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Yeah their never going to see your comment. If you want to actually reply to what has been posted you have to go to the original Reddit thread and comment on their comment. It's actually very easy to do you just tap on the name at the bottom (ratburger13) and it'll take you to either Google where you can sign in and post or you can continue on to Reddit. If you go to Reddit you get the added bonus of any additional updates and replies to comments from the original poster. Otherwise they're never ever going to see your reply.
I feel like this is fake.....went to the original Reddit post and it seems to confirm it.
It's their wedding and out of the hundred or so people invited (pays to go to the original post) the uncle is the only one whining like a child. Whether it is a dry wedding or vegan wedding if you don't like the options don't go but no one gets to demand to be catered to because they don't like it. Guess what it is what the bride and groom want and only what they want it is THEIR WEDDING!!! Thankfully Reddit came through and let this bride know that not only was she in the right but only Aholes try to make the couple getting married cater to them.
Clearly they've never watched Bugs Bunny.......but atleast we're entertained watching the joke go right over their head!
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