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Seems like your partner doesn't realize that your children will come first, before her. 100% NTJ, when people get into relationships with parents they should know that the children will ALWAYS come first (especially minor children). As others have said this is a major red flag in going forward in the relationship.
Did you even read it? He told his partner he would ALWAYS choose his daughter over her!!
NTJ I am assuming she knew you were there for work and therefore it was a business expense or company paid accommodations. She would have known you took time out of work to bring her a charger that she didn't need and then abandoned you at the train station. You learned not to mix business with pleasure.
NTJ Boundaries were set before R moved into your home. G being a guest of R's made R responsible for G's actions and to clean up after their guest. It is your house and you were helping a friend out. Clean the mess that left when R moved out and move on. I hope a lesson was learned.
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