People Confess Their Successful Moments Of Revenge

They say that patience is a virtue. But what if you've already been patient for too long? If you find yourself in the perfect moment to pull off the revenge that your nemesis deserves, wouldn't you grab the opportunity and savor in the glory? Well, these people definitely did! Here are their stories.

18. Expect Me To Show Up In This State? If You Say So

“I worked in middle management at an IT consulting company that provided managed services to a petrochemical giant that is headquartered in South Africa but had sites all over Europe, Asia, and North America.

I was a project portfolio manager responsible for multiple project managers who were based at each site. We handled large IT projects and had very strict SLAs to comply with. Delayed projects resulted in a financial penalty that would directly affect our performance ratings.

I reported to the Account Manager who was only hired because she was a relative of the VP. The Account Manager would spend most of her days having coffee meetings with upper management.

All middle management involved with this client reported to the VP and she was the type of boss who enjoyed hearing the sound of her own voice and turned every conversation and meeting about herself.

We have regular review meetings with the client and their international counterparts to discuss each department’s performance. The meeting would be held at the client’s South African offices in the late afternoons and members of the America/Europe and Asia team would join via zoom.

The meeting rooms were very plush and had 2 very large monitors, one for presented content and the other for viewing the remote speaker’s camera.

1 day ahead of each review meeting our team has our own internal prep meeting. This was so that we could all review our team’s updates and give the VP a heads up on what to expect.

She would then use those updates to show off to our executives how well she was performing.

One weekend I notice a slight lump on my body. It feels odd and I decide to have it checked out. I go to my doctor and after a few minutes of squishy-squishy and him taking a small injection sample, he gives me some medication to manage the swelling and tells me to return in a week.

He tells me not to panic and is most probably nothing to worry about.

There is no pain so I don’t take any time off from work but I do send a message to my team to prepare them to self-manage in the event that it turns out to be serious.

I send a heads up to my manager that I would need to take some sick leave soon and will share the schedule with her after my consult with the doctor.

I go and see my doctor, he does a bit more squishy-squishy and checks his notes.

He then tells me that the lump has grown much bigger and I need to have emergency surgery and was admitted the next day.

I send an update to everyone and finalize a few tasks. That evening I prepare my slide deck with the necessary updates, ensuring I add in additional detail so that my updates would be self-explanatory, and ask one of my senior project managers to join the meeting on my behalf.

On the day of my admission, I send a message to my manager that I was taking sick leave due to an emergency and to contact my senior project manager if they needed anything from my department. I then go off to the hospital and my surgery was scheduled for the next morning.

The manager did not bother to read my email.

One of the team members who ran the prep meeting noticed I was not in the zoom call. He decided instead of asking if anyone knew where I was to rather report me to the VP.

Strike 1 – The VP tries to call me and for obvious reasons I miss her call. She proceeds to email me the threat of a first written warning.

Strike 2 – Since I have not responded to her email or any of her calls she proceeds with emailing me a second written warning.

This was all in the space of a few hours on the same day.

When I awoke from surgery I was told that the surgery was an overall success and to just get some rest.

Later on that day I grab my phone out of my bag and see the missed calls and messages.

I reply to the VP that I apologize for missing the prep meeting but I was unfortunately on sick leave due to an emergency and had nominated a senior manager to stand in on my behalf.

Strike 3 – She throws a tantrum and starts to hurl a barrage of messages toward me.

How only she can approve leave and I obviously didn’t submit it to her in advance. She then threatens me with a final written warning if I am not present at the review meeting.

I join the meeting on zoom but keep my camera off (This is not uncommon) and go on mute.

A few minutes after the meeting starts the VP fires off her final treat to me because I’m not there ‘in person’.

I wait through the meeting till it’s time for me to present my slide deck and then go off mute and turn on my camera.

Everyone in the meeting could hear me greet them and those that looked at the screen were mortified to see me in a hospital bed. The VP has her head buried deep into her laptop screen and has not yet seen me.

Our client stops me immediately and asks me what is going on. I tell them that I am here to provide my updates and then proceed to read the information on slide 1 as if nothing happened. The client stops the meeting again and turns to the VP asking her why I was on the call when I should obviously be on leave, and the VP responds that she did not approve any leave and expects her team to always be there for client meetings.

The client tells the VP to look at the monitor and she finally sees me in a hospital bed. She then decided to double down on her belief and tells the client how I was being insubordinate and disrupting ‘her’ meeting and that I should proceed with my updates because we are all waiting.

The client immediately calls for the meeting to be adjourned and tells me to drop off the call. She then tells the VP that she is raising the VP’s actions as a security risk and revokes her access to the building pending an executive review.

The next morning while waiting to be discharged I get a call from the GM. He was irate and belligerent. The VP has told him that it was due to my insubordination that her access was revoked but failed to tell him exactly what happened. After I let him rant for a few minutes, I asked him if he knew where I was and he replied that unless I was at the office immediately I would be dismissed and personally charged. I respond that I will be there in the hour.

I decided to go for gold and went straight to the office in my hospital gown and proceed to do the shameless walk into the office straight to the executive suite.

I was stopped by the CEO and questioned on why I would come to the office in this state and I told him of the GM’s remarks.

The GM was called into the office and just froze when he saw me. I then asked one of the other nicer team members to describe the previous day’s events and they explained the VP’s actions.

I was told to leave immediately and go home and rest.

I send the CEO and HR screenshots of all of the VP’s messages, emails and also got IT to provide me with the recording from the phone system of the GM’s call. The GM and VP were fired immediately and I was offered a settlement for my pain and suffering.”

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DarkJedi719 2 years ago
I wish you knew what became of them. Excellent work but sorry you had to suffer a bit.
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17. Kept The Smug Officer From Pulling People Over


“I was turning out of a shopping center one day and passed a school. Didn’t see any buses or children around, the school zone sign was not visible from where I was turning from. Got up to normal speed for the road and pass a cop parked in the neighborhood across the street.

Lights go on, I’m the only one on the road so I know it’s me and pull over. At this point, I’ve passed the school zone sign on the other side of the road and I can see it’s on.

He comes over, tells me I was speeding in a school zone, gives me a ticket. I explain that I couldn’t see the zone sign being on, he tells me that it should have been fixed but wasn’t so he likes to sit there and give out tickets to people turning from the shopping center.

I waited until I got home, called every county number for roads and schools that I could find. All told me it needed to come from the board of supervisors, they knew it should have been fixed, and that their hands were tied. So I emailed the county board of supervisors, explained how I was pulled over and there wasn’t a flashing sign on the side next to the shopping center.

Stated how this was a safety concern to students/parents/teachers/bus drivers, and that it should be corrected. They knew of the issue and had a new light added to the back of the sign.

I did pay my fine, never went to court as I was clearly guilty.

But now I smile whenever I drive past that school zone and the new light is on because I know that that smug officer can’t effectively trap people there for not seeing a broken sign.”

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Thejud 2 years ago
Well I don't understand how you call that a victory considering you were speeding in a school zone and got a ticket it's for the safety of the children at that cops there he's not doing it to be smug
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16. Destroyed The Annoying Relationship Of My Neighbors


“My wife and I lived in an upstairs apartment of a house, we had two small children at the time; very young still. I was in the military at the time. The underground apartment always seemed to attract the strangest people; you know the type you go out of your way to avoid; I mean seriously avoid, don’t want people to know you know them avoid.

Yeah, you know the type.

This really freaky couple decided to move out and the girl decided to just hand the lease over to her sister and significant other. We didn’t know it at the time, but her sister was TOXIC.

I mean stick your hand in a full septic tank, eat what you fish out toxic.

Now I worked days and they worked alternating nights at some rehab halfway house or something. So, every night one of them would be working.

On the first night they moved in, my wife and I put the kids in bed and shortly after, went to bed ourselves. I had to be up around 5:00 AM to get to the base (early morning exercise stuff; the go you chicken fat go stuff for all you older boomers out there), then work.

All of a sudden around 11:00 PM the phone in their apartment starts to ring, LOUD, like a warehouse phone loud. This thing woke both of us up and the kids. So now we are all wide awake. The phone rang for 30 minutes before the guy picked it up.

The rest of the night we could hear him talking very loudly into the phone. He was saying things that I didn’t want to know; personal things that nobody wants to know. Yuck!!

The next night we get the kids in bed, we go to bed. We are exhausted from the lack of sleep the night before.

At 11:00 PM the downstairs phone rings and it rang for another 30 minutes before she picked it up. For the rest of the night, we heard her on the phone. These people had one volume 11 (shout out to Spinal Tap fans).

I think these two people were there start of the 1-900 phones calls. Again… YUCK!!! ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT, for about two weeks. There were a few nights that the phone would ring all night long and never get picked up.

We were all really tired, no sleep, cranky kids. Neighbors that were made of the same stuff I find trailed on toilet paper before flushing. I started thinking, ‘I have to find a way to stop this insanity.’ Now I have a mechanical background.

I have worked in construction, wiring, building repair, auto, and truck repair. There had to be something I could do.

