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ESH. I have a similar situation with my SO. He was born and raised in Vegas. So he never got a license since he never needed one. I grew up in the middle of nowhere Midwest, therefore driving was a huge deal. We've been together for 3.5yrs and I do all the driving. He has major anxiety around driving, I have been patient and understanding about it (we're close! He's getting ready to take classes soon!), and I honestly don't mind doing the driving. Now, he likes rap and rock/heavy metal. I can't stand rap but love rock/heavy metal. We, on the other hand, compromise. We mostly listen to rock because we both like it, but I don't give him a hard time if he wants to throw one or two rap songs in the mix, and he happily sings along to some alternative songs I happen to like in return. I mean, seriously, if you two are this bent out of shape over just music, what does the rest of the relationship look like? Some communication and compromise are definitely needed here, but that's only if they can BOTH stop being petty. And if he really wants you to get your license, then he should talk to you directly about it instead of trying to drive you out with music.
Applause, just so much applause!
I was an appliance sales specialist for years, and I often worked with the designers on kitchens. I have witnessed this so many times from others sales staff. I always found it appalling and often would be the one to step in and give those customers the service they deserved. I applaud you on your response!
I am disabled as well and a wheelchair user. If I don't have my SO with me, I have to deal with people giving unsolicited advice and even unwanted forced help. A lot of the time people will back off once I ask them to. Sharing that I am immunocompromised tends to work with others who have tried to forcefully physically help me due to covid. However, there are still plenty of people who won't listen to a word you say. Those people not only have boundary issues, but also seem to treat me as if my words don't matter because I am disabled. Good for you for finding activities you love and finding a way to do them with your disabilities. That in itself is no small undertaking and you should be proud of your work. Screw the crazy lady.
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