People Share The Most Vindictive Way They Got Revenge

I'm the type of person that either lets things go or doesn't let go until I resolve the situation. Sometimes the only way to really resolve any kind of issue is to get assertive and basically say what's on your mind in an effort to evoke change. But, often, people don't want to listen to what you have to say, and you're left feeling angry and unimportant. At that point, you have to decide if you're going to get louder, just walk away and forget about the situation, or try something different if your voice alone isn't enough. Speaking of something different, that's what these folks did. Some of them went straight for cold, hard revenge right from the get-go while others slowly inched their way to plot the perfect act of revenge, and guess what?! It ended up working for them!

14. Accuse Me Of Stealing? I'll Take Down Your Business And Ruin Your Life

“Many years ago, I worked at an electronics repair store that will not be named. It was the only one in our smallish town, so everyone came there. I worked my way up from lowly tech to store manager in roughly six months. A few months after I made store manager, one of the owners who we will call Dennis insisted on bringing his nephew in as a part-time employee. (Don’t get ahead of me!)

I initially didn’t have any issues with the kid; he had come to the store on multiple occasions, and we would all sit around in the back and talk.

So again, I had no issues with bringing him on part-time. For a good month or two, the kid who we will call Kevin busted his behind, did everything right, and he could solder an HDMI port on a PS4 in minutes (one less thing for me to do). Profits for the store were skyrocketing and things seemed rather fine from where I was standing, I was due to make a fairly large bonus that year as long as the store kept turning the amount of money it was turning.

I figured at this time, we could make Kevin our assistant manager, and I could go back to doing paperwork, inventory orders, and such and leave the running of things to him.

Well, mistakes were definitely made. I had a bad habit of writing down my login pin because Dennis and his business partner Jay were idiots and wanted the pin to be 9,347,893,247,349 digits long. These pins were required to access everything from sales data, to the cash register, and more. Anyway, around the time that I was turning over the majority of stuff to Kevin to do, I also started taking classes at the local university, so again, me being the idiot that I was, would leave to go to class before coming back and finishing my shift.

Dennis and Jay were fine with this as long as I left someone competent in charge.

Fast forward to the end of the month when accounts receivable numbers were run. And wouldn’t you know it, we were short. By thousands that month. I discussed everything with Dennis and Jay and we assumed it was a computer glitch. There was no way after almost a year of working there that the numbers were off. I had never had this happen before.

The next month, we were once again off. It was around this time that Dennis and Jay came to me and started accusing me of stealing from them. They pointed out all of the days that the numbers didn’t match up and saw that I was always closing that night.

When I tried to explain to them that I was in class on those days when the money came up missing and suggested that they look at Kevin, Dennis blew his top.

He said how dare I accuse his nephew of anything, that it was my pin used to access the register, etc. Needless to say, I was fired, but luckily they didn’t call the cops because in Jay’s words, I had made them a boatload of money.


A couple of years had passed since I was working there, I graduated college with a degree in business, and had moved on with my life or so I thought. One night while I was out at the store, I heard from behind me “Yo thief!” as I turn around I see Kevin and Dennis with a sh*t-eating grin on their faces.

I shrug it off and walk away continuing to hear their childish taunts. While in my car, I began to formulate a plan. I was going to crush these mother f*ckers no matter how long it took.

It took me two months of planning, but finally, I figured that I would use my social engineering skills and my business savvy to completely crash their business. I broke the HDMI port on my PS4 on purpose and took it in to have it fixed.

Kevin and a girl that had started there a few weeks earlier were the only two working.

Kevin: Hey, welcome to such and such. Oh, it’s you, thief. What can I help you with?
Me: First off, you can stop calling me that. You and I both know it’s bullsh*t.
Kevin: Sorry dude, Dennis told me to call you that. I’m sorry how everything went down. What can I help you with?
Me: My HDMI port broke. Do you guys still repair them?
Kevin: Yeah, we still repair them.

It’s $115.
Me: D*mn, you guys went up in price? Good on you, so how’s everything been since I left?
Kevin: You mean since you were fired for stealing?
Me: Yeah, whatever. We both know that’s bullsh*t.

I knew Kevin was trying to impress the girl but didn’t care at that minute. We’ll come back to her.

As I glanced around, I saw that they had added some new things to the store, including Otterbox cases and such.

Me: Whoa, that’s new! How did you guys manage to get in with Otterbox?
Kevin: Oh we didn’t.

They kept turning us down, so I found a Chinese distro. We get them for $5 and sell them for $30.
Me thinking to myself (This dude loves to blab; I need him to keep it up.)
Me: So, how much have the prices gone up on other things?
Kevin: Oh? Quite a bit actually. You thought you were turning this store a profit, let me show you something.

He showed me their new price list which was insane on the pricing and also a



I never believed in ripping anyone off, so I always convinced Dennis and Jay our pricing was fair.

And that they didn’t need to charge a lot for repairs. Since they were the only game in town, they had everyone by the balls.

After the work was finished, I said goodbye and made sure to wave to the girl as I walked out. This is when my plan really went into motion, I had everything I needed to crush these mother f*ckers. All except a building, the next day I looked around for a location to begin to dismantle their monopolistic hold on the town.

As luck would have it, a location right across the street from their store was coming up for rent. I quickly signed the lease and began to distribute flyers letting the town know about our coming grand opening on the flyer I was offering 90% off the first repair. Basically, I was doing the work for free, just all they had to do was pay the part price.

Opening day comes and I have 60 people there to get repairs ranging from iPhone screen repairs, to simple PC tune-ups.

This went on like this for months, and sure I was taking a loss on the building rent, but this being a smallish town, the rent was easily manageable.

After things started to settle down and business became steady, Dennis and Jay started losing massive business due to the new guy in town. (They still hadn’t realized it was me.) Jane walked in as I was closing up shop. Jane if you recall was the girl who worked for Dennis that Kevin was trying to hit on.

Apparently she had been let go that night and was looking for another job. I immediately gave her the job because she knew her sh*t. I asked her what all happened over there, and she said everything has gone to sh*t and that the store has been losing tens of thousands since this place opened and that she would have left sooner if she didn’t need the job. Kevin apparently really liked her and couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

A month after Jane came in, Dennis and Jay came in to see who their new comp was.

As they walked in, I greeted them as I do any customer.

Me: Welcome to New Guy’s electronic repair. How can I help you?
Dennis: Does the owner know he hired a thief?
Me: Oh, I’m sure he knows you’re full of sh*t on that one.
Dennis: Get me your manager, you piece of sh*t thief.
Me: Sir, I am the manager. How can I help you?
Dennis: Well is the owner here?

Me: Yes sir he is.
Dennis: Good, then go get him so that I can tell him what a thief you are.

Me: Sure, one minute.

I walk into the back and start talking to Jane, and we both enjoy a laugh because she overheard this dude.

I walk out of the back and look at Dennis.

Me: How can I help you?
Dennis: You can stop playing games and get me your owner.
Me: -pointing to the sign behind me- Yeah, that’s me. How can I help you?
Dennis: You’re the one that has been taking all of our business!?!!?
Me: Yep, you called me a thief when you knew all along it was your piece of sh*t nephew that was stealing from you.

I made it my life’s mission to destroy you the day you and Kevin called me a thief in the store. You couldn’t leave well enough alone.
Jay: You mean to tell me that this is HIS FAULT? -looking at Dennis-
Me: Yep, and yours as well. You had a chance to stick up for me and didn’t. If I can’t assist you gentlemen with a repair or anything, I kindly ask that you leave my store.
Dennis: F*ck you, you haven’t heard the end of us.

This quite literally cracked me up, the dude trying to talk tough.

I laughed as they stormed out of my store. About this time, Jane came from out of the back area and dropped her phone. I bent down to pick it up and noticed that it was the fake Otterboxes that the other store was selling.

I made an anonymous tip to Otterbox regarding them selling counterfeits. Boy, let me tell you, Otterbox doesn’t f*cking play. Within a week, the other store was raided, and Kevin, Dennis, and Jay were all arrested for selling counterfeit items and were sued into bankruptcy.

As for Jane and I, well, we just welcomed our first child into the world and have been married for a year and a half.

If you’re reading this Kevin, little f*cking thief, not only did I cost you and your uncle everything, but I also took your woman. Go suck a d*ck.”

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rori 3 years ago
She was never his woman, he just wanted her to be and she was WAY too smart to get with that POS.
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13. Unleashing The Beast On My Crappy Neighbor

Don’t be that neighbor.

“I live in one of those doubled up houses where they build two houses adjacent to each other with mirrored layout, so we share a wall but are otherwise completely separate.

For years, the house next to me belonged to a nice old lady who you never really noticed or had any trouble with. When she died and the house was resold, the troubles began.

The target is someone who I will refer to as Jack Sparrow for reasons that will become clear later.

Jack owns a sizeable construction business and does some real estate on the side. He buys the house and rents it to a bunch of foreign construction workers who work for his business. I say foreign because it is relevant to the story: there are rumors Jack is doing some shady stuff to have these people work for him dirt cheap by claiming that they’re national workers in their native country (and paying them according to that wage and not the much higher minimum wage of my country).

Not exactly on the up and up. Possibly unreported labor as well.

