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Empath. Mom of 3, 2g 1b. Dog mom. Blunt. Gives great advice but can't seem to take it myself. "Our prime purpose in life is to help others. If you can't help them, at least don't hurt them."

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NTJ. Definitely unfair though.
You aren't the jerk by any means. I stand beside you 110%. On the same hand though... your mom doesn't HAVE to buy for all of them if she didn't want to.... but again, I agree either buy for all or buy for none!
You're NTJ. As other people commenting have said otherwise... you certainly aren't 'setting others up thinking you'll give them tasks they're unable to do, by example'. You have an advantage... no kids nor significant other... and you're simply making use of such advantage. Nothing wrong w that at all.
Not the jerk! Y is not only a jerk but an absolute B*tch as well! She also is an adult I'm assuming? Which means that SHE is responsible for getting HELP for any childhood issues; blaming something like THAT for her rudeness is ABSURD! Y is a disgusting person, period. M is either mentally inept OR a horrific enabler of ignorance. The gall she has to even convey the message from Y to M is LUDICROUS!!!
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