15 Ways To Remove Scratches On Wooden Surfaces

Wooden surfaces can be tough to clean. It’s already a task to clean coffee stains, juice spills, and water from them without ruining any wooden surface, but it’s worse when there’s a scratch on there that you just can’t ignore.

For those who have been trying to fill in those scratches, here’s some good news! We’ve got ways you can easily remove them, without too much effort, and perhaps even by avoiding a trip to your local department store for tools. How, you ask? Well keep reading to check out 15 ways you can remove scratches from wooden surfaces, right at home.

1. Use a crayon 

Find a crayon that matches the color of the wooden surface. Grate shavings of the crayon into a bowl and and place the bowl on top of a boiling pan of water to melt the crayon into wax. Once completely melted, pour the wax into the deep scratches and smooth over with a knife.

2. Olive oil and vinegar 

Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar and olive oil in a bowl and use the mixture as a scrub over the scratches. Works miracles.

3. Iodine 

If you have a dark wooden piece of furniture with a scratch, take iodine and rub it over with a cotton ball. Remove the excess with a towel paper.

4. Coffee/Coffee Grounds 

Brewed coffee works the same way as iodine would, but you can also use coffee grounds to fill in the scratches.

5. Walnut 

Take a walnut kernel and rub it over the scratch on the wood. The “meat” from the walnut will smoothen out the surface. You can even use walnut oil, and it will work the same way. Now, who knew you could use a walnut for a cleaner surface?

6. Paint

This is almost everyone’s go to, right? Just remember to use water color or oil-based paints. Also, get a shade that’s somewhat darker than the finish of the wood.

7. Eyebrow pencil

Use an oil-based eyebrow pencil and fill in the scratch! A fun coloring project for adults.

8. Peanut Butter 

Yes, you read that right! Take peanut butter and fill the surface in. Leave it to dry for an hour and then take off any excess peanut butter from the surface. Lastly, buff it over to smoothen out the wood.

9. Petroleum jelly 

Everyone’s favorite Vaseline can now be repurposed! Rub petroleum jelly over the surface and leave it there over night. This product has the ability of plumping up the wood around the scratch, which will work in filling up the scuff.

10. Car polish 

Car polish will only work when rubbed on French-polished tabletops.

11. Mayonnaise 

Fill the scratch in with mayo and leave it sitting for 2-3 days. Like petroleum jelly, the oils in the mayo will help plump up the wood.

12. Black tea

Steep some black tea and use it to dab over the surface. Once you’ve dabbed it into the cracks, wipe off the excess.

13. Mineral Oil and Pumice

Make a paste of these two ingredients and rub it into the cracks using an extra-fine-grade steel wood.

14. Lemon juice and cooking oil 

Mix equal parts lemon juice and vegetable, or olive oil, together and using a lint cloth, rub the mixture in the direction of the scratch until it goes away.

15. Marker  

Take a marker that matches the color of your furniture and start coloring away.

Did you find these tricks handy? If so, don’t forget to share them with family and friends and help them learn how to clean scratches on wooden surfaces!

Article source: Shareably

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