the baby.

On the 21st of December, I was advised that the 23rd was my last day. Confused I called the temp agency and was told they ended my contract early so they would not have to pay a half a week.

NO, they did not have a new contract for me and asked if I knew how to file for unemployment.

Screw it, I left and spent some of the best times with my wife. Two weeks later I get a call from the temp agency telling me they need to run a credit check for me and asked for W-2s so they could run it. No problem, some job is better than no job.

So we rushed out and faxed them over. The next day he called again telling me they needed more info. So I emailed him what I had. Again this was not good enough and asked me to sign a waiver so they could get all the info, I asked him what the job was that needed this much info. Turned out they never completed my background check when I got hired and now they are facing a HIPAA audit and they are trying to catch up.

I laughed and told him no. After this we did not hear anything for a couple of weeks, then our daughter was born.

So the hospital decided that our daughter was ‘not gaining enough weight’ so every day for a week we had to take her in to be checked at 8 am. So going on no sleep, we had to bundle her up, put wife in car and fight for parking at our local hospital.

Of course, that week is when the dude from the temp agency starts calling while I am trying to find a parking place at the hospital. Now he is begging me to fill out the form. First day I tried to be nice, advised I was tired from being up and down all night with a newborn, and told him I gave him all the information I had.

Next day he calls again, I told him they screwed me over and I really did not feel like helping him out.

After a particularly rough night, I dropped off my wife and started my slog to find a parking spot. He calls again. This time he tells me ‘Look I did not want to have to say this but if I do not get this from you I am going to get fired.’

I was angry at this point and said ‘I can tell you how to file for unemployment,’ and hung up and then blocked the number. Sure it was petty but felt good.”

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TJHall44 2 years ago
"Poor planning on your part does not necessitate an emergency on mine."
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35. My Coworker Didn't Like When The Cleaning People Talked, So They Stopped Talking To Her


“One of my co-workers proudly told me how she had complained because the ‘cleaning people’ were always bothering her and her team, and she got them in trouble.

By ‘bothering her and her team’ she meant they would chat with people as they worked, as any other coworker does.

They are always super nice, helpful, friendly but I get the impression that she views them as ‘lesser’ than those who work for the company because they are ‘cleaning people’ and of a specific ethnicity.

Anyways, I was really upset, so I let the manager know that I personally hadn’t had any negative experiences with them.

Anyways, the company they worked for solved the problem by telling them to not speak to this coworker or go into her office for any reason, so now she has to clean it herself and take out her own trash and the crew is still talking to everyone else.

It is glorious.”

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lasm1 2 years ago
I love this.
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34. You Want To Sign Your Credit Card With An Insult? Sorry, That Signature Doesn't Match


“Over a decade ago, I worked at a popular electronic games and console boutique store. It was Boxing Day in Canada, the mall was busy. Obviously. Lines to inside the store were about an hour. Maybe an hour and a half. I don’t know, I was on the till.

This lovely gentleman, who was clearly ecstatic about spending that whole time in line to get in, gets to the front to finally pay.

He starts complaining to me about how it is such a long line and that it should be managed better. I remind him, in my most retail of voices, that it is Boxing Day and he made the choice to come shopping. He grumbles more and pays with a credit card. It was a large purchase, I think the new game station came out and he was buying heaps of accessories for it.

He needed to sign for his purchase with a credit card.

He signed it, ‘You moron’.

I checked his signature on his card. It doesn’t match. I tell him that and I immediately refund everything.

He was upset but I explained to him that policy is it needs to match or I can’t accept it. I don’t recall if it escalated more, this was 15 years ago. But he leaves. He returns with his wife and she makes him apologize and asked if he can still make a purchase. I said yes. Luckily we were so busy we haven’t had time to replace the stock it was all behind me.

His signature matched this time.”

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33. My Boss' Son Replaced Our Eye Drops With Ethanol So I Got My Revenge With Super Glue


“One night in my senior year of high school, I was with some friends and we were getting baked behind the shed in my backyard. After a few rounds and some amount of time giggling and eating junk food, we decided to call it a night. One of my friends asked to use my eye drops, as red eyes were generally enough to bring suspicion from parents and other figures of authority.

I reached into my jacket pocket and fished out the small bottle of Visine and handed it over.

My friend let out a yelp and in obvious pain said, ‘I think I stabbed myself in the eye.’

We all laughed because we were baked. Then he yelped once more and said, ‘Shoot, I did it again to my other eye!’ We all burst into laughter again because once is funny but twice is hilarious.

Then another friend tried and winced in pain, but he exclaimed that he most certainly did not stab himself in the eye, that it was the drops, and he guessed out loud while in intense pain that maybe they were expired. I took the bottle from him, and I looked at the back, illuminated by the flame of my zippo. It didn’t expire for another year, and then, like a fool, I tried them in one of my own eyes.

I felt an icy blast of pain, and it was nothing remotely like the mild sting of saline. It was only at this point, with five of the eight eyes present shuttered and stingy, that we decided to investigate in a way other than applying directly to our eyes.

I smelled the bottle, and put some drops onto my hand. It smelled weird, but I had no reference because I had never thought to smell my eye drops before.

This liquid smelled like ethanol. I squirted a fair amount of the bottle on the ground and then set my lighter to it and it caught on fire!

We all went home confused and slightly afraid of using eye drops again, and it wasn’t until the following day that I figured out what had happened. I had used these drops earlier the day before, just before I had gone to work.

The bottle had been in my coat pocket, and, let’s call him Little Bob, the son of the boss, Big Bob, had taken the bottle, removed the actual eye drops, and replaced it with rubbing ethanol… because he thought it would be a funny prank. We wanted to beat Little Bob to within an inch of his life, but I really liked my job and Big Bob was a good guy and a great boss, even if his son was kind of a jerk.

So I talked them out of direct violence and came up with my own plan… 1 drop of super glue.

I waited a couple of weeks to distance myself from the prank. Little Bob had a pickup truck. The truck was a model from the early 80s and had two bucket seats instead of a single bench-style seat. Two doors, and importantly two locks, two manual locks that could only be opened with a key, and there were no power locks so you had to physically unlock the door that you wanted to open.

Between the two seats was a large console that ran from the dashboard to the back of the cabin, and it was not something that was easily hopped over, especially for a person of Little Bob’s size. One quick squirt in the door lock of the driver’s side of his truck was all it took. Just enough to lock the pins, and his key wouldn’t really fit anymore but there would be no obvious reason why it was happening.

But why not both locks? That’s where the genius of my plan would come into play.

Little Bob was cheap, like really cheap. He didn’t like to spend anything that he didn’t have to. He would pretend to be homeless to get free lunch at the mission. And I knew that if he had to change both locks, my little prank would fizzle within an hour of its discovery.

But, if it was just one lock, he could just go to the other side and unlock it, open it, climb in and over the console and sit down and drive the truck away. And of key importance, still be able to get out from the driver’s side when he got to where he was going. So the impulse to fix it would fade because fixing a mere annoyance was not more valuable to him than the $200 or so dollars it would cost to get it fixed.

However, in the area we lived in, unlocked cars became stolen cars pretty quickly. So he would, of course, lock both doors and the cycle would repeat and he would be annoyed and inconvenienced indefinitely.

Little Bob did it for a couple of months, probably having to climb over that console a couple of hundred times. He almost seemed proud of himself after he’d taken it to get the lock changed out, as if he had defeated his assailant. He didn’t suspect me, but only because he thought it was someone else that had it out for him as well. My power face never slipped. He didn’t even know it was me that had done it until someone told him after I’d moved away.”

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TJHall44 2 years ago
Should have called the cops on him
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32. Two Girls Tried Shoplifting At My Job, But We Found Them That Same Day


“An interesting coincidence happened today when I was stocking shelves at my side job and two girls decided to shoplift a few items. My supervisor asked them at the door if they were going to pay for those items. They were petty items as this was at a Dollar Tree, where everything is $1.25. They proceeded to call my manager a ‘racist jerk’ and a ‘witch.’ All three of them, the two girls, and my soft-voiced manager, were black.

They walked out with the items because as many people know, retail employees can be sued for physically stopping you for petty theft unless you’re a properly designated security guard. We’ve been getting ravaged lately by theft and our location is getting flak from regional for low margins, as our hands are tied.

The coincidence came when a coworker who managed it and I decided to grab a bite together at my other job, where I could get us the employee discount.

My coworker noticed after we walked in that the same two girls were sitting down across the lobby. I chuckled and we started eating when one of them was called over by my manager there for an interview to begin. Then the other one interviewed. After they were done and walked out, I motioned my manager over and explained the incident that happened less than two hours prior. My coworker backed me up and she was very happy to dodge those two bullets.

They are no longer under consideration for a position.”

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31. You Want To Be Lazy? I'll Keep Calling You On The Intercom


“So I work at a grocery store. I’m a cashier and self-checkout attendant. Today I was the self-checkout attendant. So today, at work at 8:20 (we close at 9) I saw the service clerk who we’ll call Cole doing returns. Cole for the record is super lazy and barely does his job. He only still has it because our boss is his aunt.

