People Admit To The Most Detestable Thing They Did For Revenge

There is something about revenge that feels exciting. Most people don't mind what the consequences are anymore. What matters the most for them is that they will finally make their nemeses feel the same pain and embarrassment they made them feel. Here are some of those who pulled off next-level acts to get their revenge.

37. Director And Her Friend Drank Their Coffee With Special Sugar


“I was working the medical room at the animal shelter. It was 2007. Being an animal shelter it was always needing money. It didn’t help that I knew the newest recent director of the place was embezzling. She even hired her best friend with no experience at an exorbitant salary and the friend’s daughter also cleaned kennels at a rate no one else in the back made including the euthanasia tech.

The director knew I knew as I also had some power in the place and worked with some of the board members. The director and her friends treated me VERY badly and tried to turn others against me. I had my own fans though and my record spoke for itself. On saving lives no one could question me. Boards move notoriously slow, but when they finally started to investigate and it took them 3 months of it, this director, her friends, and several other people were dismissed.

In the meantime, I was putting up with A LOT of bad things that I felt were unnecessary at a job that can already hurt your heart. It was very difficult for me. I even had false allegations of animal cruelty that anybody who has worked with or knows me knows this is not true. Yes… very hard to deal with.

Anyway, you never knew what was going to walk in the door! Animal control one day brought in a medium-sized black schnauzer mix.

What a cutie! Stray. Very happy temperament. There was one problem… his junk was very swollen and stuck outside the sheath. The dog was a little too happy I guess. Trying to pull the skin back over it was not gonna happen. It was very swollen! I called Doc and asked him what can I do to help this poor little dude. Anything to be done to avoid a costly trip to the vet office?

Doc advised me to pack it with sugar.

Really? Are you joshing? No. He was not. I ran out to the corner store and picked up sugar. I poured it into a Tupperware container and went about doing what Doc said. My gloved hand went back and forth from the sugar bowl to his poor junk. Cool clothes and sugar pack. It did work. We avoided a trip to the vet! Woohoo! I covered the sugar bowl and put it on a side counter along with some other veterinary medicines.

Lunchtime came and I went out. When I came back I noticed the container was gone. I knew where I put it. Where did it go? I couldn’t find it.

I looked everywhere! I went up to the break room and there it was, next to the half-empty coffee maker! The lid was off. Spoon next to it. I asked the desk girl who went to the medical room and grabbed my sugar? She had stated she heard the director’s friend make coffee and then was disappointed they had no sugar.

She took it upon herself to go through MY things in the medical room and just take what she wanted. I hope anyone with common sense would not just take anything from that room to EAT! God knows what I have done with it in there! Like really? Really???

The best thing about it? The desk girls did not drink coffee. It was consumed only by the director and her friend!!! I never would have done this on purpose, satisfying as it would be.

I also told NO ONE about this except a friend long after! I was trying to mind my P’s and Q’s at a bad time. I would not have wanted an innocent party drinking it for sure.

So it’s one of my favorite private laughs of all time… those that wronged me and stole from homeless animals never were aware that they used sugar that was steeped in dog junk. They drank dog junk sugar!!!! It still makes me smile!”

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Nokomis21 2 years ago
Dog Junk Sugar.

Band name!
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36. She Had No Choice But To Read The Messages Out Loud


“I am inherently not a bad revengeful person. I always look at myself in the mirror as a good Samaritan. The nastiest thing I’ve done by far in my life was to a girl in my college, about two and half decades ago. It may sound like silly banter now but it was quite intense back then

She was popular with boys but extremely notorious with women.

She set me up with some bad guys, she sprayed ink on my friend’s clothes and once even sprayed pan stain (betel nut leaf stains) that resembled period stains. She stuck sticky chewing gum on another friend’s hair making it so bad that the friend had to chop off her hair.

Once she paid someone to write my telephone number on public male toilets. I started getting phone calls from horrible men every day for many years.

I lost face in front of my family. This was during the era when we had analog landlines at home. The number belonged to my dad. The phone rang almost all day with men asking for me and talking filthy vulgar stuff. My family was harassed. The only thing we could do was pick up the receiver and keep it aside while the person on the other side talked away.

That meant, the phone was constantly engaged and no calls came through until that person hung up. There was no facility to see the caller’s number, so we couldn’t avoid any calls. In short, this woman was one of the worst things that happened to me throughout my five years of college.

On the last day of college, we had a farewell party with some snacks, dancing, and stuff.

There was a ritual of writing something nice to another person on a piece of paper and putting it in a jar. The anchor read out these chits in front of the graduating cohort.

She happened to be the anchor reading at the party that day. My friends and I got together and wrote at least 20 nasty messages to her. So every message she opened was addressed to her with something horrible written in it. She was tasked with reading them out aloud. She read a few, then quickly understood that it was spam. She was in tears and stopped being in touch with us for a few years.”

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35. I Had Enough Of My Stealing Neighbors


“I had recently kicked thieving, disrespectful, ungrateful people out of my house after stupidly letting them stay with me instead of the streets as they deserved. After I got them out I knew they were still bumming around the neighborhood so naturally, I locked my place up as best as I could. I started to notice that my smoke packets seemed to run out quicker than usual and be found in places I knew I hadn’t left it.

Then it comes to my attention that one of these losers is next door often. This ‘big man’ was convinced that at barely 16 he was smarter about the ways of the world than I in my mid-’30s

Anyway, I decided to set aside a smoke pack with about 1/4 left in a very specific place. I took pics on my phone of exactly how it was positioned.

Less than a day later it had less smoke and was not matching my pics. I had not left the house at all in the 24 hour period. Which meant my house was being broken into while I slept. My next ‘forgotten’ pack had a little something extra for The Big Man.

I would systematically SATURATE it with fly spray, allow it to dry, repeat around 3 times Then add some finely chopped hair from my cat and myself.

The very next day, out in the shed the staunch crew of 15–19yr olds were settling into yet another session of smoking, ‘this is the best buds I’ve ever seen’ and peeing contest. As I was in my backyard, unseen by this worldly pack I heard enough of their conversation to know they were enthusiastically grinding up $100 worth of smokes they took ‘from that loser next door.’

When they started to pass the smokes around I, for the first time peed myself laughing literally! The swearing, coughing, vomiting jerks running from the shed with tears streaming down their faces, while cursing and threatening me was a truly hilariously gratifying scene I’ll never forget. Jeez, I wish I’d recorded it.”

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34. We Made A Homemade Stink Bomb


“The year 1993 I was studying in class XII, there was a small Vacant land near our society. Children used to play cricket football, etc. there was this guy who used to live around 50 m from that ground. For some reason he hated us playing in the ground and at times he would park his car in the middle of our ground but we would still manage to play.

One day they hit his car causing a dent in his car, he was furious and he yelled at all of us. The next day, he got a JCV and dug up the entire ground, now no way we could play there. All of us were very disappointed and sad, then one of our friends came up with the idea of revenge, and we all decided to take revenge.

There was a short guy in our group who had a really crooked brain, he came up with an idea I or any of my other friends had ever heard of: a homemade stink bomb. He asked one of us to get two empty bottles, another one to get 6 eggs, and a bottle of vinegar. We arranged all the things, he took an empty bottle and urinated into it and asked one of us to urinate into the other bottle, then he cracked the raw eggs and poured the yellow and white of the eggs into the bottle.

He then put 3 eggs into each bottle and added some vinegar into both. He then used a cork and tightly closed both the bottles, then dug up a hole in the ground and buried them both. He told us we will have to wait for 7 days.

So after 7 days, we dig up our bottles, at 10 pm we assemble in front of our enemy’s house and throw the bottles straight at the front door.

The bottles explode like a bomb, and that stink, I can never explain that nasty stink, if that is true I am sure it would have smelt better. We run away after our ambush and reach our respective houses, my house was around 700 meters from his house but I could still smell the stink. Most of his immediate neighbors came out and started shouting at him.

The poor guy tried to clean it with water but the smell just wouldn’t go away. He hired professionals to clean his house but still, the smell remained for weeks. We were never caught for our stink bomb ambush. We laughed for a week thinking about our mission fart, yes that was what we named our mission as. Today when I think about it I feel sorry for the guy.”

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Fkeasnws1 1 year ago
This story is stupid and sounds like a kindergartener made it up
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33. I Watched Bad People Go Down With Their Crimes


“My mother lied for years about my mental health. Isolated me from family and friends, hid my homework so that I couldn’t do it, gave my number to a jerk who thought touching my leg was a respectful way to show his interest in me, and allowed the same jerk to repeatedly abuse me.

I got out of her home and my first move was to report her to COAST (crisis outreach and support team) citing her delusion that she could force me to fall in love with whomever she chooses for me.

