People Share Their Stories Of Living With Terrible Roommates


Before you move out of your parents’ house for the very first time, you start to contemplate how it might feel living with someone else: your significant other, your closest friend, or even another relative who you’ve never lived with before. You imagine that moving in with a roommate or few would be like one, big sleepover that never ends filled with late nights, long hours of gaming, and eating whatever the heck you want without nagging parents to tell you otherwise. Sounds like a dream come true.

While moving in with roommates really can be an exciting phase in your life, moving in with your best friend who you’ve known for years can surprisingly end up being a nightmare once you see their true colors. Or, maybe you’re forced to move in with a random acquaintance who you later find out is a total weirdo. You never really know what you’re about to get yourself into until you actually get yourself into it.

The roommates in these stories are certainly the people you’d never want to share a room, apartment, house, or heck, even a 4,000 square-foot mansion with. Included in this list is an underwear-stealing creep, people who desperately want one of their roommates kicked out for no apparent reason, and roommates who aren’t quite “all there.” And it gets weirder. You have the roommate who stashes away his tobacco-containing saliva for potential “later use,” the roomie who’s too lazy to use an actual toilet, and the dorm buddy who avidly stalks females on the college campus.

Oh boy, you’ll have to read these stories for yourself!

30. He Had Been Wearing My Undergarments The Whole Time… I’m A Female



“Living in Florida, a little less than a year ago.

I went through a sh*tty breakup, got left with the bills, and was desperate for a roommate. I met a guy that we’ll call Peter. He was 39. I’m a 28-year-old female.

Long f*cking story short, Peter lived with me for about two months. I provided a furnished room, and we split rent and electric. The first month went okay, but the second month, he didn’t pay, and towards the end of that month, I lost my sh*t and kicked him out.

Prior to this, my panties had been steadily disappearing, I thought the dryer was eating them. Anyways, I kick Peter out, and he throws all his sh*t in bags on a Wednesday night and leaves in a hurry.

I go into his room to assess the situation and snoop a bit. I find a black duffle bag of decent size in his closet. I open the bag, and it’s full of women’s panties. I dump the bag and realize most of the panties are mine. Not only panties but bras, bathing suit bottoms and stockings of different varieties, almost all of them mine. The panties, bathing suit bottoms and stockings all had holes cut out of the crotch.

He was wearing them.” LongLiveTheDirty

29. He Had A Thing For Killing Lizards


This story makes me feel sick.

“I lived in privately-owned student dorms close to campus, and while most of the residents were students, there were a few professors that lived there too. We all got along relatively well, but there were a few oddballs.

There was this one professor from another state who was spending a semester doing research. (I can’t remember his field.) He had this odd loud barking laugh and would often laugh at things that weren’t remotely funny (i.e., a student got mugged on her way home, and when he heard, he hooted and hollered like it was the best joke ever).

Anyways, there were lots of little brown lizards that lived in the building’s gardens, and you’d often see them scuttling around on the ground. They were harmless, and I liked to see them running around. The maid began to complain that someone was beheading the lizards and leaving the bodies everywhere and that it was a wicked thing to do. We then noticed that more and more dead lizards were popping up everywhere around the garden, all missing their heads.

It ended up being the same visiting professor. He’d catch the lizards and chop off their heads for fun. When we asked him why the heck he’d do that, he just shrugged and said, ‘I like catching them and watching them squirm.’

Another professor who lived in the dorms and taught biology cussed him out for it, and he just laughed, telling him that a lizard’s life wasn’t worth all the fuss.

Thank God he moved out a few weeks after. I always got weird vibes from him, and the whole lizard killing thing creeped us all out.” carliway

28. She Tried Everything To Get Me Kicked Out


“My college roommate, Annie, and I did not get along.

My first day there, she put up a curtain dividing the room and told me never to speak to her unless she asked me to.

So, a few months go by, and we mostly live in silent resentment. Until one day, Annie decided that she wanted her friend to live in the room instead and that I was the spawn of Satan (I liked punk rock, had multiple piercings and pink hair), so she launched a campaign to get me to leave or kicked out.

First, she said that I was smoking in the room (I don’t smoke), then she inexplicably took all of my sheets, planted rotten food under my bed, then (my personal favorite), told the resident assistant (my boyfriend’s cousin) that I was a lesbian.