So anyway, I turned to him and sang ‘Hey, I got returns!’

He shrugged and said ‘Ehh, not right now’ before walking away.

I wait a few moments then grab the phone by the checkouts and went on the intercom and said in the pettiest voice ‘Cole to U-scan. Cole to U-scan.’

He begrudgingly came to self-checkout and took them. I waited another ten minutes because a customer left her groceries and said she’d return but at that point, it had been twenty minutes and it seemed she was never coming back today. So I grab the phone and go on the intercom again saying ‘Cole to U-scan. Cole to U-scan.’

He was just about to put the returns cart away because he had finished which I figured he would be by then. He came by and annoyedly took the returns back.”

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30. This Lady Called The Police On Me, So I Signed Her Up For Spam Calls


“A few years back, I worked for a cluster of a company. The job was pretty soul-crushing for many reasons. Literally, when they fired me for not doing my job (that they could never seem to find time to train me on, but had plenty of time to yell at me/gaslight about), I felt strangely relieved and liberated.

Some things to note: This was a 100% remote job, they sent me a laptop to work on, and I was to send it back using a box and shipping label they would provide.

Long story short, sending the box back proved to be an absolute circus because nobody could figure out how to do this, people quit throughout the process, and I was handed off from person to person like a hot potato.

I had been trying to work out the shipping-the-laptop-back situation since January. It was now June. Near the end of June, I receive a call from someone (Karen) claiming to be the HR head of the US division of the company.

Karen demanded to know why I have kept the laptop and not returned it. I tried to explain what has been going on and she was having none of it. She demanded I send the laptop back immediately (I still had no box, no return shipping label to send it back, and it was 10 am on a workday and I was at work). After 10 minutes of this, I cut her off and told her that I have already been working with 3 other people from the company on this.

I told her if she wants to continue this chat to talk to them first and then we’ll talk, because I’m tired of repeating myself, and that I was AT WORK and didn’t have any more time for this, and hung up.

Karen took this as the ultimate offense and was outraged.

I received multiple angry texts, calls, and voicemails throughout the rest of the workday. All from her personal cell (this is important later).

I called her back when I was finally off work, and she launched into a tirade – she told me I had 24 hours to return the stolen laptop or she would call the police and report the laptop as stolen. I still had no box and no shipping label, but she didn’t care. I didn’t want to pay the $35 to ship it back, but I just wanted this nightmare to end, so I asked what address to ship it to and she told me.

Well, she didn’t wait 24 hours like she said she would, because about an hour later I get a call from the local PD about a laptop that has been reported as ‘stolen’. I was fuming. Long story short, I returned the laptop, paid the shipping fees, got it all recorded on my phone, showed the police officer when they came to my apartment, and that was that.

On a completely unrelated note, I had been unemployed for a while before this horrible job and had shopped around for health insurance. Little did I know that if I went to this (incorrect/fraudulent) website, filled out this certain online form, and clicked submit, my contact info ended up in some database somewhere and I would be called 2-3 times a day from nameless call center people and robots asking about health insurance.

The calls finally lightened up after a couple of years and multiple attempts to block spam calls, from going to anti-spam websites to calling my carrier to figure out different options. Now I only get spam calls for insurance maybe once a month.

Back to Karen. After the debacle of shipping back the laptop, I knew that my needing to be treated with human decency stressed her out.

Getting overly stressed is bad for your health, and I was genuinely concerned for her health. I wanted to make sure she had all the possible health benefits she could obtain so she could stay in good health, so I spent 5 hours on my next day off filling out that online form over and over again with her personal cell and contact info, changing the details slightly each time.

One time she was a smoker, another time she wasn’t, but drank. Another time she did/didn’t have a spouse/children. You get the idea. And I filled it out and submitted it again. And again. And again.

I’ll never know what impact it had because she’ll never know it was me and we have no mutual connections, but I’d like to think she now shares my experience with these robocalls.

For an added extra super-duper petty bonus: To make sure the calls don’t die down (because I just genuinely care about her health so much), I made a reminder to resubmit the form once per year. Every year. It’s been 3 years. Golly, I hope Karen’s health is doing better now.”

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29. My Brother Kept Getting Garbage In Front Of His House, So He Came Up With A Master Plan


“My brother just told me this little revenge story that started on Monday and is still an ongoing situation with a fly-tipper (someone who illegally dumps household trash).

Monday. My brother has a garage that is not connected to his house, it’s actually in the next street. He went to get his car out of the garage to find a pile of garbage in front of the door.

My brother is one just to clean it up. In the UK, it’s a regular problem that sees very few prosecutions.

Tuesday. He went to get his car only to find two old sofas. He called the local council to come and haul them away.

Wednesday. Went to his car to find another pile of garbage. He had enough. So he opened the bags to try and find some evidence of the perpetrator.

A letter, amazon box, anything. He didn’t find much until he spotted a medicine bottle, it didn’t have an address but it had the guy’s full name, his NHS number, and the name of his doctor’s office. We will call him Tony Lee Trashbag. He hatches his little revenge plan.

My brother got some old wallpaper then taped it to the garage door, fully covering it, and wrote the following message:



Last line was a lie but hey.

Thursday. My brother came out to find no trash piles or old furniture in front of his garage and the banner gone.”

Another User Comments:

“There’s a guy in Detroit with a special passion for his neighborhood. He and his crew work hard to keep it nice and liveable.

The neighborhood is a little down and out and full of vacant lots where people dump trash… and the residents are there to say NO.

This guy and his crew look through the trash for addresses, as your brother did. Then they load it up and take it back!

When he’s caught doing it, he tells the folks, ‘I found your stuff and am returning it. Here you go.’ He also works with the police and does everything he can to make the dumpers regret it and pay for it.

He also videotapes it all and posts it online. He’s a legend. He’s really making a difference.” ShowMeTheTree

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28. My Cousin Treated Me Horribly So I Took Her Couch When I Moved Out


“This was almost a decade ago, so the details might be a little off.

For reasons irrelevant to the story, I (20f at the time) moved in with my cousin (22f), who had a year-old baby. She lived about an hour from my hometown. At first, it was great. I didn’t mind caring for the baby as I definitely needed a distraction from other crap going on, and my cousin’s sassy company was more than welcome.

We ended up moving to a new city that was a little farther from my hometown about a year later so that she could go back to school. She made this decision without me and I didn’t want to go, but I was a pushover and she made me feel like I was obligated to go for her daughter’s sake, so away we went. Everything was event-free for about another 2 years.

Let me set up the evening where it all came crashing down. Cousin was seeing her on-and-off-again guy who loved to spoil her. Cousin is openly materialistic. I’d been seeing my partner for about a year or so. I was working midnights at a factory, but I would live at normal-people-hours on weekends because the partner lived out of town and that’s when he would visit.

Do not recommend, very bad times.

It was a Saturday, so I had been up all Friday night (working) and would be staying up all day Saturday to hang with the partner. But on this night, I was actually going to stay up later than usual with my cousin, the boys, a friend, and a few drinks. Good times for all, right?

Cousin’s partner arrives and they say they’re gonna run out quickly to get some more drinks.

I told cousin and her guy to be quick because I was exhausted by that point (7:30-8ish), and if I was gonna stay up for a good time I would need to get the drinks in me and start the party ASAP. Cousin acknowledged and agreed to that, saying they shouldn’t be longer than 20 minutes tops.

Half an hour goes by and they’re still not back, so I text them, asking where they were.

She says they’ll be back soon. 15 more minutes and I text again, asking where they were and saying I’m hitting my breaking point. Her response? ‘Lol.’ I was definitely ticked off. There were a few other texts in between and after that, but I don’t remember anything aside from her providing one-word answers.

Another 15-30 minutes later, she and her boy toy walk through the door…

with a dog. Apparently, they thought it’d be a great idea to drive over 20 minutes out of town to pick up his dog to surprise us! What a great and considerate idea, right?

I was livid. I was past the point where music and laughing and drinking games would wake me up. I briefly (and probably rudely) expressed my anger, then went to bed. My partner stayed up and told me she just talked crap about me the rest of the night.

The next day, we had a huge fight about it, and afterward, I realized how horribly she’d been treating me since we moved in together, and frankly my entire childhood (but we won’t get into that part).

To paint a bit of a picture, she constantly used me as an on-call babysitter/nanny (forcing me to watch her child even when she was just tending to her social life), bossed me around like she was in charge of me, and later I found out she was overcharging me for rent and utilities.

She was never actually nice to me (she’s a big fan of backhanded compliments and insults disguised as compliments) and she really didn’t seem to care about my well-being. That big blow-out fight made me realize how self-absorbed she was and how little our relationship actually meant to her.

Now, here’s where my petty revenge comes into play. Christmas was a month before this, and I had gone out of my way to buy my thoughtful, caring, compassionate cousin a new couch, which she badly needed.

When I moved out, I took that couch with me.