Saturday rolls around and I am in the backyard mowing the grass (part of my lease agreement). I notice two phone connection boxes on the side of the house.

The gears in my brain start to formulate my revenge.

After I mow the lawn, I open my toolbox and find a wire with two ‘alligator’ clips. I trace the connection going to my phone first, to experiment. I jump two wires together and check my phone.

Dead, no tone. Ha, got ya now you jerks.

Just before we went to bed, I went outside and jumped the wires to their phone. Oh, it was peaceful. All night we slept; the kids slept. I dreamt of sugar plums, unicorns, and fairies; oh, sweet bliss.

The next morning, we woke up rested, I removed the wire and we sat down to eat breakfast and the girl comes home and tromps down into their apartment. I mean the entire house shook; she had a purpose. Suddenly all things broke loose.

You could hear the door get kicked, she stomped her way through their apartment. I think she was foaming at the mouth, like a rabid skunk. The conversation went something like this; the girl will be called Gastly Freak (for all you Pokemon fans); the guy will be PS for Poor Soul.

I won’t capitalize, just remember volume 11.

Gastly Freak – ‘Where is she? What were you doing all night?’

PS – ‘What?’ Just getting out of bed. (you could tell by the area his voice echoed through the floorboards)

Gastly Freak – ‘Who were you talking to all night?

I’ll kill her!’

PS – ‘What??’

Gastly Freak – ‘Don’t you what me! I tried to call all night and the phone was busy! All night the phone was busy! Who were you on the phone with? ALL.


PS – ‘Nobody babe.’

Gastly Freak – Throwing the first of many objects; you could hear it crash against the wall. ‘Don’t you dare babe me you jerk. I want to know who else you are sleeping with.

Who were you on the phone with?’

This went on for a couple of hours, things were getting thrown. Yelling! Screaming! Words were getting used that would make a pig blush. I was desperately trying not to die laughing and wishing I had some popcorn.

It was better than the old radio shows, excitement, thrills, drama, everything. I think their voices are imprinted into the ceiling of that apartment. The guy was finally able to find a way to get out and drive away; still in his undergarments.

Peace resumed for the rest of the day.

I jumped their phone every night from then on. I slept well; still do. After a few months they moved out, and you guessed it another creepy family moved in. Sometimes I feel a little sorry for the poor guy and what I did, but only for a nanosecond and then I roll over laughing; yea it was worth it.

I did talk to him once before they moved out and he said she threw one of her high heels so hard it stuck in the wall right next to his head. I never did tell him about the wire.

So, if you are reading this; no, I am not sorry and thanks for the good laugh that has lasted for years.”

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Thejud 2 years ago
Yeah again I have to go with completely fake it's not legal to just hand the lease to someone else if you had this information it's a simple phonecall and boom they're evicted
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15. Nephew's Bully Gets Attacked By Murder Of Crows


“My nephew (let’s call him Ethan) went to elementary (primary) school about two blocks away from me. Since both of his parents (my sister and my brother-in-law) worked, we had an arrangement that Ethan would come stay with me after he got out of school until his parents could come to pick him up and take him home.

Since I worked from home, I was able to help Ethan with homework, make snacks and play with him.

It was a pretty cozy arrangement. Ethan and I are pretty close and we had lots of fun playing catch in the yard (he’s now pitching baseball), getting my butt kicked in video games, and even just relaxing with a good movie.

Overall, life was pretty good. Except for one problem.

That problem was named Tom, another kid who was across the street from me and was in the same grade as Ethan. Beginning in maybe 4th grade, Tom decided that Ethan would make a good target and would bully him on the walk to my house.

It wasn’t unusual for Ethan to show up with bruises or tears in his eyes because of the various stunts Tom pulled. Ethan never would fully tell us (out of fear/wanting to protect us) what was going on.

This became such a problem that Ethan’s parents and I complained to the principal and even tried asking our local police department what we should do.

Unfortunately, their advice/response was all the same; Ignore him, we can’t do anything because there’s no proof/not happening on school grounds, make friends with him, kids will be kids, etc.

Since the attacks were happening during the walk to my house I started showing up at Ethan’s school to walk him to the nearby baseball field to practice pitching and batting.

This worked for a couple of weeks and Tom was never a problem (probably because he saw the baseball bat I was carrying and I’d look at him with ‘I will not be afraid to use this on you if you pick on Ethan around me’ glaring in my eyes).

Unfortunately… this just led to the bullying happening at school and it was even worse this time around because ‘Ethan needed his auntie to help him’.

Once again… the school did nothing because they’re about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

We even went to Tom’s parents, begging them to knock some sense into their son. I won’t go too much into that confrontation because we’ll be here forever. But let’s just say that home environment was probably a good reason for why Tom was picking on Ethan.

During this time, Ethan was miserable. He was too afraid to go outside and play because Tom would be there to harass him and he admitted to me later that while he loved me and was happy that I’d walk him home…he wanted to be a big boy and take care of his own problems.

To say that Ethan’s parents and I were at our wits ends is an understatement. We wanted to help him more than anything but with both Ethan being withdrawn and being out of resources, it was safe to say our hands were tied.

That was until one evening in the middle of Ethan’s summer vacation (between 4th and 5th grade). I was watching the news when I came upon a special on corvids (ravens and crows). A research team did an experiment on wild crows/ravens to test their memory… and it turned out that these birds not only had a sharp memory but would attack anyone who did another crow harm.

The best part? They never forget. Even after several weeks/months, they remembered the good/bad people.

I knew we had a local murder (a flock of crows) nearby… and decided to put this little tidbit of knowledge to the test.

With only two months to go until school started again (and Tom/his family away on vacation and summer camps), I didn’t waste time. I bought a huge bag of birdseed and at the times Ethan would walk home, I would walk the path and drop little handfuls of birdseed in full view of the crows, always remembering to take a different route to get to the school so that way the crows wouldn’t get confused.

It took maybe a week or so before I’d notice more crows arriving and they eventually started leaving shiny things (bottle caps, buttons, discarded gum wrappers, etc) for me to find. Once I was sure I had the crows knowing I was the ‘good’ guy… I brought Ethan into this.

We’d walk the path and feed the crows.

Soon enough, the crows would start coming out and we’d be friends with them, giving them names and listening to the ‘gossip’ while sharing news of our own. We must’ve looked really weird to the neighbors… but Ethan really enjoyed it and even looked up things about corvids on his own.

He learned the shiny stuff the crows left were a form of ‘currency/thank you presents’. Thinking this could be helpful, he started collecting other shiny things for the crows and would leave those in addition to the birdseed.

With two weeks to go until school started up again, I began phasing myself out of the afternoon feeding times so eventually it was Ethan who was feeding the crows/leaving gifts on the walk home.

The day before school started, I gave Ethan a bag of birdseed in addition to his shiny things and winked at him.

Sure enough, at the same time Ethan would come home, I heard the crows cawing and what I thought was a little girl screaming.

I stepped outside and saw Tom running towards his house, the crows divebombing him and pecking at him. Further down the path, Ethan was laughing so hard at the sight of his bully running and screaming like a little girl that he fell to the ground.

Tom peeled into his house and locked the door as I walked over to Ethan and helped him up. Of course, I had to get the juicy details so I asked what happened.

Ethan was walking home, spreading the birdseed and leaving the shiny things per usual. About halfway home, Tom pounced, making some nasty cracks I won’t repeat here before punching Ethan…

And that’s when a crow divebombed Tom. When he tried hitting it away, more and more showed up until the whole murder (who were watching) were ganging up on Tom.

I was smiling sweet tears of revenge at our little feathered friends… especially when I saw the whole murder crowded around Tom’s house like it was a set from Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Needless to say… Tom and his family did not have a pleasant experience for the remainder of the school year. There was at least one crow in front of his house watching and waiting for him to come out so he could peck/chase him around.

And every afternoon, the murder was protecting Ethan on his walk home.

Of course, Tom’s parents tried to protect their kid by swinging baseball bats and other things to keep the crows away… but we quickly learned that crows ‘talk’ to each other and soon the whole murder was on them too.

They tried to take legal action against Ethan, his parents, and me for ‘training the crows to attack Tom’… but that got thrown out the window really quick because they had no proof of us training the birds as they had been gone all of summer break and none of the neighbors wanted to help them (apparently the murder of crows weren’t the only ones Tom’s family annoyed).

So for the rest of the year, Tom had to be driven to and from school so he and his family wouldn’t get attacked. When summer started, they moved away… probably to be rid of the murder of crows.

Ethan has moved on to middle school… but we still visit the murder and leave shiny things for them.

Just in case.”

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dor 2 years ago
Even if they could have proven that Ethan (and you) were feeding the crows all summer, Tom's, and then his family's, getting attacked was all their own doing. You did nothing but feed birds, something perfectly legal.
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14. Don't Pay Child Support? Then Get Wrecked

“My spouse’s son’s dad was ordered to pay child support in 2004.

