People Share The Sweetest Revenge They Got On Someone Who Was Terrible To Them

Alison Courtney

A lot of people would tell you, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.” So, if someone were to mess with you, they’d probably tell you to “take the high road,” “be the bigger person,” or “kill them with kindness.” Although, those are much easier said than done. For me personally, someone mistreating me is something I can shrug off for the most part, but for another person, they might be boiling like lava on the inside, ready to release the beast. You never know who you’re truly messing with until you’ve done something really wrong to anger them!

For the people who have no problem with payback,  they might decide that revenge is the best response to an encounter with a mean person. At this point, they might forget what their momma taught them growing up and instead devise an evil plan. Instead of doing all of the work alone to let their project partner get a passing grade, they may rat them out and make sure they fail. Rather than blocking the egotistical, narcissist jerk who took an interest in them, they might expose them to as many people as possible. And instead of letting go of the fact that their job was given to someone else the last minute, they might just sabotage things for their new replacement.

The following stories are a bit malicious, but hey, the person conducting these acts of revenge were screwed over pretty badly.

30. She Tried To Get Away With Stealing My Bookshelves Until I Threatened To Get The Cops Involved


Once she realized that she wasn’t above the law, then she decided to rightfully pay.

“I listed some bookshelves for sale on Craigslist. A woman called about them and wanted to see them but we weren’t going to be home.

I usually had good Craigslist karma so I told her I’d leave them on our porch. If she liked them she could take them and leave a check in our mailbox on the porch.
We come home later that day and bookshelves are gone but no check. I call her and she says she hadn’t got a chance to swing by yet. This sounded suspicious because she was adamant about seeing them earlier that day.

I hung up, thought about it and hatched a plan.

I didn’t want to outright accuse her in case I was wrong, so I called her back and told her I was sorry the bookshelves wouldn’t be available as it seemed someone had stolen them off my porch. She was like, “Wow, that’s a bummer, etc.” and I told her, “Actually, it’s funny, because my elderly neighbor, he’s so nosy, he spends all his time staring out the window.
When he saw someone on our porch taking things, he wrote down their license plate number.

I mean, I hate that he’s always watching us but in this case, it turned out okay because my husband’s a state trooper and he’ll just run the plates.” She kinda laughed weakly and I told her when my husband retrieved the shelves, if they were still in good condition, I’d call her.” She thanked me and hung up.

Not 5 minutes later she called me back and guess what? Her SISTER had taken her car and picked up the shelves for her.

‘What a nice sister! She didn’t even tell me she was going to do it, so I had no idea.
So, uh, no need to run those plates, haha! When can I bring the $$? Now? Is now good?'” AsBigAsAlone

Another User Comments:

My same thoughts.

“That’s pretty genius but I could not even begin to imagine trusting someone to that extent on Craigslist. I assume they must not have been very expensive to run that risk.” ChoasMaster

29. Keep Stealing My Gatorade? I Hope You Like The Taste Of Straight Dish Soap


The best part is, they drank it in class!

“I was in high school.

From the time I was in middle school, I was in the marching band. Played the French horn once I started high school band.
Four days a week we would have practice after school, and being in the southern part of America, it was normal for it to be hot and humid. Practice usually lasted from the time the class started at two until after school at 5:30. In the past there had been days at practice where people had passed out due to the extreme humidity and heat index, so we were told to bring water/Gatorade in order to stay hydrated.

My freshman year I packed a blue Gatorade in my bag every day in the side pocket. I did this for about two weeks before I started noticing it wasn’t there by the time we started practice.
I thought maybe that it fell out of my bag at home (I would place them there the night before) or I misplaced it somewhere in the school building. It happened maybe two or three times over the course of the next two weeks, so I didn’t think anything about it.

Suddenly, they started disappearing more frequently, so I started to keep my eye out for when it disappeared. I found out it was likely getting lifted while I was outside at PE, and my bag was at the fence close to the school. Because of the foot traffic there, I had no way of knowing who it might be, so with an idea given to me by my mother, I constructed a plan to stop the theft.

One night before school, I picked a blue Gatorade out to put in my bag, and instead of placing it there for the next day, I drank it that night. After it was empty, I filled it with some blue dawn dish soap, and then slowly added water to it in order for it not to foam. I did my best to match the color of the soap and water to the actual Gatorade. After it was as close as I could get it, I placed it in my bag and went to sleep.

The following day, just like clockwork, my Gatorade gets lifted at PE.
Throughout that afternoon I kept my eye out for anyone drinking a blue Gatorade but sadly did not witness anything. The next morning I had a friend mention someone puked blue Gatorade all over the ground in one of the third-floor classrooms that day. He told me the guy took a blue Gatorade out of his pack and took a huge chug while the teacher was teaching, and then proceed to projectile spew it across the floor.

The student then ran into the hall down to the water fountain.

28. You Want To See Me In Court? I’ll See YOU in Court


“In my working life, I was a mechanical services contractor.
I owned and ran an air conditioning company.

No ethnic origin mentioned here, but we did find customers from one particular European country difficult to get along with and please! They always wanted something for nothing!

We had a ‘client’ come in one day and ask one of my sales guys to design an air-conditioning system for his house.

Garry, our salesman, did and had the recommendations and quote delivered to the client. We didn’t hear back from the ‘client’ and presumed that the business ended up somewhere else.

About 9 months later a very irate ‘Person’ entered the building wanting to talk to the manager……me! He fumed his way into my office and proceeded to tell me his air conditioning didn’t work and he required compensation!

I calmly said to him…. “Are you a customer of ours?”

He said… “Yes.

I came here 9 months ago and you designed an air-conditioning system for me.”

I said, “Sorry, I can’t place you. What’s  your name and I will get the file out, tell me when did we install this system for you?”

He said…. “No, you didn’t install it, my family members are all competent tradespeople, they did the job, but you designed it, and it doesn’t work!”

I said to him…. “Are you seriously expecting me to take responsibility for something I did not have any part in supplying and installing? If you are, you are seriously mistaken.”

He got up and said ever so aggressively “See you in court!”

I said to him…. “Now hang on, this is not an admission of any liability but would you like one of our guys to have a look at the unit and see if we can find an issue for you?”

When you run a business you must be a diplomat and a conciliator!

He agreed….and there set the most amazing sequence of following events!

Backtrack: About five months before, our unit lock-up had been broken into! The bastards had one of those roaming scanners that search frequencies until it gets a match and as soon as it does…, the electric roller door opens.

They cleaned us out….took eight brand-new units, copper piping, and electrical gear!

Back to the present, I organized for one of our service guys to go and have a look at this unit. He did and reported that the installation was fine but the unit did have a faulty “reversing valve” and refrigerant was bypassing, compromising the performance of the machine. I got the fridgey to get the details off the machine and I would try to get some manufacturers to help this “customer”!

When our guys brought back the information, it turns out this non-performing unit which was going to end us up in court was, in fact, one of the units that had been stolen from our lockup five months before!!!!

I rang the “customer” and said to him…… “The unit does indeed have a problem and I would like to get the manufacturer to accept responsibility.

Could you please give me the purchase details for this unit?” The reason I made that call to him was, I wanted his version of the purchase, and of course, that conversation was recorded! This was what I wanted to hear!

He said…. “My cousin bought the unit from xxxxxxxxxx and sold it to me as part of a family deal!” There you go…….. noose around the neck!

I said to him….. “Well, mate, you have shafted me twice.”

“1/….You came in here after free advice which you then wanted to use against me for your advantage!

“2/…. The serial number of your unit matches one that was stolen from my premises five months ago…..At this point, it’s become a police matter, goodbye!”

I hung up the phone and I thought ‘sucked in, you jerk’…… I gave all the serial numbers to the police for a second time, and this time as they had a red hot lead, they managed to track down all but two of the stolen units.

It was three months later when I next saw him and his cousin in the dock, and the judge asked me if I could identify anyone in this courtroom, and I said to the judge……

“Yes, your honor, that person over there, the one on the right said, he would see me in court!” Robin S

27. Cheat On Me? I Have A Plan In Place

Kelli McClintock

“I caught my fiancée cheating on me with some other guy whom she met at the gym.

I had built the house we lived in from the ground up, and was smart enough to have bought and installed a surveillance system that not only covered the entire yard, but the inside of the house as well.
The system included HD video, audio recording, and even came with night vision. I did not tell her about the system and she never suspected that she was being watched inside the house.

I caught her calling the guy and giving him our address and inviting him over to “f*ck” in her own words.

Everything was caught on camera, with audio to boot, and I made sure to make extra copies and save them as evidence.

