People Are Unable To Explain These Spine-Chilling Stories

Have you ever experienced something so strange and inexplicable that it left you utterly bewildered? A moment that defied all rational explanation and challenged the boundaries of what we perceive as reality? These enigmatic occurrences, though rare, have a way of captivating our minds and sparking a curiosity that lingers long after the event has passed. Continue reading to hear some creepy, unexplainable stories that people couldn't help but share.

31. Is My Son A Time Traveller?


“This happened this morning and I feel like I’m going crazy, I never had an episode where I questioned reality, I’m not under any mind-altering substance, I barely drink beverages like once every 3 months and I only have a cup of coffee every morning.

So to understand what happened you need to know a little about me, I love fantasy and science fiction, I’ve been an avid reader since I was 11 and one of the things that always captured my mind was the topic of time travel, so since I was young I don’t remember exactly when I started doing, it I developed a code to tell myself in case I time traveled, or if I ever encounter another me, I’m actually a little embarrassed about doing this, so it’s not something I actually tell people, until today not even my wife knew about this, the code has always been the same but I wasn’t actually serious about it, it was just something of a private joke only for myself when I left my mind drift whenever I read a time travel story.

My code consists of 3 words, one in Spanish (my mother tongue) one in English, and one word I invented myself.

My wife is kind of the opposite she doesn’t dislike fantasy or science fiction but it’s not something she really cares about, she can watch a good movie, or read a fantasy book once in a while, but it’s not something that defines her.

So this morning we were having breakfast, as usual, our son 2 and he’s having some difficulty learning to talk, and sometimes is hard to understand him, we’re in the process of stimulating him and teaching him animals and colors, we usually get really excited whenever he learns a new word, so we were eating and my son babbles something, to my ears it was nothing but usual baby talk with no sense, but my wife goes and says, something like aww look a new word and gets all surprised, was that English? (we’re Latinos we speak Spanish) and goes and repeats my actual code in order first Spanish then English and then she says I didn’t understand the last one and goes to say my actual invented word, like exactly the word there’s no way to mistake it for something else in any other language (something like my username another invented word)

At this point, I’m really freaked out I’m looking at her paralyzed in fear, and she notices something is wrong, it took me a while to calm myself and explain it all to her, she swears that our son said those 3 words and I’m sure that I only heard random babble, if not for the fact that I was actually freaked out and like trembling and all I’m sure she’d think I was joking but none of us can really explain what happened.”

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30. The Weird Car Accident


” I decided I should share a story about a car accident that was caused (maybe?) by a glitch. This happened to me and my ex-partner around 20 years ago. At the time of this happening I didn’t have any idea of glitches, or related things happening.

I was aware of unexplained phenomenon, but that’s about the extent of it with them just being interesting stories.

We were driving home and it was snowing out. There was already a few inches of snow on the ground/streets and it was forecasted to continue for days.

Our house was on a hill with a 2 lane road (1 lane each direction) with room on the side of the street for on street parking along with sidewalks on both sides.

As I was driving (very slowly/carefully) down the hill to approach my driveway I turned on my left turn signal to cross the oncoming lane (no traffic approaching).

I noticed a blue Chevy Tahoe coming up from behind me fairly quickly. I realized it might not be able to slow down enough and could possible rear end us. I told my partner “hold on we might get hit!” I quickly changed my mind and decided to pull onto right side of road where there were no cars parked.

As I pulled over I watched as the Tahoe passed by me on the left hand side (partially into the oncoming lane) with a lady wearing scrubs driving. I looked over at my partner and smiled saying “whew, we made it.” She smiled back at me and in that moment we got rear ended by a blue Tahoe.

Our car did a complete 180 and ended up on the sidewalk facing back up the hill.

My mind was trying to figure out what happened and how we had gotten hit. I asked my partner if she was ok and she said “Yes, I’m fine. What happened, you said we made it? What hit us?” I told her ” we did make it.

You saw the Tahoe passing us in the other lane right?” She told me “yes I saw the Tahoe and figured it was another car that hit us.” I’m still  in shock and trying to process what exactly happened. I told her “I’m going to check on the Tahoe driver and make sure they are fine.”

I got out of the car and approached the blue Tahoe that had the same lady (I think) wearing scrubs driving.

I asked her “Are you ok?” She replied “Yes, I’m ok. I realized I didn’t have time to stop and saw you were turning left so I tried to go around you on the right side by the sidewalk. At the last moment you changed your mind and pulled to the right so I hit your car.” I said “You missed us by passing on the left…” then I got confused as I didn’t know how to explain.

“No I didn’t miss you. I hit your car but didn’t mean to. Are you okay?” with a concerned look on her face. “I did change my mind because I saw you were going fast and decided to pull to the right. I watched a lady in a blue Tahoe wearing scrubs pass me on my left.

If it wasn’t you, it sure looked like you.” While staring at me she yells “There are no other cars! Have you been consuming any beverages?” This is when the world started to spin. I was disoriented and sat down on the sidewalk.

My partner by now was out of the car and asking “are you alright?” The lady asked her “have you guys been consuming any beverages? He’s talking about another Tahoe and missing you.” My partner says “It did miss but you didn’t.” The lady yells “there are no other cars! Are you guys messing with me?” She starts to look frightened and says “I’m going to get my insurance information for you guys.

The cops won’t come and investigate in the snow so we will have to let the insurance companies figure this out.” She left and came back shortly with some information written on a piece of paper. She then says “I’m sorry. Hope you guys are okay, I’ve got to go” She gets in her car and drives off.

I tell my partner “we need to go inside and call the police for filing a report.” She nods and we go inside. She asks “what do we tell the police?” I tell her “we are just telling them the accident happened. They will tell us to come down and fill out the report tomorrow.” I called and talked to the dispatcher and let her know that we were rear ended and had the ladies information that hit us.

She told us “If everybody is okay then you can come on down and fill out a report when the roads are clear.” I thanked her and hung up.

My partner this whole time was just standing there and staring at nothing. I ask “are you feeling ok?” She tells me “My head kinda hurts.

I’m gonna go lay down.” I say “Wait! What the heck happened? I want to talk about this!” She doesn’t even look at me just says “we can talk tomorrow, I’m going to bed now.” I’m confused/frustrated but know better “ok, we can talk tomorrow.”

I spent a while sitting in the kitchen replaying everything and each time everything is the same, no differences in memory or explanations.

I wasn’t feeling very good so decided to go to sleep as well. The next morning when I woke up my partner was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. “How are you feeling?” I asked. She replied “Just a little sore, but nothing else.” I’m looking at her and she’s acting like normal.

I ask “What the heck happened last night? I can’t figure out how the same Tahoe missed us and hit us at the same time!” She shook her head at me and says “I don’t want to talk about it. We got in an accident and we must’ve been in shock.

Everything is fine and normal!” I’m amazed as we typically seem to be on the same page. “What the heck are you talking about normal?? It is not normal to be hit by a car that just missed you!” She comes completely unhinged. She starts screaming at me “I told you I’m not talking about it!” She leaves the kitchen and grabs her keys “I’m leaving!” As she’s heading for the front door I tell her “Wait.

Something happened and I don’t understand.” She turns around and says “no it didn’t.” She then slams the door.

I ran outside to get her, but she was already backing out the driveway. I’m super confused and things start getting dizzy again. I figure I’ll let her cool off and we can talk about it later when she comes back from wherever.

I go back inside and sit down and wait. A few hours later she comes back home along with a friend. I ask her “how are you?” She says “a little sore, but doing alright.” I ask her friend “Did she tell you what happened?” Her friend states “Yeah, you guys got in an accident and your car is messed up.” I was looking at them both and I say “No! The other part about the Tahoe?” Her friend shakes her head no.

My partner freaks out and starts screaming “everything is normal and there’s nothing going on! We got hit and you are acting crazy! I’m out of here, let’s go!”

As I’m sitting there trying to piece together (yet again) what is going on she goes to the bedroom.

Her friend is staring at me and looking at the bedroom door. She says “I don’t know what’s wrong with you but you heard her, we are leaving” and walks into the bedroom. I’m trying to keep my cool and get a handle on things at the same time.

She comes out of the room with a bag of her things and her friend a few minutes later. I tell her “I’m sorry. I’m not trying to stress you out. I’m just trying to make sense of last night.” She looked at me and was about to say something but shrugs and walks out the door.

