People Speak About The Unhinged Moments They Had With A Roomie

Living with another person can be a headache sometimes. Aside from the fact that you have to share everything with them, you cannot demand the whole place for yourself. But the worst part of having a roommate is having to deal with the person's dislikable attitude and quirks. This is why a lot of roommates don't get along well. Here are some of the crazy moments people have had with their roommates.

49. Jerk Roommate Has Jerk Friends


“He would try to ask at the last minute if he could throw parties on holidays.

He let people sleep in our living room for three days, asked no one about this.

Dishes would be left in the sink for weeks.

Never paid utilities.

Smoked inside, even though that’s against the lease and we specifically all told him not to. Let his significant other shave her legs in the kitchen sink.

After we stressed to not have our significant other sleep over for more than half of a week, he brought her over for five days. Immediately after moving in.

Peed in a coffee cup and left it for days.

Left random people in his room while he went to work, told no one. I discovered this after I got home.

Let his underage friends drink themselves stupid to the point that they decided to tattoo themselves in the living room, this left ink on the floor for days.

I cleaned it up.

Our dishwasher leaked, he went into my room, into my private bathroom, grabbed my towels, and plugged it up with them.

His friend tried to jostle the front door open and NYPD knock on it. I asked, ‘What the heck? Don’t do that, you don’t live here.’ This friend then answered in the jerkiest manner possible that, ‘You’re right, I don’t live here.'”

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48. He Turned "Jerk Mode" On When We Moved In


“He was a jerk. We started as friends, and then we were co-workers, and he turned out to be the laziest, grossest idiot on the planet.

We moved into an apartment together, I paid the deposit and first month’s rent, and he proceeded to be the most slovenly jerk I’d ever met. He quit his job, had nothing, and it was looking like I’d be paying the second month of rent by myself as well.

He did not pick up after himself, he complained about everything we (read: I) owned as far as furniture went because as it turns out working at a pizza place making a bit more than minimum wage doesn’t leave you a whole lot of room to buy fancy furniture, and instead you have to buy cheap living room/dining room sets from Walmart.

I left for a week to go on vacation in the mountains of beautiful British Columbia with my family, and said ‘You can mess things up, make a mess, whatever, but please clean up after yourself before I get back.’ And when I returned my cheap futon was covered in ketchup, mold was openly growing on the table because of where he decided to leave his leftovers, and all my food was gone.

His room was a disaster, covered in sunflower seed shells, he had blown whatever change he had on fast food. When I asked him ‘hey can you give me a ride to the grocery store to replace all the food you ate?’ he gave a song and dance about how he ‘wasn’t my chauffeur’. When I asked him to clean his stuff up he picked up a couple of dishes and put them in the sink and apparently that was good enough.

It very very wasn’t.

So I told him that he’d best find another place to live before that last week of the month was up. He got angry, threw a conniption. I invited another friend to move in (who ended up being the best roommate I’d ever had), and for about a week after the turn of the month, there were three of us in a two-bedroom apartment.

The slovenly jerk was living on the couch in the living room for that week, generally being a nuisance and ranting and moaning because he didn’t have the means to find another place to live. The new roommate actually cleaned up the slob’s room after he moved out into the living room.

Eventually, he found another place to live, and my new roomie and I went out and bought a big fancy 42″ TV to celebrate, and played video games, and got wasted for about two days straight. We drank mostly to forget.”

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47. He Was A Great Friend Before We Lived Together


“When asked if he could clean the toilet after he splashed pee all over the seat, he responded with ‘Fine, I just won’t use the bathroom anymore.’ Eventually, when he was asked to move out, we found a trash can in his room full of pee.

Got a dog without asking. The cutest dog in the world but ended up pooping and peeing everywhere. He was never around to train the dog.

Never bought food for the dog or changed its water. Would leave it locked in his room to continue to pee and poop while he was at work all day. Lucky for her we wouldn’t let her starve.

Asked if he could borrow a Zune from my significant other which he ended up breaking and never did anything to pay her back.

He would go through things we had in boxes and find things to make his own.

Never once in a year did he buy groceries. After we stopped feeding him, he would go to my parents who live across the street and eat their food. They were too nice to turn away someone that ‘needed’ food.

Was a great friend before we lived together. I should have seen the red flag when he said ‘Every friend I’ve ever lived with was no longer a friend afterward.’ Like, somehow I thought that it must always be the other guy’s fault.”

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46. Threw Tantrums 6 Months After Moving To Another State


“He barely had enough to pay the initial deposit and did not contribute to the required second deposit on the apartment.

He couldn’t hold down a job for more than a few weeks, and constantly complained about coworkers and management at every job he had. (If it smells like poop everywhere you go, it might be time to look under your shoe…)

He milked a sprained ankle for almost a month, calling out of his part-time checkout clerk job several times, and was only seen limping around the house while I was present.

He never paid rent in full, but always managed to have beer.

I, unfortunately, had to ask him to leave after 3 months of being $100-200 short on bills.

His mother pays for a bus ticket back across the country, and he moves back in with her.

He immediately began sending offensive and threatening messages to remaining roommates, claiming he wanted to fight us for a long time before ‘deciding to leave.’

He discarded his copies of his apartment keys in a rest-stop trash can in another state.

He abandoned his guitar worth about $150 (brand new), and now claims is worth $600+.

He was told to come pick up his guitar and given a 30-day notice of intent to discard abandoned property, according to state law.

He gave our address to strangers 6 weeks after receiving notice to pick up his guitar. Strangers claim to not know the whole story and are told to leave or police would be involved.

He claims the remaining roommates owe him over $1,000 for ‘mooching’ off of him the entire time he was here, while not buying groceries or household items once while he lived here.

He refuses to remove his name from the apartment lease despite having been in another state for 6 months.

He continues harassing former roommates on multiple social media sites among other general trolling.

The worst part is we used to be friends and I just wanted him to move out of his mom’s apartment and be a grown man, but you shouldn’t have to pay hundreds of dollars every month for your friends to be your friends.”

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45. My Partner's Roommate Flipped Out Because Of A Shirt


“Not my roommate but my significant other’s. They had been best friends for years so going into college, they decided they wanted to be roomies. Started alright but my significant other’s (let’s call him Jack) friend (let’s call him Hank) started partying pretty constantly and would come home wasted. He got so lazy that he had two laundry baskets, one for dirty one for clean.

One day Jack asked Hank if he could borrow a button-up shirt to wear under a crew neck sweater.

Hank said sure. So Jack got dressed and put his sweater on. Hank flipped out and said that he couldn’t wear his shirt if he was going to cover it up. He tackled Jack into the door, the mirror they had on it fell off (but didn’t break) so Jack pinned Hank to the floor and held him there until he cooled down a little then got up to go to class.

He handed Hank the mirror that was in front of the door and Hank poked a corner into Jack’s back so Jack turned and swung at Hank, Hank held up the mirror and Jack punched right through it. Jack told an RA what happened, and because of some domestic dispute law, they both got arrested and had to move. They lasted 20 days as roommates.”

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44. She Broke Me In Just A Month


“Worst one I ever had, I moved in with her after knowing her for a few months. Seemed a little childish, but seemed responsible enough. I fronted the deposits and the first month’s rent, along with the moving truck, as she didn’t exactly have the most lucrative job. We had a deal where I paid a significantly higher rent so I could have the bigger bedroom with the bathroom in it.

At the time, I was working 80+ hours a week. Every night the first week, I would come home to a house of people, being really loud. I addressed it, it stopped, for around half a week.

She would always eat my food and drink my beer, but the real kicker was the time my significant other spent a ton of money and time to make me an awesome meal and leftovers…

and she ate ALL OF THE LEFTOVERS. There were literally 5 meals there, and she (or her friends) ate all of it while I was at work.

She started to get super weird about 3 weeks in. Got fired from her job, and decided to spend her time texting me all day/night about what an awful and spoiled person I was. Apparently, I was spoiled and got everything just handed to me, despite working 2 full-time jobs and still struggling.

Come to find out, her mom is paying for everything, and was when she had a job as well. Car payment, phone, rent, her mom was paying it all, and I was the spoiled one? Also, spent a good portion of time yelling through doors while I was trying to sleep. Same kind of stuff.

Started locking my room when I left at week 4 because I had noticed some of my clothes and toiletries missing.

She noticed on day 4 and sent me a text message screaming about what a jerk I was for locking my door. Ok? You shouldn’t even notice that.

Week 4, Day 5, I showed up with some friends, got my dog, and moved as much as possible out into a storage shed. A few days later, I showed up with cops, a truck, some guys from work, and got the rest of my stuff.

