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NTJ. It sounds like your husband to be agreed to the small wedding, agreed to the guest list, agreed to the wedding being overseas, agreed to the godparents instead of 9 groomsmen during the ceremony, and now he wants to go back on all of HIS agreements to save face on front of his 9 idiot friends who he invited to throw him a bachelor party. Unless you didn't discuss this beforehand, HE'S the jerk and the one who should be shutting them all down and/or shouldn't have agreed to this wedding in the first place.
It's not OP's pool, it's a community pool for 10 town houses and a couple of apartment buildings. OP is one of many who are allowed in the space but does not own it so they would be the jerk for taking photos of strangers and posting them around, they need to talk management.
Anyone saying YTJ has clearly got massive insecurity issues. Take a look at your own relationships and back off, because clearly the 3 people involved in this situation are all fine with it and that's all that really matters. Relationships are about the people in them, not about what society says.
OP mentioned that they speak another language and so the word for midWIFE likely doesn't include the female term WIFE in it. There is nothing ingenuous about their interaction, and she was wrong to get angry at OP for not knowing her preferences. Her preferences are fine, it's her reaction that isn't.
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