The next day her friend shows up with her partner, “We are here to get her things. She doesn’t want to talk to you and says she hopes you will respect her and leave it alone.” Once again things start to get dizzy and I take a seat.

Her friend’s BF sits down and says “look, I don’t want problems with you but your lady is really upset. Please just be cool and we will be out of here shortly.” They packed up her things and left. I tried calling her and the phone was disconnected.

I contacted her family to ask if she was okay and her dad says “I heard the whole story and she doesn’t need your crazy stuff. Lose our number and leave my daughter alone!” He then hangs up.

I never heard from her again. I’m okay with it, just wish she would’ve given me a chance to discuss what happened.

I care more about what happened that night then I do about the relationship with her (hope that doesn’t come across too harsh). Anyways, that’s the story to the best of my recollection. I still have no explanation other then a glitch that ruined my car and relationship. Life’s a trip…”

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IDontKnow 1 month ago
I was really hoping this was going to end with something like, "And then we were fine. She has no recollection of the passing Tahoe or the argument and leaving me" but it didn't.
Maybe she has had some weird s**t like that happen to her before. Maybe she just couldn't handle it and wanted to forget about it. But you kept pushing to talk about it to try to make sense of it. So when she realized you weren't just going to let the "incident" go, she left you out of fear. I mean, I think that's crazy and stupid, but people deal different. I would've talked about it forever lol.
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29. The Unplugged Vacuum


“My father was prior military, and this experience happened on an army post ( wsmr). This was about 22 years ago; I was a sophomore in high school. My mom would get contracts to clean empty houses after someone was stationed elsewhere for extra cash. Sometimes I would go with her to help out.

One night she told me that she needed to strip and wax the floors at a house because it was due the next day and she asked me to help so we went. She had a vacuum she would run through the house before putting wax on the floor, so she started doing that in the back bedroom.

I was in the living room adding the chemical to the mop bucket, the vacuum was audible. As she made her way into the living room with the vacuum I noticed something odd. The end of the power cord was visibly unplugged and in the middle of the hallway , but the vacuum was still running.

I don’t know if she could feel my vibe or what, but my mom looked at me and at the same time I pointed towards the end of the power cord.

When she saw it she immediately shrieked and dropped the vacuum , running out of the house.

As soon as she had let go of the vacuum it powered off . I followed her out and she wouldn’t go back in so I finished the floors. Don’t get me wrong, I was freaked out too, but not enough to stop me. My mom thinks it was spirit related and possibly demonic.

I did not “feel” anything. I saw what I saw though. I came up with two theories back then. 1. Some Tesla type stuff where there was current in the air? And 2. She did it with her mind. We still talk about it sometimes and I have asked her what she was thinking about when vacuuming and she said she was just making a list in her head of things to get done . So what do you guys think ? Glitch? Or power of the mind type of thing? Or the govt. was emitting electric current through the air at just the right time?”

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IDontKnow 1 month ago
Maybe your mom has super powers!!
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28. The Changing Deli Menu


“I had this happen about 5 years ago. It honestly freaked me and my wife out at the time.

Me and my ex-wife would often throw bbqs and invite people over for drinks and food. We went to the supermarket and I had proposed sausage. We were food connoisseurs and liked to surprise our friends with unique flavors.

The deli there had several different sausage options, but none were really unique. For example, jalapeño and cheese. I remember specifically that I had out loud said that they didn’t seem to have anything worth getting, insinuating that maybe we would need to go with a different protein option.

She agreed. About 3 seconds after this exchange, the deli changed as if I had been wearing blinders, because my vision blurred and now there were clearly more options. The glass case now had an entirely new section directly right next to the sausages we were just looking at, as if the selection had now expanded, with a couple ordinary options and two interesting ones.

I freaked out immediately. I asked her was this always here? How did I not see these? And she was equally freaked out and said she did not see them either, they just seemed to appear suddenly. I pressed her and raised my voice, because I was scared.

I said no, these sausages were not here, indicating to the exact new options. How would I not notice them? They were not hidden and like I said, right next to the other ones. I said all of this out loud. And she said she didn’t see how we didn’t see them.

I even asked if she noticed them at the exact moment I mentioned them and she said yes. We both saw the new ones at the same time…

We were both a bit shaken, but I assume we were meant to buy sausage. I picked up one of the new sausage packets, I think it was chorizo and another that was like… Indian spices or something like that. We bought them, but I STILL asked her in the car how did that happen and we couldn’t explain it. New options appeared because we were both unsatisfied.”

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27. The Disappearing Store


“One day, My mother and I were visiting a town a few hours from home as a little weekend getaway. They have a downtown that is full of shops and restaurants and such. We were walking through one day and on the corner of one of the streets sat a few shops clustered together that looked like they were brand new built.

One of the stores was a Thomas Kinkade store with all his paintings which my mom is absolutely in love with. It was a small gallery with a store to purchase all of his pieces. We lost our home to a big wildfire a few years ago and my mom lost her KinKade painting that was hanging in the living room, which was just a small one that wasn’t very popular of his.

When we walked right in, the first painting straight in front of our faces was the painting that we had in the living room. We were a bit shocked and weirded out. But we continued to stroll around and eventually ended up in the store. The cashier was incredibly nice, she stated that they his family opened this because Thomas used to visit the town often.

We asked her if the store was temporary just because it was an “Art Gallery” and my mother didn’t have enough funds at the time to replace her painting. The lady said no, Thomas himself left funds aside to open up a shop for him. My mother told her that we wanted a painting eventually and had the lady write down her number so we could call when we had the funds.

She also took my mothers number just in case the painting sold. We left and went back home.

3 months later, we got our wildfire funds and headed to the town to get the painting. No answer on the phone call though. We walked through the downtown and walked up the small hill.

There was no building or store anymore. It was just gone. There was no construction anywhere or anything, it just seemed like it poofed into thin air. We were so confused.

We went into the candy store that faced the shop and asked the cashier if she knew what happened to the store.

She looked at us confused and said she’s worked there for years and that lot has always been empty.

At this point, we were absolutely confused. We searched the internet and the yellow book pages. Absolutely nothing. We just shrugged it off and then went home. A few months passed again and my mom got a call, it was the lady and she was asking if we were still interested and ever coming back.

At this point, we were genuinely freaking out. My mom double checked with her the address and everything.

So we planned another little trip to head there. And when we walked to the same place we had walked a few months ago, there it stood. We asked the same lady if they had moved locations or anything within the past few months and she looked at us confused. She said they have always been there. We bought the painting and left. No clue what happened there. We are still so weirded out and shocked.”

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IDontKnow 1 month ago
I was so afraid your mom wasn't going to end up getting her painting. I'm so glad she did!!
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26. "What Car Did I Drive Here?"


“My partner and I both have our own vehicles. I drive a black jeep and he drives a white escape. He was at work yesterday till 430 p.m. and I got off work around 11 a.m. and decided to go to my friends house for a little bit.

My friend came outside when I got to her house and we walked into her house together. About 20 minutes later I realized I left something in the jeep so I went out to get them. As I walked out the door I saw my partner’s white escape (which I do drive a lot) sitting in the drive way.

I was confused because it was about 130 p.m. and my friend lives 45 minutes away. I walked up to the escape to see what he was doing there and no one was in the car. I looked around and realized I didn’t see the jeep so I took the keys out my pocket to hit the lock button to make it make sound to see where it was and I pulled out the keys to the escape, which would have been impossible because my partner took the escape to work and we only have 1 set of keys for that car.

I put the keys back in my pocket to run inside and ask my friend what car I pulled up in. She looked at me like I lost my mind and said I pulled up in the jeep. I told her the escape is in the drive way and not the jeep.

We went outside so I could show her and the jeep was back and the escape was gone. She saw how freaked out I was and we went to look at the security cameras and from right before I pulled in to where my friend and I walked out her house again the camera wasn’t working (which she claims has never happened).

We sat outside till I left because if it was going to happen again I wanted to see it happen. I ended up leaving an hour or so later but I honestly was nervous to get in the car because I literally thought it was going to glitch out again and I end up somewhere I don’t want to be. This was one of the weirdest things I have had happen to me and wouldn’t believe it, if it hadn’t happened to me.”

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25. The Text From The Other Side


“My father passed away over this past winter after a long battle with leukemia. He and I were close and he actually passed away when my fiancé and I were having some issues and I decided to spend the night at my parent’s house. He had wanted me handle everything when he passed so that my mother wouldn’t have to.

