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He asked, you answered gets butt hurt over the truth that's on him
Ntj... everyone has a past and evidently it didn't bother anyone but him..ask her if it was a problem, if so, apologize, if not hes a jerk
I'd give anything to have one more vacation with my Grandma....cherish them while you have them and share the room with her, ask her for stories about her life, you will be surprised at how interesting she is... besides, regardless of your anxiety issues, you parents are paying for the vacation and they want both of you there, dont miss out on time you cant get back with your grand
It's illegal to lie about residency in regards to the state i live in, if you live in the county you can go to any school even city schools as long as YOU provide transportation, no buses run county routes except for county schools..if you live in the city your kids go to the school in the zoned district you live in...if the kids don't live with you they can expell them and they will have to go to the school in their mom's district...tell her to give custody to you and their dad and she can pay child support and have bi-weekly visitation....
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