I bought that couch for my thoughtful, caring, and compassionate cousin, not the stubborn witch of a person that screamed at me because I was upset with her and then tried to use her daughter as leverage to get me to stay during our last blow-out fight.

The best part is, while I definitely need to get it refurbished, my petty revenge still sits in my living room.”

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TJHall44 2 years ago
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
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27. You're Honking At Me To Hurry Up? I'll Just Go Back Inside The Mall


“I used to live near a very big and popular mall where above-ground parking is scarce, but, there’s a ton of underground parking.

I liked to go early to get an above-ground spot, the underground parking is super confusing. So I went early, got a good spot, and went shopping. I was in the mall for a couple of hours and it got busy.

Went outside and saw one of the Park Sharks pull away from the curb (the fire lane actually) and start to follow me to my car.

A Park Shark is someone who NEEDS an above-ground spot so badly that they’ll wait for people to come out and then take their spot. It’s weird but whatever. The above-ground spots ARE superior.

So they follow me to my car, I put all my shopping in the trunk, get in, and of course, I have to fiddle with my phone for like two seconds to get a good song.

I put the car into reverse and then I hear HONK.

They honked at me to hurry up! I guess they didn’t see the reverse lights?

Anyways, I put the car in park, got out, locked it, and went back into the mall.

I waved at the Park Shark on the way by.

Guess he didn’t know I have no life and have all the time in the world to hang out at the mall.”

Another User Comments:

“I’ve encountered Park Sharks in the past during the post-Thanksgiving Christmas shopping season.

In every case, there was plenty of parking — these jerks just didn’t want to walk far. I have a particular problem with other cars waiting for my spot because they inevitably stop too close to the back of my car for me to comfortably back out.

I took to doing two things:

I’d park about 80% of the way down the aisle — i.e., far from the mall.

I’d walk back to my car two aisles over from where my car was parked. When I spotted the shark shadowing me, I’d keep walking till level with my car, then walk between the parked cars toward my car. Shark would whip around the end of the aisle, and down the next one — while I continued walking to the third aisle, leaving him high and dry.” Reddit User

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aofa 2 years ago
I'm a male, and to be honest? If I had a vehicle start following me like that, I would not go anywhere near my vehicle, walk around like I'm trying to find it, then go back into the mall because I would figure they might be wanting to jump me and take my vehicle, or trying to see what I drove, plate number etc to possibly do a home invasion robbery later
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26. You Want To Bring People Over Unannounced? I'll Make It Awkward


“So a few years ago I was renting a small 2 bedroom place with my brother. He was very social, had lots of friends while I was more introverted. So he would often bring ‘friends’ (I often had never met these people before) over to hang out with him/us while I rarely, almost never did so. Since in the summer it was extremely hot and we didn’t have any AC, it was pretty common that we would both just hang out in our underwear as a way to beat the heat.

Especially myself as I’m a bigger guy who generates his own heat, in the winter I’m like a radiator and people will sit beside me just to absorb my extra heat. It’s important to remember that we both did this on a pretty much daily basis, so it was never a surprise that one or the other of us was mostly bare at any given time.

So, I would be hanging out in my underwear watching tv or playing video games and my brother would walk in with anywhere from 2-4 people and I would just get up and put on a shirt and shorts then sometimes come back out to hang with everyone depending on my mood. After they left I would tell my brother, ‘Hey, I don’t care if you’re having people over.

Bring over whoever you want, whenever you want. Just shoot me a text so I know to be decent.’

Every time he would agree to do so, then just show up with friends and no warning again the next time. I was getting frustrated but kept reiterating myself to him and he kept saying he would warn me ‘next time’. To make things better (or is it worse?) our entrance opened up right into the kitchen/living room, so the first thing his friends would see as they walked in was my big blindingly-pale bearded almost bare self lounging on the couch (imagine walking into your home to see a fat tattooed Viking laying in full view in a ‘draw me like one of your French girls’ pose).

They must have found it awkward, I know I did.

Well, eventually I got tired of the situation and plotted some petty revenge with the hope that he would get the point. The next time my brother showed up with a few friends and I was in my underwear, I just sat there. For the next 3 or so hours I just sat in the middle of the living room playing video games in my underwear, occasionally talking to the other people.

No one said anything but I’m sure everyone felt awkward about it. The time after that, same thing, only this time I was watching Netflix. So 3 or 4 of us sitting in the living room watching Netflix with me in my underwear and everyone else fully dressed. Each time my brother brought people around unannounced I refused to get dressed and no one ever called me out on it (if someone had called me out I was planning to apologize and say I had no idea anyone was coming over that I had to be decent for and then get dressed and come back out like nothing happened).

After a couple of weeks of this, my brother suddenly started texting me when he was bringing people over. Sometimes with a few minutes warning, sometimes with a few hours warning, so I would get up and put on some clothes. He never brought someone over unannounced again, and no one ever walked in to see me chilling in my underwear again.”

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25. This Guy Called Me Unskilled, So I Became Unavailable To Help Out


“I’m a healthcare worker in the US with credentials that are very sought after since most people with my degree seemed to flock south and very few remain in the north.

I work full time in a skilled nursing facility known to have difficult management and even more difficult and very behavioral patients. I am a creature of habit and I dislike changes so despite the stress levels of this particular job, I stayed.

It also helps to note that my degree gets me good pay ($45 an hour as of 2018, I’m making more now). I am also crazy at times but I make up for it by being very dedicated to my job.

For some reason, there was a drought of admissions so the caseload dwindled. Now, this particular company has a knack for being very greedy (I call it bloodthirsty).

Corporate is pressuring me to increase the caseload and wanted me to see patients even when they’re not appropriate. This is both unethical and illegal. I refuse to milk the system dry. This is why we Americans are in this sticky situation in the first place. I pushed back against this for so long they finally sent a guy from corporate headquarters to have a ‘talk’ (read: intimidate and coerce me).

I know where I stand and I’m really not in the mood to be told how to do my job, especially by some scrawny pencil pusher who doesn’t even interact with real patients. The guy called me unskilled and questioned my clinical competence in front of my boss. It was humiliating. Boss was a coward and didn’t even lift a finger to defend me.

At the end of the meeting (1:30 pm) I was figuratively bruised, but not broken.

I immediately reached out to the HR of another building I do per diem work with to transition to working full time with them. Now, this HR has been trying to get me to do the switch for a while now. I made it clear that this was a now or never opportunity for them, so I need them to be swift. They extended an offer at 4 pm.

They offered to pay me more. I happily typed my resignation letter using the company-issued laptop and printed it using a company printer while on company time and handed it to my boss with a smug expression on my face. I gave them 4 weeks’ notice (only because I have several upcoming doctor’s visits within that period). I made it sound like I was giving them ample time to find my replacement.

Here’s the icing on the cake: I continue to work for them as a per diem employee initially for $50 (I went thermonuclear on them for ‘lowballing’ me), and then bumped it up for $55 per hour now (Hence why I never burn bridges). I would intermittently be ‘unavailable to help them out’ during busy days just for the fun of seeing them scramble on their feet to look for a replacement. Yes, I’m sadistic and petty in that aspect.

Makes me feel warm inside knowing I beat them to their game. How do you like me now?”

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24. My Manager Took Credit For My Work, But Karma Took Care Of Her Real Quick


“I work at a company that cleans buildings. Windows, gutters, carpets, you name it.

Old manager would bark orders at everyone while they did all the work. I’m the onsite supervisor, but unlike other supervisors, I actually do the most dangerous, physically intensive jobs onsite (ladders, machines, etc.) while the other workers assist me.

One day I did about 80 percent of the job singlehandedly, while the manager and the others messed around all day.

Later on, I get written up, I found out she had taken credit for my work and lied saying that it was I who was messing around, and the idiot boss believed her.

I told them she was full of crap, taking credit for my work and I was going to quit. They begged me not to go and upped my pay. I was still mad.

Fast forward we end up at a job where it’s just the two of us, instead of me doing everything I make her do half the work. She ends up busting her back by falling down a window well (which is a job I usually do) and can no longer work the job. Well, so much for taking credit for my work, she couldn’t do what I do every day for just one day.

We have a better manager now and work is much better.”

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23. Colleague Always Had His Earbuds In, So I Planned A Fire Drill


“A few years ago I had a colleague who was quite rude. I didn’t have to work with him too much so the main thing that annoyed me personally was that he sucked at office etiquette (he did annoy a few other colleagues who he worked closely with).

He was big into his music and thought he was better than everyone else because he liked certain songs.

He had noise-canceling headphones which meant he couldn’t listen in or contribute to any group conversations, but then got offended when he was ‘left out’. We kept telling him to change earphones, put them on so they don’t cover both ears, or have his music quieter, but he wouldn’t. We told him it was kind of rude, but also dangerous if there was something he needs to hear.