He knew she’d be a mess and knew I could still maintain a strong exterior even when being an emotional wreck on the inside. So weirdly, it felt like he waited until I was there to die and unfortunately the image of him lifeless the next morning is something I don’t know if I’ll ever get over.

Anyway, I decided to stay with my mother for awhile, through the holidays at least, to help her adjust to being along for the first time in 50+ years. I was staying in the one bedroom that was upstairs. She still slept in their bedroom on the main floor.

My partner and I were still having issues so I wasn’t sleeping well. I was up late most nights just stressed from all angles (was also out of work at the time and stressing about interviews). One night while I’m laying in bed watching tv I get a text alert.

When I look at my phone I have a message from my mother that read “I know you’re here with me”. That seemed like an odd 3am text so I replied “are you okay?” I didn’t get a reply so I decided to go downstairs and check on her.

She was sleep in her bedroom, snoring away. I was weirded out but figured I’d ask her in the morning if she remembered messaging me and then immediately falling asleep. Before heading back upstairs I went to the kitchen to grab some water and while passing through the living room I saw her phone charging on a side table.

I grabbed my water and went back upstairs to double check the time stamp on the message thinking maybe it had actually come through earlier or something. Maybe some kind of delay. And in the morning I asked my mother about it and she had no idea what I was talking about.

She went and grabbed her phone from the living room and seemed to be as freaked out as I was. We kind of laughed it off awkwardly and said it was my dad reaching out from beyond the grave and left it at that.

But it’s always bothered me, the way it was worded.

If my dead father were to text me wouldn’t it be “Just know, I’m here with you” or “I’ll always with with you”? Something along those lines. But instead it said “I know you’re here with me” as if I’ve died too or am soon going to.

Or it read like something a living person would say to the dead. I’ve thought maybe he’s in another timeline now where the family is altogether. I just don’t know.

I think about this often because I have no explanation for receiving the text since the phone was in a room alone when I received a message from it.

And even resolving to it being delivered much later than it was sent I do believe my mother in her confusion about it. She doesn’t use her cell much anyway and was using it even less because she was overwhelmed by people calling that and the house phone to check in on her.

Just needed to get this off my chest and see if there’s any other interesting theories about what it meant. Maybe I’m dead. Maybe my dad is alive in alternate universe.”

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24. The Missing Outlet


“Seven and half years ago I (42F) opened a bar/restaurant. There was a little alcove area sort of set back from the main dining room. I decided to hang wallpaper in the alcove, the thick type that looks like tin tiles if you paint it properly.

I hung the wallpaper myself, and while I do most of the design and decoration work in my bars, I’m not INCREDIBLY good or exacting at some of the tasks, even though the end product is usually fine. The alcove (maybe 10’x8’) had three walls (instead of a fourth wall it just opened up into the dining room) and had two electrical outlets, one on the left wall and one on the right, if you were standing just inside the area with your back to main dining room.

I papered the left wall first. I kind of haphazardly held a strip of wallpaper up to the section with the outlet and made a vague outline of where to cut the wallpaper so that the outlet would be accessible through it. Since I am like I am, it didn’t line up perfectly (almost!!) and I had to redo the strip, being more careful that time.

I worked my way around the walls clockwise, and about an hour later I got to the second outlet. I was tired so I made myself “measure twice, cut once,” so the second outlet would properly line up the first time.

While I was meticulously measuring, my buddy John (42M) came over to the space to check on my progress.

He’s WAY better at home improvement stuff than me and as soon as he walked into the future-restaurant, he laughed because he knew I had messed up the first outlet. I admitted I had been impatient, messed up, and was trying to get the second outlet to work right the first time.

Fast forward FOUR and halfish years. The shutdown was in effect and John was helping me work the to-go-food pickup window. We’d converted to to-go-only like lots of restaurants. The unused dining room became a warehouse/storage space of sorts, and we used it for dry food prep and for staging pickup orders.

One day, I was making some new menus and John was working the pickup window. I was trying to plug my laminator into the leftmost alcove outlet, but since the dining room was full of dry goods boxes and supply tables, there wasn’t anywhere to sit the laminator where its relatively short cord would comfortably reach the left outlet.

John saw me looking for a way to arrange stuff and he said, “just plug it into the right outlet, the good wallpaper one.” We laughed because even though I’d worked so hard on that second outlet, I ended up just shoving a couch against it and it had not been used since the restaurant opened.

So I moved the couch away from the wall a bit and, you guessed it…

…no outlet. No cut in the wallpaper, no patch. Nothing.

I called John over and we just sort of stared at the space where we knew the outlet WAS. Nothing we came up with satisfied the confusion.

I even called my perfectionist, amateur-handyman dad and asked him if he remembered an outlet there, and of course he did, because i had told him about my attempts to eyeball the first one and he jokingly reminded me he had raised me better than that. Three years later, we all still mention it from time to time.”

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23. The Missing Eye Doctor


“This happened a while back, sometime during the summer of 2021. I always thought this event was pretty weird.

So at the time of this event, I was living in Vienna in a student dormitory. It was getting time for me to renew my prescription for my eyeglasses, so I looked around for places to do that.

Turns out, there’s one optical store just around the corner from me! I made an appointment and went for the eye exam.

I showed up, said hello – the guy at the front desk seemed very confused that I would be there even though we had talked on the phone about me coming, and that was only a day before.

Eh. Whatever, I thought. The actual exam took place in a back room, and the doctor examining me was this short, stocky gentleman with a distinct Farsi accent (I know because I have had a loot of Persian friends since childhood, I pick up on that sound intuitively at this point).

Everything goes well, I get my prescription – or I don’t? Only at the very end do I realize, that doctor never gave me the paper slip with my numbers on them. I tried noting them down from memory since he clearly showed me everything on his computer monitor, but I wanted to make sure.

So, I walked in to the same place the next morning to ask for a copy.

I walk in, and this time it’s a much older, taller guy at the front desk who answers me. I give him my name and tell him what happened, and he types away at his computer for maybe a solid minute.

Then he calls someone else over from the back. They whisper to each other. They stare at the monitor for another minute. I almost felt like they were suspecting me of…something, by the way they were acting about it all.

“Uh, well, sir, it seems like you haven’t been here before.”

“Excuse me?”

“You have not been a customer of ours according to our database.”

“Obviously there must be a mistake.

Just let me talk to the doctor who examined me *yesterday*, he will know what I need.”

I was very confused at this point, but oh well. Maybe the new-old guy at the front desk had simply messed up. There’s no way the doctor wouldn’t recognize me! I was even wearing the same color shirt as the day before.

The old guy by the entrance was so kind (and strangely official) in asking all the store’s ODs to come and line up for me for a second. There weren’t that many, of course, it was a small store. Maybe five people. And my guy, the short, bronze-skinned guy with the Farsi accent, was so obviously not among them.

It was all tall, younger-looking white Austrian doctors with Viennese accents.

I was really confused. I asked the guy from the front desk what’s going on, if the doctor I had just seen had just spontaneously decided to take a day off.

He typed away for a moment and then just bluntly told me “no” .

I have no idea if that’s “no, he didn’t” , or “no, he doesn’t exist” .

I was feeling totally weirded out by this interaction, so I just jumped ahead and asked if I can resolve this confusion by just re-doing my eye exam here.

With a very fake smile, he leaned over to me and said, “My apologies, but at the moment, we are fully booked and can’t take on new appointments for such things.

I suggest you try one of our other locations.”

Now, I know that this was not true because the younger guy I had been talking on the phone with told me (and showed me, via their website) that appointments for eye exams there are only a courtesy thing – they have a company policy that they’re always free, and there’s like 50 time slots available for each day so they basically never fill up.

On the day that I came, I was free to choose any time from I think 10:15am to 3:30pm or something like that, so that they would be suddenly “fully booked” is a bit silly.

I felt like telling that to this guy, but I wasn’t in the mood for an argument. I could tell they were about to shoo me out for reasons I couldn’t grasp, so I just left.”

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22. My Neighbors Changing Door


“This weekend I came home to visit my parents, which I do every weekend, when I noticed their neighbor’s house had tan siding on it, not the green-blue I remembered it to be. I had lived in my parent’s house from 1976 to 1991, and when I left to move when I got a job, I continued to visit my parents every Sunday, with only a rare failure on bad weather winter days, and a few weeks during the start of the situation.

