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NTJ. Matt could very well be your happily ever after. Katie might be mad, and you might lose your friendship with her, but Matt could be the man you spend the rest of your life with. Sorry, I don't believe in the old "bros before hoes" and "sisters before misters" stuff. Katie needs to chill out and grow up.
Are you the registered owner? Or is your daughter? I don't know where you live, but where I live it is illegal to rehome a dog that isn't yours, even a stray! Imo, YTJ. Give her another week to find alternative care for her pup. This work deadline may not have been something she knew about 2 weeks ago when she first asked for help. Help her figure it out. There are alternatives. Kennel training (with stimulating toys to keep the pup busy, like kongs filled with frozen dog-specific peanut butter), daycare, dog walkers, etc. Help her find something in her budget. Side note: I have 2 senior dogs, ages 11 and 15. My 15 yo is on 'end of life' care. She's perfectly healthy aside from arthritis and hip dysplasia, and needs a lot of special attention. My son got stationed overseas. His senior dog is 14 and she is also pretty much on 'end of life' care as well. His original deployment was for 6 months. At the end of the 6 months he was extended for an additional year. Guess where his pup is. Yep, she's with me. Whether or not I am a dog person didn't matter when he left. He asked if we'd watch her. I said yes, because I love HIM and would never ask him to rehome her just because his job took him away from his girl. That's what being a parent is all about. Making sacrifices for kids, even after they're grown.
First and foremost, check the noise laws in your area. Where I live a dog barking consistently or inconsistently for more than 10 minutes in a 30 minute time period during QUIET hours (10 pm to 6:30 a.m.) is in violation of the noise ordinance. If the barking is not in excess during daytime/evening hours, there isn't much animal control can say. Your neighbor is just harrassing you and being a royal jerk. You are not. We have 3 dogs and a few years ago we installed a doggy door so they could come and go as they barking needed (It can be closed if we need to with a slide-in panel). If you own your home, that could be an option for you. are an ass. You try living outside in the winter, even with a fur coat, or better yet, wear that fur coat on a 100 degree day and see how you like it.
NTJ. Buy her some microwave meals (Weight Watchers or Lean Cuisine since she's complaining that she's gaining weight), deliver them, and walk away.
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