People Tell Their Unforgettable Tales Of Petty Revenge

Dive into a world of sweet revenge, unexpected comebacks, and lessons learned the hard way in this riveting collection of stories. From glitter bomb paybacks and high-stakes yard battles, to karma's swift justice in the workplace and the classroom, these tales of retribution are as satisfying as they are surprising. Whether it's battling line-cutters at Costco, or outsmarting a luxury car parts scammer, each story promises a twist of poetic justice that will keep you hooked. So buckle up, and prepare for a wild ride through life's most petty yet gratifying moments of revenge.

27. High School Bully Gets A Taste Of Karma At Reunion Lunch


“Many years ago in high school, I (“Mia”) broke up with my first partner that we’ll call “Sam”. We had been together for a little over a year and I felt like we were basically growing out of each other.

There was nothing malicious and we were in agreement over breaking up… though he then proceeded to regale me about why he thought it was best which was because he had been seeing another girl from a different school.

No idea why he ever told me that.

Maybe to make himself feel less guilty? But I digress…

Despite what I thought was a rather amicable breakup despite the confession, maturely dealt with for a pair of high school kids, in person he immediately began avoiding me. Soon after there were lots of rumors being spread about me that caused my already small friend circle to dwindle further.

I was a geek, into computers, music, and 19th century poetry. Wasn’t really the type to ‘fit in’ in high school anyway, so the rumors hurt.

I found out later that Sam was the source of the most vicious of the rumors. I confronted Sam over it, asking him why he did it, and he gave the non-answer of “I dunno” in the typical teenage boy fashion.

By the time I was a senior I had a strong “screw the lot of you” attitude, graduated a semester early, and other than a handful of people, never really looked back. I went to community college, got my AA, moved far away for university, and got on with my life.

It was at university that I really found my footing and people I could relate to.

For those that stayed back in the place where we graduated from, life just ‘was’. A mediocre existence.

My best friend, we’ll call her “Anne”, I knew from high school, but didn’t really become friends with her until after graduation.

It is amazing what distance from the toxic social life that is high school can do for people.

Anne had been invited to a lunch with a few other people from high school as a little catch-up, and Sam happened to be one of the people to show up to the lunch.

This was 7 or 8 years after high school.

Anne and one of the other gals there would later tell me the same thing. Everyone is chatting, talking about how things are going with them. Anne would be the first to admit things were just ‘okay’. Dead-end jobs, always broke.

They go around the table and it is the same general story from everyone… except Sam.

Sam crows about how he was just promoted to assistant store manager of the (insert name of store chain here), and how he was now salaried and was looking at apartments of his own.

One of the other girls piped up, “Anne! You just got back from visiting Mia, right? How is she doing?”

Anne goes on to give a glowing review of my life from what I’ve been told. Mia is teaching at the university out there and had just gotten back from a conference with her dean.

She had been one of the editors of the paper there too but dropped that when she was given more classes to teach. Went to the beach in her new car, got goodies at the farmers market down the street from her place. Basically sounded excited about all the things I saw as my everyday droll.

If it had just been Anne telling me that Sam sunk deep into his chair and sat quietly for the rest of lunch, I would have thought she exaggerated, but I was told the same by one of the other girls. Years later when I went out to visit, seeing several of the people that were at that lunch, it came up again how comical it was to see Sam’s ego deflated so deftly.

The best revenge is doing better than your bullies. The best petty revenge is the one that happens without you even lifting a finger to try.”

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26. Cut In Line At Costco? Not On My Watch!


“So, I went to Costco this evening. As we browsed plans, the lights dimmed. We’d not realized they closed early, 6 pm.

So, we abandoned our browsing (Costco employees have lives too!) and rushed to get the three things we really needed and got in line. The line for the quick check (it’s like a self-check but there are employees doing the scanning) was extremely long, but that was our problem for rolling in so late.

An older lady behind us turned out to be an employee (off duty) and she explained that folks with perishables were prioritized at the regular registers rather than the faster quick-check lines.

So, we’re waiting our turn, like everyone else. The line’s moving along with reasonable speed. We’re about a half dozen back when a dude with a cart full of perishables comes in from the side, clearly trying to “merge” in front of us.

He was a younger dude, maybe 30, and we are women on the back half of our 50s. We kept moving forward, not allowing him to slide in. Note he never looked at us or said anything. We were two back and it became clear he was going to rush past us to the next checkout.

Not on my watch! I zipped up and stood in front of him, the cart at my back. He tried to maneuver around but I kept my position about a foot in front of his cart and did not yield ground. Finally, he started saying “ma’am, can you move” and I said, “You’re trying to cut in front of all of these people.

Get back in line like everyone else.” He did not. I was confident he wouldn’t touch me with his cart. I mean, witnesses everywhere, and he’s a big, younger dude hitting a short older woman.

Before long, it was our turn, so I had to move.

As he rushed to the checkout, I said, more loudly than necessary, “You’re cutting in line, you jerk.” I spotted a free checker and pointed him out and said, “he’s cutting in line.” The checker, my hero, immediately saw the looks everyone else was giving him and she directed him to the back of the line.

A male employee stepped up and loudly announced that there was one line (which had been the case since these lanes opened) and the line formed back there as Cutter Dude made his walk of shame to the end of the line.

I thanked the checker while our three items were scanned. We headed out, feeling powerful, like we’d vanquished an evil monster.

Ironically, if he’d had a real emergency and was in a legit rush, I’d have offered my place in line and gone to the back myself. I wasn’t in any hurry. But no, he was a jerk with a raging sense of entitlement and he got what he deserved.”

Another User Comments:

“Here in NJ we have to get our cars inspected. Years ago, the lines were terribly long. I was about 12 cars back, and as often happens, there are gaps in the line. That’s when I noticed about 3 cars ahead, in that gap, a sporty car jumped in line.

Outrage!!! Petty revenge??? You decide. As that jumper approached the first position, I walked up to the technician and told her what had happened. She spoke with the driver of the car behind the jumper and verified the complaint. The driver of the car was waved on, his car was not inspected that day.” NefariousnessSweet70

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25. Refuse To Pay Your Share Of The Bill? Enjoy A Flood Of Spam Emails And Calls


“Here’s the dealio, I (24f) used to live in a house with 3 other people but one of my housemates who we’ll call Bridget (22f) screwed me over on a bill she was meant to pay.

When Bridget moved out she swapped the electricity into my name which was fine with me however after she swapped it there was a bill in her name for the remainder of the electricity before she moved out. She contacted me telling me about the bill and I said no problem happy to pay my share just let me know how much I owe you and I’ll get my other housemate to pay as well.

She then ignored this message and continued to message me for MONTHS asking me to pay the bill. I kept responding – more than happy to pay just let me know how much you need.

This went on for the next 3 months until she made a group chat with me and my other housemate at the time telling us how frustrated she was that this bill was in her name and it still wasn’t paid.

Now she caught me on a bad day where I was overwhelmed and stressed and couldn’t handle this anymore so I ended up just paying the bill for everyone thinking they’d just pay me back. So I put a message in the group chat letting them know I paid the bill and they each owed me $100.

She never looked at this message.

I sent her a pm letting her know and she ignored it. I sent another pm, nothing. I sent her a pm every day for 2 weeks until she blocked me on social media. Now 100 may not seem like a lot but I was poor as heck and every dollar counts.

I gave her one last chance to sort this out nicely, I sent her an email and a text asking once again for the money she owed and once again I was ignored so I thought forget this and forget her. You don’t wanna pay me?

Fine, I hope you like weird ads and Christian relationship service emails. I used a website to flood her email with 1000 emails an hour ranging from relationship tips to all the best Mormon readings. Her phone number? You know what I’m sure she’d love to hear from every insurance company in Australia.

Dodgy looking website? You know what I’m sure Bridget would love to hear from you.

Screw you Bridget, I hope you had to get a new phone number and email.”

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24. Arrogant Customer Tries To Scam Luxury Car Parts Dealer, Gets Outsmarted Instead


“So this story goes back to my days as an automotive parts advisor or a parts guy for the less fancy people.

I legitimately enjoyed my work, I met tons of cool people, rode in some amazing cars, just amazing for a gearhead. I had previous experience as a mechanic, so I was certainly knowledgeable.

For more background, it was a higher-end dealer, our average new car price was over $100k.

Needless to say, our parts were expensive. I had the freedom to give discounts. We made most of our money from our shop and wholesalers. We could have easily gotten rid of our retail counter and made about the same money.

