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Isn't that the way it always is? You did what you could and because you were gone they were able to pin it all on you as if you'd done nothing. smh
NTJ and who the jerk is this ovegrown CHILD you're married to? I'm guessing this isn't the only thing he acts like this about. Tell him to make his own jerk dinner by himself. Even better, leave this idiot. I am so sick of hearing about people who are with people who are like him. What possible reason could you have for staying with an jerk like this?
NTJ Some people just shouldn't even have kids if they're just raising them to be entitled little monsters. Stand your ground and don't let any of them come over, I don't care whose kid they are! How is this acceptable? Your sister and bestie are jerk for 1) saying you should put up with it; and 2) not teaching their freaking monsters to behave better in the first place. WTF
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