The next day, she went to work as if nothing happened. I left for work as I normally do but once I was away from the house, I called my boss and told him I was taking a few days off.
I’ve been with this company for over 12 years and was good friends with the owner, so he had no problem with me taking time off.

I waited till she came back to the house to begin my plan.

The first thing I did was to call all her credit cards and cancel them. Since I paid for everything and they were in my name, I had no problem getting those canceled. The next thing I did was to take the money from our joint checking account out to put it into my own personal checking account. I then collected all of her clothes, jewelry, shoes, etc.

and stuffed them into garbage bags and tossed them into my truck. I had a couple of buddies meet me that morning at the house to help me out.

I also changed the codes to get into the house, locking her out. We finished loading everything into my truck and one of my buddies’ trucks and left the house. The first stop was at her job where I used the extra key to her car to get in and drive it away back to my house, while my buddy followed in my truck.

The car was in my name and I was not going to let her have it.
We then drove to her mom’s house which was about an hour away and left all her stuff on her mom’s porch. I explained to her mom and her sister what she did and told her that it was over and I didn’t want her in my house anymore.

It took about 20 minutes after leaving her mom’s house before I got the first phone call from my now ex.

I ignored her phone calls until about call number 10. By this point, she was screaming at the top of her lungs about her stuff being dumped at her mom’s house. She demanded an explanation and started threatening to call the police.
I laughed and sent her a clip of her sex video that was caught on the home surveillance camera. Just to be petty, I also sent the video to her mother and her two sisters as well.

The sh*t really hit the fan when she got off work and discovered that her car was no longer there. She had to have her mom pay for a Lyft to carry her back home since none of her credit cards worked and her debit card was useless. I continued to receive regular phone calls for the next three to four days which I ignored.
I kept her car in the garage where it sits to this day.

I’ve driven it a grand total of twice and I am thinking of selling it once it’s paid off.

She never bothered coming back to the house, and I heard that she had a lot of blow-back from her family regarding her extra-curricular activities. She was forced to get a full-time job to make ends meet since she was only working part-time when she was living with me.

I have since moved on and dated a couple of times but I’m holding off getting into something serious until I can find somebody I can truly trust.” Manuel Navarette

26. Horrible Landlord Now Gets To Enjoy The Stench Of Decaying Rats


“I had a dreadful landlord with whom I had to live (I was essentially one of three lodgers).

I lived in his home for about 3 months, watching other tenants come and go. The roommate turnover was very high and for good reason. This man combined the worst qualities of a hoarder with an OCD neat-freak, had no sense of boundaries or scale, neglected basic landlord responsibilities such as ensuring heat and power, and spoke with a murderer’s whisper and a stare.

And yet, I never showed the slightest hint of displeasure. I smiled through everything and was always courteous and friendly in the face of his awfulness.

I knew, you see, that someday I might have to correct him, and it would be better if he had no anticipation of any impending retribution.
I had a spare key cut for his house and kept it in my pocket at all times.

When he refused to return my deposit until a month after I had left the premises, I began my plan. I waited. And waited. And waited. Three months after I had left, with my cash firmly in hand, I went to a local pet store and bought several frozen rats.

They are intended as snake food, I believe. I cased his house until he and all his current tenants had left. Then I entered, fed his dog some treats, and dropped the frozen rats, one by one, inside his beloved piano.
The rats, you see, began to thaw very slowly. Then they began to rot. Have you ever smelled the rotting carcass of a dead rat? It’s vile. Putrescent. It permeates everything. There is a reason for the phrase “I smell a rat.”  I knew it would take some time before he could find the source of the smell.

I knew further that the bloated, oozing corpses would utterly ruin his piano. But above all, I knew that he would have absolutely no way of connecting the incident with any kind of human intervention. It would look, for all the world, like a nest of rats, had made their home and perished in his piano.
He could not convincingly lay blame on me or anyone else present in his house.

Revenge isn’t about teaching people a lesson, you see.

It’s not important that they know what they did wrong. It is merely enough to mete out the appropriate level of cosmic punishment for your own sense of satisfaction.” MisterStrawberry

25. You Can Try To Get Rid Of Me, But I’ll Have The Last Laugh


“This was eons ago but thinking about it still brings me joy.

I was working for a great company and had earned a good reputation among my peers, manager and across all departments. I liked my job.

As many companies will do, we had a buy-out followed by a change of leadership at the senior level, but I had gone through big changes before and was used to bending with the wind. Not this time though. This time would be different.

Our new VP was an odd one to read. He could be as weak as a sick puppy one day and a raging pitbull the next. The change was so drastic that even his direct reports would call his administrative assistant in the morning to ask what creature he had morphed into during the night.

I think he had mental or substance abuse issues but that’s just my opinion.
The new VP canned my boss and replaced him with a real Goober of an idiot and it didn’t take long to see why. My new boss was a “yes man” and he had a new assignment. Me.

I was never good at pretending respect and I guess it showed. I wasn’t disrespectful to the VP or to my new boss but I didn’t stand in line to kiss their ass or laugh at their juvenile jokes and I’m sure they noticed.

I simply remained professional and courteous but it didn’t take long to see that I had been lit up by the manic VP.
He started riding me and pushing my boss to do the same.

My boss was directed to start performance discussions with me. I’ll shorten the details by saying the performance discussions were a complete cluster. I knew more about creating PIP’s than he did. I was given a vague list of non-specific goals and a deadline.

I asked for the target numbers and was told we will let you know in 90 days if you reached them. I’m not making that up. There was no doubt they were beginning the documentation process to root me out. I had 11 years of spotless service and they wanted a paper trail.
My boss was very close to being illiterate, especially when it came to using his office PC. Even while hobbling me with threats and vague goals he would frequently ask me to proof his memos and work on his spreadsheets, and he was almost obsessed with his precious budget spreadsheets because the templates came from his VP and he was terrified of screwing up and having to ask for another.

I know this because he stated it several times during the yearly budget prep. I also had the thrill of watching him repeatedly click the “save” button after each change, possibly because he thought it would save better or that clicking save-save-save-save-save-save-save-save would make the text darker.
He had backups, but being the paranoid Goober that he was, did not trust IT and decided to keep confidential files on his local drive instead of the network. He feared if they were on the network someone would intentionally alter one and make him look like as ass in the meeting.

I don’t know how he slept at night. He trusted no one and the only reason he asked me to help was that I was across the hall and could do what he needed. He didn’t fully trust me either and usually watched over my shoulder even though he never really understood what I was doing.
The date for my non-specific review follow up was closing in and tensions were high. My boss and VP were now looking at me with disgust and I could almost hear them thinking, “Why can’t you just die or leave?” The feeling was mutual.

We met and the PIP was never reviewed. It was a farce anyway since my new goals had never been discussed or put in writing. However, instead of discussing performance my boss informed me that my position had been re-classed and I could reapply and be rejected or take a package. Obviously I took the package.

Revenge? A few days before the meeting I put passwords on all of his precious files.
There are ways to quickly break MS Office PW’s but I won’t get into that.

The fact is he didn’t even know how to add a PW so he sure as hell had no idea how to remove or break one, and since his current files were stored on the local drive, the only option would have been to pull an outdated one from email or ask his boss for help with a new template.

Why would I stoop to revenge after receiving a package? I worked my ass off for 11 years, bled the company color, volunteered for community projects, painted our office during the weekend to save the company money and responded to false smoke alarms in the middle of the night to meet fire trucks.

I didn’t get paid for that and I didn’t ask for anything. I did it because I was proud of the company and the people I worked with – until a twit with an MBA and personality or drug issue arrived. He destroyed several careers before being canned less than a year later just as I was starting over.” Randy F.

24.  You Want To Take My Parking? I’ll Get Hit Ya With A Little Stink


“I lived in an “upmarket” apartment block, most of the cars were either Benz, Bentleys, a couple of Rolls and several upmarket 4WDS.

One female owner was a pure “up herself” loudmouth with money and no class Each apartment has two parking lots which we paid for in the cost of the apartment.
I owned two cars like many of us did, the Loud Mouth woman took delivery of a third car, brand new top of the range Benz. (very smart car and very expensive)

One of my cars was being serviced. I came home and found the new Benz is in one of my parking spots, called the Loud Mouth and informed her the car would need to be removed by following afternoon as my second car was being delivered from the mechanic.

Loud Mouth informed this was not convenient and I would need to park on the street as her Benz was valuable than my second car.
The second car delivered by a mechanic (parked it on am allocated visitors space), again contact LM requesting my legally owned parking spot, LM became abusive and informed that her husband was a judge and she could take any spot she so desired as they now had three cars,

Well, revenge is sweet, had some prawns for dinner, kept the shells, and sucked the juices into a syringe I had, acquired a long needle and injected prawn juices into the rubber around the driver’s side door, without setting the car alarm off.