It was essentially providing a service to keep our existing customers happy.

Vital to the story, is we also drop shipped for 2 different reputable online parts retailers. They got special pricing and quicker shipping for our region. If someone came to our counter and mentioned either, we had a special price match on that, just a little over what it was on the site.

To the actual story, one day this guy comes in, we’ll call him Jerk. A fair amount of our clients would buy a budget-friendly car we offered 10 years ago, and think they were really on to something. Some of them had superiority complexes on them, even though everyone there could easily afford their car.

I was massively overpaid for my position.

The initial conversation goes like this:

Me: “Hello sir, welcome to expensive depreciation machine parts, how can I help you?”

Jerk: “ugh yeah, I need this darn switch for my infotainment. I have a quote from you all already on my phone so you better not try charging me more.”

I, knowing that we have issues with third-party sites, tell the man the only quotes I can 100% stand by are quotes we have printed out in the last 30 days

Jerk: “What do you mean? The website says your name on it. I also called the dealership in Florida and they can get it for me for only $30 more than that.

I need it from you all for that price.”

Me: “well I’ll certainly see if there’s anything I can do, but I can make no guarantees. We get people trying to price match those places all the time, but we can’t compete with dealerships advertising falsely under our name, with no affiliation from us, who deal with the bulk those dealers do.”

Anyway, guy’s already irritated for no good reason. I leave and look up the part, to my surprise, the online listing on the “fake site” is under what we pay for, and the Florida dealership is only $20 above. Nope, not giving any leeway for this.

I don’t want this guy doing business with us, so we can maybe make $100 and have someone who comes in acting like that. Suggested price is $650. Cost is $350.

This is where the revenge gears start turning. He’s already wasted my time, I decide to waste his time.

I wait 10 minutes and go back to talk to him.

Me: “I apologize about the wait sir, every time we have a customer try to price match to a dealer representing us, we have to send a complaint to legal, and my boss insisted I do it now.

As for the other dealer, I still cannot match their price. They deal in bulk, we simply can’t, and at our price you’re paying for expedited shipping, warranty, and customer service.”

Jerk starts going off “this is absolutely ridiculous? Can’t you all order it from the other dealer and sell it to me at that price?

What if I order it from them and ship it here, you’ll feel ridiculous when I come pick it up knowing you lost a sale.”

It’s met by a swift “Sir, I don’t know how they set prices that low, I’m sure shipping is going to bring it significantly more, for our price you get a warranty and actual customer service.

You’re more than welcome to get it sent here, but when you come to get it you’re probably going to be more upset that it got sent back to them, and are met with another price quote. I’m not telling you where to buy from, but if you buy from us, it’s $650.”

Anyway, Jerk obviously wasn’t the brightest, because this next sentence was the nail that really sealed his coffin.

“Well, what if I returned it after using it until the cheaper one comes in?”

“Well sir, you could certainly try, but we reserve the right to deny returns of that nature.”

Now he’s trying to get one over on me. I really wanted to sell it to him now.

Anyway, we end the conversation. He decides to buy, and I’m polite enough to “allow him to wait until he picks it up to pay for it since I understand his frustration”.

Man literally snickers walking off. He actually thinks he’s playing me but buddy, I work in the car dealership. This place is filled with years of screwing people over in the fine print, I’m no exception.

So I’m assuming Jerk then went home, snickering out of saving like $200, and thought he was smarter than me.

I went and ordered the part, and actually expedited it. I mean, he paid full tilt and all.

Finally, it comes in. Next day. Usually we give customers a day to pick up, or an automated email goes to them that it’s in. I think Jerk deserved an extra special phone call, after all, he was so much smarter than me.

“Good afternoon Jerk, I just wanted to give you a ring and let you know your switch came in and is ready for pick up whenever is convenient for you.”

Let me tell ya, same jerk voice over the phone, but it was short. I apparently called him on his lunch break, as an added bonus.

So he comes in that evening to get it, and it goes typically but with added snark. I knew his cheap self was going to go put it in, use it for a month, then try returning it.

So he signs the invoice, pays his $650, and leaves.

Not even a thank you for my amazing customer service. Jerk.

However, the signed invoice says we can’t return used electrical parts. This man just told me he intends on using it and returning it.

But, when he signed the invoice, he was signing where it plainly states there is a restocking fee, and….

no returns on used electronic parts, like the one he just bought. And the sites he had up have the same policy.

I tuck a copy of his invoice in my desk and continue on. Satisfaction would be mine, I just had to wait.

Sure enough, he probably found out why it was so cheap.

I had honestly forgotten about it, it was a month and a half before Jerk returned. My coworker met him at the counter, but it “was policy for the parts employee who sold you the part to process the return” but it really wasn’t.

Jerk: “I need to return this part, it actually ended up not being what I needed.”

This is the worst excuse, and 100% will get you a restocking fee. I mess up? I’ll return it free and give you a fat discount and a legitimate apology.

“Oh, can I see the part? Before I return it I just need to check it out.”

He didn’t like this, but to his credit, he packaged it in the same exact way he got it, even carefully peeking the sticker.

I take it back to my desk, and I’m sitting right under the light to look at it. Yup, sure as heck it’s used. Went exactly as planned. You can even see the grime from the connector.

I walk back to the counter with the part out, and the sticker he so carefully peeled off ripped down the center indicating it had been opened. He wasn’t gonna send it back in place of his other one and try the same nonsense.

“Well sir, I’m noticing signs of use.

You can see from marks on the connector that shows signs that it was plugged in, which makes it ineligible for return.”

“Yeah well what if it’s bad?” Jerk says, being even a bigger dummy than when he originally came in.

“Well sir, if that’s the case, we can run your car through service, have a tech reinstall the part, and test it.

I would have to let you know, that if it’s not actually bad, you would be liable for the bill.”

Anyway, Jerk starts getting visibly angry. I think by now he realized I wasn’t as stupid as he thought we all must be, and it cost him a fair amount of money.

The most satisfying part comes now. He pulls out the line I’ve been waiting on, and I got to use my favorite line to get people fuming.

“Can I speak to your manager?”

“Of course sir, I can get him, but I’m afraid he’s going to tell you the same exact same thing I just did.”

Sure as heck, boss man comes up, telling him the same darn thing I just did, showing him the signed invoice, and outlining the text indicating no returns on used electronic parts.

Dude was mad as heck, and started calling us crooks, which is ironic for someone who wanted to defraud us.

Homie, you tried to trick the industry known for being tricksters.

I estimate he spent a little over a grand. $680 or so with us, probably close to $400 with whoever he got the part from. The repair also takes a couple of hours if you don’t know what you’re doing.

The lesson? Just because you have an older luxury car doesn’t mean you’re the best. If you’re actually the best, you don’t prove it to others, they prove it to you. Don’t make it worth it for us to screw you over and never have to see your face again.

And before anyone thinks I’m some fraudster, I frequently give major retail discounts, you just have to be polite. I just figure if you come in acting like a big baller, you must be, and price doesn’t matter much to you.”

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23. Emotionally Abused, Then Harassed For A Guitar? Enjoy The Puzzle, Ex


“About two years ago I got into a relationship with this really charismatic, polite, laid-back person (I’ll call them B). B and I took things super slow, because I had a very negative past with relationships, and went out many times before we became official. B was incredibly kind to me for about 4 months, and then before I knew it they had started treating me like dirt.

They used a very common manipulation tactic of subtly breaking me down and weaponizing my insecurities (e.g. “it never happened like that, you just don’t have good memory”, “you’re just too sensitive”) any time I confronted them. For those of you fortunate enough to have never experienced that, it breaks you down very quickly and can eventually make you question your sanity and reality.

B saw that beginning to happen and took the opportunity to lie, deceive, and behave terribly with little to no repercussions. This sent me into an awful spiral, I was depressed and felt like I was being held emotionally hostage.

Before everything went to total disaster, I was building a custom guitar for them.

I’m talking bare bones, did almost all of the electrical work and assembly myself. I was almost finished with it before I finally snapped out of it (because someone literally messaged me with proof that B was seeing another person) and we broke up, and I blocked them on everything.

Yet, somehow months later, they managed to text me harassing me to “give the guitar back”. I tried everything to get B to stop contacting me, but it got to a point of borderline stalking, and I decided to give it to them.

So, I got the guitar from storage and completely disassembled it.

Even took out the frets and custom inlays. Put all the screws, pegs, switches, knobs, etc. into a ziplock bag, and took the extra research and effort to switch the tone & volume connections. Then, I neatly packaged it up, and left it on their front porch with a note saying “figure it out.””