Anyways, he stuffs 4-6 of these people in said house for them to live while they work here.

Now I do not have anything against construction workers or foreigners. But these guys have two traits that are very problematic: they are extremely loud, and they do not give a f*ck about anyone else. We’re talking non-stop music and partying starting Thursday evening throughout the entire weekend until they leave at 5 am Monday morning to go to work.

Seriously, I don’t know how or when they sleep; it is literally non-stop. We’re talking, ‘I’m wearing headphones but still cannot hear my own sound over their music’ loud, since it would appear that they’ve designated the living room (adjacent to the shared wall) as the party room where the fun happens.

At first, I do the neighborly thing and just suck it up, thinking, ‘It’s just one party, just one weekend.’ But after the third one in a row, I go over to ask them to turn it down, since you know, night disturbance, and it’s technically illegal to blast music this loud (hearable on the street and across the street by my other neighbors who have also complained).

I’m met with a half-hearted ‘so sorry, will fix’.

Except nothing changes. I go over several more times, each time angrier, each time met with, ‘But it’s not loud.’ If I can hear your music in my own house, over my own tv and music, I would say that it is in fact, too loud.

I contact Jack since he is their landlord and explain the situation, after which I’m met with an abrupt, ‘Sorry not sorry, not my f*cking problem.’ Basically, Jack told me to get f*cked.

So I involve the police and call them every time things get out of hand.

After about a dozen calls, sometimes even twice in the same night, it is clear that even regular police interference doesn’t help the situation.

I should mention that I am a lawyer, so I know what the next legal steps are. I also know that other than a token paper from a judge saying, ‘Their music is too loud,’ I’m not really going to get anything. Things would (like they already sometimes had) become a cat and mouse game where they would blast their music extremely loud to p*ss me off or to wake me up, for a few brief moments so that by the time I could get proof or police show up, there would be no music.

I’m deadlocked with my only further option being pretty useless and a waste of time.

At this point, I’m biding my time and just waiting until something changes.

I’m not saying that I condone people who bludgeon their neighbor to death with a rusty pipe, but I do somewhat understand what would drive someone to that point.

One day, I’m at home and I notice quite a lot of ruckus next door, more so than usual. Suddenly, I see through my garden window that a wall is being partially torn down. You see, sometime over the years, the neighbors had built a small adjacent side-building adjoining the main house.

It was right on the border between us, and when the gardens were being re-fenced, the wall was used as a divider to save on fencing. Said wall was now in the process of having its top part ripped off by a crane.

I was not informed of any of this, which, while not technically needed, would have been the nice thing to do. I go take a walk so I can take a look at what we’re doing and see that they’ve torn down the entire side-building, the remaining wall between our gardens is the only part that has been kept intact (and even then, not the top part).

Being a lawyer, and specifically, a construction/permit lawyer, I know two things:

  • Sh*t like this is not allowed without a pre-approved permit from the city.

  • There is no way in hell they have said permit, as I would have seen the application for it (I regularly check to see what permits are being applied to around my area, just so I can keep up with what is being built or requested in my area).

This is it.

The moment I have been waiting for, the situation has changed and the time has come to exact revenge.

A quick email sent to the municipal authorities lets me do my civic duty of reporting a potential crime, the fact that someone is building or demolishing sh*t without a permit. Since this is a simple report, no response happens since I’m not an official victim or anything yet.

Since no further construction happens for a few days and everything was removed, I assumed that was that and they would only tear down the side structure since it was starting to fall apart due to age.

Neighbors have moved all their stuff that was in said building onto their lawn and haphazardly covered it with a tarp.

The next week, more construction materials are being delivered and construction starts.

I send a new email to city services, with new pictures, saying that apparently, there is more planned and that I hope they undertake the appropriate action. Instant response less than an hour later: They’d called Jack after the first time to inform him that what he was doing required a permit, and he had ensured them that he didn’t know that (BS, he’s in construction; of course he knows) and that he would stop construction and request a permit.

They called him again after my email, reprimanded him for not following his earlier promise, and he said again he would shut it down.

I happened to be working from home that day and had to stop myself from waving to the construction crew as they left.

Later that day, I get an angry phone call from Jack, who accuses me of reporting him and that I would be sorry, and he would come after me for damages for his delays.

I respectfully inform him that even if I reported him (reports are in my name, but not published and anonymized in later files) I wouldn’t have done anything wrong, because from the looks of it, he didn’t have a permit and should have known that before he started working illegally without one.

I end the call before I start to sound too happy with things.

Jack has at this point, no idea what I have initiated with this.

He is Jack Sparrow and I have just rung the bell that awakens the Kraken that will destroy him; he just doesn’t know it yet.

You see, there is a good reason why most people consult an expert and or a lawyer when they want to apply for a permit. The rules involved are so convoluted and needlessly complex that navigating them as a nonprofessional is extremely hard and time-consuming, and a single mistake can torpedo your entire case, forcing you to do it all over.

I have killed entire projects (and have seen clients’ projects killed) by pointing out that on page 127, section 35-1-A, something was left blank that should have been answered.

I did some digging and found out that the previous owners of the houses had actually consulted each other about the side building and agreed on making the wall (part of) the divider between their gardens. So much so, that they shared the costs of it. And the ownership.

That wall that he destroyed part of? It was also my wall which of course, means I’m entitled to damages, but that is not the important part.

The important part is that he needs my permission, to do anything to that wall. So when he applied for a permit a few weeks later (added bonus, rowdy neighbors stuff is still out in the open, covered by just a tarp, since they expected this to be a quick smash and replace the job that would take a few weeks at most), I went to the city center and looked at the application.

Noticed that they were planning to do some stuff to said wall that I own 50% of.

So I filed a complaint, following proper procedure, about the permit, namely that even if granted, it could never be executed, since Jack needed permission from me in regards to the wall, and he didn’t have it (nor was I intending to grant it). This should kill his permit since permits cannot be granted if you know in advance they cannot be realized.

No sense granting a permit to build a certain kind of house when you know they’re never actually going to build it.

Now, Jack was a bit of a smooth talker, and as a construction entrepreneur, he had his connections, and permits are a political decision here just as much as a legal one. So despite a 100% correct legal objection that should have killed his permit, it went through. He actually called me about it to gloat a little.

No worries – one can appeal a permit in my country.

The only requirement is that you pay a $120 fee, which I gladly paid. The appeal instance is a subnational instance and does not care one bit about Jack’s political ties or the half-hearted bullsh*t that the city officials wrote to justify granting the permit in spite of the concerns I raised.

They terminate his permit without any hesitation on the aforementioned legal grounds.

Jack sees his permit blocked until he fixes the issue, which he can’t because I’m not really inclined to agree with his plans for our wall, you see.

At this point, going through two lengthy procedures, it has been over 7 months.

The neighbors have had an unfinished construction project in their yard the entire time, forced to store their stuff elsewhere, something that was always supposed to be ‘a temporary thing for a few weeks while we build’ turned into something that was taking months with no end in sight.

But wait, there’s more.

The above was the administrative part of the matter, him getting the permit.

Now doing construction work without a permit is also a criminal offense. And of course, my report got passed around to the appropriate instances, so now Jack was also the subject of a criminal procedure for construction offense.

Not only did he risk fines and jail time, he has a construction business and used his own construction business for the work he did on the property. So his company was also on the hook, and one of the sentences that can be given in these types of crimes is to be prohibited to do construction or construction-related activity as a business, either permanently or temporarily. Not only was he personally on the line, but his entire business was as well.

During this debacle, Jack tried to sell the property.

This didn’t really go too well because of a few reasons. One, the property was inflicted with an illegal situation: the demolished side-building was torn down illegally, and until said illegal status was resolved, it would stick to the property. Which tends to kill the property value quite a bit, since nobody wants to buy something that they’ll have to spend time and money on to make legal again by either rebuilding the torn down building or getting a regularisation permit for it.

Made even worse by the fact that he applied for said permit and had it denied, so he couldn’t even claim that said permit would be super easy to get.

Secondly, is Jack never intended to sell the property in its current state. What he, as I now know, has done in the past is buy cheap old houses like the one next to me. He puts some of his crew in it, who can’t complain about the sub-par accommodation.

They thrash the place because they don’t care and he lets them, then when the place is done, he tears it down and sells it to a developer or develops it himself.

However, due to his construction crime and the accompanying status for the property, step two was not an option. He couldn’t renovate it the way it needed to be (small renovations would not be enough), because covering the crime was always a requirement in any permit he would request for the building, and because of me, he couldn’t cover it.

Couldn’t sell it either, because the place was trashed, and any developer looking at it would dip out when they realized there was a construction issue and a vocal neighbor who would oppose anything big that they would try to do there, lots of easier properties to develop than that one.

Anyway, that is where we are today.

Jack is staring down the barrel of a criminal court procedure that is about to happen where he is risking his business and livelihood. His existing projects also gather special attention from city services now, since he is now outed to them as someone who cuts corners on permits and regulations.

He cannot really sell the property unless he cuts a massive loss, since in its current state, it is absolutely trashed. He cannot develop it or sell it to a developer because all development plans involve the adjoining wall, which he cannot use in big ways unless he gets my permission.