Her Benz remained in my parking spot for several more days.
At dinner, a  few evenings later Mrs. LM in attendance, complaining about the ghastly stinky “beautiful new Benz”, cannot locate the source of the stink, despite the dealers taking the car in for investigation.

The car was eventually removed from my spot and never returned to the parking lot, never seen to be seen again. Believe there was some sort of legal action taken by LM which she lost.” Roy John

23. He Wanted To Burn All Her Stuff But Gave Me First Dibbs


“My first apartment out of college, I lived next door to my landlord in an old, broken-down building.

The walls were paper-thin, so I could hear everything and knew a lot about him.
He was a drug addict named Blaine who lived with his girlfriend. They frequently got into loud fights that included screaming and throwing things. Blaine referred to his girlfriend as “the woman I am cohabitating with,” and she referred to him as her “fiancee,” although I knew from eavesdropping that he had never proposed.

Blaine and his girlfriend were unethical business people with a bad reputation in the community.

I had no pets but came home one day to find a note taped to my door. The note was hand-written in red ink (very unprofessional) and stated that they had discovered my “illegal pet” on the premises and that I was going to be evicted in 3 days.
I left Blaine a voicemail explaining that there must be a mistake because I did not have a pet. I even offered to let him walk through my apartment to check.

He ignored my call. I typed a letter stating the same thing. He ignored it. On the third day, I was scared that my possessions were going to be thrown out, so I called the police. The policeman listened to my story, and while I was talking we heard Blaine and his girlfriend arguing in the next unit over, so we knew they were home. The policeman knocked on the door.
The window shades were open, and we could see Blaine walk up to the window.

He saw me standing there with the policeman, drew the shades, and walked away. Never answered the door.

The police took care of Blaine, but I decided to get back at him. Having heard all the fights with his girlfriend, I went online to multiple battered-woman websites and signed up for subscriptions in her name and address. Within a week, they had a barrage of mail about domestic violence and a visitor from social services.

One day, Blaine came knocking at my door.

It was the first time I’d seen him since the “illegal pet” situation.
He apologized profusely, blamed it all on his now-ex-girlfriend, and offered to lower my rent. Then, before leaving, he said, “By the way, if you see my ex creeping around, call the police.”

“Why would she be creeping around?” I asked.

“We broke up and all her stuff is still in my garage. I’m not planning to give it back,” he replied. “Actually, you should come to look and see if you want anything before I burn it all.”

Sure enough, that night he held a bonfire in the yard and burned all her possessions.

I was worried because fire and drug addicts don’t tend to mix well, so I called the fire department and reported it.
I watched out my back window as the fire truck pulled up, and Blaine ran away. That was the last time I ever saw him.” Emily C

22. Some People Just Don’t Know Anything About Transit Etiquette


“A small thing, but very satisfying.

British trains can be very crowded at peak times. It Is wise to book a seat.

I travel into and out of London regularly for work, at least once a week. So I book a seat on the intended return train, otherwise, I risk standing.

One evening, I had been out with my team and had several pints under my belt before traveling – I got on my train and noted that there was a middle-aged gent in my seat; this is not unusual and not usually a problem.
I didn’t think much of it and being rather .

. . mellow –I sat in another reserved seat a few rows away.

As the train got progressively more crowded, a lady approached me with her ticket; I was in her seat – no problem. I stood up and went to walk away – still feeling mellow, I didn’t feel like disturbing the chap in my seat and began to move down the train – intending to find a seat in a different carriage. As I walked away, a whiney voice pursued me down the aisle, “Some people ought to learn the meaning of the word ‘reserved’ !” – clearly aimed at me.

Several pints in, I can turn from mellow to snappy quite quickly. I acknowledge this as a flaw. I turned around, ready to engage in a spirited dialogue with whomever the p*ss-taking twat was who felt the need to have a poke. The blood was up. It was then that I noticed that the voice belonged to the gent occupying what I had previously identified as my reserved seat. . .

I spend a few seconds checking my facts – I was in the right carriage, that was my seat, I had the reservation slips and the date was right.

Karma and right were on my side.
Strategy change, Game on.

I wandered down the aisle towards the oblivious provocateur, noting as I approached that he was possessed of a few extra pounds, and appeared to be seated next to his similarly traditionally-built wife. I pulled up next to the gent and their heads gimballed towards me in unison.

“You know I do agree with you in respect of seat etiquette” I opened. Before he could reply I pulled my tickets from my pocket and continued “It’s interesting that you felt the need to stick your oar in – because I was walking away to find another seat.

I was going to let it lie.” His eyes narrowed as I waved my tickets at him.
“You see I do have a seat reservation for this carriage and specifically, it is the seat you are currently sitting in. I’d like my seat please.” The eyes widened in panicky disbelief. After frantically checking my tickets to verify the claim, the gent vacated the seat and headed off, flushed an attractive shade of puce.

I plonked myself down next to his wife, who was also an unusually livid color and also glaring at me in disbelief/rage.

I grinned, settled in and celebrated by

Dropping the armrest between us, forcing her to vacate that portion of my seat she was occupying. Popping the tab on one of the pair of tins I bought to sustain me on my journey.
“Well you needn’t think I am sitting next to you for the next two hours! ” she hurled at me before storming off – A bit of a Pyrrhic victory really since.

Her eventual replacement on the hotly contested seat was a friend of mine.

When I ventured to the loo after an hour or so, I found them both stood silently in the space between carriages. I greeted them both cheerfully, but they were not really very forthcoming. Andy H

21. She Laughed In My Face, So I Looked At Her And Told Her How I Really Felt


“I took indirect revenge on a girl who shattered my ego and ridiculed me as a young teen.
This is a story about personal transformation and perceptions of people.

In 6th grade, I was a bright student in advanced classes. I was the quintessential nerd kid- I didn’t like sports, spent most of my free time in my room messing with computers. In my day, that was what was called a ‘nerd’- in case you are offended by labels. I personally was never offended by being classified as in the smart camp. In any case, in the grips of puberty, my heart ached for the love and gentle touch of a woman (girl).

I never discussed this with anyone. It wasn’t just lust, it was a longing for an emotional connection with someone- a mutual feeling of love.
One day, I was sitting in class reading a novel (advanced English, where we were required to read novels and write essays) and the teacher stepped away for a few moments so the kids start chatting around. The question being asked of everyone, was ‘who do you like?’- as in, who do you have a crush on.

I remained silent and didn’t look up- I kept reading because I wasn’t skilled, socially and would generally stay quiet in these kinds of conversations. The truth was, the girl that I was crushing on sat several seats in front of me, in the front row of that class.
Every day that I would see her, my heart would beat hard in my chest and I would have to look away- she was so beautiful to me.

She haunted my thoughts when I was not at school, too. This was another reason for me to stay silent- she was considered in the ‘popular’ camp, and everyone knew her name at that school. Everyone knew who she was. She was one of the kids engaged in this chatty gossip. I didn’t look up- stayed nose pinned to my book, though I was listening hard to what she might say- struggling intently to sift through the words of all the kids spoken to only hear hers.

Someone who I thought was my friend that I could confide in, turned to me because I was quiet and said ‘Hey Jeremy- who do you like?’. I probably looked flustered and shook my head and said ‘nobody’ and kept my eyes on the page. ‘Come on, you have to like someone…who is it?’. I looked around nervously- obviously hiding something. ‘No one’. I said again. “Come on…I know you have to like someone”. I looked at him and took a deep breath, and looked around at all the kids, who weren’t paying any attention to me.

“Promise you won’t tell?” The boy lit up surprised and said “I won’t! I promise! Who is it?”.
I beckoned him to lean closer so I could whisper, “Brandy”. “WHO?” he said loudly. “SHHHHH!”, I said and started to turn back away- “who?”, he whispered. “Brandy Parrett.”, I cautiously pointed and then turned back to my book and was quiet. “Her?”, he said quietly, pointing towards the head of the class. “SHHHHHH! Yeah….shhhh!”.

“HEY GUYS!”, he said loudly, so everyone could hear.

My blood pressure dropped- he wasn’t going to…”GUESS WHO JEREMY LIKES!”. OMFG! ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO….YOU’RE NOT….”HE LIKES BRANDY” and pointed straight at her. I died in my seat- I had a heart attack. I shrank. All the kids started laughing- her most of all.
It was so hilarious to her, that someone like me could ever think that a girl like her would be interested in such a….nerd. I remember the look on her face- it stabbed me in the heart- it was so funny to her.