It became a sealed deal with COAST when she attacked a cop in broad daylight after an act of vandalism (she broke the glass of a bus shelter). When the cop asked her if she saw what happened she kicked him. She was arrested, released on bail (she knew not to call me for help) she then had a bench warrant out when she failed to appear in court.

What sparked all of this? Me finding myself enough to no longer be her puppet. How dare I not conform to her perfect plan. My greatest revenge however was watching her dig herself into a deep hole.

Also, a maternal cousin let me live with her while I was struggling due to a reduction of employment opportunities in my area. So what does she decide to do? She had one of her techy friends attack my computer, she then took my computer to the same friend and had him put a keylogger on it (I didn’t realize this until years later), she then used the key logger to hack into my bank account and steal my funds, transferring it over to herself.

She did this repeatedly until she believed that I had to go on disability. I had some stashed away that she couldn’t access and used it to move out. I found a landlord willing to accept 1-year advance rent from me and I set a limit for myself financially until I got a new job.

What else did I do? I reported my cousin for impersonation, theft, and disability fraud. She was kicked off the disability program and can never reapply. Anybody could’ve stopped it. Anybody could’ve told her ‘no’, nobody did except the government and now she really has to watch herself because now it’s on record that she is a fraudster, and likely has engaged in other criminal activities.

If you don’t want to get burned, don’t play with fire.”

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32. Friend's Gift Came On Time


“I had a long-running feud with the adult son of my elderly neighbor. I would edge trim and mow her front lawn whenever I did mine. She appreciated it and would send me a thank-you card at Christmas. He hated me doing it because he didn’t want to do it himself and it made him look bad. He would snarl in my direction whenever he saw me, which wasn’t often.

Her fence and the area between her house had overgrown grass, so I sprayed Roundup up there for her to kill it. About a month later, her grumpy son knocked on my door and accused me of poisoning his cat. He was extremely aggressive. I told him to take the cat to his Vet and if it was ill or dead because of me, I would pay his Vet bill and replace the cat.

It transpired that the Cat had run away, and he assumed that it was because of the herbicide. He was permanently aggressive from then on.

Forward about two years. We moved house to retire interstate. My American friend Gary had sent me a bottle of Deer Hunter’s Skunk Scent, used for disguising human body odor for when sitting in a hide. Somehow, this skunk scent ended up on the door handle of his car and front door and underneath his front door. I never saw the outcome, but I smelled it freshly done. I was on the Highway when it would have been discovered.”

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31. He Had No Idea He Was Talking To A Guy All Along


“So this one is a classic example of high school love gone wrong. This happened with one of my seniors who was a really good friend of mine around 7 years back.

She had a partner (let’s name him X) and a couple-goals kind of relationship. All was good until she suspected him of losing interest in her. To know the truth about it all and what was then trending as a ‘loyalty test’ she decided to make a fake social media account just to see if he responds.

To her amazement, not only did he respond but seemed to be very interested in the girl and even told her that he did not have a significant other and that he liked her. Naturally, she was hurt and felt humiliated. After 2 long days of crying her eyes out and sulking, she thought of a plan to make him pay for it. She had a friend (male – Let’s call him A) whom she sought out for help.

Now, this was where the fun began.

A was the one who was operating the social media account from that moment on. After 2 or 3 weeks numbers were exchanged (A had to get a new sim with a WhatsApp account to make it all believable). The causal flirting turned into naughty texting; only it was naughty texting between two boys and X had absolutely no idea about it.

It all seemed way too real to him and he was so carried away in his emotions that he started sending his pictures (and I don’t mean the normal kinda pictures) in the hope that the same will be reciprocated.

The wait made him really anxious when one day A (still pretending to be a girl) asked to meet X and told him, and he actually wrote that on the texts, that he could fulfill all his fantasies that day.

Place and time were decided, even the hotel was decided. On the day when they were to meet, X was asked to go to a specific shop at the mall to collect a package that was kept there for him. He went to the shop asked for the package and when he opened it, he found a printed copy of all his chats with the ‘girl’ along with his own pictures he sent and a note saying ‘Thank you so much for opening my eyes, jerk.’ Instantly, it all clicked for him and he understood the whole thing at once. The expression on his face was priceless (as A was there and was able to take some pictures without him noticing). He tried apologizing to the girl several times but she changed her number and went on a trip to Goa. It was definitely the best revenge I’ve seen till now.”

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30. I Made It Look Like He Was The Creepy Lover


“I used to work for a cosmetic brand where one of my very senior co-workers used to regularly flirt with me. I didn’t mind since I also liked him. He was a good-looking man in his early 30’s while I was a 23-year-old girl still figuring out life and career.

One day he asked me out and thus we started our relationship. All was well but one day one of my friends asked him about his wedding plans with his girl, I was frightened since we haven’t told anyone about our relationship.

Then I got to know that he has a significant other in his hometown.

When I asked him about that he told me that he thought that I was not that serious about the relationship and it was just a fun thing for me. I fought with him and he was generous enough to tell me that he had a lot of similar ‘fun’ relations earlier since his significant other stays far away from him so of course, he couldn’t stay alone.

And since his significant other was pretty, very young, and apparently had been saving herself for him he deserves nothing less than that.

I left but was very sure of the fact that he was using the girl. He already told me stories about how few of his friends had told his significant other about his flings but she never believed them.

I made a plan, photoshopped a few of our WhatsApp conversations, and made it look like him being a creepy lover and making me false promises of marriage and in the process belittling his significant other.

I created a fake social media profile, connected with the girl, and told her my story, providing the photoshopped WhatsApp convo as proof, I just sent everything and never spoke to the girl.

I saw him after 4 days in the office canteen, we made eye contact (I didn’t want to). In the evening I got a call from him, pleading with me to meet him and how he realized that he loved me so much.

And he was ready to leave his significant other for me, on asking why he replied – She is very childish and I am not going to babysit her forever.

Many would say that was wrong, I should have directly talked to his significant other rather than sending fake screenshots from the fake profile, but to me, it doesn’t matter I did it for the girl. I have met many jerks in my life, he hardly mattered to me once the truth was out, but I couldn’t leave the girl with such a person.”

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29. Pulled Off My Revenge With The Help Of A Skunk


“Back in High School one of my friends came across fresh roadkill near our house. This roadkill was in very good condition and just happened to be a skunk.

Knowing that I was home he thought it would be funny to leave it at the front door, ring the doorbell, and run around the corner into the night. Great plan right? Unfortunately for him I was walking past the door when he rang the bell and I saw him running around the corner and then the stench of the skunk hit me like a runaway septic tank pump truck on steroids.

This prank could not go unanswered so I grabbed some old gloves and a tarp tossed the deceased skunk in the back of our farm truck and waited until 3:00 AM when I went to his house with a Slim Jim, electric tape, and the skunk.

The next morning he found our friend standing in his driver’s seat with his paws taped to the steering wheel wearing his favorite pair of sunglasses.

the doors to the car were locked and the windows were up, unknown to me the keys were under the seat and he couldn’t find his spare keys!

He called me that morning cursing a blue streak and called me nearly every name in the book plus a few new ones, I went over and unlocked his car after he admitted that my revenge was pretty damn funny.

There is an air freshener/sanitizer called Ozium that really does work on smells like that, it didn’t completely get rid of the smell but he could drive the car with the windows up.”

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28. He Didn't Recognize Me Until He Saw Me Face To Face


“After 3 years of working with a leading E-commerce company, I was actively looking for a job change. I came across a post in a conglomerate launching their new brand range for E-commerce sites in India. Since it was for the same category of the product I had experience in, I thought it was a good fit and so I applied.

Finally, after shortlisting, I was put in touch with the brand head (let’s call him Mr.

X). I also came to know that with the big promises of the brand launch, Mr. X was recruited by that conglomerate company.

So after 3 rounds of interviews with Mr. X, his teams, and HR, I made him only one request – to keep me informed even if I am rejected so that I do not waste my time waiting. (Because it’s typical In India to forget about candidates after an interview while the candidate just keeps waiting for a response).

Now after 2 weeks of no response, I tried to get in touch with Mr. X through calls, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn but could only get ignorance in return.

Anyways, after a month or so, I joined this E-commerce leader of India in the same category where I was given the responsibility to select new brands for listing on our site. Please note that this E-comm site was the market leader and had the largest customer base.

Soon, Mr. X got in touch with our site for listing his new brand and after considerable follow-up, was directed to me. It was ‘key marketing strategy’ for that brand to get listed on our site to expand its base in India. Probably Mr. X couldn’t recognize me through mail exchanges. Finally, when we got to meet each other face to face, he couldn’t believe that I was holding such a key position there.

Sometimes I feel the brand failure of Mr. X in India was probably because they couldn’t implement their key Marketing strategies.”

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27. He Thought He Was Drinking His Favorite Soda


“Set the way back machine to 1999, when I was in my early 20’s and living with my significant other in a small 1-bedroom apt. A mutual friend of ours, let’s call him ‘Mike’ got a job in town at a pizzeria and needed a place to crash for a while since he was living with his parents a good hourish drive away from his job.