The rowdy neighbors are stuck living in a smaller house than what they had, in a place they trashed but that cannot really be renovated or fixed in the major way that it needs.

They have quieted down a lot, possibly because Jack blames them for his current situation (which isn’t wrong, I suppose).

I have awakened the Kraken and set it off on Jack Sparrow, and it utterly ruined him. And the best part is that I had do to very little to do it. All I really did was nudge the abomination that is municipal bureaucracy and point it in his direction, and they did the rest.

I could tell you that he called me to complain and even beg about letting him use the wall the way he needs it to, so that he can get on with his business and fix the issues and use them to show his good faith in court in the criminal procedure, that he was losing money and customers over this and was in danger of losing his entire business, and that I then smugly replied with ‘not my f*cking problem.’

But he didn’t, so for now, we’ll just have to imagine that he did.”

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12. Demean Me In A Psychiatric Hospital? You Won't Be Working Here Long

“Context: I am a black teenage girl, and when these comments happened, I had turned 15 not even a week prior.

I had a suicide attempt in September 2017 and was admitted to the psych ward. For anyone who doesn’t know, psych wards aren’t good at best, and a living hell at worst.

When you come in, they do a medical exam, to make sure you aren’t harming, drugs, etc. I tried to hang myself, and because of that, I had visible bruising around my neck that needed to be examined.

So they sent me to the in-ward doctor.

I was nervous, and obviously in a bad space, so I tried to just go along with it and not do anything crazy. Just a quick in and out. He started looking me over and said, ‘Is this the bruising from your attempt?’ and I said, ‘On my neck?’ He rolled his eyes and was like, ‘No the bruising on your foot, what do you think I’m talking about?’ I decided to just let it go and ignore it.

He then started asking me about who I was, and when he asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said that I wanted to be an ER doctor, because how fascinating medicine was and still is to me. He looked at me dumbfounded, rolled his eyes again, and said, ‘Please. Negro girls can’t handle the sight of blood.’
I was in complete shock and didn’t respond. He went on a spiel about how I would never make it as a doctor and how I should give up on that dream.

I stayed silent until the exam was done, and ran out and started bawling.

It hurt me so much, and I was extremely broken up. That was my only hope and dream and it had just been shattered.

About a day later, I’m asked to take a survey about my stay. I had been there for about 3 days and I was like sure, whatever. The nurses and everyone else I had met were amazing and treated me like a human, not a patient.

I sat in front of the computer and took the survey. I’m giving 5 stars, saying how the food is decent (except for some stray bits of plastic), etc. Then it asks me about the doctor.

You already know what went down. I did what I do best and wrote about the experience and how awful it was.
About 3 hours later, a nurse calls me out and leads me to a side room. Inside, there are three people who are introduced to me as the directors of the adolescent mental health program.

They said they had some concerns about my review, so I went ahead and told them everything. They were shocked and apologized about the experience and said he would be dealt with.

About two days later, a bag of Panera bagels was sent in. I got 2 cinnamon crunch bagels, my all-time favorite! I never saw the doctor again and found out he had been fired.”

Another User Comments:

“As a female in medicine, I hope and pray you didn’t let that man shatter your dreams permanently. Instead I hope that he fueled your drive to pursue a fabulous career in medicine. I also think it would be incredibly bittersweet if someday he applied for a job where you were the person deciding whether to hire him or not.” StandardYTICHSR

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dawo1 3 years ago
Don't let that asshole crush your dreams. Prove him wrong. Use his hate to fuel yourself and become everything you've dreamed of.
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11. Be Difficult To Work With? I'll Prove That We Don't Need You

“I was working a job that had me operating in one of our offices overseas. We would have business expenses, and those receipts would be in the language of the country we were in, obviously. Those expenses were for things like printer ink, office equipment, cleaning services, marketing costs – all pretty standard stuff.

Well around this time we got a new VP over our region who worked out of head office in LA. This VP came up with this brilliant idea to hire a translator to translate all of the receipts to make sure we weren’t sneaking in bullsh*t.

Fair enough, however, the issue that arose was that we had to send our expenses to the translator who would translate the receipt then submit for reimbursement.

The problem was this translator was a real Karen type.

She would demand better scans of the receipts, oftentimes after we had already thrown it away. She would argue if we really got the best deal on whatever we bought.

I remember in one transaction on about $200 of ink cartridges’ she asked me why I didn’t order online from this common website. To which I said they were out of stock at the time, and we needed the ink, so we bought from a local store.

To which she said I was spending too much money.

To which I said it’s none of your concern; your job is to translate the receipt.

To which she said if I want her to submit my expenses, I need to be nice to her.

To which I said she needs to learn her place she’s a translator, not a VP that gets to instruct me what to do.

After this encounter, she started being extra anal with my expenses, so one day, I came into the office early to call her and try and work things out.

She basically told me that I screwed up by p*ssing her off, and she expected my expense reports to be perfect, or she wouldn’t submit them unless they were.

I told her if she keeps this up she won’t have a job much longer. She laughed, wished me well and hung up.

A few months later, we had our annual meeting in LA, and after the meeting, we were at a bar, and I walked up to our VP and started up a conversation. I steered the conversation to expenses, and I asked him how much in monthly expenses did he typically reimburse us for in the country we worked out of.

He said about $3,000 to $4,000. I acted surprised and asked, “Is that all?” He goes, “Yea.”

To clarify, that $3,000 to $4,000 is the typical spend, and he says, “Yea, it rarely gets above $4,000.”

So I ask him about how Karen our translator is doing. He says she’s doing a good job and I nod my head and I go, “How many fraudulent expenses has she caught?”

It’s important to note, every employee that was submitting expenses was well paid, they’d be awfully stupid trying to skim some extra dollars via fraudulent expense reports.

He goes “What do you mean?”

I said, “Well, you hired her to ensure all the expenses you were reimbursing us for are legitimate, right? Her job is to translate them for you, correct?” he says it is, and I ask, “So is it safe to presume you’ve done that to ensure people aren’t submitting BS expenses?” He says “You could say that.”

I smile and ask:

“So how much in fraudulent expenses has she caught?”

He thinks for a moment and goes, “I don’t think she has caught any.”

So I ask, “And how much do we pay her?”

He says it depends on her workload but between $2,500-$3,000 a month.

I smile, and ask “Does it make sense to pay someone $3,000 a month to translate $3,000 in receipts?”

“Well, she ensures we aren’t getting fraudulent expenses,” and I counter “Well, you said she hasn’t count any in the last 9 months, and the expenses are always between $3,000-$4,000, so as long as the expenses stay in that range, wouldn’t it be safe to assume that the expenses are legitimate? And couldn’t you bring on a translator on a contract basis if they get out of hand?”

He sees my point.

“And imagine the cost savings, we would probably save over $40,000 a year; that’s a good chunk of change, isn’t it?”

The VP tries to defend his position, “But she does a good job,” and I counter, “But you could frame this as you’ve saved us $40,000 a year and created a baseline to judge expenses by.

Cutting costs is always good for the bottom line and the end of the year bonuses, isn’t it?”

FYI, I knew that a major % of a VP comp package with the company had to do with the companies margin at the end of the year. The bigger the margin, the bigger the bonus.

You can see the twinkle in his eye.

We carry on the rest of the night, and a few weeks later, we get an email from the VP saying that we are to submit to all our expenses directly to the admin for reimbursement and that we have let go of Karen.”

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10. Screw Over My Grandpa? He'll Buy This Business In Cash And Get You Fired

“My family immigrated to America in the 1880s and settled in Nebraska. We were farmers for the first 80 years or so, but back in the 1960s, my great-grandma decided she was going sell the entire farm before she died and simply give her sons 1/3 of money for inheritance when she passed (she had 3 sons).

In 1969, my great grandma passed, and her 3 sons inherited the money she had earned from selling the farm.

My grandpa decided he would basically let that money sit until after he retired from the military.

In 1971, he deployed to Vietnam for his 2nd and final deployment. At the end of his deployment, he returned to Nebraska and retired after 22 years in the service. Now he had an old Chevy truck at the time and was in the process of building a concrete business with the money he had gotten from his inheritance.

Well, during this time, his truck engine blew up.

My grandpa was busy at the time, and he didn’t want to fool with the truck cause he was busy. So he bought himself the engine he wanted to replace it with, which was an upgrade and he went down to the only garage in town and asked them if they’d be willing to put the engine in the truck. They agreed on a price and told him to come back in a week or so.

A week later, my grandpa comes back and picks up the truck.

He admits he felt like a fool for not double-checking the work but assumed since this was the son of his friend that the son would do right by him. This was a small town.

Well, my grandpa opens up the concrete business, and he’s busy, and it comes time for his first oil change. This is about 4 months after he got the truck back. He’s doing the oil change and he notices that the engine he bought isn’t the engine in his truck.

It’s a smaller engine. This obviously p*sses him off to high heaven as my grandma liked to say.

So he storms on down to the garage and talks to shop; Earl was the owner. Earl comes out and denies any wrongdoing. Says he did as he was told, and it shouldn’t have taken him 4 months to bring the issue up. My grandpa tells Earl he needs to do what’s right. Earl refuses.

It’s important to note, that again, this is a small town.