When the bell rang, I was first to leave. I was ready to get out of there, as fast as I could, and never wanted to return to school again- but I did, and never really talked to anyone after that. I was so betrayed by this person who I thought I could trust. I guess I was foolish, but I never imagined a person would do that.
I moved a lot. I have been to at least 4 elementary schools, 2 middle schools, and 4 high schools.

So it was no surprise that when I moved away to another school district that summer- and I was glad. I thought about it and realized that this was a new beginning for me- no one would know me at the new school- the more I thought about it, the more I realized I could be anyone I wanted to be. And so I started a concentrated effort to attract girls- instead of being the butt of their jokes.

I grew to my full height in that one summer- I am just about 6 feet tall.
This is from drinking gallons of milk and lifting weights and exercising and drinking raw eggs like Rocky (I tried this, but it was horrible- don’t do this). I started to grow my hair long, and a friend of mine pierced my ear (this was the early 80’s)- I started to appreciate and listen to bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and Aerosmith.

I changed the clothes I would wear- I changed the entire perception that people had of me. All of this led to an incredible set of things that happened to me at that time in my life and forever after- not just losing my virginity but much more than that- tales you would find hard to believe- but I digress.
At my new school, I was popular. I became a member of the ‘bad kids’ and this did wonders for me, socially.

I liked it. A lot. I liked girls even more, and I was getting attention from my dream girls, now. Not just one, but very many. I did it, and I was very proud of my perceptual transformation. Inside, I was still the same but people wanted to be my friend, now. Girls wanted to date me. ME! I got love notes sent to me, and all the things that go along with that. Girls crushed on me, now- very spectacularly, and I was so happy about it.

In 9th grade, all the middle schools around funneled into one high school- and so it was that I chanced meeting Brandy, again. Now, I towered over her- I towered over most kids- and I had a reputation as being a very ‘bad’ kid. And I was- but mainly because I had a deep disrespect for authority- not out of being a bully or anything like that. By this point, I had realized that adults were usually not as smart as they pretended to be- and they had little to no control over me, at all.

In any case, on the first day of school, while standing at my locker, trying to get acquainted with my lock’s combination and such, I was approached by a girl that I didn’t know.
“Are you Jeremy?”, she said, and I looked at her, surprised. “Um…yeah…?”, I continued studying my locker and it’s contents. “Do you remember…. Brandy?”, and she pointed, down the hall to a girl standing there still while all the other kids walked in different directions going somewhere, and she was looking at me and smiling and waved, sheepishly- nervously.

I looked at her, and the feeling of my humiliation from her all came back in a flood of emotions- mostly, anger. When I looked at her, I no longer felt the way I did, in 6th grade. I now saw flaws in her that I had never noticed before, and she was no longer attractive to me, though she was the same girl- I felt absolutely no longing, whatsoever.
I squinted my eyes at her down the hall, not like it was hard to see, but that look I sometimes get that makes people cringe when I am angry.

I said, “Yeah. I remember her.”, and turned back to my locker.

“Well, she wants to know if you would maybe like to date her.”. I glanced back, eyes still squinting and she was still standing there- she started to look crestfallen and stopped waving. I made sure she saw me clear as day- –saw the words on my lips from down the hall as I SLAMMED my locker shut and said, “F*CK NO” not to her friend – but to her, down the hall.

I turned and walked away, without looking back.

I didn’t look for her or see her specifically, but I could feel her eyes on me, as school ended and she was in the crowds getting on the buses all lined up to take us home. I saw her friend in the crowd, looking at me, out of the corner of my eye. That year, I never noticed her, again –never saw her. Her popularity from middle school did not follow her into high school and she faded into obscurity.

Hardly anyone knew her name, anymore.”  Jeremy P

20. I Didn’t Get A Promotion, But I Got To Be Manager


“After working at one place for 5 years, and being denied a promotion for the last 3 (meanwhile watching everybody else get promoted around me, including kids half my age), after being told repeatedly by my manager that I was too slow, too unprofessional, and MANY other things, I finally made the difficult decision to quit.
You see, I loved that company, loved my co-workers, and loved my customers.

I stayed a lot longer than I should have. And I put up with a LOT more abuse than I should have! I worked my butt off, put my whole heart and soul into this job, only to be met with constant put-downs, belittling, I was even (literally) screamed at once. She tried to hold me back in every single way she could. When I put in my two-week notice, the manager informed me that she didn’t need me to work those last two weeks, and took me off the schedule.

Then she promptly blocked me from her Facebook and deleted me from the company’s team member app. I worked exactly two more days for that place. I was, in the words of a friend and co-worker, ‘undervalued’.

But you know what? I left with my head held high, and a smile on my face. In fact, I left laughing. Why? Because I went out on MY terms. And, because the very first place I applied to hired me as a MANAGER, the very position my spiteful, petty, immature boss of a manager had been denying me for the past 3 years.

My sweet revenge? Hearing from a friend who still worked there, that the store owner, after hearing about my new job, raised his eyebrows and said, “She’s a manager now??”

I am. You all thought I couldn’t do it. You thought you hurt me, cutting off my last two weeks. You thought you’d break me, by constantly putting me down and telling me I wasn’t good enough. But guess what? I am. And I rose out of the ashes stronger and better than ever before.

Meanwhile, you’re still the same small, mean person, that literally no one who works for you likes.

They tried to tell me I couldn’t do it. But I did. They were WRONG. And now they know it. Without me even having to do or say anything! I came out the bigger person.
I won, not them!

And that, for me, is the sweetest revenge of all!

It still makes me giggle!” Lindsey JB

19. Whine About Cookies? I’ll Take All Of Them


“There was a bakery I used to go to during college.

It was owned by a very nice guy who I could geek out about video games and movies. And his baked goods were some of the best I’ve ever had. This guy could make a 3D cake of the Doctor Who’s TARDIS and it’d taste amazing.I made it a habit to stop by before doing my shopping on Saturday. Most of the time I was the first customer of the day.
I’d buy 1 or 2 (or 3 for a special occasion) sugar cookies and talk to the baker as he worked.

And these cookies were the best! Cute designs, bright colors in carefully decorated frosting, tasted like heaven.

After a couple of months, I came to the store a little later than my usual time. There was someone talking angrily to the baker; a frequent customer. The days he came to the store were random and 2 times a week but lately he picked more Saturdays. I never saw him but I have heard of him.

This stranger was furious that I would come in before him and order the cookies first.

How dare this baker sell these cookies to me first? Stranger HAD to be the first person in the store and buy the cookies. Nevermind the fact there were still tons of cookies to pick from; this guy just had to the first customer of the day because of …reasons. The baker explained he had no control over who came into the store and what they bought. He could make a separate batch and reserve the cookies if the customer was willing to pay.

Of course, this request was shot down. The customer angrily demanded the baker make sure no one touches the sugar cookies until he got there first.
When the baker asked how he’d know what day the customer would stop in, he was met with more craziness.

As the stranger stormed out, I heard him mutter he’d “show” the jerk who stole “his” cookies first. Little did he know he was walking right past said person. I ordered my usual and listened to the baker air his grievances.

Apparently this customer had lots of unreasonable demands, gave the baker a hard time whenever he stopped by, judged the baker’s lifestyle (he was gay) and was known for being a jerk to everyone in the shopping district. I was mad that this guy was mean to my friend.
A week came and passed. I came into the bakery next week and jokingly asked if I was the first customer of the day. Then we caught sight of him walking down the street from the window.

Before I could even think over a strategy, I asked to purchase all of the sugar cookies. Not 1, not 2, not 3 or 4. ALL. OF. THEM.

The baker asked if I could afford it and I could; I actually had some extra money from my birthday that week. The baker smirked and wrapped up my order, finishing just as the man entered the shop.
The man glared at me, then looked at the empty cookie case.

He looked shocked as he was used to getting his cookies even if he wasn’t first.

As I received my cookies, the baker explained I purchased all the cookies he had made that morning. And the shipment for dough ingredients wouldn’t arrive till that evening so there wouldn’t be cookies for another day. I started munching on a cookie as this man complained about how it was “immoral” to allow me to purchase several dozen cookies and leave him with nothing (despite tons of other options in the store).

The baker argued that I was a frequent customer and even if I wasn’t loyal to his shop, how could he turn down making a profit? After all, a bakery is still a business.
The stranger turned to me. I smiled gleefully and continued eating my cookie. He looked like he wanted to yell at me but the universe shined down on me. Some police officers entered the bakery to get snacks. No way was this guy going to harass me in front of them.

And they settled at a table so they weren’t leaving any time soon, unlike the stranger who had to go back to work. The stranger grumbled some curses as he left.