I swear the neighbor’s house had greenish blue siding door until I saw it this past weekend, so I asked my parents when the neighbor got new siding, and my dad laughed, and said “40 years ago, maybe?” Then he said “maybe it looks green in certain light?” But I look at it now, and it so totally does not look greenish blue, it is extremely tan, I couldn’t think what lighting would ever make that difference, and it certainly would have looked tan at some point.

But I have been visiting them every week and I really noticed the “different” colored siding this week, and I was just briefly driving by it to pull into my parent’s driveway. I thought to look to see if I had any photos of my parent’s house that might have had a corner or glimpse of the neighbor’s house in it, but it did occur to me that if I had suddenly experienced a glitch or a reality shift, any photos I might have taken would have aligned with the reality that I was experiencing now and they would show tan, vs greenish blue. Which is what happened, because I found one. But I will continue to swear that the house “just” became “tan”, and that my parents are just from a reality that it was always “tan” in. It was weird.”

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21. The Disappearing Green Jeep


“This happened a few years ago, around 2017 or 2018.

I was driving down a road in the evening, the sun had mostly set but it wasn’t completely dark. Behind me, there was a very distinct Jeep – green with a unique paint job, with green LED highlights.

We were on a rural highway, there were no turn offs during this stretch of the road, and the car had been behind me for several minutes.

On the radio was some Blink 182 song. I was in a cover band at the time, this was one of the songs that was in our set list- I was driving back from a practice, and I was trying to work through something in that song.

So I knew it pretty intimately.

Here’s where I noticed the glitch.

I’ve experienced this sensation twice in my life, this is one of them. The best I can describe it is if someone hypothetically grabbed the bottom of your spine and cracks it like a whip, the sensation travels up your spine and culminates in a “pop” right at the base of the skull/top of the spine; after the pop my ears were ringing (faintly, I could still hear other noises) for a solid 30 seconds.

The “pop” occurred during an instrumental breakdown in the song. After the pop, I noticed an extra measure in the instrumental breakdown. An extra 4 beats. This was a song we had rehearsed hundreds of times, there’s no way I simply was counting the beat wrong or something like that, I know this song very well.

I look up in my rear view mirror- the Jeep is no longer behind me. This is a rural highway with no where that they could have turned off. Weird, I thought… but maybe they pulled over and I just didn’t notice?

Well, not 15 seconds later, I notice oncoming highlights coming up around a bend in the road, and wouldn’t you know it… green LED headlights.

The car passes, and sure enough- green Jeep with a very distinct paint job. There’s no way that car could have gone from behind me to oncoming in that span of time.

Anyway, i didn’t really know what to make of it at the time. I’ve since been able to pinpoint that as a glitch in the matrix/shift moment. “

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20. The Strange Man And His Bonfire


“A few months ago, I had gone on a walk down my house’s road and out onto the main st. I turned left and walked for a while, then turned around and went back to the neighborhood road. Nothing strange there. However, when I walked back onto the road, I saw a man I had never seen before.

Now that I think about it, the trailer he was sitting by was at a 45° angle from the road, and none of those exist in my area. Anyway, he had a big fire going in his yard. I was strongly tempted to go sit by the fire and have a chat (which was odd, I’m usually extremely wary of strangers), but decided to just go home.

Once I got to my house, it kind of “clicked” that that house and guy and fire pit weren’t real, or at least weren’t normal. Like, they didn’t exist before my walk; the fire was huge, how would this guy have started it in the maybe ten minutes I was off our road? At this point my house started giving me the heebie jeebies so I speed walked back out to the main instead of going inside (the man by the fire smiled at me as I walked past, very friendly looking man), walked down main street to the right for a while, turned back around, walked home.

The man was completely gone.

I had my family come down the road with me; I thought maybe I had simply missed him on the way back down, and the fire was really cool, so we should check it out! But nothing was there. No man, no fire, no clearing, no 45° house.

I choked down the sick feeling in my chest and brushed it off with my family as just being tired, it was maybe 10pm but they urged me to go to sleep anyways. Wherever I was, I’m glad I got out of it by walking to the main.

Nothing like that has happened before or since.

There were a couple other strange things that happened that night, but that was the most salient thing. I still have no idea how to explain it. It’s one of two paranormal/weird experiences I’ve had in life that have made me question my sanity; fortunately the other I at least had people with me who agree with my story.”

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19. Don't Order From Happy House


“My ex-husband and I had ordered takeout dinner from our favorite Chinese restaurant called Happy House. A little time goes by that evening and my stomach starts hurting so I rush to the bathroom. I ended up with horrible food poisoning. I had to go to the ER.

Needless to say, we didn’t order from them ever again.

About 6 months go by, when my ex and I were in Joplin, MO for his work. We live in Oklahoma. There was a local Chinese restaurant that had a buffet style menu. I reluctantly agreed to eat there because of my previous experience at home.

We get our food and start eating. We start talking and joking about Happy House giving me food poisoning when my cell phone rings.

Keep in mind that we never ordered food from Happy House since it had made me so sick. I’m digging in my purse trying to get my phone when I find it and look at the caller ID.

The caller ID on my screen is Happy House. We were baffled that they were calling in the middle of our conversation about them. I answered and the lady states she’s calling about my order. (Postmates, etc. weren’t a thing yet so no one else could have ordered it and no they weren’t saved in my phone so it wasn’t accidentally called in my purse) I tell the caller that I didn’t place an order.

She was adamant that I had placed one. I told her multiple times I didn’t call and order anything that I was actually out of town. I asked what address was given and she read my home address back to me. Eventually she accepted that I didn’t want the food and we hung up.

My ex and I still talk about it to this day. We don’t understand how Happy House would call about an order we didn’t place right in the middle of us talking about them 6+ months after the fact? It wasn’t something we regularly talked about either. It’s more than a coincidence and more like a glitch in timelines or something.

Have you experienced something similar? Did our timelines swap? It still is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me.”

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18. The Cashier Who Told Me I Don't Exist


“I had just recently purchased my house and my old washer and dryer wouldn’t fit (plus they were terrible and my wife hated using them), so she sent me on a mission to buy a new set.

I didn’t do my research and as I’m standing in the Lowes appliance department coming to grips with what I’m up against, my contractor neighbor walked up behind me.

He helped me pick out the exact units I was going to purchase.

I bought them, and then life got weird for a few minutes.

When I got to the truck with my two large boxes, there stands my neighbor waiting for me. I thought he was waiting to help me load them, but he just looked at the boxes and said something like “That’s a gas dryer.

We don’t have gas.” I teased him for a couple of minutes about helping me pick the wrong units out, and it was as normal an interaction as I could have had. I went inside to do the return walk-of-shame on the items I literally never even left the parking lot with.

My neighbor walked to his truck.

I’m at the return counter. The girl behind the register asks me my name. I told her and handed her my receipt from five minutes prior while explaining the situation. Without even looking up at me, she says again “Name?” I tell her my name a second time and she says nothing while typing into the computer.

In comes my neighbor to the return desk with a gallon of paint. He waits in line behind me, saying nothing. The girl behind the register looks up at me and says “Name sir?” I tell her my name for a third time, pointing to the receipt on the counter and try to explain the situation again.

She types into the computer some more, and for what was probably a solid minute says nothing at all. Another girl at the return desk finishes with another customer and comes over to help.

The new girl says to me, while they both stare into the computer screen, “Name?” A fourth time, I give them both my name.

Without taking their eyes off of the screen the new girl says, and I kid you not, “I’m sorry sir, but you don’t exist.”

I got sort of light headed after she said that because I was already thinking how strange this was. I said back “I don’t exist, or I’m not in your system?” Without answering me, the second girl says to my neighbor “Sir, I can help you over here” and moves to the next register as my neighbor walks past me, and without another word to me, returns his paint and walks out the door.

THEN, almost as if nothing weird had happened, the first girl just says “[my name], here’s your return. You’ll have to purchase the new ones and we’ll refund you for the ones you mistakenly purchased.” Without even going back to appliances, there behind me stands a guy with the units I needed on a dolly ready to help me buy and load them into my truck.

My neighbor was gone, but when I asked him about it he didn’t think there was anything weird about the whole thing. I, on the other hand, had an existential crisis and only barely managed to hold it together.”

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17. The Dash Cam Glitch


“I finished my shift at 7am. I was not up all night though as part of my job is getting to sleep from 11pm to 7am (support work).

