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NTJ, but I really wonder what was going on there: They cared enough about the cat to have it microchipped, then abandoned it? Who does that?
I had a horseback riding accident when I was in my 20s, which necessitated a two week hospital stay. My parents, SO and friends visited me daily, brought me books (I'm a big reader), etc., but y'know - it was tiring and while I loved having them visit, I was just as happy to see them leave and get in some sleep/reading/recuperating, etc. I'm not so needy that I needed someone sitting there, conversing, whatever, 24/7. That you expect this from your wife when you have a family that includes FOUR children, during a HURRICANE is absurd. YTJ.
When I graduated from h.s., unfortunately, I did not manage to get the scholarship I had applied for. My parents said they would pay for business school, so I could eventually get a full or part-time secretarial job and save for college, since they could not afford to pay for it (even in the '60s). After a month at the business school, my progress was such that the school hired me part-time, which defrayed the cost and saved my parents $$$$. I immediately thereafter got a job, and yes, my parents requested rent - but it was nominal, and based upon what I was earning (not much!). They never would have expected me to immediately move out at 18, especially with the cost of living in California, even in the 1960s-70s. These days, that sort of expense could easily be overwhelming for an 18 year old. What sort of relationship has your wife had with your daughter that she would want this?
NTJ, but......Really? "Sit in my room for four hours doing nothing?" Try reading a book! They do still exist.
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