I didn’t have any issues nor did I run into that guy. Actually, he didn’t even stop in on Saturday after that.
Maybe he wised up and realized he’d get his wish if he visited any other day of the week.
I continued to be a loyal customer and order cookies no problem (sometimes discounted or given extras) until I graduated and moved.

I still keep in touch with the baker sometimes.” Kay B

18. She Showed Me Who Was Dominant After She Caught Me Cheating


Sounds completely cruel, but maybe, just maybe it will encourage them never to cheat again.

“My wife discovered that I was cheating on her and slowly plotted her revenge. I know this story is hard to believe but it is true.
One night after I fell asleep she handcuffed my hands behind my back and covered my head with a piece of BDSM equipment known as a bondage hood.

She then added a gag and a blindfold. As I cleared the cobwebs out of my head and tried to figure out what was going on, my wife casually and calmly informed me that she knew of my infidelity.

She informed me that I had a choice to make. I could continue to remain married to her, but instead of traditional marriage, it would now be a female-led femdom relationship. I was not familiar with this type of arrangement but I soon found out the hell that it would entail.

I chose to remain married partially because a divorce would have been long, contested, humiliating and bitter, and most of our assets are in my wife’s name. I also believed that my wife’s anger and emotions would eventually blow over and things would return to normal.

I could not have been more mistaken. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

The first thing my wife did while I still bound and gagged was locked me into chastity.

I was informed that I would never have relations ever again, and that my junk now belongs to her. She also removed all of my body hair, including shaving my head bald.
My wife discarded all of my male clothing and feminized me. This was not a case of my ever wanting to cross-dress (even though I do appreciate a well-dressed woman in high heels and a skirt), this was a case of “this is your new wardrobe, and too bad if you do not like it.”

My wife purchased clothing from specialty BDSM stores that could be locked on.

The worst part of this was the shoes. My wife started me off with five-inch stiletto high heels and padlocked them onto my feet (I think that she started with heels that high was because I was always encouraging her to wear super-high heels, and never really cared when she would complain about them).
Since I work from home, and my business is online, the clothing that I am wearing is of no concern. I do not have to leave the house to make money.

I was ashamed and humiliated to be forced to wear female clothing, but the worst was yet to come.

I had never worn high heels before but did not think that wearing them would be a cinch. My wife, along with many other women, make walking in high heels look easy. I found out within minutes how wrong I was, and I begged my wife to reconsider this madness and remove them.
Unfortunately, the only thing my complaining got me was an introduction as to how far my wife was willing to go.

You may wonder why I did not resist, but consider my situation: I was locked in chastity, I had no male clothing, and I was locked in high heels. I was also shackled at the wrists and ankles. I had agreed to submit to my wife, and she was clear that if I wanted to leave that I could at any time. She would take me anywhere I wanted to go and would start the divorce immediately.

My wife also informed me that she would not unlock my clothing, high heels or chastity device.
That would be my problem.

After my wife decided that she did not want to hear my complaints, I was quickly gagged and then punitively punished. My wife beat me until I had tears in my eyes. I screamed through my gag but was ignored. My wife wanted me to understand exactly who was now in charge, and how any sort of disobedience would be dealt with.

The next few weeks were pure hell. My wife booked three weeks off of work to “train” me with respect to my deportment. I was given all of the household chores to do. Every single one.
Cooking, cleaning, shopping, dusting, laundry, you name it. I also have to tend to all of my wife’s needs. If she wants a foot massage or a bath drawn, it falls on me. Most of these tasks or chores I had never done before; my wife did them after coming home from work.

All of these tasks were (and are) performed in ridiculously high heels and (usually) bondage. Every single mistake, complaint, or act of disobedience was (and still is) met with progressively harsher punishments.

It took months for my feet, legs and calf muscles to stop hurting because of the high heels.
For weeks I minced around in these tortuous shoes as I could not balance myself properly. It took even longer to realize that my wife is in full control and that this new relationship was unlikely to change anytime soon.

It has been this way since March of 2016. As I mentioned earlier, I can leave at any time, but that would mean starting over with only the clothes on my back and the shoes (locked on) my feet.

I have learned the hard way that revenge is a dish best served cold. My wife has seen to it and enjoys the humiliation and shame that I have.
By catching me cheating, it somehow woke her dominant side, and she revels in the power and control that she has over me.

She has been true to her word and I have not been able to have any relations since I was placed into chastity. Naturally, she is very pleased with our new arrangement, and has ensured that it will never happen again.” Samantha Claire

17. The Spray Paint Said It All


“When I was about 17 my friends and I found out about a local house party. We went to the party and saw they had a sign on the door saying “no punks, no f*gs.” My friends and I were “punks.” Not like, Good Charlotte fan punks but train hopping, homeless, A//Political listening punks.

Some of the guys started making out with each other just outside the party as the very well off private school guys watched out the window freaking out. After that, we left. But I got a call shortly after from a friend of mine. She and another girl were in the party and were being locked in a room by a bunch of these guys and not allowed to leave. The guys kept trying to get their phones away and convince them to get naked.

My friends and I immediately headed back to help them. We got into the house and got the girls out of there.
It was very intense and very serious. By the time we got there they’d taken the girl’s phones and had one of them pinned facedown and naked from the waist down to a bed and the other against a wall. A fight broke out and as it did the guy who had my friend pinned to the bed with his junk out started screaming, “Don’t break anything! My parents can’t know I had a party!” We all left and regrouped to find out what had happened.

The bottom line was my friends were very close to being assaulted.

So, I went back, I parked a couple of blocks away and I snuck back to the house.
I spray painted in huge block letters across their three-car driveway, “MOM I HAD A PARTY & TRIED TO ASSAULT  A GIRL.”

I’m still not sorry.

This was 16 years ago and almost being assaulted at a party meant it was completely the girl’s fault – and it’s not. The guy whose house it was posted all over MySpace that he was going to find out who did it and kick som a*s but no one was ratting me out.

I told him I did it and dared him to try that on me. His parents made him pay to have the spray paint removed and he got his car taken away for some number of weeks.
I really didn’t know those guys super well so I wasn’t close enough to their social group to get many details.” Melissa Leigh

16. Her Mistake Was Framed In The Living Room


She’ll never forget the mistake she made.

“I personally never had a situation, but I did hear of a story that got my interest, so I will share it with you.

A man came home early one day to find his wife in bed with another man, someone who he had never known, they were busy when he walked in on them.

He politely told them to finish what they were doing and asked if they would like some coffee.
Both said yes and he closed the bedroom door and proceeded to the kitchen to make coffee.

He placed the tray with the cups and milk and biscuits on the center table in the lounge and waited for his wife and lover.

She arrived in the lounge dressed in her bathrobe and the lover was fully clothed.

The husband proceeded to pour coffee for his wife and lover and offered them the biscuits.

Neither wanted as they were both extremely nervous.

The husband began talking to the lover about all kinds of things, except the scenario.

After about an hour, the husband politely asked the lover how much money he had on him, the lover rummaging through his pockets found an R1 note.

The husband took this note and asked the chap never to set foot back in his house again.

He didn’t even confront his wife about the incident……….but

The following day he took the R1 note to a dry cleaner and asked them to please try to make it look like a new note and steam it and press it. He would collect it later.

He collected the note and went off to a glass shop, he got two pieces of 10mm glass and had the glass shop put the R1 note in between the two pieces of glass.

Once sealed he took it home and had a bricklayer come to his home and remove a few bricks from the wall in the lounge and also close to the ceiling, he had an electrician come in and lay electric cabling and install a light in the opening.
He then got the bricklayer back and installed the glass brick containing the R1 note.

Not once did he mention the incident about his wife’s infidelity to anyone or even to her.

Cool as a cucumber he was………….however,

Whenever they had visitors and they sat in the lounge, he would put the light on exposing the R1 note in the glass brick,

When asked why the R1 note in a glass brick, he would reply, ask the wife, she will tell you…..

Needless to say, she ended up in a mental institution in Sandton Johannesburg.” Bruce Piek

15. Be A Lazy Partner? I’d Rather Let You Fail!


“Where I live you have to write a paper about a topic of your choosing in order to graduate our equivalent of high school.

You have to follow strict guidelines regarding formatting, citations, sources and so on, which is observed by two of your teachers. They are also your coaches.

Anyways, I was paired up with a lazy idiot whom I knew would be trouble. Never did his homework, never studied, somehow magically made it through school, you know the type. During the months where we wrote our paper, he did virtually nothing. We were supposed to check in with our teachers regarding our progress, have regular meetings where we discussed how we could improve the paper and so on.

As you can imagine, he did absolutely nothing of the sort and left everything to me.
I even did all of the formattings, corrected whatever rubbish he dished out and generally put up with his sh*t for too long.