As I was exiting the building I work, I saw an ex co-worker from an old job. I’ve seen her walking down this same street maybe about two or three times before- each time, surprised to see her.

Immediately I thought to myself “oh look, it’s Emily again” and looked at her as I drove past because it was like seeing an old friend again.

I drove about 600m down the road in the direction she was heading. It would have taken me about a minute max before I drove past a bus stop and to my surprise, standing there was the same ex co-worker, waiting there at a bus stop!

How did she walk 600m in a minute? And manage to get past me, who was in a car?

As I drove past her this second time, I thought that I was going crazy.

I must’ve looked like I had seen a ghost. I was going to continue on my way home but thought “nah, this is crazy I need to go back”.
So I quickly turned back.

I drove past the bus stop again but the bus stop was empty!! She was not there.

I thought I was definitely going crazy at this point. No buses had come either as I would have seen one.

So now I was slowly driving back in the direction of work, questioning what had just happened. Still looking everywhere to see if she was walking on this same road in case maybe I had imagined her at the bus stop…though I knew that I did not imagine it.

I literally told myself “you’re going crazy”. Then realized I had a dash cam! I had it all on tape!

Fast forward to going home. I checked my footage and I saw her in the video walking. Although unidentifiable (quality, not detailed, dash pov only sees her for a few seconds before she walks behind cars), it confirmed to me that she was where I first saw her.

But because my dash cam captures videos in 1 minute increments, I went to the next video where she would have been at the bus stop BUT the file did not work! It was unplayable. The file was corrupted. Was and still is.

Of all times…this had never happened to me before where a dash cam video did not play.

Also to note, the videos after ‘the bus stop’ were all working and not corrupted.

Not sure what happened that day. Either my mind was playing tricks on me or the matrix glitched. All I know is that I have never questioned what my eyes had just seen, like I did on that morning.”

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16. The Two Bottles Of Medication


“Ok, so admittedly, I was not (prior to this incident) a big believer in glitches. Heck, if I am being honest, I sort of pride myself in my own skepticism. I am not/was not under the influence of anything mind altering. With that, on with the events of this past evening.

So I went out to do some shopping and while in the store my partner asked me to bring back ibuprofen. I respond by telling her I had found a single bottle recently and it was high in the cabinet so if she wanted to wait for me to get back home to grab it instead of her inconveniencing herself, I’d be back soon.

And so with shopping done I come home, yell to her I am back, put away the groceries and proceed to tell her about my crippling stomach pains (real bad tummy day, which is somewhat routine for me)…. after I was through complaining I grab a soda and go over the food I just bought, she becomes excited for a smoothie I got her and I say to hang tight I’ll go grab it from the fridge….

And here is where it gets bizarre….

I return with the smoothie and recall that she also needed that ibuprofen so I go to the cabinet, reach up top to grab the only bottle of ibuprofen I knew of and turn to hand it to her. She looks sort of confused and says “you just gave me the ibuprofen” and she holds up the bottle…

at which point I am completely baffled and explain to her calmly that not only did I not do that, I definitely only knew where 1 bottle was, period…. she and I go over the whole chain of events and the point in time she claims I gave her the bottle was between complaining about my stomach and getting the soda (as though I’d left the room and came back in with the ibuprofen BUT the only bottle I knew of was in the cabinet in the same room as her….

as in, I could not possibly have left the room and came back with it because to my knowledge there was none outside of that one bottle).

I am extremely aware of only 1 bottle as she needs it routinely and we thought we had none about a week ago, after which I discover the one rogue bottle cleaning and placed it in the cabinet knowing full well she would need it sooner or later and I’d have one on hand.

I actually almost gave it to someone else who was over complaining of a headache but checked, verified I only had one bottle, and said “I’ve only one bottle and my partner will need it.” Then proceeded to give them the option of any of the other analgesics I had…..

so you see, there is not a snowballs chance in heck I mistakenly had 2 bottles to my knowledge. But moreover, I have, as everyone does, know what it’s like to just have a brain fart and not realize something I did on autopilot…. this was not that.

To conclude… I don’t have a history of any cognitive malfunctions, no hiccups or holes in my memory, and I don’t do anything risky to jeopardize my gray matter. I firmly believe the brain to be a terrible thing to waste. And also, before anyone asks, the ibuprofen in the cabinet and the bottle she had matched perfectly and even though it was from CVS which I had NOT gone to in a long time, I still checked the sales receipts from the store to make sure I didn’t seriously have a gap in recollection of my picking it up while out.

This is truly a case for which I am totally in disbelief and honestly, if I was anyone else reading this I’d just say “yea, either dude forgot he had a second bottle in the cabinet or she was messing with him”…. believe me when I say folks, I wish I could chalk this up to such a simple explanation.”

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15. The Growing Tree


“A couple weeks ago I was walking upstairs in my house and I looked out the window of the second floor in the foyer. There is a large tree in the front yard that covers half the view of the window, but you can still see the sky above the tree from the window.

There is a single, super bright star that is visible, and I always enjoy looking at it when I go upstairs for the night. On this night, I walked up the stairs and looked out the window, and I noticed that the tree completely covered the window so that no stars were visible.

In fact, no part of the sky was visible at all, and the only thing I could see was a massive tree. I thought I must have missed something, or maybe it was cloudy and I wasn’t seeing correctly? So I walked back down the stairs again to see if I could see the star or the sky from a different stair step.

The tree completely covered the view no matter where I stood. All I could see were the tree leaves, from the top of the window to the bottom.

I thought “hmm. That’s weird, I guess my tree must have suddenly grown extra tall and wide and I just didn’t notice.” I walked up and down the stairs three or four more times just to be sure I wasn’t confused and that I wasn’t somehow missing something.

The tree was very tall and large and no sky was visible at all, no matter which stair I was on. Still confused, I then went outside and looked at my tree in my front yard. I noticed it was extra tall and wide. I thought it was odd that this was the first time I noticed how large and wide it was, but assumed maybe I misremembered how it was, or maybe it literally grew overnight.

I chalked it all up to me being inattentive, and thought it was a bummer I wouldn’t be able to see the stars from my window anymore. I kind of forgot about it all until the next night, when I was coming up the stairs and happened to look out the window again.

This time, though, the tree was back to the size I thought it was supposed to be the day before, and it was not blocking the whole window anymore!

I saw the same bright star I had always seen out of my window for the last two years since I moved in to my house.

The leaves were no longer blocking the view. I was so confused. I walked up and down my stairs several times to see if I could have been standing somewhere else and the tree would’ve blocked the view, like it had the night before. No matter where I stood, the tree never completely blocked the view of the sky from the window.

I tried for about 10 minutes to find a spot on my stairs where the view I had the night before could be replicated, and I couldn’t do it. Perplexed, I went outside, and I realized my tree was no longer massively extra tall and wide like it was the day before.

It was back to the way I’d originally thought it was.

I spent so much time the first night trying to figure out why the tree blocked the sky view and then trying to rationalize the change, I got really freaked out the next night when it was the exact opposite.

I have no real explanation for this other than perhaps this was a glitch-if not in the matrix, then maybe in my brain. I still find it pretty unsettling.”

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14. The Strange Knock On The Door


“Ok, something weird happened. I was listening to some music and had to go to the bathroom, so I left my headphones on, the music was kinda loud but that wasn’t much of a problem. As I’m sitting there, I hear my mom on the other side of the door say she had to go to the bathroom, so I finished up and walked out.

I expected to see her laying on my bed waiting as she usually does, but I looked in and there was nobody there. I assumed she was in the front room so I went in there, as I am walking through I see through the front window that she is putting the baby’s car seat in the car (I think she said something like they were going to go).

So I walked into the kitchen to continue doing the dishes I had been doing a few minutes earlier. My headphones were still on so I didn’t hear my mom walk in the room, so I paused my music and she said she was wondering when I came out, so I said just a few minutes ago why?

Apparently she thought I was still in the bathroom and had been in the house the whole time.

She said that she put the seat in the car when I went in the bathroom and then went to the door to say she had to go. After saying this she had gone in my room to wait since Lucia (the younger sister) had rushed in my room to flip on the bed.

I said, but I just saw you outside like a minute ago, I’ve been in the kitchen for like 6ish minutes. She said she’d walked in there moments ago to have some macaroni salad and I wasn’t in there.

What happened? Am I simply misremembering? Or did I go into a rupture in time.”

