Woman Transforms 110-Year-Old Tree Into Library

Everyone knows that the majority of trees take a significant amount of time to grow. That said, most people who plant a tree, or buy a home with a large tree, try to keep it there as long as possible to allow it to further flourish with time. After all, trees provide shade and oxygen, a natural habitat for wildlife, and are generally good components of the environment.

Unfortunately, Sara Sanders of Everett, Washington wasn’t so lucky when her city ordered to have her 110-year-old rotting tree removed from her front yard, deeming it dangerous.

But instead of complying 100 percent, Sara decided to fight to keep her beloved, 120-foot cedar by having it turned into something else. She wasn’t about to let her wooden beauty be taken away so quickly as she has had it for many, many years. So, after calling master woodcutter Larry Carter to the site, Sara decides that she would take his help to¬†transform the old tree into a beautiful library with a chainsaw, something no client has ever asked.

Today, Sara still has her front yard library. People are welcome to come up and take, place, or exchange books as they please. It’s a beautiful way to preserve the value of reading for both pleasure and educational purposes. It also makes for a great way to bring a community feel to the neighborhood. Sharing is caring, right?

Sara admits that she greatly misses her tree as it’s been a part of her life for a long time, but creating a library out of her tree was a great way to keep it alive.

Okay, so maybe she did, in fact, listen to her city about having her tree removed for safety reasons. However, the fact that she still technically kept her tree on her property by having it turned into something else was a fantastic idea. It’s inspiring.

In the end, if we can learn anything from this woman, it’s that if you can’t fight for what you want, evolve with the situation by providing an alternative compromise that can make people happy on both ends.

If you were ordered to have a large tree removed from your yard, what would you do: have it removed as ordered or have it turned into something else like Sara did?

To learn more about the intriguing situation, watch the video below!

Source: Reshareworthy

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