Luckily, the complex let me break the lease without her consent. She was on the lease, but I was listed as ‘head of household’ and my finances were the ones making us eligible to live there. All said and done, I lasted with her for a month and a week.”

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43. He Gradually Became A Hateful Person


“Before earning the title of ‘worst roommate ever’, Rancid was unemployed and had worked out an arrangement with me (which, in retrospect, I should have shut down soon after it started) to pay for his share of rent which he would pay back to me later in the month with his unemployment check. This was alright: we were on good terms and he said it wouldn’t last long.

It started as being just for a few months as he looked for a job. It’d last for a year. Rancid soon needed constant reminding to pay me back and the fact that I was covering his share meant that I was always a few hundred out.

He beat the few-month old dogs he and his significant other had adopted for peeing or busting out of their dog crate (seriously, a husky/german Shepard mix doesn’t belong caged up in a tiny apartment and will do everything in its power to get out of said crate) and never bothered to properly train them to not do the things he didn’t like.

If I had the chance to go back to any moment in my life, I’d choose the first time it happened so I could A) clock him in his fat, ugly face, and B) inform him that if he did so again that I’d get the authorities involved.

Rancid also fancied himself a lady’s man. He seemed to truly believe that his unwashed bulk and slimy charisma brought all the girls to the yard, and to be fair, it got a few to cross the street.

However, as they drew near they’d get a better look at who was actually calling them to the yard and soon leave. Rancid loved to creep on women and his own relationship wasn’t even considered as a factor in if he should do so or not. Every time a woman I was friends with would be around, his first instinct was to get them alone and be touchy-feely with them, much to their displeasure.

It’d start small: a brush on the arm, touching hair, and from there, his conversations would get inappropriate. Every woman he’d befriend would also soon figure out that something was up when he’d insist that they stay over and that she could take the bed, he’d sleep on the floor, etc. I never saw any of these women stay a night or saw them again after a single evening.

In a similar case, when my significant other was staying the night at my place while I was out of town, Rancid crawled (yes, CRAWLED) up the stairs following my significant other into my room saying that he was lonely and just wanted to talk, while she tried to tell him that she was trying to go to bed and he needed to leave. His then-significant other, really angry, stormed into my room as well to look for him while he ran into my bathroom to hide.

Cue receiving a call from my significant other at 1 am in which I hear screaming and slamming of objects IN MY ROOM as the angry couple dukes it out.

The final straw came when Rancid befriended two women and had them coming over constantly, and the rest of the housemates, in turn, befriended them. In fact, one of my housemates/friends was becoming quite interested in one of them, and she in him.

Rancid wouldn’t stand for that and demanded to know what was going on between the two. It soon came to light that he was trying to manipulate the two women to make them jealous of one another and hopefully get some action out of it. When they found out what Rancid had been trying to do, his social life was dragged, kicking and screaming into the parking lot and curb-stomped.

With my housemate/friend now in a relationship with a woman Rancid had tried to manipulate, none of our friends or his wanting to be around the creep, and me still waiting on two months of rent from him, it became clear that this festering bag of filth had to go. It was remarkably easy: we told him to leave and that no one wanted him around anymore.

It was true and he knew it: he never got invited out anywhere with us or our friends (who used to be his), his friends were wondering where the money he owed them was, and everyone else he tried to befriend would soon leave him.

He packed his bags and left that night, but not before asking my housemate/friend ‘Why couldn’t we have talked about this?!’

What’s there to talk about? You owe people money that we have no hope of seeing (some were owed thousands), you beat your dogs, creep on our friends, and just tried to manipulate two of them in a convoluted scheme just to sleep with them.”

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42. Racist Roommate Got Dumped By Christian Girl


“I lived with three other guys for sophomore and junior year of college. All of us were close friends during freshman year, two of them were even roommates. One of them turned out to be just a god-awful human being.

He would walk around shirtless all the time, and most of the time was just in his boxers.

He never cleaned anything. I am a very clean person and really have no qualm with picking up things as long as someone occasionally makes an effort to keep the place nice.

I understand that not everyone is as clean as me and it doesn’t bother me. But this dude straight up dropped an egg on the floor and kicked it under the stove saying (to his friend) ‘oh OP will get it don’t worry’ AS I WAS SITTING IN THE ROOM.

He was super racist and homophobic, all while spouting about what good Christians he and his family are.

Oh, also, one of our roommates is gay, although he wasn’t ‘out’ yet.

He played COD until all hours of the night, using the one tv we shared because he ‘was there first’.

One redeeming thing was that he had a ‘super serious’ Christian partner who was saving herself. She broke up with him after two years and revealed that she had been sleeping with another guy. So that was funny.”

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41. I Was Happy To Get Out Of There As Fast As I Could


“I’d been living in a dump in N London with a bunch of students I barely knew. I was working 2 jobs and was rushing home from one to get changed into my uniform for the other.

I’d gotten into the habit of not looking at the floor when entering the house so I wouldn’t see all the slugs and roaches these idiots seemed to tolerate, so I didn’t notice all the broken glass on the ground until it crunched underfoot.

Then I saw my flatmate Glynn’s (I think that was his name – he was always out of it and the one time he talked to me was to ask me about Jesus, but not in an evangelical way) significant other laying still on the living room floor surrounded by shattered windows, picture frames, and assorted detritus. Faintly smeared red crosses/crucifixes on the walls.

Couldn’t remember her name (still can’t), and I was late for work and really didn’t want to insert myself into all this mess – so I shamefully did try to nope out of there.

But she heard me, snapped to, and bawled her eyes out as she explained that Glynn was actually a paranoid schizophrenic, was off his meds, had smoked something, and gone mad smashing glass, scraping a crucifix on his chest. Then ran out into our HEAVILY TURKISH/MUSLIM neighborhood banging on doors and windows begging for more substances.

Stunned, all I could say was ‘Called the police?’ She said, ‘They’re on the way.’ And I said, ‘Great, gotta go!’ She gave me a sad look like she wanted me to stay, but understood why I was leaving, so I said ‘Also, I’m moving out.’ Got to work 30 mins late, told this story, and ended up moving in with a co-worker that weekend who ultimately introduced me to my wife. So what I’m saying is, God has a plan for us all.”

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40. Inconsiderate Roommate Gave Me A Long List Of Reasons To Kick Him Out


“I had a roommate who was just flat-out annoying, self-entitled, and inconsiderate. Thankfully I kicked him out in September 2014. There is a whole myriad of reasons to justify this. I’ll give a couple.

He always brought his annoying friends over to play cards. (He once had them over 5 nights in a row). Now I understand you have friends and want to hang out. It’s ok to bring them over sometimes, but go hang out at their house, not always at my house.

He always had to yawn real loud so everyone could hear him and burp as well. He also chewed his food with his mouth open.

He pretended that my dog was his dog when he had girls over, it was really sad. I often called him out on it just because it made him look stupid in front of his chick.

He abused the use of the kitchen, never cleaned up the counters, and left his dishes in the sink.

He was always in the living room watching TV or playing cards with his friends.

He had the incessant need to talk to you about his work/life problems. Even when you told him to just shut up, he wouldn’t stop talking. He was like my significant other always complaining about something.

He owns a smartphone but always had to ask how to spell something. I always replied ‘yeah it’s spelled ‘G-O-O-G-L-E.”

He was always late on rent and bills

He was always drinking where you had to hide your stash from him because he would drink it if it was out, even if you told him you were saving it. (He drank my graduation scotch with his annoying friends, he replaced it but it’s still the principle).”

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39. Her Rotten Milk Made A Dent In The Ceiling


“We lived in a small converted 2 bedroom apartment, in a biggish building. Our building had a garbage chute which was just down the hall from us. So you can imagine my confusion when a couple of bags of garbage just appeared in the kitchen. She had apparently accumulated a bunch of trash in her room and decided to take it out… but instead of taking it to the trash chute, she just left it on the floor in the kitchen, I guess assuming I would take it out.

Another time I noticed something brown and sticky dripping down the side of the fridge. Following the trail of ooze back up to the top of the fridge led to a liquified puddle of rotten bananas.

The last one was actually kind of cool (in a disgusting way). She had bought a gallon of milk and at some point I guess, accidentally left it out. By the time I noticed it, the milk had already gone bad…

but by this point, I had already had it with her stunts, so I refused to throw it out for her.

Needless to say, she never did. Something like a week and a half later, while I was cooking dinner, the lid literally POPPED off! All that rotten milk had built up so much pressure the lid actually left a small dent in the ceiling.

