People Spill Their Striking Revenge Stories

One of the best tips people tell us is to do everything as excellently as possible. Well, some people take that advice seriously and they apply it to everything, especially when getting revenge. When a person seriously hurts us (or our ego), it's reasonable that we would want to get back at them. Here are some striking revenge stories people have spilled.

21. It’s 2 Against 1? Think Again


“So basically, I moved into a 2bd apartment 2 months ago with Sara & Jessica (names changed). Now, Sarah is on the lease, Jessica is Sarah’s significant other and isn’t on the lease. I pay 50%, Sarah pays 25% and Jessica pays 25% of the rent. Not my ideal situation but I was desperate for roommates at the time.

Fast-forward 2 months: they’re enormous slobs who never do anything so I clean up after them all the time.

I vacuum the living room, mop the kitchen, do dishes, etc. I buy most of the shared groceries and household items, which the two of them plow through really quickly. Sarah has a cat in the apartment which is unauthorized and regularly has an unauthorized dog here too. Their rent is paid late and utilities on the last possible day. Also, the girls smoke a lot and while I don’t care, I asked them to be respectful enough to air out the apartment and keep the smoke out of my room.

Now last week things went south: Sarah and Jessica overheard me complaining about having to clean up after them and after ignoring me for a few days, sent me a long text about how rude they considered that, etc. So I let out everything that was bothering me and told them that if they don’t want to live with me, I will gladly release them from the lease, repay the deposit, and they can go.

This caused them to freak out and they told me, ‘it’s 2 against 1, we will force you to move.’ Oh God no.

I blocked them on all forms of social media and means of communication. The next day, I went down to the apartment managers and reported the two unauthorized pets and the unauthorized occupant. Written notices were given, Sarah & Jessica threw them straight in the trash.

I return from a 4-day stay at my dad’s and go straight to report the unauthorized occupant Jessica (who has already once been asked to leave) and both unauthorized pets which were supposed to be gone by now. Well, at this point Sarah and Jessica are getting annoyed. Jessica screams obscenities at me any time I enter or leave my bedroom. Twice she spent a half-hour period pounding on my door and the walls of my room.

She taunts me through the door trying to get me to open up. All of this is being quietly recorded on my phone while I still haven’t said a word.

So yesterday, I went back down to the office to finish securing my new apartment and to report more violations. When I came home, the chain lock was locked so I had no way to get in.

This is what I had been waiting for. Jessica taunts me again (on video) and then slaps my hat off my head, hitting me square in the forehead with the back of her hand. Bingo.

I call the cops, rat Sarah and Jessica out for being addicts, get all their paraphernalia confiscated, and get a police report for battery. Come Monday, I’ll be on my way to the prosecutor’s office to press charges.

The apartment managers will also be getting a copy of this report. Also, tomorrow is the last day to pay rent before it was late. Sarah & Jessica disappeared early this morning. If they don’t pay rent I’m gonna get them on the abandonment clause, finally, get them evicted, and have the locks changed. All before I move out tomorrow.”

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20. Bully Me? I'll Get Some SLIGHT Revenge


“I came from a well-off family. We weren’t rich but we weren’t poor. Well, when I was 8 my dad passed away in a car accident from a truck driver who ran a red light.

My little sister and I ended up moving schools because she got expelled for attacking a kid. She had autism and sometimes she gets mad to the point of violence.

At the new school, I immediately started getting bullied. I was tormented by this one group of kids constantly for 7 years. They also mocked my sister for being autistic. Every day it was non-stop torment.

In my senior year of high school, I had had enough. I enacted my revenge during the last month of school. The months prior to this I had been studying up on their schedules. Where they go after school, when they leave, when they arrive, where they live, etc. It was very stalker-y but I don’t know fam. Then, after countless stalking and planning, I was ready.

First off, some minuscule things. I poked simple holes all around their water bottles so when they opened them they leaked everywhere. I unscrewed their desk legs to make their desks break even from slight pressure. I did everything I could to agitate them. Then I went on to bigger things. I’d spray coyote urine on their stuff and then fill them with animal poop.

I wrecked their stuff beyond comprehension. They did worse to me throughout my life and they deserved it.

Now here’s where it gets really, well, illegal. They all play baseball together, so I decided to hit them there. They went to baseball practice, and I followed behind them. They left the locker room and I went in there and did some practice of my own.

I brought a machete and went to town. Their bags were ripped to shreds. 3 of the 7 had wood baseball bats, so I destroyed those. I put a metric tonne of river clay in their car transmissions and set up beds of nails in front of their tires. I wanted them to suffer.

Here’s where it’s really illegal. I went to the main bully’s house.

He is a jerk. He purposefully dislocated my shoulder for no reason once. He’s peed me, he’s hurt me. He broke me, and I was gonna get my revenge. I waited for him to leave home and broke in. I crawled into his window and started having some fun. I disassembled his bed and computer. I moved a bunch of stuff in their house around, I turned on all the lights, all the burners, the showers, sinks, everything.

I busted massive holes in their walls. I opened a bunch of harmful links and documents onto his computer. I changed all their passwords, even their internet password. To top it all off, I went up to his room, took some laxatives, and coated his room in poop and urine. I wiped myself up, crawled back out, and left. I left no trace of it being me in there, but I’m guessing he knew.

I overheard that the utility bill was extremely high and that he couldn’t sleep in his room. He started failing at a high rate, turns out he figured out it was me, attacked me, and got expelled. I don’t know if I was in the right to do all of what I did, but I was proud and still am.”

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19. Violent Teacher Got Exposed


“It all started when I (M25) was 12 years old. My grade 7 teacher (M46 at the time) was infamous for being intimidating and, in my opinion, abusive to his students.

He was the disciplinarian of the school. He was in charge of keeping track of detentions and announcing who will be sitting every Friday during assembly.

We suspected at that time that the reason why he never got fired was either that his students were too scared to report him, or because of the fact that the principal was his brother-in-law.

Reasons why I hated him: He was constantly making vaguely racist remarks.

I always felt like he had an issue with me as a person because I’m a practicing Muslim. His jokes about Muslims missing out on eating bacon were endless, in fact, he one day purposely stood in front of my desk eating a cheese and bacon panini.

He used to often rant about how the school is no longer a ‘pure Christian institution as it once was back in the day’.

He would say these things and glance at either me, my twin sister, or the black students in the class who practiced their own African religions.

When it was his birthday, my mom encouraged me to buy him a gift. I spent my pocket money, which was already limited (my parents didn’t believe in allowances) to buy him a big slab of chocolate and a long piece of Droëwors (dried sausage).

Throughout the day, he would get gifts from students in his class and others.

He would get up from his desk to greet and thank them, and then shake their hand. I remember noticing this because I always found it weird when students shook hands with teachers because of how small our hands were compared to theirs.

However, when I gave him my gift, all he did was look at me for like a second, look away and nod his head slightly.

I remember being thankful for not offering my hand out for him to shake because I thought he might have ignored it in front of the entire class. To say I felt like trash is an understatement.

The experience that made me hate him the most happened just before we wrote 2nd or 3rd term exams. I was walking with my friend David (fake name) back from the tuck shop during the interval. We took a shortcut between the English and Afrikaans kindergarten classes and saw a group of boys huddled together.

One of them walked towards us and I saw that he had one of those camping multi-tools with the folding knife out, and instantly got a fright. He told us ‘Give me your stuff before I cut your neck’ and then started laughing and walked back to his friends. It was clearly a joke but David looked close to tears and I had a very bad fright because of what he had done.

I told the guy (Fake name Xander) that he’s not allowed to have knives at school and that I’m going to tell my teacher.

We walked straight to our teacher and when we spoke to him, David burst into tears.

We told him what happened and David was sobbing when he said he felt like he was going to die. Our teacher barely looked up from his computer while we were speaking and when he asked for the guy’s name, we told him the name and he said he will deal with it and for us to go out for interval again.

I went home and told my mom who I felt didn’t fully believe me at the time.

The next day we saw Xander and basically made fun of him for getting into trouble with our teacher and likely getting expelled at worst, or sitting a Saturday detention at best. He laughed back at us and said our teacher had just come to his class, asked to speak to him, and told him to never bring it to school again.

No detention. No suspension. Basically nothing. He still had the knife on him for the rest of the day before.

We were so upset we went back to our teacher and I told him that Xander said that he did not get into trouble for having the knife. He gave me the ugliest look as if I was bothering him, and coldly said to me that maybe I should fix my late-coming problem before I try to get other people in trouble.