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13. The Formal Old Man


“For the past couple of months I’ve been noticing this same old man everywhere I go. A shorter, late60s-early-70s? Old man with a long moustache but a bald head, in a brown, unzipped leather jacket (we’re currently getting like 30°C temps here) walking no matter where I go.

At first it was just because I had to walk in the morning almost everyday I assumed we had the same schedule and though little of it, until I saw him every day walking home. For perspective sometimes I’d walk home early afternoon, sometimes it would be late in the evening, but I’d pass by him almost every time I walked, usually in and around the same-ish area, but I would occasionally see him anywhere else along my mile-and-a-half route, no matter which littler route I took (there are 3 separate ways I can take, all are relatively close to each other, but I would pass by him every time).

The even weirder part is that after a while every time I came into his line of sight he would stop walking and just stop and face the road with his hands behind his back, similar to a military parade rest, but less snappy and formal, and would remain like that until I was like 100 feet away.

And now things start to get weirder. I now had a learner’s driver permit for my car, so I would drive instead of walk whenever I could (because I hate sweating) but I would still see him on my route every day, despite leaving a half-hour later than I would have if I was walking.

The only time I haven’t seen him was when I took a really long detour to get coffee the one morning. This went on and on. It got even weirder when I had to walk downtown for an interview not too long ago and I seen him all the way down by where the stores and stuff are, which is a good few miles, with the hills and summer heat probably a bit much for 60 or 70 year old.

Fast forward to about 3 days ago when I had to take the bus (nobody was available to sit passenger in my car for my learner’s permit) out and drop off some paperwork for a work opportunity, and I see him again on the bus on my way going to my destination, he was already on before me, so I naturally took a seat way at the back to try and see where he would get off, but he never did.

And then just earlier today, I had to run up to the mailbox twice (where I live all the mailboxes are put in one little area because it would be wasteful to drive to every little box in my semi rural area) the first time was just to check the mail and bring everything home, the second time was about an hour later when I realised I still had the parcel mail key in my pocket (our mail system is weird), and I seen the old man BOTH TIMES in the exact same spot, at the corner of the 3-way intersection by the stop sign coming off the mailbox road facing me, before he just turned and went the opposite direction of me.

This situation is starting to make me actually question my sanity, because my whole family (including the one in my passenger seat most of the time) think I’m crazy for this, and my friend also thinks I’m a little over the edge about this, but I’m seeing him everywhere every day.”

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12. The Missing Cat


“My partner and I are both kitchen hands for a catering company and as such we work weird hours, we were halfway through a 12 hour day and took our half to go home and feed our three cats.

When we left to go back to work, two of our cats were shut in the lounge, and one was shut in the kitchen/rest of the house.

We vividly remember talking about whether or not he would be fine shut in there alone, but he was finishing up his dinner and he had a litter box and a place to sleep so we agreed he would be fine.
The area he was in was completely sealed, no windows were open (or even able to be opened by a cat), and we had the only key that exists for the front door – there are no other entrances or exits to the house.

We got home after our shift had finished and opened the front door and our cat didn’t run to greet us as he normally would. We searched everywhere in the area of the house he was in and couldn’t find him anywhere. The other two cats were fine and in their normal room.

After looking around and not finding him, we heard him scratching on the outside of the front door.

We were completely sober when this happened and have run over every plausible scenario in our minds and have absolutely no clue how he ended up outside. He never ran out of the door when we arrived home – he’s massive and bright orange so he’s not easy to miss.

When I say the room was completely sealed I mean it – no way in or out and yet somehow our cat was OUTSIDE when we got home.

There is only one key made for this house and it was in my partners pocket the whole time.

Any suggestions as to what happened would be appreciated – we are freaking out about this still and my partner in particular is spooked that our cat knows exactly what happened and can’t tell us.”

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11. Everyone Else Went Silent


“During my time at uni me and my ex gf (close friend at the time) had a weird glitch-like experience that always baffled us. We were in our 2nd year of the gathering hall room which was also the cafeteria/waiting area for certain things. It is usually very busy and noisy. Furthermore, there was an announcement held in this area when we were there and during this time everyone was waiting for the announcement to happen. Me and my friend were so involved with our convo we kind of blocked out all the external noise and stayed invested in our convo. My friend was taking videos at the time and she left her phone on record without realizing. Fast forward a few minutes of our convo we notice everyone is completely silent and just looking at us and then the announcement starts.

We were so embarrassed but we didn’t notice everyone had gone so silent and it felt like we spoke for 5-10 seconds? Regardless, it was an embarrassing moment. Fast forward a couple of hours we go on with our day and return to our student house. Then my friend comes to me and tells me she has come across the most uncanny thing and can’t describe how she feels. She shows the video and I listen to it thinking nothing of it. The video starts when she mistakenly left it on record and it just has us invested in our discussion and there’s a lot of background noise with people speaking in the hall and this goes on for a few minutes and I start to get really bored – I continue watching but it was just a black video (camera facing table) with just us talking and a noisy background with the occasional tapping of finger on the table.

I still watch completely unfazed and then my friend says “Did you not notice it?” I am still utterly confused and ask her what. She rewinds the video and instructs me to listen at a certain point of the video (all of this segment is in the noisy hall). I watched this 10 second segment roughly 3 times and the moment I realized what she was directing me to pay attention to my tone changed and I felt a chill. “Everyone is quiet ” she said. At this point in the video everyone suddenly just goes radio silent and it’s as if we are being completely watched/listened to for the next 2 minutes of the video then suddenly everyone else’s time unfreezes it appears and a friend on another table alerts us to be quiet and the announcement begins in the video. In the video, since the silence began my friend alerting us is the first sound other than us talking.

We spoke to our friend and he told us we were speaking for like a few seconds while everyone was quiet but then when we showed him the video and aligned everything he even felt confused but disregarded it.

I never knew how to take it but the audio from the video is just so chilling. It’s not some form of noise cancellation from her iphone (iPhone 7 at the time) because it was picking up all the audio for a good amount of time.

It’s just this brief period where everyone else is silent and it is just us talking. It’s hard to explain. I already feel like I am missing points to explain the experience but it is what it is. We were both fascinated and terrified of it. It was just as if the world and their souls stopped and they decided to focus on our convo.”

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10. The Changing Charger


“My husband got the first gen AirPods as soon as they were released. He brought them home and realized he didn’t have a charge cable that would charge them because they used a USB-C port. We both thought it was weird that they hadn’t included a charge cable with purchase, but no worries – I had a MacBook Pro that charged with a usb-c cable and I had an extra, so I let him borrow it for the weekend while he went out of town.

He comes back, says thank you, it worked fine, (he used it twice on his trip) and gives me the cord back because he ordered one for himself and it is supposed to be delivered that day.

His new cord gets delivered – a brand new Apple USB-C cord and a wall adapter for it.

He goes to plug it in – it doesn’t fit. What?! He compares it to mine – exactly the same. He looks at the charge port in his airpods. Looks suspiciously like….

Yep. He gets his phone charger (regular iPhone charger) and it plugs right in to the AirPods.

We’re both like wait. WAIT. What the heck?!?

I watched him plug my computer cord into the airpod case the first time. It was without a doubt as usb-c cord, same on both ends. It was NOT a regular charger. He took the cable and plugged the AirPods in next to his phone at night.

Even if you want to say oh, he must have not realized he was using the wrong cord – a usbc cable will NOT FIT into a regular iPhone charging port. It’s too wide and thick. There is no way to do it.

Sure enough, the port on AirPods is now and always has been the same as the port on an iPhone.

It was never USB-C, except for three days when I guess we wound up with AirPods from a parallel dimension.

It’s so stupid, but to this day neither one of us knows how it happened. We both plugged that cable into the charge case the first time, and my husband did it for three days before it mysteriously changed. It’s not a very exciting glitch, but it 100% happened, and I have no explanation for it.”

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9. The Glowing Blue Orb


“Years ago, I was driving home from work just like any other day. Broad daylight, around 3:30, somewhat overcast day but no rain. It’s a short commute in a rural area. I suddenly noticed in my peripheral what appeared to be a big blue ball flying toward my car’s driver side as if it had been thrown.

The closer it got, the smaller it got (started out about the size of a manhole cover and decreased in size to about a basketball) and I realized it was glowing. As it was about to hit my car I instinctively turned my head the other way and braced for impact.

