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Isn't there some child neglect here?! I hope she doesn't live with you! Ytfj!
I was taught when I was growing up that asking was respectful to the person. My dad was military and we would go on base to eat sometimes. There was a man there that was taking chairs off the tables and he had a hook for his arm and hand. My dad saw his children watching the guy and asked the guy what happened among many other very teachable questions. My mom was mortified! My dad asked the man if it upset him and he said he liked it when someone respects him enough to ask especially with children because he knew it would scare them. The man lost his arm in the war. That was very powerful for me and taught me what the soldiers sacrifice for our country. If ever I offend someone by asking I am truly sorry. I just want to know what other people experience in there life. It's a wonderful gift to know people.
Ntj. Sometimes we deserve an award for the work you do!
NTJ, and if M wants to be a part of his brother's life then he can. Just because there is a big age gape...that shouldn't matter.

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