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For wanting alone time with your husband? NTJ. How you handled it? Yeah, YTJ, but I probably wouldn't have acted differently if my MIL invaded my alone time with my partner.
I was going to rip into OP myself, but it might be better to let her stew on this for a while. I agree 100 percent. YTJ.
You are most definitely the jerk on this one. Your daughter doesn't show her emotions very well. Neither do I, and it caused problems with my family during my dad's funeral, especially my aunt, who felt that I wasn't crying enough. And then your daughter chooses to stay in her room instead of hanging around her, as you put it, "unhygienic and covered in lice" family members. Then you put her to work when she wants to be left alone. You owe her a sincere apology.
NTJ. You should have told the Karen to mind her business. You had a legit reason to be there, and she was not an authority figure (teacher, principal or police officer).
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