The weirdest thing was that she actually seemed like a somewhat reasonable/normal person in conversation and I got along rather well with her… but she was SUCH A SLOB. I always thought it was such a bizarre disconnect.”

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38. My Breaking Point Was The Rotten Eggs


“Everyone but my roommate was over 21 (he was 18. What was a freshman doing getting a room with seniors and juniors, all of whom were at least 22?). Drinking is allowed. And my roomie drank heavily (of course). I can deal with that. What I couldn’t was how he went to bed every weeknight by 11:30 and I couldn’t make any noise. What the heck man, 18 and on-campus and you sleep before midnight? ‘I have class at 8 am dude.’ Well so do I! I snooze in class like everyone else!

But fine.

That wasn’t really bad, just annoying and baffling. The real problem? The mess. The whole apartment. Now I will let dirty laundry linger on the floor, put off dishwashing. But I will do it before too long.

But when I am the clean freak of the apartment? We have a problem. I cleaned both bathrooms weekly, did the dishes daily (or else it became insane), etc. My breaking point was cleaning out the fridge and finding eggs from May (one roomie lived there over the summer) (oh and there were other horrors in that fridge. Food from September, milk that had gained sentience, etc). This was on November 29th. I noped out that weekend, wrote a letter telling their hungover lazy butts off, and moved out within hours.”

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37. She's Wasted More Than She's Sober


“This was back in college. The housing situation was two rooms joined by a common bathroom. The common bathroom has two sinks, one shower, and one toilet. The shower and toilet had their own doors. 3 girls per room. She lived in the adjoining room. Thank god she didn’t live in our room.

Kicks her dirty underwear off to sit in a pile under the sink. They were very visibly crusty and dirty.


She would always have her sorority sisters get ready in our bathroom. At least 6 girls each time. She would tell them to feel free to ‘borrow’ our hair stuff and take our bath products to use. We ended up not being able to store our grooming products at all in our own bathroom.

Whenever she gets wasted (she was wasted more than she was sober) she would sleep in our toilet, preventing us from using it.

She never disposed of her feminine products properly. We often found bloody tampons tossed in the vicinity of the toilet.

She often hogged the shower to hook up with whatever random she brought home that night. In the process, she would flood the shower then not bother to help clean it up.

Her actual roommates would tell us stories of how she will sometimes rummage through their desks to use their stationery so she wouldn’t have to be bothered to go buy her own.

They eventually had to install locks on their desk drawers and personal closets.

We found her using our towels and planting them back on the racks visibly disturbed.

She left pee or poo flecks on the toilet. We didn’t want to even imagine how she does that time after time. We had to get in the habit of double sanitizing before using it.

She often ‘forgets’ to flush.

Repeated talks with her yielded no positive results.”

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Get the RA involved or the school housing dept.
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36. She's Embarrassed To Take Out Trash


“While I was sleeping, she took my phone (apparently she knew the password) and checked my email to see if my class was actually canceled or if I was lying. Apparently, this happened multiple times, and I know this because she told me to change my phone password when I woke up after she questioned me about deleting the email.

She had one of those cases that clip on to the head of a toothbrush to sanitize it.

Apparently, it was on weird and she immediately thought I used it (mind you, this is in our dorm so her toothbrush was on her dresser, not on the sink.) At first, she was acting so angry I thought it was a joke, boy was I wrong. I quickly replied that no I had not used her toothbrush as she angrily threw the case and the head of the toothbrush away (it was electric).

She replaced both of them and stayed angry.

She would often go to bed really early (like 7 on a Friday) and I asked if she felt sick or tired and she said ‘just tired of life I guess’ and demanded everything be dark.

Her mom scheduled a meeting with a therapist to test for bipolar disorder and when the appointment rolled around, her mom didn’t feel like taking her.

I told her I would but she said no.

She wouldn’t take out the trash because it was embarrassing.

I purchased a whiteboard and she wrote a countdown of weeks until we graduated (pretty sure her numbers were off but whatever) and someone erased some of it with their finger. She proceeded to write:

‘Don’t erase our board because 1. It took me a long time to do that and 2. It’s RUDE.’

She then wrote ‘vote OP!’ and said she thought they were ‘targeting’ her and that it was illegal to ruin election material. I said that I wasn’t actually running for anything and she said ‘you wouldn’t say that in court, would you?'”

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35. Narcissistic Roommate Is Also Gross


“I think I’ve repressed most of her awfulness but here are a few things that happened over the two years I lived with this girl in college:

She would hook up loudly all over the house. We lived in a small two-bedroom house and I would be trapped in my room while she was making nasty noises with the neighbor boy downstairs.

She would leave the house for class and not only would she not lock the doors she would leave them OPEN.

This happened more than once.

She got an absurd amount of money each month on food stamps but would still eat my food.

When I was gone for the weekend one time I saw a picture on social media of her taking pictures in front of my mirror that I had over my desk in my locked room… that she had moved into her room.

And probably the grossest thing that I can remember is that she would REGULARLY leave her used tampons around the bathroom. By this I mean, in the shower, on the floor next to the toilet, etc.

She was the most bizarre person I’ve ever met, incredibly self-involved and narcissistic.”

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34. She Has A Thing For Batman Mannequins


“My significant other’s roommate was nuts. She also owned the house they lived in, but she lived there while renting it out.

My significant other was in med school and lived near campus in a normal home this woman had bought. The woman rented a room to her and another girl. The place was crazy. FULL of bizarre stuff, like a 12′ tall Chinese Gate (apparently called a ‘paifang’) in the dining room and a full-on, life-size Batman mannequin in the upstairs hallway.

Imagine walking into the hallway, late at night, and sleepily walking into a 6’2″ BATMAN.

That wasn’t the bad part. The bad part was that this woman should have never had roommates. She had to control EVERYTHING in the house. My significant other and the other renter were not allowed to use the kitchen. Not allowed to use the TV. Not allowed to use the hot tub outback.

Not allowed to have friends over! My significant other one time asked if she could have 4-5 med school classmates over to celebrate the other roommate’s birthday with some wine in the backyard. She replied, ‘Sorry, I’m not comfortable with that.’ They celebrated at a restaurant instead.

Drove me absolutely insane that neither of them had the guts to say that they were paying her rent and they could do whatever reasonable things they wanted. The woman berated the other roommate so much (called her stupid, etc) that when the first semester ended, she never came back. To the house… or school. No one has heard from her since. Pretty sure both were the fault of the roommate.”

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33. Frat Bro Owes Me Payment For Rent And Bills


“I was living with a fraternity brother and a mutual friend of ours. We’d lived together for about 5 years and through a couple of different houses. My parents convinced me it was a good idea to buy a house myself, so I do so, and my roommates come with me and become my tenants.

So, after a while, my frat bro gets himself fired. He’s unable to collect unemployment.

He’s unable to find a job. I get bad economy or whatever, but he’s both a college graduate and willing to work joe jobs, such as the one he got fired from in the first place. But what this all boils down to is he’s got no income. Well, he’s not just a roommate or tenant, he’s a friend and fraternity brother. So I just keep track of how much he owes me and agree with him that he’ll pay me back later.

Meanwhile, our other roommate is keeping him fed.

So, a few months pass. He never leaves the house. Having been unemployed for a month last year, I get it. A lot of job hunting these days is done online. But he barely leaves his room. He’s getting more and more surly and taking it out on the people keeping him fed and giving him a room to stay, who also happen to be some of his closest friends.

Our other friends stop coming over because he’s so unpleasant. Some won’t hang out period for fear that he might be there, regardless of location.

A few months more pass. His debt to both of us is building. Our home has become hostile territory. We don’t even want to be around him. So, one Saturday 9 months into this, a friend of mine invites me to join him for the local college’s football game.

Sounds like a great time, and I get out of the house. Cool.

(Quick background note: I also turned my downstairs into an apartment and was renting it out as well.)

So about halfway through the second quarter, my phone starts blowing up. I’m getting text after text from my downstairs tenant. Apparently, the other two guys are arguing. So loudly that despite them being outside, the downstairs guy can hear them.

They are just screaming at each other. By the time the football game ends, the frat bro is moving back in with his mother, in a city hours away. When he moved out, I discovered that he had failed to properly care for his cat, and I was forced to replace the carpeting in his room. It took six coats of Killz to cover the stain on the subfloor.

(It was borderline on needing to replace the subfloor too.)

All told he still owes me about $3900 for rent and bills, plus the $400 I spent on the new carpet, and he also owes my (still) roommate, about $2700.

This wasn’t even the only thing that made him a terrible roommate. It’s a bit of a story, but suffice to say he cost our other roommate a car.