Predictably, none of this worked, so her next ploy was to make sure I caught her and her boyfriend screwing on my bed.

When that also didn’t work, she physically attacked me.

After that last one, I just walked out and never came back to the room. I reported Annie. She got kicked out and then I rented a house with my friends off campus.” PM_ME_TINY_DINOSAURS

27. He Had Three Gallons Worth Of Tobacco Spit In His Room


Well, at least he had an explanation, somewhat.

“My freshman year of college, I had an extremely messy roommate. He refused to wash any article of clothing until he went home at the end of the semester, had interesting taste in some pretty odd hentai and was generally unkempt, but the strangest thing had to be his hoarding of tobacco spit.

He and I were both smokers and, at the time, avid WoW players. Rather than take smoke breaks with me every few hours, he would dip skoal during play sessions and spit into empty Gatorade bottles. This in itself wasn’t all that strange, but each time he would fill up said bottles, he would painstakingly transfer all of the tobacco spit into empty one-gallon water jugs.

I had no idea he was doing this until I was kicking some of his dirty laundry onto his side of the room and discovered three full gallons of tobacco spit under his slightly lofted bed.

When I asked him why the heck he was saving something so gross, he told me that he was keeping it in case he needed it for some sort of revenge scenario.” Reddit user

26. There’s A Reason She Always Kept Her Bedroom Door Shut


How did this girl not get extremely ill from sleeping in her bacteria-infested bedroom?!

“I was in my early 20s, and I lived with a nice enough girl. She always kept her bedroom door closed and kept her cat in there.

After we had lived together for about a year, she decided to move out. She packed up a bag and left, saying she’d be back later for her things, but she didn’t come back, and I needed to make room for a new roommate, so I started packing her things.

I opened the door to her room…and the smell. Oh God, it was gross. There was poo…all over the floor, the walls, everywhere. A pair of my panties lay on her floor, with her poo in them. Kitty litter was spread all over the carpet. I start cleaning up, and I find items belonging to me: books, art supplies, clothes, knick-knacks. All stolen. I remove the blankets off the bed, and they’re covered in menstrual blood.

After days of cleaning, it’s starting to look and smell better, but the carpet is so disgusting; it needs to be replaced. I pull it up and…maggots. LOTS OF F*CKING MAGGOTS.

At the same time, her last rent check bounced, and I get a phone bill that’s $100 (it should have been about $30) because she’s been calling her boyfriend long distance. A few weeks later, I go to the video store and try to rent a movie. They say I owe them $70 in late fees. Turns out, she had been using my account and not returning the movies.

It was a very frustrating, disgusting time in my life.” baileyquarters

25. He Hid In His Room For Two Months, Thinking I Had A Crush On Him


Homophobia to the extreme…

“I thought my new roommate was a total weirdo. I got set up with him because my girlfriend and I broke up, and I needed a place to live. This guy was the brother of a co-worker’s wife. I met him, he seemed harmless, rent was do-able, and I thought, ‘Hey, why the heck not?’

This guy did NOT leave his room, he had a bathroom, mini-fridge, computer. He worked from his room; he did freelance graphic design odd jobs, making enough money to cover bills. He was always stoned (me too, no complaints) but ALWAYS stoned, like it didn’t matter when it was, his room was hotboxed.

I saw into his room once about a month after I moved in, and it was typical hoarder stuff: sh*t everywhere, dirty laundry was thrown about, the works. He always locked his door whether or not he was home or not.

Then after about two to three months, my girlfriend and I got back together, so I asked him if she could come stay with me while I find my own place, and he agreed.

It was the weirdest thing. He thought I was in love with him. Seriously. He was hiding from me the whole time. Once my girlfriend moved in, he’d come to hang out, watch movies, make food, clean up. He told me that he thought I was lying about having an ex-girlfriend and was gay and was in love with him. I asked him where he got that from.

Apparently my co-worker who got me the place thought it would be funny to tell his brother-in-law that I was gay and looking. This guy I guess got super uncomfortable because I’m a pretty friendly dude, very much straight, though.

I felt so bad that he was so scared that he hid for two months without telling anyone and not even asking me to leave or find a new place to live. It was pretty f*cking hilarious in hindsight.” sixesand7s

24. He Spiked My Drink


“I had just moved out west from the Midwest and just found some random guy to split a two-bedroom with.