During this time, I became a fire marshal for the floor, so I would regularly do the call point testing and I’d do a fake evacuation every 6 months or so. He worked one day in an office on his own with frosted windows so couldn’t see anyone else. I thought then would be a good day to plan the evacuation. I checked all of the rooms first (to check there wasn’t actually a fire), then started the test. Everyone was out in record time, but after waiting for a while, he still wasn’t out. I had to submit my report to the office manager, telling him why we failed. Annoying colleague got a talking to and changed his ways.

I like to think he learned his lesson and I may have actually saved his life by that lesson!”

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22. Want To Snoop Through My Laptop? Be Prepared For What You Might See


“Back when I lived with my mom, my mom had the tendency to look through my computer. I have a password lock and everything but it still doesn’t stop her from trying.

One day I opened my laptop and saw that the password has been entered incorrectly 5 times and stopped me from entering it for five minutes. I knew it was my mom but what could I do?

Fun fact, though, I actually caught her once on my laptop.

I accidentally fell asleep and she took my computer off my lap. I could hear the tapping of my keyboard and saw her there. So I just woke up and silently rose behind her like a ghost and gently put my hand on her shoulder. Loudest scream ever made by her.

Anyways, it was becoming a nuisance of her always going on my laptop as she had no sense of privacy since I was ‘underaged’ (I was already 19).

I was trying to figure out ways to stop her from going on my laptop. One day I figured it out, I was watching some drag race queens (my mom is so against drag queens) and I heard her saying she was especially disturbed by two in particular. I grinned wider than the Grinch and opened google. I searched and searched to find the funniest but cringiest-looking photos of said drag queens and I found it.

In fact, I found 8 in total to make into a slideshow wallpaper to really freak her out.

The next morning I set my laptop on the dining table as a trap (I intentionally disabled the password lock). I hid next to the pantry and waited. Soon enough she took the bait. She opened it and she screamed ‘AHHHH WHAT IS THAT!!?!?!”

Catching her red-handed, she admitted defeat and it was victory for us all. Since then she has stopped snooping or at least attempting on my laptop, but I still keep it in close proximity of me.

Want to know the queens I used? Trixie Mattel and Bob the Drag Queen. And anyone who has watched them you can agree to a certain point that they are quite the characters in terms of appearance.”

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alohakat 2 years ago
Love both Bob and Trixie....
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21. A Life Insurance Spammer Kept Calling My Wife's Phone So I Pretended To Be An Old Woman


“Like most people, my wife and I get spam callers, admittedly we don’t often get them but when we do we just hang up on them… until today. My wife starts getting spam calls from the same company, and we know they’re spam as they always ask for her using her maiden name, not my surname. So she says, ‘I’ll just get her for you’ before handing the phone to me telling me to do my thing.

Me with a very obvious ‘I’m just messing with you’ old woman’s voice, I say, ‘Oh hello I’m (wife’s first and maiden name).’

‘Hello, yes I’d like to talk to you about life insurance,’ says the spammer.

‘Life insurance? Oh well you see, I’m old. I don’t have much of a life these days. I’m 93 years old.’

‘Even more reason to get it, to protect your family.’

‘Well as it happens I don’t have any life at all, I died three weeks ago.’

‘You died there weeks ago?’

‘Yes, I died three weeks ago.

Poor old heart just gave out. The funeral’s next Tuesday if you want to go? At the crematorium on Tar Works road.’

‘No thank you. Sorry to hear you died and sorry to disturb you. Goodbye.’

And thankfully we never heard from them again. If we want life insurance or whatever it is you’re selling, we will call you.”

Another User Comments:

“The same company rang me 5 times trying to sell me a super expensive vacuum cleaner with a lot of fine print in the contract.

They obviously didn’t take my NO for an answer, nor did they remove my number from their lists like I’d asked them to do.

Cue caller nr.5 (poor guy, but really pushy and had it coming).

We spoke for a few minutes; first that I had been promised not to get a call from them again, secondly, we spoke regarding their contract. I wanted to make sure this guy KNEW that the contract was bogus and made to rip people off (generally elder people).

And boy he knew. And he was quite sure he’d turn me around so he wasn’t all that surprised when I started sounding positive.

I asked him to please wait, someone was at the door – then I put my phone down next to one of the speakers of my radio and walked away to the TV and watched an episode of a show (GoT). Around 45minutes later I came back and to my surprise a very bored voice replied ‘I’m still here,’ and when I told him I had a change of heart and wasn’t at all interested, a 10-second long silence ensued where I could only hear his breathing, promptly followed by a click.” SVN_-

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20. Make Me Feel Like I'm Dumb? I Won't Help You With Your Homework


“So this happened only a week ago but of course, I’ll have to go into the context first. 3 months ago when university started, I met this guy who was in my class and at first, he seemed really nice, smart and one of those no-nonsense type of guys which is just what I like in a friend.

But gradually, the façade begins to come off and I see how much of a jerk he is.

He constantly made me feel like I was stupid. As if I was an idiot who had the privilege of being spoken to by him. To name a few things that happened: when I was in his car and I commented on his car and how he should park it he told me that I was ‘smarter than I look’. Probably one of the worst backhanded compliments in my opinion.

He said this to me on more than one occasion but my dumb self took that as a compliment. Then he asked me to work with him on this assignment that we were given and his arrogant self texted me ‘I better get a first’ implying that if I’m to help him I have to get him a first? I didn’t like this behavior so I just ignored him.

He wasn’t just arrogant and acted entitled to me, we had a group chat with the rest of the class where at one point he texted ‘If anyone has the answers to question X, now would be a good time to share’ which I took in an arrogant and entitled way.

Then came the day some witch was talking down to me in class because I didn’t react during my TMS experiment (it was a cognitive neuroscience class) and I obviously fought back and instead of backing me up like a friend, this guy just gave her more material to talk down on me! He later told me that he thought she was obnoxious and I wanted to tell him ‘then why did you make things worse back there?’ but I kept it to myself.

The very last straw came when we were at Costa and we had to order. He recommended this chocolate muffin so I told the barista that I wanted the chocolate cake (I didn’t think to call it a muffin because it looked too big to be called one) and she ends up giving me a slice of carrot cake. This is when I’m like ‘No, I wanted THAT chocolate cake’ and I point at which one I was referring to.

She then goes ‘Oh that’s not a cake, that’s a muffin’ (as if it makes a difference).

He’s by my side and starts laughing and goes ‘I apologize for her, she doesn’t know the difference between a cake and a muffin!’

At this point I’m seething with both anger and embarrassment, we talked until I finished my ‘muffin’ and I got up to go, vowing to never speak to him or go out with him again.

PSA: Even if you do have a friend or someone you know who isn’t very bright, it is NOT your job to make them feel like they are because that’s jerk behavior. Since then, every time he texted me, I gave him the deadest replies. Until I got tired of his messages and asked my significant other for advice where he told me I should block him, so I did.

Fast forward a week ago, he needs help with the last assignment for the class which he had gotten an extension on and I had already done for the original deadline. I assume he reached out to me but because he was blocked, none of his messages would go through. On the group chat, a few other people were stuck on the last assignment and I tried my best to help them, except for him of course.

At one point in the chat, he must’ve picked up that I was replying to everyone’s queries except for his so he directs his ‘help me’ messages at me in the group chat and I ignore them while still continuing to help the other girls. I’m not sure if anyone ended up helping him but I’m certainly glad I didn’t.

Screw you, that’s what you get for embarrassing me and making me feel like an idiot.”

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19. My Teacher Wouldn't Let Me Get Fresh Air, So I Threw Up In His Classroom


“I’m Indian and vegetarian. I also went to high school in the US. In our high school, we would have homerooms so that teachers could take attendance and hand out school-wide notices and stuff like that. Sometimes they’d throw homeroom parties with some of the neighboring classrooms where students would bring in chips and snacks and teachers would make a bigger item such as a breakfast bar or taco bar.

Well, this one time an English teacher decided to make the hot breakfast items including bacon. At first, this wasn’t an issue for me because I wasn’t in that wing for homeroom, but I had his class right after homeroom. Now keep in mind this teacher LOVED the smell of bacon and offered to make a fresh batch for the students in his class in order to use up the leftover bacon and keep his classroom smelling like it for a little bit longer.

This was when I realized I on the other hand despised the smell of bacon, so much so that I felt queasy and asked to go to the office. Unfortunately for me, my teacher couldn’t comprehend the fact that someone could feel sick from the smell of bacon and refused to let me go. I kept asking but he told me to suck it up and ‘just because you’re vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to make everyone else feel guilty about eating meat.’

At this point, I straight up felt nauseous and told him I was going to throw up if he didn’t let me get some fresh air, but he still didn’t let me go. So I threw up in the classroom. Luckily I was able to make it to the trashcan and was allowed to leave, but it turns out no one was in the mood for bacon after that.

Anyway, moral of the story, if someone asks to get some fresh air, let them.”

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Jove 2 years ago
You sound like a decent guy. I am so sorry you had to suffer because many vegetarians DO try to make meat-eaters seem to be animals while they are in a superior stratum. And, by the way, your teacher was a jerk.
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18. Staring Angrily At My Book? I'll Stomp On Your Foot


“I have just experienced the most beautiful petty revenge that I have ever navigated.