Another time, he interfered with my relationship with my significant other (making her uncomfortable, talking trash, trying to break us up). I didn’t find this out until much later, of course. There was one month where he didn’t pay his rent, though he swore up and down he’d left the check on my desk. I ended up covering it for him. He rarely did his dishes, stole food, couldn’t put spices or other cooking materials away. All sorts of things. I’ve had other bad roommates, but this guy completely takes the cake.”

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32. We Decided To Call Her Parents


“When I was in college I had a roommate who actually dropped out of school because she thought she could earn a better living dealing illegal substances than doing anything that needed a college degree. But instead of actually selling anything she’d just constantly use the substances and was always broke. So she started stealing my and my other roommate’s stuff to pawn, trade, or sell on eBay.

It started with small things she could take behind our backs: headphones, jewelry, game boys, etc. We knew what was going on but she kept denying it and she was best friends with my other roommate whom I couldn’t convince to throw her out.

But one day I had some friends over and we were sitting in the living room just talking and listening to some music when all of a sudden the music cuts out.

I turned to see that my roommate had unplugged my speakers from the walls and was starting to carry them away. So I asked her: ‘What are you doing?’ And she calmly responded, ‘I need to trade these for some illegal substances’. Like any sane person, I told her she couldn’t because they were my speakers. Then she just turned and stared at me with her bloodshot eyes for a good 10 seconds before saying, in front of all of my friends, ‘silly, you should have just told me that I wasn’t allowed to sell your stuff. But can you help me find some of our other roommate’s stuff I can trade? Unless I trade for the illegal substance I won’t have enough for my abortion.’

We got in touch with her parents and kicked her out the next day.”

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31. I Had Bad Luck With Roommates In College


“There was the Sleep Talker. That’s not bad in and of itself, except that she would fight with her significant other until 4 AM on Skype and then fight with him in her sleep too. It was basically a 24-hour scream-fest.

Then there was the roommate who stayed home crying for an entire week because a guy rejected her and would occasionally scream ‘WHY AM I SO PATHETIC?’ Then, when my significant other, who I had been in love with for 5 years, dumped me and I cried for an hour, she told me to just get over it and cook her dinner.

There was also the girl who only watched Game of Thrones and would narrate the entire thing with commentary at the top of her lungs. She never went to class or anything, she just… stayed in the dorm room and watched Game of Thrones like it was her job. I also suspect she was the one who vomited and peed down three flights of stairs the day the elevator was broken.”

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30. He Lived With The Cheapest Jerk


“Friend’s old roommate was a cheap jerk. He stole cable from the neighbors and got extremely angry at the cable company when they corrected the situation, going off about how the cable guy had trespassed on private property and that’s against the law and he should press charges, etc. He also stole a memory card from a store because he saw the same card at Walmart for cheaper, so therefore he’s entitled to steal it.

He also had the biggest room in the house and paid the least amount of rent (5 bedroom house, he and his 3 friends had a contract with the landlord, then they’d rent out the other two rooms on Craigslist, and basically over half the rent was paid by the Craigslist roommates). Oh and when my friend finally decided to get out of that dump (literally, Ed had a husky which he walked maybe twice a week, and let the husky poop all over the balcony to the point where neighbours complained about the smell), Ed tried to argue that the ‘last’ part of my friend’s ‘first and last’ months’ rent was a year from then when Ed’s contract with the landlord ended and my friend would be out of the country.”

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29. I Hope The Food Thief Has Been Kicked Out


“This idiot, let’s call him Nate, cause his last name perfectly described him. Anyway, Air Force Tech school at Sheppard Air Force Base. On the first day off the bus, tell some guy your name and get a key. I go up to the third floor and find my room door open, so I figure my roommate just arrived too. As I thought, he did, and we start the same class next week.

Well, he already claimed the bed closest to the window due to the better cell reception. (later I discovered I get full bars in the bathroom.) We each get our own bed, side table, lamp, desk, closet. We shared a mini-fridge. No biggie I figure, we are only here for 3 months, our squadron has its own chow, bus stop, and the shop is across the street with fast food.

I get to hear his life story, where he came from, that he absolutely loves going mudding and he is saving up for his new mudding truck. He babies his ostrich cowboy boots so much they can’t even be on the floor at night.

The second day we walk to the actual Exchange to get necessities, paper towels, cleaning supplies, toilet paper. He asks if I can buy the first round because he didn’t have much.

Whatever. I even was nice enough to store it all in my closet. We got our own food and drinks however and fill up our fridge.

By the next week, half my sodas were gone and I know I didn’t drink them all. I ask the guy, he says he did and he will get me some. Okay, I got my doubts now.

3rd week, constantly eating my food and drinking my drinks.

But we were finally at phase 2 and could wear civies and go off base. Oh yeah more freedom away from him!

Well after he asks me to buy TP and such again, cause he is still saving up, I decided we were gonna use paper towels, or at least he was. I got some, locked them away, and had him fooled for a good few weeks.

He eventually buys some thinking even I was using the paper towels still and I use the life out of it. He never says a thing, still eats and drinks my stuff.

I stop buying fridge food and keep everything locked away. Sack of dump asks me if I can help him skip pt, tell the PTL that he ran upstairs and would be right back. Nah.

Friday we go to the courtyard and they call out the mandatory weekend pt roster. His name comes up, he looks at me, I say, ‘yeah I told them but you still never showed.’ He has to carry a duffel bag full of sand and do a few mile’s worth of lunges along with other garbage PT. Not the end of it, but I got him back. I hope the fat piece of work got kicked out by now..”

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28. Weird Roommate Thinks He's Jesus


“He suffered from schizophrenia and heavy drinking. This turned out to be a bad combination because he would sometimes in the middle of the night knock on my door. He would be covered in religious markings, yelling about a bunch of stuff. One time he claimed he was Jesus.

Other times he would be in his room yelling at the world, causing the police to come over at 1-3 AM, which was uncomfortable, to say the least.

He also had a substance problem, which he was trying to get rid of. His dealer didn’t like that very much, so this one time he sent some goons to beat him up. They climbed the fence and well… beat him up. I had to call the cops and sleep elsewhere as they were fed up with his nonsense too and refused to come (didn’t call via alarm number, which was my mistake). Another time the dealer’s goons broke in and started looking for him after he had moved rooms. I had to threaten not only to call the cops, but I also had to pull out a knife to get him to leave the building.

Overall, 2/10 would not recommend. So glad I’m moving this week.”

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27. Unstable Roommate Said I Was A Bad Roommate


“My first roommate when I moved off-campus in college was crazy. She was actually sent to the psych ward two or three times while I knew her. She was really emotionally unstable.

First a minor thing. Her dad paid for everything for her – rent, college, her car, etc. She would just not go to class and dropped out of classes late in the semester when you couldn’t get a refund.

He got her a new car and she wrecked it a couple of days later, driving like a maniac. She just always used his money really frivolously and this stuff bothered me since my parents couldn’t help me and I was on my own, so it bothered me how unappreciative she was.

This is where it gets intense. She was pretty violent, arrested once for beating up her mom while in the car (her mom driving).

She threatened her significant other with a knife. He was a friend of mine and I’d introduced them. It was an extremely dysfunctional relationship, she always treated him like garbage. She was always yelling at him and practically beating him at our place.

She had two cats that she didn’t take care of. She fed them but never cleaned their litter boxes and they pooped and peed all over the house, which she rarely cleaned, making the house smell and look awful.

Then she got a third cat.

She would take my things without asking all the time, my stuff would just come up missing and I’d later find it somewhere else like in her room, or she’d take things to her significant other’s house and leave them there. I had a pair of boots that she took out of my room while I was gone once and I later found them in a closet all torn up.

When I tried to confront her and talk to her about taking my things and about the cats she freaked out on me and tried to say I was a bad roommate because I didn’t do the dishes often enough or something. Things ended up being really bad and I had to move out and stay at my significant other’s apartment after that. I’d introduced her to my friends (plus her significant other) so we shared the same friend group and when this went down she turned them all against me and they took her side, I guess she made it out like I was attacking her for no reason.

She and her partner would harass me with rude and demeaning texts and social media messages, which really hurt since he was my friend before we even knew her. I had my dad go in with the landlord to get some of my stuff when I moved out and she screamed at them and acted crazy. The whole thing was so stressful and emotionally traumatizing, it really messed me up for a while. I’ve lived by myself ever since.”

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26. He Constantly Talks About The Illuminati


“Ate all my food including the stuff I had written my name on after many offenses.

