Woman Walks Into The Red Sea And Gives Birth In Front Of Tourists

Giving birth is a natural and beautiful event. Although it might seem like a process that is exactly the same for all women, no two birthing experiences are exactly alike. Some women opt for an epidural while others don’t. Some women wish to give birth naturally while others may prefer to deliver via a cesarean section. Some women may choose to have their whole family in the room when they give birth while others might want more privacy.

The location where women give birth can also vary. The birthing location can be something a soon-to-be mother plans, or it may be completely inevitable. It all comes down to when the baby arrives. While most women give birth in a hospital setting, others might prefer to give birth in the back of a vehicle, in their bedroom, or even in a pool or bathtub. One anonymous Russian tourist, however, was witnessed giving birth in the Red Sea near the coastline of Dahab, Egypt!

Shocked onlookers at a resort watched as the thin, young woman walked into the ocean and eventually came out with a healthy infant. With the woman were two men, one presumed to be her partner and the other thought to be her father, who assisted her with her magical water birth experience. In one photograph, we also see a young child closely nearby, who is possibly the sibling of the just-born infant.

After giving birth to her precious newborn, the woman was then seen bonding with her baby for several hours on the beach. Vacationers eventually left the scene to let the new family enjoy one another’s company in peace.

Although there’s not much more we know about nitty-gritty details of the story, many believe the water birth was planned and that her presumed-to-be partner is a doctor or doula.

While the experience looked safe and easy in the photographs, it’s uncertain how the mother and baby are doing. Some medical professionals mention the potential dangers of giving birth in the ocean. Regardless, the mother looks incredibly happy in the photographs, and her baby looks to be in good shape.

All in all, how special it must be to tell your child one day that you gave birth to them in the Red Sea! Now that’s definitely a story to tell.

While there’s no video footage of the water birth, check out the following video to learn more about the story. I imagine this would have been a very beautiful experience to encounter!

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