Written contracts and so forth really aren’t a thing. Your worth is your word.

My grandpa tells Earl he’s going get him for this. Earl laughs and tells him to leave his shop.

My grandpa goes down to the county and requests the record for who owns that gas station. Turns out, it’s an old family friend named Harold.

My grandpa stops by Harold’s house and starts inquiring about the business deal Harold has with Earl. Harold says that Earl rents the gas station/garage from him.

My grandpa asks Harold how everything is going, and Harold confides that Earl hasn’t paid his rent in 2 months. My grandpa asks, “Do you have a written lease with Earl?” to which Harold goes, “Nah, I sure don’t.” My Grandpa then asks, “What if I bought the gas station/garage from you?”

Harold isn’t completely on board with the idea, but my grandpa makes a strong point. Earl isn’t paying his rent, Harold doesn’t seem like he has much interest in being a landlord anymore, and my grandpa has the cash to buy the place outright.

Harold sensing something is up, asks my grandpa, “Did Earl do something to you? You seem awfully interested in this garage.

Ain’t you busy with that concrete business of yours?” and my grandpa fills Harold in on the story.

My Grandpa also mentions that he has a son (my father) who needs something to do, and he’d be happy to buy the whole building from Harold for a fair price, and what happens after that is his business.

Also, it’s important to note that when Harold decided to rent this business to Earl in that deal went all the equipment and tools that Harold had acquired over the years, so those belonged to the building.

Harold and my Grandpa came to a number that they both agreed on.

A few days later, my grandpa paid Harold in cash in full for the business. The paperwork is done and my Grandpa is now the proud owner of a gas station and mechanics shop.

Now my grandpa senses that Earl ain’t going be too pleased when my Grandpa fires Earl so for extra good measure, my grandpa calls up the local sheriff who is a high school friend and asks the sheriff to come with him to break the news to Earl.

So my Grandpa and the Sheriff go down to Earl’s now-former business, and they walk in, and before my grandpa could even say hello, Earl says, “Now I told you, I didn’t cheat you,” and my grandpa smiles and says, “I’m not here about my truck; I’m here to fire you.”

Earl with a look of confusion on his face says, “You can’t fire me! I own this business.” My grandpa shows him the title and says, “I’m now the owner of this building” to which Earl fires back, “But I got a deal with Harold!” and the Sheriff speaks up, “You do? Do you have a lease?”

“Well, no, Earl says…” to which the Sheriff smiles and says, “In that case, you’re going need to take your stuff and leave.” Earl is fuming p*ssed, grabs his toolbox, and storms out.

My grandpa ended up hiring the mechanic that would occasionally work on his trucks at his concrete business. He had my aunt and grandma run the gas station full time, and my dad would work there after school.

We owned that garage for 25 years before my grandpa sold it to someone else.”

Another User Comments:

“I live in a small town, and you can’t deal dirty like that with people, especially locals. That kind of information will spread like wildfire.” StmblngShrk

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Neongummybears 3 years ago
Small town girl here, you well be run outta town for f***ing with the locals
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9. Accuse Me Of Owing 8 Months Of Rent? I Know Tenant Laws

“This took place during the middle of 2018. Me, my wife, and 3 kids were looking for a new place to rent because our current renter was selling and had given us a 60-day notice to move. During this time, my wife’s mother had a friend; let’s call him Sam. Sam had a 4 bedroom, 2 bath house that he was in the middle of remodeling to get ready to sell. Because of this, certain parts of the house like some of the walls weren’t fully painted and some of the floors were old.

At the current time, my family really needed a place to stay and our budget wouldn’t allow us to rent any places over $1,000 a month. Keep in mind, I am a disabled veteran and have a lot of time to sit and research things when I need to.

During the lease signing, we went over to the house for Sam to point out all the things that were being worked on and what things weren’t complete when we were moving it.

For example, the kitchen floor was being replaced along with the kitchen counter, and carpet was being added throughout the whole house (currently all wood floors). When we got there, we pointed out that there was still trash all over the floor and bug traps all over the ground, and he assured us that it would all be cleaned before we moved in. So we hand over our deposit and sign the lease for $1,000 a month.

He says that he is going on vacation out of state and won’t be back for 6 months but that contractors will be stopping by to work on the house. He leaves me a list of the work that is going to be done and then we wait.

3 days later, we are given the go-ahead that we are able to move in. We arrive at the house to find his 2 cars and motorcycle in the driveway with nowhere but the street for us to park (this becomes very important later in court).

The house is still just as dirty as the day we signed the lease. But with us really needing a place to stay, me, and my wife just take pictures and note everything wrong and get to cleaning. Now, remember, this was a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house; however, the owner left so much stuff in the house that the 4th bedroom was filled from wall to wall with junk, so we decided to just close that door and not use the room.

Keep in mind that because we didn’t have access to the room because of the owner/landlord, we were allowed to deduct that room from the rent. This deduction of rent becomes a pattern soon.

Now we lived there for a total of 9 months. During the first 6 months, we tried to get ahold of the landlord by phone with a way to pay rent. But we never got a reply from him after the day we got the keys, so everything that went wrong, we just kept track of.

The place had bugs nails sticking out of the floors and many other hazards. Finally, on the 7th month, Sam returns from his vacation out of state and retrieves one of the cars in the drive. He tells us he’s sorry for not responding and tells us we will figure out the rent and fixing my issues over the next week. On month 8, I still haven’t paid him anything as I sent him a letter stating that I would be withholding rent until the safety issues with the house are fixed.

Where we live, this is legal. During this time, instead of just fixing the issues and then getting rent from me, we are served with an eviction notice. Keep in mind, we have kept record of everything wrong with this house, including everything to code.

The first red flag in the eviction is the copy of the lease that was attached. It was an altered copy of the original I still had, so the documents didn’t even match.

So let’s do a little math. Each month, I withheld rent. I gave a detailed invoice of all the charges I’m reducing the rent by. I send all of this in the return for the eviction, and guess who shows up to the house 5 days before court? You bet it’s Sam. He starts yelling at the front door telling me to give him my debit card so that he can go get my rent out right now.

I calmly tell him that even though he is the owner/landlord that under the current laws, he must give me a 24-hour notice before being on the property unless it is an emergency. I call the cops so that I can document that he showed up and tried to scare me into giving him money on the spot. 5 days later, we show up at court and his lawyer walks over to me and presents me with a deal.

He tells me that his client (Sam) would like to just have me move out in 2 weeks and call the debt even. I tell him no thank you and say we can talk about it with the Judge.

I present everything on my part: 100 photos and invoices from each month about my rent reduction. Plus all the safety violations:

1. room, no access – 250/month x 9 months
2. cleaning and taking care of pool (was in the lease to have; pool guy never showed) – 100/month x 9 months

lawn care (also in the lease to be provided) – 50/month x 9 months
4. storage for 1 motorcycle – 25/day x9 months
5. storage for 1 car – 55/day x 9 months
6. storage for 1 car – 55/day x 7 months (he picked this one up after vacation)

Safety violations – N0 CO2 detector in the house; no working smoke alarms; all windows are supposed to have screens but most were broken or missing; because of pool and no fence around it, the back door needed an alarm to beep when opened (county safety code ); exposed wires on most electric outlets; ceiling fans not installed but wires just exposed; improper foundation for rear stairs leading out the back door; no license for inclosed backyard room (had a 30ft x 20ft area off back door which was enclosed by a screened area) as county required a license for anything that was attached to the house; and also, the pilled up junk in the 4th bedroom was considered a fire hazard.

Now I picked the rate per day to store the vehicles at the house because legally I could have had them towed off the property even though they are the owners.

This is the rate the impound lot would have charged per day that the vehicle was in the lot. This added up to a total invoice of 36,750 minus the $9,000 owed for rent, leaving $27,750 owed. After hearing both sides, the Judge ruled in my favor giving my landlord 3 options.

1. He could pay me $9,999 max allowed in small claims court here, and I would have 7 days to be off of the property.

2. He could give me a normal 30 notice to vacate, and I wouldn’t pay anything, and he would return my deposit in full within 24 hours after keys are returned.
3. I could continue to live there, but no rent would be owed until all safety issues were fixed and his stuff on the property removed.

He chose to go with option 2.

On a side note found out from my wife’s mother about a year after we moved out, some of the shady “upgrades” he did to the house caused a house fire and burned down. This wasn’t anything I did, but it felt so good to know that karma gets you in the end.”

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8. Be A Cheap Contractor? He'll Get His Money's Worth Out Of You

“This is actually what happened between my father and the contractor who built his house (my childhood home).

In 2000, my parents and their two young children, ages 7 and 5 (that’s me!), were looking to move into a house big enough for a family of four and that they could stay in for a very long time. They found a newly constructed street in a quiet neighborhood in a town known for being family-friendly. It was perfect.

There were only four available lots, so my mother chose the one she liked best.

Now the houses on these lots were still under construction, so they were mostly just framing at this point.

So my parents decided to contact the contractor, let’s call him Alfred, and see if they could have any input into the design, as they had already set up a mortgage agreement on the property. Alfred agreed but didn’t let them do too much, which wasn’t all that bad.

My parents were pretty busy trying to sell their old house anyway.