He had pet rats. Would feed them nothing but corn on the cob that he brought home from Long John Silvers. One day a rat got out and annoyed him while he was reading. So he duct-taped its feet to his table so it couldn’t move.

He would stay up until 6 or 7 am.

Then he would set his alarm for 3 pm and hit snooze every 9 minutes until 4:45 when he’d wake up and rush to work. After annoying me with this stuff he tried to tell me he’s an insomniac.

As I was walking out the door to go on a week-long vacation he tells me that he’s leaving for Bolivia and doesn’t have anything for rent, power, or phone.

Would not shut up about the Illuminati, Jesus, the New World Order, raging against the machine, and the number of CDs he owned.

I get a new roommate but he comes back for a couple of weeks to stay with us, just so he could two-time his significant other.”

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25. She Thinks She's More Important Than My Dogs


“It was her job to pay the Atomic bill, and buy Groceries. My mother (I was 16 at the time) gave her money for the Water, Cable, Internet, and Rent plus half the grocery budget. All she had to do was actually pay it because she only worked part-time and my mother worked full time with a 2-hour commute.

She went 6 months without paying a single bill, and the only food she’d ever buy was processed cheese and nasty canned meats.

She ruined all our good knives, pots, and pans. She sold illegal substances, which she hid in my mother’s bedroom. She stole and smoked both mine and my mother’s stuff. She let her kid break all my stuff. She never did her dishes, then blamed them on me. She let her kid beat my dogs.

She didn’t let her son go to school, and wouldn’t let anyone change the TV when he was watching his shows (On our TV, using our Netflix, through my Xbox which nobody had permission to use without me handling it.).

She stole my mother’s clothing on a daily basis. She brought random guys home every single night and made her kid sleep in my room (I had a room, my mom had a room, and she and her kid shared a room), knowing I hated him and didn’t let him in there, so she could sleep with said random dudes.

She locked my dogs in the kennel 10 hours a day, every day.

They only got out to go outside once a day. If I let them out, I got screamed at. She wouldn’t let them outside and then locked them up for going on the floor. She let her kid bring in sticks, knowing my dogs would try to chew on them and possibly choke (to death) doing so.

She would block the drain in the sink and then fill it up with water so that the dishes could ‘soak’ (In reality, all she was doing was cultivating the smell of rancid butter and letting mold/algae grow.).

She let her son eat communal foods, like peanut butter, straight from the jar with a spoon. She’d cook fatty meats and throw away the leftovers while storing the gelatin in the fridge. Her favorite foods were the ones with other people’s names on them.

She watched awful movies religiously (Pain and Gain was on at least 3 times a week.) on the living room TV (read, not her TV). She’d trick me into doing her chores (Example: ‘Your mom said you need to do the dishes.’ I’d do the dishes, call my mom to let her know I’d done it, ‘Oh, you didn’t need to do that. It was (Roommate)’s turn.'”

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24. He Never Let Me Use The Internet


“I was the roommate in this situation, living with the landlord and a lady that drank wine and almost never left her room.

Just know, the house was nice, the area was nice, the landlord was a 40ish-year-old, closeted gay man who didn’t want people to know for fear of being looked down upon. I’m an openly gay male and was 18-19 at the time.

The first month was fine, besides the creepy approaches to hook up.

He helped me pay for things while looking for work, let me work for him while doing so. The second month, not so much. His advances were much stronger and he opened up to what his real job is. He makes those hook-up magazines that are sold in adult shops. Probably still does.

He also had this young guy, who was around my age, who was supposed to help me out in the area, get to know people, find work, etc.

I chatted with him a lot on social media but there was always a reason why we couldn’t meet up and get to know each other face to face.

I was, and still am, a gamer. While waiting for workplaces to get back to me, I would play Minecraft on servers, etc, and watch YouTube. I’m fairly introverted. The landlord would often cut the internet to my computer and phone for at least 2 hours, claiming he needed all the bandwidth to upload a new magazine and send it to the printers.

Considering the internet was capped at 100 GB a month, I’m surprised he could do much at all.

A month before I left, I came downstairs for breakfast. He approached me to hook up again and I told him I was seeing someone so I’d appreciate it if he stopped. Well, wasn’t that just terrible? All and any help from him stopped. I was forced to pay more rent, leaving me with $70 for food per fortnight and a bike for transport.

My internet was cut off much more regularly, him claiming I was using too much of it. This went on for a few weeks before I decided to leave. Once he left to go to the warehouse, I packed my things and left. Organized to move back in with my mum and left.

Much happier now but I still have memories of him yelling in my face over internet usage and stupid stuff like that.”

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23. Creepy Roommate Hits On My Significant Other


“She was constantly forgetting to lock our front door & 5 TIMES she left her keys IN the door. Literally, anyone could have gotten in & they would have had her god damn keys to come back or steal her car for a quick getaway. She messed up our fire alarm system so it constantly beeped & would go off. She broke the washer & dryer.

We developed a bug problem cause she was messy. She would leave her underwear everywhere & had the guts to maintain eye contact (or probably more the lack of social awareness) when I stepped on one of her overturned pairs of underwear that had A HUGE PIECE OF POOP IN IT & promptly began to dry heave as I ran out screaming ‘you ugly animal!’ The best part? She hit on my significant other multiple times & listened while we hooked up. She would also just stare at you when you came into the room & she would always have the lights off. Scared me multiple times.”

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22. Roommate Starved The Dogs


“Left two puppies to starve for days, while they were living with them no less. A couple was rooming with us and I hated the guy for his substances nonsense. I didn’t care for the girl but I actively hated him. We were stuck with them because the guy was the landlord’s son.

Anyway, the guy disappeared after one of his smuggling runs (turns out he got arrested) and four days after this the girl moves out and leaves behind these two pitbull puppies that they’ve been keeping with them in their room.

Just moves out and decides they aren’t her problem anymore. I guess after her significant other left to go smuggle illegal substances she just didn’t bother to feed them. I honestly think she was a sociopath. The dogs look like they haven’t been fed for days. Skin and bones. I fed the dogs some human food (steak), threw the rest of the roommate’s stuff into their broken-down car outside, called the guy’s mom telling her to get the car, and called animal control to take the dogs away.

Animal control was there within the hour. They were good dogs. They would get into nasty fights with each other sometimes though. They were only a few months old. I hope they found a good home.”

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21. He Spent His Last Cheque On A Pyramid Scheme


“After getting fired, and signing up for employment insurance, he went 6 months without looking for a job, got wasted all the time, and ate everyone’s food from the fridge when they slept at night for work the next day. The cable was in his name, so he decided it was better to just spend our contributions instead of paying it and kept going till the internet was cut before telling us.

The dude never wore deodorant and you could smell him from outside his room, honestly, I could keep going… but I’ll end it with this little gem.

When e.i. was coming to an end, he spent his last cheque on a pyramid scheme and invited the ringleaders over to the house to tell us how he was a new business owner… ya. He boasted about it all over social media, told all our friends back home that he was making tons of dough, etc. He has been a bum ever since I moved out, and since then we fell out of touch. Honestly, if we hadn’t lived together we might still be friends, but the experience showed me what a piece of work the guy was deep down. I moved out of that town, and he stayed, and we will probably never cross paths again.”

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20. He Completely Wrecked My Car


“My roommate borrowed my recently acquired car that was inherited from my recently deceased grandmother. He then went out for a night on the town. The next morning he tells me he got a DUI and the car was impounded. When I discovered what had really happened I almost threw up. Turns out he did get a DUI but only after a series of unfortunate events.

First, he drove to a gas station where he ran into a metal cable that caught the bumper. He then drove 10 ft across the street into the big metal fence of a local auto shop. He managed to make it through the fence and hit a few parked cars. Then he decided to drive through the other identical gate on the way out. After this, he made it about 1/3 mile up the street before the oil leak caused the car to catch fire.

Yup and I learned all of this from the police report and the news. So I don’t know all of the details obviously but I can tell you it cost the insurance company 45k to fix and another 14 for my car. I have learned from my mistakes about trusting others but I know he was very remorseful. I just wish I didn’t have to hear my father’s voice on the phone after I told him. Mobile and sleepy.”

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19. He Accused Me Of Stealing From Him


“So I started college in California and moved into an apartment complex where I became really good friends with this girl, who we’ll call N, that lived in an apartment across the courtyard. After talking for a while, I realized she was quite a bit older than me (40, I was 24) but we clicked so it didn’t matter. She had a son in college and a daughter who was only a year younger than me.

