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Eh. Ima say NTJ with a caveat. If he cares for the knives he should clean them and put them away. But if you have a problem that bug with knives laying there not even touching you, you should probably talk to someone. Ruining them in the dishwasher and kinda low down. If my spouse ruined something of mine because he didn't like it or had issue with it I would be pissed and there would be a problem
Hard say. I would say both sides are jerkish. As someone who did management for a long time, a no call no show is enough for termination, unless there was an emergency. And only being there 6 months, the tardiness would be hard to accept as well. They shouldn't be sitting there on their phones being lazy either. I had a personal rule that I couldn't expect my employees to be productive if I wasn't also. Being out on your own at 18 with no car, it's hard. And many places will work with you with appropriate communication. The lack of initiative would annoy me, were I a manager in this situation. You haven't been there long enough to have a decent rapport and the things you're doing is enough to start a paper trail. Effort goes a long way, especially being young. Basically, you're not giving 100% but neither are they. But that doesn't give an excuse on either side for untoward behavior.

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