I would come late 4 or 5 times a month because my mom’s car’s battery terminals were broken so the battery would run flat and she couldn’t afford to have it fixed. She had to put the neighbor’s battery in her car, start it, and then idle it while she took that battery out and put her own battery back in to charge up. My mom taught me the value of always having a number 10 spanner in your car lol.

I felt betrayed by my teacher. The person who was supposed to make us feel safe while we were away from home.

When I spoke to my friends about it, they told me that Xander was actually the principal’s son, meaning he was my teacher’s nephew. I decided to take the opportunity to speak to my friends about getting evidence that our teacher is treating students unfairly.

3 of my 4 close friends had camera phones. I sat in the far left corner, my one friend sat in the opposite corner by the door, our other friend sat in the middle, and the last friend was right at the back of the class by the window on the left. One thing about our teacher: he did not care about where we sat as long as we answered him when he did roll call and didn’t bother anyone when we swapped seats.

We came to an agreement that whenever our teacher would sound like he was going to say something vaguely racist or islamophobic, we would all discreetly take videos of him.

Any private conversation we had with him was voice recorded on our phones. We caught him saying a lot of bad things, but a lot slipped through our fingers because we weren’t fast enough.

It was extremely difficult to keep our friend group motivated to record him and not tell anyone else about it.

It was especially difficult because at the time I had a hand-me-down Samsung D900 which was seen as an expensive phone at the time.

My mom prohibited me from taking it to school. She instead bought a cheap R79 ($5) phone for us that could only make calls and send SMS. This was in case she needed to reach us in an emergency. I got caught several times sneaking my camera phone to school.

My biggest mess-up at school was when my mom phoned me on my Samsung and I answered it. Big oof but I was a dummy.

After I think a month we decided that we couldn’t let it go any further… One of our friends was a black guy named Tatenda (fake name). Tatenda was a problem child. His mom died when he was four and his dad was a heavy drinker.

He was raised mostly by his uncle. He used to act out at school because of undiagnosed ADHD, his dad and uncle didn’t believe in learning disabilities and always assumed he was just lazy and badly behaved.

Tatenda especially got onto our teacher’s nerves because not only was he black, he would bring broken calculators from home and take them apart during class. One day our teacher told him to clear his desk and throw away the bits of plastic and calculator stuff.

He ignored the teacher. The teacher then started screaming at him, and Tatenda has done the only logical thing a 12/13-year-old would do in such a situation: he mockingly put two pencils into his ears.

Our teacher lost his mind, grabbed Tatenda, and threw him against the door. He told us he was fine during interval afterward and we put money together to buy him a Sprite.

I almost cried when my friend who sat way behind me said he got the whole thing on camera. We didn’t even trust that the whole class’ testimony would get him into trouble. We decided that enough was enough.

First, we showed the video to Tatenda’s uncle, who showed it to his father. Then I showed my mom all the other videos and recordings.


Lost. Her. Mind.

One of my friends sent all of it to his older sister who had a social media account and she posted it there and tagged the school and as many parents as she knew. It blew up. Parents and people from around the province phoned the school demanding answers as to what is going to happen to our teacher. He was immediately suspended.

There were rumors circulating that he had to go into hiding because Tatenda’s uncle and his friends were looking to kill him. I even met Tatenda’s dad for the first time in the weeks after the whole thing exploded. He liked to joke that his dad sobered up especially for this lol.

The principal pulled Xander out of the school. We never saw him again.

My mom told me an investigation was launched against the school because of the improper handling of bullying complaints.

We only saw our teacher once after he was suspended. He looked badly beaten up and was accompanied by a policeman and two other male teachers so he could gather the rest of his stuff from his class.

But it didn’t end there.

Because so many kids needed the evidence that they were being bullied and nothing was done because of it, the CCTV footage was brought up.

My friend’s mother who was part of the school governing body at that time, told us a few years ago that when they reviewed the footage, it became apparent that the principal was having an affair with one of the grade 2 teachers.

He could be seen grabbing her at the furthest point away from the camera. They slipped up a few times and kissed in clear view of the camera, but I guess once you’re surrounded by the cameras every day at work, you forget that they’re there.

It was very apparent that sometimes they thought they couldn’t be seen.

My mom’s friend’s sister (basically my aunt) sells Tupperware and one of her regular customers and close friends is the principal’s ex-wife. Not only did she leave him, but they were not married in the community of property due to a prenup agreement. The house they lived in was in her name since before marriage, so she effectively made him homeless because none of his family wanted to take him in.

He ran into severe debt from staying in guesthouses and burned many bridges from overstaying his welcome at friends. As for my teacher, his reputation was destination screwed. He served jail time, don’t know how long, and eventually left the country because it seemed everyone knew his face from the media attention he received.

My family is part of a non-profit organization that has feeding programs all over the country.

The last Friday feed of February I’m standing security as I usually do since we’re few volunteers and there are many homeless people and most are on substances and can get violent.

I’m walking down the line to make sure there are no fights or anything that could start a riot, and I see a familiar face. My old principal is standing in the line, waiting for a bowl of stew and bread, with absolutely no idea who’s standing beside him.

Obviously, he wouldn’t have recognized me, but I never forgot his face. I’m not gonna lie, I cried quite a bit behind my sunglasses. Seeing him brought back the feelings I had when I was 12 years old in 7th grade, trying absolutely every excuse in the book to not have to go to school and be bullied by my teacher.”

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18. Fire Me Because Of Your Dirty Jobs? I'll Ruin The Company


“I was a clerical assistant for a firm in my city, the firm was a small one of nine employees that also had clerks who would intern from time to time.

I worked there part-time during my junior and senior years then full time after I graduated. I made it about four months before I was told to resign.

This was my first ever business formal job as we had lots of clients face to face – the clients were big. The fire department, police department, etc. I was brought on by work-study from my Uni and at first, really enjoyed working for the firm.

I had an amazing mentor that taught me all there is to know about this side of the business. He pretty much kept the firm running and put in so much effort that when he interviewed me I thought he was the owner of the firm and not just the staff member above me.

Anyways, as this was my first job, I wasn’t keen on office politics or good at recognizing my surroundings with peers.

After I started working full time I began to catch on and see what was going on behind the scenes. The partners of the firm were jerks, they treated all of the staff like monkeys and showed no appreciation. They were both male and constantly harassed the female staff and interns. So often that the turn-over rate was so high that there were new interns every few weeks.

There were cliques inside of the firm. The attorneys banded together with the office manager and HR manager – the interns stuck together and I was with my mentor.

For the most part, we were able to stick together and get our work done and turn out a good work product. But, it was hard to watch the harassment of the interns, the social gossip circles of the cliques, and blatant disregard for the staff.

Soon after an intern complained to HR that one of the partners slapped her behind and called her vulgar names. The HR manager, attorneys, and office manager gaslighted this poor intern so bad that she was an emotional wreck. When she just walked out and quit that was the point my mentor and I had enough. After seeing this we started to take pictures, notes and gather statements of everything we could see that was going on inside the firm that was illegal.

After a huge firm event that involved many hours of overtime, close quarters, and pressure – a breaking point was hit and the staff was exploded upon by the attorneys and managers. After the event, all of the employees went out to a local club to relax and throw back a few drinks and cool off. This was not something that you would think people in this field would do, especially when the average age of the employees in the firm was over 45.

After the attorneys started getting really wasted, the interns and my mentor took off to go home for the night. I stayed but went to a party with my friend group that was also out for the night at the same club. I bounced back a few times between groups and danced but near the end of the night I came back to check on my co-workers and what I saw was shocking.

They rented out a VIP stage and had bottle service all night – when I walked up to the stage I saw the two partners dancing on associate attorneys, fondling them, and taking turns fooling around with them. I was disgusted and started to hatch my plan. Not only is that a conflict of interest in my state/type of law, but both partners were married with kids and so were three out of the four other female attorneys/staff.

I got one of the promoters that was my roommate at the time to get the club rep to take photos of them doing this but to also send them to me. I snapped a few on my phone and left the club.

Before we went out we all stopped at a hotel room close by that was rented out by the partners of the firm.

I went back after I left the club and since I was an employee of the firm I was able to convince the front desk to let me back into the room as I was there a few hours earlier and was working with them to pick up/drop things off for the event. After I was let in I started to take pictures of everything that I could find.

I emptied drawers, bags, and closets and was able to take pictures of many inappropriate things as well as IDs that were left behind earlier.

