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Not your circus, not your monkeys. Get him out and change the locks. Get security cameras too.
Go ahead and sue her. Then go no contact. Absolute and final. Anyone who tries to intervene can get put in time out. My mom gave my belongings to my siblings, and I chose to let things go rather than fight to get them back. I’m still ticked off, mostly at myself.
Don’t go to court. If they want anything again, EVER, they pay that debt and then pre-pay for the next thing. Write it off and block all of their toxic butts.
Don’t lend her the money. But I’m going to go against the tide here, and suggest that going to the opening would have been a supportive thing to do. She would have been too busy to engage in any shenanigans, and you could have had a lovely evening with your spouse. If she asks for financial help, just keep saying no. But the emotional support may help you both foster a better relationship.
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