I’ll NEVER Wrap Presents The Same Way Again After Watching How This Guy Does It… So Easy!

As if finding people the right gifts wasn’t tough enough, the world expects that you neatly wrap these presents in fancy paper. Unfortunately for me, I’m terrible at wrapping presents! My presents always end up looking like a complete mess with an excessive use of tape and a lot of wasted paper. Consequently, I’ll use those gift wrapping services at shopping malls whenever they’re available, or I’ll try to pawn off the task to one of my craftier friends. [googlead]But that’s about to change. Legend has it that there was a gift wrapping technique at a Japanese department store that resulted in a beautifully wrapped present in less than 30 seconds. And thanks to BeatTheBush, we now have a step-by-step tutorial video of how to do this! I’m definitely learning this time-saving hack for Christmas!

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