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Not the jerk.... there's a reason why NO ONE WILL TAKE THEM IN!!!! Listen to the masses in the reply section and DON'T LET THEM MOVE IN WITH YOU!!!! You'll regret it.
Why should you invite a whole class of 25-30 kids to your child's birthday party? When did that even become a trend? When I was in school, you didn't invite the whole class to your birthday only invited your friends that you were close to. It's not like the OP passed out the invites to the kids in class, she did everything right. I'd be willing to bet that parents are not inviting 25-30 kids to every kids' birthday party. The reality is, not all children are going to be invited to their classmate's birthday parties.
Big red flag if the brother in law's own mother won't let him move back home... definitely speak with an attorney before you move out of your home
How can you not flush the toilet after taking a poo???? That's disgusting on so many one wants to see your waste
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