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Maybe ask your mom, "So you thinj I should bend to your ideals instead. Wouldn't it be better to hust be true to myself & my preferences?" And mom has no right to claim to know what you're thinking when you chose to go straight
YTJ. I can only assume that part of your motivation for critiquing her change in hobbies was because your mom didnt get a gift...or you wouldn't have brought it up. And that's ridiculous. Sure, mok can be disappointed, that's understandable; but that doesn't obligate your wife to continue making her anything. Gifts are supposed to be about free will & joy. You're trying to make it anything but that. Here's a hint, if you dont want people talking about your mom, dont bring her into the discussion.
I rent out my townhome from outof state. The first two management companies resulted in disaster. Finally thought to go with the Homeowners Association that managed the outside. Best decision ever. Its now been six years and have only had on eviction, which they managed really well. A management company will charge 10% fee but they charge alot more rent than you would get on your own. You're gonna need more than just your mortgage, taxes will go up significantly when it's not your primary residence & so will yoir insuance. Not to mention wear & tear. It's also worth the peace od mind to know that when something goes wrong, someone in town can check on it for you.
If you had read the story, you'd know that he isnt trying to do better. IF he has memory issues, then a list is a great idea...that if he was trying to do better he would have made for himself. He'd also be seeking professional help for himself if this was the case. He also wouldn't let pride stand in the way of doing whatever was necessary to do better. Doing right by his wife would be reason enough. Cause overworking & taking advantage of his wife is more important than anybody's pride. A man working is no excuse for doing nothing around the house, especially when the wife works to.
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