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NTJ. He should have told her a long time ago if she's his fiance for crying out loud. Does anyone else think it's weird how the child is such a huge secret? That's going to do wonders for his self esteem, etc when he gets older and knowing that everyone treats him like a dirty little secret.
NTJ. While I would be disappointed I didn't get to participate in the planning, etc, I wouldn't be disappointed in their decision. It's their wedding! Everyone still got a meal and pictures and were in attendance!
Nah. He already said he has no issue with Sam going down the aisle with her also. At least not one enough to say no. He just doesn't want to help plan it or foot the bill for it. If his daughter plans it and paid for it, he said fine.
NTJ. I'm not sure who the kid was disobeying. The parents let him set that boundary. Even my own grandkids don't always want a hug. Yes, it's a little disappointing because I just wanna hug them. But I also respect their boundaries because I don't like hugging all that much either. Sometimes I get hugs from them, sometimes not. And either way is fine.
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