2 weeks before we were supposed to hand in the paper, he decided he had done enough and went on holiday for 10 days. That’s when I decided I’d had enough and went to our coaches (who knew about his refusal to contribute) and told I would finish the paper alone, since 95% of it was my work anyway.

They agreed, we signed the necessary documents and I was free to continue without this idiot dragging me down.

He came back after his vacation to find himself without a final paper, which didn’t allow him to graduate, some Fs in the subjects our paper was about, a warning that he would get expelled if he continued to waste everyone’s time like this and, on top of that, the news that he’d have to repeat the grade AND write a new paper all alone if he wished to graduate.

He didn’t take that very well, called me day and night for a week, spamming my voicemail with threats, insults and general profanity. I told him if he didn’t stop, I’d call the police. He didn’t like that either, so 15 minutes later he shows up at my door with a baseball bat. I locked my doors, called the cops, he got arrested for trespassing, then later on convicted for slander, trespassing, attempted assault, property damage (my poor postbox) and had to do a f*ckload of community service on top of his usual duties.” EricCartmenez

14. She Only Pretended To Be My Friend To Copy Off Me


“In 5th grade, I had a friend, we’ll call her S.

We had a math exam that was very important.  The night before one of my friends told me that S didn’t actually like me or want anything to do with me. I was hurt because we hung out every day (she was mad about a boy who liked me and not her. In his defense my brother was friends with him and she had no connections other than knowing I knew him because of my brother).

Well after I heard what she said, I was upset. She then came up to me like nothing was wrong.

“Hey girl, we have that math exam today, mind if I copy off your answers? You’re better at math than me.
Just circle the answers really big on the worksheet so I know which one is right.”

I agreed.


After I did the work, I would put a small dash next to the correct answers and I would put a large circle around the wrong answers (I threw in a few correct ones as to not be too mean).

We had scantrons. She was filling it out as she saw my answers but I waited to fill mine until after she turned her test in. Then I also went back and circle the correct answers so my teacher wouldn’t be all, “Wuddup did YOU cheat because you circled all these wrong but passed..”

When we got out exams back S told me:

“Wow, we got 35’s that is really bad.
We should really consider going to tutoring”

I got a 95 but told her I also got a 35.

Lol. Sorry not sorry, S.” PeachyPibbles

13. I Set My Friend Up With My Taken Ex, So She Can Collect Proof That He’s A Cheater


“This is more a work in progress, but I’m rather pleased with the results so far.

Let me preface by saying: I generally am not one to do this sort of thing. In fact, people tell me that I am too nice and wasted way too much time trying to forgive this girl and as a result got taken advantage of.

I’m not proud of it, but the opportunity was way too delicious to pass up.

So an ex of mine recently cheated on me, repeatedly. We broke up several months ago, however, there’s been a bit of back and forth conversation about getting back together (with the usual apologies and I love/miss/need you’s which accompany such things) which has been permanently sidelined as of a month ago when I found out she was official with the dude she cheated on me with, to begin with.

As a result, we currently aren’t speaking and I’m the happiest I’ve been in MONTHS.

So, enter my sl*tty friend at work.
Now we both have strict rules of not sh*tting where we eat. However, she’s a great storyteller while being unabashed about what she does and taking steps to protect herself, so all the power to her. She hears of my situation, and I show her the dude on Facebook.

In a move of pure genius, she suggests “I bet I could get him to hook up with me”…

She adds him completely cold, and starts chatting him up.

They have a date this week. I told her to get photographic evidence and I’d show her where to send it.

What goes around comes around!” Reddit user

12. Steal $2,500 From Me? Enjoy Flat Tires For Life


“I rented a studio flat while doing an internship abroad, and when I left, the landlord never gave me my deposit back.
It was a 3-month deposit on a 6 months lease, so over 2,500$. Later in the year, something happened to me, and because I was missing this 2.5k$, I had to borrow money and was in the red for a while.

The landlord knew I was going to leave the country and after bullsh*tting me for over 2 years, he stopped answering me. It was terrible of him to do this at the time because I really needed the money at that time. He had plenty of apartments, so money was not even an issue for him.

Now for the revenge:

Fortunately, I remained friends with former colleagues, and as it happens in a small town, they know who he is.

My friends have been removing the air out of all his tires at night, a few times a month, for nearly 4 years now. It has really become a habit, one younger brother and their friends are in on the game. The guy changed cars, but it didn’t change anything for him. He apparently now has a small compressor in his car and it takes him a while to blow air in again (to be fair, blowing the air out is not a quick maneuver either).

Once, one of my friends left a note saying it was from me, but I live on another continent now.
He used to tell me I couldn’t sue him because I was in another country, who is laughing now? He tried to get the police involved, but they didn’t give a sh*t. He reached me by email about giving me the money back and that he was sorry, but that would be too easy. I don’t need the money anymore, and would not admit my responsibility in written anyway in case I need to go back to the country one day.

He had plenty of time to pay me back when he knew I was into debt because he had my money.
It’s too late now.

How it ends:

It’s either going to stop when all of my friends move which they probably won’t or he when he dies.” Nounoon

Another User Comments:

“Your friends have probably figured this out, but remove the valve stems and walk away. Easier and quicker.” JimmyMoffet

11. He Led Me On For One Reason, Then I Exposed His Deceit


“I was talking to this guy I really liked, but he was playing the worst games.

I don’t have time or patience to deal with guys who play games, but this guy tricked me. I’m gonna flat out say his name in the hopes that he finds this, hi Jeff.
Anyway, so we started talking normally, having nice conversations, getting to know each other, etc. I felt confident, he complimented me a lot and seemed really sweet at first. But then he started to say things that really made me upset. He’d say he had a suicide date set.

Then he’d talk about cutting himself, wanting to give himself tattoos, etc. It started to really stress me out because I got this instinct of “I need to help this guy in any way I can.”

Let me just mention this is high school. I know those relationships don’t last but it was junior year and I really wanted to have a boyfriend, and I really liked this guy.
This became a daily thing, he’d tell me about how depressed he was, and I’d try to talk him off the ledge.

Anyone who’s talked someone out of taking their own life knows how absolutely draining it is, but all you want to do is help them. Imagine that every day for two months. But again, I really liked him and wanted things to work out. I also really didn’t want him to die. So I did my best to help. Well after about two months, I decided to tell him straight up that I liked him. What could go wrong? A lot, apparently.

He told me his heart was dead and that he couldn’t feel anything, that he didn’t feel emotions and that he didn’t want to hurt me. I thought he was letting me go, so I stopped talking to him. But then he sent me a message asking if we were okay, if I was mad at him. Then I assumed he just wanted to be my friend, and I was totally okay with that. I told him everything was fine and that I was okay.

We started to talk again.

Fast forward another month. He’s been flirting, calling me cute, saying I was hot, etc.
I started to think he liked me, and deep down I still liked him. So I gave it another shot and asked if he liked me like that. The same thing, my heart is dead, I don’t have feelings, blah blah blah. Back to this negative talk. I felt awful and confused, I didn’t understand what was happening, what was I doing wrong? It became so stressful that I was crying myself to sleep thinking that I was the reason this boy wanted to kill himself.

I thought I was the cause of all his pain, even though I didn’t do anything wrong.
So this is where sh*t hit the fan and I realized how stupid I was. One night, he Snapchats me and sends me a picture from his waist to his feet in his bathroom. I didn’t think anything of it so I just sent some random emoji. Then the snap chats got worse; next, he was unbuttoning his pants, then pulling them down slightly, then his boxers were out, then he was clearly turned on, and then his hand was on his junk through his underwear.

I flipped out and just told him to stop before the next one could come in.
He played it cool and said something like “haha kidding” or some sh*t. That’s all he wanted? Sex? Who tries to turn a girl on by convincing her you want to die?

So then I go to his private Instagram that he had just let me follow a few days before and I start to scroll down and guess what I find? He had taken screenshots of his DMs with 4 other girls where he made fun of them with his friends.

These girls didn’t even know! I was infuriated, and I didn’t want to be next on his list, so this is where I got petty.
I took screenshots of all of his posts and one by one, sent them to every girl he posted about. The idiot left their IG names on the top of the page. To say the least, these girls we just as angry as me and went OFF on him. Then I get some messages from him asking why I did that, telling me I ruined his life, etc.

He was so mad, and I sat there smug as f*ck watching him cry about it. Then I told some of my friends about it and THEY went off on him. He was having a fit.
It felt so good.

I found out later that the self-harm thing was how he would “pick up” girls. He would trick them into thinking he needed help, then he’d try to get in their pants. None of the girls fell for it, so he’d make fun of them on IG to save his pride and ego.

