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NTJ, this girl has marriage and and a future lined up for you, bit presumptuous after 4 months, her family getting involved says to me that they want rid of the responsibility and are looking to you to take it on, if this is not what you're looking for, and after 4 months you shouldn't be, you need to sit her down and tell her clearly and kindly that after such a short space of time, you're not prepared to take on the roll of husband/daddy/provider, a future with this girl may well be on the cards but it's too early to tell yet, you don't even know each other.
NO, NTJ, try hosting an event and tell everyone they have to bring their own food as you and your wife will only be catering to her needs, they will all complain, just say sweetly that you understood that's how you were all doing things now as that's how they do it, your wife bakes for them to show she loves them, how do they show her love??
NTJ if your sister feels she is grown up enough to take a class full of older women then she should be grown up enough to take the criticism, your Mom and her friend ATJ for babying her, wow, what a way to make entitled kids, it's obvious she's not grown up enough and maybe should just think of quitting for a year or two.
On the fence, we have a neighbour who feeds any and all cats, they are a nightmare, they spray everything so it stinks, they go in the bins, you have to be careful driving because they're always in the road, would I like to see them gone? Yes, but would I phone the RSPCA (animal control in the UK,) No, not a cat lover but would hate to see one hurt or put to sleep..
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