He paid for a few years until she moved to Idaho in late 2005. The local child support office where the dad lived didn’t enforce his non-payments.

The father had the same job since before child support was ordered and still has that job.

Mother was poor and struggling.

In 2016, she had to hire two sets of lawyers to restart child support and got it restarted in her state. She was poor and it took that time to save and borrow to pay the lawyers.

I met her in 2018, and by 2019 after telling her child support never goes away, she requested an audit for the missing child support.

In 2020, they set a court day to determine the amount owed. We had that case a few days ago.

We had prepared but weren’t allowed to speak much and present what we had found out. He had submitted an income and expenses declaration… On it, he declined to list his properties, but on the next page, he said he had a mortgage.

We looked up the house. Bought for around $160,000 and is currently worth $404,000. He also has a 401K. We also found out his wife was ill. He claimed she lived with him, but posts on social media indicated she was in a living facility.

In court, the judge rocked! Called him out on having the ability to pay. His lawyer tried to claim he didn’t know about the child support… the judge pointed out that he had paid at the beginning. Asked the state child support lawyer if they had done enforcement actions and they had to admit that it was the mother’s state that had done so.

But we didn’t get to bring up his properties or lies. The judge awarded $106,000 in arrears and set payment at $750. This will take 12+ years to pay.

BUT, non-payment of child support is criminal… in some cases federally criminal. Over two years and/or $10,000 owed. Federal gets involved when the child is in a different state.

So we sent an email to the local district attorney’s office notifying them of this issue and the fact that he lied on his form with the proof attached.

Worst case scenario, he pays for the next 12 years and pays more than the $106,000 (due to accruing interest) and the prosecutor doesn’t pursue.

Best case scenario, the prosecutor decides there’s meat there and goes after him… causing immediate payment in full, fines, and jail time.”

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Jove 2 years ago
Though I share the glee that this louse had to pay-up, and would be tickled pink if he was jailed under Sheriff Joe Arpaio, I still feel so sorry for his kids having to go through all that with their Mom.
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13. Don't Mess With The Grammar Police

“I was a second-year apprentice Carpenter in 2012 and I got a job working up north in oil and gas.

We were on shift for 12 hours a day but they basically only give us work for 4 hours. Our real job was not to become a statistic.

I’m not saying I’m smart in the general scheme of things but in the trades, you don’t have a lot of sharp knives.

I always liked math and I was good at it. On this job, I was the low man on the totem pole and I did get bullied a bit. I’m not a big guy in height or width but I’ve got a sharp tongue and a quick wit.

Thick skin too.

There was a fourth-year guy named Dax who was on my five-man team. I forgot what we were doing but he made a wrong calculation and I corrected him. Not to be a jerk but because I didn’t want our crew to get in trouble.

That’s why I became his target.

He was about the same height as me but ‘roid wide. And the anger that comes with it.

So towards the end of our shift a couple of turnarounds later I come into the saw shack which is basically our workshop to hide until the end of the shift. I come in and it’s him, two Newfies, and two other guys working.

So to those that don’t know, Newfies are the Irish of Canada. They’re really funny and all the ones that I know don’t have a mean bone in their body. Their humor is observational with that crazy accent and all their colloquialisms. So these guys were actually in the saw shop working and Dax asked me to take the output of the table saw which is fine.

I look and there’s some writing on the output side of the table saw. In big black sharpie was written,

‘Alex doesn’t even know the difference between 20mm and 200mm. Your a idiot.’

Something like that. I am Alex.

And I don’t know the metric. Residential construction uses imperial and commercial uses metrics. I have no reference for metric measure because I was mostly residential until this job. It was true.

So the room is quiet I feel five pairs of eyes looking at me wondering what I’m going to do and all I can say is Wow as the hamster in my brain is on his treadmill a mile a minute thinking.

It’s near the end of shift and this is our hiding spot so some more people are shuffling in and I can feel people looking over my shoulder, reading.

My dad, bless his soul, was a smart guy and one thing he said was if someone is bullying you stand up to them.

You will probably get your butt kicked but a bully only looks for easy targets and if someone fights back there will always be another victim that doesn’t. They will move on. He was more pragmatic than anything.

So I asked the room if anyone had a red sharpie.

One was produced and I began to make grammatical, punctuation, and spelling corrections on Dax’s manifesto.

So one of the Newfies and all of his accent and colloquialisms said to the room something like, ‘By and by lord thundering and sweet baby Jesus woodnja know it he correcting tha spelling!’

The room absolutely erupted in laughter, with the exception of one person. Dax. He was livid. Most people were laughing at the Newfie humor but that’s not how Dax saw it. In front of everyone, he told me I was going to die for this.

So we had to go into our lunch room for the shift debrief and Dax was noticeably absent. Apparently, he grabbed a belt sander and sanded off the message before the next shift could see it.

But that’s not the end.

We were fly in and fly out and Dax lived about 3 hours away from me but we shared the same major airport. So I went to my foreman who was also a Newfie and gave him a heads up. He was a stone’s throw away from retirement and he did not like waves.

Dax was a tidal wave of trouble. So we were in a quasi union, I don’t actually know what they did but I do know one thing, they didn’t like to do anything except collect dues. So my foreman calls our steward who is the absolutely laziest guy I’ve ever seen.

He had the world’s greatest job security and he had a hammer that never got touched. Like you could take it back to the store he got it from as if he bought it yesterday. Like he polished it.

This guy didn’t like doing anything but he especially didn’t like filling out forms or defending people that are jerks.

So what did he do? He called the threat against me an incident. An incident isn’t specifically an accident it can be anything. And up north there were lots of illegal paraphernalia and a condition of employment is no illegal paraphernalia.

So the steward got Dax annoyed. As in he had to do a urine test. I think the threat he made against me in itself was enough to get him fired but the urine test was ironclad physical evidence. And Dax didn’t pass.

Once the paperwork was done, they went to Dax’s room, made him pack up, and took him to the aerodrome for the next flight out.

Moral of the story? Don’t mess with the grammar police.”

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12. Dramatic Coworker Ended Up Losing Her Job


“You see, I’m a 20yr F who works at a chain of convenience we shall call ‘The tree of dollar’. Working as a cashier sucks already because of health issues and entitled customers but it’s worse when your own coworkers cannot get along.

Karen had just been working there at the store for perhaps only around 3 months yet during that time she had already been promoted to key holder. The power going to her already bleached head, she was acting like she was the one in charge of us all even though most of us were around longer or had the same position.

This is where Erina comes along…

Poor, poor Erina. She was a target from day one due to her being a tad bit of a doormat. She would clean the store whenever Karen was lazy, she had to cut her break short because Karen wanted to go on her break, even her own labeled food in the fridge was taken because Karen ‘Didn’t want to spend 5 dollars on some cheap tv dinner’.

It eventually got to the point where Erina finally had enough and the two began arguing day by day all of the time.

Now some information I’ve missed due to not being on the same shift but the next day I came in, there was already a bad vibe in the room.

Karen was muttering under her breath and talking a lot of horrible things about Erina in front of me and the customers she was tending to in line while Erina tried to stay her distance. My boss wanted for me to have them stay distant yet the moment I came back up front, the two were arguing over how poor the rug was being swept.


Erina: ‘It’s just a small bit..I’ll grab the broo—’

Karen: ‘Don’t even bother! You cant even clean the rug right, mommy and daddy can’t even show you that much.’

Erina at this point looked truly drained and walked off to go find the broom. Later when our shift was about to end, she asked me to ring her up real quick since she didn’t want Karen to be at her register and I said sure.

After all, she only had like 2 to 3 things and there weren’t a lot of people in line. Right away as soon as I had finished bagging her stuff, Karen was right behind me and began yelling at us that we ‘shouldn’t be shopping on the clock’.

Note, this was totally ok with my boss since everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, buys stuff on their shift. Karen wanted Erina to clock out and then buy her stuff but Erina of course protested.

By this time my boss and supervisors had already left us alone in the store, it was just us along with some stockers until the second shift arrived. More people began to enter the line and watched as Karen began to enter this huge tirade about how teens like us were so disrespectful and how she would ‘teach us a lesson.’

Right away, she took out her phone and called my boss about how we were shopping on the clock and disobeying her. My boss was about to ask for our side of the story but soon Karen hung up the phone and gave us a look like, ‘haha, you’re in trouble now.’

Tired and annoyed, I told her that she had to chill out. That this was not shopping on the clock and that even if it was, it was fine since it was allowed. Big mistake.

Little note about Karen, she’s a middle-aged woman who still acts like a trashy teenager from the 11th grade.

Her attitude was worse as she would flip out on anyone without care or regard for who they were. She was already in hot water because of this and now that the fire had been lit, she was livid.

I can’t remember everything word for word, but Karen was livid.

She began to insult my hair, my clothes, and saying that no one would ever want an ‘ugly butt’ like you. Now I have horrible anxiety as it is… Imagine all of this, all of the yelling, all of the cursing, everything… AND THE STORE IS PACKED. People are watching, and here I am not knowing anything to say as I’m reliving high school all over again… I went into a panic attack.