The following Monday I go into the HR office and tell the manager that I was uncomfortable with what I saw the partners doing, what they have done in the office, and how everyone exploding on me and my mentor at the event was unacceptable.

Immediately after I left the HR office, the manager ran into the partners’ offices and closed the door. I could hear screaming coming through the door and booked it over to my mentor’s office to fill him in. After I blurted out what happened and what kind of pictures I got, the partners and HR manager ran into my mentor’s office and overheard us talking about what happened nights before.

They immediately told us to resign and to pack our things as they were ‘worried about our hostile work environment and what it’s doing to the firm.’

I am on the verge of tears and don’t know what to do next. My mentor quietly asks for our termination letters, all of our paystubs, all of our billable hour entries from when we started, and my University work-study paperwork.

The HR manager was shocked by this but legally had to produce all of these things for us upon request. After two hours of data compiling my mentor and I walked out with all of our things. We ended up going to a bar with all of the paperwork we just got and started to plan our revenge. We compiled all of our timesheets, billed hours, and all my work-study paperwork.

Not only did I upload all the pictures to separate email accounts to send to the respective spouses of the attorneys, but we found out that the partners/managers muddled with our billable hours to change them to a higher rate to bill our clients more even though a clerical assistant and paralegal were drafting and filing pleadings. Through my work-study, they reported that they were paying me $18 an hour total while paying me $6 an hour from their pockets and my school was fronting the other $12 as reimbursement.

Not only on my paystubs was my hourly rate of $12, I nor the firm was being taxed for the other $6 – instead, it was being pocketed straight by the firm.

After a complete and thorough compilation of documents, my mentor and I set out the next day to complain to the state bar association to show that the attorneys at the firm committed malpractice, misrepresentation of funds, harassment, and conflicts of interests.

Their spouses were emailed all of the photos of the night out clubbing and what was found in the hotel rooms. My University was informed of the misuse of funds. I applied for unemployment based on their false misconduct firings.

After two weeks of job searching my mentor and I got picked up at another firm as a package deal. We became close after and we constantly see each other every other week on a personal basis.

Months into working the new job did we decide to snoop on the old firm that we set out to destroy. Not only did four of the attorneys lose their legal license, but they were also sued by the bar association and L&I (Labor & Industries) for fraud, their spouses were all involved with divorce proceedings and the managers’ reputations were ruined by what was brought to light and what they covered up.

My mentor and I ended up pulling all of the Superior court submissions to read over what documents were submitted in court and they were caught lying in Declarations they submitted. It felt really nice to be vindicated by ruining their relationships, jobs, and business. ”

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17. This Is Why You Should Be Nice To Your Delivery Drivers


“I’m working a seasonal gig delivering packages through the Holidays. The other day I was delivering on a fairly busy road with very little parking. I’m not going to park a block away and walk up and down the block three times with the boxes for each house, because that would literally double my work time.

So I parked in front of somebody’s driveway for all of 2 minutes to deliver to her and her two neighbors.

Nobody was trying to pull in or out, my vehicle was running with flashers on, and I was never out of sight of my vehicle.

This lady came out of her house yelling at me about parking illegally and that I should not do that again, not because I was inconveniencing anyone but just on principle, and just generally being very rude about it.

So today when I had four more packages to deliver to her house I purposefully put them in front of her screen door that opens out so she’ll have to hit her packages with the door to get to them.”

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Act like a petty witch, get treated like a petty witch.
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16. Threaten My Brother's Life? I'll Deal The Cards


“I have, and always will be, intensely protective over my family.

If I can prevent them from seeing harm, I will at practically all costs. Especially my brother, who happens to have OCD and has been the kindest brother I could’ve possibly asked for.

Even though I’d just started my Junior year of high school, I had been practicing card deception since fifth grade. It was to the level even if you thought I was being deceptive, the sleights were so hard to see you couldn’t see them while looking for them even though my shuffling (intentionally) looked quite sloppy.

The friends I had at the table (the three of them) for this incident knew I had this skill, and played with me anyway (they are probably playing with me now as you read this, knowing my life).

I grew up in a neighborhood that basically believed that any disability warranted your death and that any kid with a mental disorder doesn’t deserve to exist. So, naturally, my brother was targeted quite often with hate and threats about his OCD.

All of this happened in one day. I found everything out that morning, began planning, and it fell into place that night, to my surprise and thanks to one of my three friends that sat at the table with me.

I’d found out that someone was threatening to harm my brother, for having OCD. When I found out this person was gonna play cards with us that afternoon, everything fell into place – he didn’t know he was about to play cards with the most protective brother he’ll ever see, and probably his last.

Later that night, two of the friends (who weren’t yet in on it) noticed something odd. I nearly immediately sat in the Dealer’s seat, which usually meant I was about to be sneaky; which I was. I said ‘Playing to earn, are we?’ to which the man, we will call X, said he’d love to. I knew he would fall for it since I also knew he was quite well-off due to some digging I did before the night began.

Then, we began to play. My friends began to notice that neither of them was losing and that the man opposite the table was losing. My plan was showing itself. I was fooling the guy. Hard. He wouldn’t stop, either, because I did the easiest trick in the book, making him have a really strong hand to think he had a shot when in reality I’d forced a far better hand on one of my friends.

In total, he lost around 300k, 100k to each of my friends individually. Turns out, this was his entire savings, and he actually paid up, which I definitely had not anticipated. And, naturally, when you pay your entire savings to some random kids, you lose some stuff, and boy did this guy lose a lot of stuff.

I was not actually playing, even though I was dealing the cards, I and my friends play against each other and not the dealer, so the dealer was only dealing and not playing, therefore I never saw a cent.

Didn’t want to, either, friends deserved it after keeping that facade up for just long enough for him to lose what he did.

I found out later that, when X’s wife noticed he had nothing left, she left him. Apparently, she was a gold digger and only married him to be rich. He had nothing anymore so his job had to just barely pay for bills and food, which then stopped as he took up heavy drinking after hitting a huge depression.

His job fired him for showing up to work completely trashed, and he lost his house, his car, and every single belonging he had that he had under a financing agreement. He was now homeless, alone, and depressed.”

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15. Yes, I'll Hang All Of My Art


“I work from home, practically glued to my screen so when I want to hang a picture or anything else that requires to use a drill/hammer I have to do it either very early in the morning or after my shift.

We have recently moved so basically the walls are barren and when the other day I asked my hubs to fix the light in the bedroom (string lights that needed some extra attachments) I felt the urge to finally hang some of my cross stitch art. The walls are super tough so it took me a few more hits to drive the nail home. It is 6:15 pm at this point.

I’m enthusiastic and fix a frame with some paint when my in-laws call me. The neighbors downstairs complained to them about the noise. The dude was woken up by our noise and how are we are not done with ‘construction work’ after months of living there…

My mother-in-law has some health issues and stress needs to be avoided as much as possible so I was super annoyed.

I printed out the legal papers saying that drilling and other machines are prohibited to be used between 7 pm and 7 am.

The revenge:

I have many pictures.

I have many shelves that need drill holes.

Every day – at the legal hours – I’ll do some.

My apartment will look great… in a couple of months.”

Another User Comments:

“7 pm is a super early cutoff time.

Everywhere I’ve been it’s reasonable noise up to 11 pm.

My neighbors once complained that I was vacuuming at 10 pm (I don’t normally but the hamster cage got knocked over and bedding was everywhere.)

Anyway, her kids used to get up and make a noise at 5 am, which was within the 11 pm-7 am antisocial noise hours.

So 9 pm became my new daily vacuuming time.

If I were you I’d be drilling until 6:58 pm every day. Maybe try and fit some quick drilling in at 7 am before work too.” koalakatie1993

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14. Stole Christmas Presents From Us? I'll Steal The Christmas Season From You


“My wife and I once lived in an apartment complex in our first year and a half of marriage. Mail mix-ups were common there so it was a bi-weekly routine to take a very quick trip to the main office, drop off a mislabeled package, and head home. Jump a year into the future and we have a home and are taking care of foster kids that have just recently entered the system.

We desperately want them to have a good Christmas since life has dealt them so many bad hands. Just once I want them to experience a Christmas where they feel valued.

We ordered the gifts off of a site we used to order more frequently from but haven’t ordered gifts from there in a while. We found the perfect gifts. They were on sale so that allowed us to get more for them and everything was falling right into place.

