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Applause, just so much applause!
I was an appliance sales specialist for years, and I often worked with the designers on kitchens. I have witnessed this so many times from others sales staff. I always found it appalling and often would be the one to step in and give those customers the service they deserved. I applaud you on your response!
I am disabled as well and a wheelchair user. If I don't have my SO with me, I have to deal with people giving unsolicited advice and even unwanted forced help. A lot of the time people will back off once I ask them to. Sharing that I am immunocompromised tends to work with others who have tried to forcefully physically help me due to covid. However, there are still plenty of people who won't listen to a word you say. Those people not only have boundary issues, but also seem to treat me as if my words don't matter because I am disabled. Good for you for finding activities you love and finding a way to do them with your disabilities. That in itself is no small undertaking and you should be proud of your work. Screw the crazy lady.
From a fellow retail veteran, BRAVO!
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