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Nope, they're done. If they can't see what they did wrong then they need to be gone. Also the people saying you're overreacting shouldn't be allowed to contact you either because how in the hell can they not see that's it's wrong? I think your friends were just helping you so that they could weasel their way to your baby and then manipulate you to eventually giving them your baby because of your mental illness. Sadly there is people like that. If they continue to contact you I recommend a restraining order against them.
Oh my lord. Ntj at all! But the bfs mother and bf himself is! How can he just sit there and let her talk to you like that? You're the one carrying his kid! I think you're doing the right thing getting away from him. If he can't stand up to his mother for you then how is he suppose to protect his kid from anything?
Well this is an interesting one. I'll say no jerks here but you should probably get more than one opinion here. Marie might not be a traditional type of person so she automatically thinks Alice might be the same. However Alice might be more traditional and taking her to pick out a ring could upset her. If all else fails though try leaving subtle bread crumbs. Like asking Alice what her favorite stone is or finding out what her birthstone is and getting a ring with that stone in it.
Ntj. I think you should hold a intervention for her cause she's only going to go downhill from here. Also where is she getting money for booze if she's home all day? Might be a good idea to see where that's coming from. If all else fails though you should probably live with roommates and get out of that house.
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