A few months go by, and the house is finally ready to be moved into. My parents are thrilled, they finally have their family home! We move in and everything’s great…for about 36 hours.

On literal day 2, the furnace in the basement breaks and spews smoke throughout the whole house, setting off the smoke detectors. The police and fire department shows up, investigate, and tell us that we can return in 72 hours.

So we stay in a nearby hotel for three days.

Everything is great again until we start noticing a bunch of small details that Alfred seemed to have overlooked. My dad hires a home inspector to look at the house; the inspector finds numerous faults that could cost thousands to fix. My dad is P*SSED.

So my dad, being the calm a**hole he is (and I love him for it), decides to get some help in paying for these repairs to his 7-month-old house.

You see, Alfred had been the contractor for four houses on the street, of which only one (ours) had been bought. So my dad went to the bank and expressed interest in the other lots. He asked that a $1,000 lien be placed on each one. This was all legal.

Alfred found out and was rightfully angry. He couldn’t sell these lots because of the liens! He asked my dad to remove them.

My dad agreed and said he would IF Alfred paid for the repairs. Alfred refused to pay, so my dad refused to lift the liens.

Alfred then sues my parents. My parents counter sue. The court rules in favor of my parents. My dad had to lift his liens. But Alfred, he had to pay my parents $50,000! Instead of paying $2-3k for repairs. AND a home inspector looked at the other three lots and made him pay for any repairs on them.”

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7. Hit Me And Try To Get Away From Paying Me? You Just Wait

A woman rear-ended me pretty badly. She told me not to call the cops because she was on the way to a AA meeting and she would lose her license. She called her partner who was a lawyer and he told me to let her go, told me to come to his office and he would pay cash for all repairs if I brought in an estimate.

So I did as requested. He, a lawyer, laughed at me and said there was no proof and I wouldn’t get a cent.

I was completely broke and knew I could not afford the repairs and furthermore, the car was not legally drivable as it was.

Late on another night, I went to the AA meeting via bicycle (she had said where it was in passing and I checked the schedule). I confronted her on her way out. She confessed her license was suspended and she had been driving without a license that day. Since it was summer I had days free from class and rode my bicycle to the lawyer’s office for a few days to learn his schedule from where I camped out across the street.

Slowly, a plan for revenge took shape in my mind. When I knew his beautiful car would be unattended for a while I filled his gas tank with sand and sugar – LOADS OF IT! At the time I lived in a bad neighborhood and there were always abandoned cars around. I had taken the rear plate off on one with an expired tag and put that on his car. Next, I slashed all four tires with a small slit so the air would slowly be gone by the time he was leaving.

Now I was only able to see the first part of my plan from my perch.

He came out from his office, saw the car sitting low to the ground and started screaming like a banshee. And this is how I imagined the rest: He pays to get the car towed, they replace/patch the tires. He drives off and the engine eventually fails because of the sand and sugar mix. He gets it towed again, pays for repairs (or new/rebuilds engine?) drives off and is pulled over for expired plates.

Since he arrogantly never took my information and never even looked at the repair estimate, he didn’t know the name of his saboteur. I actually didn’t tell anyone about this when it was going on (my would not have approved) and very few since, but about a year later I drove by the office and saw it was no longer his.

I feel like the woman probably would have done the right thing but she was just mixed up with a jerk. Hopefully, the events I started made it clear to her. Sweet Secret Revenge.”

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6. This Client Got Proven Wrong

“The client is not always right.

I work at a big ad agency with large companies as our clients. We expect to work in partnership with our clients; we fire clients that treat us poorly. Usually, we treat each other with respect.

Our biggest client has 5 different teams we work with, and one of them was led by Baseball Dad.

BD was the type of neckless marshmallow who gets wasted at his kid’s baseball games and starts heckling the other kids.

Just a boorish a**hole. He never approved any of our work, putting out awful stuff that his internal team made even though he is literally paying us millions of dollars to make ads for him. His product was struggling to sell, and he blamed us, even though we were killing it with the other 4 teams. He didn’t know this, which comes back to bite him later.

Furthermore, he crossed several lines:
He was extremely sexist. He used to call my female coworkers ‘sweetheart’ in the most condescending voice, comment on their clothes/bodies, and wink/smirk at me while they were talking because we are both men, I guess.

These women are highly accomplished, serious people and they are like family to me; huge misplay on his part.

BD was abusive to us. He would constantly interrupt us, tell us to shut up, call us ‘vendors’ and remind us he could fire us at any time.

BD would lie. He would tell his boss (actual nice guy but too busy to check closely) that we missed deadlines or forgot deliverables because he never checked his email. We would then have to awkwardly struggle to prove BD wrong without calling him a liar so we could keep the business.

He never owned up to anything he said to us on the phone.

The final straw took place on a call between BD and one of my project managers. I saw her run out of a room crying. She told me what BD said to her, in a 1 on 1 call, that she should worry less about budgets and more about wearing ‘that nice top’ she wore at our last presentation. Gross.

Revenge time.
I told my cool boss that our team had enough of BD; we were at our wits end with his sh*t.

Several of my coworkers were looking for new jobs. It’s hard to hire good people, so my boss asked me to give her a day to figure this out; she wanted to lose BD without the entire business.

The next day, she showed up with our IT guy, who set up a voice recording on our conference line. It’s illegal to record people without consent in my state, but BD was late to every call. Too bad, because if he ever had shown up on time, he would have heard the new message kicking off every call: ‘this call is being recorded.’ His team heard it and had no problem with it.

I suspect they hated him, too.

For the next two weeks, we recorded everything. Every word of it. One of my audio engineers made a supercut of every terrible thing BD said – every ‘sweetheart,’ ‘shut up,’ ‘no one cares what you think.’ My project manager even baited him into repeating what he said about her clothes on a budget call; this time, he literally said, ‘you’re much better at flirting than budgets, sweetheart.

That’s why I like you.’

The supercut sounded insane when played all together; it was an incredible piece of evidence.

We sent it to his boss and his vice president and threatened to walk away from the work 2 weeks before product launch if BD wasn’t disciplined. They immediately apologized and begged us not to leave; they said it would be handled by Monday.

My one sweet project manager he had been so gross to got the best part of the revenge; she anonymously sent the supercut to his wife using the email address she had posted on LinkedIn.

I don’t know what became of that but I imagine it wasn’t good.

On Monday, BD wasn’t on the call. My boss snooped and found out that he had a few complaints prior, and got immediately sh*tcanned after we sent it through. He didn’t see vendors as people, so he was shocked that his words towards us ‘counted’ against his 3 strike policy. Apparently, he melted down completely as he was being fired. He said it was all because we were incompetent, but the other 4 team leads had all put in their numbers and said that it wasn’t on our end; their products were slaying. Wish I could have seen it. I imagine he came home to a very angry wife as well.

We all hit the bar at the end of the day in his honor. Eff you Baseball Dad!”

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5. Get Back With The Wrong Guy? Hope You Like This Calamari Exposion

“I’m not normally a devious man, but even I have my limits.

So this all started in high school. My best friend (we’ll call her) Jane was in an on-again-off-again relationship with a guy (we’ll call) Bill.

Jane and I went back basically to birth. She was the bratty twin sister I never had. We were friends and never anything more. This was a strictly platonic friendship. So we grow up and go to different high schools in different parts of town.

We kept in touch and caught up on everything in our lives.

But during sophomore year Jane met Bill in the theater program at her high school. From then on there was no catching up, just listening to the relationship status of these two.

Bill was fine, I guess, but he would go out with Jane for a while, then get bored and dump her.
Jane would call me, and I’d play the role of the emotional tampon. A month later when Bill got lonely, they’d get back together and I’d hear about that too.

For two and a half years it went on that way. Finally, her senior year, Bill breaks up with Jane two days before the spring formal. Jane calls me in tears and begs me to take her. Fine, I’m a friend, I’ll take her. So I spent two days and all my savings to get myself together for the formal. Because of the late notice, everything in the city had already been rented.
So my tux was out of date and a size too small (I’m 6’6”).

The shoes look terrible. And the flowers are basically the leftover stems from everyone else. All the while, I’m getting scolded and tsk-tsked from the rental places because I should have planned for this weeks ago.
But all this was fine. I’d be embarrassed for a friend. The entire night of the formal she tried to parade me in front of Bill to make him jealous or show that she was over him, or something. Either way, I felt like crap because clearly, this wasn’t about salvaging a good time and more about using me as a tool.

And that’s what I felt like, a tool.

So two weeks later Jane calls me up. She and Bill are back together. Oh no, hell no. Nope. Not this time. Nope times infinity. So that night I went to a grocery store and bought all the frozen squid I could find. About 11 lbs. I blew a week’s pay on it. Then I drove to her house at two in the morning and spent 15 minutes in a shadow behind her fence hucking them into the backyard pool.

The ground was coated with them and the pool was unusable. I rained my calamari of vengeance all over her space.
The next day, I get a call from Jane. At first, I was afraid someone had seen me. But no, much like I had hoped, she was calling to complain about how Bill had thrown squid into her backyard. Oh sure, when she confronted him about it he had denied it. But she assured me she could always tell when he was lying.