I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t speak and I was crying but I was seething.

Granted, I shouldn’t have said this but the look on her face made this so worth it –


Things got messy from there… Karen wanted to fight but we were taken outside by the stockers, bless them, and left to go home. I had been given a few days off to calm my nerves but it didn’t help.

I felt like complete trash..

Karen made me feel like I was at my weakest point all over again, like I was trash just as I was feeling confident in myself and everything… I wanted revenge.

When I had come home that day, my grandmother saw me crying and came to comfort me before leaving for a few hours.

When she came back, she told me Karen wouldn’t be a problem.

I later got a phone call from the big boss, the district manager over the events of that day, and after telling him my side, he said he will contact me later… I thought that I was done for, that it was over for me.

But then Karen was gone for a few days. A few days turned into a week, and a week became two. We were informed that Karen had to be tragically let go to due workplace bullying, harassment, poor customer service, and so on.

She. Was. Gone.

Yay right? Not quite. It wasn’t until I came home and told my grandmother what happened and then she finally told me strike 3. Now my gran is a petty woman. Screw with her, pray that she’ll show mercy.

Screw with her family, pray that you’ll die quickly.

That day when she left for those few hours, I found out it was to set her plan into action..she returned to the store hoping to see Karen. My gran found her near the back on her phone talking about how ‘disrespectful’ I was to her and that I better watch my back.

My grandmother started her plan… Beginning to act as the world’s most annoying customer. Making spills in front of Karen, constantly interrupting her on the phone, etc, etc. Remember when I said Karen’s attitude was the worse?


She flipped. She flipped once again and lost her cool.

From what my grandmother told me, Karen didn’t know that my boss had arrived at the store to switch off with her and when he saw his employee yelling at an elderly woman over a split case of water said elderly woman was hunched over to grab…It was the nail in the coffin…

Karen. Was. Gone.

Erina left the job due to it stressing her out too much. From what I hear, she’s doing better now free from the terror of Karen. As for Karen, she is the reason I am now posting today.

She came to the store and judging by her surprised face, she didn’t think I was still around. But I was, lol.

My coworker was outside on her smoke break when Karen stormed outside and proceeded to vent to my confused coworker.

Now judging by her yelling, she was talking about me obviously.. a lot of–

‘I can’t believe that someone like her is still working here!’ And ‘I don’t like liars, she’s a liar getting me fired’ and ‘She stinks and she’s so ugly’.

Other than the personal shots of my appearance (thanks for that Karen), I took a lot of pleasure seeing her this annoyed at seeing me. It brought me even better joy when I went to lock the doors and flipped her off away from the camera’s view, smiling and all.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
Lol some people just don't grow up after highschool
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11. Exposing The Senior Who Tries To Steal Things From Lost-And-Found

“On the last week of school, I repeatedly saw a Senior (I was in 7th grade) taking things from the Lost-and-Found section in the sports room.

Unfortunately, my school had no cameras that had a view of the sports room, but there was a window that showed the room directly.

That’s when I got a devious plan.

Instead of directly complaining to the teachers and then getting myself whooped by the other seniors, what if I record it through the window and show it to the teacher, then my teacher would see the others who were outside the door (the bully’s friends always camped there so nobody can see).

So the very next day, I took my phone, and recorded them stealing things from the Lost-and-Found section, Oh how doomed they are!

I immediately went to their teacher’s room and showed the footage to her. Oh, I sense how long they’re gonna be expelled or kicked out for.

This was my form of revenge because I kept getting bullied by them for the 1 year I was in that school. Turns out many of the items were expensive stationery and geometry stuff, some were even apple phones, so everything got returned the next day.

Oh and, the bullies all got expelled and as far as I know, they all are now on a football team and not playing so well.

I still feel good for getting those idiots expelled!”

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10. This Is Why You Don't Annoy IT Guys


“Back in my college days, I worked as a pedicab driver for extra funds. All the drivers played a chess app together.

One day, a particular coworker, we’ll call Luca, beat me something fierce. He was a good player and nationally ranked in the app. He was parked next to me when this happened and told me, ‘Get better at chess, dummy’.

I did not like this. So I downloaded a single-player chess app with varying levels of difficulty, and set it to Grand Master.

From then on, I played his moves against the Grand Master chess bot, and then played the bot’s moves against him.

He began to grow angry. How dare I have the audacity to beat him? There’s just no way. He swore I wasn’t playing fair and would tell all the other drivers this. Some of them would ask me about it and I told the few I trusted what I was doing.

Always got a good laugh from those in the know. Luca began demanding I play my turns in front of him. So I just kept my phone screen pointed away from him and pretended to be responding to a text from my significant other at the time while playing his move and waiting for the bot to show me mine.

You may be wondering how I always got him to play the first move. Well, if I had the first move, I’d just let the game time out and claim that I was busy with projects for school. He was so eager to regain his bragging rights, he’d start a new game immediately.

I kept this going for over 5 months, driving him to straight-up hate me, and ruining his national ranking in the app. It came to an end at dispatch when Luca came back from a night shift (I was shown the security footage of this).

One of the drivers in the know saw Luca being incredibly down and asked what was wrong. Luca said, ‘I just can’t beat him. I don’t understand. I ran circles around him in our first game, and he’s utterly destroyed me since.’ The driver asked him how he responded to the victory.

Luca admitted to gloating and calling me a dummy. The driver looked at Luca and said the following, ‘So you called OP a dummy? And you’re surprised he immediately got better? Luca, there’s something you should know… that glorious jerk has been playing your moves against an AI ever since you beat him.’ Luca.

Went. Nuts. He began cursing up a storm and throwing his gear around. The owner of the company came out to see what was up. I had long told him what I had been doing so he just asked, ‘Luca finally found out?

Luca…this is why you don’t annoy IT guys!’ The owner and the driver shared a laugh and got back to work.

To this day, I have refused all requests for a rematch. Luca, if you ever find this post…

get better at chess, dummy.”

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Haywire 1 year ago
Not cheating when it's done to teach a sore winner a lesson and not done again or ever just to beat another player.
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9. She Gave Me A Bad Grade Because Of Her Ego Problem

“This story took place a few years ago, when I was going to a private high school in Germany.

It wasn’t a rich private school, the fees weren’t too high, the teachers really did a great job and helped me through my first degree so I decided to go a step further in education and add some years to it to obtain a higher education level.

Since I’m half German, half American needing to learn English anyway to communicate with my father, not to say I spoke it anywhere fluently I usually succeeded comfortably in English at school.

You know the type of teacher, surely you’ve encountered them too, who hate it when a kid sits in their class who already has a lot of knowledge over the subject they are teaching?

I’ve seen it in history class, IT class, Biology, but that teacher just start hating the kid’s gut. Well, I guess I was that kid this time. Now I was in my 20s and I was not having it.

So let’s call her Karen. I started my new year with new teachers in the school and Karen introduced herself as our English teacher. She told us she had just freshly become a new teacher and is excited to work with us for the next 2 years.

And you could tell she was a green one, she seemed really nervous in front of us, always rocking herself back and forth and moving a lot, playing with small objects. I noticed her accent was heavily German and that she often switched between both languages mid-sentence, but I thought maybe she has anxiety or just needs time to settle in.

But weeks pass and the work she gave us was to be nice, grade 7 level, mind you this was grade 12. At some point I started helping the teacher out with translating single words back and forth or ending her sentences in English, sometimes when asked, sometimes when not, I didn’t care much about it and only acted when it was absolutely wrong.

I would also help her in her class and start explaining and answering questions to my colleagues when she went to help others. At this point, I asked myself how she even got her degree in the first place.

My grades were solid As no worries until my grade for communication in the class came back and it was a D.

Since my English seemed to be as good as hers as I had to help her out so often and I was active in class I confronted her after class about the grade and an explanation for it. She just tells me that I don’t say enough in class from her viewpoint and that I shouldn’t act like I already know everything and to not be too sure about my abilities and I was being lazy.

I knew immediately she had it in for me, but she messed with the wrong one. She forgot I’ve been in this school longer than her and I was taught by the most respected British lady in this house before her (she gave me 13-grade stuff and let me listen to music cause she knew my experience).

Honestly, I loved that lady. So I went roaming around school and ‘accidentally’ walked into her with a sad face. Immediately she asked me what was going on so I told her about Karen, how she acts so nervous and about my grade, and that I didn’t want to be too rude to make any assumptions so she should sit in class herself.

So she did, by surprise just casually slid in halfway through class the following day and watched. Karen was sweating like crazy since what she taught us this lesson was also 7-9 grade level stuff when we were supposed to be preparing for our final English exam grade 13.

My lovely British lady gave me a look and one week later I met Karen in the hallway with her stuff in her hands asking me if I was happy now, cause she got fired. I just looked her straight in the eyes and told her that maybe she shouldn’t be too sure about her abilities.”