About three months into living with him, I walk in after work on a Wednesday night to him in the kitchen, shirtless surrounded by alcohol. I chalk it up to, ‘He’s just a weird dude.’ He asked me if I wanted to take a few shots with him before he went out, which I agreed to since I had a sh*t day at work. We take the shots and go our separate ways.

About an hour later, I’m feeling a bit odd to say the least. I had a family game night (remotely) with my deeply religious uncle, brother, and best friend. Now right around this mark, I knew something was funky. I should be buzzed, but the walls look like their moving. I make my way out to the living room just in time to catch my roommate before he leaves.

Me: ‘Yo, was there anything weird about those shots?’

Roommate: ‘Nah man, I just thought I would hook you up and add some hallucinogenics.’

Now I flip my sh*t but fairly sure that didn’t come out as coherently as I thought it would. He shrugged me off and went on his way.

It made for one VERY interesting night talking to my family.” MochaButt

23. She Was Afraid She Might Stab Me In My Sleep


“I was cooking dinner one night, and I just couldn’t find the kitchen knives. Like, the whole block was missing from its usual spot on the countertop. I figured my roommate had moved them for some reason, but it took me forever to find them–tucked far back in the cabinet above the refrigerator.

When my roommate got home, I asked her about it. She told me, ‘Oh, I had this horrible thought that I might stab you to death in your sleep, so I hid them up there.’

I was young (this was my first place out of school), and I did not know how to react. I was split in three ways:

1. Shock, because she really was not a violent person. No angry outbursts, no threats, certainly no violence in her past.

2. Bewilderment, because that’s not how hiding works. It’s not hidden from you if you know where it is!

3. Trepidation, because, was that a threat?” cortechthrowaway

Another User Comments:

“Though it sounds psycho, it isn’t. Your roommate probably has OCD thinking where she gets intrusive thoughts. The fact she ‘hid’ them is a sign that the thoughts disturb her and possibly upset her because she doesn’t really want to do this and has no idea why the thought even occurred. Her ‘hiding’ the knives was an attempt to manage the intrusive thoughts.” PWoF

22. She Was Everything She Said She Wasn’t


“Her Craigslist ad for a roommate said, ‘I’m quiet and mostly spend time in my room gaming and hanging out with my cats.’ I’m pretty introverted, and the rent was cheap, so it sounded perfect.

I moved in, and she proved herself to be the polar opposite of her Craigslist ad – loud, extroverted, in my room and in my business 24/7, and a raging alcoholic. She’d regularly have random people over getting intoxicated until 4 a.m. when I’d have to be up for work at 8 or earlier. She left nasty food messes everywhere that led to a cockroach problem (which she didn’t believe when I showed her) and got mad when I didn’t want to help clean up after her. She didn’t have a job, lived off of inheritance and spent it all on adult beverages. I later learned she had a shoplifting problem as well when she kept getting court summons in the mail that she wore like a badge of honor.

The last straw was when she invited the guy she was seeing over, and they proceeded to get f*cked up on drugs and a half-gallon of spirits, threatened each other with steak knives in the kitchen at 5 a.m. and pounded on my door screaming at me to call the cops on one another.

I told them it wasn’t my problem and promptly moved my sh*t out while she was out of the house the following day. (I thankfully had a place lined up already.) F*ck. That.” kexcellent

21. He Never Wanted The Lights On, Ever


his one’s a little eerie.

“Me and a good friend from school decided to rent out the basement from a guy we met online. It was a pretty nice place, completely finished with its own bathroom, bedroom, living room and laundry room.

After about three months together, the tension between my friend and I got pretty high. He would always have all the lights out no matter what time it was.

One day, I turned on the living room light and went to my little desk in the corner of the room to do some work. He gets up without a word and shuts them off. I turn them on. He turns them off. I once again turn them on and explain I needed light to work, and as I go to turn around, out of nowhere, he full force punches me in the back of the head and turns the lights out again, it then escalated from there. After a quick scuffle between us, he takes a broom and starts to shatter all the bulbs…

I still to this day have no clue why he lost it like that.” aceman900

20. She Wore Every Outfit Once… And Never Washed The Old Outfits


“This one roommate I had never washed her clothes. She just wore a new outfit every single day. I assumed she was rich and decided not to engage with her since she never said hi to me when we saw each other.