At the end of my lease, I wanted to move into a house, and she had some pretty bad luck at work and realized she kind of needed a roommate, so we decided to move in together. She truly was like a sister to me at this point.

For the first few months, it was okay, then it started getting rocky. She took over the entire house with all her stuff – it was hard to walk in there – not like boxes or hoarder style but literally nick nacks and photos of her kids in every corner.

Fine. Not the worst.

I had two dogs and she had two cats. One of my dogs didn’t like cats, so my poor dog spent most of her time in my room or the yard because this jerk thought her cats were special or something. Still, I put up with it.

Then N found a new friend at work, L. Well, N and I had the same white iPhone, and one day I picked up her phone when the text message went off because I thought it was mine.

The text was from L and said ‘did the idiot get out of the bathroom yet??’ I was so hurt. But I couldn’t confront her because of course it was her phone and I shouldn’t have been looking.

Ahh… okay, so now I’ll get to the part where it starts really getting to be worst roommate status. N was 40, 2 kids with 2 different dads neither in the picture, both kids moved out.

Lonely and looking for a guy in all the wrong places. This is when she reconnected with a man she knew as a kid, D. She and D met up for a weekend about an hour from our place.

When she comes back, she brings D with her. I assumed it was for a night but I was totally wrong. D was there to stay. They stay at the house for a night or so and then they go down to LA for a few days.

She calls me and tells me they eloped. After knowing each other for a god damn week. The next day she calls me crying because he apparently thought she was making Googly eyes with some guy and stormed off in a tirade.

They come back to the house the next day all disgusting and all over each other. This is when I learn more about D. He just got out of jail for illegal substances.

Was living at a veteran’s home in LA because he was a veteran with PTSD. Then he goes on to tell me he’s also schizophrenic and bipolar. At this point I’m like whaaaaatttt but okay.

So she moves this idiot into our house without even asking me, and things go from bad to worse. It starts as a once-a-day thing where he’d have an episode and fly off the handle.

Then it became physical. Then he turned on me. He accused me of stealing from him and she called me every name in the book and really scared me.

I ended up calling the cops on him and they told me he hasn’t actually hit me so there was nothing they could do. N being her messed up self never said a word as he berated her supposed 25-year-old best friend/sister, and just kept calling him baby and telling him to calm down.

Still, things get worse. Our landlord gets wind of what’s going on and that this guy is a nut job, she gives us a 30-day notice to get out. I was planning on moving anyway because I had an internship set up for the next month in the city, but he still got us kicked out.

The two lovebirds decided to try and fight this, going all redneck justice.

Then D started bringing home homeless people to give them a place to hang and sleep. He told one of them he could have me. Once again I called the cops, they did nothing, and N did nothing.

He tried to break down my door in the middle of the night because he thought I stole his cream cheese. N still said nothing. I was on the phone with my mom and he tried to tell her I was selling illegal substances.

He threatened to kill me several times and the police still did nothing. He broke windows in the house. He broke picture frames. He threw bottles at my door.

I got out with the help of my dad. According to a neighbor, he finally snapped and hurt N. I wanted to call her, and sometimes I still have to stop myself. She’s out of my life, but it was truly the scariest and worst three months of my life after she brought this monster into our home.

There is so much more to the story but I need to stop.”

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18. Had 3 Despicable Roommates At The Same Time


“When I was 19 I decided to rent a really ugly house in the middle of a terrible neighborhood with 3 other guys. Let’s name them #1, #2 and #3. This decision was made while #1, #2, and I were smoking while #3 supervised. #1 was about to face the decision of being homeless or moving with his unsupportive and generally messed up family to a small town several hours away.

We had all been thinking of moving away from home and thus a plan was formed.

Fast forward about 2 weeks and we had collected together the deposit and first month’s rent (mostly funded by #2, expecting us to pay him back in due course). #3 was unavailable to sign the lease when we finalized but we were told it wouldn’t be an issue and that we could add him to the lease once he signed some paperwork.

This never happened and #3 used the house as a crashpad/party venue without ever paying rent or any other bills (he kept us in a steady supply of substances so we put up with it).

A few months pass and we are barely able to pay rent (let alone other bills) and are always late in these payments. This is when #2 drowned a bunch of anti-depressants and painkillers with booze.

We get him to a hospital and he pays out of the lease. Now #1 and I are stuck scrambling to come up with rent. #1 has spent the entire time in the house spending literally all his funds on McDonald’s and substances. Finally, his family bought him out of the lease and my family had to help fund getting out of the lease as well.”

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17. We Got Robbed In Front Of Her Eyes


“She clogged the toilet because she was too lazy to get real toilet paper and instead used paper towels to wipe. She then left for the weekend and the clogged toilet upstairs leaked her poopoo water downstairs into the kitchen. My other roommate had to clean her poopoo water mess.

Our townhome got broken into. The same roommate heard the robber ring the doorbell multiple times and didn’t answer the door.

She also heard the robber kick down the door (the whole townhome shook as she described it) and didn’t think much of it. She also saw the robber go into our other roommate’s room and take her Mac. And of course, she didn’t think much of it. She thought it was Natalie’s dad. Natalie’s dad is in Singapore. Why would he be here? And the robber wasn’t even Asian.

The other roommate that replaced her was much much worst. Not only was she messy but she was a total stuck-up jerk.”

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16. He Only Cleaned Once


“The worst one refused to do his dishes and would use up all the plates and cups that were available. I had to hide my own cutlery and plates in my room, sometimes I had to wash the plates in the shower and stuff. There was one time he used my bowl and left it till it got moldy yet refused to clean it after I asked him 5 times still.

I put it in his room and found out the next day it was right next to his room door outside.

He doesn’t really cook but his mother would buy groceries and get them delivered. We have a fridge with tiny freezer space shared between 5 people but 2/3 of it would go to him until 6 months old or completely frostbitten. Oh, yea also he hogged up the dining area, used the dining table for his computer then littered around it.

The other worse one will doesn’t do anything that contributes to the flat like taking out the rubbish, cleaning or paying the bill on time. He cleaned once which was his room, even his mum cleaned more than him when she visited, which was twice during the stay.

I’m out of there now which I’m so happy about but one of my friends is still staying with them. I feel sorry for him.”

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15. Had The Bad Luck Of Being With 5 Terrible Roommates And More


“Terrible roomie #1 – He was generally a slob, didn’t clean up his dishes or the leftover bottles from his frat parties. The biggest thing was his dog though. If I ever left the door to my room open (I’m talking even for two minutes to go to the bathroom or get something from another room) his pup would come into my room and either pee or take a dump.

Obviously, I learned to NEVER leave my door open very quickly.

The worst part is that his dog took a disgusting poo behind his bedroom door and he apparently never cleaned it up. When we moved out he didn’t help clean at all, so I went into his room to do it for him. When I opened the door the remnants of his dog’s wet poo smeared across the carpet.

I guess that explains why he never opened his door all the way. Really disgusting human being. Also, he still owes me $500.

Terrible roomie #2 – she went really crazy and kicked all of us out at a moment’s notice. When I was packing up all my stuff she apparently went through it and stole tons of my expensive makeup (of course I couldn’t prove this, so I had to count it as a loss).

But for real, she ended up checking herself into a mental hospital about a month later. This is why I will never find roomies on Craigslist again.

Terrible roomie #3 – This one is more of a really bad situation, but it sucked for me because I ended up losing $2800 because I had to pay an entire month’s rent by myself. Anyway, I lived with this couple who had been together for 5 years.

The guy turned out to be sleeping with his significant other’s best friend. He and his girl of Babylon decided to basically elope back to the east coast. His original significant other was so devastated that she packed all her things and left that night. Hence, being stuck alone with a whole month’s rent.

Terrible roomie #4 – lied about her cats being neutered. Cats sprayed all over the house, causing so much damage that I had to throw away some of my clothes, and the landlord had to remove the carpets and wash and repaint the walls.

She also moved to LA randomly and left me to pay for all the damages.

Terrible roomie #5 – Instead of paying the rent like a normal person (he was the only one on the lease) decided to pocket all of our rent for months. We found this out when we received an eviction notice.

This isn’t including the three girls I’ve lived with who got pregnant and had to move out.”

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14. Both Of Them Have Substance Issues


“The first was a rich kid whose dad owned stakes in a few oil refineries or something. Used to smoke all the time, take illegal substances all the time. Once, we had to kick in the door to his room because we hadn’t seen him for days and it was starting to smell. Turns out he took a load of illegal substances, passed out for 48 hours, and pooped himself in bed.

Didn’t know how to do his own dishes so when we all left for Christmas to be with our respective families, instead of doing his remaining dishes he just threw them in the trash – but did not empty the trash. The resulting smell was abhorrent.