But then it happened. A day later we checked our email and to our horror, we realized the computer saved our old address, and even though we originally put in the right address, the computer auto-filled the rest of the information. That sent the packages to the old apartment complex. We called the store. They wouldn’t help us at all. So we called the apartment complex to try to get ahead of this before they were delivered. This was all going to go well until the current resident of our old apartment completely overreacted to the news.

Out of 4 boxes that were delivered to that complex, he only returned one and threatened ‘if this happens again, I’m going to destroy these gifts!’ Turns out, he had all the packages and was keeping them knowing full well that we lived fairly close and that they were for foster kids.

We called and contacted the complex multiple times and they had the same sad news – either the guy wouldn’t return a call or he would just angrily hang up.

So I took a drive past my old apartment. I saw what car he drove and then I saw that he obviously had some sort of family. I had one of two choices. I thought of letting it go. I thought about the spirit of Christmas and how the New Year was a mark of a new start. Then I thought of him bringing stolen gifts to other people because this idiot dweller wouldn’t buy gifts for the ones around him either.

This is when things turned dark in my mind. ‘He tried to take gifts away from foster kids who have had their home taken from them… why not take Christmas away from him? Why not take away his home? Whatever he has experienced in life to lead to this event, I want him to suffer even more for this injustice.’ In the right mindset, I talked to a cop friend of mine and there wasn’t much I could do without going to small claims court and spending a good bit of money.

The plan was executed as follows:

I parked on a hilltop overlooking the complex. Luckily the apartment is close to the base of the hill so I had a perfect spot to observe. After I waited for the guy to come home, I made note of his vehicle to confirm that was indeed his car and then went to the store. I picked up several dozens of eggs and a can of spray paint and went back home to await nightfall.

I went back out around 2 am. I premixed the eggs and kept all of the shells. I went to a more secluded spot away from the complex where I knew I could park and find a route that didn’t have any sort of security cameras. I snuck up carrying a bowl of pre-beat eggs, the shells, and the spray paint in my hoodie pocket.

I carefully laid the ingredients down that would be used to concoct my revenge. I was shaking. I’m still shaking as I write this. I pulled out the spray paint (that I shook before getting out of the car to reduce noise). I used the paint to write ‘homewrecker’ on the hood of his car. Then I poured the eggs from the roof and poured towards the back as to not let the mixture ruin the message on the hood.

I laid the eggshells around the car. I placed a note on the bush outside of his door that read ‘fertilize THESE eggs!’ (In hopes that his wife or partner would see it). Then I took a pocket knife and flattened the driver’s front and passenger rear tire (since some insurance will cover it if all 4 get slashed and I wanted to do something a spare tire wouldn’t be able to fix).

I went to flatten the third tire but I saw headlights of someone heading into the complex so I had to bail. I made my way back carefully to my car and drove off.

I went back because it was bothering me. I wanted to drive by and take a picture but the car is gone. The shells are still littered on the ground but it looks like the car was towed. There were also remains of a broken coffee mug at the base of his door.

I like to imagine that he walked out, saw it, and spiked it into the ground out of anger. Or maybe his wife saw it and chucked it at his dumb head. I want to imagine that it destroyed his home so he can get a taste of what a broken home feels like. Just like how these foster kids have had to experience this time of year their whole lives.

I told my family that someone had stolen or destroyed the packages and they are all chipping in to shower the kids with gifts so they will not be without. Of course, I did not tell them about the gifts or the plan of revenge on their behalf but the great gift I will have received this year is that some sense of justice has been fulfilled. The best gift is being able to give these kids a merry Christmas and the look on their faces when they get all of these gifts.”

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13. I Got My Bully Suspended And Banned From Schools


“At my school in Puerto Rico, I had a bully that unfortunately was always put into my homeroom of 30 students approximately over and over. In 8th grade, I had an English Teacher that had a lot of errors in grammar and speech.

People say I have the patience of Job all the time so it was easy to target me.

Do you remember how a rubber band works? That was me. The teacher was yelling at me because I wasn’t at the same level as the class and used a different pronunciation than her. Until one day I waited until after the class and I told her that she did something wrong in class. So she destroyed my scholarship because she refused to give me anything other than a C after the event.

So… No music, no funds to study, no peace at my house (my parents were abusive in the worst ways so they stepped it up a notch).

My friends started to make my bully go against the English Teacher as I started to do ‘pranks’ and mess around with all her stuff (like unfolding the chairs she would use, hiding her keys, putting menacing notes in her desk or purse) and accredited the ‘glory’ to my bully.

Until she became paranoid in the classroom. But nobody suspects the nice Teacher’s pet that apologized to the English Teacher.

One day I decided to do the coup de grâce and aggravated my bully until he was yelling at the English teacher and the English Teacher was trying to scold and drag him to the principal of the school. Then my bully got out of her grasp and started fighting her.

So I had a thought, while the commotion was going on I broke her windows and mirrors in her car with an extra shirt from my bully’s gym bag then used the shards to scratch all her paint off and left the shirt at the crime scene.

My bully got suspended and banned from most of the schools in the area and my English Teacher had a mental breakdown and was forced to ‘retire’ while I told her about the whole plan as she deteriorated.”

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12. Mom Destroyed My Childhood So I Sent Her To Prison


“Growing up with my mother was worse than anything you can imagine.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like if your worst enemy went back in time to raise you, you’d understand my life. At some point around 9-10, I began to realize how alone I was and how exhausting my life would turn out to be. It seemed like nobody ever cared enough to look deeper. I could fill pages with all the things she did to me.

I remember when she really started digging in and telling me I was worthless nearly every day.

My mother tried to get rid of me 3 or 4 times. Years of physical and psychological attacks. Did I call the cops? Of course, I did. Can you imagine how hard it was to watch my mother smile and lie to the cops? Telling them I was exaggerating? Then having to watch them get into their cars and drive away knowing I had to go back inside.

In the beginning, I had hoped things would change, towards my teen years I started drinking and stopped caring, and now here I am after all of it somehow still alive.

My stepdad used to tell me years after his divorce from my mother that he only stayed with her because he was afraid she’d hurt me one day… He’s lucky he never saw how much worse it got when he wasn’t there to take the hits for me anymore.

It would break his heart. He was also the one who told me about my mother being mistreated while growing up in a different country which helped me to gain some perspective in my teens, not that it made a difference by then. It didn’t matter to me because each and every day she had a choice every time and she’d choose to hurt me every time.

Maybe I’m over-stating things considering she didn’t ACTUALLY harm me even though she has come close so many times… Maybe that means deep down she secretly cared about me or something? I don’t know. I don’t think about it. She did go out of her way to buy me new electronics often but she’d end up using those as leverage against me and invading my privacy constantly so it ultimately wasn’t THAT much of anything.

After everything and all the times she kicked me out from 13-17yrs old, I was always on edge. She told me when I was 18 while I was staying with my aunt that if I went to college, I’d always have a place to live. I don’t know why I believed her… I had gone to go stay with my aunt temporarily for 4-6 months after my mother kicked me out of the house at 17 but my mother would always stop by and buy groceries for me or leave me cash.

She was unnaturally kind to me while I was there. By this point, she wasn’t hitting me anymore (Not that she could as I’d have snapped and absolutely wrecked her mind at that age but I strongly dislike hurting people in any form so the point is moot) and was more prone to just verbal attacks but since I was never really around her anymore, life seemed to get easier.

My mother had learned more than enough ways to mess with me without touching me. It seemed like she hated me more than I hated myself at times. My aunt couldn’t have me stay with her anymore as she really liked her privacy, I had already been there for a while, and I was an emotionally damaged and rebellious teenager she didn’t have time to help.

So, I went back to my mother’s house for the last time and started attending Community College full time. I didn’t really have any desire or passion, I was just an empty husk going through the motions, but I was still trying my best to keep living even when I didn’t feel the will in the hopes that one day I’d feel something different for once.

My mother, of course, decided to go back to her old habits. Things like dumping all the trash with dirty diapers and old food or dirty dishes filled with water on my bed when I was out if I forgot to do them and sometimes JUST because she was in a mood. Locking me out in the snow for hours because I didn’t respond to a text or something even if I had class in a few hours.

I wasn’t even allowed to have keys… She’d pretend not to hear me when I rang the doorbell or knocked for hours. She’d also tell my younger sister to ignore it. I’d eventually end up having to sleep on the steps outside or at a friend’s house and get punished for doing it even though I was 18 because it was her house and her rules.

