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I say run for the hills; if the MIL is that domineering and has your husband to be so wrapped around her finger it likely won't get better the longer you stay.
That. Was. AWESOME
A friend of mine started a office snack bar and any money collected would be either used for replenishment of supplies or banked for special occasions. They had collected enough money for a luncheon; enter evil coworker (ec). Now EC was a bully and thought someone who worked part-time didn't qualify for attendance of said luncheon. EC picked a day when my friend didn't work and kept all the "left over" cash. My friend, who found out about the luncheon from another coworker, decided to stop the snack bar. No more chocolate bars, no more money. EC pouted but the dies had been cast. You reap what you sow.
It's actually mentioned in the story as to why she wouldn't accept the offer of the ice cream; the lesson wouldn't have stuck as profoundly as leaving the ice cream behind.
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