The second guy was a huge substance fiend. I’d come home from work (bar work) at 4-5 am on a weekend to find him sat dancing to any music that happened to be playing with eyes as wide as saucers.

Once he had the music so loud that another flatmate was forced to unplug his speakers – he continued to dance after that. While on substances, he tried to complete his CAD/CAM course work which included a shocking amount of soldering – it wasn’t a success. One thing I will say about him is that apparently copious amounts of substances made him some sort of savant at cleaning.

When sober they were both great guys but their behavior ultimately factored into my decision to drop out and get a job.”

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13. He's Back In His Home Country Now


“I moved in with my partner and 3 other college students, let’s call them Randy, Robert, and Ronald.

Randy and Robert were pretty good roommates, there were a lot of issues in general with managing a house with that many people living there, but over time, it seemed to me like Ronald became more and more of a problem. All 3 of these guys were from Bangladesh and Ronald’s English wasn’t that great, but it would seem like he could understand the words I was saying, yet the actual message just wouldn’t get through.

Anyway, I digress, he was interested in several women I knew in the community and came on to them really strong, stole one of their lighters, and sent them a picture of himself with the lighter several weeks later. When this woman came over in particular with another dude, he freaked out and went into his room and CARVED with a steak knife, ‘SCREW YOU’ in big letters on the wall.

He’s never had any kind of relationship with this girl.

Didn’t seem to understand why that would be a problem or really any of his behaviors. There is seriously a laundry list of things though, almost burning down the house because he didn’t know how to cook. Really just seemed like the kid had no concept of how to take care of himself, and his friends Randy and Robert who could speak his language didn’t seem to think it came from a language issue.

He just wasn’t getting it. Thought maybe he came from a different caste in Bangladesh, where everyone else maybe took care of things for him. Randy and Robert only had met this kid when coming here, so they didn’t know his family or upbringing.

He ended up homeless and waiting on his passport which he lost. He’s also apparently wanted for Assault with a weapon. Have no idea what happened there, but know he’s back in Bangladesh after failing out of school.”

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12. They Told A List Of Lies About Me In Court


“Rented a place and knew I wasn’t going to be staying there very much so rented out 3 of the 4 bedrooms in a house to some people I thought I knew. They had two kids and lived in a camper so I thought it would be good for them to live on a big open lot with lots of room and an actual kitchen. Called them one day about rent and they told me that I no longer lived there and they were taking over my lease.

(even though they only paid half of the rent…) I drive two hours out to the place and they changed my locks on the gate and the front door. Upon arriving they had set all of my stuff outside and it had been there for a few days. I kicked in the door and put my stuff inside and theirs outside. They had received mail so they started the whole squatters rights thing.

They took me to court no less than three times. Said I threatened to kill them, tried to get my guns taken away, tried to get me in trouble for taking illegal substances which I didn’t do… The list goes on and on.

On the upside, I did get them to concede and move out when I invited this other super and I mean SUPER crazy chick to move in. They called the cops on me so many times I got on a first-name basis with every one of them. They would come over and have a beer and laugh. Good times… So glad I don’t live anywhere near that place anymore.”

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11. He Was Arrested For Fleeing Police


“In my first semester of college, my roommate lasted a whole 2 months. In the first few weekends, he was always wasted. He did whatever substances he could. He ordered a bunch of substances off the internet. Another time, he did substances combined with booze and the effect it had on him was no sleep. He was awake for 36+ hours straight and spent all night talking to himself and playing Mario Kart 8.

He also kept all of his substances in our room, so the room absolutely REEKED 24/7. He was also arrested for fleeing police when he and his friends were caught with substances on university grounds. He wasn’t charged with possession (in New Jersey) since they couldn’t prove he actually did/had it, but he was charged with fleeing the scene. When I was home one weekend, he texted me saying he was going to move home and commute to school for a while. I haven’t seen him in person nor have I had a roommate since then. Last I’ve heard, he is in a local community college.”

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10. He Sold Her Clothes Because He's Broke


“He slept with my (recently) ex-partner 2 days before we were due to move in after the lease had been signed, I was annoyed but got over it. Also was keeping a friend’s stuff in my room, we used to live together and had our stuff from the old flat in storage, she moved in with her nan and asked if I could keep around 5 bin liners full of her clothes (some of them still had price tags on and we worked it out to be around £2000 worth of clothes) and a few boxes full of kitchen stuff from the old flat.

All the stuff was kept in my room, after I moved back home for the summer (before the lease had ended) I told my friend the moving out date and made sure she knew to get her stuff before then.

Turns out he had ‘thrown all her stuff out’ because he thought it was just gonna get left and we might get charged for leaving it, never even bothered to contact me to see what was happening with stuff that was in my room, that was still being paid for, God knows what he was even doing in my room.

Then it turned out that by ‘thrown all her stuff out’ he actually meant he was broke so decided to sell the bags of clothes to one of those places that gives you 50p per Kg, got £17 for the lot, and threw the Kitchen stuff away, presumably because they wouldn’t take it and he couldn’t be bothered to haul it back to the flat.”

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9. He Left His Pooped Underpants With Me


“I was renting a 2 bedroom house happy to be paying for it by myself then one day it all changed and I really didn’t have a clue of what was to come! I work at a computer firm and it’s the type of place that has a quite high staff turnover and we get some total weirdos working there but usually, I’m good at spotting and avoiding the odd ones.

A new kid had started working at my place, he had just turned 18, he was geeky and had told everyone he had a rich family in Dubai but wanted to stay in England and work/be independent.

My manager at the time knew I had a spare room and thought it would be a good idea to suggest me renting a room to this kid and I thought sweet a bit of extra money and a bit of company in the house.

He was super excited about moving in and said he had all this money and his dad had a ‘storage’ unit full of luxury items to kit out the house so I thought I’d got lucky. His move-in day came and this kid turned up with a blow-up bed, and 1 black bag of random things i.e. his few items of clothing and all his worldly possessions but he casually assured me he was yet to bring his stuff over from his significant other’s and his dad’s ‘storage’.

Fast forward a few weeks and this kid is just getting weirder by the day. One day at work he pooped himself in an office full of people. You’re reading this right, he pooped himself at his desk and when asked if he could smell anything he replied ‘I can smell chlorine’, goddamn chlorine! He then changed into jeans to which his manager noticed and asked him to change back to his trousers without knowing that he had pooped himself.

He then went on lunch and changed into his jeans and left his ugly trousers in a backpack in his desk cupboard to which the managers investigated the stench and figured it all out.

Just touching on the ‘Storage’ he said he has all kinds of stuff in there from an old Ferrari to motorbikes. He bigged his ‘storage’ up so much it sounded to be equal in size to Asia.

The pooping at work incident paired up with the lies about the luxury goods and general weirdness made me have to kick him out but the story doesn’t end there. Clearing his room out was awful, it stunk and needed a professional to restore it to its former glory, and here’s where it gets nasty. When I was clearing out his stuff I found the box for the blow-up bed and it felt weighted but the bed wasn’t inside it so I opened up the box. Inside the box, I kid you not were multiple soiled underwears. That idiot left his pooped underpants in a box just chilling in my house. Such a psycho. He then contacted me a few months after saying that he had been diagnosed with Crohn’s disease but with this kid, I don’t know what to believe.”

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8. She Hated Me For Getting Knee Surgery


“We were really good friends for a few months and got along so so well. Then I had knee surgery. And for some reason, she hated me for it. She got mad at me for not vacuuming while I was still on crutches. I had friends over quite a lot so I wouldn’t be lonely because I couldn’t leave the flat at all, and so they could help me with laundry, dishes, cleaning, and stuff, and she told me it wasn’t okay for me to have people over all the time (which was an exaggeration).

So then I stopped having people over, but then she got mad at me that chores didn’t get done that I was physically unable to do. She told me the situation was worse for her (because living with someone who doesn’t do cleaning for a few weeks is terrible) than for me (because being in pain 24/7 and not being able to leave the flat or do anything is, well, oh well, it’s okay).

I suggested so many solutions, but she just wanted to be mad at me and shout at me and insult me.

This even beats the psychopath I lived with within the first year who left a fish head lying on the kitchen table overnight. Not even on a plate or anything. Just on the table. (Also never did dishes, left fish and chips out open overnight in a kitchen where the window doesn’t open, left lasagne open in the fridge for like a month, peed on the toilet seat, and didn’t even wipe it up – yes she’s a girl, no I don’t know how, also, period blood…) but at least it wasn’t so personal.”