Another User Comments:

“You should have gone to an electronics store and gotten some random components and some different-sized screws and included them in the bag. If they ever try to assemble it, they would spend a lot of time trying to figure out where they go.” drlawrie

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22. Bullied High Schooler Gets Sweet Revenge On Popular Mean Girl


“In high school I was really shy and quiet which often made me the target for bullies. There was one particular girl (I will refer to her as Ms. Popularity) who made my life a living nightmare.

She was a varsity cheerleader and there was a group of girls that hung around her that basically did everything she said I guess so they could leech popularity off of her by association. She valued her status a great deal. I remember her inviting a girl a grade below us (another super shy quiet type) to a sleepover at her house only for the other girls there to basically make fun of her when she arrived. People were talking about it the following week at school and the poor girl even missed a few days of attendance because I assume she was too embarrassed to show her face at school.

Ms. Popularity and her clique thought it was so funny. They also loved to play phone pranks and pranked a quiet bookworm boy and had one girl profess she had a huge crush on him, worked up his confidence and made him believe her, and invited him to sit with her at lunchtime only to embarrass him at lunch.

They were honestly the real-life version of the Mean Girls.

I had Spanish class with Ms. Popularity and at Christmas time our teacher let us have a party on the last day before winter break. Everyone brought something for it: chips, dip, drinks, candy, etc. On this particular day Ms. Popularity was really being full of herself and making snide remarks to people.

I finally decided I’d had enough. I wasn’t the confrontational type because I was so introverted, but because I grew up as the middle kid with two older brothers and a bratty younger sister I had to learn how to be sneaky.

Ms. Popularity was wearing a pair of white jeans.

The whitest of white jeans. When she was not looking and most of the other kids around me were up getting their food I tossed a crumbled-up piece of Hershey candy bar on her assigned seat. The seat was dark-colored wood so it kind of blended in.

When she came back to her desk she sat down on her seat. Right flat down on it as she proceeded to eat. And when she stood up to go get something else a boy behind her said “Oooo girl you pooped yourself” REALLY loudly.

She said “What??? No I didn’t!” And he pointed to her pants which made others look who also started to laugh. She wiped at her pants which smeared it as she tried turning to look at it and she said “I swear I did not!

I sat in something! It must be chocolate” but it honestly did melt and looked exactly like poop. And a group of kids got ahold of it and that entire day people were talking about how she pooped her pants in 5th period. She ended up tying a sweater around her waist to cover it, but everyone at that point knew and was whispering about it.

She got a good dose of being bullied and made fun of for the rest of that day and even after that day until it started to blow over. But she seemed to have been humbled by it somewhat because I don’t remember the bullying by her being as bad after that.

I know it wasn’t nice of me and made me no better than the bully, but honestly at that point I thought she deserved it and because I had been the brunt of so much of her bullying I just did not care. The teachers let her slide with everything, but the students sure didn’t.”

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21. Lie About Commission? Get Called Out In Public


“I was working at a questionable retail place where I’d been told I could earn commission, and they’d explained how that worked. You had to hit a particular figure, but once you had you got a commission on everything (I was very careful to clarify that this included the threshold amount, not just everything over that figure).

The figure was pretty high for what the shop was, but I figured it was possible with a bit of hustle.

This place was miserable, it was basically a high street pawn shop in the UK – and the manager was an utter jerk. However; I was young, needed a job, and thought I could earn decent earnings with commission.

Get a couple of weeks in and I hit the threshold for the first time – great! Keep hitting it in the following weeks while I’m waiting for that first paycheck with my nice little commission bonus pay to start rolling in. I get the first pay slip with the commission, my jaw drops and crushing disappointment sets in – this is only payment on the sum after the threshold – the jerk lied to me!

Needless to say, I’m angry at this point, and I realize there’s nothing I can do about it. The manager is a jerk and he’s not going to admit his lie, or change it. This is when I start looking for another job ASAP – I was lucky and found a better job in a little over a week, better pay, easier to get to; result!

I wrote my letter of resignation accepting that I had to give a week’s notice and then work it. Annoying, but not really an issue. I did think it would be fun to call him on it though, and not just in private, but in front of as many staff as possible.

Fortunately, we had a daily “staff meeting” where we basically stood around for a couple of minutes – perfect time.

At the end of the day I seize my chance.

Me “Why did you tell me commission was on the full amount instead of just the amount over the threshold?”

Manager “I didn’t.”

Me “Yes you did, if you remember I specifically clarified this with you – it’s the main reason I took the job.”

Manager “I didn’t say that” shouting a bit by this point.

Me “Yes you did, I wouldn’t be here if you hadn’t.”

Manager “You’re calling me a liar? You’re fired!”

Me “Funny that, I was about to give you this.”

I then pulled out my letter of notice and showed it to him – to my immense satisfaction this was met with a round of applause from most of the rest of the staff.

The best bit though? Because he fired me they paid me for that next week without me having to go in.”

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20. Forget To Send Me My Full Refund? I'll Make Things Difficult For You


“About 8 years ago I moved out of my folks’ place and into my first home. As a newbie I was thrown into the lovely world of utilities companies and their arcane, byzantine processes for creating new accounts.

One service that was vital for my new place was phone and broadband. For this I looked around and despite a lot of “difficulties” with them at work, I went for a package from the largest provider in the country (If I say this company was British and I was buying Telecoms from them, you should guess who I mean) mainly due to the free gifts they were offering if you signed up (gift cards for a large supermarket, great if you’re moving in somewhere).

Fast forward a couple of years and my initial contract came to an end, and I decided to move over to another supplier (now unfortunately Borg’d into the big, evil corp mentioned above, but still many times better). I knew that I was out of contract at this point and wouldn’t be charged anything for leaving, so happily signed up for the new service.

This is where things went a bit awry…

The changeover happened as expected mid-month in July. A quick re-config of my router setting and I was done and saving a bit of money every month. Being the reasonably tidy administrator I am, I canceled BigTelco’s direct debit from my bank account after this point as I should no longer be charged, and I didn’t want them to remain with authority for taking payment from my account.

Unfortunately BigTelco’s billing system didn’t seem to get the memo that my services had transferred, and not only did they send me a bill for £52.07 for phone and broadband they didn’t supply, but as I’d canceled their direct debit they charged me a £7.50 late payment fee on top of that.

I of course immediately complained about this and my complaints got escalated up the chain until I was assigned a “complaint handler” at BigTelco.

Eventually, after much prodding and complaining, BigTelco worked out that instead of me owing them £52.08 it turns out they owed *me* £17.31.

Buoyed by this news I planned on spending my £17.31 on beer, chips, crisps, and whatever else a single man needs to survive in this workaday world.

After a few days I get a cheque in the post from BigTelco. The problem being that this cheque was for £9.81, and not my outstanding £17.31.

It seems that the billing dept hadn’t cleared the late payment charge from my account, so the cheque was £7.50 light, which meant yet another call to the handler at BigTelco. She eventually managed to send out a second cheque for the missing £7.50.

At this point I decided a bit of petty revenge was in order.

The complaint handler at BigTelco had asked, after the cheques had been dispatched, if they could now “close” the complaint. Not being in a particularly charitable mood, I said I’d let them close the complaint only after both cheques had cleared and the funds were in my account.

Now I wasn’t petty enough to pay them separately, but it still took 3-5 days for the funds to clear and as it was the end of the month, that would be one less “successful” completion on their books for that month…”

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19. Spoiled Teen's Shocking Attempt To Force Mom Into Buying Expensive Prom Dress


“Wanted to share a story that happened to me when I was an assistant manager for a then-popular retail store that sold junior clothes and prom dresses.

Prom dress season was in full swing and we had moms and daughters coming in left and right. Our prom dresses ranged anywhere from $60 to $450.

One day I was manning the fitting rooms when a mom and daughter brought up one of the most expensive dresses we had.

Covered in rhinestones, sweetheart neckline, full Cinderella body, the whole nine. The daughter tries it on and comes out and tells her mom this is the one. The mom asks how much it is, and the daughter tells her.

Mom isn’t happy. She tries to talk the daughter into one of the other dresses they’ve tried on that’s more affordable.

Now you can tell at this point the daughter is not used to being told no and starts arguing. Arguing turns into shouted whispers, then turns into just shouting. The daughter says she’s not taking the dress off, and that her mom was to buy it no if ands or buts.

The mom refuses.