When I did, I watched it (now the size of a tennis ball) pass straight through my passenger side window and disappeared. The whole incident lasted a couple seconds from the time I noticed it, until the time I watched it exit my car. I literally had no time to process what happened.

No damage whatsoever to myself or my car. I was almost home so I just continued driving in stunned silence.

When I got home my son asked if I was ok, stating I looked pale and upset. I explained what I had seen to the best of my ability.

He went outside to double check my car and called me to come see. There was a perfectly round impact mark smudge on the outside of the driver side window, about the size of a basketball, it was swirly like a thumb print and another, only smaller on the inside of the passenger window.

Both marks wiped away without causing any damage but I still can’t wrap my head around what this possibly could have been. I never felt it hit the car, never heard either of the impacts and apparently whatever this was passed straight through my car and me and kept going.

I drive this route daily and have since been on the lookout for anything that could cause a random blue light, there is nothing but trees and cows. What could this have been? I would say it could have been my imagination if it hadn’t left marks on my car.”

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8. The Little Black Pixel in The Sky


“This story is from the summer of 2017.

At the time I was on a summer break from university, working at a local gas station to earn some funds for accommodation, as my family was never well off. I was cat-sitting for a friend in her apartment while she was visiting her then partner in Middle East, where he was on a work assignment.

It was middle of the week, beautiful and sunny weather- one of those rare beautiful days you just want to spend outside, but the day was passing slowly as I had to spend it in the damp gas station until late afternoon. I was expecting to finish working at 5/6PM, but to my surprise the scumbag owner of the place (really, a scumbag.

He made me work 11-15 hour days everyday for poor pay.) came in and said I could finish early. I didn’t have to be prompted more, I just grabbed my bag and went out of the place all cheery that I’d have some time to myself to enjoy the beautiful weather.

On my way to the metro station, I was looking around and just admiring the outside (it was truly a beautiful day), when I saw a helicopter in the sky. There was no sound, which was very odd as since we all know it, helicopters are bloody loud.

The helicopter looked suspended in the air, not moving at all, including the rotor at the top.

I looked down to check my glasses, as maybe I was seeing it wrong, or maybe I was just tired after a long shift, but to my surprise, when I looked up again, the helicopter disappeared and was replaced by a black pixel in the sky.

By pixel I mean a black square in the middle of clear blue sky. I immediately called my friend who was in the area and asked her to take a look at the sky, but she told me there was nothing up there.

I know it was not a hallucination, I was conscious and aware of my surroundings.

When I called my then partner to tell him about the situation, he just laughed it off and said I was being crazy, but I know what I saw.

The black pixel was in the middle of the sky and it was honestly the weirdest thing I have ever seen in my life.”

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7. The Lost 2 Hours


“This happened recently with me and my wife. We usually binge watch TV serials after dinner. We usually start at around 11:00 ish and watch 2-3 episodes each night, each episode being of 45-50 minutes duration.

This particular day we finished dinner early and sat to watch the TV at around 10:30.

We watched 2 episodes of a family drama and took a small snack break of around 5 minutes during which I looked at the wall clock which was showing the time as 00:15 a.m. My wife wanted to sleep early, but I insisted that we watch another episode and told her that latest we will be in bed by 1:15.

So she agreed and we continued watching the next episode.

After finishing the 3rd episode I got up from sofa and went to lock the main door whilst my wife was switching off the TV and complaining that we should not be keeping the main door unlocked till so late.

I told her that it’s OK, since door is latched and it’s not much late, and whilst walking towards the door, I looked at the wall clock. To my surprise the clock was showing 3:10 a.m. Immediately I asked my wife how many episodes did we watch, and she said 3 episodes.

Then I indicated towards the clock and said how come the clock is showing 3:10. She was also utterly surprised and we both checked our phones to confirm the time, and it was indeed 3:10 a.m.

We both sort of got scared and started to analyze where and how we lost around 2 hours.

Every thing seemed OK and we even went back to TV to check the episode no.s and the duration. All was in order except the time on our phones and the clock. I even checked the next days news to see if someone else has experienced similar anomaly, but there was none. Strange, but even now I wonder how we went 2 hours ahead in time on that particular night.”

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6. The Disappearing Headphones


“So I listen to music nearly everyday. I have been doing so for years, because of this I keep my headphones in my bed beside my pillow on the left side at all times for easy access.
My headphones multiple times a week fall off my bed and end up between the mattress and the wall.

At this time my bed situation was a mattress on a box spring so I didn’t have an “under the bed” for things to go missing under.

So one day in 2017 I went to listen to music and like always my headphones appeared to have fallen off the bed between the mattress and the wall.

I went to grab them without looking because they always end up at the exact same spot. I didn’t feel them so I looked over so I could grab them but they weren’t there. It didn’t seem possible so I got up and pulled the mattress out further and looked they still weren’t there.

I checked all over my room which was very clean and minimal in furniture and design so there weren’t any places for things to hide or be stored away. After a good while of looking I got a replacement pair of headphones and went about my day.

For the next 3 or so days I kept looking where my headphones should be because it just didn’t make any sense. After that I gave up and forgot about it. About a week after they went missing my replacement headphones fell off the bed like they always do and I went to grab them without looking like always but instead of the replacement headphones I pulled out the missing ones.

They were on top of the replacement ones as if they spawned back in.

For a bit of supporting detail the headphones were large over the ear pink and white headphones so extremely hard to miss and the replacement ones were black from a different brand so they’re impossible to mix up.

At the time I was home literally 24/7 because this was after I graduated high school, I wasn’t working anymore, and I wasn’t going out with friends because my one friend just had a baby and was busy so no one could have came in my room without me knowing.

I’m always an only child and my parents don’t come in my room in the first place. I also don’t put anything beside my phone, headphones and computer on or near my bed so they couldn’t have been that I put someone on my bed and they fell out of it.

Neither me or my dad could come up with a logical explanation for this.”

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IDontKnow 1 month ago
This stuff happens in my house all the time. Something will go missing, nowhere to be found, for days. Then weeks to months later, whatever went missing is just right there in plain sight, on surfaces that are used all the time, like the counter, or kitchen table, or in the middle of the living room or kitchen floor. It's so bizarre. I joke that we have little elves or little imps f-ing with us lol
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5. The Missing Brioche Buns


“My son really likes brioche buns and he is in that picky eating stage so we tend to get two packs of four buns with our weekly grocery shop. About two weeks ago we were down to one bun which I was saving for my son’s lunch.

Went to get lunch ready and the single bun had disappeared along with the bag it had come in. We looked all over the kitchen and couldn’t find it. Figured my husband must have eaten it though he swears he didn’t.

Fast forward to last weekend. I’d ordered two new bags of brioche buns with our grocery delivery but they were short and sent us one bag of 4 brioche and one bag of 4 ciabatta buns.

I was disappointed as we were packing for a little trip and I wanted to bring extra of my son’s safe food. Before we leave my son eats the first 4 brioche buns the shop had delivered. So I asked my mom to pick up an extra bag of brioche buns on her grocery run.

She grabs a different brand and we take those on the trip.

When we arrive back home from our trip 4 days later I am unpacking our snack bag and pull out the remaining buns from my mom to put away. I put them down on the counter and walked away to talk to my husband.

When we both came back to the kitchen I noticed another bag of the usual brand of brioche buns we get is sitting on the counter next to the pack from my mom which is a different brand. We both were surprised to see them as we thought we were out, my husband even commented he thought I must have brought them back from the trip.

The weird thing to me was there were 3 buns left from this bag of 4 while the bag that had gone missing had only 1 of 4 left.

Did the lone brioche bun glitch out and then phase back into existence and multiply in the process?”

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4. My Vision Turned To Tv Static


“I work outside, in the plant zone of a hardware store. One time, my boss was over talking to me, and I had felt a bit odd for a little while. As she was talking, she started sounding more and more distant/distorted/muffled. I could still understand her, but was getting very disoriented and ended up having to cut her off.

I think I said something along the lines of “I’m sorry; I’ve just gotten dizzy all of a sudden and have to go sit down for a sec,” and she let me go. At this point, my vision was really weird, too. All the colours were wrong.

I could still “see,” in that I could sense where everything was using my eyes, but was almost interpreting the world in “tv static” and textures instead of colour.

It reminded me a little bit of that weird thing cable tv does sometimes. I’ve mostly noticed it when my dad watched tennis when I was a kid; sometimes something would be glitchy, and you could still see the person on-screen moving, but they would pick up whatever background colours were nearby.