At the end of the semester, I smelled something so awful that I can’t really describe with the words available to me in the English language. I guess I’ll say this to give you an idea. If it were a scent for a candle, I would call it something like: ‘Hormones and Bad Decisions.’

I took a look outside my door, and I saw she left a luggage trolley meant for helping people carry large amounts of stuff, that was FULL of dirty clothes. I gagged when I saw some old panties were at the top of the large pile.

We had laundry machines. She had money. They sold detergent and drier sheets downstairs. I have no idea why she did this, but I assumed she was probably the one who was behind the mystery of how ‘nobody flushed the toilet,’ even though we all swore we did.” Makeshift-Masquerade

19. Shower Fiasco


“This was probably… five to six years ago? I lived with a few other students; we were all pretty quiet. I worked part-time, a few morning shifts on the other side of town, so I frequently had to get up at 5 or 6 a.m. to get to my shift on time.

One day, I’m woken up at 4 by the sound of the shower next to my bedroom. I think, ‘Oh well, I guess someone else has an early start too, at least he’s getting it done before I have to.’ My alarm goes off at 5:30… and the shower is still going.

I knock on the bathroom door and ask if he’s gonna be much longer because I need to open the store at work. He assures me he’s almost done.

Half an hour later, I tell him he’s going to make me late, and he responds by saying that his shampoo is burning his skin off and he needs to wash the acid off, so he thinks that’s a little more important than my job right now.

(Narrator: ‘The shampoo was not, in fact, burning his skin off.’)

This happened several more times. One of these times, he had a 3-hour shower starting at 2 a.m. I told him that if his shampoo was so harsh, maybe he should just shave his goddamn head, so he didn’t have hair to clean anymore. I had had enough of his bullsh*t at this point; I was tired, and I was angry.

Then he actually shaved his head, started showering with a poncho, and still somehow managed to come downstairs out of the shower one day, totally nude, demanding that I and the two other sane roommates call poison control because his tea tree oil shampoo was melting his eyes.

(Narrator: ‘His eyes were not, in fact, melting.’)

He later denied that he had been naked despite three witnesses. He consistently dodged the question of why he continued to use the shampoo that he thought made his skin melt.

He literally just vanished one day, and none of us knew what happened to him. All of his furniture went with him.

Part of me hopes he got some help, but it’s really, really hard for me to feel any sympathy for him whatsoever.” Envy_Dragon

18. His Personal Hygiene Wasn’t The Greatest


He really needed to take a Hygiene 101 course.

“My junior year of undergrad, I applied for on-campus housing a bit late and got placed in supplementary housing, meaning that I was assigned a temporary room (study lounge, tv lounge, etc.) with usually more than two roommates. Eventually, a few people would leave for one reason or another mid-semester, and the housing staff would transition students from supplemental rooms into permanent rooms.

About two-thirds through the semester, I got a permanent room assignment. After I moved in, I realized I had a huge problem on my hands – we’ll call him Mickey. Mickey just never showered – I counted 17 days straight before I saw his shampoo move in the shower. We had private bathrooms in each dorm room, so I could keep a close eye on it. He never left the room unless it was to get food, and he would constantly sit on his bed and alternate between his three laptops playing different games. It was obvious he never showered because there were three distinct grease spots on the walls where he rested his head in his most comfortable position. I’m pretty sure he never went to class. Besides him smelling, the trash always smelled because he never took it out.

And once, he took a massive dump, clogged up the toilet, and didn’t call for a maintenance request until I filled one out for him. By the looks of it, it had been clogged the entire day until I got home around 10:30 p.m.

The worst part was waking up to a rhythmic shuffling noise once on a Saturday. Yup – woke up to him touching himself. When I opened my eyes to figure out where the sound was coming from, he was staring right at me. I pulled the covers over my head, flipped over, and tried to go back sleep, only for the guy to keep rubbing one out.

Turns out, I was his fourth roommate that semester.” architectzed

17. She Let Her Crazy Boyfriend Move In


“I had this girl who gaslit us about her insane boyfriend moving in.