So you know what the spoiled brat did? She peed in the dress. Dead serious, no joke. Stood there and did it in the dress so her mom would have to buy it. I’m sitting there staring in horror as she’s screaming at her mom saying she has to buy it now, as a large yellow puddle starts forming on the floor.

The mom walks up to the daughter no words, rips the tag off, stomps up to the counter, and pays for the dress. The daughter goes back into the fitting room to take the dress off. She comes out with it in a big wadded ball in her hands and sets it on the counter.

(Yes still soaked.)

The mom grabs the daughter by the arm, tells me to throw the dress away, sorry for what she did, and left screaming at her daughter that she wasn’t going to prom. Of course being the retail worker, I cleaned up what I had to and left early that day.

One of the most bizarre revenge instances I’ve ever witnessed to this day.”

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18. Turning A Road Rage Incident Into A Joyful Traffic Jam Adventure


“So, this happened a few years ago but will always remain one of my favorite memories.

My older brother had joined the Marines and was stationed 2 hours away in a popular beach town for training.

Being that my mom and I love the beach, we traveled every so often to visit him on his weekends off.

After a great visit with my brother, we decided to head home. This particular weekend, there was some huge classic car event in the town that brought in people from all over.

The result was Sunday bumper-to-bumper traffic on the freeway.

My mom and I had left early but still not early enough to avoid the traffic. My mom likes to leave a bit of room between her and the car in front as an extra bit of stopping cushion.

Not enough that a whole car could fit between but enough.

So, we’re sitting in traffic just talking about life when the car behind us lays on their horn. We look at each other wondering what that’s about and turn to look at why the driver was honking.

I stare straight into the eyes of ye ole Karen. Graying hair in a short bob and everything.

This lady is glaring a death glare at our car, honking at us to move forward. Seriously?! When I say this traffic was bumper to bumper, I mean it!

Any movement from my mom wouldn’t have been more than an inch. Apparently that inch we weren’t moving was enough to trigger this Karen’s road rage.

Mom and I look at each other in shock asking, “Where does she want us to go?!” She mouths “Witch” at us and we decide to get petty!

Since the slow lane is also the lane cars merge onto, and this lady literally couldn’t move around us, we began waving cars in front of us. Purposefully slowing down to leave PLENTY of room for a car or two (or 10) to merge onto the freeway ahead of us.

Every time a car thanks us and pulls ahead of us, we high-five each other in full view of Karen.

We’ve got the music blasting, the windows down and we are laughing and high-fiving each other left and right. Waving much more grandly than needed and smiling at each driver who’s smiling back at us.

We even made sure to look back at Karen and smile. She sat, stewing in her car and calling us every name under the sun.

Eventually, the lanes merged into one lane and my mom and I took an exit towards home that had very few cars.

Meanwhile, Karen’s route took her on the same road that most of the other cars were heading down which meant she still had to deal with bumper-to-bumper while we cruised on home.

It was the most enjoyable traffic jam I’ve ever been in.”

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17. Refuse To Pay Overtime? Pay $12,000 In Lost Revenue Instead


“I worked for a company that would never pay over 40 hours. Whatever day you reached 40 hours you were done for the week. Not a bad policy honestly, I’d usually work 10-12-hour days and have a 3 or 4-day weekend.

That was all fine until the owner’s son stepped in. We’ll call him Jay. The favoritism was strong with this one. His parents had coddled him and put him in positions he had nowhere near the experience for. Instead of being humble and asking guys who had been around awhile what was up.

He just came in and acted like the hot shot, God’s gift to the world.

The issues started when he started taking contracts that involved switching over power from one system to another at large grocery stores. To keep it from getting technical this mainly involved the store’s front-line POS systems. Working 40 hours and cutting out when reached no longer worked. Sometimes we’d have to work 10 hours of OT which then they would say wasn’t approved and wouldn’t pay.

I tried bringing it up to Jay but he’d make comments about how it was because we were messing around and just wanted to milk the jobs. The truth was, once change over started you couldn’t stop working until done. The worst thing that could happen was the Point of Sale stations were down come opening.

Work would start at 9 pm and sometimes end at 7-8 am with almost always no breaks or lunch.

After doing 3 changeovers and working OT without getting paid for it, I’d finally had enough. I talked to Jay and told him that he needs to come out for a night and see what we are up against. He flat-out refused. Jay told me to stop complaining and moaning and that the work wasn’t that difficult.

He said he could do it in 1/2 the time I could. That was my breaking point. I devised my plan for later that night. The Pre-con meeting started at 8 pm. Work started at 9 pm. Removing the wiring and old boxes started right away and was usually done by 11 pm.

11 pm also happened to be the time I’d reach my 40 hours for the week. Jay won’t pay me for OT? Well, then I can’t work. He failed to understand this ain’t a hobby. At 11:15 when the demo was done, I packed up my tools and quietly slipped out the door.

I turned off my company phone and dropped my van off at the shop. I went home and enjoyed a nice week off before starting my new job. Through the grapevine I heard the GC started blowing up Jay’s phone once he realized I wasn’t coming back.

Jay showed up and apparently had it all finished by 3 pm. Unfortunately for Jay the contract stated any delays on the POS station would incur back charges to the company to pay for lost sales.

In the end, I got a new job and a raise, the company had to pay $12,000 in lost revenue to the store, they lost the contract and Jay got to eat crow for about 12 hours.

May not be the best story but it’s mine.”

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16. Fire Our Best Cashiers? Watch Us All Quit Together


“So this is more of a group revenge.

So for context, I work at a grocery store as a cashier supervisor, everything there is chaotic and stressful. My manager decided that she was going to try and make everything run smoother and fire 3 of our best cashiers.

(My manager isn’t a huge fan of younger people and these 3 happened to be between the ages of 16 and 18. Hm). This was a huge blow for our department. They worked harder than the majority of the cashiers we have and having them fired meant the amount of people we ring through per hour went down by a lot.

A lot of us weren’t happy with what happened. We were all very close and worked very well together so having them fired broke a lot of routines we had. So we devised a plan (cue the revenge).

The day the 3 cashiers got fired, some of us who remained (5 total) got together and decided that a bunch of us would all quit at once.

(No one likes working there. There’s a lot of people who are mistreated, including me) We decided that 4 would go in, one after the other, and hand in their resignation. All 4 stated that they would work 1 more shift and would not be back after that.

I decided that I would stay and continue to work (just because I couldn’t find a new job that paid as well as my current one) and keep everyone updated on what was happening after they quit.


  • my manager took a sick day because she got so stressed with everyone quitting
  • she had to redo the entire schedule for the following week to cover the shifts of those who left
  • we now don’t have enough cashiers to work during the week. (We’re down to 9 total and need 10 for a single day)
  • employees from other departments have had to cover some of the shifts for the people who left, putting them behind in their own work
  • a mass hiring spree is currently underway which makes the company look really bad, due to the turnover

Don’t mess with a tight-knit group of experienced workers. It will come back to bite you.


1. I know it seems bad that the 4 quit and I stayed but you need to understand that they’re all still in high school.

They just had the job to make some extra spending cash. I, on the other hand, am a university student and I need a job to pay for bills and school so since I couldn’t find a new job I was forced to stay where I was, much to my disappointment.

2. I get that this screws over the rest of the cashiers more so than my manager. I did end up talking to them after this happened though and they supported what we did. No one likes the way our manager runs things. Plus having so many people leave at once forced higher-ups to look into how things were being run.

So in the long run, my manager could be taking heat for this as well, only time will tell.”

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15. Substitute Teacher's Strict Bathroom Policy Backfires In The Most Unpleasant Way


“This is not my petty revenge but I was lucky enough to witness it.

My elementary school was really small and had around 30 students per generation divided into 2 classes. We were all friends since most of us already knew each other from kindergarten. Since my school had so few students, teachers would get to know them very well.

They’d treat us with respect and we really appreciated that.

One day, in 4th grade, we got a new substitute teacher who never taught in our school before. She was very strict. She wouldn’t let anyone go to the bathroom, we’d have to be completely quiet or her horribly high-pitched demonic screeching would last an eternity.

She’d throw chalk at students when they answered her questions incorrectly.

Anyway, one day we had three classes with her with 2 breaks in between (1st was 5 minutes, 2nd was 15 minutes). She wouldn’t let us on our breaks if we didn’t finish an assignment.

One of my more rebellious classmates had to go to the toilet and to no surprise, she said no. He asked her repeatedly throughout the duration of the class but she wouldn’t let him, not even on the 15-minute break.