It was always nonstop. I had no real direction and I honestly had no plans to exist past 25yrs old. Despite literally all of that and then some, I was doing well in school (Community College) with a 3.6ish GPA. I finally left my mother’s house for the last time a few days before finals week… I came home from drinking with friends and was met with my mother glaring at me when I rang the bell at 9 pm yelling when I’d move out as soon as I walked in.

She followed me to my little closet of a bedroom where I tried to close the door behind me and she half ripped the door off the hinges. I just sat there on my bed and stared at her silently as she kept cursing and screaming questions at me. My mother then walks away and as I’m in the kitchen getting juice I hear her on the phone calling the cops on me claiming she was scared I’d hurt her or my younger siblings.

I just didn’t have the energy to deal. This was 3 days before I failed all of my finals because I couldn’t even make it. I was dealing with too much. So, I went and grabbed whatever I had and left 15 minutes later.

My mother and I only ever really communicated via email after though it was very rare and it was very businesslike. I’d tell her what I needed and she’d either tell me to shut up or give it to me.

It was hard to maintain consistency in my life then. I was at rock bottom all the time. I didn’t care about anything, I drank every day, hung out with the worst kind of people who brought out the worst in me. I bounced between cheap rooms and couches. It was early 2016 when I discovered Photography and it COMPLETELY changed the direction of my life.

I didn’t hang out with anyone or bother trying to maintain all the pointless relationships. I just dove headfirst into it. I was able to put the things I didn’t understand about myself into perspective. For the first time in my life, I felt something. Not like a feeling per se… Just like this sense of possibility. For the first time, I was seriously wondering just what I could be capable of.

I had something to look forward to. I felt like if I pushed myself as hard as possible, I’d be good at something and I’d be a good person. And so I isolated myself from nearly everyone I knew and spent every single day learning or practicing or being frustrated that I wasn’t getting results. Even though I was drinking heavily, I always held a job and kept doing photoshoots and kept practicing like mad.

I eventually got my first apartment and was functional for a year. Did I have myself together? Definitely not but I was figuring myself out.

Cue one of the worst days of my life (Me getting robbed, while I was blacked out wasted, of 2 months of rent and camera gear by a ‘friend’ which led to me losing my apartment and job) followed by an email by my mother asking how I’ve been.

We ended up talking on the phone and it was civil for like 3 minutes before I mentioned how hard things have really been for me. She was bragging about some new expensive speaker system she bought and I like a dummy asked her for money (about $100). I told her if I could give my landlord ANYTHING, he’d be reasonable and give me time to get more cash together and I’d be fine.

Lol, that obviously did not go well at all. It all escalates to her literally laughing and then telling me it was my own fault for being homeless. She also completely denied ever abusing me when I stated I was in the situation because of her. I hung up on her. My thoughts were all over the place and I felt this intense frustration more than anger.

Within a few moments my head cleared and I had decided something as I was sitting in my bedroom 5 or so minutes after the call. I decided that I was going to completely ruin my mother’s life no matter what.

And so I did. I called CPS on her and informed them of my history of mistreatment at her hands. I previously compiled as much evidence as possible in my teens though never did anything with it until that point.

That sparked a visit which led to the emergency removal of my 3 younger siblings when they caught my mother ‘punishing’ my little sister coincidentally when they happened to do a visit. My mother was also arrested but released hours later. I reached out to the job she got years ago with the fake resume she made me write for her and made them aware of her falsehoods.

Because of her field, it was promptly looked into and she was fired as well as blacklisted. She lost nearly 80k+ salary. I then deleted every email in all of the email accounts I made for her because she never changed the passwords. Afterward, I deleted the email accounts themselves. Within a few weeks, things were definitely going downhill for her. My youngest sister’s dad WAS engaged to my mother and is now trying to file for sole custody of my little sister who is in CPS custody.

I’m sure he wasn’t happy finding out what his baby daughter has in store if my mother was given free rein. She’s missed her court appointments and I know she hasn’t been able to pay her mortgage since last year as I’ve heard she had to ask one of her friends for financial help. Her life had become a creamy messy trash symphony and I was the fecal splattered conductor.

It was all going down.

She went radio silent for months and had a warrant after missing another court date. This was all fall/winter of last year that she was off the grid so I went on with my life. In early 2019 I get a random call from her and find out she went to her home country months ago after everything went down.

How she was allowed on a plane? I have no clue. So cue another geyser of lies spewing from my mother’s mouth. She’s telling me I need to tell CPS she’s a good mom and that she’s never mistreated them or me. It’s unbelievable. So I cut her off and I shut her up. I was a little buzzed when she had called and had always mentally prepared for this moment.

I started slowly telling her in graphic detail about all the gross stuff I used to do to her food because screw it. I told her how I used to pee in the pitcher of the Lipton Iced Tea she used to force me to make for her and then not allow me to have. I told her how I’d secretly sabotage her utensils with my butt-cheeks before serving her food.

She was quiet at first but then began cursing me out, though it didn’t bother me. I’m on a roll and I wasn’t listening. Her words didn’t matter to me anymore. She’s blaming me for her life turning out so terribly while fully unaware of how true that statement is in terms of the situation she was currently in. She shuts up long enough for me to get one more word in before hanging up and blocking her number.

I thought that was the end of it.

My aunt and I recently reconnected about 2 months ago. Before last month, I haven’t seen her in years. We met up and had a long conversation about life and everything and then she admitted that she talks to my mother nearly every day. She had mentioned all the things happening to my mother but didn’t know it was me who started this all.

She actually felt really bad for my mother but my aunt was always a really caring person, so I understand I guess… I told her I was very uncomfortable with the thought of her talking about me to my mother and asked her not to. My aunt did it anyways. After meeting up with my aunt, I learned through her that my mother was finally coming back to America.

She was arriving at the airport in one week. The problem was my aunt told her that I was going with her so the three of us could all talk without telling me. I didn’t know what the feeling of betrayal really felt like until my aunt told me that.

To be honest, as wrong as it sounds I’d rather my mother just think I died or something.

But my aunt kept insisting that I had to give my mother another chance and I had to learn to be open-minded and that though she wasn’t there all the times my mom did horrible things to me she loved us both and wanted us to get along. Like I’m supposed to just get along with someone who has tried to hurt me? But, I’ve already resolved myself to being a bad person and so I lied to one of the only people who was kind to me and I promised my aunt I’d try to have a heart to heart with my mom and her and ‘talk out’ the nearly 20 years of mistreatment.

Obviously, that was not happening. When we got off the phone, I called the detectives who gave me their number months back in case I heard from my mother. I asked them a few leading questions about what would happen if so and so were discovered and then I made my plan. I wasn’t sure if my mother would make it past customs (How is she able to travel to a different country with a warrant, I didn’t know.) but if she did, I’d call the police in the bathroom and wait for them to arrive while I sat with my mother.

Cue my mother making it past customs because she’s my mother. She’s a horrible person but she’s good at what she does, which is being horrible. I digress, my mother calls my aunt when she’s getting off the plane and my aunt says she’s going to meet her. I told my aunt I’d wait for them in the little Starbucks and then we’d all drive somewhere else.

My aunt agreed and went off. I called the detective and told him that my mother was standing a few feet away from me and if they could meet me at our destination we were going to. They told me that was unnecessary and that they’d have officers closer to me come and apprehend her at the airport instead. And so I waited and waited. And then I finally saw them arriving both at the same time.

The 3-4 officers who had convened in those few passing minutes and actively searched around the food court I sat close to. My mother and my aunt walked down the gate towards me. I felt this overwhelming weight in my chest just kind of settling down deeper and deeper into my gut the closer they got and the more the officers searched. What if they stopped looking when my mother arrived?

What if my mother somehow got away with this again? Countless thoughts but I just bit them back. I’ve grown very talented at silencing whatever my inner turmoil of the day happened to be. But my mother and my aunt were animatedly talking as they made their way to where I was sitting.

Before they had a chance to say anything, I quickly jumped up and said ‘I ordered some teas let me go see if they’re ready!’ which was the first thing I could think of as they were sitting but it worked and I dashed off PAST the cash register to the Starbucks and the outer part of the food court.

Looking back, saying I had to go grab some tea probably wasn’t the best thing to say but I digress… I made it a few feet out the door and half jogged over to the officers who were still looking around the food court area. From where they were, they wouldn’t have seen us sitting. I walked over and asked them if they had gotten a call about a woman who had a warrant or something.