Just like she could with me (I had to put my hand over the receiver I was laughing so hard). But that time it stuck. I never had to deal with a Bill story again. Jane and I are both 43 now, and she still doesn’t know the truth.

It’s not that we couldn’t have a laugh about it or anything, it’s just that I don’t want her reconciling with him again.”

Another User Comments:

“I have a friend who has been cycling through crappy relationships much the same way as Jane did for the last twenty years. I’ve tried getting her into counseling, tried setting her up with better guys, tried refusing to listen to her lamenting the latest insensitive jackoff she’s …. but I’ve never tried angrily pelting her home with seafood. Thank you, OP!” ThinkHamster

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4. Trash Your Own Department? Do A Presentation

“Chad was an engineer with a planning and support department for a portion of his company’s infrastructure that impacted ly every other part of the company.

Unfortunately, Chad was a real a**hole. During less than a year with the company, he had thoroughly trashed everyone in his department to anyone who would listen. He talked about their incompetence, their screw-ups (which were generally minor), and most importantly their failure to properly support the very mission-critical infrastructure they were responsible for.

Every hiccough that occurred, however minor, was used as ammunition. What Chad told everyone who would listen eventually made it up to managers and directors throughout the company.

That wasn’t enough, though. Chad made the mistake of trashing his own director who was also his manager. Over the next few months, there was no one even remotely involved with his department who didn’t know what Chad was doing, including that manager.

Chad’s manager and director was Tim, a pretty crappy manager by most measures.

He paid about 40% less than the industry average and had a staff of “B” and “C” players because of it, but he nevertheless expected absolute dedication from that staff. If he could have had them wash his car and pick up his dry cleaning, those things would have been added to their job descriptions. Tim was also pretty poor when it came to understanding what his own staff did and routinely made things up about their work while talking to other people.

Everyone involved knew he was full of crap because what he said made no sense at all. Most rolled their eyes, but people also knew that Tim was a force to be reckoned with.

Despite his shortcomings as a manager, the one place Tim excelled was corporate politics. He was able to consistently come through failures without a scratch when those failures would have sidelined anyone else. Tim would deftly play opponents off one another, then stand back and watch the fireworks.

He had been at it for years and seemed to have a Teflon coating. Crap that stuck to everyone around him would slide right off. Tim, of course, knew exactly what Chad had been saying. Eventually, Chad’s trashing of his own department became so severe and their reputation so tarnished that a large director’s meeting was called to discuss the situation. The other department directors were out for blood.

Enter Tim’s ProRevenge. Tim tasked Chad, the very person responsible for the company gossip that resulted in the high-level meeting, with the job of putting together and then presenting a formal defense against his own gossip.

Chad had to spend the next couple of weeks creating a formal presentation and repeatedly submitting it to Tim for approval.

The meeting rolled around and Chad was forced to stand up in front of a large group of company directors and managers and formally defend his own manager and department. Everyone at the meeting knew they were only there because of what Chad had been saying, and they sat back and watched him tear himself apart and prove the things he, himself had been telling everyone were flat-out lies.

Of course, Tim and his department came through completely unscathed, but Chad was thoroughly discredited throughout the company and knew it. He left that company for another within 6 months of that meeting and last was heard badmouthing everyone involved with his new company.”

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3. Nobody Messes With Our Dog

Anything for a beloved pup.

“A few years ago, my ex and I lived with my mom. Directly next door to my mom lived a kindly old lady and her great-grandson (about 15; we’ll call him Caleb). We shared a back yard. According to relatives and other neighbors, this kid was trouble.

Once, Caleb took a pack of s from our vehicle (no idea how, as we kept it locked) and shot them up with a BB gun, leaving the mess right on our driveway.

The list of a*shole moves he pulled goes on and on.

He had this bike he rode all day, every chance he could, up and down the street with some other boys. On more than one occasion he left this bike in our driveway behind our vehicles. Each time we put it in his yard, out of harm’s way.
Well, one day the bike goes missing. We have no idea how or why, but Caleb thought we took it, I suppose.

One day my ex was taking the dog outside to use the bathroom and she ran into Caleb’s side of the yard and into the bushes.

Before my ex could get over there, she was mysteriously gone.

We spent hours looking for this dog. While we were doing this, we see Caleb outside with his friends, laughing about something and staring at us. Ex and I go over to ask if they’ve seen the dog and they say no, but offer to look with us.

They were looking, but not really ‘looking.’ It was all really fishy. When we parted ways, they sarcastically said, ‘Good luck finding your dog!’ and laughed.

Days went by, we thought she was dead. But after a while, one of the kids from Caleb’s group of friends brings the dog to Caleb’s great-grandmother’s house.

The dog is back, yay. We pretty much figured Caleb took her because of the searching incident and the fact that every time the dog saw Caleb she would howl and run inside.

The poor thing was traumatized and wasn’t the same for months. Even if he didn’t take her, he was a little jerk in many other ways and deserved what he got.

While all this was going on, the bike was in our yard again, right behind the car. I guess Caleb got it back. One night, ex and I decided we’d had enough and Caleb needed to pay for hurting our dog.

Armed with the biggest knives we had along with some spray paint, we doctored up the bike. Slashed the tires, spray painted it pink and scratched ‘dog-napper’ into the metal. We went far into the woods behind an abandoned house on our street and tossed the bike into a giant thorn bush.

Caleb didn’t mess with us again.”

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Silverstategirl 3 years ago
Don't mess with my dog euther
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2. Screw Me Over? I'll Reveal Some Dark Information To Get You Fired

“So this is a story about a guy I considered a friend. To this day, he has absolutely no idea that I am the main person who exposed him and I hope to keep it that way.

The main characters in this story are Myself, Bada** Pilot, 1, 2 and 3, Young Female Pilot, and a bunch of other randos needed to fill out the story. I witnessed most of this myself, but I also included details from other people who witnessed things when I was not there.

I fully trust the sources of the reports.

So Bada** Pilot is a pilot, as the name suggests, but he doesn’t work for an airline. He started teaching at a flight school in his 20s but decided to strike out on his own because, as he told everyone else, he could do it better. He spends the next few years trying to destroy the reputation of his first employer. Bada** Pilot is a very likable guy, and lots of people think he’s awesome and believe him.

I am one of them.

Now when he starts out, he drives a super sh*tty car, doesn’t have an office, gets evicted from his apartment for not paying rent, and so on. But people like him and they help him set up a school and help fix it up, and generally give him a hand. Every once in a while people get ed off at him because he does sh*tty things to other people, but his circle of friends defend him and just think he’s great.

He tells these pretty whopping tales, he’s funny, and people naturally like to be with him. A lot of his stories have made-up details designed to put other people down, but he tells them in a highly entertaining way. His behavior is a bit crazy, and some of the reason people hang out with him is that he will do crazy stuff that is not normal, plus now he throws good parties.

He also has this cute , 1, and they end up living together.

To be clear, she is pretty cool, definitely not a raging B, is fun, throws him a huge party for his 30th birthday, and so on. Now, while he’s with 1, he is still coming on to other women when she’s not looking. A couple of times, I have seen him totally love bomb a hot girl, usually someone in a vulnerable position like if he knows she’s going through a bad breakup. He showers them with attention, gets them totally interested in him, says 1 cheated on him and they’re on a break, or some other such story that isn’t true.

He sleeps with them and then he ghosts them and says they’re crazy and does anything else he can to get rid of them, so 1 doesn’t get suspicious. As an example, after he cheated on 1 with one girl, she tried to get in touch with him after he ghosted her, which is actually a reasonable thing to do. Instead of talking to her himself, Bada** Pilot lied and told everyone she was crazy and was stalking him, reported her to his friends at the police department, and had the police call her and tell her to shove off.

On top of that, he also starts telling these crazy stories about 1, totally criticizing her behind her back, telling everyone what a loser she is, and generally not appreciating having a relationship that most people would love to have. So you get the idea of how he treats women.

When Bada** Pilot and 1 finally break up, he told everyone that SHE was cheating on HIM when it was the other way around. His excuse for tanking an interview for his dream job was that he discovered 1 was cheating the night before, he was an emotional wreck, and that’s why he flubbed the interview.

There were a bunch of inconsistencies with his timeline and I knew it wasn’t true, but he told the story to anyone within earshot and people just accepted his version of events. And so he made everyone hate the ex and feel sorry for him, which is a common theme.

So anyhow, he and 1 break up, he is drinking heavily, partying all the time, and a bunch of us get a front-row seat as he comes close to destroying his life, parties hard, acts like a sleaze, hits on women constantly, and works his way through any woman who will sleep with him setting some new low records.

A few months later he hooks up with one of his students, let’s call her 2, and pretty much immediately moves into her house.

This seems to stabilize him and help him get his life on track. Over the next few years, he gets a cush offer flying corporate charters. He’s a likable guy, which helps him get a sweet contract as a private pilot for a billionaire, which he brags about nonstop to everyone. They also pay for him to get trained to fly jets. He gets a new car that doesn’t look like a piece of sh*t, and he lives in a nice house.

His flight school is no longer a frat house and it’s more of a family-friendly environment. 2 helps him out at the flight school and life is pretty good for Bada** Pilot.