So he sat down, looked her dead in the eye, and with a smug look on his face started peeing his pants with pee running down the chair, making a big smelly puddle on the floor beneath him.

She. Was. Stunned. She started screaming at him but he just smiled and said “Well, I told you I needed to go to the toilet”.

She couldn’t send him to the principal cause he did nothing wrong so she just sighed angrily and told him to go home.

We couldn’t carry on with our lecture until the cleaning lady took care of the classroom, so we got our 15-minute break, we got to see a great show and my friend got the rest of the day off.

She changed her rules a bit after that so I’d say it was an absolute win.”

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14. Exposing A Coworker's Dangerous Meat Shenanigans Across Grocery Chains


“Just a couple of years ago, my (27F) fiance (31M) and DJ worked at the same small-town grocery store, which I’ll refer to as Company X.

Both worked in the meat department. DJ has a nasty habit of taking various meat products that have reached their sell-by date, rewrapping them, slapping on a new label, and setting them back out on the shelves. He does this repeatedly to the point where the meat will be out so long that it’ll become rancid.

DJ was repeatedly warned by management about his shenaniganery, and how that wasn’t okay. He essentially just shrugged it off and continued being a public health hazard. My fiance saw this, and would do what he could to clear all of the old, putrid meat out, and put in fresh products.

DJ did not like this one bit. DJ is an older man who subscribes to the mentality of age automatically equals wisdom (even though he’s proof of the exact opposite), and takes great pleasure in throwing his weight around and bullying his younger coworkers. So naturally, my fiance became a prime target.

It got to the point where my fiance was on the sales floor, replacing DJ’s rancid products with fresh ones, and DJ himself came out. They got into an argument, which escalated to DJ grabbing my fiance by the shirt, pulling him close, and aggressively shouting in his face.

The only things that kept that from turning into an all-out fight were the witnesses on the sales floor, plus the fact that they were in plain view of a security camera.

Fast forward a few months, and Company X fell under the ownership of a larger store chain and changed names to Company Y.

(Not the real name of course.) Well, with larger corporations comes stricter rules, and DJ was at last given the boot. So he left and now works at a completely separate store chain, which I’ll call Company Z. Fast forward to this week, and my fiance and his awesome coworker (AC) get to talking.

AC mentions how he heard through the grapevine that DJ is still continuing on with his shenaniganery at Company Z. So, my fiance and I decided to take a short road trip today to that particular branch of Company Z where DJ now works. If DJ was there, he must’ve been in the back because we didn’t see him.

We went to the meat section, and what we found was pretty much what we expected. Black ground beef, grey pork, grey sausages, the works. There was even a package of pork chops that had a sell-by date that was _four days ago_ and was still sitting on the shelves.

My fiance took some pictures on his phone, and then we casually walked out the front door and back to our car.

Once we got back home, my fiance called and made an anonymous report to the Department of Agriculture. That store can probably expect a visit from an inspector soon.

That’s as far as things have gone for now. Fiance’s aunt voiced discontent over us messing with DJ’s job. However DJ is literally putting the health and safety of the general public at risk, so we both feel no remorse whatsoever. So, he can go pound sand as far as I’m concerned.”

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13. Classmate Reveals My Personal Secrets, So I Sabotage His Grades Publicly


“My classmate humiliated me in front of my friends so I humiliated him and messed up his grades in front of the entire batch.

The story begins on Monday (today’s a Saturday). My classmate was sitting next to me in a lecture and the professor called me up to fix the projector as she wasn’t able to show the PPT she had made for the class. Now, like everyone else, I had my laptop out and I left my desk to help her.

This jerk classmate of mine decides to take my laptop and open my browser and show the benches behind me, my search history. Let’s just say it had adult content from last night. I return back to my desk to find people giggling at me.

Then I find out that they had seen my history and the adult content I had seen last night. Now at least 10 people knew I was into milfs. It was humiliating for me because this was personal. Some of you may ask, why don’t you use private browsing?

Well, because I am an adult viewing adult content on my own laptop. Ethically, nobody should be going through my history on a laptop that belongs to me.

I shut up and acted like nothing was the matter but inside I was seething with rage.

Today, he sat next to me again. We had to do a presentation in our anthropology class. This man had prepared a PPT just like everyone else and kept it on his desktop. He decided to go take a leak before the professor arrived in class.

This was my opportunity. I went into his laptop and took a screenshot of his desktop. Then I selected all the folders on his desktop and deleted them and emptied the trash. I then turned off transparency effects in the start menu so that his taskbar doesn’t look weird and set that screenshot as wallpaper.

The man returned and his laptop appeared unchanged. He smiled at me and told me to delete my browser history before I plug in my laptop to the projector for my presentation. I laughed at his joke.

The presentations began and his turn came. The dude was frantically clicking on the folder containing his PPT but nothing was happening.

He looked frightened. The professor scolded him for wasting her time and told him to get back to his place. This was a graded assignment and he scored zero on it. Everyone in the class was also laughing at him. I finally suggested to him that he should reinstall Windows.

It typically fixes all issues. He did that and in the process lost all his data. But his computer was back to working condition.”

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12. Steal My Coca Cola? Enjoy Cleaning Geese Poop Every Morning


“So when I was 16 or 17 ish I shared a car with my papa.

He worked in maintenance dealing with boilers and fixing things at a local high school and I was going to college (long story there but also not the point).

My papa is an immigrant from Calabria Italy and it’s pretty much the stereotype you’d imagine; loud, doesn’t take crap from anyone, and an accent that has made small kids cry, he’s also petty.

My father had to have things on an exact schedule. I woke up at 5 am every day to get him to work by EXACTLY 5:25 every morning and then went off to school myself.

One day my papa storms into my room, flicks on the lights and goes PINA GET UP WE’RE GOING TO WORK EARLY TODAY.

I look at my clock, y’all it is 3 am. I get up like a zombie but look I ain’t asking questions. We get in the car I always drive. I’m half awake when we get to the front and he tells me to stop. Now this school had a beautiful circle round drive leading into the atrium of the school.

Another thing about this school is that EVERY student had to walk through these doors and go through metal detectors. My father proceeds to roll down the window and pull out a bag of bread and start throwing it on the ground. I’m extra confused WHY ARE WE UP AT 3 AM TO THROW BREAD ON THE GROUND?

So I ask “papa what are you even doing.” My father looks at me and grins with this cheeky face and goes “Feeding the birds Pina we’re feeding the birds.”

Now I’m curious but I also don’t want to know what on earth my dad is doing at the same time because he’s a tad crazy and I learned to mind my own business.

This goes on for 2 months until one day. I pull up tired as crap and before I can even comprehend what’s happening a man in a ski mask SPRINTS out of the school, unlocks my papa’s door through the window, and drags him out. Next thing I know man starts screaming “GIACOMO IS THAT YOU WHAT THE HECK MAN ITS BEEN YOU FEEDING THE PIGEONS WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS….

!?!” Y’ALL the man was the janitor, my father weaponized Canadian geese.

My father in the calmest voice ever goes “Janitor do you remember 2 months ago when you stole my last Coca-Cola and when I asked you to go to the gas station you said no?” Janitor is like yeah….

and my papa continues “and then you said what are you gonna do about it? This is what I did. Have fun waking up at 2 am every morning to retrain the geese to poop by the pond.” He gets back in the car and says now drop me off.

My papa starts explaining that the students were tracking the geese poop all through the school and as the janitor he had to clean it all up every. Single. Day. And he was slowly going crazy wondering why the geese were even there to begin with so he finally figured someone was doing this and decided to stake out the school to find out who was driving him crazy.

I learned 2 things that day… 1 my father is the pettiest man I know and 2 don’t mess with my papa’s coca cola.”

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11. Try To Mess With Our Room? We'll Completely Ruin Your Holiday


“I’m not proud of my act of petty revenge, it happened about 15 years ago and I feel quite guilty now, I suppose I’m posting this as a warning to future …revengers, that things can go wrong.

So years ago when I was 18, my partner and I went on an all-inclusive holiday to Spain for 2 weeks.

We were having a great time for the first week but one day a new family arrived, immediately you could tell they were gross. They would get seriously intoxicated and roughhouse each other, play fighting in the pool, and overtly mocking everyone else around.

As luck would have it (not) they were in the room next to us, they were so loud and just the worst, drinking and banging the walls till the early hours.

At this hotel everyone had to put a towel at the bottom of their door to stop these cockroach-type bugs coming into their room.

