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I would careful at dog parks. Even if you don't intentionally do anything to the other dogs bringing toys can trigger unwanted attention from other dogs. I would play fetch in a more secluded area without other animals around to avoid any further trouble. Not all dogs are well behaved like yours and some people don't care. You are right to get mad at the lady for not watching her pet. You need to watch the interactions with your dog and other dogs. Watching the body language is important too. Catch them before a fight happens. My dog is very reactive around other dogs so a dog park is a big no no. We r working with him on it still. It's getting better but he's not ready for those interactions yet. We take him on walks and care rides alot. That lady is a piece of work NTJ.
He needs to address his insecurities before you guys get married. His height insecurities are his problem. He should not be taking these insecurities out on you. Also him bringing his mother into the argument is totally inappropriate. Those are huge red flags. He should realize despite you being taller you love him no matter what obviously because you agreed to marry him. He needs counseling. I would not marry him until his problems are taking care of. You don't want to start a marriage off with toxic behavior. He needs to set boundaries for his mother too. She has no business telling you guys how to do your wedding. It's your day not hers. you have the right to dress how ever you want as well. It's not all about your fiance. Hope all goes well!
Yea YTJ. You're not her dad or her partner. You don't get to tell a grown adult how to dress. She's wearing clean clothes and as long as she doing her share around your home that's all that should matter. You have no right telling her how to dress. She may not be able to afford newer clothes and that's all she has. Who cares if she doesn't look attractive why does that matter it's completely irrelevant! She will lose respect for you if she hasn't already. Keep your comments to yourself.
I'm the same way. Something similar to this happened with my ex husband, one of the reasons I'm not with him anymore. His family is extremely nosey and gossipy. They r also very close. Yes they r kind people but doesn't give them the right to show up unannounced. I put up with that chaos for 12 years. They were constantly in my business and telling me how to raise my daughter we shared together. I got tired of the unannounced visits and they would plan bbqs at our house with out our knowledge they would leave the house a mess and didn't offer to clean up. There were other things that contributed to the end of our marriage but that was one of them. I'm not very close with my family. I love them to death. We just don't need regular visits to be happy. We do the occasional visits for holidays and such a phone call or text satisfies me. I'm a very private person and I want a heads up also before people come over. Someday im just not up for company. I don't give a jerk if they have a gift or not you ain't coming over unless I'm ok with it. You don't pay my bills or help with the upkeep of the house you don't get to tell who and when I allow visits. I would reevaluate your relationship. Your husband doesn't respect you enough to set boundaries for his family just because he can't grow some balls and talk to him family about it. Unfortunately it ended my marriage. Talk to your husband and give him an ultimatum change or go. You come first before his family every time. NTJ
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