I mentioned that the detectives said officers in or near the airport would arrest her. They said they did and I told them it was my mother. I told them her first name and they verified her last name. I told them she was sitting right in the Starbucks waiting for jail and one of the cops chuckled. Seemed a bit surprised and judgy that I was pointing them right to my mom.

I told them I’d go make sure she didn’t leave and they followed behind by like 10-15 paces.

I half jogged back inside and up to the little table where they were sitting. My mother had that half scowl she always wore whenever she looked up at me when I popped up out of nowhere and my aunt began asking me where the drinks were before I cut her off and looked plainly at my mother and her scowling face which had quickly changed into confusion when I had finished my sentence.

‘Mom I know we don’t get along but I wanted to let you know it’s all my fault.’ Cue my mother starting to ask me with this kind of soft motherly voice ‘What do you mean it’s your fault? Why do you–’ but of course I cut her off because there’s nothing she hates more than being cut off and I finally have the power in this situation.

‘Look. I want you to know EXACTLY whose fault it is and who’s pee you drank when you’re sitting in jail wondering why the world did you so wrong!’ She sputtered something and slapped me. My aunt’s jaw dropped. People are watching. The cops saw it happen as well as only a few seconds had passed from when I walked in.

Into handcuffs, she goes.

Now she’s showing her true colors. Cursing and saying all kinds of things you couldn’t imagine a mom saying to her kid. Telling me she’d get me and so on. Etc. I calmly walked behind them as long as I could until they took her to some room and held her until the detective arrived. I wasn’t there that long though as the lack of thrill of it all kind of got to me and I went home to break a 2-month sober streak.

I was there long enough for my aunt to tell me she was disappointed in me and that she doesn’t know if she can forgive me for doing something ‘so spiteful and disgusting’ to her sister. To be fair, I did it completely out of spite so she isn’t wrong. I’ve already acknowledged I’m not a good person for what I did. Come to find out, my mother was using MY AUNT’S PASSPORT TO LEAVE AND COME BACK TO THE COUNTRY MULTIPLE TIMES since she left. That’s why they never caught her.

Now my aunt has some explaining to do but I wish she didn’t have to get caught up in all of this. She has always been kind to me and doesn’t deserve it.

My mother is facing up to 10 years just for using my aunt’s passport alone and a slew of other charges including one for child endangerment. Her husband left her. Her kids were taken from her.

Her friends have seemingly distanced themselves from her from what I know. After 19 years of mistreatment, I finally get my revenge and none of the charges have anything to do with me which is interesting. Did it feel good? No. I felt nothing. Just the rise and fall of the situation but nothing really concrete. I expected to feel something. Not even satisfaction or happiness but SOMETHING.

Either way, the only thing for me to do is continue to work towards becoming the person I want to be. She told me constantly that I was worthless and that I’m nothing. I’ve told myself the same as well in the past. I’ve decided I’m going to have to become one of the greatest photographers of my time and I’m going to push myself as hard as possible to succeed so that anyone else who has ever suffered how I have, now have no reason to doubt themselves or their ability to be great one day.

As for me right now, I currently live in a homeless shelter. I decided to go to one 6 months ago after realizing all the drinking and inconsistency was making it hard for me to move forward. I wasn’t saving money and was couch hopping from friend’s house to friend’s house. A few weeks ago I got a voucher from the govt and sometime in the next 2 months, I can find a 1 bedroom or a studio apartment.

I’ve been aggressively saving my small checks. I’ve been practicing and working on building better habits and just being a better photographer. I don’t make much right now and I know many people will say it’s a stupid dream but I know if I put all of my efforts into making this work, I can not only be a self-sustaining photographer but more than that.

My situation is embarrassing and it’s hard but I know I won’t be here longer than another few months. It’s not some dream. It’s a plan. I’ll also be going back to school in the Fall and pursuing photography. As for my siblings, that situation is still a bit dicey and I don’t think I’ll give an update about that but they’re all doing very well.

As far as my mother is concerned, as horrible as she was towards me the only part of me that even thinks about her on rare occasions hopes she isn’t having a HORRIBLE time. I don’t like knowing people are hurting. ”

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11. Dad's Ex Robs Us So He Gets Even


“I was a young teen around 14 or 15. My father had a rough time with women and always seemed to have bad luck with them, until he started going out with an old high school friend that we’ll just call Susan.

She was a cool woman. I was glad my dad found love in his life again, he deserved it. Susan was kind to me and even had 2 kids of her own one younger and one older than me but they didn’t come around often.

My dad went out with her off and on for over a year, thinking he was super lucky.

But soon we started having problems that escalated until the breaking point. I’ll start from the beginning and you’ll see that I’m not lying when I say that Susan is an EVIL woman.

Susan is a struggling addict that my dad knew about and had tried to help her through it but she was always fighting him on it and had moments of pure rage.

I hate when people yelled and fought with each other. I’m kinda emotional and I start getting weepy. I don’t know why.

Anyway, my dad had a bad accident when he was hunting in the woods behind our house. He was coming down and halfway down he fell and perfectly landed one of his legs on a rock that COMPLETELY hurt his kneecap. He had to have surgery and go on heavy pain medication to keep him comfortable.

3 weeks and he came home but needed crutches for months and still had some heavy pain meds. Enter Susan who was hardly around the hospital during my dad’s entire stay. She would end up sneaking my dad’s pills when he was asleep and just abusing them all the time. My dad ended up hiding them from her. That was the moment things went downhill.

First, she tried to convince me to STEAL my dad’s meds so she could take them, saying that ‘If 2 or 3 go missing he won’t know.’ I was appalled at what I was hearing.

I refused and I thought her behavior was out of line but my dad still believed she was a good person.

Next, I have to admit that I suffer from low self-esteem and emotional anxiety from time to time. It was a while after the pill issue that Susan came and was trying to convince me to run away from my dad because he didn’t care about me anymore.

I was in a bad time in my life and she succeeded in making me do just that. I did come back afterward when I was found on the road by police. She was turning me and my dad against each other and got us literally yelling at each other

But we resolved this and after some reflection, we both realized that for all the major problems we have had to happen, Susan was the instigator.

My dad promised she’d be gone soon. And wouldn’t ya know it? Dad found out she was actually sneaking behind his back with another man.

He walked in on her and her ex when he went to her place to break up. It made his choice a lot easier. Susan was gone. We finally had our lives back… Or so we thought.

One day I came home from school and went into our house to find that it was completely trashed. I was shocked and confused and didn’t know what was going on.

My dog was acting normal and happy to see me but everything was wrecked.

I looked around and saw my Xbox 360 and Wii were stolen along with most of my games. My Dad’s room was also in tatters so I decided to call my dad to ask what was going on. A family friend actually showed up during this and looked around too.

My dad rushed home and was absolutely furious when he went inside.

Our friend left and dad checked around and noticed that only his pills were stolen from his room. We knew instantly that it was Susan. Our dog was acting normal because she knew Susan and was used to her. That’s how she didn’t get mauled by our dog and was able to rob us.

Instantly my dad began to figure out what to do. I suggested that we call the police but my dad refused. He called dibs.

Being ex-military, even with a bad leg made him a dangerous man to screw over.

He found out that her ex, a Russian dude that’s a wannabe gangster, helped rob us. My dad acted as swiftly as possible and to be honest, I was scared. I thought he’d literally get rid of the both of them. It took 4 days for my dad to find out where they were staying.

They moved in together at his house.

My dad told me to stay home and drove over there at night with a baseball bat and his favorite pocket knife. Around midnight he came back and I saw stuff in the back of our car. He told me that my consoles were sold away and he couldn’t get them back.

I asked what happened and he sat me down.

He had gone down and found that both of them were there that night and he honked his horn real loud and they came out. Susan didn’t recognize the car in time and her ex, let’s call him Tim, got scared to death as my dad got out, bat in hand.

Now, this dude was supposed to be a scary gangster that would beat anyone down.

And my dad was only just recovered enough to not need crutches anymore. So in favor of odds, you’d expect Timmy to be itching to fight, knowing he’d win.

But he caved in. My dad had a reputation of being the guy who’ll beat down anyone who messes with our family. He has beaten a few people around town that has hurt our friends or family.

Tim apparently got on his knees and begged for his life. And that he’d do anything.

And my dad, being the saint he is, told him to strip and give him all his clothes. Tim couldn’t tear them off fast enough! Susan was about to go into the house (presumably to call the police) when my dad told her not to move, or he’d beat Tim up.

He grabbed the clothes and told them to NEVER come near our house again. OR ELSE. He also assured them that he’d be back.