As soon as the family moved in next door, every morning our towel had been pulled away from our door overnight…. it must have been their little game to mess with us.

Anyway, one night I went out into the hallway and pulled their towel back, squirted suntan oil under their door, and put the towel back.

My plan was they would come back intoxicated, and as they stumbled through their door after pulling my towel away, they would slip over like in a cartoon.

They came back that night, the usual shouting, etc., heard them pull my door towel away and hysterical laughing… the door opens and after a few seconds….

SLAP! The unmistakable sound of fat flesh slapping floor tiles… and then screaming.

I’ve got to be honest I and my partner were crying laughing at our revenge at first but the screaming didn’t stop for what felt like hours., we didn’t see or hear from them the next day and forgot all about it, and then we saw them at the pool… the dad who was about 45 was sitting looking seriously grumpy with a huge cast the whole way up his leg… I’m talking ankle to upper thigh.

The whole family looked gutted.

We saw out our last few days and went home.

Now I’m older I can’t help thinking that the injury probably wasn’t covered by holiday insurance so potentially financially ruined a family holiday.”

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10. Be Difficult Home Buyers? I'll Make Everyday Life Difficult For You

“I’m on vacation this week and our hotel room has a really high toilet, that’s pretty uncomfortable to sit on. And my wife who’s about 5’2 was complaining about it and then laughed and reminded me how petty I am for something I did a few years ago.

We were selling our first home, really great house and no major repairs needed to be made. We got about 6 offers and 1 was from a couple who explained they recently got married and were trying to start a family and that they really fell in love with the home.

We accepted their offer even though it was slightly lower than some of the others we received, their story tugged on our heartstrings and we fell for it. With my wife being pregnant, we felt like they needed a break. And my wife was pregnant and us finding a new home we knew what a tough market it was for people getting outbid.

Turns out, they were complete menaces and jerks. They tried to back out of the deal twice and gave us so many issues after the inspection (of which NOTHING major) came back. Like so minor it was a list of about 15-20 items that was more like a honeydew list. Tightening screws on cabinets, broken toilet lid, resealing a back door, and on the deck there were a couple of loose boards and other minor repairs.

These jerks wrote us a scathing letter after the inspection saying they wanted the entire deck replaced and us to rebuild it for 2 loose boards. I fixed it with some wood screws. They wanted all of those SUPER minor repairs to be done and they wanted a licensed plumber to replace the entire toilet and replace a shower head then inspect it FOR A BROKEN LID and a discolored shower head (like bronze slightly turning colors after normal wear and tear and cleaning)!

We were so annoyed.

Anyway, the buyers were both pretty short, the wife was shorter than my wife so I’d say under 5 ft and the husband I’d say 5’4 or so.

It was pretty simple repairs, I replaced the shower head and moved it about 6 inches higher, patched the hole, and painted like it was never there.

I replaced the toilet with a handicapped toilet that my wife who’s 5’2 said her feet barely touched the floor. It was the most uncomfortable toilet I could find and I didn’t care if it was more money. I also moved the toilet tissue holder back on the wall several inches so that they would have to turn all the way around or reach back and get tissue.

I made all of the ceiling fan chains shorter and cut the rope for the attic stairs and made it super short so they’d need a ladder just to pull the rope down to get in the attic. And the last thing was disabling the closet light switch and only making the string that was super short turn on the light.

Super petty I know but they inconvenienced and stressed my pregnant wife so much during that sale that I wanted to make their lives slightly less convenient every day!”

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9. How A GS-6 Bully Ended Up A Jobless Fraudster


“In 2015, I had a supervisor who was a GS-6 that harassed and constantly belittled me.

I was a GS-4. I couldn’t do anything right in her eyes. I had the highest productivity in the office because I closed the most cases in the shortest amount of time. She tried stealing my cases and creating obstacles to prevent me from closing the cases I identified. It never worked. I always prevailed.

She lied to the area manager and said I had brought a gun to work. They forced me to open my bag so they can search it or said I would be terminated. They found no weapons. She took what I said completely out of context and told the area manager I said I wanted to burn the office down.

What I had said was “I don’t care if the building burns down today. I will still wake up tomorrow, say my morning prayers, and apply to other jobs. I am marketable and can find another job.” She called the military police on me in an attempt to have me arrested because my Gerber pocket knife (that is sold everywhere and completely legal!) slipped out of my pocket without me noticing.

The military police never made contact with me. She kept my knife and never gave it back.

Eight months later, I ended up leaving the office because it was toxic and I couldn’t deal with the harassment anymore. I deployed into a GS-7 grade.

Shortly after, she deployed as a GS-7. A GS-9 position came up and we were both interested. Neither of us applied as it wasn’t posted. She told the area manager “I can’t work with him. You have to move him from this location.” My area manager said “he’s my highest-producing employee.

Moving him would be a change of benefits for him. Why would I create a problem I don’t already have.” She was upset and complained. My area manager selected me for the job. I’m now a GS-9 and she’s a GS-7 in another office.

I ended up getting promoted 6 months later to a GS-11 (we’re in the excepted service). She finishes her assignment and goes back to her permanent job of a GS-6.

My region manager calls me one day and says “hey, I have this applicant for a GS-7 position and I think you worked with her.” He told me her name and asked “I’m thinking of selecting her for the position at XYZ location.

Do you think she will do well?” I said “boss, you could leave that office unmanned for six months and there will still be more productivity than you putting her there for 12 months. It’s not a move I would make and not an applicant I’m willing to endorse.” He said “understood.” She didn’t get the job.

Someone else called me and asked what I thought about her at another location and I said the same thing. She didn’t get the job.

Three years later I was promoted to GS-12 and she’s still a GS-6. Two years after that, I was promoted to a GS-13 and she finally made it to GS-9.

She wanted to deploy again but in another directorate (because I would’ve been her second-line supervisor— not that I would have accepted her) and the commander asked me if I knew who she was since we worked in the same directorate. I said “yes, I know her.” He asked what I thought about putting her into XYZ position.

I gave him my same feedback as the other two had asked. She didn’t get the job.

Recently, I was doing some reviews and found anomalies. I turned it over to my counterpart (another region manager) because it wasn’t my region. Four months ago, we fired her for the anomalies I found in her office.

It turned out she was committing fraud.

Ahhh good times.”

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8. Ex-Wife Abandons Car, I Use It For Sweet Revenge


“Context that led up to my petty revenge: This happened about 5 years ago. My ex-wife and I were married for about 2 years, together for 5. Things were declining in our relationship, badly.

Well, my ex found another partner, I’ll call the new partner, NP. Instead of just leaving or starting divorce proceedings they decided I needed to be the bad guy so they could ride off into the sunset or something. I have mental health issues, that I was actively seeing a therapist for.

I’m not saying she had to stay and deal with my mental health issues.

She gaslit, manipulated, and used my mental health against me. A side effect of most of my mental disorders is poor short-term memory. She would regularly say things like that didn’t happen, or that I was remembering something wrong.

My ex also had NP helping her as well. It was hard to tell what was up from down. They both were telling me I was a horrible person and it was difficult to not believe it as it was already 2 vs 1 but they also would rope in mutual friends as well.

This caused me to spiral worse than I already was even though I was already in therapy to try to get better. They put me down constantly, told me I was fat and unattractive, killing what little self-esteem I had left. My ex even told me one day that she had fallen out of love with me shortly after we got married. Everything hurt so much.

Well like any beaten dog, eventually I snapped and lashed out after a fight with my ex. It was one of the darkest moments of my life. She declared we were done. She told me she was moving out shortly thereafter. I was at rock bottom.

She moved out a month and a half later and removed herself from the lease at the beginning of the following month. My ex didn’t take everything with them despite the fact I didn’t fight them, it was her stuff. More importantly, she left behind a 12k paperweight of a car she was still making payments on.

Thankfully at the time she got the car, I had seen how horrible the reviews were for that make and model; and I wanted nothing to do with it. I refused to put my name on that vehicle. I ended up being right. It wasn’t even a year after she got it, the transmission was destroyed and there it sat in the driveway.

For some context, my landlord had a clause in our lease against broken-down vehicles just sitting on the property, and the city did too. So I kept asking her when she was going to come get it. I got the runaround. She’d say would come get it then either went silent or pushed the day back.

My ex even tried to convince me to lie and say it was mine. I flat told her no. I didn’t want to wind up in trouble for having a broken-down car that wasn’t even in my name.

During this time, I ended up befriending a neighbor who was determined to dust me off and get me back up on my feet.

