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Let the past stay in the past. If your parents aren't making the effort to keep in touch, then it's not worth the heartache. Just move on with your life and concentrate on the people who are actively involved with your life. So sorry you had to deal with this jerk growing up no child deserves it. NTJ
You are not the jerk in the least bit. Your mom hasn't shown you respect like your in laws have. Your in laws respect your boundaries and it's understandable you're more comfortable with them. Explain to your mom if she can prove she can be respectful of your wishes she will have the same opportunities as your in laws. Otherwise your child, your rules. If this nonsense continues with your mom go low contact until she understands.
I will first note you are 18 legally he has no hold over you. Not to mention he should be more concerned about your education than what school you are attending. You need to do whats best for your education and for your future. If you are really wanting to fight your dad on this and he doesn't want to listen maybe arrange to stay with a relative for the school year. Your dad's immense pressure he's putting on you isn't helping when he should be thinking of the bigger picture..best of luck to you! NTJ
NTJ but you should of asked your mom to leave once you seen her bring her baby. It would of saved a lot of heartache. Your mom could of left the baby with the dad and came back.
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