This man bought a parking pass and everything but was ‘hardly ever there’ (when we heard and saw him on a daily basis). Now, he and his girlfriend were horrible anyways in terms of never cleaning, hoarding dishes, stealing, generally being nasty. He was the worst though.

It escalated to the point where he (and occasionally her as well) would hide in her room all day and listen to our conversations. He’d memorize our schedules and sit there with the lights off until he thought we were gone. He was not particularly stable mentally and started to exhibit some threatening/stalkerish behavior. The whole thing really took a toll on my mental health and caused some serious paranoia because they were literally tracking my schedule and listening to my conversations/phone calls.

Anyways, this all culminated with him sh*tting in my bathtub at the end of the year. When confronted, my roommate (the girlfriend) threatened me and accused me of sh*tting in my own bathtub when I wasn’t even home. 0/10, would not recommend.” drownednotgod

16. He Ended Up In Jail After Having A Mental Breakdown


“I had a housemate in college who had some serious issues. He was a nice enough guy, but he was very, very deluded. He was living on a different planet entirely.

He stayed in the room next to mine, and on a nightly basis, I’d hear this constant tapping, as though he was jogging in place. I think he was dancing or something.

After weeks of ignoring it or pounding on his wall, I finally sent him a text asking him to stop because I can hear him through my wall. His reply was. ‘Oh right! The illusion of walls! I’m sorry, brother.’ Some real Third Eye Wide Open Astral Plains sh*t.

One day, I went off to college, and when I came back, he wasn’t there. My housemates told me he had a mental breakdown and got arrested. In this state, he tried to sell off everything he owned and never went on any of his social media accounts since then. It’s like he fell off the face of the earth.

I didn’t hear anything about him after that.

He was obviously troubled, but what a f*cking lunatic.” Adze95

15. He Gave Away Everything He Borrowed From Me


“My first year at Boston University, I applied for housing late and ended up in a closet in Audubon Court, which is a nicer, more private collection of apartments generally reserved for juniors and freshmen.

Anyway, I shared my apt with three juniors, one of whom is the subject of this post.

One day, I come home from class to find ‘Brad’ super excited about a new plan to throw a concert on the ‘BU Beach’ and asking to borrow lots of CDs and stereo equipment. I went about my business without thinking about it too much.

Four hours later, the other two guys come in looking completely shocked, and they tell me the following:

At the end of his ‘concert,’ ‘Brad’ decided he loved all the people so much that he would give away all of the music and equipment he had borrowed. He got so excited that he literally gave away the shirt off his back. So then he wanders into the Barnes & Noble at Kenmore Square and just takes a shirt, puts it on, and heads back out, at which point the staff called the cops on him.

The other two roommates had bumped into him arguing with a pair of cops, trying to explain that the universe wanted him to have this shirt, so of course, B&N needed to give it to him.

Long story short, the guy was in a manic fit from an undiagnosed mental health condition. Crazy first month at school.” Josiwe

14. I Found Out The Real Reason Why He Wouldn’t Stop Cleaning


“A friend of mine needed a roommate in a house where he already held a lease. I moved in and paid him rent instead of adding my name to the lease. I lived there for about three months, and it was great. He was always cleaning, literally always. It seemed pretty great until I came home from work one day.

There was a pink note stuck to the front door that said we were being evicted because we hadn’t paid rent in three months. Turns out that cleaning was what he liked to do while high on drugs.

It all worked out, though. I talked with the landlady, and she kicked him out, and I took over the lease.” I_dont_kidd

13. I Had To Call Poison Control On Myself Thanks To My Idiot Roommate


Who… puts… insecticide… on… food…?

“Some friends were nice enough to bring over a box of donuts. The next day, I come home from work and spot the box on the kitchen counter, and there’s one donut left. Nice. I take a bite and it tastes…. different. I tentatively take another bite. Just then, my roommate comes home (fortunately, I suppose). He sees me chewing on the donut and bursts into laughter.

‘You’re eating that?’ he asks. I stop chewing. ‘What did you do?’ ‘Well there were ants on it, so I doused it in bug spray.’

He’s still laughing his a*s off. I rush to the trash and spit it out. Then I grab my phone and call poison control. It now occurs to him that eating poison might be a bad thing.

Poison control has me read them the poison label. They say to eat and drink something, and I’ll be fine.