To put the icing on the cake, the FAA is looking for new blood to fill a highly prestigious job of pilot examiner. These are people who are pilots with a lot of experience, well-respected members of the local community with good judgment and a lot of power over student pilots and other flight schools.

They also tend to make tons of money because they can charge any price people will pay to get their license and there isn’t a lot of competition. Bada** Pilot has friends at the FAA who like him, and he gets the job. He brags to people that it’s like printing money tax-free since students have to pay in cash (sounds weird, I know, but it’s true), and he says the IRS doesn’t need to know about it.

So Bada** Pilot is now in his 30’s at the pinnacle of his career, earning tons of money, and has lots of power over people in the industry. And the success really goes to Bada** Pilot’s head.

Now, as you might have guessed, Bada** Pilot is still the same person he was before, just with a lot more money, power, and success.

Bada** Pilot still likes to brag loudly that he is the best instructor around and he has the best flight school.

He still tells people how bad other flight schools in the area are, even though he shouldn’t be saying anything due to his job as an examiner. He talks about his friends and his students and tells embarrassing stories about them, but I don’t think much of it because they’re funny and they’re not about me. It doesn’t really register with me at the time, but he is really good at getting other people to pile on and hate the people he hates and really good at destroying people’s reputations behind their back with things that turn out to be total lies.

I start to hear him put down 2 and say things about her that I know aren’t true. I still don’t pay attention to it because there are lots of loud guys in aviation who like to brag and make up stories. I continue to think of him as a friend and have even confided in him about something that I am sensitive about and looked to him for advice.

So one day when I’m in town, I was hanging out with him and a bunch of people at the Bada** Pilot flight school shooting the breeze.

After I left, I realized I forgot something, so I came into the back way through the mechanic shop next door. I heard him talking in his very loud voice so everyone could hear, and that’s when I realized he was talking about me. Not only was he talking about me, but he was totally lying about my embarrassing situation, made it totally different and a thousand times worse than what it was, and turned it into something that could potentially end my career.

I thought he respected me and was my friend, but he was destroying my reputation and tearing me down behind my back.

Luckily nobody saw me and I slinked out the way I came in. I spent weeks feeling humiliated and betrayed. I reflected on the way I had seen him treat people and started to see things in a different light.

Now, I knew that he had tanked some careers. He has a lot of contacts in the industry, and he has bragged about calling companies that are hiring and telling them not to hire certain people.

One of his favorite sayings is that aviation is a small world and you shouldn’t burn any bridges because it will come back to bite you in the a**. He bragged several times about bringing people down a peg and making someone he disliked lose a job they had applied for by calling the company owner. Usually he did it because he wanted to take revenge for something he thought they did to him, but he was also jealous of people who graduated college (he didn’t) and people who came from stable families (he didn’t).

He would always talk about how bad his home life was as a child and really try to get people to feel sorry for him. Keep in mind, he’s an adult in his late 30s.

I also knew that despite becoming more stable with 2, he had not changed his ways with women. He acted like he respected women in front of 2. But every time, he was off on a trip, and even at his own airport, he could get pretty aggressive with women would push them hard to see how far he could take things.

As an example, he flirted aggressively with the receptionist at the building next door from his flight school.

The receptionist was young and relatively new and had no idea 2 existed. She (F18 or 19) called the Bada** Pilot flight school and left a flirty message for Bada** Pilot (M35), totally in line with how Bada** Pilot was interacting with her. I was not there, but a witness said 2 played the message on the machine and made Bada** Pilot listen to it. He sheepishly said he had no idea why she would leave such a message, and 2 told him in no uncertain terms that he was obviously leading her on, exploiting a young woman, and he needed to stop.

Then, instead of taking responsibility for his own actions, Bada** Pilot took revenge on the young girl. He immediately complained to the airport manager and got her fired. She ended up packing her stuff in a box and leaving that same day. So, while Bada** Pilot is fun to be around as long as you’re on his good side, he will F*ck you up if he thinks you are against him. I knew I had to be careful.

I wasn’t sure yet what I was going to do, but I decided I needed to be close in order to get more information.

So I sucked it up, pretended I wasn’t humiliated and had never heard him talking about me, and spent more days at the flight school when I had time off. Everyone at the flight school was in and out all the time, so sometimes I’d be the only person there and I could easily sit down behind Bada** Pilot’s desk and start scrolling through his files.

That’s when I hit the jackpot.

Bada** Pilot was logged into all the same accounts on his desktop that he was on his phone, email, messaging, everything.

And boy did he like to text. Now one of the things some of his students complained about was that Bada** Pilot would not stop texting, even when he was supposed to be instructing people on the plane. He even lost a few students who were so annoyed by him texting during a lesson that they went somewhere else for lessons. And now I knew why.

Bada** Pilot was a s*x addict.

That’s the only way I can describe it.

Some people might describe him as a serial sexual harasser. His entire messaging history was full of cybers*x, photos, videos, you name it, it was right there on his computer. I copied everything. I played the videos and recorded them on my phone, I took the snapshots, I took pictures of the texts. I must have spent an hour trying to copy this stuff and I ran out of time because someone came back, so I minimized the tabs and casually left the office.

I enlisted the help of another aviator that Bada** Pilot had screwed over and we went through the treasure trove with a fine-tooth comb.

We had to research the phone numbers to find out who these people were and we classified them into “known aviation” and other. We even found that he was doing the nasty with a couple of people there at the flight school…not quite the family-friendly environment everyone thought it was.

It became clear that his cybers*x activity made him totally ineligible to be an FAA examiner. Plenty of the texts were just plain sexual harassment from a guy with a lot of power in the aviation industry, flirting with and pressuring young women who were hoping to become pilots for everything from sexy photos to sexual acts, sometimes pretending it was all just a big joke.

He had no problems sending d*ck pics to women. That in and of itself made him unqualified to be an examiner. However, he went even further and had sexual contact with at least one person he tested. This is extremely dangerous because it compromises his ability to evaluate if someone is able to pilot a plane safely. If he is threatened with a lawsuit or criminal charge and has to test one of these women or even someone they know, he might be coerced to pass an unsafe pilot, which could result in death.

August 2017

My pilot friend and I decide the best thing to do is send the information to the FAA, but we know we have to do it anonymously because our careers could be on the line.

So we carefully packaged up a bunch of evidence, sent it in to the FAA office that he reported to, and waited for the fallout.


The FAA literally ignored evidence that they had a sexual predator as a pilot examiner. This is a pretty old boys club environment, so maybe not too surprising.

For our next attempt we approached a Young Female Pilot we identified from the evidence who seemed like she tried to stop Bada** Pilot when he got out of hand with her.

We approached her to see if she would be willing to come forward and tell the FAA about her experience. She basically said all it would do was get her sl*t-shamed and blacklisted, especially after she heard that the FAA did nothing with our anonymous package we sent in. She said Bada** Pilot would most likely ruin her career and nobody would hire her, and he would make sure her reputation was destroyed. I had to agree.

Fast forward to 2018: I make him homeless.

I thought maybe I should just tell 2 about what I had found, but I kept chickening out.

I also didn’t want to be exposed myself, as I have to protect my career and I was certain Bada** Pilot would try to destroy me if he found out. One morning, I was sitting in the school playing with the iPad while 2 was behind the desk. Wouldn’t you know it, she is texting Bada** Pilot, who is flying, and Bada** Pilot is logged into the flight school iPad I’m using! I can see her messages to him, and I can also see that he had cybers*x with someone the night before and that he sent a video of himself m*sturbating to a student before that! I take photos for evidence, as usual.

2 is reading and not looking up at me so I just mumble something and hand her the iPad with the sexting open full screen as I walk out the door.

I wait in the parking lot in my car, and about 10 minutes later, 2 leaves the school with the iPad in hand and drives home.

I made sure to be scarce the rest of that day as I didn’t want to raise any suspicions about my own involvement. Apparently, 2 owns the property where they live, so she immediately moved his stuff out and permanently banned Bada** Pilot, who started sleeping at the flight school. From what I pieced together that week, 2 was so alarmed by the evidence that she demanded that Bada** Pilot see a therapist or she would report him to the authorities and he could potentially be arrested.

One thing I should mention is that 2 has a child, which is important. Bada** Pilot was using her child to set up booty calls for himself (set up playdate with another child, have s*x with the child’s mother while kids are playing video games).

Bada** Pilot slept on a cot in the flight school, stayed drunk, and looked like a homeless person for a couple of months before he ended up getting his own place.

We also let Bada** Pilot’s billionaire employer know that he was a sexual predator, as well as a few other people anonymously.

I wanted to make sure 2 knew all the gory details of Bada** Pilot’s sexual activities in case she was even considering getting back together with him after he did therapy, so I kept sending her more information anonymously too.

Young Female Pilot kept in contact and apparently had some conversation with other female pilots. Nobody was willing to go on record, but they all started sending anonymous letters to the FAA hoping they would at least investigate him.

The next thing I hear is that Bada** Pilot is telling everyone that he broke up with 2, that she is crazy and trying to destroy his reputation, and that she’s sending false anonymous letters to the FAA because she’s jealous.