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7. He Thought I Moved Out So He Did The Same


“I was drinking pretty heavily at the time. This guy, though. Dude smoked almost constantly it seemed. It smelled like a dump, literally. He had the worst hygiene as well. I can’t remember a time he didn’t smell like body odor. To make matters worse any time he did remember to clean himself, he would use my stuff: Toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, towel, etc… The worst part, though: he would steal my things and sell them to pay rent.

As I said, I was drinking pretty heavily at the time. I ‘lost’ so many cell phones that my carrier’s insurance had to drop me. At last count, I was missing 18 video games and a limited edition DS.

One time he gave me his rent money, I left the apartment overnight, and when I got back he had stolen it. I had finally had enough of getting my stuff stolen (or rather I had finally realized that I wasn’t just losing things), so I moved everything of mine that had any value to my friend’s place. I come home to a note on the door saying he thought I had moved out, so he went ahead and did the same… Three days before rent was due. Such a jerk.”

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6. Crazy Vegan Deprived Me Of My Fridge Privileges


“This was my dorm mate so I couldn’t even get away from her. She was this crazy vegan who woke up every day at 5 am to work out and went to sleep at 9 pm in college. If I tiptoed in at 11 pm, she would yell at me for turning the doorknob too loud. I would even bring my toothpaste and toothbrush and pajamas to study with me to only turn the doorknob once instead of going to change, but she STILL would yell at me.

She would also yell at me for watching movies in the dark with my headphones in while she was sleeping. She demanded 24/hour quiet hours because instead of studying in the library like normal people, she thought it was her god-given right to study in the room with complete silence. If I tried to call my mom during the day, she would scream at me to be quiet because she was studying.

When I would bring friends over she would try to steal them because she had no friends. Aka she would walk up to us right in front of me and be like…hey OP sucks, you should ditch her and befriend me, let’s get lunch. They all literally looked at her like what is wrong with this chick.

Oh, and she would always unplug all my stuff because she was ‘trying to save the world’ every single day, yet she would leave all her stuff plugged in.

She tried at one point to take away my ‘fridge privileges’ as she called it because she thought I ate too much junk food.”

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5. We Ditched And Left Her With The Unpaid Bills


“I feel as though my roommate was destined to hate me from the moment I misread her name and called her Burritos. We never met this girl prior but had family that was friends with her that we were moving in with as well. Then the family member leaves and we were stuck (my fiancé and me) with a woman who speaks no English and had no social cues.

She would dye her hair in the bathroom and literally shake her hair dry painting the room black with dye. She would take our clothes out of the washer because she had fewer clothes anyway. Broke our bedroom window, refused to call the landlord (her father’s friend), and continued to turn off the heat in freezing temperatures, killing all our animals. Would leave the meat out to thaw…

for several days until the meat began to swell and turn colors. Then she would cook it and leave the cooked meat in randomly placed areas: the bathroom, underground, closet, cabinet. She also constantly locked our dog in closets and tried to have him taken by the pound. She stole hundreds of dollars from us making me pay for 2/3 of everything, even stuff I couldn’t use.

She tried to make me pay extra for a parking spot and tried to charge me when I didn’t shovel a spot for her friends to park. Screw her.

We ditched her with an 800 dollar electric bill she refused to pay and took about 500 dollars worth of bills in my name that she was hiding the fact she didn’t pay with the funds given to her. (she knew the landlord and worked next to the cable provider.)

She then called every day from different numbers, had her parents and friends call saying in terribly broken English ‘We are police, you pay the electric bill or arrested.'”

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4. One Roommate Was Lazy The Other One Was An Idiot


“I have had two incredibly bad roommates. Both happened to have the same first name too so I’m wondering if there may be a correlation…

First guy! Actually was a good friend of mine and was fun to hang out with and whatnot. I tolerated living with him for over a year and it had its highs and lows. Biggest problem: absolutely HORRIBLE hygiene. The room was always a disaster with trash and food.

Had to clean mold out of the carpet after he left. And he showered maybe once a month at best… and then put on his same stinky clothes that he only washed like twice a year. He was downright LAZY and smelled awful! To be fair I am fairly certain he has severe mental issues that contribute to this (yes we have tried getting him help, but you can’t really help someone who doesn’t want it).

Had a major falling out with him which I will not get into so we’re no longer on speaking terms. It’s really sad and I do still harbor some ill will towards him but I can only wish him the best.

The next guy we finally got rid of about a month ago. An acquaintance of my significant other moved in to help us pay the rent.

Little did we know that this guy was a class A sheltered IDIOT. The guy had no idea what a vacuum looked like and he’s the one that owned one. Really he had no idea how to do anything nor had any motivation to do anything besides lay around, play video games, smoke and drink. Was terrible at budgeting for those reasons too. Horrendously bad memory too as he constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY repeated himself.

It got to the point where his stupidity was almost physically painful. Wasn’t very good at cleaning up after himself either, but at least he wasn’t as bad as the first guy with that. Generally, he just wasn’t even close to being ready to take on any adult responsibilities. We finally kicked him out after he messed up paying rent twice in a row and ended up getting us late fees. He made plenty of excuses and complained that he didn’t have the funds but we were like ‘Dude if you can’t afford it just go. This is hurting all of us. Be honest and no hard feelings.’ So that one didn’t end as badly, but I wouldn’t mind never having to put up with him ever again.”

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3. I Tried To Make Him Smell Better


“Not only my housemate but he was my manager at work, turns out he was stealing from work to fund his gambling addiction, and when I moved out after learning this, he stole my Nintendo 3ds, my best friend’s Xbox 360 and also his laptop, which we assume he sold all of them for his gambling still.

On top of all that, before all that stuff, he literally stunk, never showered, and I was the guy that wouldn’t dare tell him as I would have felt bad, could even smell him at work – it was disgusting.

He did 0 cleaning, not even wash the pots, so I’d return from an 11-hour shift and have to do the pots. I even cleaned his room once (as a nice gesture) as he never cleaned that and he still didn’t clean it after that. Washed his clothes and everything. To be honest, I was a bit stupid for being taken advantage of so to say but I think I was trying to make him smell better, and it never worked. After I cleaned everything in the house, he’d come home from work and it’d instantly stink of him.”

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2. He Thought We Hated Him For Being Gay


“Got wasted and cried and knocked on our doors at 3 in the morning almost every night for two months. Then after we got him signed up for weekly therapy sessions to deal with his lying and heavy drinking found out he only went to two then started just going into town and hanging out with other people (drinking) so we told him he wasn’t welcome to stay after his lease was up.

He also hated us because we ‘hated that he was gay’, we were fine with him being gay and were clear about that. We hated that he was a self-obsessed nutcase who was ruining our studying near to exams. He eventually left in a huge dramatic display, having never paid for the walls, door, and carpets to be cleaned blaming us for his depression (he denied heavy drinking).

We found out not long later that he had completely flunked his course due to handing in no assignments for the entire year.

Then again the guy who replaced him was growing substances in our house and having constant parties so he would leave the front door open to let his mates come in ‘whenever.’ Whenever we shut the door someone would try and kick it down within half an hour… exams were hard…”

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1. She Cried Like A Little Girl


“I once shared a student house with a girl who wasn’t yet at university, but merely spending a year with students for fun before she started her own course.

She came from a ‘Nouveau Riche’ family, her dad made a packet in the 80s selling double glazing. So, too much money, too little class. She was his little princess, she was special and god help anyone who would dare to suggest otherwise.

Firstly she refused to do any cleaning, as she put it ‘People like me don’t do housework’. When the rest of the housemates started to refuse to clean up after her she would either throw money at us and tell us to clean up for her, or drive to Ikea and buy more glasses/crockery. After a while there was a mountain of her dirty dishes building up in the kitchen, we counted 100+ glasses and 60+ plates, plus two buckets full of cutlery.

Someone put a post-it next to the pile suggesting it was time she did her dishes. She went ballistic. I mean she really lost the plot and after we refused to back down she went and called the police. The police officers came and told her to calm down and suggested that maybe she really should do her dishes – and that she was very close to a wasting police time charge.

The next day her dad arrived to try and intimidate and bribe us into making sure his ‘little princess’ (his words) was always kept happy. We were laughing at him. Partly because he was dressed like Del Boy (sheepskin coat, chunky jewelry, and shiny suit), but also because he was getting angry at our refusal to back down. He was obviously someone who was used to getting his own way.

After he left, the little princess (who was 23) started crying about how we insulted her and her father. A week of bad looks and swearing later and she moved out.

Her dishes still hadn’t been washed.”

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