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She's an over dramatic person. I find it hard to believe that a person who goes on and on berating a person for a simple burp like that has never been yelled at. Maybe her parents weren't the type to ever raise their voices, but other people she has dealt with thru school, cousins etc, she has to have gotten on other people's nerves quite often (to be honest) and most people are not going to put up with her antics.
I'm sorry for the loss of your great granddaughter, I truly am. I understand that you are trying to say there are much more important things in life. The 99 cent ice packs really are not the issu AT ALL. the issue is his constant forgetting things that add up to big things. You know the saying "the straw that broke the camels back"
I grew up very differently, I grew up with extended family living with us at different times over the years. Some I got along with great, some, we just tolerated. But they are all family. I get along with lots of other people better than I do one particular blood sister. She isn't someone I'd be friends with, but that doesn't mean she isn't family.
YTA simply because a those 2 spots are not the same. A handicap parking spot is legally required by businesses, a certain percentage of all spots. A Family with small children spot is only a courtesy, while to be nice a person with neither these things should park there, it isn't illegal to do so. Park in a handicap spot without the legal authority to do so and you can get a hefty fine, and possibly towed.
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