I live in London so 9-5 is rush hour for trains. There was a signal failure at my usual station so I had to walk 14 minutes to the next, which was annoying because my shift is set to avoid rush hour because I am constantly in pain due to my adenomyosis, which today has sucked because my co-codamol makes me feel so so nauseous which isn’t relaxing on a train.

Anyways, I manage to walk up and wait for and get on the train. Being 10 minutes before rush hour meant the trains were a little bit busy but there were vacant seats (around 6/14?) scattered around my section. Tbh I am relieved it’s not like a sardine tin despite being a bit later and I sit down to enjoy my book and music.

A man gets on a few stops forward.

This entire interaction there is not one word uttered which, of course, if you need someone to do something you should ask. Instead of taking a vacant seat, he decides to sit right next to me. I am thrilled with being able to sit and not be overwhelmed by busyness, so I am in a relatively good mood. I don’t require too much arm room because of the way I sit but had my arm probably less than half of ‘my side’.

Instead of saying anything at all, he begins to forcibly push (to the point of pain) against my arm that was already relatively on my side. Having had issues with commuting before I try to avoid conflict or awkwardness like the plague but I just stayed sat and not being pushed off my armrest when a) there are an abundance of seats and b) if you are confident enough to actually hurt my arm then you can ask me instead of hurting me.

I always highlight and underline my books for references, so I can feel his eyes burning with hatred at me and was trying to look at my book so I started highlighting wonkily (I don’t know why I did this but why are you looking at my book with such anger).

Okay eventually, about three stops on he gets up and sits opposite while giving venomous glares.

I choose to totally ignore this because I’m reading and sitting there having a good ol’ time but when he’s staring I just decided to squish my arm against my body and off the armrest which did not make him thrilled.

I get up to leave a few stops later, about 6/7 stops post man arriving. I get up and he lets everyone by as normal but when I walk by he extends his leg unto at least half the carriage floor.

I didn’t see the foot until too long but I stumbled and then just trod right on his foot (accidentally but wow thank you universe!). I just say ‘OMG SO SORRY’ and walk off and look back and he is utterly seething as the train rattles off.

If the train wasn’t so empty and he wasn’t so angry for literally no reason I would so happily have obliged to help. I always try giving people a hand if necessary and go out of my way to do so but if you’re actually physically going to hurt me, pal that’s not going to work!”

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TJHall44 2 years ago
Lol I got someone thrown off an airplane for pulling that crap with me. Guy sat next to me and immediately used his elbow to painfully jab my arm twice. Now, I have a medical condition that makes me bruise very easily. As soon as he jabbed me the second time I screamed "omg why did you punch me?" Long story short he denied it but everyone could see the huge, nasty bruise forming on my arm that looked like he had punched me very hard. Since we hadn't taken off yet he got thrown off the plane, hope it taught him a lesson.
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17. Complain About Something I Didn't Do? I Have Three Bouts Of Revenge For You


“I’ve been doing street outreach for a year. Some of the situations on the job are life and death and I go to work every day trying to do my best for my clients. That being said, I genuinely don’t feel like I have time for meddling coworkers.

I work the weekend shift and every week without avail the Monday crew complains about me for something.

At first, it did start out from mistakes I had made.

For example, one night some clients had been eating in the back of the work van and there were crumbs I didn’t vacuum out. I apologized and then every Sunday after that, I would vacuum the van. Despite my diligent cleaning, the crumb complaints continued.

The final straw was two weekends ago when I got an earful from one of the Monday crew that on my shift I had left all of the supplies in the van and hadn’t cleaned.

Here’s the thing, I vividly remember cleaning.

Petty Revenge #1: I told my supervisor about this complaint and he went back on the cameras. They clearly show me taking all of the supplies out of the van and cleaning it.

I told the complaining coworker I had gone back on the cameras and he immediately started back peddling and pointing the finger at his work partner. He told me his partner has been the one who’s been filing these complaints—every Monday.

At this point, I was about 50 Shades of done with this bull crap so I enacted a plan. Every Sunday I’m going to do something petty that won’t hurt anybody but will be mildly annoying.

Petty Revenge #2: Two weekends ago I changed the clock in the work van 45 minutes ahead so these fools will think they showed up late to work.

Petty Revenge #3: Every Sunday I make sure to adjust the driver and passenger seats all the way forward so that they got to pull them back before they can get in at the start of their shift.

I’m trying to think of some more stuff to do. But the moral of the story is: if you complain about crap that isn’t happening I will give you something to complain about.”

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StumpyOne 2 years ago
Change all the mirrors. Shift everything one space over. Radio settings changed.
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16. The Revenge My Sister Had Made Me Never Wear Her Clothes Again


“To be honest upfront, this is petty revenge that I was the recipient of, not that I delivered.

My sister is five years older than I am. Growing up, I hated getting ‘hand-me-down’ clothes. Until my sister got a job and started buying her own trendy clothes.

Before she left for college, I frequently raided her closet and dresser for things to wear. And she would, rightfully so, get angry and make me return the clothes.

We would get into the typical teenage sister fight with lots of shouting, name-calling, and tears. At times, Mom would intervene and I would get into trouble.

One time, when my sister was home from college, I raided her clothes again, and wore her cool, white, tennis shoes, with the trendy blue label on the heel.

So, 16 year old me was in high school French class, in a cool outfit, topped off with the cool shoes.

To note, this was way before schools had limited entry. My sister had gone to high school here as well and knew the building and classes.

I’m sitting in French class with my friends, as well as the typical cross-section of high school – cheerleaders, football players, prom court, etc. And guess what – my sister shows up to my class and knocks on the door. My French teacher recognizes her and lets her into class.

In walks my sister carrying a nasty pair of tennis shoes. She calls me out on taking her shoes. Standing in front of the class, like a horrible show and tell. I am mortified!

She told me to give her back her cool shoes. I got up and went to the hall and took off her shoes and put on the nasty tennis shoes. I did the walk of shame back into French class, with laughs and comments. Somehow made it through the rest of class and just tried to make it through the next few classes so I could go home and take off the nasty shoes.

Lesson learned, I didn’t wear her clothes again, at least without permission.”

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lasm1 2 years ago
You got what you deserved.
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15. The Neighbors Hated Us For No Reason, So We Decided To Stay For Good


“A few decades ago, my late grandmother bought a property in a rural area some 30 minutes outside the city we live in. It was meant to be a place for all her children (and their children) to meet. This property came with a condemned house that she had rebuilt. We didn’t live there, but we have spent many Christmas, Summers, vacations, and weekends.

Now, from the start the neighbors didn’t like us – I say neighbors, but the nearest house was so far away from ours that even though we could see the house we would have needed binoculars to see the people on the porch.

We never knew exactly why that was. It may be that they saw us as ‘city-folk’ intruding their turf; it may be that they thought we’d be looking down on them (we didn’t); it may be the fact that we mostly kept to ourselves and were never really part of the community there – plus, since our property was in the very limit of the municipality, we were closer to the next town than to the one we technically ‘belonged’ to, so if we ever had to go to the supermarket or anything we’d go there, which probably didn’t help.

Whatever real or imagined offense we committed, these folks held a grudge and retaliated like only people from the countryside can. Over the years we’ve seen cows invade our property to feed off our garden and leave some ‘presents’ behind (the cows apparently ‘ran away’ from their parcel, came all the way to ours, opened the gate with their hooves, helped themselves to our vegetables, and went back home without forgetting to close the gate again on their way out), the theft of dozens of fruit trees (not the fruits.

The whole frigging trees!) and (the worst one) a home invasion where they trashed some furniture, drank all the booze and burned all sorts of stuff in the chimney including old pictures (black & white old) from when my dad was a kid (they also left ‘presents’ in the living room, by the way).

The clearest precedent of this story, though, is probably that our ‘next door’ neighbors legally maneuvered to steal from us a piece of land.

Not sure of the exact details, but the gist of it is that they raised a claim in the town hall that the border between our land and theirs was misdrawn, and since it went uncontested for X amount of time (I expect the claim and the proper deadlines were clearly on display in a cabinet inside a lavatory in a cellar somewhere, behind a ‘beware of the leopard’ sign) it became legally theirs.

Now, I was very young and not privy to certain conversations back then, so I assume there are many more incidents over the years I know nothing about. Fast forward 30 or so years, half of the siblings wanted to sell. There’s a lot to that but it’s unrelated to this story, so cutting to the end: we list the property with an agency and get a number.

It’s too high for the ones who want to keep the property to buy the others out, so we start showing the property to potential buyers.

One in particular, looked at the place and said on the spot they were buying it. No negotiation, no anything. Full price. He wanted to build a warden house on the property, and he just wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be an issue with the permits for that.

So he went to the town hall for the inquiries, and this is where the revenge comes in. The moment the clerk finds out which property they are talking about, they immediately tell him it’s not worth the price and start trash-talking it with a collection of lies and half-truths. The most important one (which I will not detail here) was something that used to be a big(-ish) problem under certain weather conditions back in the day, but which hasn’t happened in 15 years even under more extreme conditions due to a mix of public measures that mitigated the problem, and measures we took to protect our house from it.