At this point, I’m p*ssed off at my roommate. Who sprays something with bug spray then leaves it on the counter in the packaging? Also, in my defense, the donut was chocolate with sprinkles, which made it difficult to notice the ants.

I go out to eat to get away.” drewmeister

12. Gerry Had A Dangerous Friend


“This happened a few years ago whilst I was in college.

Was living in a three-bedroom apartment with a cool Italian guy called Dominique, then Gerry moved in.

Gerry was from the Czech Republic and a really cool guy. He played Xbox and PlayStation and had a killer DVD collection that we all enjoyed.

Two days later, there came a knock on the door, and a friend of Gerry’s showed up. To me, he seemed a bit strange, but Gerry assured me he’s a cool guy. Fast forward a few hours, and this cool guy is rather drunk and is telling us he is going to call his ex-girlfriend’s house to try smooth things over.

Fast forward again to 2 a.m., and there is a big commotion at the front door. Gerry is there with his buddy who is very intoxicated crying screaming and (wait for it) bleeding very heavily from various wounds on his arms. I ask the question something along the lines of, ‘What the f*ck happened?’ and he showed me by smashing an empty bottle of Miller off a wall and gouging a large chunk of flesh from his arm.

I called the police, and they show up to get him into an ambulance, and away he goes to the hospital.

Fast forward to about 6 a.m., he breaks into our house again and cuts his wrists a knife. At this stage, there is blood everywhere and all over my food. I call the cops again and the landlord this time. Cops detain the lad, and it turns out he was stoned out of his mind, drunk and a manic depressive.

Gerry moved out the next day. I never did get reimbursed for my grub.” BigShowFardy

11. He Decided To Break All His Records And CD’s


“This guy I lived with in college had tons, so I’ll limit the story to one night.

He comes into the apartment talking to himself. I hear him go into his room and make a bunch of noise. His door is open so I look in, and he is trashing the room. Literally nothing in the room is upright, and everything is on the floor. Without looking at me, he flings a record at the wall, and it shatters a few inches from my head. At no point does he acknowledge me.

I go in my room and shut the door. A little while later, he starts taking a shower in my bathroom (he had flooded his own bathroom a few days before). While he’s in there, our resident assistant knocks on our door and asks us to quiet down. As I try to explain to her I’m not the one making noise, a huge noise comes from the shower, followed by, ‘F*CCCCK!!!’ Our resident assistant just kind of shrugs and leaves, and I go back to my room.

After about two hours, I want to go make dinner, but I still hear the shower running. I step out of my room and see a watery trail of CDs and records leading into my bathroom. The door is wide open, so I clearly see the guy naked (except for his rainbow hat) sitting on top of the backrest of a dining room chair in the shower, the shower curtain lying on the ground, with the comforter from his bed draped over his feet. The tub underneath him is filled with broken CDs and records. There’s an intense stream of water spraying everywhere from directly out of the wall since that loud noise earlier was apparently him ripping the showerhead completely apart.

I walk to the kitchen and start cooking. He finally leaves the bathroom and walks right by me into his room without noticing me. Then he comes back out again, still naked, stops in front of me and slowly turns his head and looks at me for the first time. He says, ‘Oh’ then walks out the front door, wearing nothing but his rainbow hat.” deselby12

Another User Comments:

That’s one way to put it.

“Maybe he was just going digital.” Reptarftw

10. He Wouldn’t Stop Watching Judge Shows


“My first roommate in college used to watch nothing but judge shows: Judge Judy, Judge Alex, Judge Mathis, Judge Joe Brown, People’s Court, Divorce Court, but occasionally he’d mix in a little Charmed or that card-cartoon show.

He never left the room, his classes were later than mine and finished earlier. If he went out to eat, he’d get it to-go and bring it back. So, he was there every day watching these stupid shows.

Then a week or two in, I learned that he had actually been RECORDING these shows and was watching them on replay. In fact, he had seen most of them so many times, he was able to say the ‘punchline’ WITH THE CHARACTER and then he’d STILL LAUGH! I wanted to burn the dorm down.