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Jove 2 years ago
You should be ashamed; after all it was your fault she was an idiot. 😉
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8. No More New Windows For Petty Neighbor

“I used to live in an awful place. High crime, there were regular fights, robberies, it was a really rough notorious street and quite unsafe. But if you went out of the street and turned either left or right – it was completely normal, just families living their lives.

It existed in a bubble of its own in an otherwise nice area. I found myself in a spot of bother a number of years ago and was fortunate enough that I was given a flat by the local authority landlord (who owned 99% of the property there) so I would not be homeless.

It was there. I kept to myself and didn’t get involved.

The flat above me was privately owned rather than being owned by the local authority landlord (My landlord) and was up for sale. In comes an older ‘Karen.’ She knocked on my front door and announced I had to give her permission to use my back garden for her and her visiting family because the Estate Agents told her my garden was hers as well.

I informed her this was not true as I was a local authority landlord-tenant and it was a garden for my own sole use, I urged her to check with my landlord and address it with the Estate Agent. She argued for a bit then stomped off in a huff and this unfortunately set a precedent.

After this, ‘Karen’ went out of her way to cause problems, she would stomp across the floor at all hours, jump up and down, bang, slam doors, play music, she bought a motorized running machine and would run on it at 6 in the morning for half an hour, she’d throw things out of the windows overlooking my back garden like food, rubbish, anything she fancied, she squirted PVA glue out the window at my dog (she missed and it hit my window), tipped bleach out the window at the dog (missed again), threw medication out the window (I found little tablets all over the garden), bread stained a dark blue with a chemical of some kind, encouraged the visiting children to spit out the back window at us and kick my front door (I actually stood and watched a child kicking my front door and ‘Karen’ was standing there laughing, another time the same child threw Pepsi all over my windows and ‘Karen’ was laughing.)

She would generally spread lies about me to the neighbors and she knew how to turn on the tears to get people to believe her. I just ignored them all and kept to myself. I reported her to my landlord but this just made things worse, she would then go to all the neighbors and tell them what I’d done to HER and how she was a victim of me.

After several years of this behavior, it had got to the point where I was no longer able to go out of my front door because of her and her friend neighbors (She’d give funds and food to) congregating there and being threatening towards me and so I was using my back gate to come and go.

I wore a camera discreetly for my own safety, I had security cameras up in my flat, and all instances of abuse and harassment and things being thrown out the windows that were caught on camera were sent to the police and my landlord, which they noted and did not act at my request. Unfortunately, it was now at the point where speaking to her did nothing and I was in this awful position.

In the beginning, I had tried to speak to ‘Karen’ about things and she’d said that she could do whatever she liked in her own home, and then it would escalate and the other neighbors who were her friends would join in.

Then one day I had a note pushed through my door – from ‘Karen’. She wants to get her windows replaced, there’s nothing wrong with them, she just wants special windows that open wider and reverse so she can clean them because they overlook my back garden and she has no access.

The thing is that even though she had bought her flat, the outside of the building belonged to the local authority landlord which she ‘leased’ from them so she needed their permission to make changes and they were jerks about permissions, like literally every ‘I’ dotted and ‘T’s crossed. The note stated that ‘Karen’ had their written permission to replace the windows but needed access via my back garden to erect scaffolding to replace them!

I thought this didn’t sound right as this was the first I’d heard about it and I was sure my landlord would have spoken to me before giving ‘Karen’ permission. So I rang my landlord. ‘Karen’ did not have permission, hadn’t even applied for permission but had gone ahead and paid and had these new windows measured. She was asking for access to my garden for three days – she wanted my gate unlocked and open for all these people to come into my garden as they pleased to replace her windows.

After my landlord ringing her to say she’d been found out ‘Karen’ ended up having to fill in all the paperwork for my landlord. ‘Karen’ actually thought she was going to go ahead without having to get permission and I’d let her do it without checking, which I COULD have done, I hate bureaucracy at the best of times and know from experience how retentive my landlord is, and had she been a nicer person I would have just agreed to it on the quiet and then if it ever came up with my landlord I would have said ‘Karen’ told me she had permission and she can take the consequences of it.

However, I’d spent years living like a prisoner, living with all this stress, upset, and anxiety that had really taken a toll on me, and now ‘Karen’ wanted something from me. Absolutely not. As I now used my back door and back gate as my primary entrance and I had been subjected to years of harassment from this woman and her friends (with a good paper and video trail) I did the proper thing and voiced my concerns to my landlord, and asked my landlord to do a Risk Assessment.

It was determined that because I needed unrestricted access to the primary entrance myself at all times, any scaffolding could be a hazard to myself and anyone coming onto my property, I had recently paid for patio gravel and grass and had the garden landscaped so any scaffolding and resulting tradespeople could cause damage to my property, and given the fact that ‘Karen’ had previously broken something of mine outside that she laughed in my face when she was asked to replace it, we knew that it would be unlikely anything broken would get replaced by her.

Because I had all this evidence of ‘Karen’s’ behavior I was able to state that my having the gate unlocked would be detrimental to my welfare, that it would encourage antisocial behavior from her and the neighbors who were her friends (who would just have to come into my garden to look at the windows) and that having my gate unlocked could potentially mean that the security of my property would be compromised – I had a seven-foot-high fence all around my garden so someone could be there for as long as they needed undisturbed to gain entry to my flat.

We also decided that ‘Karen’ having windows that open wider would exacerbate the antisocial behavior I was already subjected to as who knows what she would throw out next if she had a bigger gap to do so. The list literally went on and was more than enough to nail the coffin shut and have some extra nails.

So Karen didn’t get her windows replaced and lost a few thousand pounds in the process and it was all my fault. Yep, it was petty. Cue more abuse from ‘Karen’ and her friends. Then my Landlord moved me to another one of their properties in the countryside which is much nicer and my neighbors are amazing.”

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7. Teacher Got Suspended For Hating Me


“I was in 2nd/3rd grade at the time.

My teacher, ‘Mrs. Peters’, rewarded us with cupcakes one Friday for good behavior. Well, I was that teacher’s favorite target for several stupid reasons. The main reason was cuz I supposedly never paid attention in class. She probably hated me too.

That EVIL OLD HAG suddenly decided that I don’t deserve any cupcakes knowing that I was looking forward to having one. She also knew that I was on my best behavior but for whatever reason, she changed her mind at the last minute.

She sent me away from the table where everyone was seated and had me sit by the door. I cried my eyes out and she LOVED IT! She was enjoying my suffering! She encouraged all my classmates to look at the injustice SHE caused and THEY.


She decided to be a jerk by purposely including cookies as a treat with those cupcakes. She made sure I watched everyone enjoy their undeserved goodies. While I sat there in misery.

Anyways, She decided to be petty and punish me even more!

FOR BEING BULLIED BY HER! She didn’t allow me to go to first recess! So I sat there hating my life and 2 classmates named ‘Matthew’ and ‘Jared’ decided to sneak back into the class and each stole a cupcake before running back outside.

By the time ‘Mrs. Peters’ came back from her coffee pot, she noticed that 2 cupcakes were missing! Guess who she blamed?! Your one and only! What did she do?!

She grabbed my face and my tongue with her other hand, and forced my mouth wide open.

I called for help. I couldn’t run. No one came to help. All because I was labeled as a ‘problem child’ so my cries were ignored.

She finally let me go when she saw that there were obviously no signs of me eating any cupcakes at all!

Not a single crumb! She decided to call my parents for my ‘bad behavior’, they picked me up, I told them what happened to me. They didn’t believe me until they checked my face.

I don’t remember what happened after that but what I do remember is that ‘Matthew’ and ‘Jared’ got in trouble.

(Thank you, M+J’s parents!) They were emotional wrecks for a long time. They didn’t want to be near me.

As for ‘Mrs. Peters’, she was gone for several months and I only saw her during the last week of school.

I don’t know how she was disciplined for all the nonsense she did to me. She was a different woman toward me. She was WAY TOO NICE to me. WAAYYYY TOO NICE to everyone. I didn’t trust her at all and I never saw her again after that.

That old hag might be already dead. Good riddance!”

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Jove 2 years ago
I had a teacher who ridiculed my speech impediment; she never suffered for it in this life, though. She was an old maid, so fat her jowls hung down, and her face literally looked like a bulldog. She inspired this in me: "When she dies and goes to Hades, the fat really will be in the fire!"
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6. Burned My Brother For Deleting My Games And Files


“My PSP had somewhere around 50 games downloaded onto it (17 memory sticks worth), including games like Phantasy star, Monter Hunter, Final Fantasy, etc, etc. You know, the games that usually have saves into the hundreds if not thousands of hours.

My Wii had 12 games downloaded, but those too were long playtime games, Monster Hunter Tri, Xenoblade, Tales of Symphonia, etc. All together I think it was around 130GB worth of games and saved data, some of which went as far back as the launch of the consoles.

My younger brother had just turned 15 and hit the ‘I’m going to be a jerk to everyone’ phase. So on one of his many sick days that year, he went into my room and decided to delete every game and every save.

