Unusual White Moose Is Discovered Taking A Dip In A Pond In Sweden

Do you know what’s incredible about nature? There are hundreds of thousands of different plant and animal species dotting our planet! What’s even crazier is that there are many species we have yet to discover.

For Hans Nilsson, he was absolutely astounded when he spotted a completely white moose roaming Southwest Sweden in the Värmland region. To find a solid white moose, sometimes referred to as a ghost or spirit moose, is incredibly rare, so Nilsson took this as the perfect opportunity to record the incredible creature who was gracefully dipping in a pond.

The videographer was so amazed that he had to share the footage with others. In one YouTube video, which you can view at the end of this post, over 1,100,000 people got to enjoy his rare yet amazing footage!

According to National Geographic, the moose presented in the video doesn’t have a solid white coat due to albinism. It’s said that this particular moose may have a recessive gene called the Armstrong White Gene Strain. For white moose with slight specks of brown fur, they can be considered piebald.

As beautiful as the video is, what makes the footage even more special is that only 50 all-white moose exist in the area where it was recorded. In fact, Nilsson has been waiting three long years to come across one of these beautiful beasts, hoping to one day record or snap a few pictures of it! Fortunately for Nilsson, he was able to get a great shot of the moose without scaring him or her in the process.

Nilsson was interviewed with Sveriges Radio, calling the experience “as great as seeing a leopard in Africa.” For those who don’t quite understand Nilsson’s reference, the leopard population has been plummeting and is considered critically endangered. To come across any rare or seriously endangered creature is a treat.

While some people may not be enticed by Nilsson’s rare discovery and his viral video, other commenters were just as delighted as Nilsson to learn about such a creature, let alone view it! The animal’s all-white body and fuzzy, snow-white antlers certainly make it stand out from its “normal-colored” moose counterparts!

Read some of the comments that were left on the video:

“What an absolutely gorgeous creature. You are very lucky to have been able to witness its beauty.”

“Was expecting Harry Potter to appear! What a sight!”

“Beautiful and stunning creature. Hopefully, it doesn’t fall into the hands of hunters/poachers.”

Make sure to meet the majestic moose for yourself below!

Source: Reshareworthy

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