We decided to let him crash on our couch for a few months and share meals, etc in return for $50 bucks a week to cover expenses while he saves up for an apt. He was fine with it, and paid $200 at the end of the first month, and restocks the fridge with more than 20oz bottles of Moutain Dew. (He was a real soda junkie, more on that later.)

The end of the second month comes around and he doesn’t come home from work that night like he always had.

No phone calls or anything just, no Mike. Okay no biggie, we figure he maybe hit it off with someone and scored a hot chick, so rock on?

He comes home around 2 am tipsy and explains he ‘ran into a friend’ and wound up going to a bar, and spent his rent money and the cash he was saving up for an apt. ‘But it’s all good cause I brought you back some booze!’ And hands us two pee-warm bottles and staggers off the living room to go to sleep.

Not cool. Not by a long shot, we speak to him the next morning about it and he’s indignant, goes into a rant about how he ‘earned his night of fun and we’re just hurt he didn’t invite us and refuses to pay the rent he owes.’

He gets nastier about it and doesn’t want to pay it back at all, even when we offer to let him repay it over the next month or so, and in the end, we tell him he has until the end of the week to get his stuff and find somewhere else to stay and that’s where the story would end except…

A couple of days later while cleaning we find an unopened bottle of booze between the couch cushions and my significant other and I decide to help ourselves to it since we’re clearly never seeing the $200 in rent he owes us.

So we hit the bottle that afternoon, (plus the drinks he gave us that other night) and get pretty well hammered. My significant other decides he’s too unstable to walk to the bathroom and instead pees in one of Mikes’s empty soda bottles he’s left on the coffee table.

We manage to make our way to the bedroom, have some fun and pass out, waking up that evening when Mike comes home and is asking where supper is.

We try to hide our hangovers and claim we laid down for a nap and overslept.

He ‘generously’ offers to order a pizza from his workplace and ‘you both can just pay me later.’ (Pay you when you owe us $200?) My significant other and I just sigh and roll our eyes and exchange a look. Hey, free pizza is free pizza, we’ll just deduct it from what he owes us.

He sits on the couch, picks up the phone, and orders the pizza, afterward, he grabs the Mountain Dew bottle off the coffee table and just swigs it back without a second thought.

Time freezes. His eyes do this sort of twitch, like that cat in Bill and Opus, as he stares at the now half-empty bottle in his hand and begins doing mental calculations to explain the discrepancy between what his tongue is informing him, and what his brain is expecting when it comes to the contents of his favorite beverage bottle.

My significant other and I are just standing there trying not to laugh as Mike manages to gasp out ‘That’s not my soda!’ With this look of growing horror as he sniffs the bottle. My significant other (still annoyed at him for the previous night) just gives him a sly little grin and says. ‘Yeah, I recycled those drinks you brought us and put’em back in a bottle for ya, didn’t seem right not to let you enjoy them too since you thought they were worth two hundred bucks.’

Mike looks at the bottle a second time, then up at my significant other, who just grins again, as if daring him to try something.

(Mike was kind of scrawny compared to my significant other who worked out pretty often.) Mike gagged a bit, packed his things into his duffel bag, and walked out without another word while I tried not to laugh and resisted the urge to remind him to take the rest of his ‘soda’ with him when he left.

This is where the story ends, since we haven’t seen, nor heard from Micheal in over 20 years now. (And yes, we called back the pizza place right after he left to cancel the order, given he worked there and we figured he’d hurried off to do something nasty to the pizza as payback.)”

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26. I Just Asked If Her Car Was For Sale


“About 35 years ago I used a paved road through an abandoned sub-division to get to my home, not a part of the subdivision.

Fishermen and bait sellers used the same road to collect bait out near our end of the road. Two more travelers began using a parking space, not quite as far out as the bait fields and not far off the travel portion for something other than catching bait.

If the growing collection of fast-food wrappers, cups and fouled tissues mounding up around the place where the cars parked was any indication, it was no place for anyone of tender years, even just passing by.

One day one of the vehicles was parked there unoccupied and I got a tag number from the backed-in vehicle. Time to report the littering. It had an FSBO sign in a window with a ph.

no. I recorded and departed but got sidetracked when I got home. No call that day.

As had become their pattern, a couple of days later they were back fogging up the windows again. I went home, called the for sale number, and asked the gal that answered if she had a car for sale and could I come to see it. Not now, her husband was out running errands but would be back to 27 z st.

in a couple of hours and I could see it later.

27 z St. was not too far from the parking spot, yes she had a car and knew exactly where the parking spot I described was, why did I want to know.

Payback time! I explained that it was my routine to travel to gather bait with my young sons and I didn’t care who her husband loaned the car to until it was sold but I thought it was pretty inconsiderate to expose my sons to those two exposed people doing all that stuff where those two cars were parked all those times.

Why didn’t they just give them enough funds for a motel room?

I barely got the last part out for the sound of the crashing glass, probably off a wall near where the phone was. Between the screaming and glass shattering, I suggested she go have a look if she didn’t believe me.

I shut off the fan, went out on the porch, and waited. The show ceased, we policed a disgusting mass of refuse and continuing users found religion. An occasional can or McDonald’s wrapper, but we can live with that.”

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25. He Thought I Was Such A Good Friend


“Going out dancing I met this guy, we started chatting and I ended up at his place for a couple of nights. We did sleep together but it wasn’t anything serious for one of us. It was a one-time thing. Later on, I found out he had a significant other and I even met her. We never told her what had happened and I felt bad for her since it didn’t really mean anything.

Years later somehow she found out because someone had a slip of the tongue. So I got also mixed up in it. So when she did find out he of course denied it. Told everyone and anyone that I was ugly and if I was the only person on earth he still wouldn’t go with me. Even the people that knew about it started to question me if it even happened.

This guy was a genius in how he could talk.

I got fed up with his nasty words. I decided to call him. Asked him, ‘why do you say all those nasty words about me, you could have just denied it, why are you making up these stories about how ugly I am?’ He told me that she would never have believed him if he only denied it.

I asked him why he can’t just be honest. He told me she can’t handle that.

So I told him, that if he stops talking nasty and lies about me, I will tell his girl that I lied and that we never had hooked up. ‘What do you think?’

He was so surprised and grateful for having such a good friend. He said that on the phone. I told him ‘that’s what friends are for.’ What I didn’t tell him was that I recorded the whole conversation and played it out to his significant other. Years later we met briefly and when he looked into my eyes the only thing he could do was start laughing. There were no hard feelings.”

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24. I Sent Him Naughty Things In The Mail


“I had a former friend back in California. He and I used to be good friends, then he stabbed me in the back for a really stupid reason. We had a project for school that he, myself, and a friend of his were working on and he claims I didn’t give him and his friend the ‘proper credit’ even though I did 90% of the work.

His friend came up with the idea, and I did 90% of the work, that’s why he hates me, yeah really stupid.

One day I was tired of putting up with him, I had had enough of his lies. So I did something so obnoxious that he moved out of state and changed his phone number. If you’re curious I signed him up for the church of Scientology so they kept sending him mail, that’s not all, I signed him up for naughty magazines and sent it to his next-door neighbor so his neighbors would judge him when they took in his mail.

I also made sure he was constantly being bombarded by harmless obnoxious naughty things. He could have stopped all of this if he simply admitted he was wrong and apologized, I would have gladly stopped, but he never did. He never knew it was me either, he never suspected a thing.

All he would have had to do was admit he was wrong and I would have stopped sending him obnoxious naughty things in the mail, and maybe even been friends again.

But nope he is so stubborn and convinced that he’s right (he isn’t right at all) that it was easier for him to move out of state and change his phone number. He started this feud, it was 100% his fault that he kept receiving naughty things in the mail and getting weird phone calls.

The moral of the story is, don’t be an immature jerk and start a feud with me because you’ll receive naughty things in the mail.”

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23. I Bid Farewell To My Bully


“Back in eighth grade, there was a guy that used to bully me an awful lot. I didn’t mind it really, it was your usual teasing and annoying comments about my personal life. I had better things to care about throughout the year. When the end of the school year field day arrived this guy announced that it was his last day there as he was moving to another state.

Again, I couldn’t care less.

Towards the end of the day, we were outside for lunch and getting ready for kickball. He was standing next to a bench with a couple of his goons and I approached him. I wanted to forgive him for being a jerk the whole year, really. He glanced at me and said to his friends: ‘This right here gentlemen is the reason I’m moving, I couldn’t stand living here anymore knowing an idiot lived here.’ And suddenly I changed my mind, he had one of his legs lifted onto the bench and the other on the ground, his crotch area fully exposed.