As a result, the buyer withdrew the offer, and the listed price of our property started going down. Now, here’s the irony: it went down just enough so the siblings who wanted to keep the property can now afford the price, so we took it off the market and we’ll be buying it out from the other half of the family. If they had been a bit cleverer and not wanted to mess with us so bad, they would have gotten rid of us.

Instead, we’re staying for good.”

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TJHall44 2 years ago
I'd have burned their house down, F that
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14. My Neighbors Unleashed Their Dogs, So I Messed With Their Trash


“For context, I moved into my current apartment four years ago. It’s a brand new, pet-friendly, three-story building with one tenant per floor. My wife and I moved into the basement and on the same day, another young couple (mid-twenty to early thirty) moved into the one just above. I didn’t know at the time that they would end up being the worst neighbors I ever had.

It all started only a few days after we moved in. At first, we noticed that their two dogs barked a lot and often for hours non-stop. And for your information, the apartments are sound isolated. So much so that when the guy plays loud music I can only hear it if both of our windows are open.

After a couple of months, I started to realize that they never took their trash bin on the side of the road.

It was always the other neighbors, my wife or me that would do it for them. So I decided to stop doing them the favor and it just led to them piling some garbage bags outside of the filled bin and leaving them there for another two weeks. And when the raccoons would go through their garbage bags they wouldn’t even clean up. I had to do it for them because otherwise, the wind would bring all the trash on my balcony.

Then came winter. I’m from Canada so of course, it comes with a lot of snow to shovel. My neighbors do own a shovel but it’s mostly for decoration. So every winter the other friendly neighbor and I split the task of shoveling the stairs that they share, the path to the sheds, and around the recycling and garbage bin so they wouldn’t be stuck in ice.

In the meantime, the neighbors don’t even bother to remove the snow from their own parking spot which leads to their car sitting on top of a ten-inch bump of slippery compacted snow. On multiple occasions, their car slipped down from that hill and almost crashed into my wife’s car.

Then over the years, one of their demon dogs was unleashed and ran down my stairs, tore through my back door screen, and bit my dog on the snout pretty badly.

Almost every day there are some shady guys that come to the apartment and leave with little ‘packages’ and one time I couldn’t leave the house because the building was surrounded by over 15 police officers to arrest them.

But then a perfect opportunity for revenge appended. One day I noticed the recycling truck worker looking into their recycling bin and instead of picking it up he just left it there.

I got curious and when I went to pick up my own bin theirs was full of Styrofoam which is rejected by my city. So every time they bring the bin on the side of the road, I go after them and make sure to leave some Styrofoam sticking out.

It’s been two months now and they are drowning in trash and cardboard. They don’t put extra garbage near the bin anymore because of multiple complaints from me and some neighbors from other blocks. Every time they come to grab their bin they are dumbfounded to see that it’s still full. The other day I even saw the guy loading his car with trash to probably dump it into a bin somewhere else. I spent enough time dealing with their crap, now they get to live with their own.”

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13. My Manager Was Horrible So I Hid His Stereo Equipment So He Could Never Find It


“So this is a story about an old manager of mine, and he was put in charge of the pizzeria I work at due to our previous managers quitting. They have stories of their own, faults of their own. But this isn’t about them.

We will call this guy, Christie. Now Christie thought that he knew best in the restaurant, and to some extent he did. He understood that food and ingredient production needed to be completed at a certain hour which was 4.

He was scheduled to come in at 10, yet always came in around 12:00-12:30. He was clueless on how we worked production-wise, and whenever he messed up he’d waste the product. Never bother to learn either, always did things his way. Whatever he truly did in those hours was beyond a mystery, but every day he’d still be behind on production. Always doing a batch of dough at around the untimely hour of 4 PM.

He talked more than he ever worked. Whenever he worked, it was always half-baked. My father caught onto him, and so did my boss.

This is what the problem was: All orders that came in were incredibly stagnant. He could’ve gotten at least some things done, but all he threw out were excuses. There was at the very least 30 minutes of solid production time. This caused a couple of rifts between my father and him, which one day ended with him storming out of the restaurant after he questioned who he thought my dad was.

Keep in mind, this was after he had done nothing all day and was starting to do dough with a smile on his face. Because he left during a pretty busy hour as well, I had to come in and fill his spot.

Which royally ticked me off, considering it was my day off. Looking back, I’m not sure if my actions were exactly moral here, but I wanted to spit in this man’s face.

He was a manager, who got kicked out of his own restaurant by a delivery driver who made better pizzas than him. He should’ve had a sense of authority over himself and the crew, not crackdown at the slightest sign of confrontation.

I saw him leave behind his bright blue JBL speaker in the office. It’s this room that is about as big as a standard walk-in closet.

This is where things may delve into immorality. I grab hold of his speaker and think first to trash it. But only another dirtbag would do something like that. So in the upper right corner, there was the stereo equipment that plays music that broadcasts outside. I simply just stashed it up there, out of sight and out of mind. Hopefully, he’d find it, considering that he’s a giant of a man as well.

It’s within his eye level. Nobody else but him could find it up there.

And I was absolutely wrong. He believed that someone had stolen his speaker and that nothing could be done about it with the cops. He went on and on about it. Complaining about it profusely, like he had always done. All the while, it was sitting in the room right next to him, hidden where it’s supposed to be.

Right next to the stereo equipment.

It didn’t stop the fact that he was still poor at his job. It didn’t stop his obsessive talking during work. It didn’t even stop him from ‘accidentally bleeding all over the pizza dough’. While I admit that I do have regrets about the ordeal, they are plenty sparse. He quit a month afterward.

We still have that speaker in the restaurant today.”

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Jove 2 years ago
I suppose he was not fired to prevent him from collecting unemployment. I say this because it sounded like this is the thing for which he was angling.
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12. You Want To Keep Taking My Creamer? Enjoy A Mouth Full Of Salt


“For context, I’m an adult living with my parents. I buy all of my own groceries and also buy groceries to cook dinners throughout the week for my entire family. But I do buy certain things just for myself and I keep those things either in my room in a small cabinet or in the fridge and let those in the household know that I bought them for my own use, not for the family.

My mom and dad respect this, but my teenage brother does not. He frequently goes into my room and takes my food (not to mention other things) and takes my things out of the fridge too.

Recently, I started buying myself cold brew coffee and a nice creamer to go in it. I wasn’t cheap with my choices because I was buying it as a ‘treat’ for myself on bad mental health days.

I don’t drink coffee every day, but when I’d like some, I wanted it there at the house to drink instead of wasting even more money by going out to Starbucks or whatever.

Now the day I bring this stuff home from the store, I told my brother that I had purchased it for myself and to please not drink any of it. I didn’t end up drinking any that day, but the next day when I went to fix myself a cup, the creamer had been opened and there was a significant amount missing.

The coffee had not been opened. I questioned him about it and he claimed that he hadn’t had any, so I checked with my parents on the off chance that they had. Neither of them drinks coffee or uses creamer in anything ever, so I knew it wasn’t them. My brother eventually confessed that he had taken some and poured it into his milk to drink.

I reminded him that this was my creamer and to please not drink anymore. He said okay and we both moved on with our lives.

Flash forward to today, I went to get some coffee and noticed that my coffee jug was significantly less full and my creamer was almost gone. I had enough for one glass of iced coffee.

I’m livid. I know it’s just coffee and I shouldn’t be this worked up about it but it’s honestly just a pattern of disrespect that is making me angry.

He’s picked the lock to my bedroom door multiple times, used my computer to look at adult websites, stolen candy and food from my desk, stolen password-protected electronics from my room, and then ‘wiped’ them to factory settings so that he could use them (essentially erasing all the data on the device as well). All of this in the past month. Our parents have taken all of his privileges away, but nothing stops or even seems to phase him.

So today, after adding the remaining creamer to my iced coffee, I filled the container back up with a combination of milk, vanilla flavoring, and just an obscene amount of salt. I know this isn’t going to make up for what he took and he likely won’t ever drink it in my sight, so I won’t get to see his face when he discovers it. But, just the thought that he’s going to get a mouthful of this disgusting concoction fills me with glee.

And MAYBE, just MAYBE, he’ll stop drinking my stuff.”

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11. You Don't Think I'm Good Enough To Be In The Play? Oops, I Forgot My Line


“In my last year of high school, I was in Drama class for one of my optional classes. It was a fun class that was a really chill way to spend an hour of every day. I was often nervous during rehearsal and found it difficult to perform, but funnily enough, on stage, I was able to properly emote and perform.

For a final project, the class had come together to write a play, done in small separate scenes by trios or groups of four.

I was paired up with one chill guy and a guy who was a huge drama nerd.

