Wild Orangutan Offers His Hand To Help Man Get Out Of Snake-Infested Waters

Time and time again, animals have proved that they, like humans, are capable of experiencing emotional connections, providing empathetic responses, and engaging in selfless acts. Yet, there are people out there who deny all of this. It’s unfortunate that these individuals are unable to experience the kind, giving, and loving nature of animals.

If you happen to be a non-believer of the tender-heartedness that animals possess, there’s yet another beautiful example. On January 22, 2020, Anil T Prabhakar of Reminiscence Photography posted a photograph on Instagram of a wild orangutan putting his hand out to help a man wading in snake-infested waters. In comparison to his other beautiful photos, this particular one quickly went viral, earning over 74,000 likes in just weeks!

So, a little backstory: Prabhabkar was on a safari with friends through a conservational forest on the island, Borneo, which houses critically-endangered species of apes. When a conservancy guard was clearing away venomous snakes from a muddy, above-the-waist-deep body of water for Prabjabkar and his pals, the group all got the luxury of witnessing a random ape trying to help the guard get out of the dangerous waters by offering his hand. That’s when the photographer took the photo of a lifetime!

“Let me help you? Once Humanity dying in Mankind, sometimes animals are guiding us back to our basics,” the photographer captioned the photo.

Right away, commenters were stunned at the beauty and emotion captured in a single picture.

“This is a moment that I hope the world remembers. Compassion and concern are written in the lines of the face of this kind ape. Although there is no certainty in life; this moment as captured depicts one of the primal instincts we share with many creatures. Love for others,” one person commented on his post. “This was the photo that we needed as a civilization, to remind us what it means to be civil. Thank you for your art, and for sharing such a powerful reminder in these dark times.”

Prabhakar, too, was touched by the beautiful occurrence and is glad he had the opportunity to snap it before it slipped away.

“I just grabbed that moment. It was really emotional,” he said.

For those who aren’t familiar, Prabhakar is a self-taught photographer of eight years and counting. The Indonesian-based entrepreneur enjoys capturing arts and culture, wildlife, portraits, landscapes, and even the eyes of living beings in what he calls his “eye series.”

Check out the video below to see Prabhakar’s photo of the kind orangutan offering a helping hand (literally) to the man. How sweet! While you’re at it, feel free to view more of Prabhakar’s great work from his website.

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