So I waited for a second, charged up a kick, and slammed my foot directly into his nuts. He fell to the ground screaming and I took off running as his goons started to come after me. They caught me just outside of school campus but just as they were about to start beating on me, a cop pulled over and asked what was goin’ on. I guess they had illegal stuff in their pockets or something because they told the cop nothing was going on and they all disbanded, leaving me with the biggest smile on my face as I walked home from school early.”

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22. The Internet Can Be A Fun Place To Take Revenge


“A few years ago my best friend became homeless. She had been through a breakup earlier in the year and was living in a shared house. She had a big fall out with one of the other residents, to the point where she was assaulted. 2016 had not been her year, so my mother and I decided to give her somewhere to live.

She could stay with us for as long as she needed, under a few conditions.

She was to give us a bit of money each month for food and look for somewhere else to live.

However, this is not how things turned out….

She would disappear for days on end, sometimes without calling us. We never knew where she was or if she was okay. Sometimes she would return at 3 or 4 in the morning, expecting us to let her in. If we didn’t answer, she would ring the neighbors.

We lived in a block of flats so when the intercom went off, it would wake everyone up. But this was just the tip of the iceberg.

She brought men back to our flat on more than one occasion. They would turn up at the door with her, then drive off. One night, she got into an altercation with someone, and they drove away angrily.

It was clear she wasn’t looking for somewhere to live, so we thought we’d prompt her.

We managed to find her a room at a shelter. Not the best of places, but better than nowhere until she finds somewhere permanent. She did not take the room and in fact, never called the shelter back. She had absolutely no interest.

One day I walked into my room and found her wearing my clothes. She tried to claim they were her clothes, and we had a huge argument.

After that, she disappeared and didn’t come back. After three months, she still hadn’t given us any money and we didn’t know where she was.

We found out what really happened at the shared house, after paying a visit.

One of the other women was angry and wanted to know where my ‘best friend’ was. Apparently, she had stolen things, brought strange men back to the property almost every day (sometimes more than one), and sold this lady’s kittens while she was on holiday.

I also heard from the landlord that men had moved out because she’d harassed them.

We didn’t hear from her until a month later when she demanded her belongings be returned. She’d left a few bags of clothes at our flat, but was unwilling to come and collect them. She wanted us to meet her in a city that was almost 20 miles away and didn’t tell us who she was bringing with her.

At this point, my mum put her foot down and refused. If she wanted her belongings back, she was going to have to come and collect them.

My ‘best friend’ arranged to come to our flat three times, and every time she was a no-show. Out of the blue, she changed her mind and threatened to call the police if we didn’t deliver her clothes immediately. My mother refused, and the police visited us.

We were warned ‘not to contact her’ as apparently, we were harassing her. However, the police weren’t going to return her items. By this time, it had been over three months since she left her clothes at our property. She had been given multiple chances to collect them and she didn’t. The items were now legally ours.

As you do, we went through all the bags to see if there was anything we could sell, but what we saw was nothing short of shocking!

She had only one top and one pair of jeans in the bags, and they were both mine! Everything else was lace underwear and night dresses.

She didn’t have any socks and only one pair of trainers.

If that wasn’t bad enough, it was the smell and condition of all these underwear that shocked us.

To be brutally honest it smelled like cat pee. As if it had been left next to a litter tray and not washed afterward. There were stains all over the underwear. Brown stains, white stains, and red stains. A few of the thongs were old.

Looked as if they had been worn repeatedly for a long time.

At this point, I’d reached the end of my tether. This was disgusting. I decided to do something to teach her a lesson, and it was one she will never forget.

The internet can be a funny place when you have enemies…

I started a social media post, uploading all images of the underwear and describing the condition it was in.

I went into detail about whose it was, what had happened, and all the events that had taken place over the last six months. I also stated that if she ever contacted the police on my family again, this post would only be the tip of the iceberg.

Within a few minutes, people were responding to it. Some found it amusing and showed the pictures to their friends and family.

Some commented on it saying what a dirty woman she was. Others made jokes or tried to hazard a guess at how the underwear got into that condition. We knew she wasn’t in a relationship, so it’s all left to the imagination.

She was humiliated in front of everyone she knew. Her friends, her family, her exes, everyone she went to school with, and even people who didn’t like her. The best part was, there was nothing she could do about it.

We found out she had moved in with a married man and got pregnant within a few months. Though paternity is questionable.”

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21. Hateful Teacher Enjoyed Her Special Tea


“We had a school counselor who had a reputation for randomly entering any class to pick a naughty student and take him to her office for interrogation. There she’d threaten him with suspension for something he’d done weeks ago, and his only recourse would be to spy on his classmates, particularly the lovebirds.

This one day, she caught the naughtiest 4–5 kids of the classroom live in action and took them to her cabin.

Dire consequences were revealed and while a deal was being brokered, the peon entered the office with a cup of tea and a message from the school’s principal, that she wished to see her for a moment. She excused herself and told them not to leave.

Well, the counselor had grossly underestimated the virtues of the pack, and they took turns to spit in her tea.

She returned after a few minutes and began to humiliate them while sipping her beverage (not tea anymore). She never came to know that they were not laughing at her jokes.

She was a nasty person, and I wish I could tell her about it after I graduated.”

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20. Accused Me Of Not Being A Good Employee Then Asked For Help


“August 2008, for the September month fees payable in advance.

‘… I’ve spoken to my association members about your case and you are definitely not cooperative. You pay the remaining $ amount in cash by noon the day after two or we don’t need you in our classes and ranks,’ stated the martial arts master who was known to be hard-headed with a growing history of trouble making ends meet.

I was going through a tough patch myself and I suspect that my inability to pay my monthly subscriptions in advance that month after my negotiated prepayment package ended a few months earlier had riled him thoroughly. I think that was the main reason he was sneaking chances to bat at the walls with his knuckles uncharacteristically during class that evening. Just 1 guy unable to pay his dues ahead of time!

Got through that period without being ex-communicated but from the 2nd half of September, I stopped showing up for any classes till the following year when he called about a facilitator’s gig for the spouses’ association of a large company.

Frankly, I was occupied and indifferently passed the first gig but he called again about another pending gig being confirmed. That one went okay but I would be sinking my efforts into some enterprising pursuits over the next 4–5 years, returning sporadically from late 2014 till the end of ‘16.

At this juncture, he got lucky and needed some facilitators with experience to undertake a few such gigs.

That was quite a bit of fun except for the ‘bite’ of his personality (marital, financial, and health challenges, which could see him turn positively nasty). Except that it would be more than a year before I would see any payment for those gigs which he claimed were paid through a training provider. Allegedly, rounds of delays followed and he claimed that the company was messing with him about those payments.

In retrospect, I postulate that he has been in real financial trouble through the consequences of a divorce, child support, getting screwed on side deals which are ofter the experiential hallmark of somebody who is really down on life. Incidentally, I do not accept that as a valid excuse when he also claimed to have at least one side business to sustain him if training classes got suspended or something.

When I diplomatically brought up the question of payment for the bunch of gigs fully 13 months after the last one, he accused me of not being able to hold down a job.

I stated firmly, that it was now more than 12 months since the series of gigs were performed and unless that training provider was facing insolvency, there was no excuse for them not to have paid him until now and payments as rightfully due to us being passed on.

This was a deliberate face-saving gesture on my part but I was now beginning to regard him as a question mark, whether I’m worthy of having such a character for a master or what (they’re plenty nowadays who have earned their stripes the hard way if you know where to look, so…).

(Dis)satisfied that he knew I would be getting on this case again before long, I called him again 45 days after he took the bait, saying that he will ‘get back to the Company’ and have all of us paid.

He then demanded to know which training gigs I was involved in, the duration, and any differentials in the promised daily rates. Well, what did you do with your training activity journal, man?

Folks, this is where bookkeeping and housekeeping can come in handy, let me tell you. ‘Cos what was eventually banked into me was one gig short. I’d repeatedly noticed that the master did use a calculator when dealing with significant amounts of cash, so I stewed for an hour maybe less, then decided that under no circumstances would I attend his classes anymore.

Good thing that one half-day gig I performed for him between that 45-day delay was promised and paid in cash. Unpleasant circumstances ex post facto suggested that it would be the last in a looonngg time, too.

In December last year, I bumped into him at a place he was formerly known to hangout and he immediately began complaining about a certain new license of his getting suspended after a couple of complaints (not that someone like him should open a shop!) and I believe that he lost his license and was forced to eat losses from the shutdown.

Since ‘17, I had not been involved in any classes with him and one of the feeder colleges that yielded most of his students relocated some distance away. Small matter that he stated quite arrogantly in passing that another faraway college had appointed him to manage one of their proposed martial arts clubs for the new semester.

Lying low, I received a message from him via a new, undisclosed number.