He even did a full reset on my Wii so I lost all the games I bought. This was also back when the internet my family had was a 1mbps download with a monthly bandwidth cap of 25GB.

My parents just blew it off as a ‘should have hidden your belongings better’ sort of issue and only grounded him for a total of a week.

I decided to get revenge by doing something he would always remember.

My brother went through a lot of hair conditioner, I’m sure many people here know why. So I went to the store and bought some habanero hot sauce and mixed it with his conditioner and waited for his next shower.

It was maybe only a few minutes into his shower when he started to scream and curse.

When he came out of the bathroom he was walking bowlegged and was in tears. I laughed and told him not to mess with my things again.

I ended up getting grounded for the rest of the school year.

I feel like this was well deserved for deleting all my games and saved data.”

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dawo1 2 years ago
I would have beat his ass and taken the grounding with a smile.
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5. She Didn't Know That She Ate Ants


“When I was younger, I was bullied relentlessly. It peaked when I was about 10/11.

There was this one girl, I’ll call her Sophie. She was brutal. She turned the whole class against me because I was a little bit different than the others, and I certainly wasn’t well off like the others, and even more so, I had an English accent, and being in this area of Scotland, around some people, and having an English accent, is asking for it.

She was popular, and everyone wanted to be her friend. Her mum was friends with the teachers and very involved in groups, so nothing was ever done. Every day I’d have hair pulled, I’d be verbally harassed, held down and spat on, or targeted in some way or another.

The way classes worked in the school was you had one class, one teacher, and that was pretty much the only people you would have contact with during the school day. Classes didn’t mix, until lunchtime when everyone was outside, and even then, it was asking to be bullied if you spoke to younger years.

My parents went in all the time to speak to the head, which got out to Sophie because of Sophie’s mum’s connections, and it became worse and worse and worse.

Little 10yo me with no friends, no one to turn to, and nowhere to get support, and was very very miserable, all because of this one girl.

At the end of term, we went on holiday abroad. We weren’t very well off, so it was very very exciting, and I loved it. We visited an insect place, with all these exotic insects, spiders, scorpions, and all that.

In the gift shop was a series of sweets, including chocolate. All the same brand, all similar packaging, despite having different flavors and different things in them. One of said things was ants. So I bought some, I bought some for nearly every single person in my class.

People who weren’t as bad, or had stuck up for me once, got non-ant chocolate. Only about 2 bars were non-ant chocolate. Sophie definitely got ant chocolate, as well as her closest followers.

When the holidays were over and I was back in class, I handed out this chocolate.

I got bullied for this as well as if I was trying to buy my popularity and it wouldn’t work. But she took it, opened it without even looking at the wrapper (I want to point out I made no attempt to hide that there were ants in it, and if she read it, she would have known), and stuffed the whole thing in her mouth and ate it.

Her friends, copied. She took the whole bag off me before I could hand it out to everyone, and they ate the whole lot. In front of me. I didn’t even bother shouting or trying to get it back. I just watched. Then they started laughing and walked off.

She doesn’t know. She still doesn’t know. But it made it a little bit easier going through that school knowing that she ate ants.

I hope you liked the ants, Sophie, you absolutely deserved them.”

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Posiden1212 2 years ago
Wow karma is really gonna mess her up big time
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4. Cheapskate Bosses Got What They Deserved


“A few years ago I worked at a staffing agency, like, I was the one trying to give people jobs, not the other way around.

However, this area is full of people who don’t want to work. Sometimes they are just applying to say that they’re looking for work but aren’t really so they can get funds from the government (I know a lot of people who genuinely can’t work that need it, this is different).

About 25% are in that group, 60% work a few weeks and then drop off, 15% actually want to work. We would hire for companies that are mostly warehouses, factories… That sort of thing.

People would come in and apply and have orientation for whichever job that we had available that they wanted to take or use our website to apply and then we call and set up a time for the orientation.

I was very detailed about the type of jobs that we were hiring for, I didn’t want them to go into the job clueless, they know what they’re signing up for. We would make sure they qualified for the job and could pass a substance screen (yeah, I had to deal with their pee, bleh).

We would set them up direct deposit (we didn’t do paper checks) to their bank, to a payment card, or whatever they wanted to use. Most of the jobs had better pay than even I was getting. Everything was very out in the open.

However, I still would get sworn at almost every day for THEM failing the substance test. One of the main things people would get mad about is if they hadn’t signed up for direct deposit by the time payday came around and they would get mad at me for them not being signed up.

In the orientation, I was always very VERY clear that we need that info asap, if they had scheduled for orientation I would tell them to bring that with them. If they turned it in on that Friday payday, they probably wouldn’t get paid until that next Monday due to needing two days to get everything processed with the bank/pay card people.

Basically, it was awful and not even near how much I should have gotten paid. The staffing company had a few different branches in the tri-state area. The owners would pop in unannounced whenever they felt like it and would get irritated if it didn’t look like we were working.

Part of the job is putting all the employee’s info into the system, following up with those who didn’t come to their scheduled orientation (that happened all the time), calling to applicants to schedule a time to come in… That sort of thing.

So, if we were sitting at our desks they would be mad. And they would get really mad if we weren’t doing our jobs EXACTLY how they wanted, I had figured out a better system that worked for me that was faster.

And they would say, ‘Do your job how I told you to do it!’ I’m pretty sure they were kind of discriminatory, but I won’t go into that.

At my branch it was me and my boss, she was the branch manager.

I did all the staffing and she would try to find new clients that we could send people to work there, sales basically. If we started to get really busy she would help me out and we got along just fine!

The job is super stressful though, so about a year and a half into working there my boss started looking for another job and found one and left two weeks later. I don’t blame her at all, it was a sucky job.

The main branch said they were looking to hire a new branch manager, I asked if I could be able to apply for the position and they said no due to lack of experience. I kind of understood, I had only been working in staffing for a year and a half.

But, they kept not hiring a branch manager… So I was doing everything by myself. After a little bit, they sent someone from the main branch to fill in the position temporarily until they found someone. The person they sent was from accounting… Like, didn’t do any staffing stuff at all and he didn’t even do any sales, making me do it.

He (I’ll call him Fred) would basically sit in the branch manager’s office scrolling through his phone and then got mad if he saw me checking my phone really quick. So, I was still doing everything… And had an evil overlord breathing down my neck which is almost hindering me from doing my job well.

He was only there a few days a week so I had some time that I didn’t have to deal with him. This went on for four. Months. Working a stressful job for sucky pay.

I had gotten engaged (Yay!) early that year and I put in a request for a week off for my honeymoon before my boss left and it had already been approved by management, thank goodness.

I asked Fred a few months before my wedding if they had any progress with finding a branch manager because it would need to be soon if I was going to train the person the basics for the week I was going to be gone.

Take a guess at what he said… ‘No, we’re going to just send one of the staffing people from the main branch to cover the week you’ll be gone. Make sure you’re back that Monday after since you’re going to be using all your vacation time.’ I had to use all my vacation time and had three days without pay because I didn’t have enough for the full week, which I found out I was supposed to get exactly three more days after working there a year but no one told me until like six months later.

And when I asked Fred about it he just said, ‘Well, there’s nothing we can do about that now. Oh Well!’ Yeah, that made me angry.

Anyways, I got married and had a wonderful honeymoon. When I came back to work that Monday Fred asked me to come into ‘his’ office to tell me that they didn’t realize how much I was doing until I wasn’t there for a week and that they’re going to hire another staffing agent.

Not a branch manager… Another staffing agent. Which was fine with me at least I wouldn’t need to do everything. But because of this, they gave me a little bit of a raise so I wouldn’t get mad at having the same pay as someone who was just starting.

Thankfully though, it went from it always being Fred that came down a few days to Fred and another manager (Um… Mary?) would go back and forth with who was going to be there. I liked Mary, she was someone that was a manager from one of the other branches that would go to a few places we hired for so she knew more about staffing.

We hired someone else about a month later and she (let’s call her Jill) was good, it took a bit to get her trained but she had never worked for a staffing company before so I knew where she was coming from.

Fred was still ‘acting branch manager’. I and Jill figured out a system that worked pretty well for us. We would swap every week who was doing orientation/staffing and who was answering the phone and inputting things into the computer.

But, there were things that Jill wouldn’t remember or didn’t want to do no matter how much I would remind her. We got along fine, but I could tell she would get irritated at me trying to help her out.

It was just a few things here and there… It wasn’t awful, so I would just take care of it myself whenever I would switch into whichever role. I was also doing sales, conduct interviews, and help Jill if she had a problem or a question.

So, I was basically doing the work of the branch manager.

Every few months I would ask when we were going to get an actual branch manager, every time they would say, ‘Oh. Well… We are trying to cut some costs so we’re going to hold off on that for now.’ or ‘I don’t think there is a need for a branch manager.’ Every time I would get more annoyed…

I was doing the work of the branch manager without the pay or title. This went on for a whole freaking year… I was getting close to my three-year mark and I was just fed up. I am starting to look for another job.