The nerd took it all very seriously and looked down on me for well… not. I would have trouble emoting during rehearsal but knew and told the Drama Nerd I would do better on stage, I just felt anxious about performing during rehearsal. Oddly enough like reverse stage fright. He didn’t really believe me and tried to convince the teacher to have me do the lighting instead, but the teacher refused.

When it came time to do the play I played my part very well, the Drama nerd was saying to his fellow Drama obsessed friends, ‘Oh wow OP can actually emote.’

So when it came time for our biggest scene with me yelling in his face, I just ‘forgot’ my line, effectively ruining his scene.

I couldn’t give half a wet turd about the scene, but the Drama Nerd was so upset that his final scene was ruined that he stormed off without another word.

It didn’t hurt the play overall and nobody was really upset except him.”

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TJHall44 2 years ago
So you proved him right? Lol
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10. A Guy Ghosted My Friend, So I Used His Number To Sign Up For Every Notification Service I Could Find


“So this happened in my sophomore year of high school, kind of stupid but really satisfying at the time.

For context my friend is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, she never really found a guy she liked until one day she told us about this great guy she had met in another town. They lived a ways away from each other but they texted a lot and she really liked him.

A month or two in they had a plan to hang out together, and out of the blue he cancels and a few days later ghosts her, she still has no idea what happened.

However, she was heartbroken over this, and while she would never hurt a fly/forgives everyone, I wasn’t having it. So I took this guy’s number and signed him up for every notification service I could find for free, including London weather alerts (he lives in the U.S), another state’s county updates, and around 20+ other random subscriptions. Not to mention some of them sent verification codes immediately to his texts. They were nothing that can’t be blocked, but I hope he had quite the time trying to figure out what was going on.”

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TJHall44 2 years ago
People are allowed to not want to date other people. If it was a guy doing this to a girl people would throw a fit.
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9. My Teacher Wanted Me To Show My Work So I Became The Ghost Of The Classroom


“Back in high school, I was that student who never really showed his work. I was clever, I knew it, and I would often write answers with little to no explanation. When I did show my work, it was often pretty messy (because my handwriting was pretty poor). I wasn’t a bad student, but I could occasionally butt heads with teachers.

One teacher, in particular, Mrs. N, was very adamant about showing work and neatness in class.

Now, she was a great teacher—very clever, helpful, but she could be a bit strict. We had butted heads for a while over showing work, and eventually, I relented and started showing my work on all my homework/assignments.

On one particular assignment, I was pretty proud of myself, I completed the work and the extra credit in record time. The next day I sat happily at my desk, awaiting my over 100% assignment.

Mrs. N went around the room returning assignments, finally handing me mine. Now, what I got was not bad by any stretch of the imagination. A solid 95%. But, how? How could this happen? I inspected the assignment and found that I was not given credit on a few questions for not showing my work. But I had definitely shown it, so what gives? Well, to cut this overly long build-up short—I lost points because my work was ‘illegible.’

Hmmph! I could read it just fine!

The (very petty) revenge.

Now, I did like Mrs. N, so I wasn’t going to do anything TOO drastic… but I was going to at least get some amusement out of the class as penance.

A year or so back, I had bought a small IR universal remote online. This remote has one button and one job—to blast every television power on/off IR code at once. In short—I press one button, and every TV within 60ft of me will turn either on or off.

This room, being a science classroom, was just about the only class that had a mounted TV at all times. So, I went to work.

During class, I’d have the tiny black remote hidden up my hoodie sleeve and at random intervals, I’d hit the button. This was an old tube TV, so when it turned on, the default (with no signal input) is obnoxious TV static.

The first day, Mrs. N was startled by the TV turning on a few times, she assumes she must’ve accidentally touched the remote and turned it on.

The first week, Mrs. N has removed the batteries from the remote. The TV is still turning on for no reason. Students start saying the classroom is haunted.

The second week, Mrs. N is desperate for answers, she has the computer teacher come out to check on the TV.

There’s nothing odd about it. I offer up an explanation, that could just be EMF (electromagnetic interference) from some other electronic in the class.

The third week, Mrs. N has noticed that the TV only turns itself on/off during my period. She reasons a student has something to do with it. She latches onto the EMF idea and has everyone turn off their phones in front of her before class, in case a phone is causing it.

The fourth week, now she’s more cautious since she’s found a connection between my class and the TV, I’ve enlisted friends in other periods to borrow my remote and do the same thing. Her suspicions die down about my period. Every time the TV turns on, it gets uproarious laughter from the class about the ghost. Mrs. N has started referring to it as the ghost as well.

Two months later, The TV cycling on and off for no reason has become the norm. Mrs. N doesn’t even bother to turn it off when it comes on in class anymore. My enlisted friends have begun letting their friends in on the joke. Soon, the whole Junior class knows.

Soon thereafter, the semester ends and the TV turns itself on one last time.

‘Alright, that’s enough for one semester,’ says Mrs.


‘What are you talking about?’ I reply.

‘I figured out that you’re the ghost in the classroom, very amusing.’

‘What? I have no idea what you’re talking about.’

‘Oh hush. I suspected it was you early on because you have a terrible poker face, but I couldn’t figure out how you were doing it until I overheard some other students in 6th period.’

I stare blankly.

‘I’ll let you off the hook,’ she says, ‘but you have to show me this remote, and you’re not gonna get away with it in any other classes.’

‘Haha, here it is, thanks for being a good sport about it. Did I ever actually get you to believe the classroom was haunted?’

‘No, but you definitely sold me on the EMF thing.’

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TigerLilly 1 year ago
At least she had a sense of humor about it lol
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8. My Minimum Wage Job Kept Calling Me To Come In, So I Quit And Didn't Show Up For My Shift


“Pretty straightforward, when I was in high school, I was working at a sandwich shop and there were two times I was out of town for school-related events. I made sure to mark off the days I’d be gone and my work approved them.

The first time I was out of town, I was in Nevada, in the middle of March. I got a call from my work while I was in my hotel asking if I could come in.

I told them I wasn’t available given I wasn’t even in the state and they apologized and hung up. I thought that was the end of that until I was out of town again in April when they called me again asking if I could come in. I told them again that I wasn’t able to show up because I wasn’t in the state and they said that was fine and hung up.

I got pretty irritated given the fact that I had told them where I was going to be during the days I was gone, yet they still wanted me to just hop on a plane to go work a six-hour shift at minimum wage. I ended up finding a new job and putting in my two weeks when I got back. Before I left, apparently I was scheduled to work on Sunday, but I didn’t realize that until the annoying nasal-voiced manager called me and told me I was late for my shift. At that point, I was so done, so I didn’t return his call and didn’t show up for my shift. Sorry, not sorry.”

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TJHall44 2 years ago
Wow, spoiled brat much?
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7. My Buddy Played Tricks On Me, So It Was Time To Get My Petty Revenge


“My friend Dave had played a few tricks on me, so it was time for some revenge. I finally did, I will never forget it and I’m sure he won’t either.

We were at a dive bar in a small town playing in a pool league playoff. Whichever team won went to Las Vegas for the 8 Ball nationals, the other team slunk home. We were from a nearby larger town and it seemed like a lot of the locals were there giving us the side-eye.

My buddy Dave and I were having a beer and playing a warm-up game before the whole thing kicked off. Some old guy staggered up to us and said, ‘See that guy over there? His name is Tiny. I bet $10 he could kick either one of your butts.’

A couple of things to note. There was a picture of that guy on the wall 20 years ago, on a bar stool in the same bar, so yeah, you could say he was a regular.

Also, ‘Tiny’ was, as expected, well north of 6 feet and 250 lbs, bearded, tattooed, and wearing a leather vest, wallet had a chain, the whole biker deal. He was minding his own business playing pool on another pool table a ways off with a lady, completely unaware of all this.

My buddy Dave just looked at Tiny, then the old guy, and then me, we did not see this coming.

We were just minding our own business and the next thing you know, we’re staring a major whooping in the face. Dave stares blindly.

‘I dunno,’ I said, ‘I got 10 bucks on my buddy Dave here.’

Dave’s head snapped to me so fast I’m sure he needed a chiropractor the next day. To say he wasn’t expecting me to say this was an understatement. His eyes were WIDE behind his thick glasses.

The old guy turns immediately to go get Tiny so Dave’s whooping can commence. Dave grabs him by the shoulder, spins him around, and says, ‘HE WAS JUST KIDDING!’

The guy drops it and stumbles off and Dave turns to me in total astonishment.


‘You should have seen the look on your face!’ I said.”

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6. My Roommate Is A Pain, So I Text Him When He's Sleeping On The Weekends


“For context, I moved in with one of my friends last year. I wanted to move into a house and renting one without a roommate is really expensive. He was desperate to move out of his parents’, so it was a done deal.

It’s been over half a year now and we often have disagreements. His communication skills are terrible, and his memory is even worse, so when I tell him stuff he barely remembers and over time I kept reminding him nicely at first, then it builds up into anger and frustration.

I’ll save you the pain of living with him, but one of the things he does that tears my head apart is his alarms going off on the weekends, they ring from around 5.30 am to 7 am (he sets many alarms for work). On these nights he drinks booze and smokes a lot, he’d fall asleep around 3 am so his alarms wouldn’t wake him.