I’ll call her A. Well between A and my therapist, they finally got through to me that I didn’t deserve any of this and that she needed to get her stuff already.

Now for the revenge: Weeks of going back and forth with her to come get her stuff, it was now over 30 days since my ex had been taken off the lease.

The idea of her popping up whenever she wanted made me extremely anxious and I vented to A. A pointed out that I could have the car towed. I got an idea and we plotted! I gathered up the last of her stuff from inside the house and put it inside the car and then called the nonemergency # to report an abandoned car.

They sent someone out and got my info and some info off the car then put a sticker on it. They said that the owner had 72 hours to remove it or I could remove it. I warned my ex one last time that she needed to come get her car.

Silence. 4 days go by and I still hadn’t gotten anything from her to make plans to come get this stupid broken-down car. Enough was enough. I called a tow company and had them come pick it up. The best part was it was at her expense.

She would have to pay them when she finally decided to do something about the car. A filmed and took pictures while the tow guy loaded it up and sent it to my ex, giggling like a maniac the whole time. Once the car was gone I felt a sense of relief I hadn’t ever felt before.

My ex had zero legit reason to return to my house.

My phone was blowing up within the hour from my ex, who suddenly had plans to remove the car (that she had neglected to fill me in on). Now bombarding me with angry texts stating I was trying to ruin her life.

I told her that I wasn’t, that I had warned her repeatedly and she had ignored me and all I wanted was to be left alone. If I was the bad guy, fine I accepted that. I then blocked her and locked down all of my social media.

I felt like I could finally begin to heal and move on with my life! Not going to lie, it felt good to get some payback for the last 10 months she had made my life a nightmare.”

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7. Steal My Tip Jar? Enjoy Your Lifetime Ban From All Bars


“So this happened about two years ago at this point but it still brings me joy. I used to be an assistant manager at a club/bar and we were constantly understaffed to the point I was working 4-6 different jobs a night.

One day I was working at the front door greeting guests, checking IDs, collecting the entrance fee, etc. Now on the whole guests weren’t terrible but sometimes you can tell when someone will most likely be trouble when they come inside. And I’m not the type of girl to feel bad for turning you away if you act disrespectfully.

But this one night I was at the door until it was time to close (Last call is 1:30 doors close at 1:45). As an assistant manager one of my duties was to close out registers. This means after the front doors are closed I have to leave to go to other areas.

We try and block off the front entrance and have all the guests exit through a side door close to the front.

Now here is where the trouble starts. I had a tip jar at the front door that I leave alone until I’m done with my closing duties (not the best idea I’m aware but I was always under an extreme amount of stress and didn’t want to take the extra time to unlock the box and take the money out and move it to the office).

So I go about all of the closing duties and I finally go to collect my tips and my jacket only to find the tip jar is gone. I was LIVID! It wasn’t an insane amount of money but at least $80. So I went through the cameras and found the three women who tried to take money out of the top, realized they couldn’t, and just took the whole unit.

I’m not sure if you all are familiar but there is a system called patron scan that bars and clubs use to scan IDs to verify age and make sure it is not a fake and so on. But you are also able to make notes or place bans on disruptive or violent patrons.

Internal bans are for your location only and public bans are worldwide with any other club/bar that uses this same system. So once I knew who the three women were I went digging through the guests from that day (well over 200) to find them and when I did I placed a lifetime ban on them at our location (the only club in 50 miles) as well as a lifetime public ban with the note “Theft: stole tip jar from front door.”

Now I know it’s not much but I do know every other bar in the city and clubs/bars within 200 miles in our state use patron scan let alone any other locations worldwide. I just really hope I ruined these women’s night somewhere.

They were also super rude at the door and were refusing to pay the $20 entrance fee on a Saturday.”

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6. How I Planned The Perfect Glitter Bomb Revenge On My Brother


“I (35F) have four brothers. T (6 years older than me, R (5 years older than me), M (1 year younger), N (11 years younger). This story is about R.

I grew up with T and R.

M and N are stepbrothers who came along later. As siblings do, T, R, and I constantly fought. It was mostly a them vs me type of thing. Once, when I was around 11, R did something that really ticked me off (I think he might have been trying to give me a swirlie, but I really don’t remember).

Cue petty revenge.

He always went out with his friends on Friday nights. This was back when going to the mall was THE thing to do. I was quite a bit younger, so on this particular Friday night I was at home, marinating in pettiness.

As many little girls are, I was into arts and crafts and had a large supply of those cheap art kits. One of them came with glitter.

It’s a really long, unrelated story, but T and R’s room was in the basement. The basement was unfinished, and my little craft area was down there too.

So I did what any petty little sister would do: I dumped every last piece of glitter from my cheap art kits between R’s sheets – he had just made his bed with fresh sheets earlier that afternoon. I carefully pulled the covers back up and made sure they looked undisturbed.

R gets home rather late and says he’s going to bed. His room is in the unfinished basement so he has to turn the light off at the top of the basement stairs and then go down to his room to get in bed. He suspected nothing.

The next morning, I am waiting in the living room for him to come upstairs. Mom is in the kitchen making breakfast. He emerges COMPLETELY covered in glitter. It’s everywhere. Head to toe and flaking off everywhere as he walked. When I heard him hollering in the bathroom, I realized he had finally realized what had happened. Mom, of course, runs over to see what’s going on as R is coming out of the bathroom with a murderous look on his face.

Mom sees him. Stops. Covers her mouth with her hand. And snorts. Her face is almost as red as R’s, but she’s trying not to laugh.

As she was fighting to keep a smile off her face, she grounded me, and I had to wash R’s sheets for him.

He kept finding glitter on himself for the next week.

Worth it.”

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5. Neighbor Covets Yard And Its Amenities, Gets Empty Yard Instead


“Background: Years before my issue neighbor moved in, we had signed a lease agreement that included we had exclusive use and care of the yard.

We lived in an upstairs/downstairs duplex and had the downstairs; it was common for upstairs apartments like this to have no yard “rights” in the lease. We allowed the previous tenants to use our things and would have let her had she not been such an issue and rude.

Her kid did not live with her and was there on average 1 day a week. This neighbor was under the impression if they could see it, it was shared, including things in my house.

Our upstairs neighbor moved in late fall. We used our yard year-round and still had (fully legal) fires in the winter.

Around spring she started bothering the Manager about it. She wants to use the yard and “We won’t let her” and her kid “keeps asking” and we are “telling her kid no”!!! I was shocked, we had never talked to the child at all (nor her about the yard) and the manager had not brought it up to us, plus I’m not a monster, the kid could play in the yard without asking!

I heard her saying this outside very loudly on the phone.

We tried working things out through the Manager. Went through different options (Her/Us), Front yard/Backyard split. Front & Left (her) side yard split/Back & right side yard split. Front, Left side, and 70% of backyard/small walkway access out our backdoor to right side yard.

All a Big, Fat, NO. Neighbor did get their own firepit after they were told they couldn’t use ours (and threw a fit about it) but failed to pay attention to safety guidelines. This included having a 6ft+ fire 5ft from our duplex, 911 was not called but should have been, we were not home at the time.

Also video of her and her friends laughing about how “it’s about to go up” and how they have no water to stop it, and laughing harder about how it could burn the house down. Luckily our dogs and we weren’t home at the time.

At this point, the daily harassment was insane. She stomped so hard she broke a window in our unit under her stairs. My dog started ripping his hair out from stress because of the nonstop impact noise, we later found out was a basketball, upstairs.

We moved our dogs out for their health and safety. Then it was petty revenge.

We removed everything we owned from the yard. The fire pit, the patio chairs, tables, firewood, Horseshoe pits, down to our rocks, everything. Only left what we did not own, which was nothing but yard.

Most of our stuff we gave to our next-door neighbor. Then we told the manager, she can have the exclusive use of the yard and all that comes with it, the care/landscaping. Manager was more than happy to get her off her back about yard use and asked when we would be giving her the key to our lawn mower.

I laughed and said “no, she can’t use my mower. Even if I did let her, she wouldn’t do it. That’s your problem now. If I can’t use the yard without being harassed, she might as well have it. This is on you”. Eventually they got the point and hired someone to care for the lawn as there was no way she would (Even if she had a mower)!

We had doorbell cameras at this time that covered our backdoor and backyard, as well as the front yard.

She used the backyard once, to drag her baby in circles around the house. Once she saw all our stuff was gone and she couldn’t use it, she was annoyed and never used the yard again.