(Does anyone know what I’m talking about? Does this have a name?) I don’t know why that comes to mind. Just the closest thing I can think of. I feel like there isn’t really language to relay the mixing of senses like this, and I can’t even comprehend/understand what I experienced, anyway.

Anyhoo… I walked to the side of the parking lot and flopped down on the grass there for a few minutes, and things returned to normal.

I wonder if this was some sort of blood-flow issue in the brain for a second that caused signals to be messy (brains are rather glitchy computers at the best of times), or if it’s some sort glitch of the universe. Never happened before and never happened since, but I do hope it does… it was such a neat way to experience things.”

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3. I Saw A Wrinkle In Time


“In December of 2021 I met this girl online who happened to live in my area. We started talking and after about a week she came over to my house and picked me up for our first outing. A few months later, in March of 2022 we officially started seeing each other.

Some key points that you need to know is as follows; Firstly she drives a very recognizable car. It’s a sunflower yellow Volkswagen Beetle with a black drop top and has silver rims. Additionally it is a very particular shade of yellow which makes it even easier to distinguish.

At the time, she had split green and black hair where the green was a mix between emerald green and pastel jade. In November of 2022 (8 months later) I broke up with her after finding out she had been unfaithful to me, and we’ve been on no-contact since then.

Finally she lives about 40 minutes away from me and has really no business being in the part of town where I live.

This is where things get weird. A few times now I’ve seen similar looking cars and even one time a car that looked exactly like hers however never has it been her driving.

Last week I left my house and was maybe only a few minutes down the road. As I’m sitting at a four way intersection, a car comes from the right side and passes onto the left; basically cutting across the intersection perpendicular to where I was sitting.

It was an exact match to her bug. Same shade of yellow, black drop top, and silver rims; I look to see whose driving it and it is a girl who looks to be about my age, with exact same split colored hair as my ex.

In the moment I didn’t think much of it besides “oh well there goes my ex”, but the more I thought about it the more I’ve been freaking myself out. Now, I’ve never been one to believe in superstitious things, however this moment in particular has been on my mind quite a bit.

I know in my heart there are unexplainable things that go on but I try not to think about it too much. The amount of coincidences that had to have taken place for me to experience what I saw feels like it’s not a coincidence anymore.

So, let me get this straight. You’re telling me that a girl who looks exactly like my ex is driving an actual replica of my ex’s car (down to the very last detail) who also happens to be driving in the direction of my house just passed by? Yeah, I don’t think so.

The more I thought about it, I started to wonder if that actually was my ex, but according to all social media (her last post was a few days ago) her hair is a completely different color than it was before. She also, had put on some weight.

So, we’ve now confirmed that it was not my ex driving past me last week. I’m about to sound like a wacko but stay with me.

Every fiber in my body is telling me that I had just experienced a past version of my ex driving to meet me for the first time and I had experienced it from an outsiders perspective.

I know that sounds insane but I swear I’ve been thinking about it so much and it adds up. Her hair, check. Her car, check. Her destination, check. Her reason for being in my part of town, check. It all makes sense except for the fact that parallel universes don’t exist.. right? I know this sounds fake as crap, if you think so that’s alright I just wanted to share this experience with the internet in hopes someone could talk me out of my insanity or rather, egg me into it.”

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2. The Red Kitchen


“A couple of years ago I had just graduated high school and didn’t know what to do with my life yet or which college to go to. Since my sister is a lot older than me, by the time I graduated, she had already gotten married, had a baby and moved into a new house.

They had just put in a brand new kitchen and then they went to visit her husband’s parents, that lived in another state. My sister asked me if I wanted to house sit and feed their cat two times a day. I said yes because I was still living with my parents and wanted some time to myself, without my parents constantly nagging at me about what I want to do with my life.

They were right, of course, but I just wanted some peace.

So I stayed at my sister’s house, played with the cat, fed the cat regularly, watched movies, used their playstation and so on. I often had to stand in the kitchen and wait for the cat to finish her food.

She was a very picky eater and I had to make sure that she actually ate what I fed her. So I was standing there every day, looking around randomly, being a little bored. I vividly remember that the kitchen was in a really bright red color.

My sister thought it looked great and her husband just let her pick the color without interfering because my sister is the one cooking anyway. I wasn’t that interested in kitchens but I definitely noticed the red color and thought a couple of times that it was too bright and eye catching, they might get sick of it easily and have to pay a huge amount of money to change it.

I also took pictures and videos of the house to show them to my partner. We joked about getting married and buying a house like this too, even though we both felt way too young for that and didn’t even have jobs yet. I also filmed the kitchen and said to my partner jokingly that I wouldn’t let her chose a color like this because it’s not my cup of tea aka ugly and she agreed with me, she wouldn’t let me chose a color like this either.

Several weeks later I got accepted into a college and moved, so I didn’t stay at my sister’s house at all. Approx. one year later I was back at my parents house for holidays and my sister invited us all to dinner. I helped bringing out the food and returning used dishes and loading them into the dishwasher.

While doing that, I noticed that they had a white kitchen now. I was confused but didn’t say anything because there was a lot going on. A couple of hours later I texted my sister because I remembered the new kitchen and thought it’s funny that I was right all along.

I texted her “Why did you change your kitchen so soon? I thought you would get sick of the red, but I didn’t think you would change the kitchen to a white one that fast”.

She was really confused because she had no idea what I was talking about.

We texted back and forth and she explained that their kitchen had always been white. From day one when they had it installed in the new house. There has never been a red kitchen, not even in the planning stages. I thought this was extremely weird but I didn’t want to give up.

I suspected that she was pranking me. I looked up the pictures and videos on my phone… my heart sank when I saw it. The kitchen was white in every picture and video. I asked my partner if she remembered me sending her videos of my sister’s house and if yes, what color was the kitchen in.

She said yes, she remembered watching the video and talking to me about the red kitchen.

It couldn’t have been a dream, I definitely stayed at my sister’s house. My sister remembered me staying there and feeding the cat until they came back from their vacation. And my partner clearly remembered watching the video with the red kitchen in it.

But the color had changed in the video, so it can’t be a prank by my sister or a false memory. My partner and I couldn’t have hallucinated another color at the same time, we had a long distance relationship and only talked on the phone or texted.

We never did any substances at all and there was no drinking involved.

And lastly, it wouldn’t make sense for me to invent a story like this if it didn’t actually happen. If I had to fabricate something, I would make it a lot more creepy and interesting, not like this boring kitchen color change.

I still have no explanation besides it being a glitch in the matrix. You could argue that it could be a Mandela Effect or a switch to a parallel reality too. But I believe that this is debatable, all these things might essentially stem from the same root.

Maybe more random details changed in my life but I just don’t notice it.”

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1. I Entered The Void


“First I want to make clear that I wasn’t under the influence of anything.

This happened last year and actually made me search this sub. I was coming back from work, in my car. Everything was normal. My place of work is downtown, but I live in a suburban area.

When I would supposedly be reaching the suburbs, everything went dark, except for my car’s panel. Absolutely no lights coming from the windows. It wasn’t a blackout, because there wasn’t even the shade of those houses, and the road, if it was there, was just as dark as everything else.

I couldn’t feel the road or any acceleration, and the panel registered 0km, despite me continuing to try to accelerate. I checked my phone and there was no signal, although it showed 21:32 on the clock. I tried turning on the radio and there was just static.

When things went dark I was already scared, but things felt really nightmarish when I heard the radio static. I felt like screaming, but I was scared something in the void would hear me. Except from sounds coming from my car, it was all silent. My windows were closed and I wouldn’t dare to open them.

It was by far the most terrifying thing I experienced. And it lasted about 40ish seconds. At least it felt like that.

Suddenly I was back in the road, after just entering the neighborhood. My car was moving. I stopped by the sidewalk because I was very near a full on panic attack at this point and needed to leave the car.

Took me a few minutes to go back in. No new incidents happened. I only told this to my at the time partner and my therapist. Both agree that I’m usually a no-nonsense kind of person and wouldn’t believe this sort of thing. To be honest, I still think it’s more likely that I just had a random psychotic episode or something. But it never happened again, and nothing like that ever happened in my life before either.”

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Have you ever experienced something so bizarre and out-of-this-world that it’s unexplainable? Share your stories below, maybe you also went through a glitch in the matrix. (Note: Some stories have been shortened and modified for our audiences)