Now, I’ve been struggling to sleep and stay asleep because of stress, so sleeping in when I can is an absolute luxury. It’s Saturday and his alarms went off as usual, even after he said he’d sort it out. This time, I was awake by 4:30 am already (for no reason) so I decided to shower and have an early day.

As soon as his alarms start ringing, I just started texting him.

I know he sets his phone to vibrate (he’s told me not to text him when he’s sleeping). So I kept texting him. Next alarm rang? I texted him to let him know.

Finally, around 6:30 am, he woke up and goes to the bathroom. My bedroom is between his and the bathroom, so I greeted him with an excited good morning! He just made a sad manbaby noise.

In case he’s figured out to put his phone on silent instead of turning off his alarms on the weekends, I’m equipped with an expensive, bassy speaker right next to the wall dividing our rooms.”

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5. This Guy Tried To Rip Off My Cousin, So We Got Him To Give Us Less Than What He Initially Offered


“So about a year and some change ago my cousin was stationed at the Air Force base close to my house and was living with us. He is a tool shopaholic. He says things are cheaper where I live. He finds 25 rolls of 12/2 wire at almost 50% less than at the store. Obviously, my cousin thought it was a bargain. He made an offer and the guy accepted.

We drive down an hour and this guy says he got a better offer, naturally, my cousin gets mad and bummed out.

I told him we should totally mess with this guy. I got the same app and found the post. I made an offer for the full price of the cable which was steep. I can’t remember how much exactly but it was more than 2000 dollars.

After messaging for hours and making him drive an hour past my house (he lives south I live north) he tells me he’s at the random store where we agreed to meet. I blocked him.

A few minutes later he messages my cousin telling him the buyer backed out. Cousin makes a counteroffer even cheaper and the guy shows up at my house, gets less than 50%, and unloads the cable for him.

Cousin wasn’t sad anymore.”

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4. My Sister Annoyed Me So I Pulled The Perfect Prank On Her At Night


“I was like five or eight when I did this, but I thought it was funny. My sister had ticked me off, I don’t remember why or how she did. I suspect it was something with my dolls.

Now onto the story. My sister was going to bed and went to the bathroom, I was supposed to be in bed but I snuck into her room, and went under her bed.

Her bed was messy so I was able to hide better. I waited for a long time, until 1 AM, and started scratching at the walls. Making growling noises, touching her feet with my sharp nails (I had LONG nails when I was a child) which gave my sister a heart attack. She looked under the bed, but due to the clothes, and bin under the bed, she saw nothing.

I stopped for a moment then repeated.

My sister freaked out and ran out and I ran to her closet to hide in there. She got my dad out of bed and he looked underneath the bed and cleared it out. Nothing was there, and he went back to bed. Then I start doing it again. My sister freaked out, screamed and my parents ran in and found little ol’ me in the closet, scratching at the wall and growling.

My sister got a night light after that. Oh, and she had to clean out her bed and closet the next day.”

Another User Comments:

“A friend of mine is permanently traumatized by Teddy Ruxpin toys.

Her older sister recorded a cassette, something to the effects of:

Amy, help! Help me! Teddy ate me and I’m stuck inside him. Help me, Amy!

While she was sleeping, her sister put Teddy at the foot of her bed, pressed play, then hid. Their parents came in to find my friend had torn apart Teddy, trying to save her sister. She was not amused, unlike her sister.” __wildwing__

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3. Won't Pick Up Your Dog's Poop? I'll Call Code Enforcement On Your Vehicles


“My house and about half of my small neighborhood back up to a very pretty park in Colorado. It’s probably 3 or 4 acres with a playground and about 15 homes surrounding. It’s mostly utilized by about 5 people who have dogs that are friends. We’re out there throwing the ball every evening after work.

One neighbor has a real problem with picking up her large dog’s poop.

She’ll often grab a bag, head over, and squeamishly say, ‘Oh that’s a gross one! Momma not touching that!’

She kind of makes a joke of it by describing how disgusting his diarrhea is.

I’ve embarrassed her by saying, ‘I’ll pick it up because I don’t want to step in it and I want to keep our park nice.’

She basically ignores that. The other neighbors feel uncomfortable confronting her.

She’s the first to point out when another dog poops and complain about all of the dog poop (which are CLEARLY all her dog’s).

I’ve straight up asked her to please clean up after her dog. She said she’s always had a weak gag reflex and she literally will vomit.

I called code enforcement on two of her vehicles. One for being parked for months on the street outside her house… the other she parks on the sidewalk… and says she doesn’t want to get sideswiped while parked.

Did I go too far?”

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Jove 2 years ago
If that is a public park, there is a code about the owner cleaning up after their animal, be it elephant, hippo or Great Dane.
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2. This Guy Pretended Not To Know Me, So I Pretended Not To Know Him When He Needed Me


“This happened when I was doing my masters, I had to move overseas for the field of study I had chosen. It was pretty lonely at first but then I found out that some people I studied with in HS came to the same university. In the first month I ran into Jacob, a guy from my school, we made eye contact and he just walked away.

Strange but I guessed he was busy with something so whatever. I met up with one of the guys from my HS group and as we are talking we bump into Jacob, he again makes eye contact with us and walks away. This time I tried to call out to him but my friend, Henry stops me. Apparently, Jacob has been doing that to pretty much everyone in my HS group, and someone else back home sent us a screenshot where he claimed to be lonely because he was stuck with a bunch of morons (he names all of us, I thought we were cool, man) at university.

To be honest, that was kind of rude because all I wanted to do was hang out and not reenact high school 2.0, but it was his opinion so you do you.

This actually continues for my entire duration of the study and it was frankly stupid and he was making things so awkward for all of us. Then comes the last semester where we have to do a project exhibition (just for the university to showcase the R&D stuff happening to people coming for tours and try to get some of that sweet student loan fund, the graded one was to be held a week later), I was lucky to have a couple of good friends and 2 guys from my HS as teammates so things go pretty smooth.

On the day of the project exhibition, all of us are busy editing PPTs, word docs in the library when Jacob freaking approaches us… after TWO YEARS of avoiding us. He had apparently forgotten to bring his laptop from home and just wanted to borrow one of ours for ‘2 minutes’. We told him that he could use the PCs here to which he says he isn’t allowed to use them anymore, we again told him to call his teammate or something but apparently, they were running late and he needed it urgently.

He then uses his speech 100 skill and says that friends should help each other out in times of need and that he would do the same for us if we were in his situation. The audacity!

I snapped and said, ‘Sorry but I don’t even know you man, it would be stupid to risk MY project just for a rando’ and got back to my work.

Everyone was astounded. Jacob then looked at the other two people he knew and they just shrugged. Jacob then stormed away calling us morons under his breath which made us burst out laughing. Every now and then I could hear Jacob in the background asking someone for their laptop and I seriously doubt he got any. You see Jacob had earned a reputation of being a grade-A prankster, and him asking for a laptop at that time seemed to be a textbook prank.

The cherry on the cake was that after the exhibition I heard that something spicy happened during Jacob’s presentation.

So apparently none of his team shows up on time so he got a teacher’s laptop at literally the last minute and decided to wing it on his own. When he plugged in the projector he had his mail displayed for everyone to see while he looked for the ppt.

He had lots of emails from… erm… multiple adult websites asking him to renew his subscription and someone from the crowd shouted, ‘Bro, who pays for adult websites?’ and everyone laughed at that.

This exhibition had no marks, we just did it for fun so nothing major happened but Jacob had like -10000 social credits and whenever people, even freshmen saw him they’d ask if they could borrow his account for an hour.”

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1. My Teacher Didn't Like Us Passing Notes, So I Blew My Nose In One


“At the time I was about 15 years old in an all-girl boarding school.

I was in form 1. We had this teacher called Kasule who was a short bad-tempered man. He was rude, unprofessional, and very strict. He was teaching Physics. We always had tests at the end of every week which were just to ensure that we keep abreast of things but did not contribute to our final grade.

Mr. Kasule would use these tests to terrorize the students. He would set what we hadn’t yet covered under the pretext that he was encouraging us to read ahead.

So naturally, we used to pass notes to each other during the tests. Mr. Kasule was so annoying in that if he found a crumpled paper next to one’s seat, he would make sure one got detention. I once got detention yet the note was not mine.

I tried to explain in vain. I served my detention. Then planned my revenge.

On this fateful Friday afternoon, I blew my nose into a sheet of paper and crumpled the paper and threw it on the ground (I have serious sinusitis and it was a cold afternoon, no need to get graphic but let’s just say the paper was ‘full’). In comes Mr. Nosy during the test, gets excited thinking he has got more students for detention only to end up with mucus dripping all over his hands as he tried to uncrumple the folded paper to see exactly what was written on said paper. He screamed and ran out. The test was canceled.

Mr. Kasule changed and became a great teacher.”

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Jove 2 years ago
He probably thought you gave him a strange disease.
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