Turns out she didn’t want the yard, she wanted the stuff we owned in the yard.”

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4. Battling An Elderly Neighbor For Rights To The Landlord's Grapes


“My parents rent a house on a ¼ acre of land. The land with rows of grapes is not being rented to my parents, but the landlord lets us pick them and juice them every year. The only access to the grapes is through the land my parents rent.

Before my parents moved in, this old lady “Maureen” used to pick the grapes with her family and juice them. As a side note, Maureen has her own grapes, but she likes to use our landlord’s grapes too because previous tenants did not.

Every darn year, it’s a battle to make Maureen wait to pick grapes so we can pick a share.

The landlord has been clear that we get first dibs on the grapes because we’re his actual tenants. We always leave her at least a row (one of four). Every year, she tries to be a sneaky lil nuisance and get the grapes. But this year was the worst.

My mom told Maureen that she was going to pick the grapes this weekend. Well, this weekend came and went without being able to pick grapes; my mom’s helper crew got sick, my dad was recovering from major surgery, and she couldn’t find the time or energy.

Maureen’s crotchety old self calls to inform my mom that she is coming tomorrow to pick all the grapes we didn’t. My mom asked her to please wait a few more days as her husband (my dad) has cancer and her helpers were sick.

Maureen’s response: “That’s too bad.

You had your chance. My family is coming tomorrow and we are picking the grapes.”

Of course my poor mom loses it at this point and begins screaming, “SHAME ON YOU MAUREEN! YOU CALL YOURSELF A CHRISTIAN!” Maureen continues telling her she had her chance.

So my mom came in and told me this story. I said: “Absolutely not.” We are staying up as late as needed to pick every single grape off the vines. Every single one.

We both called as many friends as we could. The troops are being gathered. We now have about 10 people to help us pick the grapes.

We will pick every single grape so that when silly Maureen and her silly family show up, there will not be one little fruit left on the vine.


UPDATE: Maureen called my mom last night (an hour or so into picking?) to apologize and said we could have all the grapes.

My mom, being a much better person than I am, told her she can still have a row or two because we didn’t NEED all the grapes. But Maureen kept saying no and that she won’t come by at all. Ironically it almost sounded like she was throwing a fit about it??

Like we’re being nice and still letting you come?? So we did pick grapes but not everything. We still dislike Maureen.

Apparently, she’s 92 and she believes she will live forever because of her homemade grape juice, so that’s one reason she’s so crazy about this whole thing.

Maybe she will live forever, but that would be unfortunate because she’s not a nice person.”

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3. Ignored Me At The Checkout Line? Enjoy The Wait


“I came from work and after arriving home I just took the groceries list and went for shopping at the market next to my house. I bought all I needed, went to the cashier and after finishing putting all the items on the conveyor I realized that I missed a couple of items.

The guy in front of me was finishing and about to pay so I told it to the cashier and she gave me the thumbs up to go for the items… so, I went for them rather quickly not because I was in a hurry but not to make anyone behind me wait in case the cashier was quick processing everything.

I came back and the cashier was just beginning to process my groceries, also a lady in her late 40s was unpacking her shopping already. I just tried to interrupt her for a second but she just scoffed at me and completely ignored me each time I tried to address her.

I guess she thought I just wanted to take the couple of items I had in my hand and decided that over her dead body or similar.

So, well, I wasn’t in a hurry and the cashier just gave me a “seriously?” and tired look.

I could have gone passing the cashier’s area and just done it from the front but she annoyed me and I felt petty so I simply waited.

The cashier finished processing my items on the belt and just stopped (I truly believe she really wanted that rest because she didn’t say anything to me).

So, we waited… and waited… five minutes after the lady in front of me was tapping her feet and puffing, and after another five minutes she asked a bit rudely to the cashier where the heck was the person who had the groceries before her, to which the cashier responded with a smiley “He is behind you, but you didn’t let him pass earlier”.

If looks could kill… she, grumbling, let me pass, I gave the cashier my items and, of course, I paid in cash and took my sweet time to find in my wallet the exact amount of money it was because I know that late in the afternoon the markets here can be low on cash.

I wasn’t able to find the exact amount but yes something close to it and with a nice huffing and puffing as background music.

I just said goodbye to the cashier, gave another smirky goodbye to the lady and I went on my merry way back home.

As I said at the beginning, nothing fancy, just petty that put a smile on my face after a long day of work.”

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2. Harass A Traffic Worker? You're About To Be In A Lot Of Pain


“Let me start by saying the “kids” had to be in their late teens or early 20s, Two of them had tattoos, NOT children but young adults that still act like kids.

I (32f) work at a barricade company, the easiest way to describe it: I’m the one that closes down the traffic lanes and makes you late to stuff.

This happened two days ago and I hope my revenge was petty enough but here you are.

I had a lane closure that I needed to take off the road. I am about halfway down when I get a city bus stop with two guys and a girl. They asked me if I could give them a ride so they don’t have to take the bus.

I said “Sorry guys I can’t, I’m working.” And continued to take the lane closure down. The girl stood up and told me “I really hate rude ugly jerks!” I reply “Congratulations” and keep doing my job. They keep yelling insults, I ignore them. When I was about 300′ away the yelling stops and I see the guys had gotten up and started throwing the barricades in the street into the lane that is now open for traffic to drive in.

I run over and take them out of the road and explained to them if they did it again I would call the cops. Then the girl chimed in “Go ahead, it’s not our fault you’re so stupid you’re forgetting to take them all down.”

I walk away, they do it again. I called the cops they said that they would be there ASAP (in my experience that means about an hour) so I walk over and tell them I called the cops. And stand there so they can’t move them again.

After about 5 minutes of standing there, the boys told the girl they were going to go get a drink from the circle k the bus stop was in front of. They left and she would not look at anything but her phone. Now I’m annoyed, I still have more work to do and this lane closure is still up and it’s approaching rush hour.

And I decided I’ve had enough of these kids.

I pulled out my pepper spray and I sprayed the handles of the barricades that they kept throwing in the street and walked about 50′ away and waited. The boys came out of the store, put their bags down and grabbed a barricade in each hand and threw them in the street.

BUT the handles were wet so they only went on the shoulder so I didn’t go to move them immediately. I saw they wiped their hands off on their pants but because of the bus stop I couldn’t see everything but about a minute later one of the boys got up and ran into the circle k with his hand over his eye and the other ran in there a second later too (though nothing seemed to be bothering him).

About ten minutes later when they came out of the store the cops were just showing up and they both took off sprinting down the street and totally bailed on the girl. I talked to the cops and told them the boys ran off and the girl never touched a barricade so they were good to go.

The girl was crying because her partner left her there.”

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1. Entitled Teen Tries To Skip Nail Salon Queue, Ends Up Waiting Just To Get Nothing


“So, a couple of days ago I was getting my nails done at a local salon. The girls there are amazing and it’s just three of them so they time manage as it goes.

Most people just walk in, but most people know if you do that you’ll have to wait. They’ll usually say come back in x amount of time and we’ll be ready for you.

I had an appointment and still ended up waiting a little, no big deal they were slammed. In that time three people came in and their names were written down as next in line, as well as 2 girls already waiting next to me.

5 people after me.

I finally sit down to get my nails done, and it’s a simple manicure with no polish. One girl was doing pedicures on a couple and the other had just started a full set.

As soon as I sit down this teenage girl comes in with her parents and seats herself at a table without saying anything.

Her parents then walk up to the lady who was doing my nails and say (I quote) “Her flight leaves in 5 hours and we have to leave in 1 to make it on time. Her nail just broke, fix it”.

Rude. So so rude. Not to mention there are 5 people ahead of her.

The nail lady tries to explain that, but the parents just talk over her, and the techs have a conversation about it in their language, and then the girl doing my nails nods and says “Okay when I’m done with her I will fix it.”

Cool cool. I proceeded to ask for a dip manicure with nail art and the deluxe spa package. The hour was up and the girl and the parents were positively fuming. They ended up leaving, her nail still broken.

My nails look great and I tipped extra.”

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From glitter bomb paybacks to high toilet pranks, these tales of sweet revenge and karma striking back show that actions have consequences, sometimes hilariously so. Whether it's a line cutter at Costco, a difficult home buyer, or a bully tasting their own medicine at a reunion lunch, these stories are sure to have you chuckling and shaking your head. We hope you enjoyed this collection of tales and we invite you to explore our other articles for more interesting stories. Note: Some stories have been shortened and modified for our audiences.