I applied and went for an interview. They scheduled me for a second interview, which I thought was a good sign. So I, for the last time, asked if I could be considered to be a branch manager at my three-year mark.

I had a meeting with them where they went into details about why they don’t think I would be a good manager, a bunch of garbage excuses basically. I kind of just brushed it off and just said, ‘Okay!’ I saw them glance at each other with a perplexed look from that reaction as I left the meeting.

The next day I had my second interview and it also went really well.

A few days later I got the call that I got the job! Mary came in that afternoon and I told her I needed to talk to her about something.

She instantly knew that didn’t sound good, ‘Uh-oh.’ I told her I am putting in my two weeks. She said, ‘Yeah, I kind of saw it coming considering your reaction in the meeting a few days ago.’ She was sad that I was leaving and said she would let the rest of the management know.

The next day when she came back in telling that when she told management about it they were all very surprised that I wanted to leave. Like… What do you think would happen after all this??? And guess what they did the next day… They put out on a hiring website that they were hiring.

For a branch manager. This really made me want to screw them over. But, because I’m a nice (ish) person, over the next two weeks I made sure everything was filed correctly, put the right things in the system, all the things that never got done without me.

I kept on asking if they had hired anyone so I could train them and of course they didn’t. I kind of felt bad because I was putting Jill in the same position I was in when my boss left, but I was tired of being used. I really tried to help Jill learn everything she’ll need to do but I knew Jill wasn’t going to do everything that would need to be done and that it wouldn’t take long for that branch to start to suffer.

Whenever I left it took them a few months to find a branch manager that would stay more than a few weeks. Jill would keep me updated with things through text and would ask me questions about how to do things or where to find something in the system for several weeks.

They had to cut down their open hours until they could find a branch manager. Even then, it was a fast revolving door of people that would maybe stay a few months. They also lost a few clients that they were staffing for because I wasn’t there anymore.

I had good professional relationships with several clients but when I informed them that I was leaving and why, they dropped that place like a hot potato. Jill found something better about a year after I left, I am happy for her!

I’ve been at my new job for a little over two years now and am loving it! Everyone is so nice and professional. But my standards weren’t really that high in comparison to the staffing place. My new boss and a few of the other clerical ladies took me out to lunch my first day… I almost cried, lol.

I honestly can see myself working here until I retire which is several decades away. The only thing that I got from the staffing place was more of a backbone but no one deserves to be taken advantage of.”

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3. Dad Watched Their Project Burn To The Ground But He Got The Highest Grade

“This is a college grade school project that my dad did in the ’90s. He was taking some sort of business major and was in a group of 8 students. My father was assigned as project leader. My dad was always top of his class and amazing when it came to numbers and estimates.

My dad is VERY business-oriented and understood anything and everything to run a business. He could manage just about any business that he could be in charge of. (In fact, he had taken one of those high school career aptitude tests, and it pretty much spat out the word: Management.) I will call my dad Henry (not his real name) from now on.

Henry went to RRC in Canada and was majoring in business. (I forget which class.) He was in the class of The Dragon Lady who, at first, loved Henry as a student, but he became her target after believing the lies of other students instead of him.

(This is important later.) The class was divided into groups of eight and assigned a very important project that was worth a large chunk of their grade. This project had something to do with creating a fictional business/product. You had to have price estimates, growth, costs, and everything else under the sun that an investor might want to know.

Yes, they had to present this project to ACTUAL investors who would grade the ‘company.’ Henry was assigned project leader and he started to get the ball rolling since this was a very important project. Out of the eight students on this project, Henry did most of the work, four others did their best, and the remaining three were slackers.

I will refer to these slackers as The Three Stooges you will see why later.

So the project is going along smoothly in Henry’s care. He is trying to even the workload to the best of everyone’s ability. About a quarter of the way through the project The Three Stooges hated that Henry was in charge and came up with a ‘great’ idea to be in charge.

They befriended The Dragon Lady. She was feared by all students except those in her good graces. She liked to harass people for no good reason and would double down on others. The Three Stooges were telling lies about how lazy Henry was, how he sat around bossing others to do his work, and how The Three Stooges were doing most of the work.

The lies went on for a long time and Henry was no longer in her good graces. Henry tried to defend himself even asking his other group members for help, but they were terrified of The Dragon Lady and remained silent.

This was happening until halfway through the project Henry lost his position as project leader with The Three Stooges now in charge. They had gotten what they wanted and left Henry alone.

Henry stopped helping since The Three Stooges took over.

These three knew nothing, absolutely nothing about business, and thought it was a good idea to throw some random numbers here, and some random numbers there. Henry had kept the first half of the project professional and logical, while these guys went off the hook to make it look impressive.

Anyone who knows something about business knows that if you make $100 a day, and then suddenly start making 1000 dollars a day with no explanations or anything real to back it up won’t work in reports. Questions will be asked and you will have to explain and show how it is possible.

This is exactly what happened when presentation day came by. The group entered the room and sat down in front of the investors while The Three Stooges presented the project. The investors took notes and were very impressed until the halfway point when everything went downhill from there.

The investors started asking questions, The Three Stooges’ answers kept going around in circles, and they begged Henry for help. He refused of course since this was their ‘brilliant’ idea.

To put this already long post short, the investors tore the project apart and Henry’s group got the lowest score.

Each group got points to spread evenly on where they deserve to go which affects their final grade. Henry got the unanimous vote of getting enough points for an A, while The Three Stooges got F’s. The rest of the points were divided and the four neutral students got C’s.

Also, The Three Stooges failed the class and couldn’t continue in the course.”

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sceri1234 2 years ago
The "Dragon Lady" should have been suspended.
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2. Teacher Who's A Bully Ended Up Leaving Town To Teach Elsewhere


“In high school, I developed an interest in journalism after taking it as an elective with the super cool newspaper & yearbook sponsor Mrs. Wolf.

She was such a cool lady who encouraged my writing and wanted me on the newspaper staff as soon as possible, but I couldn’t make room for it in my sophomore spring semester. I applied for the staff the next year, but unfortunately, she had resigned in protest after the school administration decided to censor the paper.

I had to fight the new sponsor, my guidance counselor, and a vice-principal to get on staff without Mrs. Wolf there to recommend me. I really wanted to be a writer.

We had this new sponsor, Mrs. Boxwood, who was an alumnus from 10-11 years before my class or so.

She had worked on the yearbook staff so she was coming back to what she had loved most about her high school experience. That led to a lot of animosity between the yearbook and newspaper staff because of her blatant favoritism toward the yearbook.

At some point during my two years on staff, I made friends with an underclassman on staff named Shari who was a budding weirdo and I took her under my wing, sharing mix-tapes and rock mags with her. She had a lot of problems at home, and she ran away a few times (some of which I helped facilitate) before her family slammed her into a mental hospital and she came back out like a robot with preppy clothes, blonde highlights, and blank doll eyes.

To this day, I am not 100% sure why Boxwood made it her mission to bully & humiliate Shari every chance she got, but Shari was easily and obviously, the most vulnerable student in the room & Boxwood needed someone to roll her nonsense downhill to.

After berating the entire staff for half the class period over perceived misdeeds (e.g., hearing us roasting the yearbook staff), Boxwood would single Shari out for ridicule, punishment, and humiliation. Zero instruction or mentorship. Just chewing us out. Over and over again.

The part that made my heart really hard toward this adult woman was this: our computer lab was enclosed completely in glass and Boxwood would take Shari in there and berate her in full view of all of us for 30 minutes at a time.

We had no idea what she was saying. A few times, my classmates held me down in my seat when I tried to intervene. We watched her tear that girl down day after day after day. At the same time, Boxwood was unraveling too.

After a while, if she even acknowledged us at the beginning of the class or after-school work periods, that was about the most we got out of her. She’d check out at her desk for hours or just put her head down and sob silently the entire time.

We knew her husband was a cop – he finished clown cop school in the two years she was our teacher – so he was just a rookie. I suggested to my classmates that she was likely having marital issues with her husband.

I really didn’t know. Maybe there was a death in the family. We never asked and I didn’t let any of the soft-hearts offer her any kind of consolation or compassion.

So I bided my time because I didn’t have a good reputation with the administration as most of them knew me by name and my discipline record was longer than I was tall.

I knew the opportunity to strike hard and strike fast would present itself eventually.

Lo & behold, my senior year I ended up with a full-ride scholarship to a state university & a bunch of national academic awards which were announced to the entire school and I became a golden child to the administration.

Surprise! Underneath my band shirts & anger problems & smirking disdain for authority, I was a Smart Kid with a Bright Future. When I was sent to the office, they’d ask me my opinion of the teacher who wrote me up & treat me as if I was just some aw-shucks rascally kid, as opposed to open disgust on their faces for the messy delinquent with endless detentions & in-school suspensions for various petty infractions.

Lo & behold.

I also applied for the editor of the paper my senior year and was denied because someone else had a semester more seniority than I did. Instead, I was offered a brand new position created just for me which entailed me running all the advertising programs and coordinating other operations and funding for the paper.

