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You deserve a thingy of a lot better than this guy. Is there a reason he cannot get a better job, or is he just as happy to stay with you feeding him? Dump the bum.
When you get that funny feeling, go with it, it is a warning. They sound as crazy as your father, it was safer if you didn't sleep over. You never know what they could have done. Have no further contact with them.
NTJ. I understand feeling like your dog is your kid. I feel the same way. I don't see a problem with your renting your own place and having your dog with you. By the way, do you know Florida is full of pet resorts where the dogs do not sit in a crate all day, but have someone play with them one on one or put in a play yard with dogs their size to play. They are really pampered. If your dog is an only child, he might enjoy this as HIS vacation.
NTJ. Run, as far as you can, from your toxic parents and their favorite son. You have done more that should have been expected after the way they treated you. Keep telling them, and the relatives that back them, to pound salt. I hope you marry a nice girl and her family treat you like a son.
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