I was shocked. But glad my dad didn’t hurt anyone. He told me that I wasn’t going to school tomorrow because I was coming with him to Susan’s house. So the next day at noon we show up and Tim immediately led him to his bedroom.

My dad told me to get the big cardboard box he loaded up yesterday.

We went in and he told Susan that he was taking their DVD collection. He went over and told me to take them all. Which I did, albeit reluctantly. I was a bit uncomfortable with the situation but was in awe of how awesome my dad was being.

He yelled for Tim and that dude ran right in like a dog and sat down on the couch.

My dad told him he had a week to get out of our town. If he didn’t he’d have a bad time. Tim agreed profusely. And my dad and I walked out.

Before we left my dad stopped and turned to Tim and told him to strip again and give him his clothes. I watched slack-jawed as Tim hurriedly pulled his clothes off and gave them to my dad.

We eventually went home.

They never called the cops. Too afraid I guess. Of the authorities or my dad, I don’t know which. But we haven’t heard from them since. Good riddance.”

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10. I Bathed His Stuff In Glue


“So Tod was constantly in and out of the office for his behavior, so I decided to play a prank whilst he was in the office for punching a 4th grader (who in the world does that?!). So I grab one of those big bottles of Elmer’s glue (the 1-liter ones, for you Americans that’s roughly %0.00327868852 of a football field according to google) and I go to his locker and dump it on EVERYTHING, books, clothes, etc, etc. And close it.

When he got back to grab his stuff to go home since he got suspended he saw his stuff caked in glue. After his 3 day suspension, he came back and asked around for who did it. He found out that it was me and decided to attack me, thus I punched him in the face. And I got off free due to his record.”

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9. Got Him Thrown In Jail And Ruined His 5-Year Relationship


“The past 2 and a half months I’ve been in a rehab center.

it was supposed to be a 3-month stay but another resident (let’s call him ‘jerk’) decided to fake me out and get me booted from the program. While I was showering he decided to put substances in my shorts and get staff to check my room. I got kicked out and I thought he was going to get to stay but that is where the revenge comes in.

I knew he had more stuff (this dude is a fiend he wouldn’t sacrifice his only fix to get me out of there). I decided to get even. Before I left I pulled a stunt. I went to staff and told them about him contacting his significant other whom he had a no-contact order. After doing so I went to the director and told him where the jerk’s stash was (I ain’t no snitch but if you mess with me I’m messing with you too).

The director searched his stash and found a ridiculous amount of contraband. Though I was still kicked out of the program I got the satisfaction of seeing him cry as he was led out of the building in cuffs with 2 more charges on his head knowing he won’t see the outside world for 2 years or more.”

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8. Be Rude To Me? I Won't Hire You


“I was at a concert years ago, and the man I went with and I start talking and joking with a stranger standing near us (before the concert started).

At some point, she finds out where I’m from (a sort of rival city from where she grew up, in a different state from where this is all happening) and the stranger gets super catty and rude. She says some put-down (I can’t even remember what it was) and wanders away half-mindedly through the crowd. Kinda embarrassing to happen while I was out with someone, but whatever.

It wasn’t more than 6 months before the same woman came in for a group interview at my job (in a major US city, so pretty crazy, actually). I’m not sure if she recognized me (she had been inebriated and some time had passed), but I immediately recognized her. (I still remember her face clearly, even now, years later.)

I never pointed out to her that we had met, or the concert.

I treated her with the same respect as the other candidates.

I just shared my experience with her during our review of the candidates after the interview… and she didn’t get the job.

I honestly don’t remember how she did in the interview. Maybe she would have been great but when you’re comparing seemingly equivalent candidates and one has been a jerk, it’s a real tie-breaker.

Now that I have more hiring experience, if this happened presently, I would have asked her about it (privately) for her to have a chance to respond. It takes a lot of emotional intelligence and maturity to own up to a thing and apologize, a lot more than denying it had happened.”

Another User Comments:

“At least that’s a better reason than some. I once overheard a woman telling her female friends that she didn’t hire another woman that seemed perfect for the job.

The reason she didn’t hire? Because the candidate wore a blouse that the interviewer also owned an identical blouse. She didn’t wanna come to work and match the new candidate by accident someday.” CoderJoe1

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7. No More Toilet Paper For You, Pranksters


“A friend from college was getting married. It was originally planned for a cruise, but the company went out of business. So now with all of us having booked flights to Florida they had to scramble to find hotels for us.

They were lucky enough to find hotels for all of us. It came to about 50 college friends in a hotel. Now commence the pranks.

I and my roommate came into our room after being out to find the furniture all over the place. They got really creative not malicious but a funny prank. Took us about an hour to move everything back and find everything they hid.

Turns out they just went to the front desk and said they lost their key and the desk just gave them the key to our room.

Petty revenge time. We did the same for them but knew we couldn’t just rearrange the furniture. We took all the toilet paper and decorated the room. We even wrapped the toilet. We didn’t leave a single square on the rolls.

As the rule of unintended consequences, it turns out one of them had to poop really bad when they came into the room, ripped the toilet paper off the toilet, and pooped. Then they realized their mistake, there was no other toilet paper in the bathroom.”

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6. Petty Revenge On My Selfish Husband


“When I left the ex-husband who was not the nicest of people, I left with 2 suitcases and didn’t ask for anything, I just wanted it done and a lot of distance between.

Scroll forward about 10 months later when I was feeling a million times better. In Canadian hotels (I travel a lot) there are generally silent auction prints etc in the lobby. I know that usually you put the minimum bid and win, so anytime I went through a lobby and saw one, I popped his details into the draw on his behalf. He cared about his wealth more than anything and often wonder how many bids he ‘won’?”

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5. Be A Jerk? No Bathroom Breaks For You


“I work in janitorial at a factory and unfortunately this means that people tend to be jerks because they see me as someone below them. Well, I take pride in doing my job well and my bosses say I’m one of their best. For the last few months though some lady (let’s call her Jane) at the factory I clean keeps complaining about every little thing to my bosses whether it is true or not.

Well, recently she’s been lying to my bosses and saying I don’t ever clean the ladies’ room despite the fact that literally, anyone could tell that I have since it’d be disgusting otherwise. I know the factory doesn’t allow restroom breaks very often so I always let the women use the bathroom even if I’m actively cleaning it to be nice. I mean who wants to hold their pee for several hours?

Well because Jane complained enough a new rule was put in place that means I now can’t let anyone into the bathroom as I clean it until I’ve finished. Jane is notorious for overusing her time in the bathroom to skip out on work, so needless to say there have been a few times she’s started leaving her area to use the bathroom.

Given how thoughtful Jane has been about making sure I do my job properly I’ve taken to make sure to always be cleaning the ladies’ room in the breakroom whenever she needs it.

The first time was the best so let me share that with you.

I came out of the bathroom that I’m cleaning to grab some more of my supplies only to find Jane there waiting. Jane is frowning like usual, ‘Hey, could I use the bathroom? I really have to go and the other bathroom is under maintenance right now.’

I put on my best fake apologetic smile and shake my head, ‘I’m sorry, but I can’t let anyone into the bathroom until I’m fully finished cleaning it.

I’d say you could wait, but I wouldn’t want you to get into trouble for standing around doing nothing…’

Jane scowled at me, ‘It won’t take long. Can’t you just move the sign for now?’

Once again I shake my head as I gather up the supplies I need, ‘No can do. I have a schedule to stick to and can’t go against company rules.

I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m not doing my job correctly after all.’

Jane was getting angry at this point, but I couldn’t care less. I pushed open the bathroom room and gave her one more oh-so apologetic smile before heading in, ‘I’ll try and hurry so you can use it soon, but there is only so much I can do. Sorry, Jane.’ Then I went into the bathroom and took the longest time I could to clean it.

By the time I came out again, Jane was gone and I couldn’t have felt happier. I knew she’d have to wait who knows how long until her next bathroom break and the thought of that makes me grin so much. I still do it whenever I can and there is absolutely nothing she can do in retaliation either besides give me the stink eye.”

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4. Don't Pay Me Back? I'll Ruin Your Relationship


“I (M, 20, strongly believed in individualism and equality) am currently in University.

Gita (fake name) is probably under 24 and a clerk in a government bank. (A good accomplishment for middle-class Indians). We both are neighbors, live with our parents (It is normal and sort of compulsory in India, especially in small towns). We’ve been neighbors for around 8 years. Our parents have okay relations with each other and I have a good relationship with her parents and an okay relationship with Gita.