From what we could tell, the FAA interviewed Bada** Pilot, but nothing happened because he blamed 2 for sending the letters. True to form, Bada** Pilot also made sure everyone at the flight school hated her and felt sorry that that he was being victimized by her. He also called the police and told them she was harassing him and told them he was banning her from his flight school.

Nothing else happens. This all starts to die down and Bada** Pilot is still an examiner.

He still works for his billionaire boss as well as a very wealthy owner of a car dealership who also races cars, and he still runs a flight school with plenty of students. Again, he starts sleeping with another student at the school, who will now be named 3. Bada** Pilot continues to complain to everyone that he has been victimized by 2. Bada** Pilot gets 3 (who has never met 2) so wound up about her that she is spitting tacks every time she is mentioned.

This is important later.

Fast forward to 2019: WTF?!

Not only has Bada** Pilot not been punished by the FAA, but the FAA has INCREASED his responsibilities so that now he can also conduct instrument flight exams for students!

Young Female Pilot stays in touch and we talk periodically, sworn to secrecy, of course. We have a couple of male pilots who are also sworn to secrecy to protect our own jobs. When the FAA promoted Bada** Pilot to instrument examiner despite all of the complaints they had received, Young Female Pilot and her friends get really ed off.

They are still unwilling to risk their own jobs, however. (Reader, please don’t judge me or Young Female Pilot for this…it is very expensive to become a pilot, easy to get blacklisted by someone at the FAA or someone like Bada** Pilot, and then you have no way to make a living or to pay back a huge amount of student loans if you’re in debt.)

So we hatch a plan to have her call 2 and tell her about the frustrations of the other female pilots in hopes that she will think of something to do.

A detail I should mention, 2 does not fly for a career, and she has her own business not related to aviation. So Young Femail Pilot calls 2 on someone else’s phone. 2 doesn’t know Young Female Pilot and we don’t think she would betray her, but the situation is still very risky for Young Female Pilot. She discusses how frustrating it is that a serial sexual harasser gets promoted by the FAA with no consequences when the FAA knows about his harassment, and 2 agrees that she will try to make information public to protect other women.

She agrees to post a review on Yelp and maybe some other platforms.

I do my best to be at the Bada** Pilot flight school when this goes down. True to her word, 2 posts a very straightforward and factual Yelp review and heads EXPLODE at the flight school! People are forwarding the review on and it spreads like wildfire all over the aviation industry. Think “owner sends messages of himself m*sturbating to female students.” Yikes! And totally true!

Other people have posted unfavorable reviews before, but Bada** Pilot has been able to have them taken down, falsely claiming that the review is a fake account or from a competing flight school.

But there has been nothing like this that I know of. Bada** Pilot and 3 (who now appears to be a co-owner of the flight school and who has posted a positive review of the school on Yelp) go into damage control mode. Bada** Pilot tries to get 2 arrested or at least harassed by his friends at the local police department. He’s frantically trying to get the review shut down with Yelp. His brain is literally exploding and I, along with everyone else at the school, am agreeing with him that 2 is a total lying, crazy, conniving, vindictive B and that she needs to be punished.

All while laughing on the inside.

Bad** Pilot next engages one of his instructors, who was friends with 2, to meet with her and ask her to take down the review, but she does not.

Bada** Pilot is finally successful in getting Yelp to remove the review a day or two later. The same process also happens with another platform that shall remain nameless.

Bada** Pilot gets everyone to bombard 2 with hate mail, which makes me glad I am still anonymous. Bada** Pilot also tells the instructors at his school that they are not allowed to be friends with 2 and they will be fired if they are.

Fast forward to August 2019: Mission Accomplished!

What happened to Bada** Pilot:

We later found out that the FAA ended up doing an investigation on Bada** Pilot.

Finally. Bada** Pilot totally lost all of his examiner privileges. On top of that, his flight school had an FAA written testing center, which was also permanently closed. And even beyond that, Bada** Pilot can’t have any affiliation with the FAA in any way, shape, or form. He can’t even host an educational seminar or continuing credits class for the FAA.

While some up and coming pilots and people outside the industry might never hear about Bada** Pilot being totally humiliated and losing his examiner status, believe me when I tell you that everyone in the profession knows what happened.

And it has got to BURN!

What happened to me:

I am pretty much back to enjoying my time at the airport like I used to. There are still parties and flyouts, and ultimately some people don’t care that Bada** Pilot sexually harasses women or destroys people’s careers. But he has definitely been taken down a peg, as he likes to say. I just don’t trust anything Bada** Pilot says and I don’t heap on other people he’s trying to destroy.

I still feel a little twinge of delight whenever I hear Bada** Pilot tell new students that he used to be an examiner, but the liability insurance was too high so he quit.

Another thing that I get a chuckle out of is that Bada** Pilot has started talking behind 3’s back. I tried to warn her and even sent her (anonymously, of course) information about Bada** Pilot. But so far 3 is standing by her man, and I’m just sitting here eating popcorn watching the story unfold again!”

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1. Mess With Me? Let Me Air Your Dirty Laundry To Get You Fired

Oh yeah, they went there.

“A bit of back story. Partner and I were monogamous for 10 years. Sure we had an occasional threesome before that. But nothing long term. I know I am potentially going to get a few people who will say that’s where it all started. The understanding was that we would not do anything behind the other’s back. And whomever we brought into the relationship would be an equal in the relationship. We wanted to have our couple evolve into a thruple.

Needless to say, it didn’t work out. We tried, and basically the last person we tried to court ended up gaslighting me and playing the victim with George.

Admittedly, I wasn’t bringing my best self to the relationship. Two people who basically raised me died and I was in mourning. And I was focused on the rest of my family whom I love dearly.

Partner uses my lupus and choosing to spend time with family as his justification for cheating and lying to me about it.

Spread over a few days before covid lockdowns.

In March, my partner had told me he wanted some time apart. I initially agree, but then things just didn’t seem right. I thought we were fine relationship-wise. But something seemed a miss. I have my own place and I give him some space.

Sunday, he tells me he has a spa session (legit massage) that evening and that he would be busy and wouldn’t be able to meet till late for dinner. I didn’t think anything was going on behind my back; he said he would call when he was done and not to wait for me for dinner (we were still having meals together since it’s something we were so used to doing together).

I needed some notebook I had left at his place and thinking he was having his spa session. I let myself into his place. Lo and behold, he’s having dinner with the John. I leave and he assures me that he’s just having dinner with a friend and that his spa session got rescheduled. I asked, point blank, if anything was going on between them and he said no.

Wednesday, I’m just a complete wreck. I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know what’s true and what’s real anymore, and I get the gut feel that there’s more to George and John than George is letting me in on.

I do some sleuthing and find out that they’re friends on Facebook but not on Instagram. Curious, no? Yet they’ve been liking each other’s posts on Instagram. I remember George logging into my iPad, so I go on and check for any message history. And wouldn’t you know, I see exchanges between them going on for months.

Once again, I ask George who is this person whom he’s friends with on Facebook but not on Instagram and why are their interactions so bizarre.

George tells me he’s just a friend nothing more and that I’m crazy. My blood must have been boiling at this point. I then remind him that he’s still logged into my iPad and his face just changes. He tells me that I betrayed his trust and that I really shouldn’t have done that. He must have been in full-blown panic mode.

In their messages, I find out that they’ve been seeing each other since September 2019.

I had an emergency appendectomy in October 2019 (turns out what I thought was indigestion was actually chronic appendicitis and it had finally ruptured, and the very next day while I was recovering in the hospital, George and John went out for dinner and John stayed over after. No prizes for guessing what happened that night. They’re talking about me in their conversations, and they even arranged to meet on Monday. John asked if I would show up again and George said that I wouldn’t.

At this point, my whole life before just felt like one big fat lie.

I’m having plenty of sleepless nights, thinking about how I’m the chump they were fooling for 5 months. I was none the wiser.

Furious, I engaged revenge for hire service. I wasn’t thinking clearly and caveat emptor. I lucked out with a service that did a good job. I gave them all the information about John I had (not much, just his social media accounts), and they did some investigative work. They dug up quite a bit of dirt on him.

Turns out, John was in a relationship as well.

(Inform the partner? Check). George wasn’t the only person John was cheating with. They managed to find some chat history of his hookups all the way to 2017. What’s most interesting is that John enjoyed using illicit drugs while having these trysts, complete with contact information of parties involved and locations where it happened.

They dug deeper and found conversations where he would advise friends to commit insurance fraud. Nothing major mind you, but well fraud is still fraud.

And from the conversations, it seems that the insurers did pay out for bogus travel delays.

The Revenge Agency then asks me how I would like to proceed with the information. I told them I just want his life ruined. My life and relationship have been ruined why not share a little the pain I was feeling?

The agency said that they had informed all parties involved. Last I heard, his insurance agency dropped him (on the basis of encouraging insurance fraud) and he has a criminal record for drug use. And now that he has a criminal record means he can no longer travel to Canada or Japan (countries he loves to visit). His family knows that he’s been cheating and using drugs. And his partner knows he’s been f*cking around without protection and without PreP.”

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JulesB 3 years ago
Ummm....did you screw up George's life at all? He was the only one responsible to you. He was the one who broke your trust. He was the one cheating. You messed up the life ofnthe wrong guy. John owed you nothing. George owed you honesty.
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