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So, Mr Youranasshole is at it again! You are entitled at the least. You are falsely accusing the wife of "not wanting to spend time with him" and "not wanting to spend money" and because she likes different things than her husband... you call her a "narcissistic cunt" If anyone here is a jerk , it is you! You shouldn't be allowed to comment on here since you are not even honest about what is goin on, and you just spew vitriol and hatred.
It looks like mynamecouldbesam and ashbabyyy are the jerks here! It is jerk behavior to even think your birthday should be all about yourself! He was given a nice gift... one he should appreciate because he was worried about his dog's health. And he was given a very nice dinner out... but still planned a game night which would effectively cut short his time with his GF! He may have been disappointed, but you DO NOT go off on someone for not giving you what you want! That is the jerkiest behavior of all! Of course she cried.... after all her effort, all he wants is to get his own way and cares nothing about anyone else involved!
Were the other players upset with you? Maybe some explanation might help, you don't have to tell them the story... just that you suddenly felt very bad! But whether you explain or not, if those players were angry and said mean things, then they are taking the game way too seriously and you may not want to play with them again.
I don't like to be touched at all... past abuses secured that within me! I will hug certain people (who want hugs)... but I absolutely don't want people assuming they can hug me, or touch me, or run their hand down my back. I hate all of it. Even when I hug someone, it is a short hug and if they hang on longer, I forcefully push myself away. Sometimes people will give me a disapproving look or even say something, but I never respond. My push was sufficient and if they don't like it... I'll never hug them again.
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