Sometimes if he was watching live TV, he would call one of his two friends, and they’d watch the same show at the same time and talk about it over the phone. I suggested how cool it would be if he went over to her place to watch it, but he doesn’t like that stuff apparently.” angrylawyer

9. Leafy Green Addict


“My ex room-mate used to live off frozen spinach, which she heated up in the microwave with a stick of melted butter in an attempt to ‘eat clean.’ She would disappear for days at a time and leave her old spinach in the fridge to rot and the butter to congeal. The worst was her salad phase, where the old lettuces, tomatoes, cheese and dressing would always end up smelling like rotting fish. She never threw out her old food once in six months.” zebra_butts

8. He Had Been Trolling Us For Four Years


“Trolling,” sure…

“I had a roommate who would sleep all the time. I mean every time I would walk into the room, he would be napping. If I ever woke him up in the middle of his nap or anything, he would sit up and introduce himself as Bob (not his real name) and then resume sleeping.

The first time this happened I was sure he was joking around or something, but when I questioned him about it later, he couldn’t remember anything that happened. So, the next time he was asleep, I tried it again, and he was ‘Bob’ once again. This time I didn’t tell him about it to see if he would mention it or anything because I was still convinced he was messing with me, but he never said a word about it.

I continued this every once in a while, waking ‘Bob’ up, and I even had a few conversations with him. Over the course of the next four years, me and a couple of guys would do this to him every now and then and learn a little bit more about my roommate’s alternate personality. Besides that first time, I never mentioned this to him again.

A few years after we were all out and about getting on with our lives, and I bumped into my roommate again. I decided it wouldn’t hurt to tell him about his other personality now. I mean maybe it was a serious psychological issue. So, I told him about how I would wake him up and ‘Bob” would answer back. After I was done explaining this weird phenomenon to him, he answered by saying, ‘Oh yeah. It was me that whole time; I was just messing with you guys.’

My roommate kept up this epic troll for four long years and never once did he slip up.” vespucci

7. He Didn’t Use Soap, At All


“College roommate freshman year. Never used any sheets on the dorm mattress (just slept directly on the mattress). He kept all of clothes in trash bags in the beginning but eventually, they ended up in a giant pile on the floor. He would search through the pile, do the sniff test on several items and put on the least smelly.

We lived in a suite so we shared a bathroom with the dorm next door. I never saw him take soap of any kind into the shower. 6 weeks into the semester I hear him tell his buddy that he hasn’t used soap since before the semester started. He and his buddies were always playing Magic until 2 am even though I had 8 a.m. class. Luckily he moved out at semester. I was looking into it if he hadn’t.” Jbstang2000

Another User Comments:

“I can understand not using soap every time. Sometimes just need a washdown with water, but not using it at all??? Ever???” Nasuno112

6. He Had A Strong Hatred For Women


“I had a gay roommate who was a pretty nice and reasonable guy except for one attribute – he hated women. I mean HATED. Whenever I brought a girl over, he would storm through the room and refuse to talk to them, giving me a look like I just abused one of his lapdogs. He would talk to me only if he had to, and if a girl introduced herself, he would just glare at her.

We finally talked about it, and he unashamedly told me he hates women and sees no purpose for their existence: the way they look, their makeup, the sounds of their voices. It was strange because every gay guy I had ever met had female friends, and this guy refused to be in the same room as a woman. He was a big techie but had to start his own IT company because he couldn’t work in an office for longer than a week around women without losing his mind.” Reddit user

5. We Discovered The Reason For The Stench In His Dresser


“For a while in college, I lived in a three-bedroom apartment with two of my friends. One of them (roommate two) was somewhat stinky and was generally unclean.

One hot summer day (while roommate two was at work), roommate one and I were sitting on the couch and noticed an…odor…from somewhere in the house. We smelled around and eventually determined it was coming from roommate two’s room.

We nervously walked in and it was IMMEDIATELY apparent that the smell was coming from the top drawer of his dresser. I opened the dresser and there was, quite obviously, a very used ‘man’s clean up rag’  sitting on top.  The smell was terrible. I grabbed a pen and lifted the rag and – NO LIE – it lifted like a sheet of cardboard; no bending, folding, just a solid mass.

Underneath was a hideous flesh-colored tube with a bit of fake hair around it, and the smell coming from that was absolutely horrid. Clearly roommate two didn’t know (or didn’t care) that he needed to clean out his fake plastic v*gina after use.