Finally, I told him that if he ever mentioned self-harm, to me again, I’d call the school and have them put him through hell with therapy, parent meetings, and all the other sh*t they do when a student isn’t well. I knew it was hell cause I went through it too.
It felt good to be petty.” stevieismymother

Best moment of my freshman year in high school.” JohnLeeMark

10. She Accused Me Of Leaking Her Photos, So She Got Exactly That


“Some chick I barely even knew online got it in her head that I shared her naughty pictures with people in a community we were both in and some moderator not only banned me but literally deleted my entire account from existence defending her sl*tty honor, and then she bragged about how much influence she had with the website’s staff to get me banned.

I literally didn’t even have the naughty pictures until someone leaked them to everyone.
I’m sure the person who leaked them was her boyfriend who was also in the community and had just broken up with her because she was insane, but he was my friend so it must have been me that did it – in her mind.

So here I am, the equivalent of being banned from even looking at Reddit, the place I spent every day posting on the forums and chatting in the chatroom.

I even got banned by proxy to the sister community simply because she was so mad. I’m treated like a leper by all these moderators, I can’t talk, I can’t do anything.
So I’m sitting here with these naughty pictures thinking, well, I might as well share them if I’m in trouble for having shared them without the joy of actually doing it…

So I made a MySpace profile. Her URL was like dumbgurl19 or something so I made mine durnbgurl19, note the ‘m ‘ and ‘rn’ difference.

She never did. Neither did her family, her very religious aunts, her cousins both male and female I tried to seduce, everyone she ever knew or cared about. None of them could see the difference. I recreated every last inch of her profile down to the last picture and sent everyone a friend request stating I somehow lost my friend list and to re-add me.
Once they all did I sent them all a PM with a very friendly innocent title and embedded all of her naughty pictures directly in the message.

Last I knew she was still convinced I “hacked” into her MySpace

So many disgusting replies. So much confusion. Teenage cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, uncles, friends… Family friends. The more religious ones literally disowned her and refused anything to do with her.

But did I stop there? This was back in the day. Back when there was one force you didn’t f*ck with.

I posted them to 4chan with her cell number and told them “my” name and where to call or text for more.

Repeatedly for days as soon as it got bumped off the page. She had to change her number. They got her new number, too.

She had to turn her phone off.

And one last thing, just to prove my point. I turned her image into 100-pixel squares and converted them into icons for MSN messenger. Whenever she tried to join the group chats she got met with a wall of custom smilies that combined into filling the entire chatroom with her naked body, and I had it on macro so the instant she ever joined, I posted it.” Reddit user

9. He Made My Life A Living Hell, Then I Slashed His Tires


“There was in a bully at my high school.

In grade 9 he was in grade 10. He would bully me, my friends, and anyone else smaller than him. He would shove people in the halls, throw things at people from the back of the class. He was the type that really had something to prove. I guess I was too. By grade ten I had had enough. I got into a fight with him in the caff after he hit one of my friends(a girl) after zero interaction.

We were both suspended. For some weird reason, I was popular with the thug crowd in my school so as we were being ushered to the office a few people made threats against him.
As a result, the police got involved and warned me not to do anything to him or I’d be charged.

Being a petty teenager I was pretty upset and wanted to retaliate further but wasn’t sure what to do. A friend and I called a psychic hotline and the guy told me not to get physical but to give him a “good heave-ho”, to “scare him a little”.

I knew what street he lived on and what his truck looked like. I grabbed a sharp knife and we set out at around 3-4 am to slash his tires. We figured, how many blue pickup trucks could there be on that street? Turns out, more than one.
My friend thought the knife wasn’t strong enough to pop a tire so I walked up to the closest car to us (not a blue pick-up) and slowly put the knife through and walked away.

He was satisfied and we walked along the street in search of a blue pick-up. I ended up popping all four tires out of 4 blue pick-ups until he was satisfied that I must have got the right one. Except as we were leaving I spotted his truck, no doubt this one was his. So, for the fifth time, I popped all four tires. Bonus, the d*ckhead left his truck open and had about 4 quarts of oil in his back seat that I proceeded to dump all over his interior.

The next day the police questioned me and I denied everything (of course). He treated me differently after that, would cross the hall or go the other way if he saw me coming, looked at me with legit fear in his eyes and never bullied anyone ever again.

I’m an adult now so I feel bad about other people’s cars.” GameOfThrowsnz

8. Steal My Driver’s Permit? Here’s A Failing Grade


Fair trade if you ask me.

“In high school, a guy stole my driver’s permit.

He was trying to bully me, but I was huge 6′ 4″ and took martial arts from a very young age so I was confident that I could easily take this as*hat.
He would come up to me every day and show me that he still had my permit.

I really never gave a sh*t and just got a replacement in the mail.

Cut to a year or so later and I’m a teacher’s assistant for a science teacher.

I have no idea why she wanted me to help her because she hated me when I was in her class. I talked a lot and was generally an as*hole so she was completely justified in her disdain for me. I was also really honest with her and would ensure my actions only effected me blah blah blah…back to the story.
Well, General A*shat ends up in one of the classes that I helped with. I should also point out that this teacher was also the girl’s softball coach and so I would help her grade papers and stuff while she was teaching so she could have a relaxing evening after work.

I start grading papers and I get to this guy’s paper. I start grading it and give him a really sh*tty grade. I assumed I’d do it once and if she caught on I could just claim I made a mistake and it would blow over quickly. She never caught on.
Well after several tests/months of doing this he was failing the class. It was his senior year and he needed this class to graduate.

Well the end of the year comes around and he’s gotten his F up to a D, but he still failed.

So now he either has to do community service (our school was weird like that) or he had to go to summer school.

I can’t even begin to describe my joy as I watched him pick up trash along the main route in out town for the entire summer!

I finally stopped and talked to him and let him know I purposely failed him and if he’d have studied at all he would have known the answers were actually correct, but he was too stupid to figure that out.

He was livid and then I said, “This is payback for being a d*ck and stealing my driver’s permit”

His face was amazing.” Reddit user

7. She Backed Out Of A Joint House Rental With Me, So I Triggered Her Need For Therapy


“My sister can be a real jerk sometimes. Ya gotta still love your family blah blah. Sure I love her but sometimes she needs just a taste of her own medicine.

This was a few years ago, after a particularly sh*tty weekend where she backed out of a joint house-rental with me, after we had paid first month/deposit and after I had already moved in.

I couldn’t afford the whole rent and couldn’t find anyone else to move in with me so late in the game so I ultimately was forced to move out and had to live with my Mom for about a month (that was its own kind of torture).

That was the last time I trusted her. I’m a fairly passive person, so something like this would seem to be coming from way out of the left field.

I purchased an Annoy-A-Tron for about $6.

…put it on the ‘random’ setting and hid it in her car. Behind a panel in the driver’s door.

Naturally, as one does with small/petty revenge pranks, I forgot all about it and only remembered months later.
When I asked her if she ever found it she gave me such a look of disbelief and horror…

It had worked all right- creeping her right the f*ck out for over two months. It was quiet enough that you could only hear it when sitting in the car without the engine running, so it became one of those things that happened rarely… just enough to f*ck with you psychologically.

Her 6 year old refused to ride in the car for a time, thinking it was haunted. (An unfortunate side effect, I would never want to scare them) She searched and searched her car many times but could never find it, until she had a friend help her dismantle her car door to get at it.
(Apparently, the device had slipped farther down into the door from the relatively easy-to-find spot I had chosen)

My sister thought it must have been placed there by a disgruntled ex-boyfriend of hers, triggering a round of therapy to help with her anxiety.

Worth every penny.” Gammachan

6. Here’s A Big Poopy Surprise For Harassing My Best Friend’s Little Sister


“In high school, my best friend’s little sister kept getting harassed by this rich spoiled f*ck in gym class; he’d say things like “You look like you’d be a good lay,” or “I bet you’d look great on all fours,” stuff like that. It bothered her a little bit, but she was pretty tough-skinned since she had older brothers so she didn’t care enough to report him to the principal, it was more of an annoyance for her.

Now my best friend though, being her older brother, took much more offense to it than she did and I being HIS loyal best friend was also not thrilled with the verbal harassment. We approached him a couple of times in the center courtyard during lunch/in-between classes and threatened him with big ole knuckle sandwiches. Either he’s a bad a** motherf*cker or we weren’t very intimidating, either way, he kept up the sexual barrage of said little sister.

