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NTJ! Cee is being absolutely reckless. Please inform Tu how bad Cee behaved and hope the friendship is over between them unless Tu is like that as well. People like that are a different type of toxic that need no awesome friends.
26? Picky eater because mom gave in too many times and is coddling him. Please get out of there because it's too toxic to survive.
They are absolutely the jerks to just spring this on you without talking to you first. I'd go low to no contact with them if they can do that to you then who knows what else they'll spring on you. Toxic people!
Have you tried seeing a dermatologist? If not you might want to and might end up with an answer. Your aunt is beyond rude. I'm 42 and I rarely shave my legs. When I do, I have what I call same day stubble and I can't stand it whatsoever. Ps, annamariapix doesn't know diddly squat and is rude to assume anything. All people should be treated equally!
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