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NTJ. Oh Jeez. I can't stand a crying baby/kid. I would either ignore them or leave. Their parent is right there the kid was not abandoned. The kid is not in your care so for like two seconds I would look, and if the child is fine and in no immediate danger, I would go back to what I was doing. I have kids of my own and when they cry in public, and I cannot get them calmed down I will take them outside until they stop. Nobody wants to hear that; you are there to have a peaceful meal. As far as your friends go what they said was hurtful and it has nothing to do with their situation. I would go LC or NC, you don't need that kind of negativity in your life.
ESH. Most women love babies and want to hold babies. Especially if they are adorable and sweet. I myself have offered to hold a baby while the parent (mom) gets food. My brother will be the first person in line when a baby is involved, He loves them and just wants to hold them, I can't wait for him to be a granddad. I can understand being cautious around someone you do not know but the father allowed it. So, unless this woman was doing something bad or pretending the baby was hers or kissing the face then be grateful someone is showing love to your child. After a few minutes you can approach the women and say it's time for babies' bottle or changing. To be upset over someone who could potentially be a friend that hasn't done anything wrong is just silly. Plus, you never said anything. They noticed you were upset but you didn't say anything.
NTJ. My stepmother did the same thing when my daughter was little. She did babysit her a lot but still I packed a bag with toys and clothes when she came over. So, to give a gift and tell your 1 yr. old she can't take her new dolly home with her is very cruel, I think. They should have told you before he opened his gifts, how were you supposed to know, same for me I started putting the toys in my bag. BIL just sounds like an idiot.
ESH. I agree it's gross and you have a perfectly good bathroom. My partner (50's) goes outside all the time to pee. His son (20) does the same thing. I have even caught my son doing it too. I don't really see a big deal, other than it's unfair because it's not as easy for me to do that. It doesn't bother me enough to start a fight or get worked up. It only bothers me when they don't wash their hands after. That's gross.
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