Basically, he had garnered some share of harassment from others over the years, brusquely covering for himself about some preferred combination of numbers as he changed phone numbers twice while giving up a second phone line in the process. ‘How are you keeping, bro? Are you working now?’ Unable to determine his identity initially, I delayed reading the message, deleting it once I’d had breakfast the next morning.

I then called a mutual friend who had been a bar security guy years ago and asked if the master was in trouble again. Confirming the number as his, the friend was clearly unhappy with most of his interactions with master over the past eight months to a year as no one puts a rabid complainer on a pedestal while he runs through a laundry list of imaginary grievances against whoever got selected mentally at random in their presence.

The friend also noticed that the master’s demeanor had become increasingly negative and ‘offensively defensive’ towards all of his after-hours comrades and buddies since mid-’18 with no apparent personal problems driving his newfound behavior. He declined to state what complaints the master had made against me but I knew what I was going to do if he messaged me again.

‘How are you keeping, bro? Are you working now?’ I kept this second identical message unread till the second noon following this (the day after tomorrow, remember?) Then, I deleted it, blocking him in the process thinking to myself, ‘… I no longer attend your classes and know that I cannot offset any debt from you through packaged or monthly fees… moreover, you have been unable to resolve a repeating pattern of a personal problem since ‘07, and I don’t need you crawling out of the 4G airwaves asking for a handout!’

His ex-bar security friend pretended to commiserate in grief over the ‘break up’ (save for December, I’d not seen or spoken to him since asking for my delayed payment the second time) that I initiated. I wonder where I’d stand with him today if he never had any financial problems from the day I first called him 14 years ago? Oh well, high time to move on.”

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19. Guy Has No Idea He's Done Nasty Things Because Of Me


“As a teen, I worked at a fast-food restaurant. I received quite a lot of harassment from fellow employees and the management, so one day I decided I’d had it. There was an insanely cold freezer. I’d guess -20 or -40. I snuck in and urinated on the wall. The pee froze and made an interesting yellow stalactite.

I returned to work quite proud of myself for exacting revenge.

An hour later all employees were called to the freezer and shown the mess. The lead manager asked if anyone knew what had happened. One employee guessed that a can of pineapple topping had exploded. Another thought that it was grease from the fryer. I was delighted when one of the chief antagonists decided to solve the mystery once over. He strode in, snapped off a piece of the pee-icicle, and ate it.

‘Yeah, it’s grease from the fryer. I can tell cause it’s pretty salty.’ Picture me, with a poker face watching this unfold, all while laughing inside.

A few years later, I had somewhat reconciled with the pee-eater, (I have not told him to this day what happened) and we joined as roommates at junior college. This time, he decided to skip out on our lease halfway through the year, leaving me with twice the rent payment.


So, after he announced his departure, I found toothpaste. Previously that year, I was diagnosed with hemorrhoid and had a special cream I had to use. Too much information. Anyway, I could not think of greater revenge than to insert the applicator tip for my cream into his toothpaste and squeeze in a generous amount.

The next morning he asked, ‘Dude, have you ever heard of toothpaste spoiling? Mine went rancid’. I explained that ‘Yeah, I guess it’s like anything else. I figure it can spoil.’ Again, I had my poker face on, while secretly delighted knowing that my enemy had eaten my urine and my rectal cream. Good times.'”

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18. Don't Mess With A Woman And Her Car Keys


“This was way back when I was in my late teens. I had just learned to drive a car. My favorite pastime used to be driving around my colony.

I did that almost all the time. As it was my initial days of car driving, I did not have the guts to take the car for a spin on the main roads.

My friend happened to live just a couple of kilometers away from my place and I did not even have to take the main road to reach her place.

So that was my next step.

My car (rather my dad’s) at that time was a humble Maruti Zen. There was this brand new Maroon Tata Sumo in my friend’s colony

Sumo was just introduced in the market during those times. The guy who drove it was from an affluent family. He always stood with a gang of guys near the parking lot.

Every time I passed by, they had this habit of ogling and passing some inaudible comments.

I simply ignored them and went on with my business.

It so happened that one day the only parking space available was next to the Sumo. So I had to park my car there.

As the place available was too narrow and I was a newbie to driving, it took a while for me to park at the given slot.

Seeing this, those boys started making weird noises and passing some derogative comments.

The one which hurt me the most was. ‘You are a woman, stay in the kitchen, leave your driving antics to us men.’

That’s it, the feminist in me was badly bruised and I was red with anger. I managed to park and gave them a piercing stare but realized that it would not be safe to get into a heated argument as there were more than half a dozen boys.

Though I averted a confrontation, at that young age didn’t have the wisdom to let go of what just happened. It kept playing on my mind repeatedly.

I wanted revenge. So on my way back from my friend’s place, I noticed those boys were not there. I seized the opportunity. Took my car key out. Pressed it against the Sumo as tightly as I could.

I started at the front seat door, kept dragging the key till the end of the second door.

It left behind a long solid scratch on the car.

Repeated it again and once I was satisfied I quietly tiptoed to my car and drove away. I did not return to my friend’s place for the next few weeks in the fear of being caught.

There you go, the nastiest thing I have done for revenge. I do not endorse my actions. It was done in the heat of the moment and was due to the lack of wisdom at that young age.”

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17. Evil Landlady Experienced The Worst Winter


“We had rented a house in a small rural town. Not many places available there to rent that were livable. The landlady kept the utilities in her name but they were mailed to our PO Box and we paid them.

She had an opportunity to sell the house but it was subject to it being vacant. We could not move as no other places were available and we were only going to be there for about 4 more months.

She did not give proper notice and we got a local judge to cancel the notice by which time the sale fell through and we stayed until we were ready to leave, being 100% sure to give proper notice to end our month-to-month rental.

She had the utilities turned off one Friday afternoon. Just before a long weekend so it was Tuesday before we could order the reconnect and was Thursday before the utilities were restored.

All the contents of our freezer were lost, we had to eat in restaurants or use our camping equipment. We had to haul water from a hand pump in the yard to flush the toilet. We had to shower at my wife’s workplace as mine did not have showers.

Next winter, in Canada at -30 I am at a friend’s house in the nearest city, where I knew she had moved to, and see the landlady loading up her car at the house next door.

My friend confirms her name and that she often left for the weekends.

I went over later and turned off her gas and electricity at the meter. That is easy to do and only takes a couple of seconds if you know how to. It stormed that night which covered my tracks and kept her from returning for a couple of days. After a storm, it typically drops to -40 for a day or two.

Water pipes froze, the house was soaked, in the spring we watched her cart out all the drywall and insulation from most of the house.

I never told my friend it was me and he never asked but I am sure he knew or at least suspected as he knew the history.

That was more than 40 years ago and this is the first I have ever said of it.

I never told my wife, and am not sure if she even knows it happened because she did not like that friend and I usually only saw him without her.”

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16. This Is Why You Must Treat The Cleaning Staff Nicely


“I work part-time as an office cleaner while I build my online selling business. For the most part, it’s relatively easy and I love that I work by myself and can start any time after the business is closed for the day.

The people at the financial planning office are gems. They clean up after themselves in the break room, don’t blow up the toilets, and are always friendly if they happen to drop by the office for something they forgot.

Then there is the ‘financial’ office that makes quick loans to people who probably can’t get a loan anywhere else and most likely can’t afford the loan they’re taking out. They always take car titles for collateral and I’ve even seen the power of attorney papers signed by these poor fools. The ‘loan officers’ at this business are mostly unnecessary insurance salespeople. I really hate it when the people who can least afford to be scammed are the ones targeted to be scammed.

These jokers are also nasty slobs. Dishes in the break room sink, half-empty soda cans left on desks, half their trash missing the bin, and don’t even ask about the restroom. Disgusting.

Right before Christmas, they had a habit of having a carry-on lunch on Wednesdays. I clean this office on Wednesday nights and sometime between Friday evening and Monday morning. They would leave their crockpots half full of food, plates, forks, coolers, etc exactly where they happened to be at lunchtime.

I am an office cleaner, not a maid, not a den mother, and not their girl. I would leave all these items where they left them. The next time I came in to clean, the crockpots were still there and still had good in them, only now they had a nice coating of mold on them and the place smelled like a city dump.

My little revenge is really bad. I feel kinda bad about it but… When I would clean their disgusting toilets I would use the same paper towels to wipe off their keyboards! Yuck! Lol. I know that’s terrible. Treat the cleaning staff nicely. That’s my advice.”

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15. We Both Tried To Get Back At Each Other


“My first real love was my freshman year in high school. We were together for over a year and things I thought were going great but Cindy broke up with me and I was devastated. I tried all I could think of to try and get her back but was always rejected. It was pathetic the way that I groveled and I’m so ashamed of it.

From that point on if a relationship ended I was as cold-blooded as I could be. Once a relationship was over it was over. No calls no text no being just friends. Lose my number or I’ll change my number. Anyway getting off track. After a couple of months of rejection, summer came and we were out of school when I decided to call Cindy’s best friend Becky.