We clearly scampered from the room, shutting the door behind us. I threw the pen off of the balcony and tried to suppress the urge to vomit. We never ever discussed this event with roommate two. Ever.” HapDrastic

4. He’d Pee In Cups And Leave Them Sitting Around


Maybe he was planning on engaging in urotherapy…? Or not.

“In her last year of university, a friend of mine rented a house with two other girls and a weird guy who got the basement room.

One day, the girls started noticing that cups from their kitchen were going missing. One night, while the guy was away, they went down and found the missing cups sitting on the headboard of his bed… filled with urine.

They were like, ‘WHAT…THE…F*CK!?’ They told me about it, and we couldn’t rationalize it in any way:

Was he p*ssing in cups because he didn’t want to get up and go to the bathroom in the night and wake people up? Nope, he had his own basement washroom that worked fine, and why did he need more than one cup? He could just p*ss in one and empty it in the morning if he was lazy enough to not get out of bed to p*ss. More than likely, he had some weird compulsion/fetish.

When the end of the year came, and they were all moving out, they went down again while he was away and threw away his p*ss cups. They figured their names were on the lease too, and they didn’t want to get in trouble because some sick f*ck left his p*ss cups behind.” Reddit user

3. He Had A Serious Video Game Addiction


“My junior year of college, I roomed with one of my good friends that got me into playing WoW. We would have marathon WoW sessions, and for a while, it was pretty fun. Then I started to notice how gross he was as a result of never wanting to step away from the game to do anything like throw away garbage, go drinking, try to find a girlfriend or go to class.

One day after coming back from a class my neighbor was like, ‘That really sucks that your roommate is dropping out of school.’ That was news to me. When I asked him about it, he was like, ‘Oh yeah, I must have forgotten to tell you I am leaving tomorrow.’

His parents came to pick him up at 7 in the f*cking morning. I was still sleeping when he let them in. His parents looked like they wanted to strangle him and like they wanted to cry at the same time. Didn’t say a word to me while they were there. Just stared at me that I feared I would burst into flames. So, I left and came back to my now half-empty room hours later.

I found hidden garbage and empty soda cans and bottles hidden all over his half of the room that he left for me to clean up.

The only upside of the story is I stopped playing WoW forever that day, vowing never to be as crazy as my ex-roommate.” amajc565

2. He Wouldn’t Stop Stalking Girls


“In college, one of my good friends was forced to share a dorm room with a guy nicknamed ‘Creepy Dave’ for a year. Creepy Dave, who was pretty pudgy and had a giant creeper mustache, wore the same puffy orange vest every day for our entire 4 years in college and stalked girls like no other. He would go to parties he wasn’t invited to, take pictures with random girls, then print them out and put them in a photo album.

When he next saw the girl, he would immediately recognize her and insist on showing her the picture in the album (which he took with him everywhere). His motto, which he would mumble to himself constantly, was, ‘Meet a girl, take her picture,’ but he never did anything too terrible, so he never got in any trouble for this; he was kind of the friendly stalker that girls thought was an annoyance but not taken too seriously.

Until one night, my good friend woke up to him furiously touching himself while standing in the middle of the room, totally sober, talking about how he hated a certain race of people, even though he’s half of that race, himself! Within six hours, Dave had been removed from the dorm, and, as far as I know, within the next month, several women had filed for restraining orders.

Oh, and the puffy orange vest he wore everywhere, every single day, was given to him by his freshman year roommate so that girls would be able to see him coming from a much longer distance.” TinManRC

1. She Pinned Her Socks Under The Chair


“A friend of a friend had a roommate who kept losing socks. Slowly over the course of the term, more and more of her socks kept getting taken, to the point where eventually, she was down to one pair left. She’s obviously asked all of her other roommates if they’d accidentally taken her socks or anything, but no one confesses to doing it.

So, one day, the sockless girl needs to borrow her roommate’s computer and is sitting at her roommate’s desk when she notices something weird about her seat. She looks underneath it, and every single one of her missing socks is folded up neatly and pinned to the bottom of the chair. Every. Single. One.

She never confronted the roommate about it; she was too freaked out. The creepy sock hoarder moved out shortly after.” gimmefiction

Although most roommates end up being tolerable to live with, there’s still a handful of people out there who absolutely should not, under any circumstance, be living with other people. Have you ever had to live with someone awful?

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