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YWBTJ. Welcome to life. It's unfair. Many people will have unfair advantages over you for both good and bad reasons. It is NOT a reason to destroy someone's life. Just leave it be and get your nose out of other people's business. Only worry about what directly affects you.
A DEATH. unexpected. Family. You are dead inside.
Even in the event of a DEATH in the family? Wow, you people are from a different planet where everyone is a narcissist. People who have even just a tiny bit of compassion would be more than happy to help and would OFFER CONDOLENCES.
YTJ!!!!! Holy crap, do you have any feelings in that head of yours? Loss of a parent is a HUGE deal and you don't seem to have any care towards your grandfather as well. It was a death in the family, even if it was expected, no one knew when it would happen. It's not like they asked you to care for your sister so they could go on vacation. In that circumstance, sure, a little dough would be appropriate. Even if you don't care for your grandfather, have some dang consideration for you GRIEVING parent. The way you came off sounds like narcissistic behavior. I dearly hope that is not the case. You are acting very rude and inconsiderate to your parents. Show some freaking compassion!
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