Becky was hotter than Cindy and although they were friends Cindy would always say jealous or envious things about Becky’s appearance. Becky was perfect. I knew if I could get Becky to go out with me that Cindy would flip out. Or at least that’s what I hoped for. Becky agreed to go out with me and we ended up going out all through the summer into the next school year.

Now I have an older sister by 3 years that had graduated and was going to college in a nearby city about 75 miles away. Cindy’s older sister and mine both went to school there and in fact shared an apartment. They had been best friends through school and how I came to know Cindy to begin with. I had found out from my sister that Cindy was coming over to stay the weekend and she said if I was still trying to get back with her maybe I should head over to see her.

My sister said she wouldn’t say anything and make it out to be just a coincidence that I showed up. I told her yes that sounded good but my need for revenge now took it a step further when I decided to ask Becky if she could come along. I think we told Becky’s mom that my mom was taking us and would be there to supervise but I had my own car and we were definitely not taking my mom!

Anyway, the weekend went down as planned.

Becky and I made out in front of Cindy all weekend. She and I slept on the floor in the front room but we made sure the whole apartment could hear us going at it that night. My sister was so mad that I didn’t tell her what I was doing and Cindy’s big sister threatened to beat me up. I didn’t care though paybacks are a pain! But then it all backfired when my sister called my mom and then Cindy’s sister Lena called Becky’s mom and told her what went down.

We both got our butts kicked. I got my car taken away until I could prove that I could be trusted again. I think I rode the bus to school for two months! And Becky lost her privilege of seeing men unless I wanted to come to their house, after what I knew her parents had been told, no way was that happening, and shortly after that Becky broke up with me. Moral of this story? When a relationship ends just move on respectively and don’t try to make one or the other feel worse than they already do. These things rarely work out as you’d hope but they can be an example to learn from your mistakes.”

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14. Family Accused My Cat Of Something I Actually Did


“One day, it was a typical afternoon, and I got in some fight with my brother. Keep in mind I very vaguely remember this story, so some details might be wrong, but this is how I remember. We each got so mad that we got in a physical fight and he pulled my hair. My brother’s pretty strong, so it hurt and he pulled out a few strands.

I, upon feeling that, grabbed his wrist with all my might, tears in my eyes, and bit his hand as hard as I possibly could from the thumb side. I ended up with a technology grounding for a week, which sucked but it was fair.

Another time, more recently, I had just gotten in a huge screaming match with my dad, who was not accepting he was wrong and we got in a fight after I commented (don’t worry, he’s a lot better at listening now and doesn’t yell right away).

I stormed off to my room, really angry. After being yelled at, a lot of the time, my stomach will tie up in knots because I’m always paranoid he’ll take my phone or go through my things, and I really like my privacy.

Once, in a different incident, I hid my phone by a spiderweb in my closet because I felt it wouldn’t be safe otherwise. Anyways, a bit of context for this next part, I used to always be notorious for having the worst-smelling farts in the house.

I know, ridiculous thing to be proud of, but this made it perfect for getting revenge. And also, my cat, Leon, is notorious for not using the litterbox. So, my dad went to the store to get a few things, and my mom went out to walk the dog. I snuck out of my room while my siblings weren’t looking, went into the master bedroom, climbed up on my parent’s bed, sat on my dad’s pillow, and let it rip.

My stomachache always has a ton of gas left over after it goes away, so I used this to my advantage. I snuck back to my room and stayed there until they both got back home. I’m waiting for someone to notice and listening closely since the walls in my house are super thin. All of a sudden, my mom yells ‘WHAT GOT ON MY PILLOW?… LEON!’ and I heard some running, some cat-scolding, the back door open, the back door close, and then the guilt set in.

I mistook the pillow on the right for my mom’s and the one on the left for my dad’s when it was the other way around. And my mom thought the cat took a dump on her pillow.

It was that bad. I don’t think I ever fessed up to it but I did give Leon a bunch of love and apologies when he got let back inside. Also, I lost my title of stinkiest farter since then, but I do eat much better now and have started working out a little so I guess that’s why. Still, I have happy memories of when I could literally clear rooms with a toot.”

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13. I Waited For 10 Long Years To Say Awful Things To Him


“I am 25 now. 10 years before, when I was in 10th grade, a guy said he was interested in me. After school he used to follow me all the way, riding his cycle, till I reached home. I was always this timid girl who was scared of everyone and everything. I was scared if my parents would be hurt if I got into this relationship.

But I was gradually getting into him. I kinda liked him. I felt special because he used to try a lot to make me fall for him so I started giving in.

By that time, our board exams came and I was very stressed to finish learning the syllabus. I cared less about how I looked. I ate a lot. I woke up at 5 am and went to bed at 11 pm.

I was very scared of the exams. As a result of all this, I had gained weight. Though it wasn’t a drastic change, it looked that way since I was short.

After our board exams, I called him one day. He kept ignoring my calls. I thought he would be busy and called him again later that night. He picked up and said I am disturbing him all the time and he plainly said that I looked fat and my behind had bulged and said he didn’t want me anymore.

I didn’t expect this at all. I never had the smallest clue this would happen. Whom I thought my sweetheart just made me feel like trash. He broke my confidence. It felt like I could never get over this insult.

But I did eventually. It took me years to build up myself. To build my confidence. I did well in college. Got a good job. Earning well.

Got married. Gave birth to a beautiful little girl.

Last night I thought about him. I found him on social media. I told him how he made me feel. How he broke me. I was waiting for 10 long years and the day came. I bashed him. I had the courage to use all the bad words I knew. I asked him if he considered himself as the most handsome actor straight from Hollywood. He didn’t do well in his studies, in his career too. But I didn’t touch that because I didn’t want to make him feel worthless but wanted him to feel shameful. I did it. Blocked him. I am happy now. I feel relaxed. Revenge is sweet.”

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12. Can't Forgive Him For Messing With My Bike


“When I was younger, I was a cycle racer and rider. I used to participate in cycle races. At that time I was active at night during holidays time. I have suffered many losses before gaining victories.

I still remember one day when I defeated my competitive racer while coming first and winning the prize. He said congrats and after the small party, I saw that my bike was missing.

As it was that scene when I was forced to face my friend’s goons, I suffered a beat when he was not able to beat me in the race. I spent one month in the hospital as luckily my body was good enough to bear the pains as by God’s grace nothing happened.

While coming out of the hospital I took time to recover physically and in that time while I was in the market I saw that goon who was involved in beating me up with the same person who I beat in the race.

In that situation I was alone and it was night as he was waiting for his friends who were also there. While I was able to ride my new cycle which was gifted to me, I followed the goons.

As soon as they reached their destination I finally saw that person who was jealous and he was talking to his girl about beating me up. She was not happy as I was able to also realize that she was happy with my success.

Certainly, as soon as he went inside, I was captured and she helped me in that situation.

As soon as it was the perfect time to attack or strike I decided to go inside and hit each and every goon while leaving them walkless.

I asked a couple of questions and reasons for beating me up and even he shouted for his crews. He said that he was angry and he was sorry as he was scared but I did not believe him.

Before I could make a move he finally declares that he did it because he lost some of his amount in the race which he invested in as he wanted to impress his girl.

In the end, the girl was heartbroken and she told me to leave him alone and I did. Then after she just slapped him and he was crying and getting anxious for her until I stopped him when he tried to slap her.

I don’t know why I did that but I observed that she was happy and she told me to hit him and I just hit his knee and left him in pain.

This was one of the most serious moments of my life where for the first time I lost in terms of patience and anger management. But also a lesson for me to control and solve the problem or call the police to make sure that there is a certain plan which could turn it against him.”

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11. Hateful Teacher Lost His Reputation


“I quit the class because of ‘disagreements’ with a new teacher on how to treat students and severe mismanagement of after-school activities and ended up causing issues long after I graduated.

To cut a long story short, the issues boiled over, and one day after class I told him I wasn’t coming back, and changed my schedule by the end of the day, and served my admittedly deserved detention.

What I didn’t realize was that after I left, a lot of other people heard my side and agreed (or at least thought my response to him that day was funny), and either did the same or stayed for the class credit and only did the bare minimum for a grade instead of what we all knew the group was capable of.

My ‘revenge’ wasn’t exactly intended to have that effect; it was more so because I cared more about how he would treat the entire group when his beef was with me (passive-aggressively trying to make people dislike my presence by punishing them all doesn’t work great when these people have known me for years and wanted to do and say the same things), but it ended up being somewhat satisfying.

A guy who was a jerk at the time ended up watching what should’ve been a great group dwindle into almost nothing within a few weeks because of his behavior, and having to work to rebuild the group itself and his reputation among the students (still working on the latter). Another plus, I started fiddling with some old tech and ended up where I am now.