Now, this revenge, TO THIS DAY I would not wish upon my worst enemy. My best friend god bless his depraved soul, took a sh*t in big gallon-sized ziplock bag, added a little water, and let it sit in the trunk of his car for a few days (mind you, temps in CA can get up to ~90+ where I’m from).
Needless to say by the end of the week it was suuuuuper f*cking gross.

The spoiled rich f*ck drove this reaaaaally nice jeep that was his pride and joy (the big lifted kind that screams “I have a small d*ck!!”) and he always found ways to make sure everyone knew that THAT was HIS jeep.

My job was simple – find where he parked his jeep that morning before the 1st period and remember where it was; pretty simple. During lunch I got behind the wheel of my friend’s car while he sat shotgun, holding that giant sh*t bomb.

I slowly crept up the row of cars where this f*cker’s jeep was parked and my friend rolled down his window.
As we approached the jeep my friend opened the tiniest corner of that ziplock bag and tossed it into the back seat.

I could see the splash in the rearview mirror as I drove off… it was a sh*t storm (heh).

The rich spoiled a*shole got dropped off at school by his mom from then on, I heard through the grapevine that they couldn’t get the smell of sh*t out of his seats so they had to get rid of the car entirely. He knew it was us but didn’t say anything to us or my friend’s little sister ever again.” reavesfilm

5. He Gave My Job To His Nephew, So I Messed It Up For Him Big Time


That’s what they get for choosing to give their nephew priority when the original guy was great at his duties.

“In high school, I had been the go-to lighting guy for most of the school productions. As in, if there was a production, I was in charge of setting up all the lighting, programming the routines into the boards, etc.

After working for months getting the lighting setup for one of our competition shows just right the director comes up to me the day before the competition and says his nephew is going to run the lights for the show “because he asked to” and “thanks for getting it all set up for him so all he has to do is follow the instructions you made.” My notes were a detail sequence of when to switch to what.

MY notes. “Oh and by the way, you’re not listed as lighting anymore, but as ‘consultant.'” Whatever the f*ck that was supposed to mean.

That afternoon I went in and erased all the programs in the board, adjusted the ellipse and fresnels back to seven pool lighting (four downstage, three backstage), pulled the gels out of the cycs…pretty much set the lighting back to the way it had been three months prior.

They did a dress rehearsal that morning and I was getting frantic phone calls; “What did you do!? Why did you reset it!?” “Well, Mr.

Jerkface (not his real name), if you want someone else to run lights, they better damn well know how to run lights on their own.
If you had asked me two months ago to work with your dumba** nephew, I’d have been happy to. But tell me he’s getting a free ride during the competition, and then taking credit for all my work, well, f*ck you.”

Monday rolls around, we failed the competition miserably (to the director’s credit, they threw in someone else with some lighting experience and were able to cobble together something that worked, but still got poor marks on the technical side.

Nephew still got the credits for lighting), I get suspended for a week (for the petty revenge part…the principal agreed with me that it was a butthead move to replace me at the last minute and let someone else coast on my work, but I still f*cked over the production pretty badly) and banned from participating in any future theater productions.” WalkerBRiley

4. Steal My BMX Bike? I’m Taking One Of Your $700 Tires


“In high school, a couple of my “friends” stole my BMX bike that was at one of their houses and sold it for parts.

I realized this a few weeks later when I saw my very unique/rare bike frame sitting in his garage, stripped of parts.

I didn’t say anything. I plotted my revenge.

The guy who had the frame in his garage was into giant lifted trucks. He was working on his car and had two of the massive Mikey Thompson wheels taken off, and laying on the ground (it was a secluded cul-de-sac).

I drove up with my lights off one night and put the giant wheel in the back of my truck.

I brought it to another buddies house and told him I was going to hide it there for a while.
These wheels were worth $700 easy, my bike was worth maybe $300.

Sure as sh*t, I get an angry phone call from him randomly 2-3 weeks later, demanding he gets his tire back. When I tell him he’ll get it back when I get my bike back, he flips his sh*t. His mom gets on the phone, threatening to call the police (his family was known by the police by name, they were a f*cked up family).

I laughed and told her I’d be happy to give it back once I got my bike.

Another few weeks later, I get my bike back and told him where he could pick his wheel up at.
It was the sweetest, most innocent revenge I’ve ever gotten.” scottbrio

3. Try To Sabotage Us? Your Toothbrush Might Taste A Little Different


“Once upon a time, my husband and I moved with another couple (M/F). We were (and still are) of the polyamorous persuasion, so we had been dating the other couple before cohabitation.

Long story short, youthful fancies, sh*t happened, yadda yadda. Things fell apart in a few months. My husband and I were left unfazed but we were stuck in a year-long lease with the other couple. The Female, who shall be known as Harpy, was scorned by my husband choosing me over her and hated me with a passion by proxy.
Due to the circumstances of why my husband choose me over her, I can assure you that the feeling was very mutual.

We kept an uneasy peace, more-or-less. We ignored the Harpy’s antics & did our best to keep to ourselves but sh*t hit the fan a month or so later. Whilst cleaning out the bathroom, my husband found a hair dye box in the Harpy’s preferred shade: it was filled to the brim with bloody, used tampons, at least two months’ worth. The box was not in the bathroom a few days previous so she must have been saving them up in her room for a while.

NASTY. My husband was not in a cleaning mood after that discovery.

I hatched a plan. I knew where Harpy hid her toothbrush. She thought she was so smart keeping it on the ‘hidden’ ledge top of the shower enclosure.

The day after Tampon-gate, after everyone had left, I went into the bathroom & grabbed that toothbrush. I had plans for it.

Let me tell you one thing first: our bathroom was disgusting. Think bachelor pad but probably worse.

We hadn’t cleaned the toilet in 3 months. The sink didn’t work, so it was filled with trimmed beard hair & flecks of who-knows-what. We also had 4 cats.
I took that toothbrush scrubbed the toilet with it. I made sure I got right under the porcelain rim inside real good. I ran its brustles along the front, where those pesky drips happen when you can’t quite aim your stream. I rolled it in that sink a little & then stirred the cat litter box with it, bristle side down, for good measure.

I picked every piece of debris off that toothbrush and stashed it back in its hideyhole.

I did this every day for the following 2 weeks. I would have done it for longer but her boyfriend finally got tired of her crap & kicked her out.
Harpy showered every morning and every day, through the thin wall that separated my room from the bathroom, I heard her brush her teeth. It was glorious.” Forte_Kole

2. Try To Scam Me? I’ll Make Sure you Lose All Potential Clients


“When I was in college, they ran this promotion where if you open a bank account at a certain bank, they would give you a gift certificate for a free sandwich.

Being a college student with little money, I took them up on this offer. I drove down to the branch downtown and it was neighboring a 7 eleven so I parked there, went into the bank, and spent 20 minutes filling out the paperwork when it becomes clear that not only did you have to open the account but you needed to a lot of other things for the sandwich.
P*ssed at this bait and switch tactic, I just left and found my car now had a wheel lock on it.

There was a guy in the corner of the lot with a pickup truck full of wheel locks just waiting for people to park at 7 eleven and then go to this bank. It was like a scheme between him, the bank and 7 eleven. He wanted 80 bucks to take it off, on top of that, he was an a-hole about it. So now, having no sandwich and now also out 80 bucks, I say “F this guy.”

I hung around the parking lot for the next two hours and pointed out this guy and his wheel locks to anyone about to make the same mistake as I.

Must have made him lose about 14 potential clients before he got mad and said what I was doing was illegal but clearly it was not and he eventually left when it became clear he would be making no more money that day.” Stephen_Q_Urkel

1. Lasso Me With A Skipping Rope? I’ll Break It And Then “Fix” It For You


“When I was 8 years old a girl at school tried to lasso me with a skipping rope.

I broke free and broke her skipping rope in the process. She proceeded to tell on me to the teacher.

Probably because she was a good girl and I was a little sh*t (evidence of this fact in a moment) the teacher believed her and ordered me to either fix the girls skipping rope or buy her a new one.
Sensing an opportunity, I said I’d fix the girls skipping rope. It was one of those hollow rubber ones a bit like a hose with rubber handles at either end.

The fix was to stuff the “hose” back into the handle fixing it in place with crazy glue. I, however, used inferior wood glue so that the handle would break off again.

I know what you’re thinking… A sub-par repair job does not make a very good revenge story. Well, she soon figured out what 8 year old boy she shouldn’t f*ck with when the handle broke off and the grape juice I had filled the entire length of skipping rope up with came flying out all over her and her silly little skipping friends.” TheJulian

Although I have a good heart, I always love a good revenge story, especially when the act is inflicted on someone cruel and heartless! You get what you deserve, whether it’s another person or Karma who teaches you the lesson.

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