I was focusing more on marketing and advertising as my college major and had won a slew of awards at a major university’s summer journalism workshop so I was okay with it at first. I still ended up proofing and editing most people’s articles and mentoring the new staff because I was that good.

I worked hard at my consolation prize position and crushed it. However, because I was running the ad program, I decided that I wasn’t going to sell ads for the paper as required of all staff members. Cold-calling and outsides sales are still two things I hate more than anything.

My refusal to sell ads led to a number of confrontations between myself, Boxwood, and the editor which culminated in me screaming my resignation in their faces.

Prior to my ‘whatever’ resignation, Boxwood had me, as a minor child without parental consent, sign what she felt was a binding contract saying that if I didn’t meet my ad sales quotas per publication, I forfeited my letterman jacket which I had already earned the previous year.

She had it in her possession and flat out refused to give it to me.

After I resigned, I went to the vice principal over the journalism/literary extracurricular program to file a complaint against Boxwood and demand the release of my letterman jacket.

Vice Principal Tortatello dismissed me saying I needed to provide him with a letter detailing my grievances as he ‘didn’t want to hear a bunch of things about she did this and she did that.’

I spent a week putting together a 7-page single-spaced typed letter that began, ‘Vice-Principal Tortatello didn’t want to hear a bunch of things about she did this and she did that so I guess I can’t talk about how Mrs. Boxwood…’ with everything that dummy had said or done.

I showed it to my grandmother when I was finished and, god bless that hateful old battleax who made my life miserable until she died, she took up my standard and went to war against that small-for-brains wretch of a human.

My grandmother Nana Mary made dozens of copies of my letter along with all my academic achievements, the nonsense contract, my awards from the university workshop, and an award certificate which Boxwood asked me to create as the staff graphic designer to hand out at the previous year-end staff party – of which I received one (‘Most Creative Newspaper Staff’) with her signature and a hand-drawn smiley face on it.

That dummy Boxwood literally did not believe that I would come rain fire down upon her and leave a paper trail a mile wide.

Nana Mary, the tiny witch whose demon-blood also surges through my veins, personally delivered packets containing my letter & awards to the principal, the vice principals, and every member of the school board.

She even had the receptionist at the school board offices outraged on my behalf. It didn’t hurt that I was also graduating with more honors credits than the valedictorian directly into a university honors program while taking for-credit courses at a community college my entire senior year.

And knowing my Nana Mary, she probably barged into their offices unannounced and ran right up their bewildered faces demanding to know who this annoying Boxface woman was and why they weren’t protecting her granddaughter from her mess. She actually called that witch ‘Boxface’ and no one corrected her because Nana Mary was a little old lady who also brought cake and donuts when she wanted something from somebody.

A couple of weeks later, I was called to the principal’s office where the principal personally apologized to me for what Boxwood had done to me and put my letterman jacket on me herself. I asked if she had invited Boxwood to come to congratulate me & tell me how nice I looked in my jacket striking poses with a big smirk on my face and the principal gave me this ‘don’t push your luck’ look.

If I recall correctly, Nana Mary was there too demanding ‘that woman Boxhead, Boxface, whatever her name is’ not be a coward and come apologize to me.

I don’t know what happened to Boxface immediately after I graduated and I never cared to ask.

She did have my name and photos removed from anything related to the newspaper in the yearbook. I know Boxface has been teaching in a different city for a very long time.

I’ve had other teachers and administrators mysteriously leave their positions after their bullying of me came to light and Boxface was the last and probably my most epic revenge.

I wish I’d nailed more of them because they were out there ruining children’s lives day after day, year after year. And for what it’s worth, I never wore that stupid jacket & ended up throwing it in the trash.”

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Jove 2 years ago
You said: "I still ended up proofing and editing most people’s articles and mentoring the new staff because I was that good." If you wrote this article, you are not "that good".
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1. Manipulative Popular Girl Gets Exposed And Loses All Her Friends


“This was in elementary school. I had just moved away from a neighborhood, bc my brothers and I were getting relentlessly bullied in kindergarten and first grade by two 16-year-olds (not really important but it shows I have a history with bullying).

I moved to a new school and house in 2nd grade, so I had no friends. I had lots of friends at my old school, and I only was friends with them bc before I got bullied I was super social and extroverted, but after I started getting bullied, I became very introverted, except for when I was around my closest friends.

I couldn’t make new friends anymore, so all I had was my first friends.

When I got into my new school, everyone knew each other, and most of them had been in the same class for kindergarten and 1st grade, or lived very close to each other.

I lived in what was called ‘the dark side’ of the neighborhood, where not a lot of kids lived, and only one person in my grade was within walking distance of my house. I was what you would call a ‘lady’s man’ and had a ‘partner’ at my old school, and most boys generally didn’t like me, so I went straight to being friends with the girls.

Turns out, the girls in my class didn’t like the idea of having a friend that was a boy, but I thought one of them, let’s call her Lily, was very pretty. I didn’t know this at the time, but she was the most popular kid in the grade, and would soon rise to be one of the most popular kids in the school.

I asked to be friends, but she said no, so I gave up.

There was another girl who I had my eyes on, and we will call her Alexa. She was British and had a very pretty accent. I really liked her and asked them to be friends.

She reluctantly agreed, and I was a bit clingy to her because I had no one else. Well, it turns out Alexa was Lily’s best friend, and when Lily found out I was friends with Alexa, she told Alexa that I was mean and bad.

Alexa already didn’t really like me, just kinda felt pity for this poor little outcast, who had no friends, so she happily started being mean to me and stopped being friends with me. Lily had a group of ‘the cool kids’, that were all girls and were Lily’s friends.

They chose who was cool and who wasn’t. I got angry at Lily and Alexa, and I told them they were mean, so they told the whole grade that I was a weirdo and I was mean, making me have no friends, just because I stood up to them.

After about a month of doing this, I was lonely and desperate. I had no friends and I was sad. But Lily wanted to talk advantage of that. She let me into her ‘cool group’, and told me that if I did what she told me I would get friends again.

I was so desperate I believed it and was basically her servant for the rest of 2nd grade and all of 3rd grade. But during 3rd grade, I realized that still, no one liked me, except Lily (well I thought she liked me).

I had always had a crush on Lily, but I knew she didn’t like me back, so I moved on (kinda). I really liked one of the girls in Lily’s group, (let’s call her Emily) but she was Lily’s new best friend, bc Alexa was in a different class.

She was a lot nicer than Lily, and so I asked her if she wanted to be my girl, and she said yes! And well, I thought it was her own decision, and maybe it was, but I later learned that Lily was using Emily to control me even more.

Furthermore, no one knew how terrible of a person Lily was. She acted really nice to the teachers and some of the other kids, but she would bully you relentlessly if you didn’t follow her rules. I even knew about how evil Lily was, but I was so desperate for love and attention that I didn’t care and I had faith she could be a better person.

After Lily made me and Emily break up, I realized how much I liked Lily. I was madly in love with her and tried to ask her out, but she told me no, and that she didn’t even like me.

I didn’t think that was true, and I still think she grew fond of me to this day. But I realized midway through 4th grade that she was toxic, after a big fight with her and her group. I managed to make some new friends, by becoming friends with a girl I will call Caroline, who introduced me to her friends.

She was very athletic, and a bit of a tomboy, so she had lots of friends that were boys. After we got into 5th grade, I really liked her, and so we got together. That was until she became very clingy and always had to get everything her way.

After some of her friends made inappropriate comments to us, we told the teacher what they had said. They got in bigggg trouble, and so they didn’t like us anymore. I kinda just stopped hanging out with her and moved on, bc I didn’t know how to confront her about us breaking up.

I don’t know if she still thinks we are together now (I’m in 6th grade now)! But I crawled back to Lily, but this time with a plan.

And here is where her downfall comes in. I started planting seeds in people’s minds about her, by casually mentioning her manipulation.

I realized that most of the cool group was like me: they didn’t have very many friends, Lily took advantage of them, and now they were followers. I tried to tell them how Lily didn’t think of them as friends, and she was manipulating them.

Only a few believed me, but I still tried to confront her about how terrible of a person she was. I and some of her cool group confronted her on the field, just far enough away as to where a teacher wouldn’t hear, but close enough as to where a bunch of kids will hear.

She was super embarrassed and tried to deny it and win back her friends. They didn’t go over to her. Word spread of how mean she was, and soon she had lost almost all of her popularity. Some of her followers still obeyed her and thought I was some kind of demon.

Emily got back together with me, but then 2020 started, so we texted each other. I don’t see Lily a lot in class anymore. She tries not to stand out and hasn’t pulled anything yet. I feel kinda bad bc I don’t think she deserved all that, but at the same time she manipulated me for 3 years, soooo… I really like her still, and I think she is getting better.

Maybe it’s just her still manipulating me, but I feel bad and kinda regret going that big. I think tho that once we get back onto in-person, she will start trying to rise to power again. I just hope that people don’t fall for her tricks.”

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chga 2 years ago
This isn't revenge. This is just middle school drama.
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