I’m somewhat grateful for the things we both ended up dealing with as a result, and I hope we’re both better for it; people can change. Also, I skipped school to go support them at an event almost 2 hours away, and seeing his face as he noticed me in the crowd was absolutely priceless.”

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Hotbyassociation 2 years ago
This makes no sense at all
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10. Had To Make Them Realize That Being A Foster Child Is Hard Enough


“I am a former foster child who had a foster brother at one point. He had started making rumors up about me that were very deviant in nature and twisted in their own right without even adding in the insult to injury that I had been VERY good to him while we had been under the same roof. He spread these rumors after I had moved foster homes and left town as a result of my rehousing.

He had been simply jealous of my popularity and people liked me so much while he was socially awkward and weirded people out in comparison. I didn’t particularly care enough to exact revenge for the trash-talking he committed against me. I’ve suffered a good bit of that in my life that was unfair and unjust, so it was water under the bridge, so to speak. Still, it was incensing, to say the least.

However, what had me decide to seek vengeance was not a wrong committed against my own person or reputation, but the fact that he wound up being psychologically and physically abusive toward two friends of mine whom he ended up going out with which I had been quite close to. They confided in me and it drove me nuts to know he had been so vile to such sweet girls.

They were amongst the kindest and most innocent souls I had ever had the honor and privilege of encountering and befriending, and I thought the world of them. Though we haven’t seen or spoken to one another in years at this point, I still hold them both in high esteem.

So, at a party I was attending, when I came back to town with friends, a mutual close friend of mine and his invited him over to the event, and I proceeded to have the garage closed behind him after he arrived and came out of the house into the garage and beat the guy so badly with my bare hands. I’d do it all over again too, and I’m honestly not a violent person by default desire. I am all about peace, love, and positive vibes. However, I won’t stand for oppressive and abusive behavior, especially when directed at those incapable of adequately protecting themselves, such as women and children.”

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Nema15 1 year ago
I was pretty much on your side thru this until your last sentence. I’m a woman and I’m definitely capable of protecting myself. I know A LOT of women who are just as capable, if not more capable than a lot of men! Yes, children do need protecting, but I can PROMISE you that if you threaten to hurt or hurt a woman’s kids, she will become a hungry for blood, bear!! Anything and everything in her path will be obliterated until her “cubs” are safe again!! (this also includes cubs that are hers by choice, grand cubs etc!)
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9. CEOs Come And Go


“A large corporation brought in new leadership. This company was a mess. Lots of underhanded dealings and corruption abound. The new CEO fired a bunch of managers that were underperforming and brought in his own people. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to get rid of some of the key management that was behind a lot of the corruption. They all had it in for the new CEO and pulled out all the stops to replace him.

They lied and brought charges of the corruption they caused against him. Their efforts were costly to the company but unfruitful.

I watched this play out from my lowly role in the company. It seemed every other employee was in opposition of the CEO and the rest for him. Basically, the company was at odds with itself. The management that sought to replace him was very good at slander and the CEO made for easy fodder.

He was brash and arrogant but he did get the job he was hired for done. Much of the mismanagement was dwindling. The company was inching its bottom line from extreme red too much closer to black. Production was at an all-time high. Then it hit. What can only be described as serendipity for the corrupt management there was a major supply chain breakdown. This caused production to plummet.

Employee morale plummeted. There were sit-ins on the production floor and everything nearly went to a standstill. This provided the opportunity to oust the CEO. It was handled underhandedly. Basically, they convinced the board to remove him. Even the management that stood behind him had to step aside and admit defeat. In true fighter form, he went out swinging knowing his days were numbered.

This company is too big to fail.

It will survive. CEOs come and go. The new leadership has a chance to make things right and while the employees are still very divided they are hopeful that the new CEO who came from within the company will make good choices and not succumb to the corruption that still exists. However, it’s likely he already has.

I’m sure you can figure out the name of this ‘company’.”

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chga 1 year ago
This is too vague for me to understand. Can someone clarify this?
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8. My Friend Gives Him Something I Won't


“The first boy I ever took interest in, my best friend did too. We were only young and we met this guy on a bus. I soon found out he lived on our estate. I met with him a few times and we did intimate stuff – never anything naughty but we did kiss. My friend always sniffed around in the background.

My friend, wow she was a strange girl.

She only had one friend. That was me. She got people in trouble at school for talking to her if she didn’t want them to or looking at her in the wrong way and eventually no one wanted to know her or sit with her. I had been her friend since we were 6 and we got on ok but were very different people. She never showed interest in boys, only mine.

She didn’t look after her appearance, whereas I did. She gained weight rapidly and was much larger than the other kids and she didn’t seem to care.

2 weeks before my birthday I was at my significant other’s house. He was ready to take things to the next level. I was too but I was just nervous and ended up leaving his home in the middle of making out.

Then, I didn’t hear from him for 2 weeks. I called, I even went to his house and I got no answer or anything. I thought it was odd. I cried for a bit then just got on with my life. My friend and I both left school and started working so we barely saw each other. I never forgot him.

2 years later I bumped into him while taking my sister to a swimming lesson.

Oh wow, he looked even better… when I saw her, my friend. She went off to the cafe area and I went over and said ‘you could have told me.’ He apologized and said he missed me. So basically I got the full story, I wouldn’t sleep with him and she would. Then he started seeing her but was getting fed up with her strange ways.

I thought it was hilarious. Apparently, she got in the bath with her dog and was a hoarder, stuff like that. I just smirked. I knew this stuff. We stayed in touch, all 3 of us, only by phone occasionally and that was it.

Then around 6 months later I got a call from him saying they were buying a house together. They had the keys, would I go round for dinner.

I said yes.

I arrived the next night, the home was beautiful. He had a very high-paid job and my friend…I suppose…stayed home with the dog. I was twitching with jealousy.

We had dinner, it was a strange experience. Before we left she had a massive row with him in the kitchen for looking at me too much.

I heard it all, I took it away with me.

The next day I called him and said I’m sorry they’re not happy etc…I planted the seed.

Please bear in mind I had zero interest in this man anymore and she was no longer a friend to me.

I got on and on at him. My ex-friend went to bed early every night, around 10. At midnight, weeks later, I called him and said I was outside his house.

Long story short, I turn up in my coat with nothing underneath and had slept with him all over his house.

Except where she slept.

He didn’t stand a chance. I was being very rude and I guess he couldn’t say no. I left with bad intentions and him thinking we had a future.

My best friend of 10 years betrayed me. So the next day I called and told her in great detail everything we did, where we did it etc.

At the time it didn’t bother me…they broke up, the house was up for sale a month later. I feel bad sometimes now though.

Over 20 years later he STILL thinks we’re in with a chance. Too dumb to even realize he was part of my revenge plan.

I bumped into my friend last week. She never had a partner after him, any kids, and living alone with her dogs.”

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7. Threw Out The Friendship Instead Of Talking About It


“When I was a senior in high school, my best friend and I got into a fight over Halloween. It was so stupid I can’t even remember exactly what it was. I think she was mad because I was running late. Anyway, it was a dumb fight and that should have been the end of it.

But she was really upset with me and began completely ignoring me, pretending like I didn’t exist.

Which was a feat because we were next-door neighbors and went to the same school. It hurt so much because she was my best friend throughout high school, then she moved in next door and we spent so much time together.

But sadness quickly turned into anger and I began ignoring her, we went for a while not able to tell who was ignoring whom. Then she tried to apologize, she came by my house when I wasn’t there and talked to my mom, and said she was upset.

But I just couldn’t let it go. We never talked again. Our mutual friends were weirded out by the situation so I gave them space, made new friends.

It was the nastiest thing I’ve ever done. It’s one thing to get revenge on someone who’s done something terrible and evil; but to throw out a friendship over something so petty, at a time when we both needed each other is something I’ll never be able to forgive myself for.

It’s been so many years, and with the way I avoid thinking about things that make me feel bad, I’ve forgotten so many details but I remember the sadness, and the anger. I remember so much more about her and our friendship than I do about the end.”

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6. He Complained About Something Being Warm


“So Matric dance after-party 1998. I woke up the morning after the hangover deluxe. Went to the bathroom and one of the above-entitled people had passed out whilst throwing up in the toilet the night before. There he was head hanging in the porcelain. I must say if it was anyone else, I would have moved or rolled them next to the toilet and gone for a pee. However, because it was him, I unzipped and peed all over his head. He briefly came around and moaned something about it being warm.

He promptly began snoring again, so I washed my face and brushed my teeth and as I was leaving flushed the toilet. Briefly heard him moaning about it now being cold. Sweet revenge.”

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Pinkpoison 2 years ago
Dude… You need counseling
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5. I Made His Whole Family Hate Him


“I outed my ex as bi-curious. I told his macho stepbrother and all of social media. It completely ruined his reputation. Everyone in his family treated him differently. He was so hurt that his macho step-brother stopped hanging out with him and didn’t trust him around his kids.

