Horse’s Favourite Song Comes On, He Nods To His Partner And Begins An Epic Dance Routine

I love to dance. I say this all the time because I can’t stress enough how good I feel after a class with my dance instructor. Even a Zumba class at the gym is a great way to bust a move and shake a leg — you also get plenty of exercise with dancing so it’s a win-win situation in more than one way!

When I’m at home, and alone, I will usually put my favorite song on and groove to the beat. And, if there’s someone who likes to accompany me, then it’s my dog! Have you ever seen a dancing dog? They’re beyond cute and impressive. But, what about a dancing horse? They may have been rare to come by back in the day, but these days things are changing — more and more horses are dancing and it’s amazing.

Dancing horses are all the rage right now. We’ve seen so many videos of dancing horses gone viral that it’s almost impossible to believe that there’s a horse out there that can’t dance! Of course, it takes a bit of sync and talent, but really, what’s cuter than an animal just trying to have some fun and groove to its favorite music?

The horse in the video below seems to enjoy Billy Ray’s “Achy Breaky Heart,” and it’s quite clear that the beautiful horse is ready to dance as soon as the song comes on. Both owner and animal are perfectly in sync throughout the routine, and it couldn’t have been better.

Many humans find line dancing to be a mission because of coordination and precision, but this Clydesdale is making the whole thing look like a breeze. Both the man and his horse are thoroughly enjoying putting on a show for their excited audience. And what a treat is it for everyone watching.

It’s incredible to see so much discipline in animals, and the ability to train them to be this good is a feat of its own.

The horse in this video proves that the animals can be both playful and fun as well as elegant and disciplined.

Have you seen an animal-dancing routine? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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