We both are lower economical middle class and socially from the upper class (See ‘Casts in India’). Both our parents are liberal in the Indian sense but by western standards, they are very conservative, you can say this for the majority of Indian parents.

FEBRUARY 2019: I had to deposit 8000 INR (112USD, Which is a large amount for lower-middle-class Indians) in the bank. I am sort of lazy and didn’t want to wait in queues in the bank, also Gita was in the same bank.

So I thought I will give her the funds and she will deposit that in my account. I went to her house at 7 am and called for her mother. She opened the gate, it turned out that her elder brother (28) and mother and father went to the temple. I told her why I came. She accepted the money and told me that she would keep the hard cash and will transfer the equivalent from her account the next day.

2 WEEKS LATER: The funds were still not deposited. I asked her about this several times, mainly from WhatsApp but she just made excuses. At last, after 3 weeks I went to her house and asked her to give me the dough instantly. I threatened her that I will tell her parents. After hearing that she said this, ‘What proof you have that you gave me the money.

Ask for it again and I will tell everybody that you are harassing me’. That was it, I became stiff as stone, my whole body became too heavy suddenly. I really had no proof and I had messaged her several times saying, ‘The funds have not been deposited yet. OR When will you deposit the funds?’ Now before any of you western folks say that I exaggerated that situation, you have to view the situation through an innocent Indian person.

India is basically the middle east in terms of intimacy, personal space, and equality but unlike the Middle East, it hides this fact through white lies. India has a problem with harassment and this is one of the reasons for the false accusations problem too.

June 2019: I hadn’t talked with her again after that but I had a plan to get revenge on her. By this time I had spied on her a bit and found out that, she buys booze every alternate Saturday from X place and drinks it at her friend’s place (drinking is seen as immoral in the male population and 10 times immoral in the female population in India).

Also, she had a partner (Under 25) with whom she spent half an hour every Saturday evening at X park which is on the other side of town. (having a partner and significant other is seen as immoral in India and you won’t even get a rental flat easily if you have a significant other). I took photos of her with her man and her buying drinks.

1st Saturday, July 2019: That day on my way to the park I found a police SUV a mile away from the park. I thought maybe it’s time to take this plan a step further. I told them that the couple is doing an obscene act in the X park. The police officer replied in very rude language. I knew I had to pay him, so I gave him 2000 INR and he agreed to go.

The park Gita used to go to was famous for unmarried couples so, on every Valentine’s day, the police used to harass the couples there. On reaching there I told him the spot and began to watch the situation from a distance, I wasn’t able to hear them but the view was clear. Gita and her man were neither kissing nor hugging, they were just talking on the bench at that time.

The police arrived and told them something, after that the police slapped Gita’s man a few times immediately. It appeared that her man refused to give his parents’ number. In India, if police catch an under 30 unmarried couple then they demand the victim’s parents’ numbers. The whole drama went on for 20 minutes. Both even fell on police’s feet. At last, they had to give some money to the police.

(This police behavior is pretty normal in India). Both looked pretty terrified that day.

1st Sunday, July 2019: I had already printed out all the images in 10 groups because there are 10 main houses in the neighborhood including mine. In each set, there were 3 images of her buying drinks and 4 images of her and her man together. I woke up at 4:00 am and put all the sets of pictures in front of the 10 houses and went to sleep.

I woke up with loud noises from Gita’s house. I had put one set in front of my own house too. I am pretty sure her brother slapped her a few times. Her mother was calling her bad names. Her father was not in the house that day. I asked my mother about the situation and she told me to stay away from Gita. She told me that Gita had shamed the whole society with her childish behavior.

1st August 2019: In the last month she was forced to stay in the house by her parents. The whole neighborhood was disgusted by her and her parents also charged a blackmailing case on Gita’s significant other which caused her man to spend a few days in jail but he was released after a week. Her parents also trying to arrange a marriage for her. It turned out that her man was from the lower class which fueled the rage even more.

15 September 2019: She will be married next year. She had started going to the bank again. I still haven’t gotten the funds.”

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3. No Snooping In Bags Please


“In the midafternoon, my friend and I decided to leave the office and walk to the store next door. We used to sit on opposite ends of the office, but that day I was moved next to her, close to the boss lady’s office, as my old cube was being claimed by another group.

I was going for some snacks, she for her items. We are salaried and management was perfectly fine with us doing errands like this because we hit our deliverables and such. On our return as we approached our office, she got a big smirk. ‘Wait until we get inside,’ she said, ‘boss lady has a big problem of snooping.’ Sure enough, we ran into boss lady shortly after entering the office.

My friend is ahead of me on purpose.

‘What do you have? Did you go to the store?’ and boss lady opens the bag my friend is holding only to pull out a box of tampons. Boss Lady’s face goes red and she stammers an apology, dropping the box back into the sack and rushing into her office.

My friend tells me once we were farther away, that she had planned that and was tired of boss lady opening the bags to see what people got.

And that is the last time I ever saw boss lady snooping into a bag. She might ask, but I always said ‘snacks’ no matter what I had.”

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2. Mom Drove Super Slow For The People Behind Us


“My mom and I were driving to my aunt’s house and there was a red light. The light had JUST turned green when the car behind us blasted the horn repeatedly. My mom didn’t even get the chance to lift her foot off of the gas.

Both of us were annoyed at the aggressive honker, but then I saw my mom with a smile on her face. I knew exactly what she was going to do.

She pressed her foot lightly on the accelerator and started turning slowly, ever so slowly down the street. She then continued to drive that slow the entire mile or two stretches down the road until we finally had to turn again.

She was going at least 10-15 mph under the limit.

Finally, she made the second and final slow turn down the street towards my aunt’s house. As soon as the car behind us was able to. I watched from the side-view mirror as the car basically kept going the same speed, maybe a bit quicker down the road. I guess he wasn’t in a rush after all.”

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1. Okay, Karen, We Will Get Out Of Line


“My wife and I are currently vacationing at a Caribbean resort, we wanted to try a particular restaurant here at the resort.

Like any restaurant, you check with the host and if there is a wait you put your name on the list and well….wait. Now there were a group of people waiting outside the door (this usually happens around dinner time). Most are people milling around waiting for their turn to be seated. I walk in, wait a moment for the host to be free, and speak with him.

I’m told the wait time is nearly two hours. It’s at this moment Karen grabs my shoulder and squawks “there is a wait to get in.” At first, I’m confused like “yeah no kidding, how is that my fault?” Then it hits me she doesn’t know you need to check in with the host to get in line so to say.

Just to clarify she wasn’t waiting by the host stand and I had waited behind two other couples to speak to him. She and her husband had been waiting outside the restaurant near the group of people that were milling around. So then I simply reply “ok” and walk away. With a wait time at two hours and growing I’m not going to tell her she needs to check in to actually “be in line.” Enjoy dinner, Karen.”

Another User Comments:

“Reminds me of a similar airport story. I was waiting to board, in Group 4. The elderly farm couple near me obviously did not understand the concept of numbered group boarding. I saw their boarding passes because of course, they had printed paper versions. They were in Group 8.

I was hanging back, somewhat behind them, waiting for my group to be announced. They were not hanging back but were unaware they were in the no man’s land outside of the actual boarding line, where people gather to wait for their turn to get in line.

They didn’t understand why this line wasn’t moving. They weren’t getting anywhere, and it was frustrating them.

When my group was called, I stepped up into the actual line. I was now standing directly next to them. But since I was in the line and they were only next to the line, I could move forward and they couldn’t.

They tried their hardest to move forward with me and merge in front of me, but furniture, other people, and karma blocked them from doing so.

And I did too.

I normally let anybody and everybody go in front of me in these lines, but this time I didn’t. They were quite large and had been standing in everybody’s way for a long time, blocking people’s access to the line, being all huffy, just making pains of themselves. They literally huffed every few seconds, adding palpable tension to the crowd. So screw you, 100%-in-the-wrong elderly farm couple, I’m not letting you in.

Take a second to figure stuff out and wait your turn.

After a subtle battle of wills, I finally stepped all the way in front of them. At that point, I heard Pa Kettle say to Ma in a voice pitched for my ears, ‘I guess somebody doesn’t know how lines work.’

Oh, the irony.

Instead of setting them straight, however, I said nothing.

Because I knew when they got to the boarding agent, she would tell them to get out of line and wait their turn. If they didn’t blow a gasket or die of shame, they must have finally learned how lines work.” jimmyjazz2000

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