He lied to me throughout our entire relationship, about so many things. I never knew the real him because he faked who he was to everyone, but the worst thing to me was that he was being fake with me.

And we lived together. So when I found out about his lies? He tried to gaslight me, and tell me I was crazy because I was ‘too upset’ about it. And that he lied to me to ‘avoid an argument.’ I wasn’t upset that he had a past, I was annoyed that the person whom he portrayed to be was a complete lie.

One lie after another to everyone, including me.

So I decided that the lies should stop. I got my reprieve. It felt good. Really, really good.

Would I do it again? No, I’ve grown since then. Do I feel bad about what I did? No, because even when we finally broke up he said to me ‘I lied to you more times than I can count.’

I talked to him one year after we broke up to get off the lease. He said he was in recovery from his addictions and that he is more transparent with the truth now. So I guess that some good came out of it, for the both of us.”

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lyly 1 year ago
You had no right to out him. What could he have said about you?
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4. Made Several People Get Fired From Their Jobs


“When I was 12, I was just mad at everybody. A guy I met on KidzWorld told me I had to be mean and take no prisoners or else people will step on me all the time. I had a scorch earth attitude for about a year and pretty much ruined people’s lives left and right.

I got a woman working at Kohl’s fired. I didn’t like her attitude when I was there with my friends.

My friends and I complained about her to the manager. She apologized and said she’s a single mom and totally stressed out. I didn’t like her apology so I pushed her buttons and made her melt in front of the manager. She started cursing and got fired on the spot.

There was a janitor at a private school I got fired. He bumped into me at Harris Teeter and didn’t say anything.

He kept walking. Did some Googling on him and found out he was in jail a long time ago. I spread his mugshot around so the parents at the school saw it. The school let him go because the parents were going basket case on them for letting an ex-con near the kids.

I made one of my teachers quit. He didn’t do anything. I just didn’t like him.

I complained about him all the time that it was attracting attention. The school knew I was making things up about him, but they wanted donations and didn’t want parents and others to hear all this ‘noise’ coming from the school. They pretty much told him to make peace with me and to suck it up, so he quit.

There were others like the guy who worked for Monsanto in India, a welder in NY, an electrician in Philly, a plumber in Sunnyvale, a mechanic in Fairfax, a guy who worked for GM in Michigan, a hairdresser in Santa Clara…

there was always someone new every week.

I don’t know which one is the nastiest. Maybe it’s that woman at Kohl’s or maybe the electrician who ended up divorced, fired, and in jail. That one was really easy… I showed his wife his secret accounts to hook up with women and she took care of the rest. All I did was Google him, and a website showed me who lived with him and got her cell phone number.

They were all pretty bad.

Come to think of it, maybe the worst one was the engineer I met 2 years ago. We were enemies the moment we met. I found out his boss didn’t like him and wanted to fire him, so I helped his boss out a bit. The guy ended up with really bad anxiety and had an ambulance show up at his work to take him to the hospital at least 4 different times. His boss eventually fired him for performance issues.”

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payo 2 years ago
You sound like you’re bragging about the fact that you’re a common douche bag.
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3. My Enemies Receive Animals At Their Doorstep


“When somebody does me wrong I sign them up for the Live Animal of the Month Club.

What’s that? It’s like a magazine subscription but involves live animals. Once a month a live animal is delivered to the subscriber, usually early in the morning, and left on the front porch. In some cases, more than one animal is involved.

For instance, at Easter, the recipient might get a crate of baby chickens or ducks.

Sometimes a half-dozen cute little rabbits.

In June, last year, they delivered cows. They were all very old cows, no more milk, many were skinny, but loved to crop down on their new owner’s lawn before their lucky new friend came out for the morning paper to find ‘em.

Puppies and kitties are always popular in August and September. Just one puppy or kitten? No. Sorry. At least half a dozen.

One year goats were distributed in November although normally baby turkeys are preferred.

One of my favorites was the time they delivered baby pigs to everyone. A tiny baby pig is cute as the proverbial button but quickly grows into a near 500 pound somewhat aggressive animal.

That’s the best revenge I could ever think of (or have done).”

-4 points (6 votes)

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obxmar 2 years ago
No thought as to what happens to the innocent animals?
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2. Got Her Kid Taken Away From Her


“Years ago, when I was 21, I had an older, divorced significant other with a little 4-year-old girl.

She held herself out as a ‘devout’ Mormon and she worked in a small town as a hairdresser (strikes one and two).

Like many hairdressers, she had all the morality of an addicted adult film star. She had a rough past, but (to her credit) lied to me about her actual body count.

Over time, we moved in together (after she kept insisting on it).

The problem of course was that both her (new) church and her ex-husband couldn’t know anything about me living with her.

Of course, as is ALWAYS the case, there was the ex still sniffing around. She of course played it down with the proverbial, ‘Oh… he’s just a friend’, predictable lies.

Well, I found out that she was still cutting his hair and stayed in contact with him.

Did she kiss him (or worse)? Don’t know. But she lied about talking to him and refused to break contact with him even though I made the huge commitment leap to move in and start preparing for marriage with her.

This went on for a couple of months. I had enough and didn’t deserve that nonsense. Between this and learning more about her awful past, I wound up moving out.

Now, for what follows: Keep in mind, I was only 21.

After this, I contacted her ex-husband and told him about us living together behind his back. Also, to make sure she learned her lesson, I contacted the Bishop over her stake (basically, that’s an area manager).

I am not sure about the downfall of her church. I am sure she wasn’t excommunicated, but the humiliation she suffered was probably hilarious to see.

The ex filed a Motion to Modify Custody of their child. I was eventually subpoenaed for a deposition (yes, I hated that part and realized then that I went too far).

Not sure what exactly happened after that, but I found out that he won primary custody of their daughter and she wound up living with him until she graduated high school.

I looked her up on social media recently. She eventually got some small-town SIMP to marry her. I checked her Friends list and yes, this ex is on her social media account.”

-6 points (6 votes)

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obxmar 2 years ago
As a licensed cosmetologist, I resent your ignorant statement that hair stylists have the 'morality of an addicted adult film star'. You owe us an apology.
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1. Played With Someone's Feelings So I Can Secretly Get My Revenge


“I was seventeen. I worked part-time, while studying, in the fast-food chain for 5 months. And for some reason, most of the other women colleagues there especially the older ones were rude to me. They hated me. I admit that it was due to the way I worked. I made mistakes at first but instead of belittling me and gossiping about me, they should’ve just taught me correctly, and duh it’s my first job.

Sometimes after class, I was very tired so I couldn’t come to work, so one of the morning full-time colleagues had to work till night because I was absent.

There was a pretty and smart girl but she didn’t manage to go to the university at that time due to some financial issues. And the way she talked was really a turn-off to me. She’s so tactless and the way she talked to me was always rude.

And sarcastic. So since she’s older than me and I was new I didn’t have many friends there. She did. I just kept quiet. I told myself that I’m not gonna see them every day for a very long cause I will leave soon and I’m just a part-timer.

There was a new guy. Also, a working student, studying criminology and he’s damn handsome. Riding a motorbike.

I found out that he’d been working off and on at that fast-food chain and that girl was really into him.

This guy showed interest to me. He was into me. It’s not that I didn’t like him but at that time I was not interested in seeing men or having a significant other. I’m still enjoying my youth with my siblings and my friends and not yet ready for adult stuff.

So I used him to make that mean girl jealous. The guy asked me if I was okay riding a bike and he will send me home. I agreed. Then near the closing time, the girl asked him to send her home. Then he said he’s going to send me. The guy told me. And I was laughing inside and it seemed to be working. Then it went on and on.

He bought me food, wrote some love letters to me. And even when he’s not working he came to our workplace to send me home. That guy didn’t get anything from me until I left that workplace. Even a kiss on the cheek, I had no experience on anything at that time so I didn’t know how romance thingy worked.

Then people gossiped about us, and at that time I was really happy inside cause I could tell that the girl was very jealous.

She talked to me about the guy. She gave me advice, telling me how much of a playboy that guy was. He may not be very serious to me, don’t fall into the trap. (Wow, people really do this huh. Entering an adult life at that time surprised me.) Then I was thinking why she became like a concerned older sister to me now…

I wasn’t really paying much attention to the guy or had any emotional attachment to him cause I was too busy applying to overseas school attachment at that time. And finishing my degree. Then I found out how devastated that guy was when I just stopped communicating with him. Cause he felt that I had just used him. After a few years, he tried to connect with me on social media but I’m already in a relationship and he’s a soldier now.”

-7 points (7 votes)

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SLong 2 years ago
“Cause he felt that I had just used him” Maybe he felt that way because that’s exactly what you did!
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